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Blanche took Cohen through a long list of the insults he’s unleashed at Trump since becoming estranged from his former mentor, highlighting his penchant for serial lying. He drew jurors’ attention to a social media post in which Cohen wore a T-shirt that depicted Trump in jail, as he spun a narrative of bias and obsession. A key legal conundrum is whether prosecutors have so far succeeded in validating the legal theory behind the case. That foreboding realization was exacerbated by a new posse of Trump supporters at the courthouse on Tuesday, including House Speaker Mike Johnson. While Cohen’s reluctance to offer yes-and-no answers came across at times as flippant and confrontational, he did not appear to say or do anything to torpedo the prosecution case.
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New York CNN —Jury selection in Donald Trump’s hush money business fraud case began Thursday looking like the task of finding 12 jurors had run aground. Juror 11 was seated on the jury after Merchan denied Trump’s challenge to the juror for cause. Trump’s lawyers argued she should be dismissed because she said she does not like Trump’s “persona.”“I don’t like his persona,” she said. The district attorney’s office refused. Trump’s attorneys and the district attorney’s office also will get additional peremptory challenges for the alternate jurors.
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The former president’s legal status is one of the biggest wild cards heading into 2024. Even as he dominates the Republican primary and his party, Trump has been indicted on 91 felony charges, across four criminal cases in state and federal courts. We spent a day talking to our colleagues in The Times’s newsroom, trying to get answers to questions it’s surreal to even be asking. Among them: Are Republicans coalescing around a man who may soon be a convicted felon? And how much will Trump’s legal troubles collide with an election cycle that is unlike any we’ve seen before?
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Will Trump’s Barbs Land Him Behind Bars?
  + stars: | 2023-11-03 | by ( Susan Milligan | )   time to read: +9 min
It was a historic and jarring event when FBI agents searched former President Donald Trump's home last year to look for classified documents he was accused of hoarding. "Courts and prosecutors have to become normalized to the idea of detaining Trump – if he continues to violate gag orders and/or if he is convicted at trial," Signorelli says. Less-powerful defendants have been punished with time behind bars for being in contempt of court (including violating gag orders) or threatening authorities. Sam Bankman-Fried, the former billionaire crypto trader, was put behind bars in August weeks before his fraud trial after giving a media outlet private writings by a witness. While courts are sensitive to First Amendment protections – especially for someone running for president – Trump is pushing the legal envelope, Eisen says.
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And those jurors will, no doubt, face intense scrutiny, which for many is reason enough to not want to serve. In fact, a majority of Americans said they were not personally interested in serving on a jury for Mr. Trump. The demographics of those who have served also differ notably from those of the general public. Two thirds of those who have served on a jury are over 50, compared with less than half of the general public. Former jurors skew slightly more Democratic than all Americans, and men are more likely than women to have served.
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