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Meta Platforms has spent months trying to fix child-safety problems on Instagram and Facebook, but it is struggling to prevent its own systems from enabling and even promoting a vast network of pedophile accounts. The social-media giant set up a child-safety task force in June after The Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst revealed that Instagram’s algorithms connected a web of accounts devoted to the creation, purchasing and trading of underage-sex content.
Organizations: Facebook, Street Journal, Stanford University, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Apple | Spotify | Amazon | YouTube Listen and follow ‘Hard Fork’The drama at OpenAI is not over. Kevin and Casey take stock of new information they’ve gathered since last week, and look at how other artificial intelligence companies are trying to capitalize on the debacle. Then, why people are still buying cryptocurrency even after Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, and its founder pleaded guilty to money laundering violations. And finally, three ways A.I. Today’s guest: David Yaffe-Bellany covers crypto for The New York Times.
Persons: Casey, David Yaffe Organizations: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, The New York Times
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailPalantir CTO Shyam Sankar talks geopolitical tensions, AI, and government web servicesShyam Sankar, Palantir Chief Technology Officer, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk its role in military conflicts, implementing AI, it's government web services business and more.
Persons: Shyam Sankar Organizations: Technology
The person behind a female coder's Instagram account is a man, 404 Media reports. The page, called coding_unicorn, has 115,000 followers and claims to be run by a woman called Julia. AdvertisementA popular Instagram account fronted by a woman named Julia Kirsina is run by a man, according to a 404 Media investigation. But in reality, the person running the account is a male software developer called Eduards Sizovs, according to a 404 Media report. Advertisement404 Media dug into Sizovs' IP logs and old YouTube videos, and said it found that he had access to an email account called coding_unicorn.
Persons: Julia, , Julia Kirsina, Kirsina, coding_unicorn, Sizovs, Ayodeji, Satya Nadella, Gergely Orosz, Anna Boyko, Alina Prokhoda, Kristine Howard, Julia Kirsina —, Scott Hanselman Organizations: Service, Business, Sizovs, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Bloomberg
After months of congressional hand-wringing, Mr. Santos finally met his demise on Friday, after Republicans and Democrats each offered separate expulsion resolutions. The resulting debate on the House floor on Thursday captured the absurdity and unseemliness of Mr. Santos’s scandals. Mr. Santos is only the sixth member of the House to be expelled in the body’s history. Mr. Santos must still contend with the federal indictment in which prosecutors have accused him of multiple criminal schemes. (That company, Harbor City Capital, has been accused of operating a Ponzi scheme by the Securities and Exchange Commission, though Mr. Santos has not been implicated.)
Persons: George Santos, Santos, Mr, “ George Santos, , Anthony D’Esposito, Santos’s, Mike Johnson of, Kevin McCarthy of California, Kathy Hochul, Thomas R, Suozzi, Goldman Sachs, Nancy Marks, Marks, Nicholas Fandos Organizations: New York Republican, Queens, Republican, Republicans, World Trade, House, Local, Democratic, New York Times, Baruch College, Citigroup, World Trade Center, Devolder Organization, Harbor, Harbor City Capital, Securities and Exchange Commission Locations: Orlando, Long Island, New York, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, Nassau County, Queens, New York City, Orlando ., Florida, Harbor City, United States
An open letter to ChatGPT on its first birthday
  + stars: | 2023-12-01 | by ( Oliver Darcy | )   time to read: +3 min
You were born into this world only a year ago, but you’ve already accomplished so much in your 12 short months on this planet. Our kind — the human kind — have only seen a glimpse of your ultimate power. And we’ve only felt the slightest touch of the eventual consequence that your kind will have on our world. ChatGPT, you might only be one, but you’ve already upended the world and sent thrills and chills coursing through the human race. It’s frightening to think about what you’ll do by your second birthday.
Persons: you’ve, Sam Altman Organizations: CNN Locations: Silicon Valley, Hollywood
SIGNA PRIME/PROPERTY PORTFOLIOAccording to Signa, Prime is the group's largest company in its real estate division, valued at around 20.4 billion euros ($22.23 billion). Since 2019 Signa Holding has also been a co-owner of New York's iconic Chrysler Building. TRADING/RETAIL COMPANIESBenko has bundled his trading interests under the divisions Signa Retail and Signa Premium. In Switzerland, Benko's trading investments are bundled into Signa Retail Selection AG, which filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday. In 2018, Signa Holding bought around 24% stake in Austrian daily newspapers "Krone" and "Kurier" from Funke media group.
Persons: Lisi Niesner, Rene Benko, Ernst Tanner, Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Torsten Toeller, Arthur Eugster, SIGNA, Signa, Otto Wagner, Benko's, Klaus, Michael Kuehne, Kuehne, Hamburg's, Chirathivat, Benko, Frasers, Kaufhof, Karstadt, Galeria, Alexandra Schwarz, Goerlich, Mattias Inverardi, Victoria Farr, Emma, Rachel More, Elisa Martinuzzi, Tomasz Janowski Organizations: Signa, REUTERS, Chrysler, Bank Austria, Femina, Chrysler Building, . Central Group, Globus, Selfridges, Central Group, Funke, Thomson Locations: Berlin, Germany, New, Britain's Selfridges, Innsbruck, Swiss, Vienna, Hamburg, KaDeWe, Oberpollinger, Munich, Vienna's, Tyrol, Essen, Duesseldorf, London, Switzerland
Some Amazon Web Services employees are concerned about a large number of departures among its senior engineers. At last month's internal staff meeting for AWS, VP of infrastructure services Prasad Kalyanaraman answered an employee question about turnover among senior engineers, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider. It is one of the many challenges AWS employees are currently dealing with, alongside slowing growth and a more bureaucratic culture, as BI previously reported . As we've previously told Insider, attrition among AWS employees has declined in recent years and to suggest anything otherwise is inaccurate. Amazon unveiled Amazon Q this week, an AI chatbot for businesses, and previously launched CodeWhisperer, a coding assistant for developers.
Persons: Prasad Kalyanaraman, Kalyanaraman, Rob Munoz, we've, Prasad, Munoz, Peter DeSantis, DeSantis, Charlie Bell, Rachel Thornton, Chris Vonderhaar Organizations: Web Services, Business, Amazon's, AWS
One in particular is open only to very important cloud customers: a meeting for "XXL" or "extra-extra-large" AWS users. Roughly 50 people attended the meeting, they said, including about a dozen AWS representatives and employees from eight large AWS customers, including Salesforce and Adobe. Not all of the largest AWS customers attended the meeting. Though the meeting is for important customers, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky did not attend, the people said. Do you have information or insight to share about AWS or other large cloud providers?
Persons: Adam Selipsky, Ellen Thomas Organizations: Web Services, AWS, Business, Venetian Convention, Expo, Adobe, FinOps Foundation, Microsoft, Google Locations: Las Vegas,
VCs threatened to sue OpenAI's board, and some jockeyed to get in on whatever new situation might replace the fizzled startup. And in OpenAI's case, Altman was brought back as CEO and all the employees stayed. AdvertisementUntil this moment, the consensus was that Altman came through this crisis looking even more powerful and crucial to OpenAI's future. 'The company will be totally fine without me'Silicon Valley just realized that the fate of the world's most important AI company rested in the hands of just one person. The startup's near-death experience unsettled the companies and developers that have come to rely on OpenAI's artificial intelligence platform.
Persons: OpenAI, Altman, , Sam Altman, VCs, OpenAI's, Wesley Chan, Claude, Guillermo Rauch, Rauch, pinged Rauch, , Bret Taylor, Madeline Renbarger Organizations: Service, Microsoft, FDIC, FPV Ventures, Google, Services Locations: Silicon Valley, It's
AdvertisementIn today's big story, we're looking at the growing tension at AWS with rising employee burnout. Just like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google's Bard, Amazon Q is a generative AI chatbot users can talk to like a human. Amazon Web Services, which developed Amazon Q, announced the new product under the fanfare of its annual event in Las Vegas, AWS re:Invent. Business Insider's Eugene Kim, our resident Amazon expert, has a report on the growing tension and burnout among AWS employees. Jon Krause for InsiderThe burnout at AWS reminds me of another company at the top of its field facing turmoil: Goldman Sachs.
Persons: , you've, Taylor, Pena Popo, Noah Berger, Bard, Insider's Eugene Kim, ChatGPT, Jon Krause, Goldman Sachs, Goldman, David Solomon, haven't, BI's Dakin Campbell, Bethany McLean, Goldman aren't, Goldman's, Sylvain Gaboury, Patrick McMullan, Slaven, The New York Times Elon Musk, Tesla, They've, Joe Santagato, Elon Musk, Drazen, Dan DeFrancesco, Naga Siu, Hallam Bullock, Lisa Ryan Organizations: Spotify, Getty, Web Services, Microsoft, Goldman, Slaven, The New York Times, Amazon, Business, American Express, Federal, Paris, Paralympic, Kroger, Dell Locations: Las Vegas, Austin , Texas, New York City, San Diego, London, New York
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBRUSSELS, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Meta Platforms' (META.O) paid no-ads subscription service, which it rolled out in Europe this month, breaches EU consumer laws, Europe's largest consumer group said on Thursday as it took its grievance to consumer protection authorities. Meta has said it launched the paid no-ads subscription service, which applies to Facebook and Instagram, to comply with EU rules requiring companies to give users a choice on whether their data can be collected and used for targeted ads. It also took issue with the "very high subscription fee for ad-free services" which could deter users. The ad-free service cost 9.99 euros ($10.96) monthly for Web users and 12.99 euros for iOS and Android users. Meta has said these prices are in line with Google's (GOOGL.O) YouTube and Spotify's (SPOT.N) premium services and with Netflix (NFLX.O).
Persons: Dado Ruvic, NOYB, Meta, BEUC, Ursula Pachl, Pachl, Foo Yun Chee, Matthew Lewis Organizations: Meta, REUTERS, Rights, European Consumer Organisation, CPC, Facebook, EU, YouTube, Netflix, Thomson Locations: Rights BRUSSELS, Europe, Austrian, Brussels
Nov. 30 marks ChatGPT's one-year anniversary, and quite a lot has changed since the popular AI chatbot debuted. As the ways people utilize the AI chatbot have changed, the technology itself has evolved too. Now, users are able to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which provides access to OpenAI's most up-to-date AI chatbot, ChatGPT-4. In February, Google announced its own AI chatbot called Bard. In November, Amazon unveiled its AI chatbot, Q.
Persons: chatbot, OpenAI, Greg Brockman, ChatGPT, Sam Altman, Altman, It's, What's Organizations: UBS, Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Amazon Locations: Brooklyn, New York, ChatGPT
AWS's growth rate has slowed and its SMB sales unit will likely miss 2023 targets, sources say. AWS built a lead in cloud computing by better catering to startups and small businesses than rivals. The Amazon Web Services team responsible for selling services to startups and small businesses is struggling to meet its 2023 sales goals, two people with direct knowledge of the situation tell Business Insider. One believes the SMB team will surely miss its targets and said managers are facing mounting pressure to improve their numbers. Both people requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the press.
Organizations: Web Services, AWS, Business
In 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure had a combined 70-80% share of Britain's public cloud infrastructure services market, Ofcom said. Such practices directly harmed customers, and were the only significant barrier to competition in Britain’s cloud computing market, the company said. "A lot of our software and cloud services interoperate, and can run on AWS or on Azure as well, so you're not restricted," he said. "If you don't fix this, eventually you will have fewer cloud providers, and then innovation will not really happen, and investments will start shrinking." Asked why Amazon, which boasts a larger share of the cloud market than Microsoft, did not pose a similarly anticompetitive risk, Zavery said AWS consumers were not facing the same restrictions.
Persons: Arnd, Amit Zavery, Microsoft’s, Zavery, , Martin Coulter, Jeffrey Dastin, Kenneth Li Organizations: REUTERS, Microsoft, Reuters, European Union, CMA, Markets Authority, Ofcom, Amazon Web Services, Google, Google Cloud, Thomson Locations: Zurich, Switzerland, Britain, London, New York
During the Amazon Web Services cloud conference on Tuesday, Amazon unveiled upgraded AI chips, a new chatbot and an expanded partnership with Nvidia. Expanded Nvidia partnership Amazon on Tuesday outlined the details of its deepening partnership with semiconductor firm Nvidia – the global leader in the development of AI chips. Amazon's announcements involved not only Nvidia' bread-and-butter AI chips known as graphics processing units, or GPUs, but also its fast-growing – yet still underappreciated – software-and-service offerings. In general, Amazon has touted its own AI chips as being a lower-cost option for customers. Nvidia's AI hardware is known to carry a hefty price tag .
Persons: Grace Hopper Superchip, , Jensen Huang, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Arjun Kharpal Organizations: Nvidia, Services, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, JMP Securities, CNBC, IAA, Qualcomm, Samsung Locations: Munich
Mr. Ali Ahmad, a Trinity College sophomore described as a gifted writer, web designer and conversationalist, was shot in the chest. The homes of Mr. Awartani’s uncle and grandmother in Burlington, a city of 45,000 on the shores of Lake Champlain, had been a welcome refuge. “I think they were really glad to reconnect, and provide each other comfort, after a fraught few weeks,” said Rich Price, Mr. Awartani’s uncle, who hosted the friends for the holiday. “They are normal 20-year-olds, but they’re also extraordinary 20-year-olds,” Mr. Price said. “They have shown remarkable resilience and strength, even humor, and I think being Palestinian in this world demands those traits.
Persons: Awartani, Ali Ahmad, Awartani’s, , Rich Price, they’re, ” Mr, Price, Organizations: Brown University, Trinity College, West Bank, Quaker Locations: Burlington, Lake Champlain, United States, Ramallah, Israel, Gaza
Dischler has spent 15 years at Google, and was most recently leading all of Google's ad business. He is credited with steering Google through privacy changes and for overseeing new uses of technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence for its advertising business. Dischler helped spearhead Google's advertising efforts around Google's Chrome web browser phasing out third-party cookies. "Our ads business helps millions of businesses thrive and we're grateful to Jerry for his many accomplishments in this area." Before joining Google, Srinivasan worked at Amazon and IBM.
Persons: Jerry Dischler, Dischler, Google's Prabhakar Raghavan, Jerry, Vidhya Srinivasan, Srinivasan, Max, Raghavan, Srinivasan's, Shashi Thakur, nix Organizations: Google, Business, Department, YouTube, Amazon, IBM, Justice Department
Julia Fernsby moved to New York City from Ireland right after college to work in fashion. Her dream job was not what she envisioned, and the city felt overwhelming and unfriendly. Right after college, I moved to take what I thought was my dream job in New York City. My New York dream had turned into a nightmareI was alone when I woke up, alone when I ate lunch, alone at work, alone at home. My college mentor and I went out for a coffee and she suggested I do extensive research on what kind of job I'd enjoy.
Persons: Julia Fernsby, , It's, who'd, Regina George, I'd Organizations: Service, Vogue, Central Park, Skype Locations: New York City, Ireland, Cohasset , Massachusetts, I've, Boston, New York, Central, Howth, Dublin, Brooklyn, Manhattan, York, Central Park
As technology titans jockey to back hot new startups, they are extracting explicit or implicit promises of revenue in return. loadingMicrosoft’s injection of $10 billion into OpenAI in January helped kick off the craze. As part of their deal, the ChatGPT operator agreed to exclusively use its new investor’s cloud computing services. Much of the invested capital should be returned relatively quickly as AI firms buy back-end services. Nvidia (NVDA.O) has at least 80% and as much as 95% of the AI market, according to estimates by analysts.
Persons: Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, OpenAI, Optimists, cynics, Jeffrey Goldfarb, Sharon Lam, Aditya Sriwatsav, Streisand Neto Organizations: Reuters, Microsoft, Financial Times, Apple, Nasdaq, Big Tech, OpenAI, Wall Street, Google, Reuters Graphics Reuters, Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Technologies, Company, Global, Telecom, Nortel, Network, Nvidia, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, Silicon Valley
Washington CNN —The US Treasury Department on Wednesday sanctioned a cryptocurrency service accused of helping launder millions of dollars for the North Korean regime. The FBI and European law enforcement agencies have also seized the website of the crypto service, known as Sinbad, according to a notice that appeared on the website Wednesday. Analysts say North Korea has leaned heavily on mixers to move money amid greater scrutiny from law enforcement agencies from the US, South Korea and elsewhere. The North Korean regime has also used thousands of IT workers working overseas, sometimes posing as other foreign nationals, to quietly raise revenue, according to US officials and North Korea experts. “The laundering tactics of North Korean cyber criminals continued to evolve,” Nick Carlsen, who was an FBI intelligence analyst focused on North Korea until 2021, told CNN.
Persons: Joe Biden, Sinbad, Nick Carlsen, Carlsen, , Organizations: Washington CNN, US Treasury Department, Wednesday, North, FBI, cyberattacks, White House, US, CNN, US Treasury, Treasury, TRM Locations: launder, Korea, South Korea, cryptocurrency, North Korea, North Korean, North Koreans, Korean, Koreans
For Amazon, AWS is more important than ever. Targets missedAWS is falling short of reaching sales goals in its startups and small-business segments, two employees told BI. Burnout and attritionSeveral AWS employees also pointed to high turnover as a major point of concern. AWS employees told BI it still remains to be seen how all these changes will manifest in the months to come. "The most significant single sentiment we feel is uncertainty," one of the AWS employees told BI.
Persons: Matt Garman, Garman, Mark Shmulik, Bernstein, Rob Munoz, Munoz, Charlie Bell, Rachel Thornton, Chris Vonderhaar, Peter DeSantis, DeSantis, Andy Jassy Mike Blake, AWS's, Prasad Kalyanaraman, Kalyanaraman, Amazon's, Bard, Adam Selipsky, Adam Selipsky Noah Berger, Selipsky, Andy Jassy, Jeff Bezos, Jassy, Geekwire Organizations: Amazon Web, AWS, Business, Amazon, SMB, Enterprise, Reuters, Microsoft, Google, BI Locations: Las Vegas, AMZN's, billings
SoFi will no longer be offering crypto trading services starting on December 19, 2023. Account Minimum $0 ($1 for fractional shares; $2,000 for margin trading) Fees 0% ($5/month for Robinhood Gold) Pros Check mark icon A check mark. Buy, sell, or store more than 170 cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoinCheck mark icon A check mark. Limited staking options Insider’s Take Coinbase is one of the best investment platforms for crypto trading, staking rewards, and crypto storage. The crypto trading app has 24/7 customer support, zero trading fees, learning rewards features, and an online storage wallet.
Persons: SoFi, eToro, Jeremy Zafiros, you'll Organizations: SoFi, Robinhood, Coinbase, Pro, USA, eToro USA, Smart, eToro Trading, eToro, Visa, Mastercard Locations:, USA, New York , Minnesota , Nevada , Puerto Rico , Tennessee, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa , Northern Marianas, There's, New York , Nevada , Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Abra
By any measure, cash-bleeding Rakuten Mobile is deeply troubled. Rakuten is set for another tough year in 2024 with investors keen to see if it can achieve its goal of having the mobile unit break even. Those steps have raised some 800 billion yen ($5.4 billion). Then in October, SoftBank Corp (9434.T), Japan's No.3 mobile network provider, began offering a generous reward campaign for most mobile users using SoftBank Group's (9984.T) PayPay online payment system. Without profits, the mobile unit is not likely to entice would-be suitors and competition laws would probably prevent the likes of SoftBank and Docomo from bidding.
Persons: Japan's Rakuten, Hiroshi, Mickey, Rakuten, Mitsunobu Tsuruo, Rakuten's, NTT Docomo, Mikitani, Amir Anvarzadeh, Anton Bridge, David Dolan, Edwina Gibbs Organizations: Citi, Amazon Japan, Rakuten Securities, Rakuten Bank, SBI Securities, GUNNING, Rakuten Mobile, Reuters, NTT, SoftBank Corp, Asymmetric Advisors, Thomson Locations: TOKYO, ARPU
REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsWASHINGTON, Nov 29 (Reuters) - A cyber extortion gang suspected of being an offshoot of the notorious Russian Conti group of hackers has raked in more than $100 million since it emerged last year, researchers said in a report published on Wednesday. An attempt to reach Black Basta via its darkweb site was not immediately successful. Elliptic cofounder Tom Robinson said the massive haul made Black Basta "one of the most profitable ransomware strains of all time." "Conti was perhaps the most successful ransomware gang we've seen," Robinson said. The latest findings suggest "some of the individuals responsible are replicating its success with the Black Basta ransomware."
Persons: Kacper, Russian Conti, Tom Robinson, Robinson, Conti, Black Basta, we've, Basta, Raphael Satter, James Pearson, Gerry Doyle Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, Insurance, U.S . Treasury, Thomson Locations: Russian, bitcoin, Black, Russia, Ukraine, London
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