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But the double whammy of housing plus childcare costs doesn't hit all parents — just parents of very young kids. However, after-school programs or an afternoon babysitter are typically a fraction of the cost of full-time day care.) I propose we call them: DIPS, or Double Income, Public School. For example, Massachusetts has the highest average childcare costs, where day care for an infant is $24,472. I'm stuck in between — one kid in public school and a younger one still in day care.
Persons: , Alcynna Lloyd, Lloyd, Zillow, it's, I'm, Rich, Stanley, you'll, they'll, POLK Organizations: Service, Business, Public School, Kids, Nationwide Locations: Los Angeles, San Diego, California, Massachusetts, Iowa, In Massachusetts
Change Healthcare's systems are down for a fourth straight day after parent company UnitedHealth Group disclosed that a suspected cybersecurity threat actor gained access to part of its information technology network on Wednesday. UnitedHealth, the biggest health-care company in the U.S. by market cap, owns the health-care provider Optum, which merged with Change Healthcare in 2022. Optum services more than 100 million patients in the U.S., according to its website, and Change Healthcare offers solutions for payment and revenue cycle management. ET Saturday, Change Healthcare said the disruption is expected to continue "at least" through the day. The AHA declined to comment on the Change Healthcare cyberattack.
Persons: UnitedHealth, We're, CISA Organizations: UnitedHealth Group, Healthcare, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, CNBC, CVS Health, CVS, American Hospital Association, AHA, Department of Health, Human Services, FBI, Infrastructure Security Agency, HHS Locations: U.S
Today, I'm the owner of a barber shop and the founder of the Washington Barber College. Courtesy of Story SyndicateI took $500 from the check and put it down on a rental space for a barber shop. I later purchased another barber shop, and with the profits from that business, bought an additional shop that was going out of business. AdvertisementThe People Trust Community Loan Fund. We would also pick up homeless individuals and bring them to the barber shop to provide haircuts.
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The head of the FAA told Congress how its panel is examining sleep science to help. Despite the best efforts of pilots and air traffic controllers, sometimes collisions do happen. It said the captain was distracted and confused by instructions from air traffic controllers, while the co-pilot lost track of the plane's location. Air traffic control fatigueOne major cause of near-misses is the strained workload of air traffic controllers. "Air traffic controllers are being required to do mandatory overtime," she said.
Persons: , Mike Whitaker, Whitaker, Rich Santa, Jennifer Homendy, Paul Rinaldi, Forbes, It's, Brad Surak Organizations: FAA, Service, New York Times, American Airlines, JFK, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Boston Logan International, Japan Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, National Air Traffic Controllers Association, Times, National Transportation Safety, Boeing Locations: Tokyo
From that moment on, we became childhood best friends, and now we are trying to rekindle that friendship in college. We loved to be in the spotlight, dancing ballet in "The Nutcracker" every year — making sure we knew all the parts. We were navigating the end of middle and beginning of high school without each other — a pivotal moment of development, and our lives didn't align. We are now getting a second chance at friendshipI graduated from high school during the start of the pandemic in 2020 when Rebecca was still a junior. Rebecca moved to California with her parents after high school.
Persons: I've, Rebecca, It's Organizations: Service, Cottonwood Preschool, Emerson College, Emerson, Boylston, AMC, Boston Ballet Locations: Littleton , Colorado, California
The US Army would play a pivotal role should conflict arise in the Pacific, a top general told Business Insider. While maritime and air power are vital, the US Army and its allies "bind the region together." NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. "It is a Joint theater, with joint challenges, that require both Joint and multinational solutions!" USARPAC is the Army's largest theater army and covers the Army's largest region of operation, making its involvement in the area critical should war unfold.
Persons: , Charles Flynn, USARPAC, Flynn, Molly Treece, China's, Keon Horton Organizations: US Army, Business, Service, US Army Pacific, Pentagon, East China, Paratroopers, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 11th Airborne Division, Boeing, Donnelly Training, Delta Junction, U.S, Army, Pacific Command, 3rd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Pacific Multinational Readiness Locations: Pacific, China, Wainwright, Fairbanks , Alaska, Taiwan, South, East, Delta, AK, Alaska, Hawaii
"The perspective from an agency standpoint was, 'This is beneath you,'" he told Howard Stern. Cena didn't take his agency's advice: he appears as Mermaid Ken in the blockbuster. Dua Lipa and John Cena have small roles as mermaid Barbie and Ken in "Barbie." Warner Bros."The perspective from an agency standpoint was, 'This is beneath you,' which I get that," he said. The actor, currently promoting his upcoming comedy "Ricky Stanicky," appears as Mermaid Ken with long, flowing blonde hair alongside Dua Lipa's Mermaid Barbie in several cutaway gags.
Persons: John Cena, Barbie, Howard Stern, Cena didn't, Ken, , Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrara, Simu Liu, They're, Cena, Greta Gerwig, Robbie, Margot, You'll, weren't, Ricky Stanicky Organizations: Service, Academy, Dua, Warner Bros Locations: Dua Lipa
How Hermes Became the Ultimate Status Symbol
  + stars: | 2024-02-24 | by ( Madeline Berg | )   time to read: +11 min
Now, its shares are also hot commodities, with their performance outpacing bigger luxury brands like Louis Vuitton owner LVMH and Gucci-maker Kering. "The curse of retail is everyone chases more," Simeon Siegel, a senior retail analyst at BMO Capital Markets, told Business Insider about luxury brands. "Brand equity is much more diluted than Hermès'," Herzog said of brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Hermès is 'fairly recession-proof'Keeping it simple has helped Hermès hold its own as luxury brands start to lose their shine after a multiyear spending boom. It also announced it will expand the Saint Junien facility in New Aquitaine (also France) which makes Kelly and Birkin bags.
Persons: Hermès, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Kering's, hasn't, it's, Axel Dumas, Simeon Siegel, Siegel, Birkin, , waitlists, Edward Berthelot, there's, Hitha Herzog, Nicole Pollard Bayme, Kelly, Versace, Herzog, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bernstein, Luca Solca, Chanel, Solca, Winston Chesterfield, Barton, That's, Williamsburg , Brooklyn —, Axel, Pierre, Alexis Dumas —, Bernard Arnault's LVMH, Dumas, Barton's Chesterfield, They've, Cousins Axel Dumas, Alexis Dumas, Rodrigo Vaz, Thierry Hermès, they've, We're Organizations: BMO Capital Markets, Capri Holdings, North, Gucci Locations: Hermès, London, China, France, Louviers, Ardennes, New Aquitaine, Aspen , Colorado, Naples, Florida, Nanjing, Princeton , New Jersey, Williamsburg , Brooklyn
Many workers have expressed fears that the technology will show up at the office like a young gun coming for their job. Williams expects some of the biggest gains from AI won't center on what companies and workers are doing now. Instead, he sees major wins coming from what workers aren't doing but that AI could. Filling in when help is scarceOne reason jobs sometimes aren't getting done is because there aren't always enough workers. If AI could be deployed to help with this work, the time the task takes might get cut in half, Holding said.
Persons: Heather Holding's, she'd, couldn't, let's, Ron Williams, Williams, that's, Jérôme Pesenti, Pesenti Organizations: AIs, Facebook
But nearly 30 cruises later, I've learned how to pack efficiently and comfortably (even at the last minute). Here are the items I think everyone should bring and the things you can leave out of your suitcase. Even if your cruise says it has a library, bring your own reading materialI usually pack a couple of books to read during the cruise. Jordana ComiterI pack for different climates even if we're heading to an island that's 90 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. Don't bring your entire toiletry bagI like to maximize suitcase space by leaving behind commonly provided toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap.
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But these days, you're more likely to find him training with booty bands than Thor's hammer, his personal trainer told Business Insider. Recently, Hemsworth has become a fan of so-called "booty bands," elastic resistance bands placed around the ankles or thighs to help fire up the glutes. AdvertisementZocchi said the warmup helps Hemsworth protect his lower back on leg day — and is surprisingly spicy. "It's slowing things down a bit and really trying to focus on that muscle-mind connection as well," Zocchi said. AdvertisementSwap machines for sleds, farmer carries, and walking lungesFunctional strength is better for longevity than Marvel-movie muscle, Zocchi explained.
Persons: , Chris Hemsworth, Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth's, Zocchi, Hemsworth, he's, Chris Organizations: Service, Business, Hemsworth, Marvel Locations: Hemsworth
A spokesperson for DHCR told Business Insider the "surge" in rent history requests is "unprecedented." Mohamed said that since she posted that TikTok, hundreds of people have emailed openigloo asking for help deciphering the rent history information they've received from DHCR. Diana Prendergast, a 27-year-old recording artist who lives in New York, requested her rent history after learning about it from TikTok. She said she's still awaiting her rent history. Did you request your rent history, or discover you were being overcharged?
Persons: , openigloo, Allia Mohamed, Mohamed, they've, Diana Prendergast, she's, Gothamist Organizations: Service, New York, Homes, Community Renewal, New, DHCR, Business, The Met Council, Housing Locations: New York, DHCR, TikTok, New York City
Investor sentiment toward intermediate-term Treasury bonds may be changing. "So, they're looking to reposition the fixed-income portion of their portfolio to take advantage of where interest rates are likely to go next." It's a shift from last year when short-term bonds and money market funds saw large inflows. "Taking on some duration risk makes sense, but I wouldn't go too far out on the curve," he said. "The risk-return dynamics [of] getting too far out on the long end don't make a ton of sense to me."
Persons: David Botset, you'll, Nate Geraci Organizations: Federal
But Howard Buffett, the elder son of Warren, the billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO, has no intention of foresaking Ukraine or its President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And it's going to be one of the biggest mistakes that the United States makes historically if we don't continue to support Ukraine. The UK has contributed $620 million and the Netherlands has provided $780 million, per the Kiel Institute's Ukraine Support tracker. But Howard Buffett has lent his voice to political advocacy, speaking out to support Ukraine and advocating for increased international support and military aid to the war-torn country. Howard Buffett in Ukraine.
Persons: , Russia's, Howard Buffett, Warren, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Buffett, Buffett's Howard G, He's, he's, Warren Buffett's, Warren Buffett, Ukraine's, Zelenskyy, it's, Howard Buffet, Paula Bronstein, Buffett's, Putin, Howard G, Oleksandr Prokudin, Buffett Foundation Howard Buffett, Theron Mohamed Organizations: Service, Republican Party, Business, Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett Foundation, AP, NATO, Kherson, Zelenskyy Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Avdiivka, United States, Zelenskyy, Kyiv, Netherlands, Kiel, America, Zolota Nyva, Donetsk district, Europe, Kherson, Macon County , Illinois
Wall Street returned to its winning ways this week — and Nvidia 's blowout earnings report Wednesday night was a big reason why. Twenty-six of our 32 portfolio stocks have delivered their results this earnings season (we didn't own Abbott Labs at the time of its report). It was a muted week for macroeconomic data, but we did get a slightly better-than-expected January existing home sales report on Thursday. In the week ahead, two more Club names are set to report earnings before a market-moving economic update arrives Thursday morning. The two other reports of note are the January new home sales report on Monday and ISM Manufacturing report on Friday.
Persons: Dow, we'll, bode, We're, Li Auto, Krystal, Arcutis, MARA, Iovance, Goldman Sachs BDC, CRON, BUD, Papa, LEV, Ginkgo, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Spencer Platt Organizations: Nvidia, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Dow, Palo Alto Networks, Bausch Health, Coterra Energy, Abbott, Companies, TJX, Marshalls, TJX Companies, Berkshire Hathaway, Krystal Biotech, Alpha Metallurgical Resources , Inc, Fidelity National Information Services Inc, Animal Health, ELAN, Public Service Enterprise Group, Surgery Partners, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc, Outdoor Holdings, Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd, Kosmos Energy, Playtika, Video Communications, TiRobot Corp, IRB, SBAC Communications Corporation, HEICO Corporation, FS KKR, Archer Aviation Inc, TransMedics, Sterling Construction Company, AES, Cruise Line Holdings, Lowe's Companies, American Electric Power Company, Bank of Nova, APLS Pharmaceuticals, Bank of Montreal, BMO, Devon Energy, Solar Inc, Technologies, Lab, Virgin Galactic Holdings, Splunk Inc, eBay, EBAY, Luminar Technologies, Agilent Technologies, G Foods, Masimo Corp, Baidu, Parts Inc, Icahn Enterprises, Viatris Inc, ACM Research, Golden Ocean Group, EMCOR, Industries, NRG Energy, Dycom, Editas, UWM Holdings Corporation, Vistra Energy, Marathon Digital Holdings, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Paramount Global, IonQ Inc, International, HP, Monster Beverage Corporation, Cronos, Birkenstock Holding, Anheuser, Busch InBev, Body, Brink's Company, Flags Inc, Papa John's, ACI, Hormel, Lion Electric Company, BlackRock TCP, Dole plc, DOLE, Fisker Inc, Dell Technologies, Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Autodesk, Green Brick Partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Veeva Systems, INTTEST Corporation, Jim Cramer's Charitable, CNBC, New York Stock Exchange, Getty Locations: New York City, U.S, Salesforce, Maxx, Bank of Nova Scotia, BlackRock, Cayman
The group kept lagging last year as markets braced for a recession that would especially hurt economically sensitive small caps. And although the market isn't on small caps' side, Rendino believes historical precedent is. However, Rendino isn't discouraged by small caps' slow start and is instead pleased that his firm is outperforming. "Small caps were up in the fourth quarter, and we're having a really good year," Rendino said. "And I know why companies aren't in the good graces of investors and why certain investors shy away from companies."
Persons: , Kevin Rendino, Rendino, Russell, He's, Rendino isn't, he's, we're, we've, Benjamin Graham, David Dodd Organizations: Service, Business, Capita, Federal Reserve, Capital, Federal
The program provides $1,000 monthly to low-income families, who spent much of their payments on housing. She applied for the Austin Guaranteed Income Pilot, which gave 135 low-income families $1,000 monthly with funding from the City of Austin and philanthropic donations. An analysis by the Urban Institute think tank found that participants predominantly spent their $1,000 payments on housing and food. Still, the Austin pilot — and dozens of others nationwide — have not been entirely successful for every participant. I'm working, and when I got down here, I landed a job within a month," Hendon said.
Persons: Stephanie Hendon, , Austin, Jessica Nairns, Ivanna Neri, Hendon, bachelor's, Stephanie Hendon Stephanie Hendon, We're, didn't, I'm Organizations: Austin, Service, Urban Institute, Hendon Locations: Austin, City of Austin, Texas, Austin's, UpTogether, Detroit, Hendon, Michigan
The tech sector is having a big 2024. Hotter-than-expected inflation data may also keep the Fed from cutting rates as soon as the market expects, a sign that the economy remains strong enough to support tighter monetary policy for longer. It's a different story for tech workers, though. The number of tech sector layoffs in 2024 has been outpacing the number of terminations in 2023. So far, about 42,324 tech employees were let go in 2024, according to, which tracks layoffs in the tech industry.
Persons: Jeff Shulman, There's, haven't, they've Organizations: Nvidia, University of Washington's Foster School of Business, Companies Locations: U.S
When I first discovered the concept of "niksen," or the Dutch art of doing nothing, I was fascinated. I believe niksen is one of the reasons why the Dutch are consistently ranked as some of the happiest people in the world. Niksen might seem selfish or boring at first glance, but it's actually a service to you and your community. If you're doing nothing, own itWhen someone asks you what you're doing during your niksen time, simply respond, "Nothing." I'm simply niksening up against him.
Persons: it's, Tony Crabbe, Manfred Kets de Vries, Tracy Walker, Olga Mecking Locations: Poland, Germany, Netherlands
Read previewIn 2024, cringe is in: people are in love, and they don't care who knows it. It goes without saying that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are embracing cringe on an unparalleled scale. They're blowing kisses on the jumbotron and running into each other's arms in front of millions of Super Bowl spectators. It can also be comforting to feel like you're following social norms and doing what society expects of you. "If we are with someone, they're going to have flaws, they're going to annoy us.
Persons: , cringe, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Selena Gomez, Benny Blanco, Travis Barker, Rocky, haring, ross, eople, ike, ould, ove, ingle Organizations: Service, Super Bowl, Business, ailey, ust Locations: ife, alues
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCarvana CEO Ernie Garcia on Q4 results: We're in the best position we've ever beenErnie Garcia, Carvana CEO, joins 'Money Movers' to discuss the company's upbeat outlook for 2024, how sticky the improvements are for this year, and the company's restructuring of its debt program.
Persons: Ernie Garcia
Rep. Dean Phillips said it's "absurd" that Sen. Amy Klobuchar is running for reelection this year. AdvertisementAs Sen. Amy Klobuchar seeks a fourth term in the Senate, one fellow Democratic member of the Minnesota delegation isn't having any of it. "I think the fact that Senator Klobuchar is running for another reelection is absurd," Rep. Dean Phillips said on "The Chad Hartman Show," a local radio show in Minneapolis. "Minnesotans want leaders who get results and that's what Senator Klobuchar does," said Hill. In the interview, Phillips also compared himself to former Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who lost reelection to a GOP primary challenger after turning against former President Donald Trump.
Persons: Dean Phillips, Sen, Amy Klobuchar, Phillips, who's, Biden, , Klobuchar, Chad Hartman, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi shouldn't, bIrfbZFMwl, RSQaFw2ac7 — Aaron Rupar, Ben Hill, Minnesotans, Liz Cheney, Donald Trump Organizations: Minnesota Democrat, Congress, Service, Democratic, isn't, Senate, GOP Locations: Minnesota, Minneapolis, Klobuchar, Wyoming, America
Like many other parents, Jane said she sees her adult children stuck in an economic predicament that isn't of their own making. "Home prices and rent prices and automobile prices — I don't think that they're aligned with wages in a fair, or in a reasonable, way," Jane said. She wants to get her kids through college and see if they're able to find jobs that are decently paid. But that doesn't mean she's immune to the Sunday scaries: "On those Sunday nights and Monday mornings, I really, really regret it. "I'm hopeful for that, but I'm really not really expecting it," she said.
Persons: Jane, she's, — she's, we're, We're, Jane —, , they're, it's, Gen Zers, Younger boomers, I'm Organizations: Pew Research Center, Pew Locations: Texas
In today's big story, we're looking at Wall Street's love affair with Nvidia (and AI) while Big Tech still grapples with how to use the tools . Since Nvidia's GPUs sit at the center of the AI revolution, the company's success suggests the hype around the tech is warranted. One issue is bias showing up in AI tools . AdvertisementInternal documents show that Amazon is warning its employees not to use third-party generative AI tools for work , BI's Ashley Stewart and Eugene Kim report. It's an interesting acknowledgement of the risks involved with using AI tools — especially when Amazon is pitching its own chatbot to customers .
Persons: , It's, Michael M, Tyler Le, it's, Matthew Fox, Wall, Jensen, Kathleen Brooks, XTB, BI's George Glover, Chelsea Jia Feng, — ChatGPT, Monica Melton, BI's Ashley Stewart, Eugene Kim, Paul Morigi, Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, Goldman, Joe Duran, Jensen Huang, Huang, Reddit, Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Gemini, isn't, RJ Scaringe, Rivian, Scaringe, Steve Conine, Niraj Shah, Lucas Jackson, Wayfair, Bruce Dixon, they'd, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, George Glover, Grace Lett Organizations: Service, Nvidia, Big Tech, Getty, Nasdaq, Nikkei, GameStop, SEC, CNBC, EV, Warner Bros Discovery Inc, Hyatt Hotels Locations: Paul, New York, London, Chicago
Yen sinks as currency traders keep short and carry on
  + stars: | 2024-02-23 | by ( )   time to read: +3 min
The yen is the worst-performing G10 currency this year, with a 6.4% slide on the dollar. For the week the yen is down 0.6% on the euro, touching its weakest for three months overnight at 163.45 per euro . Yen moves against the dollar were more modest due to the risk its slide could prompt intervention in markets from Japan, with officials reminding traders they stand ready in recent days. The dollar gained 0.1% to trade at 150.41 yen this week. Investors can earn interest, or carry, by borrowing yen around 0% and buying income-bearing assets in other currencies.
Persons: Moh Siong Sim, Sterling, Christine Lagarde, Christopher Waller Organizations: New, Deutsche, Britain, of Singapore, U.S, European Central Bank Locations: Japan, New Zealand, Friday's Asia, U.S, Europe
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