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CNN —Jennifer Aniston is criticizing JD Vance for comments he made in his past about women without children. “All I can say is… Mr. Vance, I pray that your daughter is fortunate enough to bear children of her own one day,” Aniston wrote on her Instagram stories. The ship has sailed.”Aniston’s passionate words about Vance’s comments come from a personal place, as the “Friends” star has personal experience being judged for not having children. (The video Aniston reposted was shared by actress Allison Janney.) CNN has reached out to Aniston’s representative for further comment on her post about Vance and her apparent endorsement of Harris.
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Discovery and Disney launched a cross-studio bundle of Disney+, Hulu, and Max on Thursday, bringing the services together at a discounted price as the entertainment giants look to scale their streaming businesses. Disney+ with Hulu is also available for $9.99 a month with ads. Disney already offers its own streaming bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ at a bargain rate. Earlier this month, Hallmark announced that it, too, will launch its own standalone streaming platform, Hallmark+, ahead of the holiday season. Disney, WBD and Fox Corp. are also launching the dedicated sports streaming service Venu this fall, which will combine ESPN, TNT, Fox Sports and other assets under a single streaming roof.
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New York CNN —Gas prices have spiked in and around Chicago after a tornado sidelined a major ExxonMobil oil refinery last week. A gallon of gas in Chicago is now selling for an average of $4.34, according to AAA. That’s 27 cents more expensive than just a week ago after a tornado narrowly missed the Joliet Refinery and knocked power out to the Channahon, Illinois, facility. Gas prices have also jumped in nearby Michigan, another battleground state in the upcoming presidential election. “It will increase supply and lower prices,” Lipow said.
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How Fast Is That Going?
  + stars: | 2024-07-24 | by ( Jeremy White | Joe Ward | Noah Throop | )   time to read: +2 min
The birdie is about the fastest projectile you’ll see at these Olympics, and it’s as light as a feather — literally. When you’re watching the Games, keep in mind just how much an object’s speed can determine the outcome. Is the object fast enough to go great distances? Is it fast enough to befuddle an opponent? Follow The New York Times Olympic coveragePlay againMethodology: The speeds of the objects were collected using a sports radar gun.
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investments might be three times as large as expected returns, while another analyst, in several assessments published by Sequoia Capital, calculated that investments in A.I. (He called this “A.I.’s $600 billion question” and warned of “investment incineration.”) In a similarly bearish Goldman Sachs report, the firm’s head of global equity research estimated that the cost of A.I. “Replacing low-wage jobs with tremendously costly technology is basically the polar opposite of the prior technology transitions I’ve witnessed,” he noted. expenditure, more than the United States spends annually on its military, and think: What exactly is that money going toward? slop”: often uncanny, frequently misleading material, now flooding web browsers and social-media platforms like spam in old inboxes.
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But, to put it bluntly, it’s not you and it’s not me, it’s Gen Z. So half of Gen Z and millennials are simply opting for more inexpensive options. At a time when 90% of Americans agree we are in a mental health crisis, according to Pew Research, Gen Z is increasingly prioritizing self-care. With Gen Z, it starts from the first date. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, when in a committed relationship, partners often refer to their significant other as their best friend.
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The situation finally appeared to be returning to normal Wednesday: Delta canceled only 51 flights as of 6 am ET, according to tracking service FlightAware, or only about 1% of its schedule. But it could still take days to get all Delta passengers who had been booked on those canceled flights to where they wanted to go. Delta passengers try to find their bags after canceled and delayed flights at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Monday. But it’s not like Delta executives were sitting on the sidelines during Southwest’s struggles thinking, “’Well we really are an amazing airline. Travelers wait in line at the Southwest Airlines ticketing counter at Nashville International Airport after the airline canceled thousands of flights in Nashville, Tennessee in December 2022.
Persons: New York CNN — It’s, Delta, Jessica McGowan, Kathleen Bangs, Ed Bastian, it’s, ’ ” Bangs, Seth Herald, We’ve, Chris Perry, Bangs, she’d, aren’t, Organizations: New, New York CNN, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Delta, Department of Transportation, Hartsfield, Jackson Atlanta International Airport, CNN, , Southwest Airlines, Nashville International, Getty, Southwest Locations: New York, Atlanta, Southwest, Nashville , Tennessee, AFP
Donald Trump has openly said that if he wins in November and returns to office, he won’t be a dictator, “except for Day 1.” Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, the right-wing think tank that organized the potentially country-altering Project 2025, has said, “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.” And on Monday at a rally for JD Vance, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, an Ohio state senator named George Lang said, “I’m afraid if we lose this one, it’s going to take a civil war to save the country, and it will be saved.”Into this storm, Vice President Kamala Harris has been drafted as the new best hope for the Democratic Party and perhaps for democracy as we’ve known it; indeed, President Biden’s replacement this late in the 2024 campaign could have been only she. After Biden’s disconcerting debate performance in June, I, like many others, was concerned that the debate over changing the top of the ticket would be a pretext for Democratic insiders to swing open the door to multiple alternative candidates; that they were operating under a delusion and didn’t understand the stubborn math of the Democratic coalition. Fortunately, Democrats appear to have avoided another intraparty skirmish. Exhausted by weeks of infighting over Biden’s withdrawal, they’ve quickly coalesced around Harris, who has collected enough delegate support to make her their presumptive nominee.
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Specifically, the deer who live in Nara, the ancient capital outside of Kyoto that is home to a series of UNESCO-recognized historic buildings. Nara and its deer are so closely associated that the light-brown colored animals are pictured in the city’s tourism ads, on buses, train tickets and more. Carl Court/Getty ImagesNobuyuki Yamazaki of the Nara Deer Preservation Foundation told CNN that “a constant increase in the number of deer crackers eaten has resulted in more active reproduction of the deer. “As the number of deer and humans increase, so does the number of problems,” Yamazaki added. Bowing in deer is unique to Nara and has not been found in any other deer species.
Persons: Carl Court, Nobuyuki Yamazaki, ” Yamazaki, we’ve, , Yoichi Yusa, they're, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, UNESCO, Preservation Foundation, Nara Women’s University, Mount Fuji Locations: Nara, Kyoto, Japan, Europe, Hiroshima
CNN —US Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has tendered her resignation amid scrutiny of security lapses related to the recent assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump, sources tell CNN. Biden said a new Secret Service director will appointed soon. “I think I am the best person to lead the Secret Service at this time,” Cheatle said Monday. “We have to rebuild the American people’s faith and trust in the Secret Service as an agency. Cheatle was appointed by Biden to lead the Secret Service in 2022.
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For the families of the hostages held more than nine months in Gaza, there is no time to wait. The Israeli prime minister wants to meet with Biden before the Israeli delegation formally transmits its response to the mediators, the source said. US officials have been sensitive to the Knesset recess as they remain convinced that politics are at play for Netanyahu back in Israel. US officials believe it is possible that Israelis are seeking to put maximum pressure on Hamas ahead of a deal. US and Egyptian officials have begun preparing the flood of humanitarian aid that would enter Gaza if a ceasefire deal goes into effect.
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“So this is going to be incredibly painful for CrowdStrike customers.”And even if your business had nothing to do with CrowdStrike, the outage still might have ruined your day. You didn’t have to be a CrowdStrike customer to get screwed by the company’s mistake, and that’s what made Friday’s outage so frustrating. But the scale of the CrowdStrike outage is once again underscoring just how interconnected the world has become through a network almost none of us understands and which is largely self-regulating. Microsoft estimated the CrowdStrike outage affected some 8.5 million Windows devices. “Our tech platforms have a mix of legacy systems coupled with modern systems, which means that the weakest link determines the overall system performance.
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CNN —Scientists announced in December the successful creation of the Brain Care Score, a tool for assessing dementia or stroke risk without medical procedures. That score, which also helps patients and doctors identify beneficial lifestyle changes, may now also be able to predict the odds of developing depression later in life, according to a new study. The 21-point Brain Care Score, or BCS, refers to how a person fares on 12 health-related factors regarding physical, lifestyle and social-emotional components of health. “The Brain Care Score is a simple tool designed to help anyone in the world answer the question, ‘What can I do to take better care of my brain?’” said study author Dr. Jonathan Rosand, cofounder of the McCance Center for Brain Health at Massachusetts General Hospital and lead developer of the BCS, in a news release. The higher a participant’s score, the lower their risk of brain disease.
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Living in Turkey has for decades, even centuries, meant navigating the stray dogs. There has been fierce debate and protests over the fate of stray dogs since Mr. Erdogan proposed “radical” measures in a speech in May. Supporters of what came to be known as Mr. Erdogan’s “euthanasia bill” point to car accidents and injuries caused by the dogs. They say that streets are not suitable homes for dogs, and that their presence makes cities more dangerous for humans and animals alike. We also fear the worst: that beloved dogs we’ve looked after for months or years might suddenly disappear because an overanxious citizen placed an anonymous call.
Persons: Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s, Erdogan, Erdogan’s, we’ve Organizations: Development Party Locations: Istanbul, Turkey
CNN —Rudy Giuliani’s trip to Milwaukee for last week’s Republican National Convention was bankrolled by the media platform started by “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell, Giuliani’s lawyer told a bankruptcy court that is scrutinizing the former New York City mayor’s finances. Lindell told CNN on Tuesday that Giuliani is an employee of the media company, but declined to say how much he was being paid for the job, which he said started July 1. Judge Sean Lane of the federal bankruptcy court in White Plains, New York, is expected to issue a ruling any day on how to move forward. Lindell told CNN on Tuesday that he paid for Giuliani’s travel because the former New York mayor was hired on July 1 as a host for Lindell’s right-wing broadcast platform, FrankSpeech TV. Giuliani said he had “no regrets at all” about how he treated Moss and Freeman during the 2020 election.
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Her multi-hour phone blitz to Democratic Party power players on Sunday hinted at an operation primed ahead of time but that was kept secret and didn’t leak. The vice president has shown signs of improving her political skills recently, but that’s never been her forte. In a memo to reporters, the Trump campaign previewed a blistering assault to come on Harris. Harris is the least popular vice president in history – which is no surprise given her terrible record,” the memo said. The question now is whether Harris, who has exhibited considerable political liabilities as vice president, has the skills, staying power and luck to take advantage.
Persons: CNN — Kamala Harris, Joe Biden –, Donald Trump, Harris, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Biden’s, Pelosi, Harris –, Trump, that’s, Barack Obama, Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita, “ She’s, Joe Biden, ” Harris carves, He’s, pollsters, • Harris, Ben Wikler, , outpolled, Nikki Haley, , you’re, we’ve, Eric Swalwell, CNN’s John Berman, Chris Sununu, ’ ” • Harris, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, ” Harris, anoint Harris, , It’s, Vance, “ Kamala Harris Organizations: CNN, Democratic, Democratic Party, Sunday, Trump, Biden, Republican, GOP, Chicago . Governors, Wisconsin Democratic, Badger, Former South Carolina Gov, ” Democratic, • New, • New Hampshire Republican Gov, White, National Collegiate Athletics Association, Paris Olympics, Locations: Wilmington , Delaware, Covid, Washington, America, Harris, Chicago ., California, , • New Hampshire, Iowa, American
Opening Ceremony like no-otherThe Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics is set to take place on July 26 and will be the first ever held on a river. For years, French officials had boasted that some 600,000 people would attend the Opening Ceremony, but that number has been slashed due to safety concerns. He said a “strictly controlled” zone alongside the banks of the river will be closed off before the Opening Ceremony and anyone entering into it would be checked. The Opening Ceremony will be held alongside the banks of the River Seine. The Stade de France is where track and field events and Rugby Sevens matches will take place at the Paris Olympics.
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A person familiar with the matter confirmed WBD’s matching offer Monday was for Amazon’s bid, which includes regular season and playoff games. It’s unclear if the NBA will accept or reject WBD’s offer, which the league intended for a streaming partner. The showdown over the NBA rights comes as legacy media companies struggle to retain audiences, with viewers opting to leave cable bundles behind in favor of cheaper, on-demand content. The cable channel TNT has built a programming slate around the NBA games, most notably the highly rated “Inside the NBA” show featuring Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal. Asked last week about the fate of WBD’s broadcast rights, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told reporters, “I don’t know yet.”“Much of it is outside my control,” he added.
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Warner Bros. Discovery said on Monday that it had matched a rival offer to air N.B.A. games, a move aimed at allowing the company to keep the lucrative broadcast rights it has held for decades. “We have reviewed the offers and matched one of them,” Warner Bros. Discovery did not identify which broadcast package it matched, but said its current contract allowed it to keep the rights if it matched competing offers.
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Among other things, he has delivered time and again for Black America. It’s for that reason that Democrats must now support the woman who has stood alongside him throughout his presidency. The attacks on her, as the highest elected Black woman in American history, will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. He vowed to Representative Jim Clyburn that he would put a Black woman on the Supreme Court. I stood alongside him and the family of George Floyd as he signed an executive order to strengthen accountability in federal law enforcement agencies.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Jim Clyburn, Ketanji Brown Jackson, George Floyd Organizations: Black America Locations: Charlottesville
Several European nations have reintroduced or expanded compulsory military service amid Moscow’s mounting threat, part of a range of policies aimed at boosting defenses that are likely to be scaled up even further. Compulsory military service was reintroduced on January 1 this year, after being abolished in 2006. In the UK, the Conservatives floated the idea of military service in their ill-fated election campaign. In Lithuania, for instance, opinions about military service among students vary, said Paulius Vaitiekus, president of Lithuania’s National Students’ Union. However as an alliance we do not prescribe mandatory military service,” Dakhlallah said.
Persons: , Robert Hamilton, Vladimir Putin “, Wesley Clark, we’ve, Clark, , Arturs Pīlācis, Ints Kalnins, Jonas Gahr Støre, Jens Bartnes, ” Bartnes, Max Henrik Arvidson, Boris Pistorius, Thomas Frey, Sean Monaghan, Paulius Vaitiekus, Vaitiekus, Monaghan, Hamilton, it’s, ” Radebo, Mikael Sjoberg, Russia’s, Farah Dakhlallah, Dakhlallah, ” Dakhlallah, ” Monaghan, Donald Trump –, ” Clark Organizations: CNN, Foreign Policy Research Institute, US Army, Allied, Europe, NATO, ” Latvian, Reuters, European Union, Conservatives, Federal, of Defense, Eurasia Program, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Lithuania’s, ’ Union, Finnish Defence Forces, Swedish Armed Forces, Marinette, Ministry of Defense, Bloomberg, Getty Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Kyiv, Europe, Eurasia, Kosovo, Scandinavia, Latvia, , Riga, Norway, Norwegian, Germany, B'chel, Lithuania, Ukrainian, NATO, Finland, Soviet Union, Sweden, NATO’s, Swedish, Gotland, Visby, Moscow, Crimea
Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Edmundo Gonzalez and opposition leader Maria Corina Machado wave to supporters at the Central University of Venezuela UCV in Caracas on July 14, 2024. Analysts see those as the seeds of a pretext that Maduro could use to postpone or cancel the election at the last minute. Some have speculated that Maduro could use the crisis as an excuse to suspend the election. Supporters at a meeting with Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Edmundo Gonzalez and opposition leader Maria Corina Machado at the Central University of Venezuela UCV in Caracas on July 14, 2024. Maduro currently faces drug trafficking and corruption charges in the US and is under investigation for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court.
Persons: Nicolás Maduro, Maduro, Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia –, Hugo Chavez’s, Nicolas Maduro, Flores, Teresa Carreño, Jesus Vargas, , Edmundo Gonzalez, Maria Corina Machado, Pedro Rances Mattey, Gonzalez, Corina Yoris, Oswaldo Ramírez, ORC Consultores, , Juan Barreto, Chávez, Ryan Berg, They’re, Machado, Yoris, , Jimmy Carter –, Berg, ” Machado Organizations: CNN, of American, Teresa, Teresa Carreño Theater, International Monetary Fund, Central University of Venezuela UCV, Getty, Democratic, Venezuelan, Americas, Center for Strategic, International Studies, US, The Carter, European Union, CSIS, International Criminal, Socialist United Party Locations: Canada, United States, Caracas, Venezuela, Anadolu, , Agua, Maiz, AFP, Guyana
For the golf fanatics of the world, it could soon all be yours – so long as you have a spare £1.5 million ($1.93 million) to part with. “The sale of Blackrock House is one of those rare times where you can safely say there isn’t anything else like this available in the world,” Strutt and Parker selling agent Annabel Blackett told CNN via email. Spectators walk past Blackrock House and its "for sale" sign. It would be another 45 years before the course hosted its first Open Championship, with this week marking its 10th time staging the major. “This will be a bittersweet Open for us,” Andrew Kelly told the Associated Press ahead of this week’s tournament.
Persons: Woods, Viewings, Strutt, Parker, , ” Strutt, Annabel Blackett, Jon Super, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, ” Blackett, Jason Cairnduff, David, Isabel Kelly, Andrew, John, Sweden’s Henrik Stenson, Phil Mickelson, ” Andrew Kelly, Organizations: CNN, Blackrock House, Royal Troon, , Troon, Associated Press Locations: Blackrock, Firth, Clyde, Isle, Arran, South Ayrshire, Scotland,
The historic endorsement came after Biden announced Sunday that he is dropping out of the race following weeks of disarray within the Democratic Party. My very first decision as the party nominee in 2020 was to pick Kamala Harris as my Vice President. Despite the president’s backing, it remains unclear whether Harris will become the nominee, or what process the Democratic Party would take to select an alternative. Dmitri Mehlhorn, a Democratic political strategist advising several big-money backers, released a statement Sunday following Biden’s withdrawal supporting Harris. After she dropped out, Harris became a prominent surrogate for Biden before being named his vice presidential pick in August 2020.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s, Harris, , , Biden, it’s, I’ve, Kamala, ” Biden, Jaime Harrison, Donald Trump, ” Logistically, Trump, LaTosha Brown, “ We’ve, Hillary Clinton, Andy Kim of, Angela Alsobrooks of, Sen, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Brown, Biden’s, ” Harris, Dmitri Mehlhorn, “ Kamala Harris, ” Mehlhorn, Scranton Joe, John Morgan, , California Sen, Barbara Boxer, Jeff Sessions, Brett Kavanaugh, Martin Luther King Jr, , Beau, “ I’ve, Mike Pence, Kayla Tausche, Eva McKend, Jeff Zeleny Organizations: CNN, Democratic, Democratic Party, Democratic National, Biden, Republican, Black Democrats, Black, Congressional Black Caucus PAC, Cal, Scranton, University of California, Hastings College of Law, San, San Francisco ., Senate, White, Trump, Howard University Locations: American, Central America, Andy Kim of New Jersey, Angela Alsobrooks of Maryland, Oakland California, Berkeley, India, Jamaica, Oakland, California’s Bay, Alameda County, San Francisco, California
CNN —Additional flight cancellations are expected through this weekend as airlines gradually recover from a global tech outage that has left thousands of passengers stranded at airports. The outage “has basically turned computers into bricks around the world,” Glenn Gerstell, former general counsel of the US National Security Agency, told CNN Saturday. More than 400 United flights were canceled Saturday, and over 200 flights were canceled Sunday, according to “I was supposed to be in California for my mom’s wedding,” Richard Whitfield of Pasco County, Florida, told CNN Saturday. They didn’t tell me – I had no notification, nothing,” Charlotte Yeh told CNN affiliate WFXT on Saturday.
Persons: ” Glenn Gerstell, ” Gerstell, ” CrowdStrike, George Kurtz, ” United, Delta, , Allegiant, it’s, David Kennedy, “ It’s, ” Kennedy, “ There’s, Pete Buttigieg, ” Buttigieg, Justin Tallis, Villareal, ” Villareal, we’ve, ” Richard Whitfield, Whitfield, Jonathan Shade, Richard, ” Shade, Shade, , , ” Charlotte Yeh, “ We’ve, ” Marc Forbes, WFXT, ” Carol Edwards Organizations: CNN, Microsoft, US National Security Agency, United Airlines, Delta Air, American Airlines, Binary Defense, US Department of Transportation, , Gatwick Airport, Getty, Atlanta’s Hartsfield, Jackson International Airport, Delta Air Lines, Boston Logan International, WFXT, Las Locations: Horley, London, California, Pasco County , Florida, Tampa, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Delta, Fort Lauderdale, Ft . Lauderdale, West Palm, Boston, Las Vegas
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