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What do the charts say after this sudden 20% drop in price? After making a new all-time high of around $318 in early March, Salesforce demonstrated choppy, sideways price action into mid-April. A gap lower in price pushed CRM below its 50-day moving average, which often serves as an early warning sign of an impending trend change. From mid-April until this week, Salesforce has again settled into a sideways price range, this time between $268 and $290. While CRM was in a somewhat precarious position leading into this week, the gap lower post-earnings represented a sudden revaluation for this former technology leader.
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Despite this income, my husband and I have not agreed to — nor do we plan to — pay for the college tuition of our oldest daughter, a sophomore at the University of Iowa. If they spent our money on tuition, we'd need a say in that decision. This decision aligns with our commitment to avoid debt and maintain a healthy financial position, which benefits our entire family. Committing to paying for one child's college education means we must do the same for all of them to maintain fairness. Evaluating whether to pay for our kids' college tuition was a challenging decision, but it's rooted in our desire to foster autonomy, responsibility, and financial prudence.
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Read previewScrolling through the profiles on OkCupid, Anna Akbari was drawn to a man who seemed handsome, witty, and highly intelligent. He was a catfisher — a person who fakes their online identity to trick victims into thinking they are someone else. He'd sent her a forged driving license, power points from his supposed job, and even copies of papers he claimed to have written at MIT. "We didn't know who this person was or why they were doing it," Akbari told BI. "Emily was Ethan, and Ethan was Emily," Akbari wrote in the book.
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However, during the renovation, we eventually went over budget and realized we should have done a few things differently. However, the unexpected cost of installing a new circuit board and wiring for the range cooker made us reluctant to add anything else to our tab. Matt NgI wished we had the time and space to shop around more, as we didn't feel the consultant we worked with provided the ideas to really make smarter use of our kitchen space. With all that said, we still adore our kitchen, not least our excellent range cooker and new flooring — our old slate tiles were hard, uncomfortable, and horrible to clean. AdvertisementSince it was our first kitchen renovation, we're a little more armed with experience and the pitfalls should we ever need to do a second.
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My son was named after a cartoon dog: Copper, from the "Fox and the Hound." We have met many dogs named Copper in the nearly seven years of his life. The 1981 film follows a dog named Copper and a fox named Todd who become the best of friends, so it was only natural we had a fox-themed nursery when Copper was born. Bethaney Phillips and her husband named their first son Copper and their second son Colt. It's pretty straightforward, yet, here we are, finishing his kindergarten year, with people still surprised — and even delighted — at the boy named after the cartoon dog.
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Shares are up 13% in 2025, and the company has an estimated 2024 free cash flow to firm yield of 3%, according to Wolfe's analysis. Analysts also generally like the stock, with 11 out of the 14 analysts covering the name rating it a buy or strong buy, according to LSEG. Wolfe also called out O'Reilly Automotive as a potential dividend initiator, highlighting the company's estimated free cash flow to firm of 3% in 2024. Shares are up a mere 1.5% in 2024, but the name remains liked by the Street, rated a buy or strong buy by 64% of the analysts covering it, per LSEG. Estimated free cash flow to firm yield comes in at 7% for 2024, per Wolfe's analysis.
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Read previewNearly every time I mentioned my impending move to Arkansas, I was asked, "Why there?" It was a curious choice, especially considering I was leaving bustling and lively Austin for Fayetteville, Arkansas, a city known for little more than historical monuments and college football. After all, the cost of living in the Texas city was rapidly rising and we craved more adventure and outdoors than Austin's manicured parks and overcrowded campsites could offer. Related storiesAnd maybe Arkansas wasn't that big of a jump, anyway. In the end, we left Arkansas after 15 months and moved to a small city near the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.
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Amazon is winning the biggest dollar share of new retail spending — both online and brick-and-mortar — and it's not even close. AMZN YTD mountain AMZN stock performance year-to-date. Morgan Stanley said Walmart 's performance this year is "not too shabby" but a distant second to Amazon. Amazon has been benefitting from the consumer's continued shift to buying stuff online, a trend that should benefit AMZN stock. As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade.
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After 35 years of living and working in Hong Kong, my wife, Wendy, and I are returning home to the US. Setting aside concerns of whether we are jumping from a frying pan into a fire (ongoing crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong versus political ruptures in the US), we have many other issues to grapple with. We don't have credit scores or credit cardsTake, for example, our credit score: we don't have one. In Hong Kong we have always paid our bills on time and are conscientious consumers. For us, that won't be a significant amount since most of my prime employment years were spent overseas working for Hong Kong companies.
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Read previewWhen my husband and I eloped on a cliff overlooking the Minnesota-Ontario border, I was adamant about keeping my last name. I didn't want to go through the hassle of all that paperwork, and I didn't see the need to share a last name with my spouse. Keeping my last name made me feel more independentI'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy how keeping my maiden name made me feel. I experienced a shift in perspective when I got pregnantI was 28 when we started trying for a baby. I felt a closeness to my husband I'd never experienced before.
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Apple needs its big AI moment
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Jordan Hart | )   time to read: +4 min
That's made Apple's lack of a big generative AI announcement so far particularly noticeable. However, one big sign an announcement may be coming at WWDC was the unveiling of its M4 chip, which Apple described as an "outrageously powerful chip for AI." The CEO spoke of "big opportunities across our products" for generative AI and promised that Apple is "well positioned" to take on the space. "We think investors will take any generative AI announcement positively," Morningstar tech analyst William Kerwin said. We'd expect any new-gen AI announcement to see strong adoption when released."
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. "What I found somewhat remarkable was that there wasn't some odd or unusual thing that she did or didn't do," he told Business Insider. AdvertisementExtending lifespan is big business right now, exemplified in the multimillion-dollar regimens and cutting-edge technology touted by youth-obsessed entrepreneurs like Bryan Johnson. "It kind of reinforced my thinking that there isn't one magical thing to do or not do," he said. "The things I identified in her and other patients that live long and live well is maintaining purpose, adding things or doing new things in their life."
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My husband only wore his ring during our honeymoonAt first, my husband tried to wear his ring. Related storiesTwelve years later, I can't remember the last time my husband wore his ring, and that doesn't bother me at all. Just like it doesn't bother me that he doesn't wear a bracelet, I didn't care when his ring came off. He lost his wedding ring after removing it to get stitches. Over more than a decade, we've been able to move beyond what society expects from us with wedding rings and define what truly works for us.
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Courtesy Demi DrewI've only seen her 3 times since I movedIn seven years, I've seen my mom three times. Collectively, I've spent six weeks with her the entire time I've lived abroad. I remember having my heart broken for the very first time, sobbing hysterically to my mom on FaceTime and being unable to hug her. Photo credit: Mauricio MerinoI actually appreciate her more nowDespite the 9,000 miles that separate us, my mom and I are closer than ever. Finding ways to connect with my mom and the life she lives in South Africa means being intentional with my time and how I choose to spend it.
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Circuit ruled against the SEC's denial of spot bitcoin ETFs, the regulatory agency "pivoted" and approved those funds in January. The bill sets up a regulatory framework for crypto assets. Gensler said crypto assets — and exchanges in particular exchanges — do not meet this test: "This field is not decentralized. He said crypto exchanges are "operating in ways that are conflicted in ways that traditional exchanges [are not]. Gensler says he is not against financial innovation The SEC chairman pushed back against the claim he was against financial innovation.
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But, since then, the apps seemed to have changed the way dating worked. Celibacy and a different approach to dating are, to me, the only answers to the kind of dehumanizing behavior the apps today provoke. AdvertisementThe author stopped using dating apps and only dates men she already knows. Dating apps throw people together with none of the social glue that binds us in our IRL trusted networks. Some people might call this style of dating "friends with benefits," but I don't.
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Cersei's Walk of Atonement this was not, but I couldn't believe how long I'd waited to try a sandwich. AdvertisementBut much like "Vanderpump Rules," the reality show that made Madix and Maloney famous, the opening day of their restaurant was exciting, tumultuous, and full of some surprising friendships. Something About Her has been 2 years in the makingMaloney and Madix first announced they were joining forces to open a sandwich shop in 2022, joining the growing "Vanderpump" restaurant universe. TomTom — the bar Vanderpump launched with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, the respective exes of Maloney and Madix — is a four-minute walk away. Hours 3-4: Sold-out sandwichesWe had now been in line for the length of an average Martin Scorsese movie.
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Read previewOne autumn afternoon, while raking leaves, my husband, Rich, lost his wedding ring. We hoped the ring, possibly lost amid the browning landscape, would be shiny enough to catch our eyes. Our son thought we had splitWe'd been married for a decade by that point, and while it was odd to see my husband's ring finger bare after all that time, I didn't really give it much thought. AdvertisementOur middle son, Ben, a kindergartener at the time, and I were standing in the kitchen baking together months after the ring disappeared. "It's too bad Dad can't find his ring," Ben said.
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In the TSA PreCheck line, pre-screened travelers can go through security quickly without taking off their shoes or removing electronics or liquids from their carry-on bags. In November 2023, the TSA reported that more than 17 million Americans have TSA PreCheck. Ott said this can cause the line to move slower, but he shared his best tips for TSA PreCheck travelers. I have it in my backpack, knowing I'll put it on as soon as I get through PreCheck," Ott told BI. Be ready before it's your turnWhen you first get in line, Ott recommends having your boarding pass and identification out before it's your turn to show them.
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That's why it was surprising to see her willingly, without hesitation, leave her beloved phone on the kitchen counter when she attended a middle school dance recently. But she knew the school policy — phones aren't allowed. I knew the pickup time and she knew she could borrow an adult's phone or use the school phone to call me if need be. She danced every song all night and came home breathless and happy, declaring the dance "the best night ever." They can also ask to borrow an adult's phone or use the school phone.
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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is talking about retirement. At an investor-day Q&A, Dimon joked he was planning to step down within five years. AdvertisementJamie Dimon, Wall Street's longest-tenured CEO, may be retiring sooner than we'd thought. At an investor-day Q&A on Monday, the JPMorgan CEO broke from his usual joke that he'd retire in five years. When asked about his succession plan, Dimon seemed to acknowledge that he's thinking of stepping down when he joked that the timetable was "not five years anymore."
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I gave birth to my first child — a daughter — in New York City in April of 2020, just after the start of the pandemic. Related stories"Roan" was the perfect choice for my first child — Roan Mountain held such a special place in my heart, and I knew that one day, it would hold a special place in her heart, too. AdvertisementHowever, despite our decision being the right one for our family, my husband and I started to find ourselves grieving our pre-kid, city life. Without a doubt, the Hudson River Valley quickly became one of our homes-away-from-home — another special place in our book of life. It was perfect, and when we were surprised with a second daughter, it fit her well.
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Another earnings report, another sell-off in extended trading for Palo Alto Networks . Palo Alto Networks Why we own it: We believe cybersecurity is a secular growth market as bad actors are relentless and companies simply cannot afford to not invest in defense. We believe Palo Alto Networks, in particular, is uniquely positioned to win due to its best-in-class tools and broad product portfolio that allows it to provide an all-encompassing "platform" solution to cybersecurity. This transaction was the largest in the history of Palo Alto Networks at nearly $150 million" of total contract value. Signage outside Palo Alto Networks headquarters in Santa Clara, California, U.S., on Thursday, May 13, 2021.
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Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been a net seller of stocks for six straight quarters despite the recent disclosure of a headline-making purchase of a stake in insurer Chubb . In fact, Berkshire hasn't been a net buyer of stocks since the third quarter of 2022, according to an analysis of filings. The bulk of the first quarter selling came from trimming Berkshire's massive Apple bet by 13% after reaping enormous gains. "If I saw one of those now, I'd do it for Berkshire," Buffett told shareholders, referring to his Japanese investment. Berkshire's cash hoard reached a record $189 billion in the first quarter, up from almost $168 billion in the fourth quarter.
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Since the vacation was about our marital milestone, we catered the trip to us, not our 7-year-old. AdvertisementThe family stayed at the Royal Hawaiian. In my husband's opinion, they also made the best mai tai on the island, rivaling those at the Royal Hawaiian. Though they didn't cater the trip to their 7-year-old son, he still had a great time. But this family trip is one I'll never forget, and not only because my husband's new morning uniform is his recently acquired Royal Hawaiian pink and white striped hotel robe.
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