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Morning Bid: AI buzzes but market shrugs at Nvidia beat
  + stars: | 2023-11-22 | by ( )   time to read: +5 min
A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly before the closing bell as the market takes a significant dip in New York, U.S., February 25, 2020. Remarkably, Nvidia managed to vault the sky-high bar for quarterly earnings, revenue and projections yet again in its latest update overnight. Bond volatility (.MOVE) has also fallen to two-month lows, while currency market 'vol' (.DBCVIX) is plumbing 20-month lows. CONCERN OVER HOME SALES, HOLIDAY SEASON SALESNews of a drop in U.S. existing home sales last month to a 13-year low was perhaps as important as the Fed minutes - as was warnings from more major U.S. retailers, this time Best Buy and Nordstrom, about sticky holiday season sales and the need for discounting. The dollar (.DXY) was a touch higher on Wednesday, meantime, with most overseas stock markets firmer too.
Persons: Lucas Jackson, Mike Dolan, thrall, OpenAI, Sam Altman, Changpeng Zhao, October's, Jeremy Hunt's, underperformed, Jeremy Hunt, Bernadette Baum Organizations: New York Stock Exchange, REUTERS, U.S, Nvidia, Federal, Nordstrom, University of Michigan, Bank of Canada, Treasury, Deere, Reuters Graphics Reuters, Thomson, Reuters Locations: New York, U.S, Gaza, China, yearend, York, Beijing
Morning Bid: Thanksgiving starters of AI and oil
  + stars: | 2023-11-20 | by ( )   time to read: +5 min
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., September 26, 2023. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsA look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike Dolan. Thanksgiving may make for a clipped U.S. markets week, but there's plenty to chew on around the world before then - and a feast of intrigue in the artificial intelligence space. His plans include shutting the central bank, ditching the peso and dollarizing the economy and slashing spending with potentially painful reforms. The risk premium between German and Italian 10-year yields tightened to 170 bps - the lowest since Sept. 21.
Persons: Brendan McDermid, Mike Dolan, Sam Altman, That's, thrall, Javier Milei, Milei, Jeremy Hunt, Andrew Bailey ,, Francois Villeroy de, Pablo Hernandez de Cos, Ed Osmond Organizations: New York Stock Exchange, REUTERS, Microsoft, Big Tech, Nvidia, Treasury, Federal Reserve, Bank, Bayer, Federal Reserve Bank of England, Andrew Bailey , Bank of France, Bank of Spain, Technologies, Keysight Technologies, Holdings Reuters Graphics Reuters, Reuters, Thomson Locations: New York City, U.S, OPEC, Tokyo, Europe, Canada, Francois Villeroy de Galhau
But there was one catch: To be paid for his visit, Mr. Thrall was told that he had to pledge, according to a 2017 state law, that he would not boycott Israel. “That is unacceptable and won’t happen in Arkansas.”At college campuses around the country, students and faculty have been engulfed in vitriolic debates over students’ pro-Palestinian speech. Brandeis, Columbia and George Washington University have banned or suspended pro-Palestinian student protest groups. At a large public university in a more conservative state like Arkansas, the debate is playing out in a somewhat different way. Well before the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, state lawmakers had tried to control the debate on the Middle East, for instance demanding in the 2017 law that anyone contracting with the state sign a pledge against boycotting Israel.
Persons: Nathan Thrall, Thrall, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, ” Ms, Sanders Organizations: University of Arkansas, Israel, , , Brandeis, George Washington University Locations: American, America, Israel, Arkansas, Columbia
An Epic Pilgrimage Across Three Great Religions
  + stars: | 2023-11-09 | by ( Aatish Taseer | )   time to read: +111 min
Before there was tourism, there was pilgrimage: a trip of endurance, hardship and ecstasy in celebration of one’s faith. On an epic pilgrimage of his own, one writer ventures into the heart of three great religions in Bolivia, Mongolia and Iraq. The Imam Hussein shrine in Karbala the day after Ashura. “They’re poor, but they come thousands of kilometers for the love of Imam Hussein.” PILGRIMAGE WAS A great equalizer. “Labaik ya Hussein,” came the solemn chorus of surrounding voices.
Persons: Eduardo Quintela Gonzáles, ” Quintela, JAN, , , Quintela, Victor, Edith Turner, Chaucer, ferne, sondry londes, Vaishno Devi, Lyra Skinner, Lyra, Victoria Preston’s, , Prophet Muhammad, Virgin Mary, Bath, Naipaul, Augustus, Ryan, garret, Virgin, Monica Machicao, Nicholas Casey, ” Monica, Casey, Evo Morales, sloughing, Columbus, Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, Monica, glitzy cholets, Peru —, Viracocha, it’s, Pablo Quisbert, Leandro Chitarroni, Eichmann, Father Chitarroni, Father Chitarroni’s, Conquistadores ”, Fernando Cervantes, Bernabé Cobo, Quisbert, Edgar Quispe, Tatiana Huayhua, Francisco Tito Yupanqui, Mary, Yupanqui’s, su, Yupanqui, Chitarroni, she’s, Friar Abelino Yeguaori, Friar Yeguaori, Friar Yeguaori’s, Irene, Juana, hajji, Waka, Aracely Alcón, Santiago, Alcón, , don’t, ” Alcón, Tito Yupanqui, Uma Marka, Pachamama, haggard, Amaru Fiorilo Barrios, he’d, ” Fiorilo, Fiorilo, who’d, Valeria Alcón, Laureano Jose Quisbert, Elena Ticona Flores, Eduardo Quintela’s, Ensamble, pang, padre, consolations, Sincrético, El, Rodrigo Paz Pereira, Axel, amauta, strode, La, Aatish Taseer, Saint Helena —, Constantine I, La Paz, Orgilbaatar Tsolmon, Orgil, Genghis Khan, Edward Gibbon, ” Orgil, Araniko’s, Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan’s, Kubla Khan, Coleridge, Kublai, Stalin, sybarite, Khamar, Dalai Lama, Lama, Christopher Kaplonski, ger, I’d, banshtai tsai, Prim, Egi, Munkhdul, Gandantegchinlen, Haidav, herder, “ Um sain, boltugai, Danzanravjaa, Zanabazar’s, Erdene, Mandakhtsog Monkhbaatar, Monkhbaatar’s, Dalai Lamas, prostrated, He’d, Zuu, she’d, Santiago de, L.K, Advani, Emperor Babur, Ram, kar sevaks, Ayodhya, Narendra Modi, Munkhbaatar Batchuluun, Henry Wallace, Franklin D, Potemkin, Munkhbaatar, Gerelmaa, Giimaa, She’d, Eduardo Quintela, Aracely, Santiago’s, Joseph Brodsky’s, Muhammad’s, Hussein, William Keo, ” Khuder, pillion, Labaik, Hussein ”, O Hussein, hearkened, Prophet, Ali —, Ali, Yazid, Imam, crackling, chickpeas, Imam Ali, Imam Hussein, Saddam Hussein, Tusi, Qasim, Imam Hussein’s, Khuder, “ Will, Najaf, prestes, — I, Yasir Yaseen, Ashura, Ali Akbar, Abbas, Ali Asghar, “ We’re, Francisco Goya’s, Hussein’s, Groom, Joseph, ” Wissam, Turfi, Saddam —, Arbaeen, Saddam, “ Imam Hussein, WE, Muhammad, Barnaby Rogerson, Prophet Muhammad ”, ” Ali, Muhammad — Muhammad, formlessness, Muqtada al, Abrams, chiding, Abu Musab Al, Zarqawi, Al Qaeda, William, “ They’re, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, flagellants, ruddy, stylishly, Hussein — shahid —, Farman Ahsan, Syed Salman Raza —, Saddam’s, ” Raza, William “, Ali Zayn al, Abidin, Labaik ya Hussein, thrall —, Lloyd, Susanne Rudolph — Organizations: CITY LA, LA, LA PAZ, Virgin, Crusaders, Dolorosa, Sun, The New York Times, Bolivian, Spain, La, Cordillera, Universidad Mayor de, Catholic, Good, La Paz, Dominican, Pakistan, Caesars, Nissan, Coke, Communists, Communism, ardor, Communist, Hyundai, flails, sacra, Apache, Mahdi Army, Al, ISIS, Karachi —, Princeton Locations: Bolivia, Mongolia, Iraq, Aatish Taseer Bolivia Mongolia Iraq, CITY LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, NAJAF, IRAQ, ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA, LA PAZ, La Paz, Bolivian, Copacabana, Lake Titicaca, New York, Christian, British, sondry, India, Delhi, Varanasi, Europe, American, Mecca, Arabia, Long, Vino Tinto, Chile, Peru, Monica, Plurinational State, Bolivia —, Americas, Spain, Columbian, Aztec Mexico, Inca Peru, Calvary Hill, Virgen del Cerro, South America, Puerto Rico, Huatajata, , Argentine, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Mexican, revelry, Spanish, , morena, La, “ India, multilayered, Potosí, Argentina, Warisata, Scotch, Santiago de Compostela, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Nations, El Alto, Buenos Aires, Bombay, Tibet, Bolivia’s, Yamuna Rivers, United States, Buddhist Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian, Istanbul, Asia, Islam, China, Beijing, Dadu, Erdene Zuu, Soviet, Gobi, Los Angeles, gers, Qing China, Karnataka, Töv Province, Karakorum, Khamar, Erdene, Ukraine, Korea, Golden, Bayankhongor, Lhasa, Dalai, Inner Mongolia, Mongol, Nalaikh, Santiago, Santiago de Compostela and Canterbury, Bulgan Province, Somnath, Gujarat, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, ger, East German, Uvs Province, Pakistani, Indian, Tennessee, Najaf, Baghdad, Khuder, , abayas, KARBALA, Kufa, Medina, Saudi Arabia, Karbala, Imam Ali, Bab, Kuwaiti, Bohras, South Asia, Tajikistan, Zaydis, Yemen, Alawites, Anatolia, Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Sadr, U.S, Jordanian, Al Qaeda, Mesopotamia, Al, Multan, Pakistan, Punjab, Pakistan’s, Islamabad, Lahore, Kuwait, Karachi, Doha, Qatar
Johnson, who played a leading role in the effort to block the certification of President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win, benefited in his ascent to the speakership last week from the approval of pro-Trump lawmakers. His tortured explanations of his constitutionality correct decision – that he lacked power to overturn Biden’s 2020 election win in Congress – failed to convince grassroots Republicans bought into the ex-president’s false claims that he won the election. An alternative lesson that the ex-president’s rivals might draw is that forceful condemnations of Trump’s 2020 election denialism are likely to be fatal to their campaigns. There was evidence last week that Johnson’s maneuvering after the 2020 election helped secure his rise to the speakership. Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, said that Emmer’s vote to certify the 2020 election “played a big role” in her vote against him.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Johnson, Joe Biden’s, Pence, Biden’s, , Liz Cheney, Utah Sen, Mitt Romney, Trump’s, Trump, , , Vladimir Putin, thrall, Ronald Reagan, trekked, , Chris Christie, CNN’s Jake Tapper, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Kevin McCarthy, Biden, Tom Emmer, Marjorie Taylor Greene, , ” Greene, Republicans “ Organizations: CNN, Republican, Trump, White House, Republicans, Wyoming, Utah, Trump Organization, GOP, New, New Jersey Gov, Florida Gov, South Carolina Gov, Fox News, Capitol, Louisiana Republican, House Republicans, Electoral, Georgia, Democrats, Democratic Congressional, MAGA Locations: New York, autocrats, Iowa, United States, , New Jersey, “ State, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota
An Israeli airstrike had crushed an apartment block in the Jabaliya refugee camp, in northern Gaza, killing 45 members of his extended family. Mr. Abujayyab and his siblings argued about her next move: Stay at her grandmother’s apartment? Mr. Azmi, the Crisis Group researcher, had moved his family to a friend’s house in southern Gaza. It fractured his skull and crushed his chest, Mr. Azmi said by phone. They had no power, limited internet and more bombs were falling, his sister said in a voice message to her family.
Persons: Nathan Thrall, , Abed Salama, , , Abujayyab, Mr, welling, Azmi, Azmi Keshawi, Abujayyab’s, Nurit Cooper, Yocheved Lifshitz, Nir Oz Organizations: Crisis Group, Ministry Locations: Israel, Gaza, Gaza . Credit, Egypt
Today, with people still struggling to understand the contours of this deeply complicated conflict, the book seems essential. “Because that was absolutely the ambition of the book, to depict real people” rather than villains and saints. Because I admire “A Day in the Life of Abed Salama” so much, I agreed to moderate a talk with Thrall this Thursday in Brooklyn. And in a time of war, particularly a war shrouded in fiercely competing narratives, free speech is more important than ever. And supporters of Israel are hardly alone in creating a censorious atmosphere; particularly on college campuses, it is Zionists who feel silenced and intimidated.
Persons: Nathan Thrall’s, Abed Salama, , Thrall, Salama, Beber Vanunu, Dany Tirza, Jamal Khashoggi, ” Thrall, , Abed Salama ”, I’ve, it’s, ” Andrea Grossman, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Nguyen, gestured, ” Nguyen, didn’t Organizations: New York, West Bank, Crisis, The Guardian . American Public Media, Israel, Boston Palestine Film, Hilton, U.S . Campaign, Palestinian, University of California Locations: Israel, Saudi, Brooklyn, United States, Britain, Angeles, The, 92NY, Manhattan, Palestine, , Houston, Gaza, Davis
Morning Bid: Markets juggle 5% yields and 150 yen
  + stars: | 2023-10-23 | by ( )   time to read: +5 min
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., September 11, 2023. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsA look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets from Mike DolanPartly unwinding pre-weekend safety hedges related to the Middle East conflict, world markets are back focused on some critical macro priced levels and milestones that may once again define the week. The dollar retained its bid as a result and continued to probe the 150 yen level many suspect the Bank of Japan will be keen to protect against with open-market yen buying. But even these megacaps are still in thrall to the worrying squeeze in U.S. bond markets and the breach of the 5% threshold on 10-year tenors on Monday. They do not reflect the views of Reuters News, which, under the Trust Principles, is committed to integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.
Persons: Brendan McDermid, Mike Dolan, Goldman Sachs, thrall, that's, That's, Sergio Massa, Javier Milei, Maria Corina Machado, Hess, Berkley, Brown, Susan Fenton Organizations: New York Stock Exchange, REUTERS, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, Industrial, China, Goldman, Microsoft, Meta, Federal Reserve, Economy, Banco BBVA Argentina, Peronist, Massa, Venezuelan, Chevron, Exxon, Natural Resources, Brown, Cadence, Packaging Corp of America, Fed, Bank of Israel, Trade Organization, Treasury, Reuters, Thomson Locations: New York City, U.S, Gaza, China, Taiwan, outflows, 50bps, York, America, Venezuela, Geneva
Rep. Jim Jordan's speakership bid has been thwarted — for now. Call it the revenge of the Republicans you've never heard of — the ones who aren't regularly featured on Fox News, who don't have massive social media followings, and who aren't known for styling themselves as right-wing crusaders. If Jordan's speakership bid ultimately fails, it will signify a stunning turnaround for a party that's been in thrall to its loudest voices since the ascent of Donald Trump in 2015. AdvertisementAdvertisement81 House Republicans — more than a third of the conference — voted for him anyway. 20 House Republicans voted against him on Tuesday, 22 voted against him on Wednesday, and even more were expected to vote against him on a potential third vote.
Persons: Jim Jordan's speakership, , Kevin McCarthy's, Matt Gaetz, Gaetz's, Jim Jordan, Republican holdouts, Republicans you've, aren't, McCarthy, Gaetz, Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry —, Jordan's, that's, thrall, Donald Trump, Austin Scott, Austin Scott of, Jordan, Scott, Republican who's, Steve Scalise's, Scalise, underscoring, Lauren Boebert, wasn't, Republicans —, — Gaetz, Chip Roy, Paul Gosar of, Kay Granger, Republicans who’s, Anna Moneymaker, Anthony D'Esposito, Steve Womack, who's, Sean Hannity, they've, Jordan hasn't, Austin Scott's, Jack Bergman, Tom Williams, Jack Bergman —, General Bergman, James Hogge, Dan Meuser Organizations: Republicans, Service, Rep, , Republican, Fox News, Ohio Republican, Pro Tempore, North Carolina —, GOP, Democrat, Georgia Republican, Freedom Caucus, New York Republicans, Republican Governance Group, Trump, Images Locations: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Austin Scott of Georgia, Colorado, Boebert, Texas, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Kay Granger of Texas, Arkansas, @RepKayGranger, Pennsylvania
A protester throws glitter over and disrupts Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer making his keynote speech during the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. (Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images)LIVERPOOL, England — U.K. opposition Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer on Tuesday promised "a decade of national renewal" during a keynote conference speech disrupted by a protester. The Labour leader opened his speech by promising "a decade of national renewal," a signal of the party's confidence of a generational shift in power after next year's General Election. "This Labour Party will fight the next election on economic growth. An economy that works for the whole country is what the British people want," he added, arguing that investment in national infrastructure was key to securing better distributed growth.
Persons: Sir Keir Starmer, Stefan Rousseau, Keir Starmer, Starmer, thrall Organizations: Labour Party Conference, Images, Labour Party, Labour, National, Great, Great British Energy Locations: Liverpool, LIVERPOOL, England, Great British, Scotland
Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. makes a campaign announcement at a press conference on October 9, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. WASHINGTON — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he will abandon his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and instead run for the White House as an independent. Kennedy announced his break with the national Democratic Party at an event in Philadelphia on Monday. His late father, Sen. Robert Kennedy of New York, and late uncle, President John F. Kennedy, are icons of the Democratic Party. In addition to Biden's incumbent status, which makes it very difficult to challenge him from within the party, Kennedy also holds views that put him at odds with the majority of Democratic voters.
Persons: Robert F, Kennedy Jr, WASHINGTON — Robert F, Kennedy, Sen, Robert Kennedy, John F, Joe Biden, endear Kennedy, Donald Trump ., Trump, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Jill Stein Organizations: Democratic, White, Democratic Party, Democrat, Fox Business, Trump, Republican, NBC News, Green Party Locations: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, WASHINGTON, Philadelphia, Washington, New York, Ukraine, Trump's
REUTERS/Florence Lo/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsSHANGHAI, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Discount e-commerce is set to dominate globally during the critical upcoming holiday shopping season in the West and Singles’ Day in China, analysts said. Platforms in China, the world’s largest e-commerce market, have recently described a “value-for-money battle” stoked by economic insecurity and a slower-than-expected retail recovery following the lifting of COVID-19 curbs late last year. “There was a clear vacuum for the discount retailer online experience ... Across the world, executives are now focusing on price pressures as discount online retailers gain increasing market share. In the West, the inflation driven consumer wants something cheaper because they're going through a moment of financial insecurity,” Ho said.
Persons: Florence Lo, , thrall, Sharon Gai, ” Humphrey Ho, Rui Ma, Trudy Dai, Alibaba, ” Ho, Casey Hall, Vanessa O'Connell, Aurora Ellis Organizations: PDD Holdings, REUTERS, Rights, West, Deal, Hylink, Amazon ., Tmall, Thomson Locations: China, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, United States, Douyin, Canada, Australia, America, U.S, Amazon, Amazon . Indonesia
Opinion | Vivek Ramaswamy Is Confused
  + stars: | 2023-09-25 | by ( Carlos Lozada | )   time to read: +3 min
The theatrically combative presidential candidacy of Vivek Ramaswamy seems to be premised on two messages. The other is his devotion to Donald Trump, whom Ramaswamy relentlessly defended in the debate, promising to support the former president, if Trump wins the Republican nomination, or to pardon him, if Ramaswamy wins the White House. In these works, Ramaswamy is more thoughtful, but also more confused, than his smiling, trolly, rapid-fire campaign persona. He can’t seem to decide if woke capitalism is a public-relations ploy or a mortal threat to the republic. Stakeholder capitalism is a “farce,” he writes, an example of “corporate opportunism” and “self-interest masquerading as morality,” a “do-good smoke screen” through which businesses distract the public from their perfidy.
Persons: Vivek Ramaswamy, Donald Trump, Ramaswamy, , , lionizes Trump, Joe Biden’s, ” Ramaswamy Organizations: Republican, Trump, Inc, Republican Party Locations:
CNN —Kacie Rose Burns walked into the Florence jazz bar, alone. “That place is, let’s say, unconventional for Florence,” Dario tells CNN Travel. And before long, Dario was planning a trip to visit New York. Then, Kacie and Dario packed up their life in New York and got ready to move across the Atlantic. While her social media presence was getting bigger, for the first few months in Florence, Kacie and Dario’s IRL world remained small.
Persons: CNN — Kacie Rose Burns, “ I’ll, Kacie, , , ” Kacie, Italian I’ve, , , Florence, “ I’m, Dario, Jamie Lee, Dario Nencetti, ” Dario, Kacie he’d, he’d, It’s, Kacie Rose Burns, Florence’s Ponte, Lizzie McGuire, I’m, “ You’re, “ You’ll, Dario wasn’t, He’d, they've, York City’s, Kacie’s, She’d, thrall, Covid, They’d, Acclimatizing, didn’t, Italy It's, we’ve, he’s, “ We’re, I’ve, it’s Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Italian, Jazz, Firenze, York, IRL, Google Locations: Florence, Yorker, Italy, New York, Rome, Venice, there’s, Scotland, Japan, Miami, Kacie, Brooklyn, Kacie’s New York,
CNN —The initiation of an impeachment investigation against a president ought to be an earthshaking moment in the nation’s history. Republicans could use an impeachment investigation of the president to fuel public suspicion over Hunter Biden’s cascading controversies. But the coming impeachment investigation represents a gamble for Republicans since it could cause a backlash in moderate districts that their majority depends on. Ian Sams, a White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, blasted the impeachment investigation as “extreme politics at its worst.”But the strain of an impeachment inquiry is hardly the way the White House would have preferred to prepare for election year. If the impeachment investigation does uncover more direct involvement of Joe Biden, condemnations of McCarthy’s action may have been premature.
Persons: Kevin McCarthy, Joe Biden, McCarthy, , Biden, thrall, Trump, It’s, , Hunter, They’ll, McCarthy’s, Joe Biden’s, Ian Sams, Hunter Biden’s, David Ignatius, didn’t, Kamala Harris, Democratic Sen, Dick Durbin, Hunter Biden, Jared Kushner, Nancy Pelosi, Alexander Hamilton, impeachments, , it’s, Matt Gaetz, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Trump’s, Richard Nixon, David Bateman, Clinton, ” Bateman, there’s, who’s, Chris Christie, CNN’s Jake Tapper, Biden augured, Dan Newhouse, Pelosi, Will, ” McCarthy Organizations: CNN, Republican, GOP, White, Trump, California Republican, Mar, Republicans, Washington Post, Democratic, Representatives, , Clinton, Lawmakers, Cornell University, New, Washington, Senate Locations: United States, California, China, Ukraine, , Florida, New Jersey
Ron DeSantis of Florida has run into a surprising buzz saw in his bid to sell himself as the Republican Party’s most electable standard-bearer in 2024 — and it has more to do with President Biden than it does with Donald J. Trump. For months, Republican voters have consumed such a steady diet of clips of Mr. Biden stumbling, over words and sandbags, that they now see the 80-year-old Democratic incumbent as so frail that he would be beatable by practically any Republican — even a four-times-indicted former president who lost the last election. The focus on “electability” — the basic notion of which candidate has the best shot of winning a general election — was most intense in the aftermath of the disappointing 2022 midterms. Republicans were stung by losses of Trump-backed candidates in key swing states like Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. And the issue offered a way to convince a Republican electorate still very much in the thrall of Mr. Trump to consider throwing its lot in with a fresh face in 2022.
Persons: Ron DeSantis, Biden, Donald J, Mr, , DeSantis, Trump, thrall Organizations: Republican, Trump Locations: Florida, Arizona , Michigan, Pennsylvania
Meanwhile, 83% of Fox News-watching respondents believe that after the 2020 election, Trump “was just exercising his right to contest the” results. And, perhaps most importantly, 85% of Republican-leaning poll participants who primarily watch Fox News say the GOP needs to “stand behind” Trump. The remarkable data underscores the grip that Trump continues to exert over the influential right-wing network’s audience. Even as he faces mounting legal problems, including potential charges stemming from his post-2020 election actions, Trump still commands the loyalty of the Fox News audience. “But,” Sargent wrote, “the role of Fox News and right-wing media in this disaster for democracy seems painfully clear.”
Persons: Donald Trump’s, jolt, Trump, Trump “, ” Trump, , Rupert Murdoch’s, Tucker, Trump sycophants, Murdoch, bode, Greg Sargent, thrall, ” Sargent Organizations: CNN, The Fox News, The New York Times, Siena College, Fox News, Republican, Fox, Republicans, Trump, GOP, Republican Party
Like her namesake, who calls the shade her “power color,” she wears a hot pink pantsuit. The politician is a Barbie doll — one that senior aides to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan decided to dress up like their boss and roll out on social media this week, as the Greta Gerwig-directed “Barbie” movie shows up in theaters. Among many, many other marketing stunts: Crocs has produced a custom Barbie shoe. The Whitmer team members wondered whether their boss might benefit from a tie-in of her own.
Persons: Gretchen Whitmer, Greta Gerwig, Barbie, Whitmer, pollsters, , Crocs, Burger, , Organizations: Capitol Locations: Michigan, thrall
They thought Trump was history. But a second term might be different. I’ll predict that anyone who thought the Trump presidency was disastrous — and polling shows that includes many Americans and most citizens of America’s allies — will find Trump 2.0 even more cataclysmic. Trump now has a strong operation in developing meticulous plans for a possible second term. Before the 2020 election, I wondered if Taiwan might survive a second Trump term.
Persons: Frida Ghitis, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, , , thrall, , Vladimir Putin —, Putin, Biden, Xi Jinping, Hong, Kim Jong Un, reelect Organizations: CNN, Washington Post, Politics, Republican, GOP, Trump, Department of Justice, Capitol, Congress, Republican Party, NATO, Twitter, Facebook, White, America Locations: Netherlands, Europe, South, Ukraine, Russia, Kyiv, Crimea, NATO, Taiwan, Beijing, China, Koreans, North Korean, South Koreans
Brent oil hovers above $81 after supply disruptions
  + stars: | 2023-07-14 | by ( Natalie Grover | )   time to read: +2 min
On Thursday some oilfields in Libya were shut down because of a local tribe's protest against the kidnapping of a former minister. Separately, Shell suspended loadings of Nigeria's Forcados crude oil owing to a potential leak at a terminal. With the "market in thrall of a ‘tightening’ narrative", any more outages will push the oil price to levels that not even the most ardent bull would have predicted for the second half of the year, Evans added. Both Brent and WTI futures were down slightly at 1207 GMT, with Brent 9 cents lower at $81.27 a barrel and WTI down 11 cents at $76.78. Saudi Arabia and Russia, the world's biggest oil exporters, this month agreed to deepen oil cuts in place since November last year, providing further support to crude prices.
Persons: John Evans, thrall, Evans, Brent, Craig Erlam, Natalie Grover, Sudarshan Varadhan, Katya Golubkova, David Evans, Mark Potter Organizations: Shell, Brent, International Energy Agency, Organization of, Petroleum, National Australia Bank, U.S ., U.S . Federal, OANDA, Thomson Locations: Libya, Nigeria, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, London, Singapore, Tokyo
Many of your liberal acquaintances will shush and shame you: Speak no ill of Joe Biden! Never mind that you’re examining his behavior, not the year on his birth certificate. You’ll be asked: What do Hunter Biden and diminished vim matter next to the menace of Donald Trump and a Republican Party in his lawless, nihilistic thrall? That’s a fair question — to a point. But past that point, it’s dishonest and dangerous.
Persons: Biden, Joe Biden, MAGA, , You’ll, Hunter Biden, Donald Trump, thrall Organizations: Democratic, White, Fox News, Republican Party
Opinion | How Do You Replace an Elite?
  + stars: | 2023-06-28 | by ( Ross Douthat | )   time to read: +3 min
So for Deneen to recoil from both the Boomer and woke versions of elite power and imagine what he terms common-good conservatism in their place is by no means un-American. There are versions of post-liberalism that seem to envision a truly different American regime — a confessional state or a monarchy or an administration of Platonic guardians. But Deneen usually talks more like a small-d democrat, trying to revive his own country’s buried sub-traditions. Crucially, though, Deneen comes to the scene after seven decades in which conservatism’s attempted elite-replacement project has repeatedly and conspicuously failed. So the right of 2023 needs a theory for why, up till now, its elite-replacement effort has been so disappointing.
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Court filings show how Jeffrey Epstein exerted power in the US Virgin Islands, two of which he owned. A financier worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Epstein owned two islands in the US Virgin Islands (there are roughly 50 islands overall). He had donated generously to Democratic politicians from the US Virgin Islands for years. With the assistance of the US Virgin Islands' first lady, Epstein navigated the territory's political waters unscathed. The court records show that, at least in the US Virgin Islands, he exerted influence with little friction.
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An angry, aggrieved former leader attacks the institutions he once led for accusing him of flouting the rules and lying about it. And yet, Britain’s Conservative Party has regularly stood up to Mr. Johnson while the Republican Party is still mostly in thrall to Mr. Trump. On Monday, the House of Commons will vote on whether to accept or reject the committee’s findings. The government said it would not pressure Tory lawmakers to vote one way or the other. That sets up a potential repudiation of Mr. Johnson by his party that could go far beyond the token number of Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives who voted to impeach Mr. Trump in 2019 and 2021.
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The roar of outrage from Republican leaders to that indictment restored Trump’s grip on the party after frustration over his role in the GOP’s disappointing 2022 midterm elections had loosened it. Repeating the pattern from other moments of maximum threat to Trump, the GOP response has been marked by a pronounced communications imbalance. (The poll was conducted after Trump’s indictment in Manhattan but before the recent federal charges.) At another point Trump insisted, “These criminals cannot be rewarded” – presumably by frightening Republican voters away from nominating him. Yet, Robinson believes, by echoing Trump’s claims of unfair treatment, the other candidates are encouraging Republican voters to accept his framing of the race.
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