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Read previewOver a dozen of Waymo's self-driving cars were vandalized in San Francisco. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced Thursday that 36-year-old Ronaile Joshua Burton has been charged with 17 counts of vandalism on Waymo self-driving vehicles. AdvertisementThe arrest follows other reported incidents of vandalism against Waymo's self-driving cars in the last year. Waymo Vehicle surrounded and then graffiti’d, windows were broken, and firework lit on fire inside the vehicle which ultimately caught the entire vehicle on fire. San Francisco is one of the main test beds for self-driving tech, and incidents involving the vehicles — as well as traditional human-driven cars — are bound to come up.
Persons: , Brooke Jenkins, Joshua Burton, Burton, Adam Birka, Ms, White, Waymo, Séraphine Hossenlopp, Tesla, Zoox, Cruise, Insider's Lloyd Lee Organizations: Service, San, Business, Prosecutors, FRANCISCO FIRE DEPARTMENT, London Breed, Reuters, General Motors Locations: San Francisco, Chinatown
Millionaires are leaving Hong Kong, but its art scene is booming
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Narration: Home to a host of financial institutions, Hong Kong is one of the world's wealthiest cities. The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association recorded a 27% increase in member galleries between 2021 and 2023. Nicolas Chow: Chinese art and ancient Chinese art is really at the genesis of Sotheby's Hong Kong when we came here. Angelle Siyang-Le: We firmly believe that Hong Kong is the best place to do art business in Asia, Hong Kong is a natural melting. Emily Tan: That's all from Hong Kong – join us next time in a new city as we explore 'The Art of Appreciation.'
Persons: , Nicolas Chow, Emily Tan, we've, they've, It's, Emperor Chen, Chen, it's, I'm, who'll, she's, Mak2, Allison Cheung, Angelle, Hong Kong, they're, Emily, Hong Kong – Organizations: Hong, Hong Kong Art Gallery, Asia, Art, Basel, Art Basel Locations: Hong Kong, Asia, Art Basel, Sarthe, Hong Kong's, Swiss, Basel, Miami, Paris, Hong, US, Australia, Switzerland, France, Southeast Asia, Korea, Mak2, Sims
Instead, it's a small town in the South that only welcomed its first Starbucks in 2022: Celina, Texas. Celina mayor Ryan Tubbs told Business Insider that he believes people are drawn to two main things about Celina: its relative affordability and its tight-knit community. According to the city, from 2010 until June 2024, 15,062 single-family permits have been issued for Celina. Michelle Clifford, her husband, and children are moving to Celina, Texas, in July. Courtesy of the city of CelinaTo preserve Celina's friendly vibe, the city puts on events, especially in its downtown square.
Persons: , Celina, Ryan Tubbs, Tubbs, Taylor Morrison, Toll, Michelle Clifford, Clifford, Celina —, Antonio — Organizations: Service, Business, Census, Highland Homes, North Texas Tollway, Texans Locations: New York, Franciso, Celina , Texas, Celina, Dallas, Collin County, Texas, California , Florida, Georgia , Illinois, Missouri, Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Highland, Celina ., California, Prosper , Texas, San Diego, Preston, New Braunfels, Austin
An entity that appears to be affiliated with King Charles scooped up a $6.6 million NYC condo. It's located on Billionaires' Row, a neighborhood with south of Central Park. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . You can opt-out at any time by visiting our Preferences page or by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. AdvertisementAn entity that appears to be affiliated with King Charles III has scooped up a lavish apartment on New York City's Billionaires' Row.
Persons: King Charles, , King Charles III, Robert McCubbing Organizations: Service, New York, Foreign Affairs, Consulate, Business Locations: It's, Central, New, Canada, New York
Wuhan is the largest operational region for Baidu's Apollo Go, one of the largest robotaxi operators in China. CNBC was unable to independently verify the document, which claimed the taxi company had to stop operating four of its 159-car fleet since April due to falling income. Ride-hailing drivers on the riseA surge of new companies and ride-hailing drivers have meanwhile prompted some local governments to restrict the industry. China had more than 7 million registered ride-hailing drivers as of the end of May, according to the Ministry of Transport. In comparison, the U.S. had nearly 400,000 taxi and ride-hailing drivers, shuttle drivers and chauffeurs in 2022, according to the latest available figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Persons: Baidu, robotaxis, Goldman Sachs Organizations: Baidu, Bloomberg, Getty, BEIJING, Weibo, CNBC, Ministry of Transport, Bureau of Labor Statistics Locations: Wuhan, San Francisco, Phoenix , Arizona, Beijing, Guangzhou, robotaxis, China, Wuhan city, Guyuan, Ningxia, Guiyang, That's, U.S
The median household income is over $100,000 in six cities, four of which are in California, according to a new analysis by GoBankingRates. In 2024, the median annual household income is estimated to be $78,171, according to data consulting firm Motio Research. In Detroit — which is ranked 30th in population size — the median income is $40,574. The wealthiest cities also tend to offer a high number of well-paying jobs in technology, finance, entertainment or health-care industries. Below are the median household incomes for the 25 most populous U.S. cities, ranked from highest to lowest.
Organizations: Seattle, Boston, Motio Research, Detroit Locations: California, San Francisco, Francisco, Jose , California, Washington, Diego, Oakland, Virginia Beach , Virginia, Austin , Texas, Portland , Oregon, U.S, New York
The campaign of President Joe Biden asked for and received two edits to an interview he gave a Milwaukee radio station on the heels of his disastrous debate in late June against former President Donald Trump, the station said Thursday. The disclosure by Civic Media of the edits comes days after its host for the Biden interview, and another Black radio host in Philadelphia, revealed that the Biden campaign fed them questions in advance to ask the president. Civic Media said that right after Ingram taped the interview with Biden on July 3, the campaign called and requested the edits. "With a high-profile interview comes a listener expectation that journalistic interview standards will be applied, even for non-news programming," Civic Media said. Civic Media's disclosure comes five days after Ingram said Biden aides "gave me the exact questions to ask" Biden in the interview.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Biden, Earl Ingram, Ingram's, , Ingram, " Ingram Organizations: Civic Media, Trump, Democratic, Media, CNBC, Associated Press, Wisconsin Locations: Harrisburg , Pennsylvania, U.S, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New York
But the program has since moved to another station, and its legacy in San Diego is a faint, fond memory. AdvertisementWith such a rich history of aerial dynamism, it's no surprise that San Diego has become a major hub of this technology. Defense, AI, and a warming reception from VCsLong before AI became a household buzzword, Shield AI launched in San Diego. AdvertisementBut San Diego seemed to be a better fit with its access to open land and proximity to the ocean. That pipeline continues to feed into the San Diego tech ecosystem, feeding and driving the aerial innovation it has become known for over a century.
Persons: , Tom Cruise, Larsen Jensen, Palmer Luckey's Anduril, Brandon Tseng, VCs Long, Tseng, Ryan, presciently, Hivemind, It's, shouldn't, Jensen, Ian Muceus, Muceus, we've, Firestorm's, Firestorm, Glenn Curtiss, Grant Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz, — Jordan, Jordan, SkySafe, Tim Draper, Aleksey Matyushev, Matyushev, Oakland — Natilus, Natilus, General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Organizations: Service, Kawasaki Ninja, hotshot Navy, US Naval Air Station, Business, Navy, Harpoon Ventures, Defense, aha, Navy SEAL, US Department of Defense, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, BAT, SpaceX, Marque Ventures, Silent Ventures, US Navy, Soma, Oakland, San Diego International Airport, Brown Field Municipal, Northrop, Lockheed Locations: San Diego, Miramar, Diego's, Diego, Afghanistan, Persian, Israel, Caribbean, Bay, San Diego Bay, West, San Jose, San Francisco, Central Valley, Vallejo, Kona
The nature of illegal lockouts means they are hard to track directly. One of the responding officers calls a sergeant over, who says there's nothing else they can do. While only 14% of lockout calls led to a police report, 86% of calls about shoplifting did. As they walk over, one of the officers tells the other to look up "illegal lockout" on his phone. A 2006 bill that would have defined illegal lockouts for all Illinois residents was defeated.
Persons: Alfred Perry, He'd, Perry, Dan Wright, Perry didn't, Wright, Bridget Bennett, Dan hadn't, I'd, he'd, Charlie Bliss, Matthew Desmond, Lockouts, Jersey City's, haven't, he's, David Leibowitz, Leibowitz, , Pretium —, Kristi DesJarlais, Siegel, Sean Thueson ​, , Thueson, Blackstone, lockouts, Pretium, Katherine Kelly, RealPage, Jennifer Bowcock, William Prosser ,, they're, Donna Rossi, Sara Heymann, Meghan Aguilar, Misty Skinner, Skinner, Levi Wilhelm, It's, hasn't, I've, Wilhelm, they'd, Jeffrey Uno, Deirdre Orange, isn't, Daniel Benavidez, Jenny Chavez, criminalizing, Rob Bonta, Eric Carter, John Bartlett, Carter, Fred Fuchs, Steve Cohen, Michael Bennet, Sarah Saadian, Douglas Farrar, Kelly, Fuchs, Heymann, who've Organizations: Labor, Chrysler, Social Security, Business, North Las Vegas Police Department, Child Protective Services, Las Vegas Justice, Atlanta Legal, Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta, Supreme, Department of Housing, Los Angeles Police Department, Houston —, Arizona, Housing Association, Invitation Homes, Siegel, Siegel Group, Blackstone ., Progress, Homes, Union, city's Housing Department, Miami, Police, Houston, Houston Police Department, Phoenix, Criminal, Chicago, Chicago Department, LAPD, Records, Jersey City, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police, Legal, Foundation of Los, Phoenix Police Department, Fulton County Marshal's Department, Avondale Police Department, Avondale Police, Metropolitan Tenants Organization, Texas Justice Court, Court Training Center, Illinois, National Weather Service, Democratic, Senate, Income Housing Coalition, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, FTC, AGs Locations: Las Vegas, Detroit, Vegas, United States, Perry's, Princeton, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, South Chicago, Phoenix, Jersey, New Jersey, Jersey City, Houston, Nevada, . Texas, Harris County, Texas, Arizona, Washington, city's, Atlanta , Miami, California, New York City, Spring Valley, Spring Valley , Nevada, Las, Foundation of Los Angeles, Avondale , Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia , Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, In Connecticut , Massachusetts, Minnesota , New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Illinois
A handful of states, including Texas and Nevada, have set up dedicated systems designed to restore tenants to their homes after an illegal lockout. She and her family still don't have a new apartment, she said, and the eviction cases on her record don't help. BI reviewed two years' worth of lockout cases from the department and found city lawyers routinely dismissed tickets, often without documenting why. Bridget Bennett for Business InsiderThat afternoon, Brown had three cases on his docket in which tenants were alleging they'd been illegally locked out and dozens of cases in which landlords were seeking formal evictions. In 2022, Miami-Dade County passed a tenant's bill of rights that underlines the illegality of lockouts and limits a landlord's ability to harass tenants.
Persons: Henisha Dunn, Dunn, Zion Griffin, Griffin, Dunn's, Alyssa Pointer, , Caryn Schreiber, Paul Panusky, He's, Jeffrey Uno, Uno, David Brogan, Griffin's, didn't, Brandon Johnson, Abel Uribe, Rolando Quebrado, lockouts, Quebrado, Pangea, Troy Marr, Marr, James Byczek, Byczek, Michael Dudek, wasn't, Dudek, Marr's, lockouts that's, David Brown, Bridget Bennett, Brown, they'd, They're, doesn't, Dana Karni, Karni, Brooke Boyett, Harris, Marlon Coleman, Coleman, Shay Awosiyan, Mr, Awosiyan, he'd, Callaghan O'Hare, Schreiber, Jay Trumbull, Trumbull, Tom Butler, Ron DeSantis, Joe Raedle, Florida's, Austin, Coleman's Organizations: Business, BI, Survey, Department of Justice, Legal, Foundation of Los, New, Apartment Association, Atlanta Legal, Chicago police, Police, Chicago, Nevada Business, Regional Justice Center, Las Vegas Regional Justice Center, Las Vegas Justice, Justice, Lone Star Legal, Harris County's, Administration, Houston, Texas Excel Property Management, Houston Police Department, Excel's Villa Nueva, Texas Excel, Apartments, Republican, Florida Realtors, Gov Locations: Georgia, New Jersey, Minnesota, California, Texas, Nevada, New York, Atlanta, Michigan, Foundation of Los Angeles, Fulton County, Chicago, Chicago's Jefferson, They're, Las Vegas, Harris County, Houston, In Texas, Harris, Greater Inwood, Miami, Dade County, Florida, Dallas, Applebee's
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. It isn't known exactly how many rats are in NYC, but a 2014 study suggested there were around two million, and a pest control firm in 2023 estimated there were close to three million rats in NYC. Adams said the program was part of his administration's "Trash Revolution," which aims to clean up the city's streets. A Sanitation Department official told New York Streetsblog at the time that the project was worth around $4 million. The Office of the New York State Comptroller shows that McKinsey has worked on at least 10 other projects with the state.
Persons: , Eric Adams, Jessica Tisch, Gracie, Adams, Alicia Keys Organizations: Service, McKinsey, NYC Department of Sanitation, Business, McKinsey & Company, Sanitation Department, New York, New York Times, New York State Comptroller Locations: Manhattan, Barcelona, New York
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailHotel guests and protestors clash in Barcelona as anger over mass tourism growsThe protesters — angry about the city's long-standing problems with overtourism — also used tape to block hotel entrances and sidewalk cafes in Barceloneta.
Persons: overtourism — Locations: Barcelona, Barceloneta
Read previewI moved to Nottingham in 2021 from India to pursue my master's degree at Nottingham Trent University. Tanushree Srivastava/BIBeginning life in the UKI arrived in the UK for the first time in 2021 as an international student. I had pre-booked a studio apartment in Nottingham city center with my friend, another international student at Nottingham Trent University. Even universities like Nottingham Trent and the University of Nottingham have huge gardens and greenery for students. One of the best parts of living in Nottingham was the commitment to its status as a "student city."
Persons: , I'd, Tanushree Srivastava, Srivastava, White Rose, Nero, Nottingham Organizations: Service, Nottingham Trent University, Business, Nottingham Trent, University of Nottingham, Nottingham canalside, Nottingham, Nottingham Bowl, BI Nottingham Locations: Nottingham, India, London, City, England, Trent, British, Rock City
While universal basic income provides money to everyone, guaranteed income may provide either targeted or universal support. The organization did not provide comment, but the Foundation for Government Accountability's research lays out the reasons for its opposition to guaranteed income programs. Once they have access to guaranteed income, that often allows them to figure out ways to increase what they earn, she said. "Folks who press arguments about guaranteed income creating dependency aren't looking at the fact that what guaranteed income is actually allowing participants to do is make good choices," Bogle said. 'The status quo isn't working'Many other guaranteed income program participants have seen life-changing improvements, particularly when it comes to their earnings capability.
Persons: Harish Patel, Patel, Austin, Mary Bogle, Bogle, Taniquewa Brewster, Winter Storm Uri, Brewster, Michael Tubbs, Harris, Rodney Ellis, Ken Paxton's Organizations: Economic Security, American, Getty Images, Foundation, Government, Solutions, Foundation for Government, Urban Institute, Austin, Winter Storm, Mayors, Democrats, Republicans, Houston . Houston Chronicle, hearst Newspapers, Getty, Hearst Newspapers Locations: Columbus , Ohio, Getty Images Idaho , Iowa, South Dakota, Arkansas, Austin , Texas, Austin, Harris, Texas, Houston .
When it comes to booking flights, travel experts are just like the rest of us. For the most part, she finds her flights through the Google Flights search engine. Part of what makes Google Flights Nastro's preferred flight booking destination is the ability it gives her to customize her search. Here are three tips from Nastro to book flights like a pro. "Google Flights has the functions within it to make it as easy as possible for you to explore all your options."
Persons: Katy Nastro, Nastro, I'm, it's Organizations: Google, CNBC
By incorporating three main strategies, our family of six saves over $7,000 a year. Secondhand items and our Buy Nothing group save us $4,000 a yearWhen my oldest was 1, I joined our neighborhood's Buy Nothing group on Facebook, and it's been a massive win for our family. Beyond our official group, neighbors on our block generously gift us the shirts and shorts that no longer fit their sons and the headbands and dollhouses their daughters have outgrown. AdvertisementWhen we come across things we no longer need in our house, we offer them to our Buy Nothing group and neighbors. Attending free events and local spots saves us $1,000When we look for things to do as a family, we search online local calendars for free events that provide maximum fun for our family, including community festivals, library events, and cultural experiences.
Persons: it's, Willis, Maggie Daley, graham Organizations: Service, Facebook Locations: Chicago
Mass tourism troubles hit fever pitch in Barcelona on Saturday as protesters threw items and sprayed travelers with water guns and canned drinks, while shouting "tourists go home." In 2023, hotel occupancy rates neared 80% in July and August, as the city of 1.6 million people swelled to accommodate more than 4 million visitors, according to the Barcelona City Council. Paco Freire | Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty ImagesBut the delicate dance between locals and visitors had spiraled long before that. Two tourists on bicycles being stopped in front of a demonstration against mass tourism in Barcelona on July 6, 2024. Paco Freire | Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images
Persons: overtourism, Paco Freire, Jaume Collboni, Collboni Organizations: Barcelona City, Associated Press, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Cruise Port, Getty Locations: Barcelona, Barceloneta, Spain, France
Here are five "third places" where San Francisco's founders, VCs, and tech workers are gathering. GroundfloorGroundfloor Sri MuppidiFounded in 2021, Groundfloor is a brightly lit community space located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood. The space also doubles as a social space. AdvertisementThe Center SFThe Center SF The Center SFThe Center SF is a community hub located in a large Victorian house. The community space is funded entirely by donations.
Persons: , Francisco, Ray Oldenburg, Sean Ang, Ang, Elizabeth Young, Max Wolff, they've, Zack Wexler, San Francisco Baybay Organizations: Service, Tech, San Francisco, Business, Groundfloor, Club, San, San Francisco Standard, Visitors Locations: San, Hayes Valley, Muppidi, Francisco's, Groundfloor, San Francisco
Artificial intelligence has been a big boon for San Francisco real estate. The vacancy rate for San Francisco office space reached a fresh record of 34.5% in the second quarter, according to a report Monday from commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. "San Francisco is certainly the center of AI, but AI is not going to save the San Francisco commercial real estate market," Sammons said. Vacant office space across San Francisco for the quarter totaled 29.6 million square feet, Cushman & Wakefield said. WATCH: Commercial real estate vacancies in San Francisco are at an all-time high
Persons: OpenAI, Robert Sammons, Anthropic, Sammons, That's, Cushman & Wakefield Organizations: San, Tech, Microsoft, Cushman &, San Francisco, Wells Locations: San Francisco, Wakefield, Mission, Cushman & Wakefield, Francisco, Wells Fargo, Cushman
Perched on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Québec City is 400 years old, making it the oldest city in Canada. Québec in the 1800s and 2022. The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images; Joey Hadden/Business InsiderThe city was founded by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, according to the city's website.
Persons: Joey Hadden, Samuel de Champlain Organizations: Québec Locations: St, Lawrence, Québec City, Canada, French
But they're knowingly violating New York City's new law banning most short-term rentals. To comply with the law, they would need to open up their personal living room and kitchen to their Airbnb guests. Less than a year into enforcement of the near-ban, it's not clear whether New York City is achieving this goal, but it has made hotel rooms more expensive. AdvertisementCrucial income after a layoffAfter the city rejected his application, Paul says he was "pissed off" and decided to find other ways to rent the basement out to short-term guests. AdvertisementHave you been impacted by New York City's short-term rental regulations?
Persons: Paul, they're, helpfully, Airbnbs, he's, He's, OSE, fining, , Airbnb, wouldn't Organizations: Service, Business, York, Queens, New York, city's, Special Enforcement, Facebook Locations: Astoria , Queens, Astoria, Asia, Europe, New York City, Irvine , California, New York, New
That's why city officials in Pomona, California — a city in LA county — are planning to offer guaranteed basic income to new parents. The basic income pilot — called Pomona Household Universal Grants Pilot Program — is run through the city and FORWARD, an organization that helps governments administer resources to their communities. Pomona's program mirrors over 100 basic income pilots across America. Basic income continues to face political and legal opposition across the US, and not all policymakers agree that cash payments are a sustainable approach to poverty. Have you benefited from a guaranteed basic income program?
Persons: , Joe Biden's, Tim Sandoval, Sandoval, Louis, Luke Shaefer, Shaefer Organizations: Service, Business, Pomona Household, SNAP, University of California, Mayor, Child Tax, Infants, University of Michigan Locations: Pomona , California, LA, Pomona, America, Los Angeles, Baltimore, St, Marin County , California, Flint
Editor’s Note: Luis “Vance” Taylor is the chief of the Office of Access and Functional Needs at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. And for some individuals with access and functional needs, it was a nightmare. Unfortunately, nobody from the emergency management team had told the accessible transportation provider that they were part of the plan. Yet virtually all disasters have one critical commonality: They disproportionately impact individuals with access and functional needs, such as people with disabilities and older adults. Inclusive emergency management is an achievable mission.
Persons: Luis “ Vance ” Taylor, Taylor, CNN — I’ll, I’ve, there’s, Vance Taylor, Elijah Nouvelage, arth, I’m, you’re, Bill de Blasio, Jonathan Lamberton, Andy Katz, There’s, Allen J, we’re Organizations: California Governor’s, Emergency Services, CNN, Operations Center, Governor's, Emergency, Centers for Disease Control, New, Emergency Management, Pacific Press, California State Operations Center, Los Angeles Times, Getty, Twitter, Facebook Locations: California, Oroville, United States, Sierra Nevada, Sacramento, Oroville , California, New York City, , California
Waymo's autonomous driver is pretty damn smart, and aside from a few hesitations, the robotaxi offers a smooth, comfortable experience with competitive pricing against other ride-hailing apps. Lloyd Lee/Business InsiderWaymo's 5th generation autonomous driver could be best described as a safe but not an annoyingly cautious driver. It did the same thing to give itself more room when it detected a large parked bucket truck slightly in Waymo's lane. The expectation I had that the Waymo driver would be stiff, as the term "robot taxi" might suggest, was dispelled throughout the rides. The spokesperson said it's also possible I failed to notice something the Waymo car picked up.
Persons: , San Francisco —, Uber, Lloyd Lee, Spokespeople, Lyft, Andrew Macdonald, Uber's, Waymo, Waymo's, BI's Peter Kafka, it's Organizations: Service, Business, Financial, SF, PACE, Jaguars Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Pine
The company wants to sell just under 3,300 Ocean electric SUVs to American Leasing, lawyers said at a Wednesday hearing reported by TechCrunch. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Even as it prepared to deliver vehicles last year, it was scavenging parts from the personal EVs of the company's CEO and its CFO, Business Insider reported last month. It said selling 200 of the vehicles to American Leasing on an abbreviated timeline would bring in crucial cash to make payroll next month. Some creditors, including people who previously bought Fisker vehicles, are worried that the company will run out of resources to pay its debts and support owners.
Persons: , Uber, Fisker, Linda Richenderfer Organizations: Service, American Leasing, TechCrunch, Business, Street, US, Office, Justice Department Locations: New York
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