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The star is one of a binary pair, so the planet orbits the primary star, while the primary star orbits a secondary star. While Jupiter takes 4,000 Earth days to complete one orbit around the sun, hot Jupiters complete one orbit every few days. Astronomers use “eccentric” to refer to the shape of a planet’s orbit on a scale from zero to 1. “It’s a pretty extreme process in that the changes to the planet’s orbit are massive,” Millholland said. Discovering a second hot Jupiter precursor is helping astronomers to confirm the idea that high-mass gas giants transform into hot Jupiters as they migrate from eccentric to circular orbits, the researchers said.
Persons: , , Arvind Gupta, NOIRLab, Gupta, Suvrath Mahadevan, Verne, Willaman, Jason Wright, ” Wright, ” Gupta, Sarah Millholland, , ” Millholland, Wright, James Webb Organizations: CNN —, Penn State, Astronomy, Mercury, NASA, Massachusetts Institute, Technology’s Kavli, for Astrophysics, Space Research, chrysalis Locations: Kitt, Arizona
Fast-forward to seventh century East Anglia in the United Kingdom, where an Anglo-Saxon warrior king was buried alongside exquisite goods within a massive ship. Researchers are hoping to reconstruct the ship — and it’s not the only vessel gaining new life centuries after disappearing from time. Emily Harris/Zayed National MuseumUsing a supply list written on a clay tablet, a team of experts in the United Arab Emirates has reconstructed a Bronze Age ship. Once upon a planetScientists excavated a 52,000-year-old woolly mammoth skin from the Siberian permafrost. Love Dalén/Stockholm UniversityThe freezing temperatures of the Siberian permafrost preserved a piece of 52,000-year-old woolly mammoth skin so well that it contains a first-of-its-kind genetic treasure trove.
Persons: it’s, Emily Harris, Shipwrights, Jacob, Alex Braczkowski, Griffith University Jacob, Tibu, Butch Wilmore, Suni Williams, James Webb, Ashley Strickland, Katie Hunt Organizations: CNN, East, Zayed National, United Arab Emirates, Zayed National Museum, Griffith University, Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth, International Space Station, NASA, Boeing, European Space Agency, James Webb Space, Penguin, , CNN Space, Science Locations: Siberia, East Anglia, United Kingdom, Persian, Mesopotamia, Zayed, Abu Dhabi, Sweden, Denmark, Peru, Machu Picchu, Uganda’s, Stockholm, Western Australia
CNN —The James Webb Space Telescope has captured a stunning new view of two galaxies, nicknamed the Penguin and the Egg, locked in a cosmic dance to mark the observatory’s second anniversary. Launched on December 25, 2021, the Webb telescope shared its first science observations of the universe on July 12, 2022. Astronomers estimate that the Penguin and the Egg galaxies first interacted 25 million to 75 million years ago. NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI Arp 142 Hubble Webb NASA, ESA, CSA, STScIInitially, the Penguin looked like a spiral, but over time, its appearance has been reshaped through interactions with the Egg galaxy. Meanwhile, the oval-shaped Egg galaxy remains much the same.
Persons: James Webb, Webb, Bill Nelson, Arp, , Mark Clampin, “ Webb Organizations: CNN, Telescope, Penguin, NASA, Hubble, ESA, CSA, Hubble Webb NASA, NASA’s Astrophysics
Read previewTwo years ago today, NASA unveiled the first full-color space images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. Webb's raw telescope images can look like empty black boxes when they first beam back to Earth. NASA/ESA/CSA/STScIDePasquale is a principal science visuals developer at the Space Telescope Science Institute. He processed some of the very first Webb images that the public got to see. They're able to resolve very small details in these really distant objects," like the Tarantula Nebula, DePasquale told Business Insider.
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CNN —Depending on your age, the name Stan Smith probably means one of two things. Even Jordan doesn’t have his face on a sneaker.”Stan Smith during his victorious 1972 Wimbledon run. The rise in popularity of the Stan Smith sneaker coincided with a slump towards the end of his tennis career and it began permeating a wide array of cultures in the UK and US. “It was one of my goals to win that tournament,” Smith says. Stan Smith, Ilie Năstase and Tom Okker at a meeting of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in London, 20th June 1973.
Persons: Stan Smith, ” Smith, , it’s, , Cari, Jordan doesn’t, ” Stan Smith, Danny Lee, Smith, that’s, Stan Smith sneaker, David Bowie, , Pharrell Williams, Robert Haillet sneaker, Nicolas Armer, Horst Dassler, Donald Dell, Adidas Robert Haillet, Gary Aspden, ” Arthur Ashe, Arthur Ashe, Henry Burroughs, Ashe, ” Dell, Lyndon Johnson, Ashe couldn’t, Bob Lutz, LeBron James ’, Dell, Martin Luther King Jr, Tony Duffy, Allsport, Ashe’s, Arthur, ” Lee, Smith’s, Mark Mathabane, Marjory, Mathabane, Roger Jackson, wasn’t, Niki Pilić, Pilić, Smith –, Ilie Năstase, Tom Okker, Michael Webb, Stan Organizations: CNN, Adidas, Wimbledon, Hulton, Beastie Boys, Davis, Pasadena Tennis, US Davis, USA, Los Angeles Tennis Club, Americas, Civil, wouldn’t, Star ”, South, University of South, Central Press, International Tennis Federation, , Yugoslav Tennis Association, Tennis, Association of Tennis Professionals, Keystone Locations: Young, Paris, USA, French, Wimbledon, Pasadena , California, Pasadena, American, Mexico, America, Vietnam, Houston , Texas, United States, South Africa, Beverly Hills, Soweto, Alexandria, South African, Johannesburg, University of South Carolina, , London,
The City of London is a city, ceremonial county and local government district that contains the primary central business district CBD of London. The City of London is widely referred to simply as the City is also colloquially known as the Square Mile. LONDON — The U.K. economy grew by 0.4% in May, flash figures published by the Office for National Statistics showed on Thursday, with the British pound jumping to a four-month high against the U.S. dollar after the announcement. The British economy exited a shallow recession in the first quarter of the year, then flatlined in April. Goldman Sachs last week upgraded its growth forecast for the U.K. following left-of-center Labour's thumping victory in the country's general election.
Persons: Sterling, Keir Starmer, Goldman Sachs, Ashley Webb, Price, BOE Organizations: Office, National Statistics, U.S, Gross, Labour Party, Capital, Bank of England's, Bank of England, European Central Bank Locations: London, United Kingdom, The City, British, U.K
A "good" price for something today may have seemed outlandish five years ago. A "good" price for something today may have seemed outlandish five years ago, and it's understandable to wonder whether today's price is just as fleeting. The whole idea of what's a good price for a 12-pack of carbonated soft drinks has changed dramatically over the past few years." Plenty of companies can move their prices, whether by using dynamic prices or downright raising prices, because they're the only game in town. The answer to getting accustomed to high prices is basically to forget what those numbers were in 2019.
Persons: Wendy's, they're, There's, Carly Fink, , Fink, they'd, Jon Hauptman, Hauptman, Timothy Webb, University of Delaware who's, it's, Ravi Dhar, Taylor Swift, John Zhang, Webb, Dhar, Emily Stewart Organizations: Walmart, Price, University of Delaware, Center, Yale School of Management, Starbucks, Wharton, Business
Now, data from the James Webb Space Telescope has revealed another intriguing feature of the planet known as HD 189733b: It smells like rotten eggs. Located only 64 light-years from Earth, HD 189733b is the nearest hot Jupiter that astronomers can study as the planet passes in front of its star. HD 189733b only takes about two Earth days to complete a single orbit around its star, Fu said. Webb’s data also showed levels of heavy metals on HD 189733b that are similar to those found on Jupiter. “HD 189733b is a benchmark planet, but it represents just a single data point,” Fu said.
Persons: James Webb, , Guangwei Fu, Fu, ” Fu, Webb, they’re, Organizations: CNN, Johns Hopkins University
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailNasdaq and S&P 500 notch record closes as Apple, Amazon, Meta hit record highsRyan Detrick, Carson Group chief market strategist, and Nicole Webb, Wealth Enhancement Group SVP, join 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk the day's record market action.
Persons: Ryan Detrick, Nicole Webb Organizations: Nasdaq, Apple, Carson Group, Wealth
“This is the best day in the lives of Georgians,” Kvaratskhelia told reporters after the game, per Reuters. But I think this is why we’re a strong team.”Cristiano Ronaldo shakes hands with Khvicha Kvaratskhelia as he was substituted off in the second half. Ronaldo encouragementVideos on social media showed the team’s excitement in the locker room, with Kvaratskhelia wearing Ronaldo’s shirt. Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo had been frustrated for much of the match but had given his shirt to an emotional Kvaratskhelia following the defeat. The Napoli forward also spoke to his childhood hero before the match and said Ronaldo had wished him luck.
Persons: CNN —, Cristiano Ronaldo, Georges Mikautadze, ” Kvaratskhelia, ” Cristiano Ronaldo, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, Kevin C, Cox, David Webb, , Willy Sagnol’s, Webb, ” Webb, Ronaldo, Ballon d’Or, Kvaratskhelia, , “ We’ve Organizations: CNN, Crusaders, Portugal, Reuters, CNN Sport, – Wales, Napoli, Georgian Locations: Georgia, Kvaratskhelia, Gelsenkirchen ., Tbilisi, Portugal, Wales, Iceland, Spain
The Vanishing Islands That Failed to Vanish
  + stars: | 2024-06-26 | by ( Raymond Zhong | Jason Gulley | )   time to read: +26 min
The Vanishing Islands That Failed to Vanish Low-lying tropical island nations were expected to be early victims of rising seas. They found that over the past few decades, the islands’ edges had wobbled this way and that, eroding here, building there. No, to understand what really beguiles them about these islands, you need to take a dive into the surrounding sea. Coral reefs Indian Ocean Islands HUVADHOO ATOLL 5 miles Dhigulaabadhoo Coral reefs Indian Ocean Islands HUVADHOO ATOLL 5 miles Dhigulaabadhoo Islands HUVADHOO ATOLL Islands HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL HUVADHOO ATOLL Kandahalagalaa Dhigulaabadhoo HUVADHOO ATOLL Kandahalagalaa Dhigulaabadhoo A map of the Huvadhoo Atoll, a gourd-shaped ring of 241 islands in the southern Maldives. Huvadhoo Atoll is a gourd-shaped ring of 241 islands in the southern Maldives.
Persons: ” Charles Darwin, Darwin, bode, Arthur Webb, Paul Kench, “ I’m, Kench, Webb, Kench’s, Mohamed Aslam, Paul S, Aitana Gea Neuhaus, Gea Neuhaus, ” Ms, , ” Paul Kench, Gerd Masselink, Peter Ganderton, Curt Storlazzi, Tim Scott, Dr, Scott, , it’s, “ They’ve, munch, Storlazzi, Thoriq Ibrahim, Malé, Hariyya Ibrahim, Hariyya, Adam Shakir, Adam, Farhath Ibrahim, Mohamed Muizzu, Hussain Rasheed, Rakeedhoo, Ashiya, Ashiya’s Organizations: Graphics, University of Plymouth, National University of Singapore, Nature Communications, Airbus, Google, United States Geological Survey Locations: Maldives, INDIA, MALDIVES, Polynesia, Micronesia, Indian, Malé, Himandhoo, Huvadhoo, , England, Dhigulaabadhoo, Wade, Plymouth, grinned, Hulhumalé, New City, Sand, City, Towers City, Himandhoo’s, Rakeedhoo
Piping Up at the Gates of Dawn
  + stars: | 2024-06-22 | by ( Dennis Overbye | )   time to read: +1 min
Since the James Webb Space Telescope began operating two years ago, astronomers have been using it to leapfrog one another millions of years into the past, back toward the moment they call cosmic dawn, when the first stars and galaxies were formed. Last month, an international team doing research as the JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey, or JADES, said it had identified the earliest, most distant galaxy yet found — a banana-shaped blob of color measuring 1,600 light-years across. It was already shining with intense starlight when the universe was in its relative infancy, at only 290 million years old, the astronomers said. The new galaxy, known as JADES-GS-z14-0, is one of a string of Webb discoveries, including early galaxies and black holes, that challenge conventional models of how the first stars and galaxies formed. “This discovery proves that luminous galaxies were already in place 300 million years after the Big Bang and are more common than what was expected,” the researchers wrote in a paper posted to an online physics archive.
Persons: James Webb, Webb Organizations: James Webb Space Telescope
Featuring an incredible lineup of artists from various musical genres, many are wondering how to get Lollapalooza tickets this year. In addition to the Chicago festival, which is now enjoying its 33rd year, the Lollapalooza shows will now take place in India, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Lollapalooza 2024 festival scheduleFour main ticket options are available for Lollapalooza Chicago. How to buy tickets for Lollapalooza 2024 music festivalYou can buy original tickets for Lollapalooza 2024 directly through the festival website. Tickets for Lollapalooza Chicago 2024 are also available through verified resale ticket vendors like Vivid Seats and StubHub.
Persons: Tyler, Melanie Martinez, We've, It's, StubHub, Lizzy McAlpine, Fisher, Labrinth, Benson Boone, Kesha, Mochakk, Chappell Roan, Don Diablo, Freyr, Kasbo, Flo, Olivia Dean, Sam Barber, BigXThaPlug, Matt Hansen, Blondshell, Brandi Cyrus, Riovaz, Mette, Abby Holliday, Camden Cox, Chance Emerson, Adam Diaz, Walter, Goldie Bouilier, Reneé Rapp, Zedd, Faye Webster, Victoria Monét, Raye, Megan Moroney, Qveen, Ryan Beatty, Malcolm Todd, Lola Young, Blu Detiger, Rod, Tommy Richman, Ava Maybee, McKenna Grace, Cale Tyson, Kaliii, Fifteen0eight, Brandi Cyrus Saturday, Tate McRae, Mike, Ethel Cain, Skream, Kenny Beats, Briston Maroney, BoyWithUke, Romy, Yoasobi, Josiah, Dora Jar, Nia, Jyoty, Tanner Usrey, Armani White, Natalie Jane, Brigitte, Sam Nelson, Will Linley, Hayes Warner, Tommy Newport, Xandra Skrillex, Conan Gray, Dominic Fike, Pierce, Teddy, Vince Staples, Whyte Fang, Ben Böhmer, Grentperez, Mimi Webb, Knox, Briscoe, Jessica Audiffred, Nico Vega, Willis, Valencia Grace, Scarlet Demore, Eddie, Kyle Dion, Kaitlin Butts, Ryan Trey, Huddy, Carmen Deleon Organizations: Business, Chicago, Grant, Lollapalooza Chicago, Royce, Wolves, Chicago Philharmonic, National Parks, TV, Cannons, Nia Archives, Cinema Locations: Grant, Chicago, India, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, StubHub, D4VD, Saint Levant, Glendale, Savannah Ré, Hanabie, Nostalgix
Score and Georgia would qualify for Euro 2024; miss and it might be yet another story of heartbreak for this generation of fans to live through. Georgia's players celebrate after winning Euro 2024 play-off final against Greece. Helping Georgia qualify for Euro 2024 is the latest highlight in Webb’s unique coaching career, a journey which has taken some unlikely twists and turns over the years. Emotional Euro 2024 campaignIt was an opportunity Webb couldn’t turn down, a chance to work with an exciting generation who had their hearts set on qualification to Euro 2024. The players were ready.”Webb has used his innovative coaching methods to help Georgia qualify for Euro 2024.
Persons: Nika Kvekveskiri, David Webb, stuttered, , Webb, Boris Paichadze, Giorgi Arjevandidze, he’s, Englishman Webb, , ” Webb, Lasha, , Giorgi Arjevanidze, Willy Sagnol, Sagnol, I’d, Lasha Kuprashvili, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, “ We’re, we’ve, We’re, ” Georgia’s Organizations: CNN, CNN Sport, Greece –, “ Staff, Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena, Greece, Getty, Georgian, York City, France, Georgian men’s, , Luxembourg, Napoli, Georgia Locations: Georgia, Germany, AFP, France, Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic
“The James Webb Telescope: Are We Alone?” on The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper offers an inside look at the most powerful telescope ever built. The Beta Pictoris system, located just 63 light-years from Earth, has long intrigued astronomers because of its proximity and age. “So I was super excited to reobserve this system in 2023 using the James Webb Space Telescope,” Chen said. The dust was then pushed out of the planetary system by radiation from the central star, which is slightly hotter than our sun. But the powerful Webb telescope was unable to detect any dust.
Persons: James Webb, Anderson Cooper, Pictoris, Christine Chen, , , ” Chen, Beta, Chen, Webb, JWST, Cicero Lu, Johns Hopkins, Spitzer, Kadin Worthen, “ We’re Organizations: CNN, Beta, Johns Hopkins University, American Astronomical Society, Spitzer, Telescope, Johns, Johns Hopkins Locations: Baltimore, Madison , Wisconsin
Major winners, all-time greats and two of the world’s top 10 struggled on the North Carolina course on the first and second day. Phil Mickelson hits from the bunker on the ninth hole during the second round. When asked by CNN’s Patrick Snell if he might have played his last US Open, Woods cast doubt on his future at the tournament and also at the Open Championship in the UK. World No.5 Hovland missed the cut by a shot with his six-over overall, while world No.10 Homa also saw his championship end early. Fowler also started steadily on Thursday, but his game unravelled on Friday as he ended the day seven over, missing the cut by three shots.
Persons: Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Viktor Hovland, Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, Webb Simpson, Jason Day, Scottie Scheffler –, Frank Franklin II, CNN’s Patrick Snell, Woods, Hovland, Homa, Thomas, Mickelson, Fowler Organizations: CNN, PGA Locations: Pinehurst, Carolina
Now, a new study that looked at 5 million stars in the Milky Way galaxy suggests that seven candidates could potentially be hosting Dyson spheres — a finding that’s attracting scrutiny and alternate theories. If Dyson spheres really exist, what could they be used for? “Freeman Dyson said that we should dismantle Jupiter — the whole planet (for the raw materials).”That supercolossal scale probably means that Dyson spheres, if they exist at all, are very rare. “However, contamination by circumstellar debris disks, which mimic Dyson Sphere infrared signatures, remains a concern,” he added in an email. However, he added, the radiation fingerprint of the seven Dyson sphere candidates might be explained by natural phenomena as well.
Persons: Freeman Dyson, , Dyson, Olaf Stapledon’s, George Dyson, , Freeman J, couldn’t, Matías Suazo, Suazo, , Webb, that’s, Gabriella Contardo, NASA’s James Webb, ” Suazo, “ Freeman Dyson, Jason Wright, James Webb, , Leslie Surginer, ” George Dyson, Tomotsugu Goto, Zaza Osmanov, ” Osmanov, George Organizations: CNN, Institute of, , , AP, Dyson, SETI Institute, Fermi, Accelerator Laboratory, Fermilab, Royal Astronomical Society, Uppsala University, NASA, Survey, JPL, ESA, European Space Agency, Micron, Sky Survey, University of Massachusetts, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, International School, Studies, Telescope, Penn State University, James Webb Space Telescope, William Press, Computer Science, University of Texas, Tsing Hua, SETI, of Physics, Free University of Tbilisi Locations: British, Princeton , New Jersey, Sweden, Trieste, Italy, Austin, Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Georgia
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailVital's Adam Crisafulli expects the Fed cut cycle to be gradual not rushedNicole Webb, Wealth Enhancement Group SVP and Adam Crisafulli, Vital Knowledge Founder, join 'Closing Bell: Overtime' to discuss markets, CPI and inflation.
Persons: Adam Crisafulli, Nicole Webb Organizations: Wealth, Vital Knowledge
Roche Diabetes Care Inc. Accu-Chek brand glucose test strips are arranged for a photograph in the Brooklyn borough of New York, U.S., on Thursday, April 4, 2019. Roche , one of the world's largest biotech companies, said "dangerous counterfeits" of its diabetes medical devices ended up for sale on Amazon to be bought by patients throughout the United States. "Patients know that Roche's Accu-Chek medical devices are safe, sterile and accurate," the complaint said. After the suit was filed, a judge granted Roche's request for a temporary restraining order to stop the defendants from selling the counterfeit products. The complaint was filed on behalf of Roche Diabetes Care Inc., Roche Diabetes Care GmbH and Hoffmann-La Roche Inc, by attorneys with the New York-based law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler.
Persons: Roche, Patterson Belknap Webb, Tyler, Dileep Kumar Yadav, Abhishek Jain, Ratnakar Sharma, Atikur Rahman Organizations: Roche Diabetes Care Inc, Amazon, CNBC, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH, Hoffmann, Roche Inc, New, JMD Enterprises, JMD, JMD International Locations: Brooklyn, New York, U.S, United States, India, New York City
CNN —Walking through “The Portal” — the immersive art experience that I have created at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas — is like stepping into a mandala. Jared Sorrells/Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtI also began to carve marble, mold clay and draw around the same time I began writing songs. Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtHere, there is also a sculpture I made titled “CHILL,” made of lucite and filled with a variety of medications. Jewel - Dedication Meditation (Official Visualizer from "THE PORTAL: an art experience by Jewel")The journal is for each visitor to keep. Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtTraditional art mediums like oil painting and sculpture are often viewed today with preconceived notions and judgments.
Persons: , Danny Goldberg, , Philip Thomas, I’m, Rod Bigelow, Alejo Benedetti, Crystal, , Melesio Casas, Jared Sorrells, I, I’ve, it’s, James Webb, Kase, Jewel ., Jewel Organizations: CNN, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Atlantic Records, Crystal Bridges Museum of American, , Bridges Museum of American, James Webb Space Telescope, Bridges Museum of, Nova Sky Locations: Bentonville , Arkansas, Crystal, San Diego , California
CNN —The Hubble Space Telescope will transition to a new way of operating that aims to prevent the space observatory from experiencing lapses in its ability to observe the universe, according to NASA officials. The storied telescope, which has captured breathtaking images of the cosmos for 34 years, has traditionally operated using six gyroscopes. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope eyes the universe in May 2009 after one of the space shuttle missions to service the space observatory. Hubble is expected to operate into the mid-2030s, with its cosmic observations providing a complement to the work of the James Webb Space Telescope and future observatories that haven’t launched yet, Clampin said. “We do not see Hubble as being on its last legs,” Crouse said, “and we think it’s a very capable observatory.”
Persons: Mark Clampin, Hubble, Clampin, Patrick Crouse, Crouse, ” Clampin, James Webb, , ” Crouse Organizations: CNN, Hubble, NASA, Astrophysics, NASA's Hubble, Goddard Space Flight, James Webb Space Telescope Locations: Greenbelt , Maryland
WASP 107b: The exoplanet that shouldn't existAn artist's impression of WASP 107b passing in front of its host star. But models suggested that WASP 107b's core would be too small to have formed a gas giant. Scientific models didn't align with observationsHubble images of WASP 107b didn't solve the mystery of its large size and low density. Venom82Why it took astronomers years to understand WASP 107b's mysterious origins stems from what many astronomers face: a lack of information due to technological limits. But WASP 107b's surface temperature was cold enough that it should have had more methane than what JWST observed.
Persons: , they've, it's, David Sing, NASA's, Luis Welbanks, Sagan, James Webb, Welbanks —, Sing, Welbanks, Ralf Crawford, we're, Scott Gaudi, Gaudi, Olmsted, Russo Organizations: Service, Business, ESA, Hubble, NASA, Kornmesser, Bloomberg, Johns Hopkins University, WASP, NASA's Goddard Space Flight, ESO, Arizona State University, Telescope, Sing, WASP 107b's, CSA, JHU, Ohio State University
Salesforce shares sink on mixed Q1 results
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In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailSalesforce shares sink on mixed Q1 resultsNicole Webb, Wealth Enhancement Group SVP, and Charlie Bobrinskoy, Ariel Investments vice chairman, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk the day's market action and Salesforce earnings.
Persons: Nicole Webb, Charlie Bobrinskoy, Ariel Organizations: Wealth
Here's a list of the people, companies, and terms you need to know to talk about AI, in alphabetical order. GPU: A computer chip, short for graphic processing unit, that companies use to train and deploy their AI models. Nvidia's GPUs are used by Microsoft and Meta to run their AI models. Multimodal: The ability for AI models to process text, images, and audio to generate an output. As a profession, prompt engineers are experts in fine tuning AI models on the backend to improve outputs.
Persons: , Sam Altman, Altman, OpenAI's, Dario Amodei, Claude, Demis, Hassabis, Jensen Huang, Satya, Mustafa Suleyman, OpenAI, Elon Musk, Sam Bankman, Peter Thiel, Bard, James Webb, empiricists Organizations: Service, Business, OpenAI, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Bing, Meta, James Webb Space Telescope Locations: OpenAI, Anthropic
Read previewNASA's James Webb Space Telescope has detected three galaxies as they were likely forming during the universe's infancy, the space agency said Thursday. And it's all thanks to the tremendous observing power of the James Webb Telescope. AdvertisementThe James Webb Space Telescope helps astronomers study the very early universe. The Cosmic Dark AgesJames Webb Space Telescope has revealed 45,000 galaxies in this image, hundreds of which have never been seen until now. Astronomers study the Era of Reionization to understand the very early moments in our universe when galaxies and stars first formed and how.
Persons: , James Webb, Webb, Kasper Heintz, NASA Heintz, Brant Robertson, Ben Johnson, Sandro Tacchella, Marcia Rieke, Daniel Eisenstein, Heintz Organizations: Service, NASA, Business, James Webb Telescope, University of Copenhagen, James Webb Space Telescope, ESA, CSA, UC, UC Santa Cruz, CfA, University of Arizona Locations: Denmark, UC Santa, Cambridge
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