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Real estate, with its large transaction sizes and frequent use of wire transfers, has proven to be an especially lucrative target for criminals. In early July, Robillard told CNBC she had no idea whether she would ever see her money again. Courtesy: Rana RobillardRobillard says she decided to publicize her story to boost awareness of real estate wire fraud, besides being a last-ditch attempt at getting her money back. "This is not what I thought my public representation would look like, which is that I've lost all this money," Robillard said. While Martinez, California-based Compass Mortgage denies being hacked, it acknowledged that the email with wire directions wasn't from them, according to Robillard.
Persons: Rana Robillard, she'd, Robillard, HackerOne, Fraudsters, Naftali Harris, Harris, Charles Schwab, she's, , Robillard Robillard, I've, it's, should've, Kristy Aichinger, Aichinger, Kent Donahue, Donahue didn't Organizations: JPMorgan Chase, CNBC, Citigroup, Ally Bank, San, FBI, JPMorgan, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial, Bureau, Chase, FTC, OS National, Opendoor, Robillard, Compass Mortgage Advisors, Mortgage Locations: Oakland, Orinda ,, California, Orinda, San Francisco, Real, Martinez
Read previewKamala Harris is enjoying a moment in the viral sun — with her #KHive surging into the mainstream, admitting they've been "coconut pilled." One coconut emoji too many, and Harris HQ could be veering into cringe, losing the coveted brain rot demographic. They've already started to try to capitalize on the memes — a little: The Harris presidential campaign's official TikTok account posted Charli XCX's Sunday tweet that said: "Kamala is brat." The Kamala HQ bio also reads "ready to provide context," which is a reference to another Harris-related meme. Advertisementkamala IS brat — Charli (@charli_xcx) July 22, 2024(If the coconut and brat references don't make sense to you, a brief explanation: Brat is a reference to Charli XCX's latest album, which has a girls-just-wanna-have-judgment-free-fun vibe.
Persons: , Kamala Harris, they've, Harris, They've, Kamala, kamala, — Charli, Charli, it's, Sen, Bryan Schatz, y8baSx44FL — Brian Schatz, Brandon, Joe Biden, Biden, Charlie Warzel, Trump, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez —, Hillary Clinton's, Rachel Platten's, Katy Perry, qMYVn1BOtV, Brian Tyler Cohen Organizations: Service, Business, Hawaii, Biden, Convention
Nancy Pelosi has endorsed VP Kamala Harris to be the Democratic presidential nominee. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementVice President Kamala Harris just landed another major endorsement as she barrels toward the Democratic nomination: former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In a statement, Pelosi noted that she'd known Harris "for decades" — Harris began her political career in San Francisco, which Pelosi has represented in Congress since the 1980s. "Kamala Harris as a woman in politics is brilliantly astute — and I have full confidence that she will lead us to victory in November," Pelosi said.
Persons: Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Biden, Pelosi, , Harris, — Harris Organizations: Democratic, Service, Business Locations: San Francisco
Harris' visit, following the attempted assassination of former President Trump, makes this her fourth trip to Michigan this year and seventh visit since taking office. However, Harris voiced some distinctions from Biden before becoming vice president, Watson noted. The vice president plans to bring more relief to borrowers, they said. Harris proposed repealing the Trump tax cuts to pay for it. — Jessica DicklerHousingHarris has been a proponent for affordable housing policies both during her tenure as vice president and as senator.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Trump, Olivia Troye, Amanda Stratton, Harris, Chris duMond, Chris Dumond, Biden, Garrett Watson, Watson, — Kate Dore, Drew Altman, Altman, She'd, Fatima Goss Graves, Roe, Wade —, Greg Iacurci, Pell Grant, Joe Biden, Miguel Cardona, Annie, Laura Veldkamp, Veldkamp, — Jessica Dickler, May, — Ana Teresa Solá Organizations: Getty, Tax, Tax Foundation, Biden, — Kate Dore Health, Affordable, Medicaid, National Women's Law, CNBC, Current U.S . Department of Education, Corinthian Colleges, U.S . Department, Corinthian, Columbia University Business School, U.S . Department of Housing, Urban Locations: KALAMAZOO , MICHIGAN, Kalamazoo , Michigan, Michigan, North Carolina, California, U.S
On average, older adults had $13,800 in unpaid medical bills, even as they were going to the doctor less. And Americans like Mary, who are still paying off debts like mortgages, are also more likely to have unpaid medical bills. Even with Mary's "incredible" health insurance, it took a little while to get everything straightened out with her coverage. "And at that point, that's when I'll retire because it won't matter anymore what health insurance plan I'm on. She always has the same response: "I can't afford to; I literally cannot afford to give up my paycheck or my health insurance until I'm forced to."
Persons: Mary, she'd, subsisting, Organizations: Service, Social Security, Consumer Financial, Bureau
In 2007, The Guardian reported that Iran ranked second only to Thailand in the number of gender-affirming surgeries performed. Related stories"They told me I had two options," she told BI. Molkara, who died in 2012, was instrumental in securing the fatwa that legalized gender-affirming surgeries in Iran. Related stories"The questions were so graphic that my mom, at some point, left the room," she told BI. Homosexuality as a sinJavad Sadidi, a Mashhad surgeon who specializes in gender-affirming surgeries, told BI that the process takes a minimum of two years.
Persons: Varamini, He'd, Becca Kia, I'm, Ajoudani, she's, Vahid, Ruhollah Khomeini, Khomeini's, Maryam Khatoon Molkara, Molkara, Khomeini, Kaveh Kazemi, Legal Medicine Organization —, Pooya, Eugene Gologursky, it's, Sadidi, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, SPENCER PLATT, Elina, Shadi Sadr, who's, Soheil, he's Organizations: Business, Guardian, Eleos, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Revolutionary Guard Corps, State Welfare Organization of, Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Legal Medicine Organization, BI, Columbia University, Justice, Tristar Media, United, Lancet, Global Surgery, State Welfare Organization of Iran, Mahtaa Institute Locations: Tehran, Shayan, Iran, Thailand, Tehran's, Islamic Republic, Iraq, London, State Welfare Organization of Iran, Iranian American, Mashhad, Shadi, Iranian, Shadi Sadr, United Nations, Karaj, Canada
The two Texas-based creators met up to talk about potentially producing content together given their similar fashion niches, according to a lawsuit filed by Gifford. Lawyers told BI that if Gifford wins any or all of the counts, the case could set a new precedent for the creator economy. It could drastically change how influencers create content online and protect their rights. She said this case could spark a fire in the creator community regardless of whether Gifford wins or loses. "The audience online is really smart though, and they'll figure it who the original creator is eventually," Puri said.
Persons: , Sydney Nicole Gifford, Alyssa Sheil, she'd, Gifford, Sheil, She's, Kameron Buckner, there's, Buckner, I've, that's, Taylor Tieman, — Gifford —, Tieman, Tiffany Ferris, Haynes Boone, Ferris, Roe, Wade, Brown, I'm, Asmita, Puri Organizations: Service, Business, Meta, Copyright, Business Insider, of Education, Federal Trade Commission Locations: Texas, TikTok, Asmita Puri
Nahjae Olin won the NYC housing lottery in 2023 and signed a lease on a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. She and five of her siblings grew up in a one-bedroom apartment just one block away from the place she now calls home. Molly Stromoski for NYC Department of Housing Preservation & DevelopmentThe New York City housing lottery program helps residents find affordable housing, including rent-stabilized apartments. NYC Housing ConnectThe average ratio for HPD's housing lottery is 50 applications for each available unit. Before winning her housing lottery apartment, Nkenge lived in a small one-bedroom in Harlem.
Persons: Nahjae Olin, Olin, Molly Stromoski, Emily Osgood, Osgood, you've, It's, she'd, . Olin, I'm, Development Olin, you'll, Nkenge, Mickey Todiwala, That's, I've Organizations: CNBC, NYC Department of Housing Preservation, New, of Housing Preservation, Development, Yorkers, AMI, Housing, . Locations: Bronx, Bronx , New York City, New York City, New York,, Brooklyn, Williamsbridge, U.S, Harlem, Manhattan, Nkenge's
You can opt-out at any time by visiting our Preferences page or by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewIn the early hours of Friday morning, shortly after former President Donald Trump delivered the longest presidential nomination speech in American history, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram Live. "I have not seen a scenario, an alternative scenario, that I feel does not set us up for enormous peril," she said. Those are the inputs that I am hearing reflected by my colleagues, it's not, 'My voters this, my voters that.'"
Persons: , Donald Trump, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Biden, Kamala Harris, I'm, aren't, Harris, she's, Joe Biden, Kamala, it's, I'd, missive Organizations: Service, The New, Business, Democratic Locations: Alexandria, The New York, Delaware, COVID
But she warned that things could get more chaotic for Democrats if Biden were to make the extraordinary move to end his campaign just weeks before the Democratic convention. In a twist for the left-leaning Ocasio-Cortez, her comments make her among the more forceful pro-Biden voices in the party right now. Many progressives, including Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., are primarily driven by policy goals and know they have Biden's ear. The strategist said part of the reason progressives like Ocasio-Cortez are backing Biden is the "bird in hand phenomenon" — there's a "comfort level" with Biden in the White House. Ocasio-Cortez also cautioned followers that Biden has unique electoral strengths that other Democrats cannot expect to replicate.
Persons: Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio, Donald Trump, Biden, Clarence Thomas, Cortez, wasn't, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Mark Pocan, Pocan, Harris, Kamala —, Harris —, It's, Lisa Lint, Vander, it's Organizations: Rep, Biden, Democrats, Democratic, Trump, Congressional Progressive Caucus, CPC, Grand Rapids, Twitter Locations: Alexandria, Cortez, Grand
This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. In addition to weight loss, drinking water can help improve your skin, prevent joint pain, and even improve cognitive function, Business Insider previously reported. AdvertisementHer improved physical health has also benefited her mental healthChelsea and Jimmy at the "Love Is Blind" season six reunion. NetflixDespite maintaining a sense of humor about going viral on "Love Is Blind," Blackwell spoke out at the "Love Is Blind" reunion and on social media about the mental toll of being trolled online for months while the season aired. Blackwell said improving her physical health has had a positive impact on her mental health.
Persons: , Chelsea Blackwell, she'd, Megan Fox, Blackwell, Stanley, she's, Jimmy Presnell, Rajnish, Jimmy, Presnell Organizations: Service, Business, Perfect, Metropolitan, Chelsea, Netflix
About a week later, she came up with the idea to start her own flower truck business, Main Street Flower Truck. Hintze launched her business, Main Street Flower Truck, in August 2023. She decided to name her company after the street where she grew up, Main Street. After the family pulled over to inspect the truck, Hintze wrote down the number on the for-sale sign. By February, she made the choice to pour all of her time and energy into growing her flower truck business.
Persons: Vienna Hintze, Hintze, Tristan Pelletier, Fiona, they've, That's, Hintze hasn't, she's, I'm Organizations: CNBC, Syracuse University, Free People, Universal Music Locations: New York City, Vienna, Los Angeles, Long Island , New York, Ojai, Ventura County, L.A, bouquets
"I was very lucky that I started from zero with my financial journey," the New England-based 36-year-old told Business Insider. AdvertisementThe financial educator, whose mission is to help young women grow their wealth, didn't get to where she is without a bit of trial and error. AdvertisementWhen you first start investing, "it can feel like it takes some time," she noted. "But once you start building wealth, whether it's in real estate or the stock market, your efforts really do start to compound. Overpaying for a financial advisorWhen Waresmith eventually put her cash to work in the stock market around 2013, she paid a financial advisor to manage her portfolio.
Persons: , Tess Waresmith, Waresmith, Tess, didn't, she'd, hasn't Organizations: Service, Boston University, Business Locations: England, America
My British family pronounces it "ah-mee-tah," and my Indian family pronounces it "ah-mee-tha." I'm comfortable with either of those pronunciations, but many Americans pronounce it as "uh-mee-duh," which I really dislike. Saying my name with the "duh" sound may not sound wrong to some, but I feel that it makes my name sound clunky and old-school. It's helped me learn to advocate for myself and be aware of whether I'm saying other's names correctly. It's taught me that the people in my life who take the time to pronounce it right — and correct others — are the ones who matter most.
Persons: , she'd, Anita, I've, Anita Chattergee, I'd, Amina, he'd, It's Organizations: Service, Business
Around the dinner table in the early 2000s, David Katzman would quiz his kids about their dream startups. ModelFit employees told BI that Gelband used the Pelvicore Pro only with the permission of its creator, the physical therapist Christina Christie. Once, in October 2018, David Katzman met with Facebook's ad team to discuss SDC's before-and-after advertisements, which violated the tech company's policies. SDC employees worked on Pvolve marketing campaigns, and Pvolve employees took trips on David Katzman's jet. "He didn't come from anything, and he spent years and years building up the business," the person close to Pasterino told BI.
Persons: Stephen Pasterino, Pasterino, he'd, hadn't, Rachel Katzman, who'd, Katzman, Pvolve, Jennifer Aniston, David Katzman, bankrolled, , Laura Quintana, Stephen, Erik Connolly, Connolly, John Mayer, Nietzsche, Dan Gilbert, David, Gilbert, Usher, Jordan, decanting, Justin Gelband, ModelFit, Taylor Swift, Gelband, Vanessa Packer, Bryan Bedder, we'll, didn't, Woody Allen's, Vera Wang, Katzman's, I've, Cynthia Hannah, Blanca Padilla, Pasterino's, Justin Gelband's, Tracy Anderson's, cofounders, Packer, Christina Christie, Christie, Jordan Katzman, David Katzman's, Camelot, Julie Cartwright, Pvolve's, Cartwright, Hannah Bronfman, Nadine Leopold, Tim P, Pvolve didn't, Quintana, Rachel, SmileDirectClub, Jamie Dimon, Olivia Culpo, Craig Barritt, Bethenny Frankel, Madelaine Petsch, Lola tampons, They'd, Mara, ThreeForm, loaning, Hannah, Christie Brinkley, Monica Schipper, she'd, Rebecca Minkoff, Lindsay Pinchuk, Pamela, couldn't, Kathryn Delacruz, Madison Krause, Krause, Delacruz, " Krause, Pvolve's attorney's, Aniston's, Aniston, Jennifer, Jennifer Aniston's, Connelly, SDC's cofounders, — Pasterino, ThreeForm hasn't, Sarah VanZalen, there's, Erewhon, WWD, Tim Michaels, franchisors, Michaels, they've, Aperol Organizations: SoHo, Pvolve, Los Angeles ., Depot, DeeKay Enterprises, Quicken Loans, Cleveland Cavaliers, Camelot Venture Group, New, ModelFit, GQ, Getty, Hamptons, Beverly Hills Hotel, Cosmopolitan, BI, Gray Institute, SDC, Camelot, Lionsgate, Facebook, Whitby, Ventures, . Press, Miss, Employees, Naboisho Conservancy, Katzman's, Southampton, Pvolve Facebook, LinkedIn, Health, Forbes, Workers, Industry Locations: Pvolve, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hammonton , New Jersey, Atlantic City, Jersey Shore, Franklin , Michigan, Michigan, Detroit, Las Vegas, Beverly, SoHo, Ibiza, France, Paris, Vogue, California, ModelFit, Covent, London, Riverdale, New Jersey, Pasterino, Italy, Kenya, Naboisho, Nashville, San Diego, New York City, shuttering, Ann Arbor , Michigan, ThreeForm, Angeles, Malibu
I've become used to hearing responses like these when people find out I'm an only child. As I get older and my parents' health declines, I've had to get better at asking for help. It's not just physical health problems that I have to help my parents navigate solo, either. AdvertisementWhile the idea of experiencing motherhood is exciting to me, I also know that raising a child is a massive responsibility. And I'm not sure if I can manage that responsibility when I'm already caring for my parents — even with my husband sharing half the work.
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Read previewActor Scarlett Johansson thinks OpenAI CEO Sam Altman would make a good Marvel villain. In her statement, Johansson said she'd initially turned down Altman's offer to voice the AI model back in September. We cast the voice actor behind Sky's voice before any outreach to Ms. Johansson," Altman said in a statement the following day. Read more about how we chose these voices: — OpenAI (@OpenAI) May 20, 2024In her interview with Dowd, Johansson said that "it was surreal" when OpenAI released "Sky" to the world. AdvertisementRepresentatives for Altman and Johansson didn't immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.
Persons: , Scarlett Johansson, Sam Altman, Maureen Dowd, Johansson, Altman, Spike Jonze's, she'd, OpenAI, Scarlett Johansson's, Sky's, We’ve, Dowd, Johansson didn't Organizations: Service, Marvel, New York Times, Business, Times, Business Insider Locations: ChatGPT
"Beverly Hills, 90210" star Shannen Doherty died Saturday at age 53. Doherty previously said doctors might've discovered the breast cancer sooner if her insurance hadn't lapsed. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Advertisement"Beverly Hills, 90210" star Shannen Doherty had, in recent years, become an outspoken voice for cancer awareness and treatment, speaking openly about her diagnosis and plans for after her death. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Shannen Doherty, Doherty, might've, , she'd Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Beverly Hills
Unlike the main wedding festivities over the weekend, this event was "just for close family and friends," she said. AdvertisementMukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries, Isha Piramal, Anand Piramal, Nita Ambani, Anant Ambani, Rihanna, Radhika Merchant, Shloka Mehta Ambani and Akash Ambani stand on the stage. Decorations around the Ambani family's residence in Mumbai, India, ahead of the wedding of Anant Ambani on July 12. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas attend the Ambani wedding on Friday. Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian were among a number of high-profile guests at the Ambani wedding in Mumbai.
Persons: , Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant's, Merchant's, I'm, Nita Mukesh Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Isha Piramal, Anand Piramal, Nita Ambani, Rihanna, Radhika Merchant, Shloka Mehta Ambani, Akash Ambani, Justin Bieber, You'll, They're, Ambani, Bhushan Koyande, Celebrities, Preston Bailey, Anant, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nick Jonas, Francis Mascarenhas, everyone's, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kardashian, Narendra Modi, Luis Fonsi, John Cena, PUNIT PARANJPE, didn't, Law Roach Organizations: Service, Business, sangeet, Reliance Industries, Reuters, Staff, Hindustan Times, Getty Images Merchant, Vogue, Hollywood, Food, India's Locations: Mumbai, India, Bombay
Her first birthday party became a family reunion and an event to mark what felt like the toughest part of the pandemic. It seems like there's another birthday party every weekThat first birthday party was more than three years ago. It's also hard to remember to buy a gift for such-and-so's birthday party this weekend, with everything else we have going on during the week. I decided to ask parents not to buy gifts for my daughtersThat's when my idea was born: I would directly ask parents NOT to buy new gifts for our daughters' birthday parties. Additionally, I would encourage parents to reuse old gift bags, wrapping paper, and ribbon to wrap them.
Persons: she'd, I've, It's, invitees, wouldn't, I'd Organizations: Service Locations: Asheville , North Carolina
And Urban Decay was the first brand to have all recycled paper cartons," she told BI. "So it's not like Caliray's wellness and sustainability is a 180 departure from Urban Decay. Wende Zomnir at an Urban Decay party in 2018. Wende Zomnir CalirayStarting fresh with CalirayConceptualizing a new makeup brand with a California aesthetic was a no-brainer for Zomnir. While on the road promoting Urban Decay, she noticed that people asked her the same questions: What's California like?
Persons: I'm, Zomnir, she's, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden skincare, Leo Burnett, Sandy Lerner, Lerner, she'd, Wende, Han Myung, Carol Hamilton, Tara Simon, Caliray's mascara, Caliray, There's, She's Organizations: Business, Leo, Leo Burnett Worldwide, Cisco Systems, Beauty Independent, Urban, Fast Company, BI Locations: New Jersey, she's, Newport Beach , California, It's, Texas, California, Sandy, L'Oréal, Sephora
In this part, Lee and Carter also go to the Camera family farm, where one of the murders happened in 1975. Agent Carter is satisfied and believes the arrest will allow the murdered families to have justice. AdvertisementLee and another FBI agent, Agent Browning (Michelle Choi-Lee), go to her mother Ruth's house to bring Ruth in for questioning, given Cobble's comments before his death. NEONUnderwood, who plays Agent Carter, gives a quietly devastating performance in his final scene in the film. "It would be something else: prequel or another movie in the universe of 'Longlegs,' or something very unexpected."
Persons: , it's, Maika Monroe, Lee Harker, Agent Carter, Blair Underwood, Lee, she's, smartly, Nicolas Cage's, Osgood Perkins, Here's, Perkins, Young Lee, Monroe, Carter's, Ruby, Longlegs, Dale Ferdinand Cobble, Cobble, Ruth, Alicia Witt, Carter, Carrie Ann Camera, Carrie Ann, Kiernan Shipka, admonishing, Carrie Ann's, Browning, Michelle Choi, Ruth monologuing, dollmaker, he'd, Lee —, doesn't, Perkins —, he's, I'm, Witt, Underwood, Perkins hadn't, Oz …, There's Organizations: Service, Business, FBI, BI
In my advice column, For Love & Money, I get a lot of big questions about paying for weddings. The key to all my advice is that a wedding is about exactly two people — and that's OK.Do you have your own questions about money and relationships? It seemed that what hurt the aunt most was that this niece later married the guy anyway, without a big wedding, inviting the aunt, or repaying her. I encouraged the bride to lean into the universally acknowledged truth that a person's wedding day is their own. Looking for advice on how your savings, debt, or another financial challenge is affecting your relationships?
Persons: , Big, she'd, doesn't Organizations: Service Locations: United States
Listening to the album's lead single, "Woman's World," I have to assume it's a portal to the past. In the music video for "Woman's World," Perry's visuals are clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Five people are credited as songwriters for "What Makes a Woman," but none overlap with the six writers credited for "Woman's World." She wanted Dr. Luke and all the baggage he brings; all four other songwriters on "Woman's World" are Dr. Luke collaborators or signees. Perry's 'Woman's World' proves she's stuck in a sound of the pastSurely Perry knew she'd face backlash — and for what?
Persons: , Katy Perry, Rosie the, she's, indiscreet, It's, Perry, Dr, Luke, Perry's, Perry hadn't, Kesha, James Devaney, Luke countersued Kesha, he's, who's, Loctor Duke, Doja, Nicki Minaj's, Kim Petras, Perry isn't, Katy Perry's, Jack Antonoff, SG Lewis, Zedd, Katy, she'd, Hillary Clinton Organizations: Service, Business, New York, Court, Tyson Trax, Loctor, Capitol Records, Stone Locations: traipsing, Perry's, California
However, after a few months, my excitement turned to frustration when I realized my job wasn't going anywhere. When they were around, their conversations were generally irrelevant to my role, and I certainly couldn't afford the expensive bars they frequented. As this was only revealed in the last weeks of my job, it imperiled my plan to leave and feel normal again. I now know that people leave jobs and move around all the time for reasons similar to mine. It should never feel personal to leave a job, nor should anyone have to spend so much time in an environment where they feel unhappy.
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