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People living in RVs or cars has surged in Bozeman, Montana, as housing costs have spiked. "Urban camping" has made the city's unhoused population more visible. City officials say the number of Bozeman residents living in their RVs or cars spiked by 200% in two years, according to Montana PBS, which cited the city. "This — with urban camping, RVs, more cars — This is a recent phenomenon." "First, these folks are our residents too," the city website says when discussing how it's addressing urban camping.
Persons: , Terry Cunningham, Mayor Cunningham, Steven Ankney Organizations: Service, West ., Montana PBS, Bozeman, PBS, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Resource Development Council Locations: RVs, Bozeman , Montana, Bozeman, Montana, , West, West . Bozeman, Yellowstone, Gallatin County
Oil prices eased in early trade on Thursday as concerns about a potential slowdown in the U.S. economy amid prospects for delayed interest rate cuts outweighed worries over the risk of expanding conflict in the Middle East. Oil prices eased in early trade on Thursday as concerns about a potential slowdown in the U.S. economy amid prospects for delayed interest rate cuts outweighed worries over the risk of expanding conflict in the Middle East. Israel also said it was moving forward with plans for an all-out assault on Rafah in the south. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, data on Wednesday indicated U.S. crude oil inventories unexpectedly fell last week as exports jumped, while gasoline stockpiles decreased less than forecast. "The data provided a temporary boost to oil prices, but it didn't seem to last long," Fujitomi's Tazawa said.
Persons: Toshitaka Tazawa, Fujitomi's Tazawa Organizations: Brent, U.S . West Texas, Fujitomi Securities Co Ltd, U.S . Federal Reserve, Energy Information Administration, EIA Locations: U.S, East, Iran, Israel, Gaza, Rafah
Bitcoin is set for more price gains later this year, even after a recent retreat in prices, according to Standard Chartered's top crypto analyst. Geoffrey Kendrick, head of foreign exchange research, West, and digital assets research at Standard Chartered, said in a research note this week that he sees bitcoin rising to $150,000 per coin, and ether hitting $8,000 by the end of 2024 — doubling down on a bullish prediction from the bank earlier this year. Bitcoin temporarily sank below $60,000 last week as traders reacted to news of an escalating military conflict between Iran and Israel. Also, large long liquidations over the past couple of weeks mean that market positioning is a lot cleaner," Kendrick said. "As a result, with Middle East tensions easing I think it is time to re-engage in medium-term longs."
Persons: Geoffrey Kendrick, Kendrick, Bitcoin, bitcoin, That's Organizations: Standard Chartered, BTC, ETH, Securities and Exchange Commission, Treasury, HK Locations: Israel, Iran, United States, U.S
A local London pub that’s been thrust into an unexpected spotlight and onto the tourist map, thanks to musician Taylor Swift. Unexpected fameThe Black Dog pub is in an unassuming residential area of Vauxhall in south London. Taylor Swift fans Jenna Spackey and Maddie Essig came to check out The Black Dog pub after listening to the song. The Black Dog pub says the past few days have been "immense." Hageman compares “The Black Dog” song to a “fable” – it’s probably not based entirely in reality.
Persons: CNN — It’s, that’s, Taylor Swift, Francesca Street, Swift, Joe Alwyn, , Matty Healy, ” Taylor Swift, Lionel Hahn, Swifties, Maddie Essig, “ Joe, Taylor, , , Essig, Jenna Spackey, they’ve, Spackey, ” –, Alwyn – Swift, Toby Melville, There’s, Lily Bottomley, ” Bottomley, Bottomley, “ We’re, ” There’s, Bottomley – it’s, “ We’ve, Healy, Bottomley won’t, she’s “, there’s, ” Swift, Strasburg, Katie Hageman, ’ ”, she’s, Hageman, it’s Organizations: CNN, Poets Department, Golden Globe, CNN Travel, Vauxhall, Department, Reuters, Brentford –, SC Soho, Wembley, London Locations: Vauxhall, London, British, Baltimore , Maryland, Houston , Texas, Brixton, Shoreditch, Highgate, Brentford, Cork, Ireland, Blanc, , Florida, Strasburg, Avangeline Strasburg, Hageman
Read previewPlenty of context is required to understand why Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are paired in new headlines this week — especially since, to the public's knowledge, they haven't interacted in years. It all started when Kardashian released clips of a phone call between Swift and Ye, without Swift's knowledge or permissionTaylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian at the 2015 Grammys. Kardashian's footage shows the rapper reading Swift the original line, "I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex," which she approvingly described as "obviously very tongue-in-cheek." Swift also liked a BuzzFeed headline that argues, "Everyone Owes Taylor Swift An Apology," among others, including a fan-made "Taylor told the truth mood board." AdvertisementIn 2024, Swift's song Thank You Aimee' reignited interest in her fued with KardashianTaylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.
Persons: , Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Swift, Aimee, aIMee, Kardashian, Kardashian's, Kanye West, Ye, Kanye, Larry Busacca, Pablo, Taylor, Beyoncé should've, Beyoncé, Tree Paine, KimExposedTaylorParty, egged, — Kim Kardashian, Rolling Stone, Kardashian Taylor Swift, Kevin Mazur, Dave J Hogan, Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage, It's, I'm, you've, didn't, Nobody, Paine, Cassandra, Jeff Kravitz, Steve Granitz, FilmMagic Swift, KIM Organizations: Service, Department, Business, Swift, Guardian, Kanye, YouTube, WHO, World Health Organization, America, Poets Department
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss became inseparable after meeting at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. AdvertisementThe friendship of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss dates back to 2013, when the musician and the supermodel met backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. AdvertisementApril 2014: Kloss and Swift are spotted together in New York CityTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss often spent time together in New York City. November 23, 2014: Swift brings Kloss as her date to the American Music AwardsTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss at the 2014 AMAs. July 11, 2015: Kloss appears at another of Swift's concerts in New JerseyTaylor Swift's friends went to her concert in New Jersey.
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What it actually means has varied in scope, and level of detail. At Yale and Cornell, students have called on the universities to stop investing in weapons manufacturers. Columbia students are demanding the sale of holdings in funds and businesses that activists say are profiting from Israel’s invasion of Gaza, and the longer-term occupation of Palestinian lands — including Google, which has a large contract with the Israeli government, and Airbnb, which allows listings in Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank. Researchers say the impact of any divestment would ultimately be negligible on the businesses and on Israel. They add that if universities give up votes as shareholders at the companies, divestment could even be counterproductive in pressuring companies to change their practices.
Persons: ” “ Organizations: Columbia University, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Google, West Bank Locations: Upper Manhattan, , Gaza, Israel
[laufey, "misty"]archived recording (laufey) (SINGING) Look at me I’m as hopeless as a kittenanna martinShe got her start in the most Gen Z way possible — on TikTok. [laufey, "falling behind"]archived recording (laufey) (SINGING) Everybody’s falling in love And I’m falling behindanna martinToday, Laufey reads an essay called “An Anxious Person Tries to Be Chill,” by Coco Mellors. And so, I think that’s kind of what we’re always itching for, that sense of love, even though it’s not really love. laufeyWell, the first love song I wrote, called “Best Friend.” I’d never been in love before, and I wanted to write a love song. archived recording (laufey) [SCATTING]: You’re my best friend in the world [MUSIC PLAYING]anna martinNext week, I talk with model and writer Emily Ratajkowski.
Persons: anna martin, ” I’m Anna Martin, Laufey, anna martin She, , you’re, Everybody’s, Coco Mellors, won’t, anna martin Laufey, you’ve, Matt Haig, Madeline Miller, It’s, laufey, it’s, Paul Newman, , , didn’t, Henry, ’ Henry didn’t, I’d, I’m, ’ Henry, anna martin Man, , Laufey’s, ghosting, Coco Mellor’s, avoidant, I’ve, Boston, Let’s, hadn’t, Coco, she’s, he’s, anna martin Right, that’s, anna martin I, We’ll, ” I’d, ” anna martin Aw, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily’s, emily ratajkowski Organizations: The New York Times, Gay, Boston Locations: TikTok, West, Central, , Los Angeles, , Boston, It’s, what’s
About 90,000 NATO troops have been training in Europe this spring for the Great Power war that most hope will never come: a clash between Russia and the West with potentially catastrophic consequences. In Estonia, paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Liberty, N.C., jumped out of planes alongside soldiers from Colchester Garrison in Essex, Britain, for “forcible entry” operations. In Lithuania, German soldiers arrived as a brigade stationed outside Germany on a permanent basis for the first time since World War II. And on the A4 autobahn in eastern Germany, a U.S. Army captain and his Macedonian counterpart rushed toward the Suwalki Gap — the place many war planners predict will be the flashpoint for a NATO war with Russia — hoping the overheated radiator on their Stryker armored combat vehicle wouldn’t kill the engine.
Persons: Russia — Organizations: NATO, Great, 82nd Airborne, Colchester Garrison, U.S . Army, Macedonian Locations: Europe, Russia, Estonia, Fort Liberty, N.C, Essex, Britain, Lithuania, Germany
Kyiv, Ukraine CNN —As the US prepares to transfer significant military aid to Ukraine following the Senate passing funding legislation worth $61 billion, reports from eastern Ukraine continue to highlight Kyiv’s sliding fortunes on the battlefield. Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty ImagesUkrainian soldiers on the front lines have spoken of being badly outgunned by Russian forces. A Ukrainian military blogger, Bohdan Myroshnykov, wrote, “In Novobakhmutivka, the enemy made progress in the village, advancing up to 400 meters in depth. Meanwhile, around Chasiv Yar, about 40 kilometers to the north, both Ukrainian and Russian reports suggest Ukraine has succeeded in stopping Russian advances, at least for the moment. Oleksandr Ratushniak/Reuters“In the Chasiv Yar direction, the offensive of the Russian forces ‘stalled’ on the eastern outskirts,” a Russian military blogger, Wargonzo, reports, though fierce fighting continues, the site adds.
Persons: DeepState –, , Biden, Joe Biden, Charly Triballeau, Volodymyr Zelensky, Bohdan Myroshnykov, , DeepState, Ukraine’s Eastern Command –, Oleksandr Ratushniak, , Ukraine’s DeepState, Oleksandr Syrskyi, Vladimir Putin, Chasiv Yar Organizations: Ukraine CNN —, Russian, Wednesday, Senate, Scranton Army, Getty, 100th, Ukraine’s Eastern Command, CNN, Reuters, 92nd Brigade, Nazi Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Ocheretyne, Ukrainian, Avdiivka, Israel, Taiwan, Scranton, Scranton , Pennsylvania, AFP, Russian, Russia, Novobakhmutivka, Chasiv Yar, Donetsk region, , Ivanivske, Bakhmut, Nazi Germany
After weeks of delays, negotiations and distractions, Israel appeared to hint this week that its assault of Rafah — a city teeming with displaced persons above ground and riddled with Hamas tunnels below — was all but inevitable. In what some analysts and residents of the city saw as a sign of preparations for an invasion, an Israeli military official on Tuesday gave some details that include relocating civilians to a safe zone a few miles away along the Mediterranean coast. Just a day earlier, Israeli warplanes bombed Rafah, increasing fears among some of the civilians sheltering there that a ground assault would soon follow. Such indicators that Israel may be preparing an invasion, said Marwan Shaath, a 57-year-old resident of Rafah, “are terrifying and mean they may really be close to starting an operation.” Mr. Shaath, who lives in Gaza but is employed by Hamas’s Palestinian rivals in the occupied West Bank, added, “Our bags have been packed for months now for the time of the evacuation.”Israel insists that a push into Rafah is necessary for achieving its goals of eliminating the militants sheltering in a network of tunnels beneath the city, capturing or killing Hamas leaders presumed to be there and ensuring the release of the remaining hostages captured during the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attacks on Israel.
Persons: Israel, Marwan Shaath, Mr, Shaath Organizations: West Bank Locations: Rafah, Israel, Gaza
Taylor Swift is not known to bite the hand that feeds her. Taylor Swift built her brand as a friendly and relatable pop starA young fan exchanges friendship bracelets with Taylor Swift during The Eras Tour" in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But nearly two decades into her career, the business of Being Taylor Swift has become a billion-dollar industry whose parasocial peanut gallery has grown in size to match. With 'The Tortured Poets Department,' Swift is telling fans they don't actually know herTaylor Swift greeting fans at the 2019 VMAs. John Shearer/Getty Images"The Tortured Poets Department" allows a peek into the inner turmoil of Being Taylor Swift, with all the attention, venom, and possessiveness she attracts.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Swift, Taylor, Little, that's, fame's downsides, Kanye, John Shearer, Matty Healy, Joe Alwyn, Healy, who'd, Swifties, Healy didn't, she's, Swift — Organizations: Recording Academy, Poets Department, Marvel, Department, Spice Locations: Sao Paulo, Brazil
In this article FL Follow your favorite stocks CREATE FREE ACCOUNTA Foot Locker, Inc. store. Even the Striper uniform, the iconic black and white striped outfit worn by Foot Locker's store associates, is getting a refresh, Frank Bracken, Foot Locker's chief commercial officer, told CNBC in an interview. A Foot Locker, Inc. store. A Foot Locker, Inc. store. Courtesy of: Foot Locker, Inc.An overall view of a Foot Locker, Inc. store.
Persons: Foot Locker's, Frank Bracken, Foot, Bracken, Mary Dillon, Dillon, She's, Foot Locker, Locker Organizations: Inc, CNBC, Summer, Nike, Adidas Locations: New Jersey, Manhattan, Wayne, New York City, Paris, Melbourne, Delhi
It's an urgent question — what do we do with the 40 million tons of plastic waste we produce annually? One year of plastic waste is roughly enough to smother the entirety of Manhattan a meter deep, and it has to go somewhere. For decades, America sent its plastic waste to countries like China and Indonesia. Unlike aluminum or glass, the plastic that can be recycled rarely results in replacing one recycled water bottle with another. By downcycling a tiny portion of plastic waste, companies can genuinely reuse a relatively small share of plastic, while convincing consumers that the industry has created a circular economy of infinitely recycled plastic.
Persons: Kartik Byma, they're, Tim Miller, Susan Freinkel, Nestlé, Lea Suzuki, Larry Thomas, what's, Taylor Dorrell, Biden, that's, Taylor, Miller, Kelley Sayre, Vicky Abou, it's, Mike Bloomberg, Bloomberg, Espen Barth Eide, Norway's, Abou, It's Organizations: Getty, America, Chevron, Exxon, Paper Stock, Plastics Industry Association, Organization for Economic Co, San Francisco, NPR, International Energy Agency, ExxonMobil, Alterra Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Royal Paper Stock, Akron, Buckeye Environmental, Business, Eastman Chemical Co, American Chemistry Council, New, Beyond Plastics, UN, Buckeye Environmental Network Locations: America, Manhattan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, AFP, Ohio, American, San Francisco, Akron, Taylor Dorrell Akron , Ohio, United States, Oregon, New York City
Artillery ammunition has been in short supply for the Ukrainian military for more than a year. Now that the Senate has approved a nearly $61 billion aid package to Ukraine, and with President Biden poised to sign it, desperately needed American weapons could be arriving on the battlefield within days. The Senate has approved a nearly $61 billion aid package to Ukraine. The Pentagon has prepared what a U.S. official said on Tuesday was a $1 billion military aid package to be rushed to Ukraine once Mr. Biden signs the funding bill. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, said on Tuesday that the American aid package would allow for “advanced air-defense systems” to Ukraine but did not specify which kind.
Persons: Biden, Yehor Cherniev, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zelensky, Mr, , Doug Mills, ATACMS, Lynsey Addario, Jens Stoltenberg, Stoltenberg, Mark Warner, ” Mr, Brendan Hoffman, Oksana Markarova, Markarova, , Ms Organizations: Artillery, House Republicans, Ukrainian, Tactical Missile Systems, New York Times Artillery, NATO, Pentagon, U.S, Reuters, Artillery Rocket Systems, The New York Times, Patriot, , Air Force, Democrat, Senate Intelligence, NBC, ., The New York Times Weapons, Ukrainska Pravda Locations: Donetsk, Ukraine, Russian, Russia, United, Kherson, United States, Germany, , American, Virginia, Kyiv, Ukraine’s, Europe
The newest entrepreneurs are both young and old and looking to grow their wealth through their businesses. The share of new Hispanic entrepreneurs rose from 8% in 2022 to 13% in 2023, Gusto found. Many new entrepreneurs are open to using AI tools and hiring remote workers, per the Gusto survey. The share of entrepreneurs who started a business while juggling another gig rose from 27% in 2022 to 44% in 2023. The Babson report found that most US entrepreneurs, 71%, were motivated by the prospect of boosting their wealth through their businesses.
Persons: They're, , Ewing Marion, Luke Pardue, Babson, Entrepreneurship isn't Organizations: Service, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Babson College, Midwest Women, Pew Research Center, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Bureau, Kauffman Foundation, Entrepreneurs, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Locations: Midwest, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Montana, Northeast, West
Meat from dairy cows, rarely valued in American kitchens and restaurants, usually becomes dog food and fast-food burgers. When mature dairy cows (about six years old) are allowed to pasture longer, their fat, which normally goes into milk, returns to the muscles and makes the meat richer and more tender. But a few farms, including Mindful Meat in Marin County, Calif., and Butter Meat Company in Pavilion, N.Y., just west of the Finger Lakes, have been selling meat from culled dairy cows and convincing skeptics. At Stone Barns, dairy cattle are living out their golden years munching on Pocantico Hills grass before becoming the highlight of a tasting menu that can run more than $400 per person. All the beef dishes at the restaurant are made with culled dairy meat; at the Stone Barns store, frozen strip-loin steaks are $24 a pound.
Persons: It’s, Dan Barber Organizations: Meat Company, Stone Locations: Europe, United States, Portugal, Spain, France, Marin County, Calif, Stone Barns, Tarrytown, N.Y, Stone, Pocantico
In a “detailed, undeniable, unconflicted” deathbed confession to one of the investigators in the case earlier this month, Larry Webb admitted to fatally shooting Natasha “Alex” Carter, who was 10 at the time, and her mother, Susan Carter, nearly 24 years ago, Hatfield said. Webb told the investigator some of his cash in the home went missing, and Webb suspected Susan Carter had “spent a lot of money. “Almost lost hope several times.”Webb had been a suspect from the start of the investigation, authorities said. “The confession aligned with exactly the investigative efforts and the evidence collected” by authorities, Hatfield noted. Hours later, the bodies of Susan and Alex Carter were found, Hatfield said.
Persons: Benjamin Hatfield, unconflicted, Larry Webb, Natasha “ Alex ” Carter, Susan Carter, Hatfield, Webb, , ” Hatfield, Alex, Susan, ” Webb, Alex’s, Rick Lafferty, ” “ It’s, ” Lafferty, Carter, Alex Carter, Lafferty, Organizations: CNN, Authorities, Mount, Mount Olive Correctional, Montgomery General Hospital Locations: West Virginia, Raleigh County, Hatfield, Mount Olive, Montgomery
An aide to a German lawmaker in the European Parliament has been arrested on suspicion of spying for China, Germany’s federal prosecutor’s office said Tuesday. It came just hours after the German authorities arrested three people in the west of the country on suspicion of leaking technological data used in maritime propulsion and exporting a high-powered laser to China. Prosecutors said that Jiang G., as he was identified in keeping with German privacy rules, had worked for a German member of the European Parliament since 2019. Calling him an “employee of a Chinese secret service,” prosecutors accused Mr. G. of repeatedly passing along information about parliamentary deliberations and decisions to Chinese intelligence in January. Mr. G., a German citizen, also was accused of spying on Chinese opposition groups in Germany, according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office.
Persons: Jiang G Organizations: Prosecutors, Mr Locations: China, Dresden, German, Germany
(Photo by May James/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)JD Sports Fashion has proposed to buy American athletic fashion retailer Hibbett Inc for about $1.08 billion, the companies said on Tuesday, as Britain's biggest sportswear retailer looks to expand across the southeastern U.S. The deal comes as shares in athletic clothing retailers come under pressure globally after weak outlooks from sports apparel makers such as Nike and Puma. It will pay $87.50 per Hibbett share in cash, representing a premium of about 20% to the U.S. firm's last closing price. JD Sports shares, which have fallen more than 20% so far this year, were up 6% by 0900 GMT. The deal is expected to add to the British firm's earnings in the first full year of ownership, with cost savings expected to be at least $25 million, JD said.
Persons: May James, Foot Locker, Dominic Platt, JD Organizations: UNITED, Getty, Hibbett Inc, Nike, Puma, Adidas, JD Sports, Paris Olympics Locations: UNITED KINGDOM, England, premarket U.S, U.S, North America, Bury, Greater Manchester
Abuja, Nigeria CNN —African leaders discussed anti-terrorism solutions on the continent during a high-level security summit in the Nigerian capital Abuja Monday amid a rise in terror attacks. According to the African Center for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT), Africa witnessed an average of eight terror-related incidents and 44 daily casualties in 2023. Nigeria’s National Security Adviser and organizer of the summit, Nuhu Ribadu, emphasized the urgent need to combat terrorism in Africa. Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the chair of the West African regional bloc ECOWAS, urged the proper establishment and strengthening of a regional standby military force. “The moment has come to work out an all-encompassing Continental Strategic Plan of Action to effectively fight against terrorism across Africa,” Faki said.
Persons: Ribadu, ” Ribadu, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Faure Gnassingbe, African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat, ” Faki, Tinubu, Faki, Africa’s Organizations: Nigeria CNN —, African Center, Research, Terrorism, Nigeria’s National Security, West African, ECOWAS, United Nations, African Union Commission Locations: Abuja, Nigeria, Nigerian, Africa, Africa’s, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Togolese
Oil prices edged higher in early Asian trading on Tuesday, reversing losses from the previous session, as investors continued to assess the risk from geopolitical concerns in the Middle East. Oil prices edged higher in early Asian trading on Tuesday, reversing losses from the previous session, as investors continued to assess the risk from geopolitical concerns in the Middle East. Both benchmarks fell 29 cents in the previous session on signs that a recent escalation of tensions between Israel and Iran had little near-term impact on oil supplies from the region. Barclays analysts said on Monday that risks to their $90 a barrel forecast for this year's Brent prices remain skewed higher. U.S. crude oil inventories are expected to have increased last week while refined product stockpiles likely fell, according to a preliminary Reuters poll of analysts.
Persons: Brent Organizations: Global, Brent, U.S, West Texas, ANZ, Barclays Locations: East, Israel, Iran
Chinese banks are helping to aid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the US alleges. The US is considering sanctions to cut Chinese banks off from the dollar, according to The Wall Street Journal. AdvertisementThe US is drawing up sanctions that could cause some Chinese banks to lose access to the dollar, according to The Wall Street Journal. In response to previous sanctions, Russia and China intensified efforts to create exchange mechanisms that don't rely on the dollar. Alexandra Prokopenko, a fellow at the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center think tank, told The Wall Street Journal that regional Chinese banks had emerged that had little involvement in dollar exchanges.
Persons: , Antony Blinken, Alexandra Prokopenko, Prokopenko, Maria Snegovaya Organizations: Wall Street, Service, Reuters, Financial, Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center, Center for Strategic, International Studies Locations: Ukraine, China, Russia, Italy, Russian
The Sinking Arizona Town Where Water and Politics Collide
  + stars: | 2024-04-23 | by ( Jack Healy | )   time to read: +1 min
In Arizona’s deeply conservative La Paz County, the most urgent issue facing many voters is not inflation or illegal immigration. It is the water being pumped from under their feet. Water experts say the pumping is sinking poor rural towns. The ground in parts of La Paz County has dropped more than five feet during three decades of farming. Now, he works at a water and ice business in Salome, population 700, selling five-gallon jugs.
Persons: Pipes, Wells, What’s, , Luis Zavala Organizations: Capitol, Democrats Locations: Paz County, Phoenix, La Paz County, Mexico, Salome
Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser praised China for making solar panels and electric vehicles affordable. Saudi Arabia is fostering closer ties with China and wooing Chinese investments and business partnerships. Unlike the West, Saudi Arabia is cozying up to China. "There are lots of opportunities for China to invest in Saudi Arabia," Alibrahim told the media outlet. In March last year, China brokered a détente between Saudi Arabia and Iran, prompting concerns over waning US influence in the Middle East.
Persons: Amin Nasser, Nasser, China's overcapacity, Janet Yellen, Olaf Scholz, China Nasser's, Faisal Alibrahim, Alibrahim, Jon Alterman Organizations: Saudi, Service, Saudi Aramco, World Energy, Financial Times, West, Nikkei, Aramco, Center for Strategic, International Studies, China Economic, Security Locations: China, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, Saudi, Rotterdam, East Asia, Beijing, Saudi Arabian, Iran, United States
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