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Opinion | What Works for Golf Works for Life
  + stars: | 2024-06-24 | by ( Peter Coy | )   time to read: +1 min
Please keep reading even if you don’t give a bogey about golf, because I’m going explain how the strategies that make someone a better golfer can help in other parts of life, such as personal finances. My main source for today’s newsletter is Mark Broadie, who has dual credentials that are more related to each other than you might expect. He’s both an expert on golf strategy and a professor at Columbia Business School specializing in security pricing, computational finance and programming for business research. Ten years ago, Broadie wrote a book, “Every Shot Counts: Using the Revolutionary Strokes Gained Approach to Improve Your Golf Performance and Strategy.” It’s not about how to square your shoulders or adjust your grip on the club. It’s insight gained from dynamic programming, which is a tool that’s extensively used by economists, for example in calculating the optimal saving rate.
Persons: Rory McIlroy, I’m, Mark Broadie, Broadie, ” It’s Organizations: Northern, U.S, Columbia Business School Locations: Northern Ireland
“Oh, I like that.”The film’s writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos, a connoisseur of Biblical violence and creator of cursed demimondes, likes to push viewers to the limit. Hong Chau and Jesse Plemons in "Kinds of Kindness." Courtesy Searchlight PicturesIn “Kinds of Kindness,” Lanthimos injects Old Testament logic into everyday life in twisted parables about the social contracts we write one another. Alwyn, a veteran of “The Favourite,” is in many ways the typical Lanthimos actor. “Kinds of Kindness” is available in select US cinemas from June 21, and released nationwide and in the UK on June 28.
Persons: Jesse Plemons, , Yorgos Lanthimos, Plemons, Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Hong Chau, Joe Alwyn, Margaret Qualley, Mamoudou, , Oscar, Tony McNamara, Lanthimos, Efthimis Filippou, Dafoe, Stone, she’s, Atsushi Nishijima, Alwyn, ” Athie, isn’t, ” Dafoe, Omi, we’re, God, Raymond, , Colin Farrell, Christos Stergioglou’s fabulist, curdles, awfulness, Emily, ” Alwyn, he’s Organizations: CNN, Cannes Film, Searchlight, coy Locations: Hong, America,
We crave knowledge. Only ostriches stick their heads in the sand. We tell one another that ignorance is bliss. We even structure our societies to exclude knowledge for certain purposes. For 17 years, the military’s policy on homosexuality was “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” More recently, many colleges stopped asking for SAT and ACT scores, although some have started asking for them again.
Persons: , Organizations: Employers, ACT
You don’t hear so much about effective altruism now that one of its most famous exponents, Sam Bankman-Fried, was found guilty of stealing $8 billion from customers of his cryptocurrency exchange. But if you read this newsletter, you might be the kind of person who can’t help but be intrigued by effective altruism. Effective altruism is a new movement inspired by philosophers (including Peter Singer and William MacAskill) and embraced by Silicon Valley engineers who pride themselves on taking a logical, data-driven approach to life. Last week I talked with people who believe in effective altruism and others who don’t. Is it egotistical or merely sensible to demand proof that our money is being put to good use?
Persons: Sam Bankman, ” That’s, Dustin Moskovitz, Peter Singer, William MacAskill Organizations: Open, Facebook, Wall Street Journal, Silicon
The season three finale of "Bridgerton" addresses one of the biggest unresolved storylines from the prequel spin-off "Queen Charlotte" involving Lady Agatha Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell) — and the result is a heartwarming scene that solidifies their friendship. Here's how the season three finale provides a satisfying resolution for Lady Danbury and Violet. AdvertisementIn 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,' young Lady Danbury has an affair with Violet's dad, Lord LedgerArsema Thomas as young Lady Agatha Danbury and Keir Charles as Lord Ledger in season one, episode five of "Bridgerton." Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton acknowledge the affair in the season 3 finale of 'Bridgerton,' but harbor no hostilityAdjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury and Ruth Gemmell as Violet Bridgerton in the season three finale of "Bridgerton." AdvertisementAll episodes of "Bridgerton" season three are streaming on Netflix.
Persons: , Charlotte, Lady Agatha Danbury, Violet Bridgerton, Ruth Gemmell, Colin Bridgerton, Luke Newton, Penelope Featherington's, Nicola Coughlan, Lord Marcus Anderson, Daniel Francis ), Lady Danbury's, Danbury's, Violet, Marcus, Lady Danbury, Violet's, Ledger Arsema Thomas, Keir Charles, Lord, Queen, King George III, Corey Mylchreest, Lord Danbury, Cyril Nri, Lord Ledger, Danbury, Lord Danbury's, coy, Andoh, it's, Lady, Ledger's, Queen Charlotte, It's, you've, Adjoa Andoh, Liam Daniel, Netflix Marcus, she's, he's, Gemmell Organizations: Service, Business, Netflix, Cyril, Lord, Danbury, Lady Danbury, Lord Danbury Locations: Adjoa, Violet, Queen Charlotte, India, Queen
Interest payments aren’t counted in the inflation rate. I get lots of mail from people saying the absence of interest rates from the Consumer Price Index seems like sleight of hand by the government, the economics profession or both. So I probably won’t win a lot of friends by saying that I think the way the government economists do things is correct. But when they’re right, they’re right. I’ll grant that higher interest payments do feel just as inflationary as higher prices for ice cream, bowling balls and haircuts.
Persons: Lawrence Summers Organizations: Consumer, Treasury, Harvard
What to Watch as the Fed Meets
  + stars: | 2024-06-12 | by ( Jeanna Smialek | )   time to read: +1 min
Central bankers have held rates at 5.3 percent since July after a rapid series of increases starting in early 2022. Policymakers came into 2024 expecting to lower rates several times, but inflation has proved surprisingly stubborn, delaying those reductions. At the conclusion of their two-day meeting on Wednesday, Fed officials will release economic projections for the first time since March, updating how many rate cuts they expect this year. Regardless, central bankers are likely to remain coy about an important question: Just when will they begin lowering borrowing costs? Given that, officials are likely to try to keep their options open.
Organizations: Federal, coy
Opinion | The Great Interest Rate Debate
  + stars: | 2024-06-11 | by ( Paul Krugman | Peter Coy | )   time to read: +1 min
The Fed meets Tuesday and Wednesday to talk about interest rates, which many voters are really frustrated about. People are saying high rates make it hard to buy a home or car or deal with debts. We eventually need to get into the underlying economics — why are interest rates high, and will they stay there? But first, on how interest rates influence people’s views, we need to deal with an odd aspect of the situation. High interest rates are, indeed, a burden on some Americans, especially first-time home buyers.
Persons: Peter Coy, Paul, we’ve, They’re, they’re, Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, Paul Krugman, Peter Organizations: Fed, University of Michigan, Biden
Pa Images | Getty ImagesLONDON — British technology executives and entrepreneurs want the next government to focus on promoting skills around the development and use of artificial intelligence and growth-oriented fiscal measures. Upskilling in an AI ageOne thing U.K. tech executives are pushing for is fostering innovation in artificial intelligence and cultivating citizens' grasp on AI-centric skills — across multiple generations. Last month, dozens of business executives, entrepreneurs, and investors signed an open letter stating their support for Labour in the upcoming election. Leon Neal | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesSignatories included several influential names in the world of U.K. tech: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Founders Forum co-founder Jonathan Goodwin, and Atom Bank CEO Mark Mullen. Tech bosses CNBC spoke with found themselves unable to point to specific policies and plans from either of the main political parties.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Sir Keir Starmer, Keir Starmer, Zahra, Salesforce, Einstein, Astro, Matthew Houlihan, Rachel Reeves, Angela Rayner, Leon Neal, Jimmy Wales, Jonathan Goodwin, Mark Mullen, Sunak, Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt, Danny Lawson, Rishi Khosla, Khosla Organizations: Conservatives, Labour Party, LONDON, it's, Labour, CNBC, Innovation, Cisco, coy, Centre, Getty, Founders Forum, Atom Bank, BAE Systems, Tech Locations: Downing, Salesforce's, Europe, Purfleet, United Kingdom, Ukraine, British, Barrow, Furness, England
Complicating her administration’s debut, Sheinbaum will also have to contend with the shadow of her polarizing mentor, the outgoing President Andres Manuel López Obrador, from the same Morena party. In a speech following the election, Sheinbaum promised to govern for all and to be an investor-friendly president. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador raises Sheinbaum's hand after she was sworn in as Mexico City's mayor on December 5, 2018. Sheinbaum condemned the violence following Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel and has previously called for a Palestinian state. Still, under López Obrador, the Mexican government has accepted US deportations of tens of thousands of non-Mexican citizens under a 2023 Biden administration rule.
Persons: Claudia Sheinbaum, Sheinbaum, Andres Manuel López Obrador, , , Carin Zissis, López Obrador, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Alfredo Estrella, ” Zissis, ” López Obrador, Jorge Zepeda, ” Stephanie Brewer, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Will Freeman, ” Freeman, López, coy, Freeman, Herika Martinez, , Joe Biden, Donald Trump –, Zissis, Brewer, Will Sheinbaum, Mau Torres, Ivonne Valdés Organizations: CNN, Bank of, Americas Society, Mexico City's, Getty, Washington Office, Latin, Mexican Army, National Guard, Reuters, Mexico City, Council, Foreign Relations, Crisis Group, Defense, , US Border Patrol, AFP, American, Israel, Biden, United Locations: Mexico, Mexico City, Morena, Bank of Mexico, , AFP, Sheinbaum, Latin America, WOLA, Operation, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s, Morelos, Cuautla, Washington, States, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Gaza, Ukraine, El Paso , Texas, Chihuahua State, Israel, Palestinian, La Jornada, United States
CNN —Mexico is set to elect its first female president, with preliminary results showing Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico City’s former mayor and climate scientist, is on track to win the country’s largest election in history. The 61-year-old rode the wave of popularity of her longtime political ally, the outgoing leftist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and their Morena party. Not only is she set to be Mexico’s first female president, Sheinbaum will also be the country’s first leader of Jewish heritage, although she rarely speaks publicly about her personal background and has governed as a secular leftist. Supporters of Claudia Sheinbaum celebrate during an election rally in Mexico City on June 2, 2024. If the court validates the election, Sheinbaum will take office on October 1.
Persons: Claudia Sheinbaum, Sheinbaum, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Xóchitl Gálvez, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, Sheinbaum’s, Luis Antonio Rojas, Jesús María Tarriba Unger, López Obrador, coy Organizations: CNN, National Electoral Institute, National Action, Institutional Revolutionary, Democratic Revolution, Citizens ’ Movement, Bloomberg, Getty, Morena, Mexico City, Judicial, Federation Locations: Mexico, Morena, Mexico City
CNN —Mexicans headed to the polls on Sunday to vote in a historic election expected to return the country’s first woman president. More than 98 million voters are registered to cast a ballot in Mexico, and 1.4 million Mexicans are eligible to vote abroad. Mexico's opposition presidential candidate Xochitl Gálvez outside a polling station in Mexico City on June 2, 2024. Outside polling stations, voters told CNN that public security was one of their main concerns. Jorge Luis Plata/ReutersUS officials are closely monitoring the presidential election as it comes at a critical time for the Biden administration.
Persons: Claudia Sheinbaum, Xochitl, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Sheinbaum, ” Gálvez, Luis Cortes, , Jorge Luis Plata, Biden, CNN’s Michelle Velez, Priscilla Alvarez Organizations: CNN, Morena, PAN, ’ Movement, Reuters, Electoral Institute, coy, Republicans, Biden, Homeland Security Locations: Mexico, Mexico City, Yucatán, San Bartolome Quialana
AdvertisementThe already-frenetic SEO community went into overdrive, with social-media sites and industry forums buzzing over the trove. "This is another level of war between SEOs and Googlers," said Lily Ray, ​​a vice president at the SEO agency Amsive. Those crawlers are designed to ensure Google's search results return the most relevant and up-to-date information to the user. Some business owners have reported catastrophic website-traffic drops following two recent major Google Search algorithm updates in the span of months, while sites such as Reddit and Quora have flooded the top of search results pages. Google's response was met with an equally dubious one from the search community.
Persons: , Lily Ray, ​ ​, Erfan Azimi, Azim, we've, Azimi, We've, Gareth Hoyle, SEOs, Prabhakar Raghavan, Grace Frohlich, Michael King, King, Solís, Amsive's Ray, Sundar Pichai, JOSH EDELSON, Rand Fishkin, SparkToro, Eric Hoover, Hoover Organizations: Service, Google, Business, EA Eagle Digital, Marketing Signals, Google's Department, Justice, Chrome, coy, iPullRank, YouTube Locations: SEOs
Recently graduated and struggling to find a job? You are not alone. In this audio essay, the Opinion economics writer Peter Coy explores why the class of 2024 is in a job slump, despite a low unemployment rate. He talks to a recent graduate, John York, about his challenges so far. (A full transcript of this audio essay will be available within 24 hours of publication in the audio player above.)
Persons: Peter Coy, John York
Sheinbaum is riding on a wave of popularity with the support of her long-time ally, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and their leftist Morena party. Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gestures during an event in Mexico City. It was a strategy that saw the son of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman released on the orders of López Obrador in 2019 to avoid bloodshed. The Supreme Court upheld an opposition complaint and ordered López Obrador to return the National Guard to civilian jurisdiction. Amid ongoing “gender-based violence, including femicides and disappearances,” Kloppe-Santamaría said, getting a female president at this moment feels “very paradoxical.”
Persons: Claudia Sheinbaum, , Sheinbaum, , Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Xochitl Gálvez, Raquel Cunha, ” Stephanie Brewer, , López Obrador’s, Enrique Peña Nieto’s, Ulises Ruiz, Galvez, ” Gálvez, , ” Brewer, Felipe Calderón, “ Militarization, López Obrador, Joaquin “ El Chapo ” Guzman, Armando Perez Luna, Ivan Macias Ivan Macias, Brewer, Falko Ernst, Gema, Santamaría Organizations: CNN, Mexico City, PAN, Reuters, Washington Office, Latin, Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics, , coy, Mirador, AFP, Getty, National Guard, Defense, Defense . Police, National Action Party, REUTERS, Crisis, ” CNN, Defence, George Washington University ., Galvaz, Mexico City police Locations: Mexico, , Chiapas, Mexico’s, Guatemala, Morena, Mexico City, “ Mexico, Latin America, WOLA, Mirador San Miguel, Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco State, militarization, Maravatio, Michoacan, Mexican, femicides
Stefanie Stantcheva was 11 years old in 1997 when annual inflation in Bulgaria, the country from which she and her family had emigrated, surpassed 2,000 percent. “The episode helped shape her eventual decision to study economics,” according to a profile in the International Monetary Fund’s Finance & Development magazine. Inflation and how people perceive it still fascinate Stantcheva, now a professor of political economy at Harvard and the founder and director of its Social Economics Lab. This year she released a pair of papers on the topic, the first about why people dislike inflation and the second, with a pair of co-authors, about how they understand it. Some people will take this as evidence that ordinary Americans are simply wrong.
Persons: Stefanie Stantcheva, we’re, Tom Jensen Organizations: Monetary Fund’s Finance, Development, Harvard, Social, Econ, Public, Democratic Locations: Bulgaria
Opinion | Debating the Best Way to Fix Social Security
  + stars: | 2024-05-26 | by ( )   time to read: +1 min
To the Editor:Re “Want to Fix Social Security? The Well-Off Must Accept Smaller Checks,” by Peter Coy (Opinion,, May 13):I find it maddening that the only solution to the Social Security Trust Fund difficulties offered by conservatives is reducing benefits. There are a number of acceptable increases that could solve the funding problems of Social Security and Medicare. Let me suggest a few: The Social Security tax stops at a relatively low income level, $168,600 annually, this year. Speaking of all of a person’s income, why is it that only “earned” income is taxed for Social Security?
Persons: Peter Coy, stiffs Organizations: Social Security Trust Fund, Social Security
In his article for a 1945 issue of The Journal of Farm Economics, he settled on just five foods based on their August 1939 prices, in these quantities per year: 370 pounds of wheat flour, 57 cans of evaporated milk, 111 pounds of cabbage, 23 pounds of spinach and 285 pounds of dried navy beans. Stigler hastened to say that this was purely an academic exercise, not a diet recommendation. “It would be the height of absurdity to practice extreme economy at the dinner table in order to have an excess of housing or recreation or leisure,” he wrote. Still, I thought of the Stigler diet this week when the news came out that Red Lobster, the seafood restaurant chain, had cracked under pressure and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. One source of its problems — not the biggest, but the easiest for customers to grasp — was an every-day-all-you-can-eat shrimp promotion last year that got too popular and was a key reason for an $11 million quarterly operating loss.
Persons: George Stigler, , Organizations: Farm Economics
But, since then, the apps seemed to have changed the way dating worked. Celibacy and a different approach to dating are, to me, the only answers to the kind of dehumanizing behavior the apps today provoke. AdvertisementThe author stopped using dating apps and only dates men she already knows. Dating apps throw people together with none of the social glue that binds us in our IRL trusted networks. Some people might call this style of dating "friends with benefits," but I don't.
Persons: Tinder, Bumble, I've, We'd, who'd, we're, I'd Organizations: Service, National, coy, Facebook, IRL Locations: Spain, Ireland, Istanbul
Read previewOpenAI might've breached YouTube's terms and conditions to train its text-to-video model Sora, says Google CEO Sundar Pichai. "So you felt like they had broken your terms and conditions, or potentially, or if they had, that wouldn't have been appropriate?" Sundar Pichai says he believes OpenAI's Sora breached YouTube's terms and conditions and he is sympathetic to creators whose content is being used to train AI models — Tsarathustra (@tsarnick) May 20, 2024Earlier in the interview, Pichai revealed that YouTube was still "following up and trying to understand" how OpenAI had trained Sora. "We have terms and conditions, and we would expect people to abide by those terms and conditions when you build a product, so that's how I felt about it." AdvertisementJohansson said in a statement that she had turned down OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's offer to voice its latest GPT-4o model.
Persons: , Sora, Sundar Pichai, Nilay Patel, Pichai, OpenAI's Sora, OpenAI, Mira Murati, Joanna Stern, Stern, Murati, I'm, Neal Mohan, Emily Chang, would've, Mohan, didn't, Scarlett Johansson, Johansson, Sam Altman's, Spike Jonze's, We’ve Organizations: Service, Business, YouTube, coy, Google, BI Locations: Amazon, ChatGPT
The disappointment is that Henry didn’t manage to increase membership in her own union. In fact, S.E.I.U.’s membership fell to under 1.9 million now from about 2.1 million when she took office. Those workers at McDonald’s, Burger King and other chains who are enjoying higher pay aren’t paying dues to any conventional union. It continues to claim “about” two million members. But in a filing with the Department of Labor in March, the union stated that it had 1,845,500 members, of which 30,015 were retired.
Persons: Mary Kay Henry, Henry, , Henry didn’t, Burger King Organizations: Service Employees International Union, National Employment, Department of Labor Locations: United States, McDonald’s
I understand why parents are unhappy with the proliferation of computers in school, as my Opinion colleague Jessica Grose documented in a recent series of newsletters. For example, imagine teaching ratios by showing a Yankees fan how to update Aaron Judge’s batting average. can also give teachers and parents the detailed information they need to help their young charges more effectively. As I wrote last month, there’s a risk that A.I. will substitute for human labor and eventually render us all superfluous.
Persons: Jessica Grose, , “ we’ve, Aaron Judge’s
Apple executives knew they needed to upgrade Siri after they started using ChatGPT. The company's software chiefs spent weeks using the OpenAI chatbot before making the decision. AdvertisementApple executives realized their digital assistant Siri badly needed an upgrade after they began testing OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT. Unlike most tech giants, Apple has remained relatively coy about how it intends to compete in the field of AI. The Sam Altman-led AI company has long been on Apple's radar, with Cook admitting in an interview with Good Morning America last year that he, too, uses ChatGPT.
Persons: Siri, , Craig Federighi, John Giannandrea, Giannandrea, Tim Cook ., Apple didn't, Cook, hasn't, Sam Altman Organizations: Apple, Developers, Service, New York Times, BI, Developers Conference, coy, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Financial Times, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Street, OpenAI, Bloomberg, Good Morning America Locations: Cupertino
That’s all that’s left until the combined Social Security accounts — the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and the Disability Insurance Trust Fund — are likely to run out of money and can no longer pay full scheduled benefits, according to the latest report of the Social Security trustees. (Even with no fix at all — highly unlikely — incoming payroll taxes would cover 83 percent of scheduled benefits.) What I do worry about is what Washington’s patch for Social Security will look like. The cold math shows that fixing Social Security in a lasting way will require a combination of tax increases and benefit cuts. And both parties’ leaders — President Biden and former President Donald Trump — have ruled benefit cuts off the table.
Persons: — President Biden, Donald Trump — Organizations: Security, Insurance Trust Fund, Disability Insurance Trust Fund, Social, Social Security,
Trump also described inflation as “a country buster” that destroyed Germany, presumably referring to the hyperinflation of 1923, which was the year of Adolf Hitler’s failed beer-hall putsch. Even for Trump, who loves to work up a crowd, that’s too far. President Biden does have an inflation problem, but it’s not a Weimar Germany kind of problem. I won’t get into why Americans are so upset about inflation that they might choose Trump over Biden in November. I want to look at a different question, which is whether inflation would be lower if Trump won.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Trump, Adolf Hitler’s, Biden, it’s, States ’, Binyamin Appelbaum, Paul Krugman Organizations: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Biden, Trump Locations: Waukesha, Wis, Germany, Weimar Germany, States
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