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Richard Norris Williams survived the sinking of the Titanic by swimming to a lifeboat. Williams became the highest-ranking tennis player in the US and won an Olympic gold medal in 1924. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementRichard Norris Williams was an accomplished tennis player who competed in the 1924 Paris Olympics, but he's most famous for his incredible survival of the Titanic. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Read previewA former safety employee at OpenAI said the company is following in the footsteps of White Star Line, the company that built the Titanic. Was the path that OpenAI was on more like the Apollo program or more like the Titanic?" Apollo vs TitanicAs Saunders spent more time at OpenAI, he felt leaders were making decisions more akin to "building the Titanic, prioritizing getting out newer, shinier products." OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours by Business Insider. Meanwhile, OpenAI cofounder and former chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, who led the firm's superalignment division, resigned later that month.
Persons: , OpenAI, William Saunders, OpenAI's, Alex Kantrowitz's, Saunders, Ilya Sutskever, JACK GUEZ, Kantrowitz, he's, Saunders — Organizations: Service, White Star Line, Business, Artificial, Intelligence, White Star, Apollo, NASA, BI, OpenAI, Getty, Tech, Apple, Google, Superintelligence Inc Locations: OpenAI, Russia, AFP
The series follows an agent referred to only as the Captain (Hoa Xuande), who's half-Vietnamese and half-French. Aligned with North Vietnam, he's embedded within the South Vietnam army. Critics have generally praised the series, particularly Xuande's performance and Park's direction (in addition to showrunning duties, he directs the first three episodes). Here's a breakdown of where some reviewers stand ahead of the series premiere on HBO Sunday evening. AdvertisementVariety's Alison Herman says that splitting Downey into parts both "deploys and diffuses" the impact of his celebrity on the series.
Persons: Viet Thanh Nguyen's Pulitzer, Hoa, Critics, , Viet Thanh Nguyen, Chan, Don McKellar, he's, Robert Downey Jr, Xuande, Hopper Stone, Alan Sepinwall, IndieWire's Ben Travers, Tran Bui, Beth Dubber, weren't, Robert Downey's, Laura Sirikul, Sirikul, Variety's Alison Herman, Herman, Christopher Nolan's, Oppenheimer, Nick Schager, Downey, Sandra Oh, Park Chan, Nguyen's, Judy Berman, Rory Doherty, lauds, Doherty, Inverse's, Fred Nguyen Khan, Duy Nguyen, Sepinwall, IndieWire's Travers, Richard Lawson, Schager, Thanh, Fair's Lawson, Marina Fang Organizations: HBO, Viet Thanh, Service, Downey, Stone, Daily Locations: Viet, North Vietnam, Vietnam, United States, Korean
New York CNN —The massive cargo ship crash that destroyed the Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday will probably cost various shipping companies and insurers billions of dollars in damages. “Maritime law is steeped in antiquity. Maritime law is rooted in the need to settle disputes and enforce rules between different peoples, even before there was the concept of countries with definitive laws. That rule, known as general average, is still a guiding principle of maritime law. “it’s just a fundamental part of the way that the shipping business works,” said Martin Davies, director of the Maritime Law Center at Tulane University.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, ” Sean Pribyl, “ It’s, , Rhodes, Rhodians, Pribyl, “ it’s, Martin Davies, ” Davies, Dali, “ don’t, Davies, Chugging, Organizations: New, New York CNN, Holland, CNN, American Bar, Titanic, Star Line, White Star, Maritime Law Center, Tulane University, Grace Ocean, , Repair Company, Flint & Co, Supreme Locations: New York, Brooklyn, Baltimore, American, Great Britain, Southampton, Singapore, . Flint
The owner of the ship that crashed into the Baltimore bridge faces a mountain of potential lawsuits. Experts say the owner will likely try to invoke an 1851 law to try to cap potential damages. The Limitation of Liability Act was successfully used by the Titanic owner after the 1912 sinking. "If they're fully successful, it will cap how much they have to pay in damages," Michael Sturley, an expert in maritime law and professor at the University of Texas at Austin's School of Law, told BI. However, I must say that the way things look at present, it seems unlikely that a limitation petition will be successful."
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Currently, many personal-use products in supermarkets, such as body wash, conditioners, and other hygiene products, use a lot of single-use plastics. "It creates so much plastic waste, and shipping water for these products also creates a lot of CO2 emissions," Grange told Business Insider. This reduces water waste, which would otherwise be required to manufacture and transport these products. Amid a tougher funding environment for D2C startups in the past two years, Grange told BI that's "growth economics and product-market fit" helped them to secure funding. Check out the 16-slide pitch deck used to secure the fresh funding.
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At 8 a.m., Zan White sits in a McDonald's with a group of friends for a catchup and coffee. White, who's 100, has been driving to McDonald's to meet his friends almost every day for 36 years. AdvertisementZan White has his morning coffee routine down to a T.White, 100, said he drives two miles to his local McDonald's in Elkins, West Virginia, at around 8 a.m. to have coffee with his friends almost every day. White started going to the restaurant in 1988 after the café he used to go to closed, he told Business Insider. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Supporters of Israel rallied by the thousands on the National Mall under heavy security Tuesday, voicing solidarity in the fight against Hamas and crying “never again." The Homeland Security Department designated the march a “level 1” security event, the highest classification in its system and one usually used for the Super Bowl and other major events, two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press. The designation means the event required substantial law enforcement assistance from federal agencies, the officials said. The officials were not authorized to discuss details of the law enforcement bulletin publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Many of the demonstrators at the “March for Israel” wore Israeli flags wrapped around their shoulders, flowing behind them, or held small Israeli flags in their hands.
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There were oysters, salmon with Hollandaise sauce, beef, squab, duck, roast chicken, green peas, parsnip purée and Victoria pudding. The feast described is not a Thanksgiving meal, but a snapshot of what first-class passengers on the Titanic ate for dinner on April 11, 1912, when the ship left Queenstown, Ireland, for New York. A menu from that night, with an embossed red White Star Line flag at the top and signs of water damage, will go up for auction on Saturday at Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd in southwest England. It is expected to sell for up to 70,000 pounds, or about $86,000. The auction will include hundreds of other maritime items, including a White Star Line tartan blanket that was recovered from a Titanic lifeboat and a pocket watch owned by a second-class passenger, a Russian immigrant, who did not survive the sinking.
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(Dec. 22 in theaters)AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM Jason Momoa has to form an alliance with his brother (Patrick Wilson) to save Atlantis. Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman return for this DC sequel, along with the director James Wan. (Dec. 22 in theaters)MIGRATION A family of ducks — the Mallards — do what a lot of American families do: fly south for a winter getaway. Mike White, a long way from “The White Lotus,” wrote the screenplay for this animated feature, which has the voices of Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Awkwafina and Keegan-Michael Key, among others. (Dec. 22 in theaters)
Persons: Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, , ” Will Gluck, Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, James Wan, Sean Durkin, Von Erich, Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Mike White, , Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks, Awkwafina, Michael Key Organizations: Keegan
But a two-faced star? Janus is fairly massive for a white dwarf, with a mass 20% larger than that of our sun compressed into an object with a diameter half that of Earth. About 97% of all stars are destined to become white dwarfs when they die," Caiazzo said. Janus may represent a white dwarf in the midst of this transitional blending process, but with the puzzling development of one side being hydrogen while the other side is helium. Janus is not the only exotic white star known.
Persons: Janus, Ilaria Caiazzo, Caiazzo, Will Dunham, Daniel Wallis Organizations: Caltech, Thomson Locations: San Diego
In particular, design differences between the Titanic and Olympic, visible in photographs of the two ships, are consistent with the wreckage of Titanic being, in fact, Titanic, and making the switch theory implausible. Another of the ships, Olympic, was put into service the year before, on June 14, 1911, and retired in 1935, with many of its fixtures and fittings auctioned off before it was scrapped. Magellan and its collaborator Atlantic Productions released sample images and animations of the Titanic wreck site scans to media outlets in May 2023, which can be viewed (here), (here). Olympic’s hull number was 400, and Titanic’s was 401. “Meanwhile,” Layton said, “the Titanic’s correct hull number, 401, has been observed at the wreck site and on items recovered from the wreck.
Persons: Robert John Welch, J, Kent Layton, ” Layton, Olympic’s, Layton, Titanic’s, Tim Maltin, Read Organizations: Titanic, Facebook, National Museums Northern, White Star Lines, Olympic, Belfast shipyard, Library of Congress, Bain News Service, Getty, Magellan Ltd, Atlantic Productions, HULL, Reuters Locations: Atlantic, Belfast , Northern Ireland, National Museums Northern Ireland, Southampton, England, New York, Titanic
Such was the belief in the Titanic that safety regulations of the day were not updated to keep pace with the technology. The first version was adopted in 1914, in response to the Titanic disaster,” the International Maritime Organization (IMO) says on its website. Other SOLAS regulations linked back to the Titanic disaster include:Abandon ship drills – The Titanic captain had canceled one the day of the sinking. Lessons from TitanMaritime experts and historians have noted the Titan submersible operated outside of the regulations prompted by the Titanic disaster. The Titan submersible did not need to conform to safety regulations, since it operated in international waters.
Persons: , SOLAS, Sal Mercogliano, ” Mercogliano, , Per Wimmer, ” Wimmer, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, James Cameron, Cooper, ” Cameron, “ We’re Organizations: CNN, Titanic, Convention, OceanGate Expeditions, White Star Line, United States National Archives, of Congress, Board of Trade, Washington, SOLAS Convention, International Maritime Organization, Titan Maritime, Titan, Campbell University, States, Challenger Locations: Southampton, British, , North Carolina, , Britain, Danish
JP Morgan was behind the whole thingA portrait of JP Morgan circa 1900. Photo by Museum of the City of New York/Getty ImagesThis rumor has everything you could want in a conspiracy theory. The Federal Reserve Bank. There's a theory out there that JP Morgan sank the Titanic in order to pave the way for the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in the US. Morgan was reportedly supposed to be on the ship, but decided to skip the maiden voyage at the last second.
Persons: Morgan, JP Morgan, John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Macy's, Isidor Straus, Astor, We've, Straus, Ida, Layton, Morgan could've Organizations: Museum of, Federal Reserve Bank, Titanic, White Star, Pittsburgh Post, Gazette, US Federal Locations: City of New York, Europe
The Titanic Truthers of TikTok
  + stars: | 2023-06-16 | by ( Tiffany Hsu | Sapna Maheshwari | )   time to read: +2 min
Mr. Morgan, whose White Star Line owned the Titanic, figures prominently in Titanic lore. (In some tellings, TikTok creators have recast the villains as the wealthy Rothschild family or even the Catholic order of the Jesuits.) Evidence suggests that Mr. Morgan failed to make his date with the Titanic because he was dealing with an unexpected situation involving his European art collection. The consensus, though, is this: The Titanic sank in a terrible accident and many people died. “On a grand scale, the study of history keeps you from repeating the mistakes that were made in the past and, continually, moving forward,” said Mr. Stephenson, who is now the executive director of the USS Kidd Veterans Museum.
Persons: Morgan, Rothschild, Mr, Parks Stephenson, Cameron, Stephenson, Organizations: White Star Line, Navy, USS Kidd Veterans Museum
It supports borrowers, investors, and underwriters with its software solution. This startup is building a digital solution for the historically analog world of private credit. Private credit is an alternative asset class consisting of loans privately negotiated outside of the public debt markets. Examples of private credit include student loans taken from outside the government, small-business loans, and consumer loans. "We're ready to scale in a market and a time right now that is all in favor and support of private credit," Chu said.
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This startup is building a digital solution for the historically analog world of private credit. Private credit is an alternative asset class consisting of loans privately negotiated outside of the public debt markets. Examples of private credit include student loans taken from outside the government, small-business loans, and consumer loans. Digitizing an analog marketplaceThe private-credit market traditionally operates in an analog system, with deals being conducted over phone calls and emails and monitored on spreadsheets. "We're ready to scale in a market and a time right now that is all in favor and support of private credit," Chu said.
Persons: Nelson Chu, Chu, it's Organizations: underwriters, Goldman Sachs, Management, White Star Capital, Underwriters, Fitch Group, Juniper Locations: Chu
Kelly, 56, the Grammy-winning R&B artist, has been convicted in two separate trials of luring multiple underage girls into sex by leveraging his wealth and fame, in some case recording the abuse on video. Prosecutors have argued in a sentencing memo that Kelly is so incorrigible that "the only way to ensure Kelly does not reoffend is to impose a sentence that will keep him in prison for the rest of his life." Defense attorneys say a 56-year-old African American man with diabetes is already facing an effective life sentence with the existing 30-year term. "There was a whole culture around it and so yes I do think there's a disproportionate attention on Mr. Kelly," Bonjean said in a telephone interview. Kelly will not address the judge, Bonjean said, because he still faces prosecution in other jurisdictions and any statement could be used against him.
London-based startup Fractal Homes has raised $30 million in debt and equity funding. The property tech company offers fractional home ownership for wealthy individuals from MENA. Fractal Homes, a property tech startup that helps wealthy individuals purchase second homes in desirable cities, has raised $30 million in debt and equity funding. To date, wealthy individuals from the MENA region have struggled to access the European housing market, Fractal claims. Check out Fractal Homes' pitch deck below:
„La jeune fille sophistiquée” a fost achiziționată în 1955 direct de la sculptor și a făcut parte dintr-o colecție privată până în 2018, când a fost vândută cu 71,2 milioane de dolari la o licitație organizată în New York de Casa Christie’s. Cealaltă sculptură Brâncuși prezentă în Top 10 este „La muse endormie”, realizată în 1913 și vândută cu 57,4 milioane de dolari în 2017, tot la o licitație Christie’s în New York. Creația face parte dintr-o serie de sculpturi „Muza adormită” care se află astăzi în colecțiile unor muzee prestigioase, precum Muzeul Metropolitan de Artă din New York, Art Institute din Chicago sau Musée National d’Art Moderne din Paris. Una dintre „muze” a fost cea care a trezit interesul Americii pentru arta lui Brâncuși, după ce a fost prezentată, în 1913, la Armory Show din New York, în cadrul unei expoziții în care artiștii europeni făceau cunoștință cu iubitorii de artă americani. Cohen a cumpărat „The Rabbit” în 2019, la o licitație a Casei Christie’s, miliardarul fiind atunci reprezentat de Robert Mnuchin, tatăl lui Steven Mnuchin, Secretarul Trezoreriei americane în administrația Trump, scrie
Persons: Constantin Brâncuși, Nancy Cunard, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Brâncuși, Wyndham Lewis, Aldous Huxley, Tristan Tzara, Man Ray, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Louis Aragon, Alberto Giacometti, Lily, română Alfredo Monteverde, Alfredo, Giacometti, american Steven A . Cohen, Cohen, Picasso, Jeff Koons, Robert Mnuchin, Steven Mnuchin, Trump Organizations: Cunard, Cunard Line, Lusitania, White Star, Art Institute, baseball, Trezoreriei Locations: Atlanticului, Mauretania, SUA, New York, Chicago, Paris, Americii, marche, română, Brazilia, american, baseball New York
(video) Meniul folosit pentru ultimul prânz servit pe Titanic a fost vândut cu 88.000 de dolariUn meniu folosit în timpul ultimului prânz oficial care a fost servit pe Titanic, în urmă cu peste un secol, a fost vândut cu 88.000 de dolari la o licitaţie organizată pe internet, informează MediafaxDocumentul, care a fost recuperat din apele reci ale Atlanticului de Nord de un pasager de la clasa I, a fost vândut miercuri, unui colecţionar privat. Preţul de vânzare s-a înscris în marja estimată de specialişti, au declarat reprezentanţii casei Auctioneers Lion Heart Autographs, organizatoarea licitaţiei. În lume mai există doar alte două sau trei meniuri folosite în timpul ultimului prânz oficial servit pe Titanic. Abraham Salomon a fost unul dintre pasagerii de pe Titanic care au fost salvaţi din acel naufragiu şi s-au aflat la bordul „Lifeboat No. Meniul vândut miercuri a fost pus în vânzare de o persoană care a primit documentul de la un descendent al unuia dintre supravieţuitorii aflaţi pe „Lifeboat No.
Persons: Abraham Lincoln Salomon, Isaac Gerald Frauenthal, Salomon, Abraham Salomon, Transatlanticul Titanic, Titanicul, Veronica Organizations: Mediafax, White Star, White Star Line Locations: Atlanticului, Nord, şuncă, New York, Oceanului Atlantic, Southampton, Marea, Statele Unite, Titanicul, Belfast
Titanic a fost cel mai mare pachebot din lume în momentul plecării sale în călătoria inaugurală, din Southampton, Anglia, cu destinaţia New York, pe 10 aprilie 1912. Căpitanul picase examenul de navigaţieEdward John Smith, căpitanul Titanicului, a fost „victima” a numeroase mituri, în ultimii 103 ani. Când nava a început să se scufunde, a decis să înfrunte moartea cu demnitate. În realitate, pasagera Elizabeth Shutes a fost atât de deranjată de mirosul gheţii, încât nu a putut dormi. Un alt „ingredient” pentru dezastru a fost fenomenul de refracţie a luminii.
Persons: Titanic, James Cameron, Edward Lawrence, Charles Lightoller, pachebotul, William T ., William T . Stead, Stead, alţii, Edward John Smith, Mulţi, . Căpitanul Smith, Smith, Smith îşi, Hosono, Kate Florence Philips, Henry Morley, Kate, . Morley, îşi, Kate . Cuplul, Titanicul, Morley, Ellen, Worcester şi Ellen, Henry ., Beverley Farmer, Deborah Allen, Louise Patton, Robert Hitchins, Patton, Elizabeth Shutes, Elizabeth, Margaret Graham . Elizabeth, SS Carpathia, Celine Dion, Tim Maltin, Maltin Organizations: White Star Line, Majestic, Titanic, Worcester News, Stat, SS Locations: Southampton, Anglia, New York, Atlantic, pierzanie, Europa, Japonia, Titanic, Worcester, California, Worcester şi, britanici, Texas, Concordia, Costa Concordia
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