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Manhattan district attorney's office/BIWhy is this evidence — our third smoking gun — so important? AdvertisementEvidence People's 35 in the Trump hush-money trial. Robert Costello, a key defense witness in the Donald Trump hush-money trial in New York. Manhattan district attorney's office/BI"Rudy was thrilled and said this could not be a better situation for the President or you. From People's 374 Manhattan district attorney's office/BICohen testified that immediately after these calls with Trump, he took the elevator down from his Trump Organization offices at Trump Tower.
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Read previewLawyers in the Donald Trump hush-money trial spent Tuesday afternoon in a spirited battle over this question: what will the judge tell jurors right before they begin their deliberations next week? The jury charge is so important, so sacrosanct, that Merchan will order the doors to his courtroom sealed for its duration, with no one in the well or audience allowed to enter or leave. AdvertisementThe jury charge for this single felony should be easy, right? But it's not the only law jurors must understand and weigh when they begin deliberations as early as Wednesday. Or can some jurors find that Trump conspired to violate tax law, while other jurors see the falsification of National Enquirer business records as the central offense?
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Donald J. Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial will enter its final phase on Monday with the prosecution poised to complete its case and the defense considering whether to call witnesses of its own. The witness, Michael D. Cohen, has already testified over the course of three days, telling jurors that in 2015 he entered a conspiracy to suppress information damaging to the presidential campaign of his then-boss, Mr. Trump. Mr. Cohen, who was Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer, suppressed one of those stories himself, paying $130,000 to a porn star, Stormy Daniels, just weeks before the election to bury her story of having had sex with Mr. Trump. After the election, Mr. Cohen testified, the president-elect approved a plan to reimburse him for the payment, knowing that the reimbursements would be classified as ordinary legal expenses. The Manhattan district attorney’s office has charged Mr. Trump with 34 felonies, arguing that what Mr. Cohen described was a crime: the falsification of business records.
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I can’t remember when I’ve been more disturbed by a criminal trial than I have been by the Manhattan trial of Donald Trump. At the same time, the underlying legal theory supporting the prosecution’s case remains dubious. Stormy Daniels’s testimony crystallized, better than that of any other witness, the prosecution’s theory that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to pay off Daniels to save his campaign and then fraudulently disguised the reimbursements. The Washington Post released the infamous recording in which Trump told Billy Bush, one of the show’s hosts, “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” Trump went on, saying he could grab women by the genitals.
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The heated exchange between Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche and Cohen marked the biggest blow to the prosecution’s case so far. But the DA also must prove the actual business records crime, for which Trump has been charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. How I see it, Cohen’s testimony only satisfied half the equation beyond a reasonable doubt. Weisselberg could be the linchpin to validate Cohen’s claims about Trump agreeing to reimburse him through Trump Organization, as a business expense. If so, there would have been no intent to falsify the business records.
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In the past week of testimony in Donald J. Trump’s criminal trial, prosecutors were tying their case together, with two of the most important witnesses — a porn star and Mr. Trump’s one-time fixer — testifying just days apart. Defense attorneys painted Mr. Cohen as a serial liar bent on exacting revenge against his former boss. Mr. Trump’s attorneys grilled the porn star, Stormy Daniels, about her credibility, poking holes in her recollection of an assignation she said occurred in 2006. Mr. Trump has denied having sex with Ms. Daniels or having any knowledge of the payment scheme. If convicted, he could face probation or as long as four years in prison.
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Blanche took Cohen through a long list of the insults he’s unleashed at Trump since becoming estranged from his former mentor, highlighting his penchant for serial lying. He drew jurors’ attention to a social media post in which Cohen wore a T-shirt that depicted Trump in jail, as he spun a narrative of bias and obsession. A key legal conundrum is whether prosecutors have so far succeeded in validating the legal theory behind the case. That foreboding realization was exacerbated by a new posse of Trump supporters at the courthouse on Tuesday, including House Speaker Mike Johnson. While Cohen’s reluctance to offer yes-and-no answers came across at times as flippant and confrontational, he did not appear to say or do anything to torpedo the prosecution case.
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Trump will be joined at his criminal trial by House Speaker Mike Johnson, and several other Republican politicians, NBC reported. On Monday, Trump's former lawyer and fixer told jurors that Trump had complained, "This is a disaster!" Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) hold a press conference at Mr. Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on April 12, 2024, in Palm Beach, Florida. Joe Raedle | Getty ImagesCohen testified that Trump told him to, "Just do it," to keep Daniels quiet. "Fantastic," Trump said after being told that effort had succeeded, keeping another woman quiet about claims that could harm his 2016 campaign, Cohen testified.
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Little more than two weeks into Donald J. Trump’s presidency, he and his personal lawyer met in the Oval Office for a private conversation about money. “He asked me if I needed money,” Mr. Cohen added, and volunteered that a check would be forthcoming. When monthly checks started arriving — most bearing Mr. Trump’s signature — they disguised the nature of the payments, Mr. Cohen testified. The stubs described the checks as part of a legal “retainer” agreement, but they were in fact reimbursements for hush money that Mr. Cohen had paid to silence a porn star’s story of sex with Mr. Trump. Mr. Cohen said that Mr. Trump was present when a plan to fictionalize the records was cooked up weeks earlier in New York.
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“This case is going to turn in large part on the cross-examination of Mr. Cohen. Cohen said that Trump told him: “Women are going to hate me. “This was all about the campaign.” Cohen also testified that Trump said he would not be on the market for long, implying he could get another wife quickly. Throughout his testimony, Cohen said he always kept Trump up to speed with his activities. “Everything required Mr. Trump’s sign-off,” he said, noting the Daniels payment was no exception.
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Cohen’s testimony ties together the prosecution’s allegations that Trump broke the law by falsifying business records to reimburse Cohen and conceal the hush money payment that Cohen said he made at Trump’s direction. Cohen described his conversations with Trump during the Daniels hush money negotiations, which prosecutors backed up using Cohen’s phone records to show when the two had spoken. Trump,” Cohen said. “Reimbursement of my money,” Cohen said. They joined Trump for the high-profile Cohen testimony, sitting in the gallery behind the former president at the defendant’s table.
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Michael Cohen, former attorney for Donald Trump, arrives to the New York Courthouse on March 13, 2023. Michael Cohen, who spent years working as the personal lawyer and fixer for Donald Trump, is set to testify Monday against the former president in what could be the most critical moment of Trump's New York criminal hush money trial. Once slavishly devoted to Trump, Cohen is now his avowed enemy. The Trump Organization reported the Daniels-related reimbursements to Cohen as legal expenses. Alvin Bragg alleges that this constituted a crime, falsification of business records, committed by Trump to hide the fact that the hush money had protected his then-wobbling presidential candidate at a key moment.
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Michael D. Cohen, the do-anything fixer who once boasted of burying Donald J. Trump’s secrets and spreading his lies, took the stand at the former president’s criminal trial in Manhattan on Monday and exposed those machinations to the jury and the world. Narrating the prosecution’s case in tell-all detail, Mr. Cohen testified that Mr. Trump in 2016 had personally directed him to pay off a porn star and had approved a dubious reimbursement plan. “Just do it,” the former fixer recalled Mr. Trump saying about the hush-money payment to the porn star, Stormy Daniels. After Mr. Trump had won the White House, Mr. Cohen demanded his money back, he said, and met with Mr. Trump, who approved monthly reimbursements. Then, the president-elect changed the subject to his new job, saying “This is going to be one heck of a ride in D.C.”
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Michael Cohen, former attorney for Donald Trump, leaves after attending the Trump Organization civil fraud trial in New York State Supreme Court in the Manhattan borough of New York City on Oct. 24, 2023. Now Michael Cohen is prosecutors' biggest piece of legal ammunition in the former president's hush money trial. There is his tortured history with Trump, for whom he served as personal attorney and problem-zapper until his practices came under federal investigation. That led to felony convictions and prison for Cohen but no charges against Trump, by then in the White House. Those arrangements, which Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office portrays as a multipronged scheme to keep information from voters, are now under a microscope at Trump's hush money trial.
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Here are the takeaways from day 15 of the Trump hush money trial:Cohen is on deckCohen is expected to take the stand Monday, putting him face-to-face with his former boss. With Cohen’s testimony implicating Trump, however, comes all of the baggage that accompanies the former president’s longtime fixer. Judge to Cohen: Please stop talkingAhead of Cohen’s expected testimony, Trump attorney Todd Blanche urged Judge Juan Merchan to order Cohen to stop talking about the trial and Trump. Video Ad Feedback Pollster: Trump's trial won't affect votes in November 03:46 - Source: CNNMerchan has already said he cannot gag witnesses in the case. Prosecutors introduce key text and call records into evidenceAfter Westerhout left the stand, prosecutors spent the rest of the day calling a series of custodial witnesses to introduce cell phone records into evidence.
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CNN —Former NBA champion Glen Davis has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for his part in a scheme to defraud the league’s health care plan out of millions of dollars, according to federal court records from the Southern District of New York. Davis – whose nickname while he played in the NBA was “Big Baby” – was also ordered to pay $80,000 in restitution, according to court documents. In November, Davis was found guilty of wire fraud, health care fraud, conspiracy to commit health care fraud and conspiracy to make false statements related to health care matters, court documents show. Williams, who has been called the “leader of the conspiracy” by prosecutors, pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud in 2022, according to a judgment order. The scheme, Strauss said, began around November 2017.
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Testimony in the criminal trial of Donald J. Trump has pivoted from weeks of salacious stories of sex and scandal to focus on the financial transactions at the center of the case. A current and a former employee in the Trump Organization’s accounting department on Monday walked jurors through the dry but crucial financial records that tie Mr. Trump to reimbursements made to his longtime fixer, Michael D. Cohen, for a $130,000 hush-money payoff to a porn star days before the 2016 election. The porn star, Stormy Daniels, who said she had sex with Mr. Trump in 2006, wanted to go public about her encounter in 2016, but Mr. Cohen made a deal to bury her story before Election Day. The former president is accused of falsifying business records to cover up reimbursements to Mr. Cohen, who made the hush-money payment himself.
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Ms. Daniels could take the stand to testify against Mr. Trump as early as this week. Her presence would let Mr. Trump’s defense lawyers attack Ms. Daniels as an extortionist and question her credibility. Nor can she testify about the plan for Mr. Trump to hide his reimbursements to Mr. Cohen by characterizing them as legal fees. Mr. Trump’s lawyers contend that he did not know that the checks he signed for Mr. Cohen were not for legal fees, and that Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump’s employees were responsible for any false records. “He has never thought that the little man, or especially women, and even more, women like me, matter,” Ms. Daniels said.
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Donald J. Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan has reached the third week of testimony, and there are only a few key witnesses who have yet to take the stand. There is Michael D. Cohen, the Trump fixer who made that payment and is expected to be crucial for the prosecution. And there are several employees of the Trump family business, who helped the then-president reimburse Mr. Cohen. The exact order of witnesses is unclear, but the trial is zipping along and the prosecution could wrap up in little more than two weeks. Ms. Daniels could testify as soon as this week, bringing her face to face with Mr. Trump, who for years has attacked her.
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New York CNN —Prosecutors in Donald Trump’s hush money trial dove into the paper trail at the heart of their case on Monday, revealing to jurors exactly how Michael Cohen was repaid by Trump’s trust and personal accounts in 2017 after he paid hush money to Stormy Daniels. Here are the takeaways from day 12 of the Trump hush money trial:Judge threatens to jail TrumpMerchan began Monday’s session by announcing he found Trump in contempt for violating his gag order a 10th time, after fining him last week for nine violations cited by prosecutors. Both of the witnesses worked for Trump for decades – Tarasoff still works for the Trump Org. Trump fully turned in his chair to watch Tarasoff’s testimony when his attorney, Blanche, began his cross-examination of the Trump Org. was like a “family-run business.”Eric Trump, who is still in charge of the Trump Org., and attorney Alina Habba, who represented Trump Org.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Cohen, Juan Merchan, Trump Merchan, Trump, fining, fining Trump, Mr, ” Merchan, , ” Trump, Merchan, Daniels, Jeffrey McConney, McConney, Deborah Tarasoff, ” McConney, CNN Tarasoff, Donald J, , David Pecker, Keith Davidson –, Allen Weisselberg, Daniels ’, Davidson, Cohen –, who’ve, Emil Bove, Weisselberg, ” Tarasoff, Todd Blanche, – Tarasoff, “ You’re, , Blanche, ” Eric Trump, Alina Habba, Tarasoff, Eric Trump Organizations: New, New York CNN — Prosecutors, Trump Organization, Trump, Trump Org, Trust, CNN, White, Trump Revocable Trust, Consultants Locations: New York, Washington, McConney, Sharpie
Those witnesses, longtime Trump Organization employees Jeffrey McConney and Deborah Tarassoff, handled the checks, invoices, and other records that comprise the 34 business records the Manhattan district attorney's office alleges Trump illegally falsified. He was sentenced to five months in jail in 2022 for a Trump Organization felony payroll tax-fraud prosecution, and is now serving another five-month sentence for felony perjury in last year's Trump Organization civil fraud trial. The Trump Organization needed to reimburse Cohen for some money, McConney testified that Weissberg told him. Yet another Trump Organization employee would FedEx the checks to Trump in DC, he testified. In the afternoon, prosecutor Christopher Conroy slogged through more records with Tarasoff, who said she has worked at the Trump Organization for 24 years.
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Every HR professional and hiring manager I spoke with — whose lives are supposedly made easier by Workday — described Workday with a sense of cosmic exasperation. "Workday does not have oversight or control of our customers' job application processes.") If candidates hate Workday, if employees hate Workday, if HR people and managers processing and assessing those candidates and employees through Workday hate Workday — if Workday is the most annoying part of so many workers' workdays — how is Workday everywhere? (Workday's "customers choose the frequency at which they conduct reviews, not Workday," said the spokesperson.) "HR software sucking" is a big tent.
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Text messages shown in Donald Trump's hush-money trial reveal attorneys' struggles to manage Stormy Daniels. Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-attorney, appeared frantic in messages after the hush-money story broke in 2018. Minutes later Cohen texted Davidson, "Please call me," before he again texted, "Cmon!" Advertisement"Why is she going on Kimmel after the Sotu," Cohen texted Davidson days earlier. "She just denied the letter," Cohen texted Davidson at the time.
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“You did everything you could to get as close to that line as possible without crossing it, right?” Mr. Bove said. “I did everything I could to make sure that my activities were lawful,” Mr. Davidson replied. Mr. Davidson, who had a niche practice representing people with often salacious claims against celebrities, began the day by describing his unpleasant relationship with Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former fixer and personal lawyer, who ultimately paid Ms. Daniels to keep silent. Mr. Trump is charged with 34 felonies for what prosecutors say were his attempts from the White House to disguise reimbursements to Mr. Cohen. The testimony from Mr. Davidson on Thursday, his second day on the stand, painted a vivid portrait of fevered efforts by the witness, Mr. Cohen and others to keep allegations of extramarital affairs by Mr. Trump out of the public eye.
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Davidson testified on Thursday that "an extremely strict reading of this statement would technically be true" based on how he would parse "affair," "romantic," and "and/or." Asked by Steinglass whether "there was a sexual encounter" between Daniels and Trump, Davidson said he believed there was. Related storiesDavidson also said the statement's denial of rumors that Daniels "received hush money" from Trump was also true, because he "would never use that word." Advertisement"There wasn't hush money. Cohen worked at all hours trying to keep the narrative under control, sending text messages "with little regard for my schedule," Davidson testified.
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