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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has a line about the state of small-scale agriculture in America these days. It’s drawn from the National Agricultural Statistics Service, which shows that as the average size of farms has risen, the nation had lost 544,000 of them since 1981. “That’s every farm today that exists in North Dakota and South Dakota, added to those in Wisconsin and Minnesota, added to those in Nebraska and Colorado, added to those in Oklahoma and Missouri,” Mr. Vilsack told a conference in Washington this spring. “Are we as a country OK with it?”Even though the United States continues to produce more food on fewer acres, Mr. Vilsack worries that the loss of small farmers has weakened rural economies, and he wants to stop the bleeding. Unlike his last turn in the same job, under former President Barack Obama, this time his department is able to spend billions of dollars in subsidies and incentives passed under three major laws since 2021 — including the biggest investment in conservation programs in U.S. history.
Persons: Tom Vilsack, It’s, , ” Mr, Vilsack, Barack Obama Organizations: National Agricultural Statistics Service Locations: America, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma and Missouri, Washington, United States
Since May 2022, homeownership costs have grown twice as fast as incomes, putting the dream of owning property out of reach for many Americans. During that time, median mortgage payments rose from $2,319 to $2,835, per data provided by Redfin. To get a better sense of how rising prices have affected different markets, Redfin compared mortgage payments for 50 of the largest U.S. cities in May 2022 with May 2024. The city has a rich cultural history and is near Boston and New York, making it a popular market for second homes. Monthly payments increased in places like Ohio and Wisconsin, but are still well below the 2024 national median of $2,835.
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Today, the 77-year-old has an estimated net worth of $20.9 billion — nearly double her reported net worth from just two years ago — topping Forbes' most recent list of America's Richest Self-Made Women for the seventh year in a row. Her fortune is largely from her roofing supplies ABC Supply. ABC Supply brought in $20.4 billion in revenue last year and has more than 900 branch locations, according to Forbes. After she met and married roof contractor Ken Hendricks in the 1970s, the duo co-founded ABC Supply. The company hit $1 billion in annual sales for the first time in 1998, according to the company's website.
Persons: Diane Hendricks, Erik Prince, Hendricks, Forbes, , I'd, Ken Hendricks Organizations: Blackwater, Beloit College, Forbes, Supply, ABC Supply Locations: Beloit, Wis, Osseo , Wisconsin, Beloit , Wisconsin
Perhaps Lost in the Polling: The Race Is Still Close
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But the news is not all bad for Mr. Biden — or, at least, it’s not all that bad. It’s close enough that he would have a very serious chance to win if the election were held tomorrow. And of course, the race won’t be held tomorrow: There are five-plus months to go for a possible Biden comeback. The electoral mapHow is the race close? If Mr. Biden won those battleground states, he’d probably be re-elected as president.
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Washington CNN —The Biden reelection campaign has enlisted three police officers – all of whom were working at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, when rioters overtook the building – to stump for Biden across battleground states in the coming weeks, the campaign told CNN. Aquilino Gonell, Officer Harry Dunn and Officer Danny Hodges plan to tell voters across key swing states that former President Donald Trump poses a threat to democracy and to their fundamental rights as Americans. Dunn and Gonell sustained injuries during the attack on the Capitol and have since retired from the Capitol Police. “We were the victims, we lived through it,” Dunn, who mounted an unsuccessful bid for Congress, told CNN in an interview. In a fundraising email to Biden supporters last week, Gonell described sustaining career-ending injuries and being “trampled in a tunnel” – and noting he would continue fighting for America after being in uniform.
Persons: Washington CNN —, , Aquilino Gonell, Harry Dunn, Danny Hodges, Donald Trump, Dunn, Gonell, Hodges, ” Dunn, Trump, Biden, , insurrectionists, , goading Trump, , Harris, Jen O’Malley Dillon, CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez Organizations: Washington CNN, Biden, Capitol, CNN, Capitol Police, DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, America, Seven, NATO, Russia Locations: Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin , Michigan, New Hampshire, Atlanta, France, Washington ,, Ukraine
Target has slashed its annual Pride collection after the retailer faced protests last summer. AdvertisementTarget's annual Pride collection is a shadow of its former self after the retailer faced protests from conservative groups last summer. Target's online Pride collection on May 28. For now, what previously had been the location of a front-of-store Pride display was instead occupied by a summer "Swim and Sand Shop." AdvertisementA Pride month display at a Target in Wisconsin last year.
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But the idea of simply placing Kennedy atop the Libertarian Party ticket to marry his momentum with their organization left Kennedy with an embarrassing loss at the Libertarian Party convention in Washington. About half – 51% – said they would support Trump in a two-way matchup, compared with 37% who said they would pick Biden. The last third-party candidate to win a state and get Electoral Votes was George Wallace, who won Southern states in 1968. The only third-party candidate to outperform a major party candidate was former President Teddy Roosevelt, who outpolled Republicans after he failed to get their nomination in 1912 and then ran as a third-party candidate. But rather than focus on the relatively few people who turn out for a third-party candidate, why not look at the large number of people who don’t take part in elections at all?
Persons: CNN —, Donald Trump, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Chase Oliver, Kennedy, Trump, Nicole Shanahan, Shanahan, – Kennedy, Biden, CNN’s Harry Enten, , RFK, Ross Perot, George Wallace, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Oliver, Jo Jorgensen, Gary Johnson’s, CNN’s Aaron Pellish, Pellish, Kennedy don’t, Bob Barr, Bill Weld, Gary Johnson, Barr, Weld, Ron Paul, Paul, Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, Al Gore, George W, Karl Rove, Stein, Hillary Clinton, Rove, Libertarian’s Jorgensen, Johnson Organizations: CNN, Republican, Libertarian Party, Trump, Google, Biden, SSRS, Quinnipiac University, RFK Jr, Electoral, Southern, Democrat, Libertarian, Federal Reserve, GOP, Republican Massachusetts gov, Green Party, Street Journal, Democratic, Pew Research Center Locations: Washington, Republican Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan , Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona , Georgia
Several park visitors were swept off the bridge to their deaths in recent years during periods of high water. The crew members were among thousands of mostly youthful workers who labor to maintain the trails that thread through America’s public lands. The National Park Service recorded 325.5 million visits to its parks last year, up 4 percent over the previous year and the second busiest year on record. But the 236,000 miles of trails that wend their way through the parks, forests and deserts are often neglected and are certainly undervalued. That poses dangers to hikers and impedes access to the wonders that can be found on public lands.
Organizations: Forest, National Park Service Locations: Yosemite, Talladega, Allegheny, Michigan , Minnesota, Wisconsin
Milk contaminated with H5N1, the bird-flu virus that has turned up in dairy herds in nine states, has been found to rapidly make mice sick, affecting multiple organs, according to a study published on Friday. The findings are not entirely surprising: At least a half-dozen cats have died after consuming raw milk containing the virus. But the new data add to evidence that virus-laden raw milk may be unsafe for other mammals, including humans. “Don’t drink raw milk — that’s the message,” said Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a virologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who led the study. Officials have not found signs of infectious virus in those samples and have said that pasteurized milk is safe to consume.
Persons: , Yoshihiro Kawaoka Organizations: University of Wisconsin, Drug Administration, Officials Locations: Madison, United States
Since the constitutional right to abortion was taken away in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in 2022, Democratic spending on abortion-related ads has jumped. Line chart showing the percentage of television ad spending devoted to abortion from 2018 to 2024. Democratic spending jumped up to around one-third in 2022 after the Dobbs ruling and has stayed high. In the first four months of this year alone, 48 percent of Democratic ad spending on broadcast networks in Pennsylvania centered on abortion. Democrats are seizing the moment, devoting two-thirds of their ad spending to abortion there.
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You’d think that would mean the economy is coasting, since periods of low unemployment are generally associated with higher rates of economic prosperity. That seems to be the case with a lot of recent economic data: No piece of good news comes without other evidence that give economists pause. “I wouldn’t give the economy a clean bill of health,” said Gregory Daco, chief economist at EY. But given consumer spending is one of the biggest drivers of the economy, a pullback can have adverse effects, too. The uglyThe biggest flashing red light in the economy right now is the level of debt people are racking up.
Persons: Zers, , Gregory Daco, Joe Biden, there’s, Donald Trump’s, Here’s what’s, Christopher Waller, ” Waller, ” David Alcaly, Daco, ” Sung Won Sohn Organizations: New, New York CNN, EY, of Labor Statistics, Federal, Gov, Lazard, CNN, New York Fed, Loyola Marymount University, SS Locations: New York, Wisconsin
I knew my assignment: I had to make the Google glue pizza. But now I'm an adult and can't be shamed for eating glue pizza.) AdvertisementIt appears that the origin of the pizza glue was a joke made on Reddit 11 years ago about adding glue to sauce. Presumably, Google AI search results will improve, and these weird flukes of bad results will become increasingly rare. DO NOT EAT GLUE PIZZA.
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Washington CNN —The US government and dozens of states sued Live Nation in a groundbreaking antitrust lawsuit on Thursday, alleging that for years the parent company of Ticketmaster abused its industry dominance to harm concertgoers nationwide. It is time to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster.”In a statement, Live Nation called the DOJ’s allegations “baseless.”“The DOJ’s lawsuit won’t solve the issues fans care about relating to ticket prices, service fees, and access to in-demand shows,” Live Nation said in a statement. The lawsuit highlights how regulators now believe, more than a decade on, that the behavioral modifications Live Nation agreed to have failed. According to the lawsuit, Live Nation directly manages more than 400 artists, controls around 60% of concert promotions at major concert venues across the country, and controls more than 265 concert venues in North America. And through Ticketmaster, the suit says, Live Nation controls roughly 80% or more of major concert venues’ primary ticketing for concerts.
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But often over the last month, his presidential campaign has ventured into politically hostile territory: New York City. “It does feel like he’s almost going out there door to door.”Image Mr. Trump brought pizzas to a firehouse in Midtown Manhattan. Credit... Hiroko Masuike/The New York TimesWorking within the trial schedule, Mr. Trump’s aides have also looked to use its constraints to their advantage. Image Union workers outside a construction site in Manhattan last month during Mr. Trump’s visit. Credit... Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times Image The Trump campaign has cited his crowds as proof of his popularity in deep-blue New York.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, , George Arzt, Edward I, Koch, Hiroko Masuike, Brian Hughes, Mr, Trump’s, ” Jason Miller, Biden, Miller, Bill de Blasio, de, Hank Sheinkopf, Sheinkopf, , ” Nicholas Nehamas Organizations: Trump, Midtown Manhattan ., New York Times, New Yorker, Democratic, New, Madison, Garden, Credit Locations: New York City, Harlem, Midtown Manhattan, Manhattan, New York, Midtown, Florida, York, Yorkers, Bronx, Crotona Park, Michigan, Wisconsin, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, Wildwood , N.J, bodega
In contrast to previous research that assumed the sun’s magnetic field originates from deep within the celestial body, they suspect the the source is much closer to the surface. This view of the sun's magnetic field was generated by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics ObservaModeling the sun’s magnetic fieldIt’s difficult to see the sun’s magnetic field lines, which loop through the solar atmosphere to form a complicated web of magnetic structures far more complex than Earth’s magnetic field. To better grasp how the sun’s magnetic field works, scientists turn to mathematical models. Like the 11-year solar magnetic cycle, torsional oscillations also experience an 11-year cycle.
Persons: Galileo, , Daniel Lecoanet, ” Lecoanet, , Lecoanet, Geoff Vasil, Ellen Zweibel, Zweibel Organizations: CNN, Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration, Research, Astrophysics, NASA's Solar Dynamics, NASA, Dynamics, University of Edinburgh, University of Wisconsin Locations: United Kingdom, Madison
Multiple fatalities and some injuries have been reported in the small city of Greenfield, Iowa – about 50 miles southwest of Des Moines – after a tornado carved a devastating path through the community Tuesday evening, Iowa State Patrol spokesperson Sgt. “There is basically nothing left,” Clel Baudler, a former Iowa state representative who lives a half mile from Greenfield, told CNN on Tuesday. Power outages across Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois left nearly 200,000 homes and businesses in the dark as of Tuesday night, according to A few tornadoes could strike from Texas to Arkansas, but hail and powerful winds are possible anywhere along the storms’ path. Heaps of rubble blanket Greenfield, Iowa, after a tornado touched down Tuesday.
Persons: Alex Dinkla, Dinkla, Clel, Kim Reynolds, Charlie Neibergall, Valerie Warrior, KCCI, , , “ They’ll, CNN’s Jessica Jordan, Sara Smart, Amy Simonson Organizations: CNN, Midwest, Des Moines, Iowa State Patrol, Storm Prediction Center Locations: Iowa, Greenfield , Iowa, Des, Greenfield, Iowa , Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Vermont, Ohio, Great, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Dallas, Fort Worth, Nashville, St, Louis, Memphis, Cleveland, Tulsa, Columbus, Iowa , Minnesota , Wisconsin, Western Iowa, Prescott, Adams County, Montgomery County
In 2017, fewer than half of the largest U.S. cities offered formalized pickleball courts. "We have found New York City parks to really understand the popularity of pickleball and also the need for more courts," said Cannon. We're excited to meet the increasing demand and bring Pickleball Kingdom's premier indoor pickleball to the masses," said Ace Rodrigues, founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom. Pickleball courts are also popping up at gyms throughout the country. Life Time, an "athletic country club," currently boasts almost 700 pickleball courts across its 170 U.S. locations.
Persons: Wang Fan, Will Klein, Klein, pickleball, Erica Desai, Mary Cannon, Pickle, Cannon, Desai, Pickleball, Rodrigues, Andre Agassi, Bahram Akradi, Ben Johns, Collin Johns, Anna Bright, Tyson McGuffin, Mike Stobe Organizations: Central Park, China News Service, Getty, Trust, Public, Pickle, Long, PENN, Garden Locations: Central, New York City, pickleball, Louisville , Kentucky, Madison , Wisconsin, Honolulu, Manhattan , Brooklyn, Long Island City, Kingdom, Pickleball, United States, Pickleball Kingdom, U.S, Annapolis , Maryland, Madison
The Trump campaign announced Tuesday it will start accepting cryptocurrency donations, casting the move as one of solidarity with opponents of "socialistic government control" over the U.S. financial markets. "MAGA supporters, now with a new cryptocurrency option, will build a crypto army moving the campaign to victory on November 5th!" The move opens a new source of potential funds for the Trump campaign, which still lags Biden in cash on hand even as it outraised the Democratic incumbent in April. Crypto donations will be reported as in-kind contributions, much like gifts of stock. "Contribution limits and disclosure requirements for crypto donations will follow Federal Election Commission regulations," the Trump campaign said.
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, Joe Biden, Sen, Elizabeth Warren, Biden, Warren, MAGA, Crypto Organizations: Commerce, Trump, Biden, Democratic, Federal, Pew Research Center Locations: Waukesha, Waukesha , Wisconsin
CNN —Microsoft jumped headfirst into building artificial intelligence directly into its Windows operating system on Monday, announcing new AI computers that could help ramp up flagging PC sales. The computers, which are packed with processors that power advanced AI tools, come as PC sales have stalled for years. Microsoft isn’t alone in its AI PC ambition. Dell and Lenovo also recently debuted AI-first PC computers under the Copilot+ AI umbrella, an emerging category that experts widely believe will become the next stage of computing. Last month, Microsoft reported quarterly profits of $21.9 billion, up from $18.3 billion a year ago.
Persons: Satya Nadella, , , Bing, Dell, ” Geoff Blaber, Blaber, Jitesh, tailwinds Organizations: CNN, Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple, Developers, CCS Insight, IDC Locations: Seattle, Wisconsin
CNN —The defense rested its case in Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial on Tuesday after roughly 90 minutes of testimony – and without the former president taking the stand. Here are takeaways from the final day of testimony in the Trump hush money trial:Trump doesn’t take the standOver the last several months, Trump repeatedly teased that he would take the stand in his own defense. “That was a lie,” Blanche alleged of Cohen’s testimony he spoke to Trump about moving forward with the hush money deal. Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger also tried to remind jurors that it was Trump – not Cohen – who was on trial in this case. In their first meeting, Costello said Cohen was “absolutely manic” and suicidal after the FBI raid on his properties.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Robert Costello, Michael Cohen, Trump, Cohen, ” Trump, Todd Blanche, Costello, Sandoval, , Jean Carroll, Donald J, Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Cohen –, Trump’s, Blanche, Keith Schiller, Schiller, Daniels, ” Blanche, Keith, ” Cohen, Prosecutors, Susan Hoffinger, Trump –, ” Hoffinger, , Juan Merchan, ” Merchan, Merchan, ” Costello, Emil Bove, Bob, Donald Trump, , scold Costello, Hoffinger, Rudy Giuliani, Mercahn Organizations: CNN, FBI, Publicly, Trump, New, Mr, Giuliani Locations: Wisconsin, New York, Florida
AdvertisementHere are the 10 riskiest states for your pet, the most common diseases to watch out for, and some basic tips for keeping your pet happy and healthy. Top 10 riskiest states for your petForbes Advisor created its own ranking scale based on data from all 19 diseases. Two of these 10 states, West Virginia and Maine, were also among the top three riskiest states for tick-borne diseases. The most common diseases to watch out forTicksTick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis are especially common in the spring and summer months. Fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and joint stiffness or pain are all common symptoms of these three tick-borne diseases.
Persons: , Alexandria Cremer, Peter M, Fisher, It's Organizations: Service, Forbes, Business, Center for Disease Control, American Veterinary Medical Association, York, West Virginia, Veterinary Clinic, Watch, Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, American Society for, FDA, US, MetLife, Animal Foundation Locations: Jersey, Coast, Rhode, , New Jersey , Maine , New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maine, Arkansas, South Dakota , Wisconsin, New Mexico , Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi, Brandywine
A Business Insider analysis of US Census Bureau data reveals that while 52.7% of Utah's population falls in the middle class, just 42.3% of New Yorkers are middle class. Pew Research Center defines being middle class as earning between two-thirds and double each state's median income. Still, the median income per state can be as high as $101,000 and as low as $52,700, meaning that being middle class in one state could be either lower or upper class in another state. Many on the lower end of the middle class are particularly worried about having enough to meet all their daily needs while also saving for retirement. Do you feel middle class?
Persons: Organizations: Service, Pew Research, Business, Census Locations: In Texas, Minnesota, Utah , Idaho, Alaska, States, Delaware , Wisconsin, Wyoming, Midwest, New York , Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey , Maryland, New Hampshire, . New York , California , Connecticut, Virginia, Alaska , Utah, Idaho, Washington , DC . Mississippi, West Virginia, . New York, Massachusetts , Montana, Hawaii, Colorado,
The inferno consumed the wooden structure, situated in an Iron Age settlement, killing six animals penned in the stable. The presence of a horse in the stable suggested that these people were wealthier than some of their neighbors, Olesti Vila said. The site provides important insights into the daily lives of Iberian Iron Age populations in the Pyrenees at this pivotal time in history, Arnold said in an email. During the Iron Age, when people lived in wooden homes heated by fires, buildings often accidentally burned. “This is also an indication of some kind of conflict or some kind of violent aggression,” Olesti Vila said.
Persons: Oriol Olesti Vila, Baltarga, Francesc Riart, Olesti Vila, , weren’t, , Bettina Arnold, Arnold, ” Arnold, ” Mindy Weisberger Organizations: CNN, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Wisconsin -, Scientific Locations: Iberia, Spain, Tossal, Baltarga, Iron, Hannibal, Roman Republic, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Pyrenees, , Europe
CNN —Millions across parts of the Central Plains are at risk for severe weather Sunday that could bring tornadoes, tennis ball-sized hail and damaging winds to the area. “Destructive wind swaths of 80-100 mph may occur, with localized extreme gusts exceeding 100 mph possible,” the Storm Prediction Center warned. The severe weather in Houston Thursday included a derecho with 100 mph winds. “Scattered severe storms are expected to affect the region Sunday afternoon and evening,” the National Weather Service in Wichita said. Through early next week, the Central US faces an increasing threat of severe weather and excessive rainfall, according to the National Weather Service.
Persons: “ We’re, Matt Elliott, , Storms Organizations: CNN, Storm, Storm Prediction Center, Storm Prediction, National Weather Service Locations: Central, Gulf Coast, Plains, United States, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Central Plains, Houston, Kansas, Dodge City, Salina, Hutchinson, Garden City, Hays, Wichita, Michigan , Wisconsin, Illinois, Chicago, Detroit, Mississippi, Lower Michigan, Harris County
Among likely voters, Biden is trailing Donald Trump by one point in Wisconsin and three points in Pennsylvania. Still, Biden is losing to Trump. Now he’s behind in those states by six points, nine points and 13 points in the latest Times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer poll. Have those states turned red? The electorate hasn’t turned on Democrats; a crucial group of voters has turned on Biden.
Persons: It’s, Joe Biden’s, Biden, Donald Trump, Biden didn’t, Trump, hasn’t, “ Donald Trump, , , I’ll Organizations: Trump, Philadelphia Inquirer, Arizona and, Arizona and Nevada Senate Locations: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Siena, Arizona and Nevada
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