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Sleep supplements: Can they help me sleep?
  + stars: | 2024-04-25 | by ( Katia Hetter | )   time to read: +8 min
Some 18% of American adults take a form of medication to help them sleep, including over-the-counter pills and prescription medications, according to a 2023 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Some 6.3% said that they take sleep medications every day and 2.1% took medication most days. While medical treatments can help with sleep, are some forms more effective than others? Melatonin supplements are lab-made versions of this hormone. There is some evidence that melatonin supplements can help with jet lag.
Persons: CNN —, Leana Wen, Wen, There’s Organizations: CNN, for Disease Control, George Washington University, Food and Drug Administration, FDA
A local London pub that’s been thrust into an unexpected spotlight and onto the tourist map, thanks to musician Taylor Swift. Unexpected fameThe Black Dog pub is in an unassuming residential area of Vauxhall in south London. Taylor Swift fans Jenna Spackey and Maddie Essig came to check out The Black Dog pub after listening to the song. The Black Dog pub says the past few days have been "immense." Hageman compares “The Black Dog” song to a “fable” – it’s probably not based entirely in reality.
Persons: CNN — It’s, that’s, Taylor Swift, Francesca Street, Swift, Joe Alwyn, , Matty Healy, ” Taylor Swift, Lionel Hahn, Swifties, Maddie Essig, “ Joe, Taylor, , , Essig, Jenna Spackey, they’ve, Spackey, ” –, Alwyn – Swift, Toby Melville, There’s, Lily Bottomley, ” Bottomley, Bottomley, “ We’re, ” There’s, Bottomley – it’s, “ We’ve, Healy, Bottomley won’t, she’s “, there’s, ” Swift, Strasburg, Katie Hageman, ’ ”, she’s, Hageman, it’s Organizations: CNN, Poets Department, Golden Globe, CNN Travel, Vauxhall, Department, Reuters, Brentford –, SC Soho, Wembley, London Locations: Vauxhall, London, British, Baltimore , Maryland, Houston , Texas, Brixton, Shoreditch, Highgate, Brentford, Cork, Ireland, Blanc, , Florida, Strasburg, Avangeline Strasburg, Hageman
New federal rules say travelers deserve cash refunds when inconvenienced by their airline – not vouchers or travel credits. The rules require the fees to be automatic and prompt: Within seven days for a credit card refund and 20 days for other forms of payment. Surge in complaints in 2022The Biden Administration proposed its change to the refund rules in 2022 after a surge in complaints about refunds when the coronavirus brought air travel to a standstill. More than half of the complaints involved flight disruptions or refunds. A federal law allows Congress to unravel recently implemented executive branch rules.
Persons: , Pete Buttigieg, CNN’s John Berman, ” Buttigieg, you’re, “ That’s, , There’s Organizations: CNN — Airline, , Transportation Department, Airlines for, Biden Administration Locations: , Airlines for America, ” “ U.S, Washington, November’s
There’s a vote on whether to join the United Automobile Workers union, giving organized labor its first factorywide foothold at a major foreign automaker in the South. We know now that the pro-union side won with nearly three-quarters of the vote in an election that ended on Friday. I think what we saw in Chattanooga is workers voting on the basis of economics rather than party alignment. If that continues to happen elsewhere, the South could some day become as unionized as the rest of the country. It won’t happen quickly, though, because government officials and corporate groups are likely to continue to fight back.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Republicans — Organizations: United Automobile Workers, Republicans Locations: Chattanooga , Tenn, Tennessee, Chattanooga
The pre-owned luxury watch market is thriving
  + stars: | 2024-04-24 | by ( Fawnia Soo Hoo | )   time to read: +11 min
Granted, the pandemic-induced second hand luxury watch boom peaked back in March 2022, but the market is still going strong, and price levels remain higher than pre-Covid times. “(They’re) a crucial demographic for the growth and evolution of the pre-owned and vintage luxury watch industry,” added Paul Altieri, founder & CEO of multi-brand online luxury marketplace Bob’s Watches. Don't be shy," said Dimepiece's Brynn Wallner of new buyers' potential nerves when it comes to luxury watch stores. How can you tell if a luxury pre-owned watch is the real deal? “Luxury watches of this caliber will go from one generation to the next to the next to the next,” he explained.
The outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza among U.S. dairy cows, first reported on March 25, has now spread to at least 33 herds in eight states. Federal authorities say the milk supply is safe, but this latest development raises troubling questions about how widespread the outbreak really is. Rick Bright, an expert on the H5N1 virus who served on President Biden’s coronavirus advisory board, told me this is the crucial moment. That’s when I told him what I’d heard from Sid Miller, the Texas commissioner for agriculture. The commissioner speculated that back then, as much as 40 percent of the herds in the Texas panhandle may have been infected.
Persons: Rick Bright, Biden’s, , it’s, I’d, Sid Miller, Bright, I’m, what’s Locations: Texas
Just as the offseason kicked off in mid February, Durde was hired to become the Seattle Seahawks’ new defensive coordinator, becoming the first British coordinator in NFL history. Durde’s first exposure to the NFL came in 2005 when – as part of the NFL International Development Practice Squad program, an early predecessor to the IPP – he spent some time on the practice squad of the Carolina Panthers. He spent three seasons as part of the Falcons’ defensive coaching staff, working across a number of roles under head coach Dan Quinn. His permanent hiring in 2018 meant Durde became the first British full-time coach in NFL history. Under Durde’s stewardship, Dallas’ defensive line developed into one of the most feared in the league, in particular star linebacker Micah Parsons.
Persons: Aden Durde, Durde, , hasn’t, ” Durde, that’s, , , Bill Walsh, Dan Quinn, Carmen Mandato, ” It’s, Efe Obada, Jordan Mailata, Wales rugby international Louis Rees, Zammit, Mailata, Louis, Rees, Jeff Ulbrich, he’s, He’s, Micah Parsons, Parsons, Pro Bowler, Roger Steinman, Mike McDonald –, Dallas, Pete Carroll Organizations: CNN, NFL, Seattle Seahawks, American, Atlanta Falcons, CNN Sport, London Olympians, Scottish, Hamburg, Devils, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, London Warriors, Dallas Cowboys, Brit Osi, IPP, Washington, Philadelphia Eagles ’, Wales rugby international, Eagles, , Falcons, Atlanta Journal, Cowboys, Dallas, Seahawks, Durde Locations: Aden, British, London, Britain, Greenwich, NFL Europe, Hamburg’s, Europe, Atlanta, Texas, Durde’s, Dallas, Seattle
Opinion: Why memes about Mommy and wine are no joke
  + stars: | 2024-04-24 | by ( Kara Alaimo | )   time to read: +6 min
Editor’s note: Kara Alaimo, an associate professor of communication at Fairleigh Dickinson University, writes about issues affecting women and social media. At work, women on average earn just 84 cents for every dollar earned by men and are up against endless stereotypes about why they’re not leadership material. “Anyone who’s been on social media in the last ten years has seen the memes: ‘Mommy needs wine.’ ‘I wine because my kids whine.’ You can buy infant onesies that say ‘I’m the reason mommy drinks’ on Amazon,” Yvonne points out. It requires social structures such as an adequate childcare system and resources for women who need to leave abusive homes. We all also need to stop sharing jokes and memes that suggest it’s humorous for people of any gender to deal with the stresses they’re up against by imbibing carcinogens.
Persons: Kara Alaimo, Kara, Celeste Yvonne, it’s, Yvonne, they’re, who’s, ” Yvonne, , I’ve, Holly Whitaker, Carol Lee Flinders, ” Whitaker Organizations: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Women, Press, Facebook, CNN, JAMA, Pew Research Center, US Centers for Disease Control Locations: United States
CNN —An arms fair may contain all the trappings of war, but it is nothing like a battlefield. Nikita TeryoshinA shot of the reception at the 2016 MSPO expo, the biggest arms fair in Eastern Europe. “It was the only (arms fair I’d been to) where they were shooting real rockets over 20 kilometers (12 miles) maybe,” said Teroyshin. Fairgoers wait for a shuttle to a live demonstration site during the 2019 Army military expo held in Alabino, Russia. Forever.”) is paired with an image of three women in Islamic veils at an arms fair, one pretending to hold a rifle depicted in the poster in front of her.
Persons: , Nikita Teryoshin, , ” Teryoshin, Nikita Teryoshin “, Teryoshin, Majid, Teroyshin, Lockheed Martin, Nikita Teryoshin Teroyshin, , KAI, Nikita Teryoshin Saudi, Linda Åkerström, eyeshadow, Nikita Teryoshin Åkerström, ” Teroyshin, he’s, Åkerström, you’ll Organizations: CNN, Swedish Bofors, expos, Tiger, Kalashnikov, Lockheed, Manufacturing, ITT, Otis Defence, CTA, Elbit Systems, BAE Systems Locations: Russian, Swedish, Kielce, Poland, Lima , Peru, Belarus, France, Germany, South Korea, China, UAE, Peru, Russia, Vietnam, USA, South Africa, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, , DEFEXPO, Eastern Europe, Mali, Alabino, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Dortmund, Seoul, IDEX, Central, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia, Ukraine
“To me, success is impeachment from the House,” GOP Rep. Brian Mast said. Comer’s co-leads, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith, are also fully behind the work. I don’t think that’s an impeachable offense,” GOP Rep. Jodey Arrington said. Even GOP Rep. Darrell Issa remarked after the first hour of questioning that Hunter Biden was prepared for the interview. There’s an election in seven months from now,” GOP Rep. Nick LaLota, who represents a New York district Biden won in 2020, told CNN.
Persons: James Comer, Joe Biden, , Comer, Biden, “ Comer, Jesus, Alejandro Mayorkas, Comer –, , Anna Paulina Luna –, Hunter Biden, it’s, ” Luna, , missteps, Brian Mast, Mike Johnson, Comer’s, Jim Jordan, Jason Smith, ” Johnson, Steve Scalise, Elise Stefanik, Kevin McCarthy, ” Bruce Dubinsky, McCarthy, Samuel Corum, Johnson, Jodey Arrington, Darrell Issa, , Doug LaMalfa, Mayorkas, Tony Gonzales, Austin Scott, ” Comer, Donald Trump, Jordan, doesn’t, There’s, Nick LaLota, Jamie Raskin, Raskin Organizations: Washington CNN —, Republican, CNN, Kentucky Republican, Homeland, Biden, GOP, Republicans, Getty, White, Democratic, , Department of Justice Locations: Kentucky, , Washington , DC, , Texas, New York
CNN —Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham said players should have greater involvement in how decisions are made to tackle racism in soccer. “I do think there’s got to be more extreme consequences,” said Bellingham. In 2023, La Liga told CNN Sport that it cannot impose punishments on clubs or fans itself. European soccer’s governing body UEFA told CNN Sport that it has continued to publicly denounce racism and has launched multiple campaigns to try tackle the issue. Real Madrid superstarBellingham has flourished since joining Real Madrid from German side Borussia Dortmund at the start of the season, settling in much more quickly than many had expected.
Persons: Jude Bellingham, CNN’s Amanda Davies, Vinícius Júnior, there’s, , , Vinícius Jr, Vinícius, Jose Breton, Gianni Infantino, Bellingham, he’s, El, Gareth Southgate’s, “ We’ve Organizations: CNN — Real Madrid, CNN, Black, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Valencia, Osasuna, Real, Bellingham, Getty Images, ” CNN, La Liga, Royal Spanish Football Federation, CNN Sport, FIFA, FIFA Congress, UEFA, Borussia Dortmund, League, England Locations: Bellingham, Madrid, Spain, Mallorca, Real Valladolid, Atlético, Getty Images Bellingham, , German, England
Gadd’s retelling of his real-life encounters with a stalker through the fictional Donny Dunn in “Baby Reindeer” is also a story of trauma and healing. (From left) Richard Gadd as Donny and Jessica Gunning as Martha in "Baby Reindeer." Ed Miller/NetflixGunning plays Donny’s stalker Martha, a troubled woman who claims to be a lawyer but is more than anything a career creeper and repeat offender. By the end of the journey, it’s clear that “Baby Reindeer” was made with purpose, something that often escapes projects that earn their popularity on the merit of being about incidents so messy (and sometimes horrifying) that you can’t look a way. “Baby Reindeer” might be is a sign that true crime TV is finally growing up.
Persons: Dateline ” –, bartends, Richard Gadd’s, Donny Dunn, Donny, Gadd, hasn’t, Jessica Gunnning, , That’s, Reindeer’s, Richard Gadd, Jessica Gunning, Martha, Ed Miller, Netflix Gunning, ” Nava, Teri, Shalom Brune, Franklin, Tom Goodman, Hill, Danny Kirrane Organizations: CNN, Dateline, Guardian, Netflix, HBO Locations: British
The country’s e-safety commissioner ordered social media giants to take it down. Australia wants X to remove the video completely, not just hide it from Australian users who could circumvent a local ban by using virtual private networks. With her message to Musk, Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie posted an image of herself in army fatigues taken at a Veteran Mentors' Junior Leadership camp in January. President David Adler told CNN he hadn’t been asked to take it down, either by X or Australia’s e-safety commissioner. In a statement Wednesday, Australia’s eSafety commissioner said the takedown request wasn’t designed to stifle discussion about the church attack.
Persons: Elon Musk, that’s, X, , Anthony Albanese, Jacqui Lambie, , hadn’t, , fatigues, AJA, David Adler, Adler, AJA hasn’t, Krissy Barrett, Reece Kershaw, Marcus Hoyne, Bishop, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, Joanne Gray, Grzegorz Wajda, Gray, Musk, Musk’s, Australia’s, Lambie’s Organizations: Australia CNN, Christian Church, Australian, Leadership, Australian Jewish Association, CNN, ” CNN, Joint Counter, Counter, New South Wales Police Seven, Australian Federal Police, AFP, Australia’s Security Intelligence Organisation, National Press Club, Musk, Court, Bishop Mar, Good Shepherd, University of Sydney, European Jewish Association, X Corp Locations: Brisbane, Australia, Sydney, Tasmania, United States, New, Australia’s, Krakow, Poland
[laufey, "misty"]archived recording (laufey) (SINGING) Look at me I’m as hopeless as a kittenanna martinShe got her start in the most Gen Z way possible — on TikTok. [laufey, "falling behind"]archived recording (laufey) (SINGING) Everybody’s falling in love And I’m falling behindanna martinToday, Laufey reads an essay called “An Anxious Person Tries to Be Chill,” by Coco Mellors. And so, I think that’s kind of what we’re always itching for, that sense of love, even though it’s not really love. laufeyWell, the first love song I wrote, called “Best Friend.” I’d never been in love before, and I wanted to write a love song. archived recording (laufey) [SCATTING]: You’re my best friend in the world [MUSIC PLAYING]anna martinNext week, I talk with model and writer Emily Ratajkowski.
Persons: anna martin, ” I’m Anna Martin, Laufey, anna martin She, , you’re, Everybody’s, Coco Mellors, won’t, anna martin Laufey, you’ve, Matt Haig, Madeline Miller, It’s, laufey, it’s, Paul Newman, , , didn’t, Henry, ’ Henry didn’t, I’d, I’m, ’ Henry, anna martin Man, , Laufey’s, ghosting, Coco Mellor’s, avoidant, I’ve, Boston, Let’s, hadn’t, Coco, she’s, he’s, anna martin Right, that’s, anna martin I, We’ll, ” I’d, ” anna martin Aw, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily’s, emily ratajkowski Organizations: The New York Times, Gay, Boston Locations: TikTok, West, Central, , Los Angeles, , Boston, It’s, what’s
CNN —An email Monday night from Donald Trump – subject line: “My farewell message” – carried a fateful warning to his backers. Throughout the first six days of his trial, Trump’s dramatized retellings of his legal peril have veered considerably from the events actually unfolding in and around Manhattan’s criminal courthouse. In one fundraising email on the first day of his trial, Trump claimed he “stormed out” of the proceedings. With the courtroom quiet Tuesday, Trump flipped through a pile of papers loud enough to hear the pages turning. “I will not have any jurors intimidated in the courtroom,” Merchan said.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Trump, Rather, untethered, , he’s, unremarkably Trump, Judge Juan Merchan, Stormy Daniels, E, Jean Carroll, Merchan, ” Merchan, hasn’t, “ You’re, , Todd Blanche, Christopher Conroy, Blanche, , CNN’s Kate Sullivan, Kristen Holmes, Jeremy Herb, Lauren del Valle, Kara Scannell Organizations: CNN, Trump, Columbia University, Truth, Protesters Locations: Manhattan, Fiji, Lower Manhattan
In recent weeks, Trump, seizing the role of both an erstwhile diplomat and ascending opposition party leader, has extended welcomes to a series of foreign leaders at his homes in Florida and New York. It’s not unusual for foreign leaders to meet with the leader of the party that doesn’t control the White House – especially one with a serious chance of becoming commander in chief. Biden and his top envoys have also met and spoken with opposition leaders, something that has been a longstanding practice for US officials. Last week, Trump met with Poland’s Duda at Trump Tower, where the two discussed NATO spending over dinner. Trump, both while president and during his 2024 campaign, has called on NATO countries to spend more on defense.
Persons: Donald Trump, hasn’t, Trump, Andrzej Duda, David Cameron, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Taro Aso, It’s, Sen, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Biden, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Antony Blinken, Keir Starmer, Joe Biden, “ They’re, he’s, , Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, ” Biden, , Kim Jong Un, ” Trump, Brian Hughes, Viktor Orban, Putin, Javier Milei, Orban, Viktor Orbán, Orbán, Aso, Fumio Kishida, Kishida, Lindsey Graham, Salman, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Poland’s Duda, Duda, meanwhile, Cameron, Karen Pierce, Cameron’s, Pierce didn’t, Queen Elizabeth II Organizations: CNN, Air Force, British, Saudi Crown, Middle East, Republican, UK Labour Party, US State Department, Biden, Trump, NATO, Conservative Political, Japanese, White, Liberal Democratic Party, Saudi, New York Times, South Carolina Republican, Hamas, The New York Times, Trump Tower, Republicans, Democrats, UK Locations: House, huddling, Florida, New York, Lago, Manhattan, Japan, China, North Korea, Berlin, United Kingdom, Israel, Poland, Belarus, Munich, Europe, America, Ukraine, Korean, United States, Palm, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, American, Russia, British, Washington
Sitting together last month, Graham and MBS spoke with Trump for roughly five minutes, two people familiar with the call told CNN. The call encapsulates how Trump looms over an agreement that US, Israeli and Saudi officials all see as vital to achieving lasting stability in the Middle East. Graham informed Biden officials of the call between MBS and Trump and says they understand why he wants to keep Trump in the loop. With the election looming and the region engulfed by turmoil over Israel’s war in Gaza, the window of opportunity is rapidly shrinking, people involved in the negotiations told CNN. “I think President Trump understands this is building on what he did,” Graham told CNN.
Persons: South Carolina Republican Sen, Lindsey Graham, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, — Donald Trump, Graham, Joe Biden, Salman, Biden’s, Trump, Abraham, Biden, Donald Trump, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Evan Vucci, , ” Trump, “ They’re, That’s, , ” Graham, Jamal Khashoggi, Sen, Graham, Bibi Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Jake Sullivan, Amos Hochstein, Antony Blinken, Jake, ” CNN’s Alex Marquardt Organizations: CNN, South Carolina Republican, Biden Administration, Trump, Saudi, Abraham Accords, Saudi Crown, White, MBS, New York Times, Biden, Republican, Graham, Saudi Press Agency, Israel, President’s National, US Locations: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Saudi, Palestine, Bahrain, UAE, Washington, Gaza, Riyadh, NATO, Palestinian
Washington CNN —Congress finalized legislation on Tuesday that could lead to a nationwide TikTok ban, escalating a massive threat to the company’s US operations. What does the TikTok legislation do? The earlier TikTok bill had been passed by the House, but it stalled in the Senate. In a procedural move, House Republicans this month attached the revised TikTok bill to the foreign aid package in hopes of forcing the Senate to vote on the TikTok legislation. Bundling the bill with the foreign aid — a top US priority — fast-tracked the TikTok bill and made it more likely to pass.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Biden, there’s, Will Biden, Jennifer Gay, Mariam Zuhaib, , TikTok, Shou Chew, , Nadine Farid Johnson, ByteDance Organizations: Washington CNN —, Republicans, Senate, White, U.S . Capitol, U.S, TikTok, Columbia University, Locations: Israel, Ukraine, United States, Washington, China
“He knows what he’s not allowed to do, and he does it anyway.”Conroy was referring to Trump’s incessant testing of a gag order protecting witnesses, court staff and the jury. “Michael Cohen is a convicted liar and he’s got no credibility whatsoever,” Trump said in an interview with WPVI Philadelphia. Trump could face a ladder of escalating sanctionsProsecutors now want Merchan to fine Trump $1,000 for each of 10 alleged violations of the gag order and to warn that imprisonment could be an option if he continues to flout restrictions. Trump claims the gag order stifles his right to free speech and to campaign as a presumptive party nominee. And while a dispute over one partial gag order might seem like a small wrinkle in an individual case, it conveys a wider truth about Trump’s impact on American life.
Persons: Chris Conroy, Donald Trump, , he’s, ” Conroy, Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Juan Merchan, Trump, “ Michael Cohen, ” Trump, CNN’s John Miller, “ Judge Merchan, , Jeffrey Swartz, Jim Sciutto, CNN Max, lacerating, Merchan, Elizabeth Williams, Todd Blanche, doesn’t, CNN’s Erin Burnett, , Jack Smith’s, there’s, , Joe Biden’s, Volodymyr Zelensky, Biden, mishandle, He’s, president’s, Trump’s, George Conway, ” Conway, CNN’s Burnett Organizations: CNN, GOP, The New, Trump, Philadelphia, Prosecutors, New York City Department of Corrections, Cooley Law, US, Trump Organization, Conservative Political, Conference, Biden Locations: The New York, Washington ,, Georgia
Parents are feeling lonely. Here’s why it matters
  + stars: | 2024-04-23 | by ( Sandee Lamotte | )   time to read: +6 min
CNN —Despite working a full-time job in human relations and caring for her 6-year-old son Chase and 3-year-old daughter Millie, Anne Helmes often feels isolated and lonely. In fact, 66% of 1,005 surveyed parents felt the demands of parenthood sometimes or frequently left them feeling isolated and lonely, while nearly 40% felt as if they have no one to support them in their parenting role. “When parents are feeling lonely and isolated, that tells me their adult needs aren’t being met because they’re pouring what they can into their child. By definition, burnout is an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, Gawlik said. “Burnout is not new for parents, but I think the pandemic took it to a totally different level,” she added.
Persons: Chase, Millie, Anne Helmes, Lindsay Hutchinson “, ’ ”, , , Kate Gawlik, Kacey Cardwell, aren’t, Cardwell, Gawlik, ” Helmes, Justin Paget, Helmes, didn’t Organizations: CNN, Ohio State University Wexner Medical, Ohio State University College of Nursing, American Association for, Digital, Social Locations: Powell , Ohio, Columbus, Atlanta
In the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of “El Niño,” which reimagines the story of Jesus’ birth and early childhood, there are singing and dancing Virgin Marys, Marys of the land and sea; there’s an Indigenous Mary, a Tropical Mary, a Golden Mary. In the director Lileana Blain-Cruz’s vision, the action takes place across multiple “planes.” It could be a lot to take in. Thankfully for Mr. Levi Blanco, 39, he has developed something of a shorthand while working with Ms. Blain-Cruz, whom he has known since he was an M.F.A. The pair have collaborated several times, including on “The Skin of Our Teeth,” for which Mr. Levi Blanco won a Tony Award in 2022. In the case of “El Niño,” painterly scenery by the set designer Adam Rigg evokes the natural environment.
Persons: El, Jesus ’, Virgin Marys, Marys, Montana Levi Blanco, John Adams, Peter Sellars’s, Lileana Blain, Levi Blanco, . Blain, Cruz, Adam Rigg Organizations: Metropolitan, Yale School of Drama Locations: Mary
CNN —Novak Djokovic said he’s “looking forward” to the chance of winning a record-breaking 25th grand slam singles title at the French Open this year. The Serbian superstar has won 24 grand slam singles titles to date – the most of any man – and currently shares the all-time record with Margaret Court. So I’ve been, you know, really looking forward to it,” Djokovic said. “Of course I’m not the only one that wants to grab that title but I look forward to it. Borja B. Hojas/Getty ImagesIf Djokovic needs any tips on preparing for retirement then Brady could be the man to turn to.
Persons: CNN — Novak Djokovic, he’s, CNN’s Amanda Davies, Djokovic, , Margaret Court, I’ve, ” Djokovic, Novak, Jude, Groot, Simone Biles Djokovic, Tom Brady, Brady, , ” Brady, , you’re, Borja, You’ll, there’s, we’ve, it’s Organizations: CNN, Jude Bellingham, Groot Team, Spain women’s, NFL, El Locations: Serbian, French, Spain
Donald Trump on Trial
  + stars: | 2024-04-23 | by ( David Leonhardt | Ian Prasad Philbrick | )   time to read: +1 min
A criminal trial is often a contest between competing stories. In the trial of Donald Trump that’s just begun, prosecutors used their opening statement yesterday to tell a story about a man they say lied — and broke the law — to get elected president. The story that Trump’s lawyers offered in their own opening statements had two main features. Second, Trump’s lawyers argued that his attempts to affect the election were ordinary politics. “There’s nothing wrong with trying to influence an election,” Todd Blanche, one of Trump’s lawyers, said in his opening statement.
Persons: Donald Trump that’s, , Trump, Michael Cohen, Trump’s, , ” Todd Blanche, “ It’s,
Drn/Getty Images Suu Kyi, front center, is seen with her parents and her two elder brothers in 1947. Kyodo News Stills/Getty Images Suu Kyi poses with Burmese comedian Par Par Lay, who was part of the pro-democracy act "The Moustache Brothers." Soe Than Win/AFP/Getty Images Suu Kyi meets US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Suu Kyi's residence in Yangon in 2011. Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images Suu Kyi is presented with the Congressional Gold Medal while visiting the US Capitol in 2012. U Aung/Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images Suu Kyi addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York in 2016.
Persons: Aung, Suu, , Kim Aris, Suu Kyi, she’s, ” Aris, CNN’s Anna Coren, , Michael Aris, ” “, Zaw Min Tun, Min Aung Hlaing, Aris, they’ve, Ma Khin Kyi, Par, Karl Malakunas, David Brunnstrom, Jonathan Karp, Price, Luis D'Orey, David Van Der Veen, Jonathan Utz, Michael Wolf, Pornchai Kittiwongsakul, Soe, Hillary Clinton, Paula Bronstein, Minzayar Oo, Kyi, Bono, Peter Muhly, Alex Wong, Barack Obama, Obama, Brendan Smialowski, Chris Ison, Ragnar Singsaas, Romeo Gacad, Lauren DeCicca, Lam Yik Fei, Htin Kyaw, Aung Naing, Min Aung, Aung Htet, Kyaw, Jewel SamadD, John Kerry, Jonathan Ernst, Reuters Suu Kyi, Heath Mitchell, Pope Francis, Elizabeth II, John Stillwell, Mike Pence, Bernat, Myanmar's, Koen Van Weel, ’ Aris, I’d, Suu Kyi’s NLD Organizations: CNN, Aung, National League for Democracy, Aris, Reuters, Burma Independence Army, Kyodo, Stills, Oxford University, Getty, Embassy, Suu Kyi, Panos, Congressional, Capitol, Suu, Xinhua News Agency, United Nations General Assembly, National Park Service, Palace, ASEAN, Court of Justice, Association for Political, United Nations Locations: Myanmar, Britain, Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar’s, Zaw, heatstroke, Naypyidaw, India, Par Par Lay, England, AFP, Bangkok, Thailand, Bagan, Pathein, Camberley, Oslo, Norway, Kawhmu, New York, Washington ,, Washington, DC, Singapore, Gambia, , Burma, doesn’t
DeSanto accessorized the dress with colorful Swarovski crystal jewelry by Tarina Tarantino, including a blue butterfly statement necklace. Columbia Pictures/Everett CollectionDecades later, the dress has become a beloved artifact for nostalgic rom-com fans and modern fashion enthusiasts alike. “(Garner) put it on, we got her all dolled up, she went to dance, and we moved on,” she said. DeSanto also credits director Gary Winick, who died in 2011, for the film’s fashion sense. As DeSanto points out, “13 Going on 30” is a story about a young woman coming into herself — and how, more than anything, it’s important just to be yourself.
Persons: , Jenna Rink, Gilson nightgown, baguette, Susie DeSanto, Jennifer Garner, Miu Miu, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, ” DeSanto, “ I’d, Giovanni Giannoni, Jenna, partygoers, Michael Jackson’s, — Versace, DeSanto, Tarina Tarantino, Tarantino, Marc Jacobs’s, — she’s, , “ It’s, Betsey Johnson tutus, Christa B, Allen, Ariana Grande, wasn’t, weren’t, , Garner, Stella McCartney, Alberta Ferretti, Mark Ruffalo, Jen, we’re, I’ve, Gary Winick, Gary, ” Winick, Mark Ruffalo’s Organizations: CNN, Fairchild, Penske Media, Columbia Pictures, Everett Locations: Manhattan, lockstep, Barney’s, Italy, Etsy, Alberta, , New York
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