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These bank stocks are cheap and expected to rally
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Sarah Min | )   time to read: +2 min
These bank stocks are cheap and expected to jump, according to CNBC Pro. The bank stock has underperformed this year, down more than 7%. But it's expected to surge 19% to its consensus price target, and has a forward P/E of 10.6. The stock is expected to gain 17% from here, and looks relatively cheap with its 10.1 forward P/E. It has a forward P/E of just 8.4.
Persons: Wells, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, It's, Stephens Organizations: CNBC Pro, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Silicon Valley Bank, Regional Banking, CNBC, KBW Nasdaq, U.S, Bancorp, U.S . Bancorp, Western Alliance, East West Bancorp Locations: Wells Fargo, Silicon
The turmoil surrounding Biden’s future is creating a grim mood inside the White House, CNN’s MJ Lee reported. • If that happens, would senior party leaders be willing to go to the president and argue that his position is unsustainable? There is an almost surreal quality to the frenzied political debate as Biden digs in. There would be no guarantee that a new standard-bearer would do better than Biden, who has already beaten Trump once. Black Democratic voters helped to rescue Biden’s primary campaign in 2020 and to put him in the White House.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Biden, Donald Trump, Hakeem Jeffries, Sen, Mark Warner, , Connecticut Sen, Chris Murphy, , ” Biden, Trump, CNN’s MJ Lee, Biden –, Kamala Harris –, laud, Joe Biden, ” Murphy, Dana Bash, Adam Schiff, Murphy, Schiff, lacerated Trump, Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, “ I’m, It’s, Joyce Beatty, “ shouldn’t, CNN’s Ebony Davis, Eva McKend, he’s, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, Lyndon Johnson, Gerry Connolly, CNN’s Pamela Brown, Joe Biden didn’t, ” Connolly, Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Sen, John Fetterman, Bob Casey Organizations: CNN, Democrats, White House, Virginia Democrat, Sunday, Union, Democratic, ABC News, West Wing, Democratic Party Among, Biden, , Press, California Democrat, Capitol, ABC, Congressional Black Caucus, Ohio, CBC, NATO, Airy, of God, Black Democratic, Pennsylvania Gov, Pennsylvania, Trump, Republican National Convention, Democratic National Convention Locations: Connecticut, “ State, Pennsylvania, Trump, Atlanta, California, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Harrisburg , Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, Harrisburg, , Michigan, Ukraine, Milwaukee
How far will nations go today in using economic sanctions to punish their enemies? I’m interested in the case of, once again, Russia. It appears that the United States is willing to hit Russia over its invasion of Ukraine a lot harder than the Europeans are. This week I interviewed Wally Adeyemo, the deputy Treasury secretary, who is the department’s point person on economic sanctions. Adeyemo, who immigrated from Nigeria as a child with his family, has a law degree from Yale and a broad remit that includes national security as well as economic inequality.
Persons: Nicholas Mulder, I’m, Wally Adeyemo Organizations: Cornell, Yale Locations: British, Russia, United States, Ukraine, Nigeria
The Sticking Points That Kept Russia and Ukraine ApartRussia and Ukraine failed to agree on a range of critical issues when they held peace talks in the spring of 2022. Russia’s Position Russia demanded that Ukraine never join NATO or other alliances; host foreign military bases or weapons; or conduct military exercises with other countries without its consent. Russia’s Position Russia agreed to much of Ukraine’s security guarantees proposal but with key exceptions. Russia’s Position Russia’s stance has also fluctuated. Russia’s Position But Russia’s definition of “denazification” shifted quickly after its initial invasion failed.
Persons: Vladimir V, Putin, , Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia’s, Organizations: The New York Times, NATO, European Union, Ukraine’s, Crimea ”, Ukraine, Mr, Russia’s, ” International, United Nations Locations: Russia, Ukraine, United States, France, China, guarantors, Belarus, Turkey, Territory, Crimea, Moscow, Ukrainian, Russian
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden is leading the world’s richest democracies in sending a beefed-up message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the West will not forsake Ukraine despite political shocks casting doubts over its commitment. A flurry of new Western plans to help UkraineStill, the latest Western plans to help Ukraine send a strong message of intent. The sanctions target foreign financial firms aiding Putin’s war effort, restrict Russian access to some US software and information technology. Russian advances on the battlefieldThese are substantial and credible political, economic and political demonstrations of support for Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Zelensky has always chafed at the self-imposed limits of Western support for his war effort that are a symptom of Biden’s core aim of avoiding a direct NATO confrontation with Russia.
Persons: Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, ” Biden, , Donald Trump, Trump, lionizes Putin, wobbling, , George H.W, George H.W . Bush, Janet Yellen, ” — Biden, Zelensky, ” Jake Sullivan, Wesley Clark, ” Clark, they’ve, , Kamala Harris, Sullivan, John Kirby, Putin Organizations: Washington CNN, Republican Party, Capitol, Republican, CNN, NATO, Big, Union, Ukraine, Trump, Biden, Air Force, Hudson Institute, Kremlin, Kyiv, West, White House National Security Council Locations: Russian, Ukraine, Italy, Normandy, Europe, United States, France, Germany, George H.W ., Russia, Britain, Japan, Canada, NATO, Washington, Kyiv, Cuba, China, Iran, Israel, Ukrainian, Switzerland
Geopolitical empires like Russia and China are, meanwhile, resurgent and threatening to obliterate the global system dominated by Western values that has prevailed since World War II. Trump’s “America First” philosophy has taken deep root in the Republican Party that once prided itself on winning the Cold War. For many years after World War II, D-Day commemorations lacked the fanfare and high diplomatic and political significance they carry today. The speech came at a particularly contentious moment in the Cold War with tensions high between Washington and the Soviet Union. The strength of America’s allies is vital to the United States, and the American security guarantee is essential to the continued freedom of Europe’s democracies.
Persons: Joe Biden, Adolf Hitler’s, Donald Trump’s, he’d, Biden, Vladimir Putin, Washington, autocrats . Biden, they’d, , , George H.W, George H.W . Bush, Trump’s, Trump, Charles Kupchan, “ It’s, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Volodymyr Zelensky, Hitler, Putin, Britain’s, Charles III, Queen Elizabeth II, Emmanuel Macron, Ronald Reagan, Reagan, ” Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, , “ We’ve Organizations: CNN, NATO, Republican Party, GOP, District of Columbia, Council, Foreign Relations, Ukrainian, Soviet, US Army Rangers, Rangers, Soviet Communist Party Locations: Normandy, France, Ukraine, Russia, China, Germany, Japan, United States, Europe, British, Omaha Beach, , George H.W ., Iraq, Afghanistan, Paris, Pointe, Omaha and Utah, Pointe du Hoc, Washington, Soviet Union, America
Before losing her home state’s primary to Trump earlier this year, Haley lashed out at Republicans who backed Trump despite privately despairing over him. They’re just too afraid to say it out loud.”Now Haley is saying out loud she’s voting for Trump. Haley seeks to preserve her futureThere is every sign that Haley wants to run again for president once Trump finally leaves the stage. Trump has made no effort to appeal to Haley voters during the march to the nomination despite his dire need to court suburban voters. “Rightly or wrongly, chaos follows (Trump),” Haley complained at almost every event.
Persons: Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, , couldn’t, Joe Biden, , ” Haley, Haley, Trump, Biden, , They’re, Ted Cruz, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, I’m, Cruz, There’s, Liz Cheney, repudiating, John Bolton, ” Bolton, CNN’s Wolf, Haley –, Ron DeSantis, “ There’s, they’d, Ronald Reagan’s, Bush, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, “ Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper, Tapper, Putin Organizations: CNN, South, Trump, United Nations, president’s, Harvard Law School, Democrats, Wyoming, GOP, Vermont, Florida Gov, Republicans, Hudson Institute, Republican, freeloading, NATO, Hampshire Locations: South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Florida, Iowa, Georgia, New Hampshire, Russian, North Korean, Europe, Asia, United States, Columbia , South Carolina
One of those programs is iFi Ai, an investment information firm powered by IBM's Watsonx. IFi AI takes in a wide range of market signals and data to make projections about where individual stocks will go next. One of the outputs from the iFi AI model is a 30-day projected price return. The iFi AI model sees a gain of 23%. The iFi AI model is not the only entity bullish on Schwab.
Persons: Ai, IBM's Watsonx, Ron Insana, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, iFi, Piper Sandler, Matthew Clark, Charles Schwab, Schwab Organizations: CNBC, Paramount Global, Paramount, Sony, Skydance Media, Western Alliance
Intuitive Surgical — Shares of the robotic surgery firm popped 3% after posting a first quarter earnings and revenue beat. Western Alliance — Shares slipped 2% after the firm missed earnings expectations in its latest quarter. Western Alliance reported earnings of $1.60 per share, while FactSet had estimated this at $1.64 per share. The company slightly missed revenue expectations, however, posting $20.20 billion, while analysts expected $20.41 billion. American Express — Shares slid 1.5% despite the financial services company posting a first-quarter earnings and revenue beat above FactSet estimates.
Persons: Ashley Helgans, Sephora, Shopify, Morgan Stanley, Wells, Biden, SLB, LSEG, FactSet, Proctor, Gamble, — CNBC's Hakyung, Jesse Pound, Samantha Subin Organizations: Jefferies, Netflix, Energy, Western, Western Alliance, Paramount, New York Times, Bloomberg, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Apollo Global Management, Skydance Media, Bentley Systems, Schneider Electric, American, American Express Locations: Canada, Wells, North America, — CNBC's Hakyung Kim, Tanana
Intuitive Surgical — Shares of the provider of robotic-assisted surgical solutions rose 1% after the company posted stronger-than-expected results. Western Alliance — The regional bank stock fell less than 1% in extended trading after the firm posted disappointing earnings. Western Alliance posted an EPS of $1.60 for the latest quarter, 4 cents below a FactSet estimate. KB Home – The homebuilder advanced nearly 2% after announcing that its board of directors authorized a new $1 billion share repurchase. KB Home also hiked its dividend to 25 cents a share from 20 cents, payable on May 23.
Organizations: Netflix, Western Alliance, PPG Industries, KB
The New Great-Power Politics
  + stars: | 2024-04-12 | by ( David Leonhardt | )   time to read: +1 min
The Houthis, the Iran-backed militia that controls much of Yemen, have disrupted the global economy by firing on commercial ships traveling through the Red Sea. But the Houthis have made some exceptions: Ships from China and Russia are allowed to pass without being attacked. This policy, formalized with a diplomatic agreement last month, is the latest sign that the world has entered a new period of great power politics. On the other side are China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as well as Iran-backed groups like the Houthis. These authoritarian powers “are more and more aligned,” Jens Stoltenberg, the head of NATO, the Western alliance, told the BBC this week.
Persons: ” Jens Stoltenberg Organizations: NATO, BBC Locations: Iran, Yemen, China, Russia, United States, Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, Soviet Union, North Korea
Plus, falling interest rates and continued economic growth would be tailwinds. The aforementioned catalysts are still in place — including interest rate cuts, as investors discovered a day earlier. Until then, the firm believes bank stocks can outperform into the first-quarter earnings season. 6 regional bank stocks worth buyingThe continued rally in financials will be powered in large part by regional banks, BofA believes. "We see the capital markets momentum continuing into 2025, which should drive investor interest in both stocks," Poonawala wrote.
Persons: Financials, Ebrahim Poonawala, Poonawala, BofA, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Charlie Scharf, Jamie Dimon Organizations: of America, Business, Federal Reserve, Investors, Bank of America, First Bancorp, FNB Corp, Truist, US Bancorp, Western Alliance, JPMorgan, Wall, titans Locations: financials, Wells Fargo
Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft speaks with reporters on Jan. 23 in Jefferson City, Missouri. In Wyoming, a GOP state senator forwarded an FGA draft bill to Secretary of State Chuck Gray that would prohibit sending out unsolicited absentee ballot request forms. Emails show the group strategized with the secretary of state’s office for weeks leading up to Ashcroft proposing his own such rule last January. FGA notches wins with weakened child labor lawsFGA’s lobbying group, The Opportunity Solutions Project, spearheads its efforts at the state level. Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesFGA also continues its push at the state level across the country to enact its policy priorities.
Persons: State Jay Ashcroft, , Ashcroft, Kacen Bayless, FGA, , Chuck Gray, ” Gray, Gray, , Joe Biden’s, Jay, Daniel Garrett, Garrett, “ It’s, Missouri’s, Scott Fitzpatrick, BlackRock, ” Fitzpatrick, Mark Felix, Fitzpatrick, ALEC, Andy Puzder, Carls Jr, ” Puzder, Kristina Shelton, Puzder, ” Kristina Shelton, they’ve, Tarren Bragdon, Rebecca Burkes, It’s, Tyson, , Bragdon, Sarah Bryner, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Paul Renner, Donald Trump, Chip Somodevilla, Shelton, ” Shelton Organizations: CNN, State, Republican, Foundation, Government, Missouri, Kansas City Star, Tribune, Service, GOP, Ashcroft, Conservative, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, National, University of Pennsylvania, Brookings Institution, Exxon, BlackRock, ” BlackRock, Energy, ExxonMobil, Washington Post, American Legislative Exchange Council, Heritage Foundation, Heritage, Boston, Wisconsin Democratic, FGA, Solutions, Tyson Foods Inc, George’s Inc, US Department of Labor, Solutions Project, Daily, The Heritage Foundation, Alliance, Trump, Florida Governor, Bragdon, Florida House, House, FBI, Justice Department, Department of Education, Center, Pleaides Locations: Missouri, Texas, Jefferson City , Missouri, Wyoming, Kansas , Indiana, BlackRock, Florida, ExxonMobil Baytown, Baytown , Texas, Washington, ” Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa, Park City , Utah, DeSantis, Rome , Georgia
Small-cap stocks have had a shaky start in 2024, but UBS thinks the sector is worth looking at as a potential broader market rally could boost the sector. Year to date, the Russell 2000 index of small companies is up 2% while the S & P 500 has gained 6.6%. "We view the expectations around interest rates coming down as incrementally a more supportive backdrop for SMID stocks," UBS analyst Joseph Parkhill wrote in a note last week, referring to small- to mid-cap stocks. With these factors in mind, UBS analysts compiled their list of high conviction, small- and mid-cap names which the bank believes have a unique investment thesis behind them. U.S.-traded shares of Zurich-based On have surged more than 22% in 2023, bringing the past 12 months' rally to 45%.
Persons: Russell, Joseph Parkhill, Roger Federer, Jay Sole, Brody Preston, Preston, WAL, Joshua Chan, There's, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: UBS, Federal, LSEG, Western Alliance Bancorp Locations: ., Zurich, Phoenix, Aramark, Wall
CNN —House Speaker Mike Johnson has the fate of a democracy and a people in his hands. It’s not the United States, which will survive – even if the coming general election results in another existential test for the constitutional system. Johnson, a backbencher who was the last-ditch choice to lead the mutinous House GOP majority last year, could relieve Ukraine’s agony and help ensure its survival as an independent nation in the coming days. Nothing can be guaranteed in a fractious Congress, with a House GOP majority that has rendered the United States close to ungovernable and is threatening America’s global leadership role. And history is watching whether Speaker Johnson will put that bill on the floor.
Persons: Mike Johnson, It’s, Johnson, Vladimir Putin, , Donald Trump, speakership, Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy, Volodymyr Zelensky, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, McCarthy, Hakeem Jeffries, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer —, , Jake Sullivan, ” Sullivan, Putin, ” Trump, Trump, Biden, ” Rep, Byron Donalds of, ” Zelensky, , ” Johnson, David Cameron, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Radoslaw Sikorski, ” Sikorski, CNN’s “ Fareed Zakaria, Seth Moulton of, Xi, ” Moulton, Frederick Kagan Organizations: CNN —, GOP, Pentagon, Democratic Senate, White, Trump, Republican, Democratic, Ukraine, ” Biden, Biden, Washington, Democrats, House Republicans, , CNN, British, ” Democratic, Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, CNN News Central, NATO, American Enterprise Institute Locations: United States, Ukraine, Russia, Kyiv, Louisiana, Western, Moscow, ungovernable, “ State, America, America’s, Byron Donalds of Florida, Zelensky, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, British, Asia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Ukrainian
CNN —There is a simple reason why many Republicans will snub Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s desperate plea for billions of dollars in arms and ammunition. He told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins in an interview in Kyiv Sunday that Republicans such as Trump ally Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance – who have been speaking out against more Ukraine aid – do not comprehend the stakes of the conflict. How Trump transformed the GOPThe Ukraine war funding showdown highlights how America’s domestic politics are already reverberating around the globe. The splits in the GOP over Ukraine were exposed last week when 26 Senate Republicans voted against the bill containing Israel and Ukraine aid while 22 backed it.
Persons: Volodymyr Zelensky’s, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, It’s, Zelensky, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Ohio Sen, J.D, Vance –, , ” Zelensky, Trump, Mitch McConnell, Vladimir Putin, Putin –, III, Biden –, Putin, Alexey Navalny, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W, Bush, Matt Gaetz, ” Trump, Mike Johnson –, Biden, Johnson, ” Jake Sullivan, CNN’s Dana, , • There’s, Vance, ” Vance, ’ ”, ” Zelensky –, CNN’s Collins, Avdiivka –, he’s Organizations: CNN, America, Republican, Kyiv Sunday, Trump, Ohio, GOP, NATO, Party, Trump Republicans, Conservative Political, Florida, Ukraine, White, Ukraine –, Munich, Conference, Republicans Locations: Europe, Russia, United States, Ukraine, Kyiv, Soviet, Washington, America, Mexico, “ State, South Carolina, European, China, Taiwan, Avdiivka, Israel, There’s
Putin looms over a third successive US election
  + stars: | 2024-02-22 | by ( Stephen Collinson | )   time to read: +12 min
CNN —“Russia, Russia, Russia.”Ex-President Donald Trump’s scathing catch phrase for a torrent of investigations during his administration also serves as an apt catch-all for the current meltdown over Moscow roiling US politics. But Russia and its leader, whom President Joe Biden described as a “crazy S.O.B.” at a Wednesday fundraiser, won’t go away. All the ways Putin is playing in US politicsPutin is advancing Russian interests against the US on multiple fronts. Putin recently formalized his warming ties with North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un by presenting him with a new limousine. The Russian leader was particularly incensed by the US-led operation to topple Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.
Persons: CNN —, , Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden, won’t, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Ukraine –, , Alexander Smirnov, , Trump, Smirnov, Biden, it’s, Putin can’t, ” Douglas, Alexey Navalny, Biden lambasts Trump, ” Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, he’s, he’d, Mike Turner, Ksenia, Paul Whelan –, Evan Gershkovich, Geopolitically, Kim Jong Un, George W, Bush, Barack Obama, Moammar Gadhafi, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, “ We’ll, Mueller Organizations: CNN, Kremlin, United States, European NATO, , Moscow, House Republicans, GOP, CIA, NATO, Republican Party, Republicans, Republican, Trump, Marine, Wall Street, Putin, Biden, US, Democratic Locations: Russia, Moscow, United States, China, Soviet, East Germany, United, Ukraine, Russian, European, Washington, Asia, Sweden, Finland, Berlin –, Europe, Ukrainian, California, North Korea, Iran, Crimea, Helsinki, Geneva
CNN —US politics is now split by a fault line over Russia that could have far graver global implications even than condemning Ukraine to defeat after President Vladimir Putin’s invasion. Trump has also not repudiated his recent comment that he’d invite Russia to invade NATO nations that fell short of non-binding targets on defense spending. Aside from the mysterious hold that Putin appears to exert over Trump, the ex-president’s hostility towards Ukraine is easily explainable. Opposing aid to Ukraine is also an almost perfect issue for the ex-president and his allies in the GOP primary. These pressures weigh on Republican lawmakers as they cast increasingly tough votes on Ukraine aid.
Persons: Vladimir Putin’s, Donald Trump, Trump, Mike Johnson –, Johnson, Joe Biden, Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia’s, ” Biden, Zelensky, , Alexey Navalny, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Putin’s, Putin, Trump’s, Kevin McCarthy’s, hasn’t, Ohio Sen, JD Vance, Ukraine “, Vladimir Putin, ” Vance, Barack Obama, , , Vance, Nikki Haley, Haley, Sen, Pete Ricketts, Ricketts, ’ ” Ricketts, , ’ ”, It’s, Mitch McConnell Organizations: CNN, Donald Trump Republicans, NATO, Trump, GOP, Senate, Republican, Soviet, European Union, Russian, Republican Party, Republicans, Munich, Ohio, United, Chicago Council, Global Affairs, Trump Republicans, Ukraine Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Avdiivka, Russian, Kremlin, America, United States, Munich, China, , Ohio, Crimea, East Asia, Beijing, Moscow, Iran, North Korea, we’re, ’ ” The Nebraska, Soviet Union
One silver lining is that inflation generally corresponds with higher rates on savings accounts. CDs and high-yield savings accounts currently earn more interest on your money. AdvertisementHere are some smart moves you can make to get the most out of your money when inflation is high:Shop around for higher interest rates on savingsIncreased inflation generally corresponds with higher interest rates paid by high-yield savings accounts. High-yield savings accounts are designed to make your money grow in a way a typical savings account can't. Boost Your Savings Western Alliance Bank's savings account offers an industry leading APY.
Persons: Organizations: Service, U.S . Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal, Savings, Savings Western Alliance
To earn interest on Cash App Savings, you must be at least age 18, have a Cash App personal account, and own a Cash App Card. How Cash App Savings worksYou'll need at least $1 to open Cash App Savings. Cash App Savings FAQsDoes Cash App Savings have interest? Yes, Cash App Savings now pays up to 4.50% APY if you're at least 18 and have a Cash App Card. Money in Cash App Savings is safe if you have a Cash App Card.
Persons: you'll, Cash, There's Organizations: Savings, Cash, FDIC, Wells Fargo Bank, Wells, Milli Bank, First National Bank of, Western Alliance Bank, Western Alliance, Yield, . Western Alliance, BrioDirect, Webster Bank, BrioDirect Savings, Banking, Flagstar Bank Locations: Wells Fargo, First National Bank of Omaha
Charles Schwab Learn More Minimum deposit and balance Minimum deposit and balance requirements may vary depending on the investment vehicle selected. How are required minimum distributions calculated? Everyone's financial circumstances are different, but there are some strategies that could reduce the tax implications of required minimum distributions. You can also calculate your required minimum distributions using the IRS' life expectancy chart. And if you've already been taking required minimum distributions, don't be surprised if they're larger this year.
Persons: RMDs, , Charles Schwab, Schwab, Roth, Roth IRAs, it's, John, you'll, You'd, Kevin Martin, David John, There's, they've, Rita Assaf Organizations: Schwab, Trading, Organization, IRS, Social, Tax, H, AARP, Institute, Bank, Western Alliance Bank, Alliance Bank, FDIC, CNBC, Brookings, Fidelity Investments, CNBC Select's, Facebook, Twitter Locations: LendingClub, N.A
There are opportunities in the banking sector despite a rise in volatility and concern over steep losses at some lenders, according to fund manager Cole Smead. The stock makes up 1.36% of the Smead Value Fund . He believes UniCredit's share buybacks while the shares trade below book value will drive book value growth higher than the current 8% return on equity. "When you buy back shares below book, there is a multiplier effect on book value growth," Smead explained. The fund manager expects UniCredit will trade above book value over the next 12-18 months and use its stock to pursue further acquisitions.
Persons: Cole Smead, Switzerland's, Julius Baer, Smead, CNBC's, RoE, UniCredit Organizations: Smead Capital, Western Alliance Bank, KBW, New York Community Bancorp, Investors, Western Alliance Bank's, CNBC Pro Locations: Europe, U.S
What’s really going on with bank stocks
  + stars: | 2024-02-02 | by ( Elisabeth Buchwald | )   time to read: +4 min
Word quickly spread on Wall Street that the regional bank was under pressure, igniting a bout of selling of other bank stocks over fears of contagion. The KBW Regional Banking Index closed down 6% on Wednesday. Unlike many fellow regional banks, it held on to the vast majority of its deposits. He also highlighted that the banks’ losses were tied to faulty office building loans. The selloff that hit other regional bank stocks is “likely overdone given idiosyncratic factors tied to NYCB,” Bank of America analysts said in a note on Thursday.
Persons: Zions, NYCB, Thomas Cangemi, Chris Marinac, Janney Montgomery Scott, CNN he’s, , ” NYCB, That’s, It’s, isn’t, ” Marinac, Organizations: New, New York CNN, Federal Reserve, New York Community Bancorp, Western Alliance Bancorp, York Community Bancorp, Bank, CNN, ” Bank of America, Aozora Bank, First Republic, Valley Bank Locations: New York, ZION, York
U.S. regional banking shares tumble for second straight day
  + stars: | 2024-02-01 | by ( )   time to read: +2 min
The KBW Regional Banking Index slipped 4.8% after seeing its biggest single-day decline since the collapse of Signature Bank in March last year. NYCB shares lost another 13.4% of their value and were last trading at $5.60. The frenzied selling in banking shares has rekindled fears about regional lenders, even as many analysts and investors said the problems at NYCB were mostly unique. Western Alliance Bancorp's shares fell nearly 11%, while those of Valley National Bancorp dropped 8.8%. Comerica's shares fell 5.8%.
Persons: NYCB, Martin Rauchenwald, Arthur D, Steven Alexopoulos, Alexopoulos, Moody's, Western Alliance Bancorp's Organizations: New York Community Bank, U.S, New York Community Bancorp, Signature Bank, Flagstar Bank, Jefferies, Western Alliance, National Bancorp Locations: Yonkers , New York, U.S, NYCB
Meanwhile, analysts polled by LSEG, formerly known as Refinitiv, forecast earnings of 81 cents per share and $4.34 billion in revenue. Peloton — Shares fell more than 23% on the back of the company's bleak outlook for the current quarter and full-year sales. Peloton is forecasting sales to come in between $700 million and $725 million for the quarter. Analysts polled by LSEG expected revenue of $9.70 billion. Adjusted earnings per share came in at $2.10 versus the $1.66 expected from analysts polled by StreetAccount.
Persons: Robinson, Nextracker, Wolfspeed, MaxLinear, Qorvo, TD Cowen, Gabe Daoud Jr, — CNBC's Pia Singh, Lisa Kailai Han, Jesse Pound, Hakyung Kim, Spencer Kimball, Scott Schnipper Organizations: LSEG, , Honeywell, New York Community Bank, Regional Banking, Western Alliance, T Bank, Norfolk Southern, Ancora Holdings, Street Journal, Merck —, Merck, FactSet, StreetAccount, Revenue, Qualcomm, Citi
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