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But I didn't expect my ambivalence toward dogs to be a dealbreaker in my adult dating life. I confessed I wasn't the biggest dog person, and he ghosted me. Don't get me wrong: I don't hate dogs. But, as glamorous as it sounds, I don't share the innate obsession with dogs many people seem to have. This is my biggest secret: If I love you, I will begrudgingly love your dog, too.
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Last year, my husband was offered a job as a Camp Director at a small children's camp in remote Southwestern Ontario. Instead of worrying about paying for summer activities, our kids will spend leisurely summer days at the camp. Our kids sleep so much better at campOne of the most unexpected bonuses of summer camp life is our sleep habits. I'll gladly jump into the lake on a hot summer day with my girls or play a game of beach volleyball. When I go to bed at night, my pillow smells like a campfire, sunscreen, and sweat — all signs of a perfect day at summer camp.
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I recently flew back-to-back on American Airlines and Delta Air Lines in domestic economy. Delta has better WiFi options, but I prefer the in-flight entertainment set-up on American. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThere were few flight options out of the tiny Tallassee, Florida, regional airport I lived near growing up, but my family mostly flew Delta Air Lines. However, Delta recently changed its SkyMiles program to rely on money spent rather than miles flown — pointing to a desire to attract more high-dollar travelers.
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Beijing's goal now is to minimize any impact from potential sweeping sanctions from the West in "extreme geopolitical scenarios," such as a military conflict over Taiwan, which China claims as its territory, wrote Liu. "Expanding the use of the renminbi in trade is less challenging than increasing its status as an international reserve currency," Liu wrote. AdvertisementHowever, capital controls are not necessarily a dealbreaker for the broader adoption of the yuan in trade, wrote Liu. It also shows it's not so easy to displace the mighty US dollar as the world's top reserve and trading currency of choice. A recent global survey of 1,660 enterprises showed that there is just not enough interest in using the yuan to trade.
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"Expanding the use of the renminbi in trade is less challenging than increasing its status as an international reserve currency," Liu wrote. The yuan faces challenges in its globalizationWhile the US and China's strategic competition points to a possible race for currency supremacy, the Chinese yuan is far from ready — and even Beijing knows that. AdvertisementHowever, capital controls are not necessarily a dealbreaker for the broader adoption of the yuan in trade, wrote Liu. It also shows it's not so easy to displace the mighty US dollar as the world's top reserve and trading currency of choice. A recent global survey of 1,660 enterprises showed that there is just not enough interest in using the yuan to trade.
Persons: , Zoe Liu, Liu, Russia —, Xi, it's Organizations: Service, China Studies, Council, Foreign Relations, Business, Monetary, Financial, China's Bank of Communications, Renmin University Locations: China, Taiwan, London, Russia, Beijing, East Asia, Southeast, Central Asia
Roku 65-inch Pro Series 4K QLED TV Roku's flagship Pro Series TV is a great all-around 4K QLED. AdvertisementShould you buy the Roku Pro Series TV? The Roku Pro series offers good image quality in a convenient, easy to use package. Ryan Waniata/Business InsiderThe Roku Pro Series is a worthy buy for anyone who wants a great midrange QLED TV. We tested a 65-inch Roku Pro Series model, but our overall impressions also apply to the 55- and 75-inch sizes.
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I'm picky about instant meals, though, so I reviewed 23 of Trader Joe's frozen entrées. AdvertisementVERDICT: Although Trader Joe's penne arrabbiata could make for a satisfying, last-minute dinner, it wasn't memorable enough for me to buy again. Trader Joe's frozen section offers many different Tex-Mex and Mexican-inspired dishes, but I noticed these because of the "hatch chile" description. I thought Trader Joe's vegetable-and-cheese enchiladas were a disappointing, soggy messOnce cooked through, Trader Joe's vegetable-and-cheese enchiladas didn't impress me. I hoped Trader Joe's spicy peanutty noodle bowl with chicken would be goodI enjoyed Trader Joe's spicy peanutty noodle bowl with chicken.
Persons: , Joe's, Wilson, Wilson I'm, it's, penne arrabbiata, I'm, fryer, Savanna, gooey Monterey Jack oozed, they're, might've, I've, provolone, Wilson Jackfruit, didn't, It's, I'd, you've, mozzarella, Bolognese, would've, bolognese, microwaving, gnocchi, it'll, chow, chiles, Wilson I, raved Organizations: Service, Business, Monterey, Wilson, Joe's Locations: Savanna, Monterey Jack, gooey Monterey, Cuban, pesto, jalapeño, gnocchi
There's a mentality that you should strive to have a life outside work by working set hours and having boundaries. Deep work is the defaultAt work, Norwegians are working, and deep work is expected of everyone. I've set up my notification systems so that only important things come through outside work hours. Talking of work outside work is not taboo, but you don't want to be the guy who can't shut up about work. You get used to this dynamic where time is precious and hate it when someone's late outside work.
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Strong friendships feel equal, exclusive, and mutually supportive. It's a beautiful experience, but one with under-appreciated complexities, Danielle Bayard Jackson, an author and friendship coach, told Business Insider. So before you dub your bestie a toxic friend, here are three major reasons your relationship feels like it's on the rocks — and what you can try before quiet-quitting the friendship. In her book, Jackson offered ways to start conversations around those issues, as well as advice on when to just walk away. In the book, Jackson described close friendship as creating a "vault" where "each friend contributes private things in an intimate and trustworthy space."
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john magaroYeah I mean, that’s a lot of what they ate. I mean, I think it’s about love and lost love and misconnections and eating. I think that’s — you know, I think that’s great advice for a relationship. john magaroYeah, but it feels — but, you know, that’s what Arthur is doing. anna martinI mean, I — and I don’t know if, you know —john magaroAs I say, aigoo.
Persons: anna martin, ” I’m Anna Martin, , anna martin I, anna martin I’m, John Magaro, John, Celine Song, Andrew ”, Sarah Pepitone, I’ll, anna martin You, Cookie, Lewis, Clark, anna martin That, anna martin Really, you’re, we’ve, anna martin Wow, anna martin John, let’s, Andrew, I’d, we’d, Angelika, syrupy, New York Times ”, He’d, hadn’t, Toro, he’d, We’d, sashimi, anna martin It’s, anna martin That’s, Sarah, anna martin Right, I’ve, you’ve, you’ll, it’s, anna martin Me, — anna martin That’s, anna martin Poof, they’re, she’s, — anna martin Right, that’s, anna martin There’s, won’t, I’m, anna martin Just, anna martin No, It’s, Arthur, Nora, Greta Lee, Arthur can’t, Hae, Hae Sung, anna martin Huh, She wasn’t, you’d, anna martin Wait, anna martin Yes, You’re, anna martin Aigoo, he’ll, we’re, anna martin What’s Organizations: The New York Times, NYU, New York Times, Bushwick, magaro, vey, Netflix Locations: Paisanos, Brooklyn, Oregon, West, Philadelphia, New York, Korean, There’s, Nora, Korea, Canada, America, Pittsburgh
But Secretlab's Magnus Pro Standing Desk solves this problem and then some. Here's why the Secretlab Magnus Pro is one of our picks for the best standing desks you can buy. Secretlab Magnus Pro The Magnus Pro has incredibly thoughtful cable management and supportive add-ons that make it a great choice for gamers, streamers, and anyone who uses multiple monitors and accessories. Sarah Saril/InsiderIt's important to note that the Magnus Pro takes some time and energy to put together. Sarah Saril/InsiderThere's no denying that the Secretlab Magnus Pro is one of the priciest standing desks you can buy.
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RobinhoodI decided to ask a few of my friends what investing platform they use. Since my cash is already sitting in savings accounts and CDs through the bank, I decided to check out its self-directed investing platform, Ally Invest. I decided on Ally InvestAfter spending some time testing out each platform, I decided that Ally Invest was perfect for my current needs. It allowed me to easily transfer money between my other accounts with the bank into my investment account. Plus, I was able to diversify my portfolio by investing in different securities, from mutual funds to ETFs.
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Read previewDiane von Furstenberg has been a household name since the '70s. Despite her place in the luxury world, von Furstenberg partnered with Target and her granddaughter, Talita von Furstenberg, to create a limited-edition collection for the store. Samantha Grindell/Business InsiderThe store has also been leaning into celebrity and top brand-name partnerships to level up its offerings. After seeing it in person, Target's collaboration with von Furstenberg seems like a natural progression of its brand strategy as it continues to offer products that feel luxurious for less. Shop the Diane von Furstenberg x Target collection.
Persons: , Diane von Furstenberg, Forbes, Jeffery Bezos, von Furstenberg, Talita von Furstenberg, Samantha Grindell, Sally Hansen, Sergio Hudson, Christopher John Rogers, Joanna Gaines, Kendra Scott, Stanley Organizations: Service, Fashion, Target, Business, tote, Valentine's Locations: Brooklyn
Some VCs are over the Sam Altman hype
  + stars: | 2024-03-26 | by ( Darius Rafieyan | )   time to read: +8 min
In late 2023, when OpenAI sought $300 million from investors, CEO Sam Altman chose a different approach. In some corners of this clubby world, over $7 coffee and artisanal cocktails, the meteoric rise of OpenAI and Sam Altman is giving way to an inevitable backlash. "He's a kingmaker," a Silicon Valley startup founder and angel investor who knows Altman. Sam Altman and OpenAI did not respond to requests for comment. A certain somethingMany of the VCs who spoke with BI said Altman has a certain something.
Persons: , OpenAI, Sam Altman, Altman, they'd, I've, Ali Ghodsi, Altman's, Ghodsi, Steve Jobs's, Paul Graham, he's, Sam, Jack Altman, It's, it's, Elon, Alexander the Great, Adam Neumann Organizations: Service, NEA, Business, Altman's, The Washington Post, The, YC, BI, WeWork Locations: Sequoia, Silicon Valley, The, San Francisco
For Love & Money is a weekly Business Insider column answering relationship and money questions. Write to For Love & Money using this Google form. The only problem is that I'm burned out and unhappy, and I'm starting to resent my husband. My husband didn't get a degree, has no true calling, and is content to get a meager paycheck and go home. Write to For Love & Money using this Google form .
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Read previewLast spring, I found a used 2019 Tesla Model 3 listed for sale just a few miles from where I live. Andrew Lambrecht's 2019 Tesla Model 3. Lambrecht's 2019 Tesla Model 3. Lambrecht's 2019 Tesla Model 3. The Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4 are two other neat electric cars now within the $25,000 range used.
Persons: , Cooper, I've, it's, Andrew Lambrecht's, Amber Saitta, Tesla, Teslas, Andrew Lambrecht, hasn't Organizations: Service, Business, EV, EPA, Ford, Volkswagen Locations: Teslas
Learn moreOnePlus announced the launch of its latest OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R phones in the US on Thursday after launching the devices in China in December 2023. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business InsiderThe OnePlus 12 is available to preorder now from the OnePlus website, Amazon, and Best Buy. The OnePlus 12R is also available for preorder from the OnePlus website, Amazon, and Best Buy. The OnePlus 12 supports 80W wired charging speeds and 50W wireless charging speeds, which still astounds me after reviewing hundreds of phones. Photos taken with the OnePlus 12 have truly impressed so far, with gorgeous lighting and vibrant colors that aren’t oversaturated.
Persons: Antonio Villas, Boas I've, I've, I'm, Boas It's, OnePlus, oversaturated, you'll Organizations: Google, Samsung, Apple, Boas, Qualcomm Locations: China
The poll, taken Tuesday through Friday, also found more registered Republicans in the state view Haley unfavorably (47%) than favorably (31%). Trump, meanwhile is viewed favorably by 76% of registered Republicans and unfavorably by just 16%. Some Haley supporters interviewed at her events are left-leaning voters who have little ideological overlap with Haley but are intent on stopping Trump. The day before, he won a rousing endorsement from South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, whom Haley appointed to the Senate when she was governor. “I think I know what favorable territory is in South Carolina.
Persons: — Richard Anderson, he’s, Anderson, Jackson, Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, “ I’ll, she’s, , John McCain, Republicans ’, Nathan Shrader, , Haley, Trump, Corinne Pullen, Pullen, Haley’s, , ” Trump, Chris LaCivita, South Carolina Sen, Tim Scott, that’s, Dante Scala, McCain, ” Haley doesn’t, Chris Sununu, Ron DeSantis, I’m, Phil Scott, Biden, Kristen Mansharamani, Mansharamani, Haley’s caucusgoers, Amy Watson, Hollis, Emily Swanson, Jill Colvin, Joseph Frederick, Linley Sanders Organizations: CONCORD, Republican, Mount Washington, New, Republicans, New England College, GOP, CNN, University of New, Trump, Democrats, South, Senate, South Carolina, PAC, New Hampshire Gov, , Florida Gov, Vermont Gov, New Hampshire voters, Trump Republicans, AP VoteCast, Washington , Associated Press, Associated Press Locations: N.H, New, New Hampshire, University of New Hampshire, Canterbury, South Carolina, Tuesday's, Trump, Vermont, Lincoln, In Iowa, Iowa, Washington ,, Washington
Dating is hard. Have apps made it worse?
  + stars: | 2023-11-02 | by ( Leah Asmelash | )   time to read: +13 min
“Dating on the apps, it’s ruined dating a bit,” Nguyen-Don, who works as a digital marketing manager, said. “The… design of those dating apps should definitely be held accountable for this kind of dating culture,” Zhou said. His experiences on dating apps were positive, he said, and he valued the ways they introduced him to new people and new experiences. Dating apps know this. For all their flaws, dating apps are unlikely to disappear any time soon.
Persons: Jenny Nguyen, Don, Nguyen, didn’t, WhatsApp, hadn’t, he’d, texted, ” Nguyen, , Alexis Dougé, Tinder, , Dougé, who’s, Benson Zhou, Zhou, ” Zhou, Brian, they’ll, CNN he’s, Foyin Ogunrombi, Ogunrombi, she’s, , Who’s, Silas Stein, “ It’s, ” Ogunrombi, David Argetsinger, Argetsinger, ” Alissa Wilson, ” Wilson, Maxine Simone Williams, WeMetIRL, ” Williams, Williams, Bumble Organizations: CNN, Twitter, New York University Shanghai Locations: London, TikTok, Atlanta, Johannesburg, South Africa, Everett , Washington, Arlington , Virginia, New York, cologne
Media analysts widely expect the league to select at least three distributors for its next media rights deal after the current setup expires in 2025. Comcast's NBCUniversal could be a frontrunner for a spot in the NBA's new media deal alongside Amazon, Nispel said. NBA players could be poised to earn sky-high paydaysThe NBA's last media deal — the $24 billion contract it struck in 2014 — was nearly triple the value of its previous pact. The pressure is now on the NBA to deliver a media deal that satisfies teams, athletes, and fans. Still, Macquarie media analyst Tim Nollen is optimistic about the size of the NBA's next media rights deal.
Persons: Jessica Reif Ehrlich, disruptors, Brandon Nispel, Nispel, , Shirin Malkani, who's, Perkins, Leron Rogers, that's, Mark Patricof, Tim Nollen, Nollen, Reif Ehrlich, Ehrlich Organizations: NBA, Media, ESPN, Warner Bros, TNT, Disney, Apple, NBC, Comcast, Wall Street, Bank of America, NFL, MLB, NHL, KeyBanc Capital, Amazon, Flagship, ABC, Prime, Industry, Patricof, Macquarie, Diamond Sports
Since they don't have engines, electric cars often offer bonus cargo room under their hoods. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementAdvertisementElectric vehicles are great because they're quick, packed with technology, and sip cheap electrons instead of guzzling fuel. I've checked out a variety of different frunks over the years in electric cars I've tested.
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Would you answer a late-night text message from a recruiter after a job interview? The message is a test to help determine whether someone is a good fit for a job or a culture. AdvertisementAdvertisementYou go to a job interview at 1 p.m.Around 10 p.m., you get this text: "Hey, Tim. Text back quickly and it might up your chances of snagging the job, at least at Vanderbloemen's 45-person firm. Trial by text message joins other offbeat quizzes meant to help determine whether a job candidate should get an offer letter.
Persons: William Vanderbloemen, , Tim, Ben, proctor, that's, Vanderbloemen, they're, who'd, it's, It's, Slack Organizations: Service Locations: Vanderbloemen, Houston, New York City
AdvertisementAdvertisementFor Love & Money is a biweekly column from Insider answering your relationship and money questions. This week, a reader has been talking marriage with their boyfriend, but he has $100,000 in debt. Write to For Love & Money using this Google form. Sincerely,Want the guy, but not his debtDear Want,AdvertisementAdvertisementWe talk a lot about unconditional love — love that doesn't know the word "dealbreaker," love that doesn't stumble in the face of pain and disappointment. Tips from a 30-something who paid off $100,000 in debt »But doing your due diligence doesn't stop with the research phase.
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Learn moreSamsung's Galaxy Watch line of wearables has long been Android's answer to the Apple Watch, offering as close to a comparable experience as there is. With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, that distinction is true for yet another year. It does have the largest screen of any Galaxy Watch, measuring 3mm larger than the Watch 5 Pro. If it's accurate activity tracking you're after in a Galaxy Watch, the Watch 5 Pro is a far better option with more reliable GPS. AdvertisementAdvertisementThe best experience requires the use of a Samsung phoneCompatibility has long been a weakness of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and the Watch 6 Classic is no different.
Persons: Rick Stella, It's, durably Organizations: Galaxy, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch, Samsung, Navigation, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Health Monitor
Now I'm married to the love of my life, and we're happy, but due to my love of lattes and my generous spirit with friends, my wife doesn't trust me with our credit card, and she won't let me use it. Sincerely,Cut-OffDear Cut-Off,AdvertisementAdvertisementI'm afraid your wife withholding your credit card is already dramatic, which means it's too late to get ahead of "a big drama." For example, you might say, "When you don't allow me access to our credit card, I feel demeaned and controlled, and I worry I'm repeating old patterns." Keeping an open mind doesn't mean you agree not to use the credit card anymore. If she becomes defensive and accusatory and fights for her right to continue withholding your credit card, it's time to pull out your arsenal of facts.
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