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But the program has since moved to another station, and its legacy in San Diego is a faint, fond memory. AdvertisementWith such a rich history of aerial dynamism, it's no surprise that San Diego has become a major hub of this technology. Defense, AI, and a warming reception from VCsLong before AI became a household buzzword, Shield AI launched in San Diego. AdvertisementBut San Diego seemed to be a better fit with its access to open land and proximity to the ocean. That pipeline continues to feed into the San Diego tech ecosystem, feeding and driving the aerial innovation it has become known for over a century.
Persons: , Tom Cruise, Larsen Jensen, Palmer Luckey's Anduril, Brandon Tseng, VCs Long, Tseng, Ryan, presciently, Hivemind, It's, shouldn't, Jensen, Ian Muceus, Muceus, we've, Firestorm's, Firestorm, Glenn Curtiss, Grant Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz, — Jordan, Jordan, SkySafe, Tim Draper, Aleksey Matyushev, Matyushev, Oakland — Natilus, Natilus, General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Organizations: Service, Kawasaki Ninja, hotshot Navy, US Naval Air Station, Business, Navy, Harpoon Ventures, Defense, aha, Navy SEAL, US Department of Defense, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, BAT, SpaceX, Marque Ventures, Silent Ventures, US Navy, Soma, Oakland, San Diego International Airport, Brown Field Municipal, Northrop, Lockheed Locations: San Diego, Miramar, Diego's, Diego, Afghanistan, Persian, Israel, Caribbean, Bay, San Diego Bay, West, San Jose, San Francisco, Central Valley, Vallejo, Kona
This corresponds with a rise in cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity among younger, working-age adults, it said. That's why acting fast and educating the public about stroke risk factors are crucial, the study said. These are all known stroke risk factors. Aim to up your heart rate in a "graded way," she said: "you don't want people going from zero to really pushing themselves." This is because it plays an important role in reducing several stroke risk factors, including hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol.
Persons: , Neshika, Samarasekera Organizations: Service, CDC, Business, Cleveland Clinic, Stroke Association, American Heart Association, World
Count Baked by Melissa founder Melissa Ben-Ishay among the entrepreneurial success stories founded on getting out of the corporate rat race. Before starting her company, Ben-Ishay worked at an ad agency in New York City – a role she felt unfulfilled in. At the time, every cupcake came from her tiny New York City apartment kitchen. The cafe owner became a shareholder in Baked by Melissa, and the company was able to continue using the space for years. A year after it moved into the Cafe Bari space, Baked by Melissa opened its second location in Union Square.
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There, a startup called Conceivable Life Sciences is automating the IVF lab from start to finish. Conceivable Life SciencesEleven women so far have become pregnant with help from one or more of these Conceivable robots. Conceivable Life Sciences"No baby, no fee"Today, IVF demand is surging, despite the treatment being slow, uncertain, and expensive. Conceivable's future IVF lab. Conceivable Life SciencesFrom prayer to AIHalf a continent away, a physician was growing frustrated by the constraints of his job.
Persons: , robotically, embryologist Jacques Cohen, Cohen, Joshua Abram, Conceivable's, Abram, Lora Shahine, Emma wasn't, Emma, Alan Murray, Murray, — embryologists, that's, Alejandro Chávez, Badiola, REI, didn't, Conceivable's cofounders, Dr, REIs, What's, Langham, Conceivable's cofounders tinker, Tesla, Brian Bixon, Gerardo Mendizabal, Ruiz, Bixon, Carla Patricia Barragan Álvarez, OBGYNs, aren't, Eduardo Hariton, Hariton Organizations: Service, Business, Sciences, BI, New York City, pipettes, Life Sciences, San, Langham Hotel, Quest Diagnostics Locations: Guadalajara, Mexico, New York, Seattle, pipettes, Petri, San Francisco, London, Abram, Mexico City
Read previewThe Instagram photos from Mark Zuckerberg's 40th birthday party left me with many questions. AdvertisementIn two of the photos, he's wearing a slightly different outfit: the gold chain is missing, and his T-shirt is plain black. AdvertisementOr, another option, which is my theory: He didn't choose the shirt; the shirt was gifted to him during the party. My theory is that this wasn't just her regular casual party attire — she was dressing up in a typical Mark outfit as a joke, chain and all. But I feel confident in my assessment that Zuckberg's outfit was gifted to him as a joke during his party.
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‘Aha’ momentCynthia Wilson and her husband Craig Bjork relocated from the US to Marinha Grande, situated in the Leiria District of Portugal, just over two years ago. Community spiritThe couple celebrate Wilson's first birthday in Portugal with friends. “My Portuguese friends taught me that you have to first recognize their humanity,” says Wilson. There’s no place for that.”Wilson has warmly embraced the Portuguese way of life, particularly the focus on food, which has long been a big part of her life. Doing something odd.”Wilson and Bjork say that they’ve had “zero problems” since relocating to Portugal and couldn’t be happier.
Persons: CNN — They’d, Cynthia Wilson, Craig Bjork, Wilson, , I’ve, ” Wilson, , Bjork, , it’s, Wilson's, , Cynthia Wilson “ Retirement’s, that’s, I’m, hasn’t, ” “, , they’ve, Dulce Silva, Sérgio Carvalho, grandly, Rainha Joia, Maria da Silva, Cynthia Wilson Wilson, “ There’s, couldn’t Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Facebook Locations: Portugal, Europe, Seattle, Estonia, Marinha, Leiria District, Lisbon, Kansas, Wichita , Kansas, Marinha Grande, Porto, Algarve, San Francisco, Manhattan, Florabela, America,
“Now, post-surgery and post recovery, I am able to see in dimmer lighting with my left eye,” Cook said. A treatment that used CRISPR was found to be safe and efficacious in improving vision among a small sample of patients with inherited blindness in the Phase 1/2 clinical trial that Cook participated in. Months following the treatment, Cook was sitting with friends on a balcony that had Christmas lights wrapped around the railing. Courtesy Olivia CookBefore the treatment, Cook said that she sometimes could conceal the vision challenges she has had. Mass Eye and EarKalberer described the CRISPR treatment as “groundbreaking,” but warned it’s not a cure.
Persons: Olivia Cook, Cook, , ” Cook, , I’ve, “ I’d, you’d, CRISPR, Eric Pierce, Brigham, “ We’re, ” Pierce, Jason Comander, , Michael Kalberer, Kalberer, it’s, “ It’s, It’s, Pierce, Editas, We’re, Art Caplan, ” Caplan, , Vlad Diaconita, ” Diaconita, Dr, Sanjay Gupta, Aliaa Abdelhakim Organizations: CNN, Missouri State University, New England, of Medicine, Mass, Harvard Medical School, Editas Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of Miami, Oregon Health & Science University, US Food and Drug Administration, CEP290, pharma, NYU Grossman School, Medicine’s Department of Population Health, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, CNN Health Locations: Springfield, United States, CEP290
Agrawal, a 45-year-old serial entrepreneur who founded the period-underwear company Thinx and the bidet startup Tushy, has always poured herself into her businesses. That July, Agrawal gave birth to her son, Hiro Happy Horn Agrawal. AdvertisementAfter leaving Thinx, Agrawal, pictured here in her Texas home, poured her energy into her bidet startup Tushy. Before Thinx, before Tushy, Agrawal was an analyst at Deutsche Bank, working in an office near the World Trade Center. In 2011, she cofounded period-underwear company Thinx with her twin sister, Radha, and a friend, Antonia Saint Dunbar.
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UnitedHealth Group said Monday that it's paid out more than $2 billion to help health-care providers who have been affected by the cyberattack on subsidiary Change Healthcare. "We continue to make significant progress in restoring the services impacted by this cyberattack," UnitedHealth CEO Andrew Witty said in a press release. "We know this has been an enormous challenge for health care providers and we encourage any in need to contact us." It also introduced a temporary funding assistance program to help health-care providers experiencing cash flow trouble because of the attack. A survey published by the American Hospital Association on Friday found that 94% of hospitals have experienced financial disruptions from the Change Healthcare attack.
Persons: it's, Andrew, UnitedHealth, Rick Pollack, Biden, UnitedHealth hasn't, Scott Gottlieb Organizations: UnitedHealth, Change Healthcare, Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid Services, American Hospital Association, Administration, U.S . Department of Health, Human Services, Office, Civil Rights, Palo Alto Networks, Google Locations: Palo
Change Healthcare says it handles one in every three patient records in the US. Change Healthcare restored its electronic payments platform on March 15 and “is proceeding with payer implementations,” UnitedHealthGroup said in a statement on Monday. “Billions of dollars” stopped flowing to health care providers because of the hack, according to AHA, which represents thousands of hospitals across the country. The unprecedented pressure on a hacked US health care firm won’t go away with the restoration of billing services. HHS has opened an investigation into whether Change Healthcare has complied with federal law to protect patient data.
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Once she started making money, she realized she could sell the technology to other bloggers, who could benefit similarly. Since launching, LTK has helped online creators earn at least $2.7 billion in payouts from retailers, according to the company. CNBC Make It: Can you describe the process of turning your fashion blog into an online business? That's going to just be this huge hole and pit in my life." I basically asked them to pay me a commission for the online sales that I was driving, and that's when the business really took off.
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Eating regular, healthy meals, especially shared with loved ones , has also been linked with healthy aging, Thornton-Wood said. Strength training also helps minimize the loss of bone density, which is important for healthy aging, Worthington said. In particular, if you have a strong family history of heart disease, it's important to lay the foundation for a proactive heart health plan now." The American Heart Association recommends following the DASH diet , which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, for heart health. AdvertisementShe said that giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your heart health.
Persons: It's, , Bryan Johnson, Elaine LaLanne, it's, Clare Thornton, Wood, Thornton, Luke Worthington, Worthington, Nicole Harkin, Harkin, Joanne Whitmore, Whitmore, Charles Puza, Puza, Dale Bredesen, Bredesen Organizations: Service, Business, Getty, Disease Control, Cardiology, American Heart Association, British Heart Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology, Buck Institute for Research, Aging Locations: Thornton, barre, San Francisco, New York, California
Business Insider spoke with leaders at the fitness brands Puma, Les Mills, FitXR, and Supernatural about leveraging extended reality to provide tech-driven workouts. Shifting perceptions of fitness technologyPuma this year partnered with Meta Quest 3 to launch immersive mixed-reality workouts in the metaverse. He recalled seeing people's perceptions of VR workouts change at a launch event for Puma and Meta Quest's partnership earlier this year. Lisa Edwards, Les Mills' digital innovation director, said the game's development required the company to adapt to connect "a global community of fitness enthusiasts." Three years ago, when Les Mills met with developers, the technology was more rudimentary; putting time and resources into extended-reality services was a risk.
Persons: , Rachel Z, Les Mills, Ivan Dashkov, I've, Dashkov, Kathryn Przybyla Dashkov, there's, Lisa Edwards, Lisa Edwards ​, , Les Mills Edwards, Sam Cole, Cole, Achilles, FitXR Cole, Leanne Pedante, Lindsey Byrnes, Pedante Organizations: Service, Puma, Meta, aha, Les Mills, VR Locations: FitXR, Les
The ramifications of a cyberattack on a critical health care technology company are still being felt across the U.S. nearly two weeks later. Change Healthcare has acknowledged the hack, which reportedly affected billing and care authorization portals. “Our experts are working to address the matter, and we are working closely with law enforcement and leading third-party consultants such as Mandiant and Palo Alto Networks on this attack against Change Healthcare’s systems,” Change Healthcare said. “On Feb. 21, 2024, we discovered a threat actor gained access to one of our Change Healthcare environments,” Change Healthcare said. A spokesperson affiliated with Change Healthcare declined to answer whether a ransom has been paid, according to Wired.
Persons: paychecks, Chuck Schumer, Jesse Ehrenfeld, Rick Pollack, , , Schumer, ” Schumer, Pollack Organizations: Healthcare, Palo Alto Networks, New, American Medical Association, Department of Health, Human Services, American Hospital Association, HHS, AHA, UnitedHealth Group, The Washington Post, Justice Department, Health, Medicare, Medicaid Services, Wired, Change Healthcare Locations: U.S, Palo, New York, Optum
Sometimes, the school bus arrived on time to pick up Ritu Narayan's children. Narayan's solution: She left her job to create Zum, an AI-backed electric school bus service that launched in 2015. It started as something of a self-funded Uber, chauffeuring kids to school with a fleet of vetted private drivers. Instead, the schools offered to enlist Zum as a privatized school bus fleet, with electric vehicles and tracking abilities. Narayan faced a turning point: Stick with her original vision, inspired by her mother, with its clear market and high demand?
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“I’ve begun manually billing and I’m praying that I will be paid,” Disney told CNN. Lack of payment isn’t sustainableCarter Groome, chief executive of Health First Advisory, a cybersecurity firm whose clients include big health care organizations, estimated that some health care providers are losing more than $100 million per day because of the outage. “That’s just not sustainable in an industry with not a lot of cash on hand,” Groome told CNN. As of Wednesday morning, Change Health Care said the company’s affected network was still offline. Hackers using the malware have claimed a slew of attacks on US universities, health care providers and hotels in the last 18 months.
Persons: “ I’ve, ” Disney, Purvi, Parikh hasn’t, Carter Groome, That’s, ” Groome, , Leslie Porras, ” Porras, Tyler Mason, Mason, Parikh, ” Mason, Amy Cizik, Cizik, ” Cizik, Andrea Palm, ALPHV ransomware, John Riggi, ” Riggi Organizations: Washington CNN, CNN, Disney, Health, Advisory, Pipeline, , Healthcare, Care, , Senior US, FBI, Human Service, Homeland Security, Reuters, Justice Department, American Hospital Association, AHA Locations: Maryland, New York, Utah, Salt Lake City
Change Healthcare's systems are down for a fourth straight day after parent company UnitedHealth Group disclosed that a suspected cybersecurity threat actor gained access to part of its information technology network on Wednesday. UnitedHealth, the biggest health-care company in the U.S. by market cap, owns the health-care provider Optum, which merged with Change Healthcare in 2022. Optum services more than 100 million patients in the U.S., according to its website, and Change Healthcare offers solutions for payment and revenue cycle management. ET Saturday, Change Healthcare said the disruption is expected to continue "at least" through the day. The AHA declined to comment on the Change Healthcare cyberattack.
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Marissa Fattore, 21, had a stroke at her graduation ceremony. On her college graduation day, Marissa Fattore woke up feeling "off." CVST occurs when blood clots block the venous sinuses in the brain, stopping blood from draining out. No more than 10 in 10,000 people a year develop blood clots as a result of being on birth control, according to Cleveland Clinic, compared to the 1 to 5 per 10,000 people who develop blood clots each year and aren't on hormonal birth control. She wants people to know that cardiovascular disease can happen to anyone and that learning the warning signs could help save a life.
Persons: Marissa Fattore, Fattore, she'd, Pratima Gupta Organizations: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, American Heart Association, Women Class, of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Reproductive Sciences, UC San Diego Health, Cleveland Clinic
The participants had their blood pressure monitored for a day before beginning treatment and again after nine months of weekly tirzepatide injections. The results showed a significant decrease in the participants’ systolic blood pressure, the top number in blood pressure readings, which is a strong predictor of heart disease. It works similarly to semaglutide, the active compound in the weight loss drug Wegovy and its sister diabetes drug, Ozempic. Although there are effective blood pressure medications available, only about a quarter of people with hypertension have adequately controlled blood pressure, Hall said. He views the weight loss effect of the drug as a pleasant side effect that will make people more likely to take their medication.
Persons: , Eli Lilly, , Harlan Krumholz, Michael E, Wegovy, it’s, Ania Jastreboff, Hall, Krumholz, tirzepatide, Dr, Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Meg Tirrell Organizations: CNN, American Heart Association, Food and Drug Administration, Yale University, Department of Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Yale Obesity Research Center, CNN Health Locations: United States
Heart failure typically occurs as a result of another health condition, such as a heart attack, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, or heart rhythm and valve abnormalities. Smoking, being overweight, eating foods high in fat and cholesterol, and living a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to heart failure because they increase the risk of developing heart conditions associated with it. Dancy is part of The American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Class of Survivors 2024. Although heart failure most commonly affects older people, it can happen at any age , as evidenced by Dancy's case. Dancy, an American Heart Association Go Red for Women 'Real Survivor' volunteer , wanted to share her story to help raise awareness of the signs of heart disease and ways to look after your heart health.
Persons: Marian Dancy's, Dancy, let's, I'd, it's Organizations: American Heart Association, AHA, Women Class, Red, Women ', Survivor Locations: Colombus , Ohio, United States
Research shows that there is nothing special about intermittent fasting for weight loss, and it doesn't work for everyone because it can be challenging to maintain. But it helps some people stick to a calorie deficit, which is required for weight loss. Protein is helpful for weight loss because it keeps you feeling full and helps the body maintain muscle during a calorie deficit. AdvertisementAfter a few months, her new lifestyle felt normal and she continued intermittent fasting after finishing her weight loss phase. Grunch believes weight loss is about mindsetGrunch is now aiming to maintain her weight and will see how that goes without medication.
Persons: Betsy Grunch, Grunch, , Carbs, I've Organizations: Service, aha, Research Locations: Atlanta , Georgia
I don’t know. ross douthatIt’s true that he didn’t want the vice president to have a sort of separate political agenda. I don’t think that it was a fait accompli —ross douthatThat’s true. He would legitimately sabotage, kneecap his own vice president, just to prove no one else could do it. carlos lozadaLet’s just say, I will be your vice president, Michelle, anytime.
Persons: michelle cottle, I’m Michelle Cottle, ross douthat I’m Ross Douthat, carlos lozada I’m Carlos Lozada, lydia polgreen, Lydia Polgreen, ross douthat, carlos lozada, That’s, Ross, Michelle, what’s, — carlos lozada Oh, , Donald John Trump, it’s, Lozada, LYDIA, — carlos lozada Selena, michelle cottle We’re, they’re, Selena Meyer, michelle cottle Ross, Carlos, ross, Joe Biden, Biden, Obama, — carlos lozada Super, haven’t, Dick Cheney, carlos lozada Pence, Pence, Cheney, Kamala Harris, — carlos lozada, carlos lozada Weirdly, won’t, Richard Nixon, Al Gore, — ross douthat, lydia polgreen —, Kamala Harris —, Mike Pence, ross douthat They’re, Harris, George H.W Bush, Ronald Reagan, Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Lieberman, — carlos lozada Joementum, michelle cottle Joementum, Gore, Trump, Newt Gingrich, It’s, michelle cottle Let’s, carlos lozada Well, Elaine Kamarck, J.F.K, Southern L.B.J, Carter, Mondale, Bush, Jules Witcover, lydia polgreen Scintillating, Quayle, Jesus, carlos lozada Right, Dan Quayle, George H.W, lydia polgreen Hah, V.P.s, Truman, — ross, ross douthat Really, — Yup, carlos lozada Biden, lydia polgreen Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, George H.W . Bush, Dan, John McCain, Sarah Palin, — michelle cottle, gosh, Palin, lydia polgreen “, Tina Fey, carlos lozada The Palin, We’ve, John the Baptist, Donald Trump’s, lydia polgreen Wow, michelle cottle Oh, ross douthat Sarah, Jimmy Carter, White, carlos lozada Jimmy Carter, michelle cottle Fine, polgreen, michelle cottle Alrighty, hasn’t, CARLOS SIGHS, lydia polgreen Boy, michelle cottle Carlos, Donald Trump, who’s, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kari Lake, carlos lozada I, michelle cottle He’s, he’s, , lydia polgreen That’s, lydia polgreen MAGA King, Lydia, — michelle cottle That’s, let’s, there’s, Nikki Haley, MICHELLE, Haley, There’s, carlos lozada Doesn’t, George W, Bush’s, michelle cottle Dick Cheney, ross douthat I’m, — michelle cottle You’re, Vivek, Nikki Haley’s, I’m, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem — lydia polgreen, Michelle — michelle cottle —, Kristi Noem, Rushmore, CARLOS, it’ll, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, MAGA, Vance, michelle cottle There’s, Elise Stefanik, doesn’t, ross douthat Trump, we’ll, — lydia polgreen, ross douthat —, carlos lozada —, Mueller, Nikki doesn’t, ROSS, don’t, can’t, Nikki, Nikki —, Peter Baker, Susan Glasser — michelle cottle, carlos lozada It’s, michelle cottle Hey, carlos lozada There’s, Walter Mondale, michelle cottle Can’t, carlos lozada Oh, carlos lozada Whoa, michelle cottle Woohoohoo, carlos lozada Potato, lydia polgreen Oh, MICHELLE GASPS, lydia polgreen Oooh, I’ve, michelle cottle That’s, michelle cottle I’d, michelle cottle Don’t, carlos lozada Let’s, Phoebe Lett, Sophia Alvarez Boyd, Derek Arthur, Alison Bruzek, Kate Sinclair, Mary Marge Locker, Michelle Harris, Efim Shapiro, Carole Sabouraud, Pat McCusker, Shannon Busta, Kristina Samulewski, Rose Strasser, carlos lozada — “, ” Jimmy Carter’s, lydia polgreen Woo, Frank Church, Scoop Jackson, John Glenn, Ed Muskie, Adlai Stevenson, Pete Rodino, Muskie, ross douthat We’re, — carlos lozada It’s, — carlos lozada Yes, Lord Jesus Organizations: New York, Iowa Republicans, ross douthat Real, HBO, Hollywood, Bush, Republican, Trump, Biden, Republicans, Southern, Conservative, Democratic, , carlos lozada Central, Heritage Foundation, Supreme, State, New Hampshire, Michigan, University of Notre Dame, Irish, Associated Press, Notre Dame, hashtag Locations: Iowa, Minnesota, California, , Massachusetts, Clinton, Gore, Cheney, America, George H.W ., Russia, , New Spain, South Dakota, New, American, Michigan, Washington, Plains
With his rental earnings and increased salary, Vij was able to buy more rental properties in southern Ontario. Investing in rental propertiesVij's first rental property was a two-story detached home with seven rentable rooms, two miles away from McMaster's main campus. Otherwise, whatever money Vij made from his job and rental property went straight into savings for more rental properties. "I want to own as many assets as possible that generate cash flow and use any extra cash to buy more assets." In 2023, Vij broke even on his rental properties.
Persons: Karun Vij, Vij, , I'd, Karun, Jeremy Applebaum, I'm, Seema, Vij Vij, He's Organizations: CNBC, aha, McMaster University, McMaster, Fortune, Fiverr Savings, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Google, Walt Disney Locations: Hamilton , Ontario, Canada, McMaster's, Cambridge, Ontario, Chicago, Brampton , Ontario, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton , Ontario, Windsor , Ontario
‘Your dinner must be enough to feed four people.’” “’You can cook as many dishes as you’d like, but it must include a main dish and a dessert.’” “All right, cool.” “I love Thanksgiving.” “I love Thanksgiving.” “Thanksgiving is a colonialist holiday that celebrates a genocide. Minus 3.” “Oh, oh, tamarind. O.K., O.K., O.K.” “Where’s the butter? So what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to start the butter and then put the chocolate in. Souffle vibes, O.K., I’m going to do the cranberries now.” [BACKGROUND CHATTER] “Hi.” “Hi camera.” “I’m doing like a layer.
Persons: “ I’ve, It’s, , , Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, He’s, Vaughn, , Eric, Priya, here’s, Norman Rockwell, Bhai, ” “, “ I’m, I’m, ” “ I’ve, I’ve, “ Daikon, that’d, Curry, you’ve, it’s, That’s, Turkey drumsticks, I’ll, madame, that’s, Christopher Nolan, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Ginger Gold, we’re, Rachael Ray, Boondi, Seth, We’ve, Olivia Rodrigo, ” “ What’s, doesn’t, you’re, matar, ” “ Eric, We’re, cilantro, ain’t, Rice, It’ll, Jennifer Coolidge, Owen Wilson, “ Owen Wilson, Vaughn Vreeland, we’ve, ” “ Aw, You’re, — ” Organizations: aha, Fuji, showtime, Brussels prepped, Mmm, cranberries Locations: Wegmans, Turkey, O.K, cassoulet, Brussels, , Here’s
Wegovy contains semaglutide, the same active ingredient in Novo's type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic. A rising tide for Eli Lilly? Though the study was specifically about Wegovy, Wall Street sees a positive readthrough for similar medications from other providers, particularly Eli Lilly 's Zepbound. Similarly, UBS analyst Trung Huynh called the weekend data a "best-case" scenario for Eli Lilly. And the positive outcomes for both in the Wegovy study can be viewed as encouraging for how Zepbound should perform, the analyst added.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Mark Purcell, Richard Vosser, Peter Verdult, Eli Lilly, Eli Lilly's, Lilly, Andrew Baum, Trung Huynh, That's, it's, Zepbound, Huynh, Citi's Baum, James Shin isn't, Michael Bloom, Christina Cheddar Berk, Angelica Peebles Organizations: Novo Nordisk, American Heart Association, cardiologists, JPMorgan, Citi, ., UBS, North American, Tandem Diabetes Care, Deutsche Bank
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