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Jordan Chiles has been a gymnast since the age of six. The 5'5 athlete grew up in Vancouver, WA, and was named after Michael Jordan, according to her profile on Team USA's website. Chiles told The Times that she considered quitting in 2017 after having a difficult experience with her former coaches. Jordan Chiles and Simone Biles train together and have been friends for years. "Hey Jordan, this is Michael Jordan.
Persons: , Jordan Chiles, Simone Biles, Chiles, Elsa, Michael Jordan, Suni Lee, Hezly Rivera, Jade Carey, Timothy, Gina Chiles, she'd, Biles, Carter, Beyoncé, Hey Jordan, Here's, Hope Organizations: Service, Paris Olympics, USA, Business, US, USA's, The New York Times, Times, The Times, UCLA, NBC, Nike, Beyoncé's Locations: Paris, Washington, Vancouver , WA, Texas, Tokyo
AdvertisementIt's one of the world's least-visited countries, making airfare and hotel rates more expensive than many countries in Asia. Only two airlines — the Indonesian low-cost carrier Citilink and the local airline Aero Dili — fly between Bali and Dili. Marielle DescalsotaCost of hotel stay for three nights: $500Timor-Leste only has a handful of three-star hotels and no luxury accommodations. I booked an entry-level room for three nights at Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments for around $500, including tax. For activities, I spent $30 on a massage at a traditional Chinese spa and $50 on a half-day scuba diving trip at the coast.
Persons: , I've, It's, what's, Cristo Rei, Hilton, Burger King, Gloria Jean's, nasi goreng Organizations: Service, Business, Leste, Indonesia, United Nations, Development, Aero Dili, Timor Plaza, Apartments Locations: Europe, Asia, Maldives, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Timor, , South, Connecticut, Development Asia, Indonesia, Australia, Bali, Dili, Darwin, stopovers, Singapore, Tokyo, guesthouses, Timor Leste
But this was not a Microsoft issue. Tom ChittyWe're going to talk more about who CrowdStrike are, I think, you know, some people would probably never have heard of CrowdStrike. Lots and lots and lots of global businesses rely on CrowdStrike for their security. I had first seen that and thought it was a Microsoft issue, the reason why Windows crashed on my PC. It was a CrowdStrike issue.
Persons: Tom Chitty, We'll, I've, Arjun Kharpal, you've, Tom Chitty We're, let's, Arjun Kharpal CrowdStrike, George Kurtz, Kharpal, CrowdStrike, they're, it's, they've, Tom Chitty Well, what's, Arjun Kharpal We'd, Iyou, It's, who've, there's, Ciaran Martin, Patrick Anderson, Arjun, Tom, Tom Chitty We'll Organizations: Microsoft, Industries, CNBC, Netflix, NBC, Sky News, Tom Chitty Airlines, Civil Aviation, CrowdStrike, U.S, Board, U.S . Homeland Security Department, Google, National Cybersecurity Center, Anderson Economic Group, CNN Locations: U.S,, CNBC's London, London, Europe, China, Russia, Arjun Kharpal China, Moscow, what's, Michigan
Significant pressure on productionThe US and Europe have ramped up artillery production rates to try to outgun Russia and meet Ukraine's battlefield needs. However, he noted that Israel would fight a "very" different type of war with Hezbollah than Ukraine is fighting with Russia. Ukraine could pay a priceCancian doesn't believe that Ukraine would run out of artillery projectiles. Levantovscaia said diverting artillery to Israel could potentially cost Ukraine the war, but said she wasn't "100% sold," and that Ukraine's innovation and determination could counterbalance that. Even so, Temnycky said that any new limits on arms and ammunition would "certainly" make the objective of winning the war in Ukraine harder.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewMehak Vohra has been a startup founder ever since she dropped out of college in 2016. But earlier this year, she shut down Skillbank and joined a bigger tech company as its head of marketing. That has early-stage startup founders who founded companies during the free-flowing boom cycle that ended in 2022 rethinking whether they want to be founders after all. I have a much bigger social life now, and I don't feel bad about going out."
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Read previewA TikToker has racked up nearly a million views in a recent video that explained how Europe is becoming a hotbed for American tourists. And he's not wrong that some European cities are being treated solely as tourist attractions rather than as people's homes. Other European cities are facing similar problems. AdvertisementHowever, the TikToker wasn't particularly sympathetic to the plight of tourist-ridden European cities. "It's ok you had a good run, time to accept your fate Europe," the TikToker captioned the video.
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Feige told DiscussingFilm on Tuesday that if they brought back Downey Jr. and Evans, they would have to handle the move carefully. And we've been spending, you know, the last two-plus years figuring that out for Wolverine," Feige said. AdvertisementIf pulled off correctly, the return could be a great move for Marvel, Downey Jr., and Evans. A cameo from Downey Jr. or Evans could help bring back audiences to the cinemas. But after winning his first Oscar for "Oppenheimer," Downey Jr. seems more open to reprising the role.
Persons: , Kevin Feige, Hugh Jackman's, Robert Downey Jr, Captain America, Chris Evans, Wolverine, Feige, DiscussingFilm, Downey, Evans, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Jay Maidment, We're, Russo, Man's, Axelle, Bauer, Griffin, FilmMagic, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Joe Rogan, Oscar, Oppenheimer, America Chris Evans, America, Steve Rogers, Evan Agostini, Marvel Evans, he's, Johnny Storm, Marvel, Joseph Quinn, Captain, I'm, Anthony Mackie, Mackie Organizations: Service, Captain, Business, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Wolverine, Iron, Feige, Man, GamesRadar, Sands, Disney, MTV, Captain America, GQ Locations: Logan, St Andrews, Scotland
Cole is an example of what retirement can look like with a good savings plan and a variety of government assistance programs. Her prior government role left her with a hefty retirement benefit; she still gets healthcare. She's taken advantage of a few water aerobics classes in DC and was swimming up at a pool near Capitol Hill. "The last season," what she calls the "senior season" of life, is the best, Cole said. "I know people think they're in a good season now, but live long enough to get that Medicaid card," she said, adding: "I don't have nobody to tell me what to do.
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There could be risks involved with using psychedelics, and research is still being done to evaluate therapeutic uses. Barry, now my husband, was the person who introduced me to LSD almost 50 years ago when I was 23. Barry and I use psychedelics on average two or three times a year. For example, not long ago, we thought we'd take acid while camping in southern Oregon, but I got poison oak. They really are the key to the success of our long-lasting marriage.
Persons: Barry, Barry scribbled, Louisa, Sarah Louisa, Michael Pollan, Psychedelics, I've, , it's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Manning, British, Oregon
Read previewStartups are rushing to create the best artificial intelligence video generation tools and convince Hollywood that AI won't decimate the creative industries. But, the most common early use of AI in entertainment is often more mundane than reverse-aging Harrison Ford to simulate a younger Indiana Jones. When top executives at the intersection of AI and entertainment met at the virtual Digital Hollywood summit on Monday, the use cases for AI in Hollywood were decidedly deeper in the details. These are some of the startups AI and entertainment leaders have their eyes on. Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesLuma AI, another image generation AI startup Bakhtar named, has raised more than $68 million according to Bain, with recent backing from Andreessen Horowitz.
Persons: , Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, They're, Panah Bakhtiar, we're, Phil, Alejandro Matamala, Ortiz, Anastasis Germanidis, Cristóbal Valenzuela, Krikey, Bakhtar, Marc Andreessen, Justin Sullivan, Bain, Andreessen Horowitz, Amit Jain, xMentium, Eliot Sakhartov, Speechmatics Michael Kaplan, Oleg Elkov, Nvidia's Kaplan, Sakhartov, Jensen Huang, Reid Hoffman, Huang, Kaplan Organizations: Service, Hollywood, Business, Paramount, Companies, Microsoft, AWS, Nvidia, Runway, Google, Apple Vision Pro Locations: London, New York, Taiwan
Read previewThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Ken Mac, a 43-year-old stay-at-home dad in the Chicago area. AdvertisementWhen I told my coworkers I was resigning to become a stay-at-home dad, they were shocked that I'd leave such a well-paying job. Related storiesHowever, I feel the impact and reward of my job as a stay-at-home dad more than I did as an engineer. It also underscores the demands of being a stay-at-home parent — there are no breaks, no sick days, and no PTO. This always prompts a pause before I reveal I'm a stay-at-home dad.
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Read previewWith her youthful looks and toned abs, it's hard to tell that Marissa Teijo, 72, made history last month as the oldest woman to compete in the Miss Texas USA competition. "I don't eat cheeses. I don't eat processed meats. AdvertisementAlthough Aarieanna Ware, 26 — last year's Miss Dallas winner — won the Miss Texas USA title, Teijo told ABC News El Paso affiliate KVIA that she hopes she can inspire others to be confident. Representatives for Teijo and Miss Texas USA did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours.
Persons: , Marissa Teijo, Teijo, you'll, Aarieanna Ware, Dan Buettner Organizations: Service, Miss, Miss Texas USA, Business, Miss Dallas, ABC News El, KVIA, Research, Teijo Locations: Miss Texas, Teijo, Houston, ABC News El Paso, Linda , California, Fort Worth , Texas
Read previewA food policy expert who is trying a different diet each month in 2024 told Business Insider that the vegan and Mediterranean diets are his favorite so far. So far this year, Wren has tried veganism, UK-based weight loss company Slimming World, only eating Huel products, intermittent fasting, paleo, and the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet has been voted the healthiest diet for seven years in a row by the US World News & Report. AdvertisementThe Mediterranean diet also appeared to be best for his mental health, he said in a TikTok video. Importantly, though, Wren was on holiday in Italy in June when he followed the Mediterranean diet.
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Choosing the right college for my kidsNaturally, I often wished my three kids would have as life-changing a university experience as I had. All three of my kids opted for university in ItalyThe author's kids in 2016 in Florence, where they all opted to attend university. This made opting for a university in Italy a natural choice, and not just because of the affordability. AdvertisementThe year all three were in university simultaneously, the cost of tuition, rent, and meals for all kids totaled $60k. But that changed again when two of the kids moved back to Florence in 2023, and Fabio and I decided to follow.
Persons: , Duke Ellington's, Fabio, Lisa Diletti, Polimoda, Florence, I'm Organizations: Service, Georgetown University, Business, Florence University of the Arts, Locations: Washington , DC, Virginia, Italy, Florence, Italian, Europe, Northern Virginia, Minneapolis
More specifically, they're taking aim at a widespread rule that requires almost every new apartment building in the US to include at least two separate stairwells. This part of local codes, they say, is an outdated safety measure that really just makes apartment units smaller, more expensive, and darker (yes, darker). City planners there sometimes call these single-stair buildings "Seattle Specials" — they simply wouldn't be possible in pretty much any other city. Almost all of Europe, as well as Asia, Mexico and South America, allows single-stair buildings of six stories or higher. Germany allows single-stair buildings to stretch to about 20 stories, while Switzerland has no such limit.
Persons: Chris Gannon, Gannon, Stephen Smith, Michael Eliason, Eliason, James F, Brian Court, We're, Sean Jursnick, Jursnick Organizations: City Council, Center for, Housel, Miller Hull Partnership, Eliason, City, Fire Protection Association Locations: Texas, Austin, Seattle, New York City, America, California, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon, North America, It's, Union, Seattle's, Hill, Denver, Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America, Germany, Switzerland, Honolulu, California , Oregon, Washington
Read previewSome parents say they were left scrambling to help their stranded kids after Delta Air Lines suddenly changed its policies as it grapples with extended delays and cancellations that stretched into the fourth day. "It was about three hours of sheer panic," one of the parents, Cecilia Stone, told Business Insider. AdvertisementAfter the outage, Delta barred unaccompanied minors from traveling, a move its competitors have not implemented. AdvertisementDonald had a regular ticket, but as a minor was still not allowed to fly, Stone told BI. AdvertisementDelta told Business Insider in a statement that it stopped unaccompanied kids from traveling "to protect minors from being separated from their families and caregivers in the event of flight disruptions or cancellations."
Persons: , Cecilia Stone, Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Joel Fortney, wasn't, Fortney, Donald, Stone, Delta didn't, hasn't Organizations: Service, Delta Air Lines, Delta, Business, Transportation, The New York Times, Navy, Delta Airlines Locations: Iowa, Maine, Chicago, Salt Lake City, San Diego
This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Thomas Gift, director of UCL's Centre on US Politics, told BI that Trump's selection of Vance was "a confident — some might say too confident" decision. AdvertisementShe noted that with Biden leading the Democratic ticket, Trump and Vance could effectively criticize Biden's age and competency. While Vance's first solo campaign rally in Virginia on Monday wasn't as disastrous or widely watched as Biden's debate performance, Fahey told Business Insider it still revealed a potential weakness. Beyond his loyalty to Trump, Fahey said, "Vance adds nothing to the Republican ticket."
Persons: , Tim Alberta, Donald Trump, there's, Sen, JD Vance, Kamala Harris, JD Vance —, MskTPjvVSS — Tim Alberta, Joe Biden's, Trump's, Biden, MAGA, Thomas Gift, Vance, Wilson, Harris, Trump, Colin Talbot, Doug Emhoff, 3DJY3pQTGe, Ron Filipkowski, Talbot, Kevin Fahey, Trump world's, Vance's, Fahey, Palin'd, bHBs0pNRZH — Brandon Friedman, Vance doesn't Organizations: Service, Democratic, Business, Trump, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, Republican Locations: Atlantic, America, Virginia, Ohio
In September, about a dozen founders arrived in Miami to participate in AI Forge, a new startup incubator. Courtesy of an AI Forge Miami participantJackson said that none of the Miami founders had complained about developers turning work in late. AI Forge agreed to take over 9% of their businesses, "but that means they've got the other 91%," he said. Two Miami founders said they were considering taking legal action against AI Forge over their late and missing payments. AdvertisementAI Forge discontinued its Miami program after the first run, but it launched its third London program in May.
Persons: They'd, Kevin Jackson, , hadn't, Jeffrey Greenberg, Slack, Jackson, Forge, PitchBook, they'd, Forge hadn't, didn't, they've, Craig Massey, Massey, Forge's, Heradio Luces Organizations: Service, Founders, Six Miami, Universal, Getty, Forge, Miami, London Locations: Miami, Italy, Miami Bay, Turkey, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, London
Real estate, with its large transaction sizes and frequent use of wire transfers, has proven to be an especially lucrative target for criminals. In early July, Robillard told CNBC she had no idea whether she would ever see her money again. Courtesy: Rana RobillardRobillard says she decided to publicize her story to boost awareness of real estate wire fraud, besides being a last-ditch attempt at getting her money back. "This is not what I thought my public representation would look like, which is that I've lost all this money," Robillard said. While Martinez, California-based Compass Mortgage denies being hacked, it acknowledged that the email with wire directions wasn't from them, according to Robillard.
Persons: Rana Robillard, she'd, Robillard, HackerOne, Fraudsters, Naftali Harris, Harris, Charles Schwab, she's, , Robillard Robillard, I've, it's, should've, Kristy Aichinger, Aichinger, Kent Donahue, Donahue didn't Organizations: JPMorgan Chase, CNBC, Citigroup, Ally Bank, San, FBI, JPMorgan, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial, Bureau, Chase, FTC, OS National, Opendoor, Robillard, Compass Mortgage Advisors, Mortgage Locations: Oakland, Orinda ,, California, Orinda, San Francisco, Real, Martinez
Jen Walton, a storm chaser from Denver, has already seen the new film twice and loved many of the nods to the original movie, the accuracy of the tornado science, and the appreciation for storm chasers. But eventually, she got over her fear and has been chasing storms for the last six years. AdvertisementIt mostly happens in Texas and Oklahoma, where storm chasing is the most popular, she said. Many may not remember the 2013 El Reno storm when four storm chasers were killed, she said. That's why Girls Who Chase, the initiative Walton started to support women in STEM fields, offers Storm Chasing 101.
Persons: , Jen Walton, Walton wasn't, Daisy Edgar, Jones, Tyler, Glen Powell, Melinda Sue Gordon, Amblin Entertainment Walton, Glen, Tyler Owens, Walton, Sue Ogrocki, Owens, Katie Carter, she's, Chase Organizations: Service, Business, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros . Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, YouTube, Storm, El Locations: Denver, Oklahoma, Texas, El Reno
The record stock market rally will get a boost from key economic data and earnings results, Ed Yardeni said. Yardeni highlighted strong company earnings and profit margins supporting the market in a way it didn't in 2000. AdvertisementThe stock market rally is set to continue this week as investors digest two key pieces of economic data and an onslaught of second-quarter earnings results. "We've acknowledged that the current stock market rally is reminiscent of the valuation-led market meltup of the 1990s. "We're expecting S&P 500 earnings per share of $250, $270, and $300 in 2024, 2025, and 2026, respectively.
Persons: Ed Yardeni, , We've, we've, Yardeni, We're Organizations: Service, Yardeni Research, PCE, Federal Reserve
Involuntary bank account closures often occur when a financial institution detects unusual activity in a bank account — or there's no activity at all. Immediate steps to takeBelow, are two immediate steps to take if handling an unexpected bank account closure. Be sure to redirect your paychecks to a different bank account and stop any recurring deposits or online bill payments connected to the closed account. Preventing future account closuresOnce a bank account is closed, it usually can't be reopened. Involuntary bank account closure FAQsWhy would a bank close my account?
Persons: Banks Organizations: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Bank
The McDouble wasn't the best burger I've ever had, but it was certainly passable. The McDonald's website says it should also include mustard, but I didn't taste any or see any. My biggest issue with the burger was that I thought it was bone-dry. But even though I didn't love my McDouble, I'm not writing the meal off. I could always get a McChicken as part of the deal instead or try a different location's McDouble burger.
Persons: Gabbi Shaw, I'm
AdvertisementBy 49, I was doing life coaching and successfully running my businesses. Even though it was idyllic — the perfect retirement spot — I quickly got bored sitting around doing nothing. I retired at 52I decided that retirement wasn't going to look like a permanent vacation by the beach, but it entailed endless time to do whatever I wanted. Although I enjoyed what I was doing, doing it forever didn't feel like all it was cracked up to be. My new retirement plan is to continue doing the work I enjoy so much for as long as I can.
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While working there, I never felt indifferent toward the company; I either loved or hated it. Amazon felt like an engineer-driven company because technical engineers had control over entire projects versus being assigned small tasks by non-technical managers. As a senior engineer, I ran a training on "customer obsession," one of the main "leadership principles" that define Amazon employees. Because there are so many principles, managers could use them in contradictory ways. Amazon on-call shifts were frustrating and exhaustingAt Amazon, most of our product decisions were based on customers.
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