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The most visited National Park Service sites 2023
  + stars: | 2024-02-23 | by ( Forrest Brown | )   time to read: +5 min
“From Kaloko Honokōhau National Historic Park in Hawai’i to Congaree National Park in South Carolina, parks are attracting more visitors each year to learn about our shared history,” National Park Service Director Chuck Sams said in a news release. 1 spot as the most visited site in the US National Park system and accounts for 5.15% of all visits in the system. Beyond the summer seasonCongaree National Park in South Carolina is starting to grow in popularity, getting more recognition beyond its home state. National Park ServiceVisitation habits to NPS sites are changing with people finding ways to bypass the traditional warm-weather peak. Among the more famous ones were Joshua Tree National Park (3.27 million) and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (8.09 million).
Persons: Chuck Sams, Lincoln, George Washington, Joshua, Joshua Tree, , , ” Sams, Organizations: CNN, National, Service, NPS, Historic, Park Service, Recreation Area, Gulf, Lincoln, George Washington Memorial, Natchez, Glen, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington , D.C, Zion, Yellowstone, Rocky, Yosemite National, Acadia, Teton, Lincoln Memorial Locations: Hawai’i, South Carolina, f11photo, Smoky, Mead, Arizona and Utah, Washington ,, Southern California, California, Olympic, Washington, Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio, Montana, Idaho, United States
They travel together, but time away with just one child and one parent has perks that family trips don't often provide, she said. "Travelling with only one child allows you to focus on the needs of only that child," she said. Source: Sonja ProkopecProkopec hasn't taken solo trips with her two youngest children, mostly because of Covid-19, she said. Mother-and-daughter trips in particular are on the rise, though father-and-child trips are also becoming more popular, according to the company. She said she vividly remembers the trips she took as a child with her mother and grandmother.
Persons: Sonja Prokopec, Prokopec, she's, , Prokopec's, Laith, Sonja Prokopec Prokopec hasn't, Scott Dunn, Scott Dunn's, Mike Harlow, Scott Dunn's Mike Harlow, Harlow, Chiang, Monica Pitrelli, Madeline Austin Organizations: CNBC Travel, Istock, Getty, Yellowstone, Hollywood Locations: Rome, London, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Korea, India, Chiang Rai, Myanmar, Thai, California, Los Angeles , California
Finding Great Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City
  + stars: | 2024-02-23 | by ( Seth Sherwood | )   time to read: +1 min
Other than Brazil, no nation produces more coffee than Vietnam. Introduced by French colonists in the 19th century, the country’s coffee crop is now a $3 billion business and accounts for nearly 15 percent of the global market, making Vietnam the java giant of Southeast Asia. Quality, however, has only recently begun to catch up with quantity, mainly because farmers have begun augmenting Vietnam’s longtime cultivation of cheaper, easy-to-grow robusta beans with a connoisseur’s favorite, arabica. A major beneficiary has been the cafe scene in the country’s largest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Thanks to direct crop-to-shop supplies, the retail business of coffee is booming as increasing numbers of indie roasteries and specialty coffeehouses sprout up around the city’s French colonial opera house, amid the megamalls and boutiques of fashionable Dong Khoi Boulevard, and in the shadows of the high-rise towers in District 2.
Locations: Brazil, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, Dong, District
Nhac Nguyen | Afp | Getty ImagesVietnamese electric vehicle, or EV, maker VinFast on Thursday said its fourth-quarter net loss deepened 3.4% from the previous three months but it aims to nearly triple vehicle sales this year as it expands into new markets. VinFast's net losses in the final quarter of 2023 reached $650.1 million, also 1.3% higher than the same period of 2022. watch nowOther automakers, in contrast, have slashed EV sales targets and curtailed investment plans due to weakening demand in major markets such as the United States. Fewer than 1,000 units were sold in North America, Thuy said, adding that new dealerships would boost VinFast's sales this year compared to its direct sales model. Founded in 2017 and making EVs since 2021, VinFast has announced numerous EV growth plans overseas.
Persons: VinFast, Nguyen, Le, Thuy, Pham Nhat Vuong Organizations: Afp, Getty, Reuters, Green SM, GSM Locations: United States, North America, North Carolina, India, Indonesia, Vietnam
China’s Hacker Network: What to Know
  + stars: | 2024-02-22 | by ( J. Edward Moreno | )   time to read: +1 min
Leaked documents posted online last week show how the Chinese government is working with private hackers to obtain sensitive information from foreign governments and companies. The hackers worked for a security firm called I-Soon, part of a network of spies for hire working closely with Beijing. The leak showed how China’s top surveillance agency, the Ministry of Public Security, has increasingly recruited contractors to attack government targets and private companies as part of a cyberespionage campaign in Asia. Its hackers were able to get private information including:records from a Vietnamese airline, with the identities of travelers. I-Soon is one of hundreds of private companies that support China’s hacking efforts through the sale of espionage services and stolen data.
Organizations: Ministry of Public Security, Facebook Locations: Beijing, Asia, Washington, United States, Vietnam
The large-scale military strikes the United States has directed at the Houthis, an Iran-backed militant group in Yemen that has disrupted shipping in the Red Sea, has forced the Biden administration to wrestle over what it can do without congressional approval. The question has helped fuel at least two major legal policy dilemmas, according to officials familiar with internal deliberations among national security lawyers: One is how a Vietnam-era law that was intended to limit wars that lack congressional authorization applies to the conflict, and the other is what to do with captured detainees. On Thursday, a senior administration official offered the most detailed account to date about its view of the Vietnam-era law, the War Powers Resolution, and the Justice Department disclosed that it had taken custody of 14 prisoners the military had been holding for over a month. Together, the developments shed light on what the Biden administration sees as the scope and limits of its power in the conflict with the Houthis, part of the widening regional conflagration that has spun out of the Israel-Hamas war following the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks and Israel’s invasion of Gaza.
Persons: Biden Organizations: Justice Department Locations: United States, Iran, Yemen, Red, Vietnam, Israel, Gaza
It is worth remembering that there are no constitutional provisions regarding presidential primaries and very few details about the election of the president itself. AdvertisementWhat were early presidential elections like? In the wake of the violence, Democrats launched a massive overhaul of their presidential primary process. According to some officials who worked on the commission, their changes had the unintended effect of popularizing state presidential primary elections. In short, party officials’ hands are initially tied, even if they want to cast the deciding votes.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, hasn’t, Here's, George Washington, framers hadn’t, John Adam, Thomas Jefferson’s, Mason, Jill Lepore, Andrew Jackson’s, enshrine, Jackson, Daniel Feller, Andrew Jackson, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Roosevelt, Dwight D, Eisenhower, Robert A, Taft's, Sen, John F, Richard Pildes, Lyndon B, Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, McGovern, superdelegates, Bernie Sanders ’, Joe Biden, Biden Organizations: Service, LBJ, Masonic Party, Democratic Party, The, Democratic, GOP, Bull Moose Party, Hampshire GOP, Republican, Kennedy’s, West Virginia, New York University School of Law, Convention, Chicago, Democrats, Republican Party, New Hampshire Democrats, Democratic National Committee, Biden Locations: U.S, Hampshire, West, Vietnam, Chicago, Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina
Vcg | Visual China Group | Getty ImagesAsia-Pacific's travel sector is seeing strong growth, with demand for flights set to match pre-pandemic levels this year — thanks to Chinese tourists. The region's travel demand in December 2023 improved to almost 83% of 2019 numbers compared with just 57% in January, according to the International Air Transport Association. Experts believe Chinese tourists will fuel this demand, particularly as they visit Southeast-Asian destinations within the wider region. watch nowTravel demand from Chinese tourists in Southeast Asia saw a notable rise in January, said James Sullivan, head of Asia-Pacific equity research at JPMorgan. Outside of Asia Pacific, the U.S., U.K., South Korea, Japan and Australia were popular holiday spots for Chinese travelers.
Persons: Willie Walsh, CNBC's, James Sullivan, Sullivan Organizations: Visual China, Getty, International Air Transport Association, JPMorgan, ASEAN, Research, Citi, Asia Pacific Locations: Yantai, Shandong Province, China, Southeast Asia, Asia, ASEAN, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, U.S, South Korea, Japan, Australia
Carolina Villafuerte provides online therapy while traveling the world. AdvertisementThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Carolina Villafuerte, 32, a clinical psychologist who has been backpacking since December 2022. I had studied to be a clinical psychologist and I used their advice to build an online therapy business. AdvertisementThere are some limitations to online therapy — I can't work with children or the elderly. AdvertisementHaving a steady incomeBecause I have a constant stream of income, I'm not dipping into the $10,000 I saved for emergencies.
Persons: , Carolina Villafuerte, I'm Organizations: Service Locations: Carolina, Ecuador, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Philippines
JPMorgan warned that today's economic situation could shift towards 1970s-era stagflation, characterized by high inflation and low growth. Such a situation would drive investors away from stocks towards fixed-income assets offering higher returns. JPMorgan says current geopolitical tensions have parallels to the 1970s and could similarly drive inflation. AdvertisementThe US economy is at risk of tilting towards stagflation, or a period marked by low growth and persistently high inflation, which would prompt investors to favor stocks over bonds, says JPMorgan. An uncertain geopolitical environment, combined with high interest rates, would likely reduce liquidity, JPMorgan said.
Persons: , JPMorgan, JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon Organizations: JPMorgan, Service Locations: Vietnam, Israel, Ukraine, China
This report is from today's CNBC Daily Open, our international markets newsletter. CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need to know, no matter where they are. Hong Kong ralliesHong Kong stocks rallied on Wednesday, while the wider region traded mixed. U.S. stocks tumbled overnight, dragged lower by a 4.4% drop in Nvidia shares ahead of the chipmaker's earnings report. Pros say that exposure can come from real estate investment trusts and picked 5 REITS that are in play.
Persons: Pina, Dow, Noel Quinn, Nikesh Arora, Andrew Amoils Organizations: CNBC, CSI, Nvidia, Nasdaq, HSBC, Palo, Palo Alto Networks, New Locations: Brooklyn, New York, Hong Kong, U.S, Vietnam
Vietnam is set to see the sharpest spike in wealth growth over the next decade as it cements its status as a global manufacturing hub, according to a report by global wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth and investment migration advisors Henley & Partners. The Southeast Asian country is forecast to see a 125% increase in wealth over the next 10 years, Andrew Amoils, New World Wealth's analyst, told CNBC. This would be the largest expansion in wealth of any country in terms of GDP per capita and number of millionaires, according to the firm's analysis. "Vietnam is an increasingly popular manufacturing base for multinational tech, automotive, electronics, clothing and textile firms," Amoils said. India, which is set to become the world's third-largest economy by 2027, takes the second spot with an expected 110% growth in wealth, he added.
Persons: Andrew Amoils, Amoils Organizations: Wealth, Henley & Partners, CNBC Locations: Vietnam, Andrew Amoils ,, India, Asia, Pacific
If Biden drops from the presidential race, it would likely lead to a contested convention in August. AdvertisementFor years, Democratic President Joe Biden has been plagued with critiques about his old age and perceived cognitive skills. With no candidate having amassed a majority of the nation's delegates, the Democratic presidential nominee was decided at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where anti-war protesters angrily demonstrated outside. AdvertisementMost of the state delegates at the convention voted for Humphrey, leading him to win the Democratic Party's nomination. Unless Biden stuns the party and suddenly drops out, the current 81-year-old president is on a fast track to obtaining the Democratic presidential nomination.
Persons: Biden, Lyndon B, Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, , Joe Biden, Robert Hur's, Martin Luther King Jr, Sen, Eugene McCarthy, Robert F, Kennedy, Humphrey, McCarthy, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, we've, Dan, Richard Nixon, Jaime Harrison, Donald Trump — Organizations: Service, Democratic, Convention, Republican, Democratic National Committee, DNC Locations: Vietnam, New, Memphis, Chicago
Costfoto | Nurphoto | Getty ImagesChinese tech giant Alibaba Group is betting on its overseas businesses while domestic consumption growth remains sluggish. James Dong, CEO of Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Lazada Group, was named as Daraz's acting CEO. Dong took over as Lazada Group CEO from Chun Li in June 2022, after running the company's Thailand and Vietnam operations. Intense competitionThe e-commerce business that once propelled Alibaba to success has run into challenges with upstart competitors such as PDD, while consumption growth in China remains sluggish. Alibaba posted 9% year-on-year revenue growth in the third quarter to about $31 billion.
Persons: Eddie Wu, Yinglan Tan, AliExpress, Bjarke Mikkelsen, Jan, James Dong, Lazada, Tan, Alibaba, Zhang, Dong, Chun Li, Li, Pierre, Lucy Peng, PDD Organizations: Nurphoto, Getty, Digital Commerce, Tmall, Tmall Group, Alibaba, Ventures, Lazada, CNBC, Ventures Partners, Alibaba Group, PDD Holdings, Hong Kong, HK Locations: Huangpu District, Shanghai, Taobao, monetization, Alibaba, Pakistan, Asia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong
William Beecher, who as a reporter for The New York Times revealed President Richard M. Nixon’s secret bombing campaign over Cambodia during the Vietnam War, and who later won a Pulitzer Prize at The Boston Globe, died on Feb. 9 at his home in Wilmington, N.C. His daughter, Lori Beecher, and son-in-law, Marc Burstein, confirmed the death. President Nixon ordered the bombings, code-named Operation Menu, in March 1969 in response to stepped-up attacks by the North Vietnamese Army and South Vietnamese guerrillas based in Cambodia, a neutral country. The campaign was so secret that even William P. Rogers, the secretary of state, was unaware of it. Mr. Beecher’s article about the bombings, which appeared on the front page of The Times on May 9, 1969, noted that in the previous two weeks alone, some 5,000 tons of ordnance had been dropped on Cambodia.
Persons: William Beecher, Richard M, Lori Beecher, Marc Burstein, Nixon, William P, Rogers Organizations: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, North Vietnamese Army, South, Times Locations: Cambodia, Vietnam, Wilmington, N.C
Are these the most beautiful coffee shops in the world?
  + stars: | 2024-02-17 | by ( David Tran | )   time to read: +12 min
The Budapest Café is one of many eye-catching businesses featured in “Designing Coffee: New Coffee Places and Branding,” a coffee table book — no pun intended — that puts the world’s most photogenic, eccentric cafés and roasters on display. Its "bright, playful design and color palette transform a former dental office into a bustling and vibrant bakery café," Kingston writes in "Designing Coffee." In an increasingly competitive coffee industry, coffee shop owners are putting thoughts into how their spaces are designed. Across its ambience and menu, the Genovese Coffee House in Sydney offers Australian consumers an "espresso" ticket to Mediterranean café culture. Anson Smart/Genovese Coffee House/Courtesy gestaltenElsewhere, Genovese Coffee House (pictured above) in Sydney, Australia drew inspiration from Italian coffee culture.
Persons: James Morgan, they’re, Wes Anderson, Lani Kingston, Kingston, Mikhail Loskutov, Yuh Nguyen, Luca Rinaldi, Jamie Yelo, Urbain, Jin Weiqi, Marco Pinarelli, Julius, Damir Otegen, Karin Pasterer, Hernan Taboada, Carlos Artalejo, Xavier Alexander, Alexander, , , ” Alexander, ” Kingston, David Dworkind, ” “, ’ ”, Fritz, K Kim, Angela Wijaya, Fritz Coffee, Ben Hamilton, Anson Smart, “ It’s Organizations: Budapest Cafe, CNN, Portland State University, Melrose, Rupertinum, Salzburg's Museum of Modern Art, Kingston, Fritz Coffee Company, Coffee House, Genovese Coffee, Coffee Locations: Budapest, Chengdu, China, Odessa, Ukraine, Hanoi, Vietnam, Milan, Italy, Taipei, Taiwan, Montréal, Canada, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Central Highlands, Kyiv, Ukraine's, Hong Kong, Forme, Beirut, Lebanon, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Salzburg, Austria, 220GRAD, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Caffettiera, Montreal, Asia, Seoul, South Korea, Belfast, Los Angeles, California, Sydney, Australia
download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Some of the analysts noted that the conflict in Ukraine could even become a "Vietnam" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. "We've seen smaller countries frequently defeat larger countries in battle, with Vietnam and others being key examples. Getty ImagesIn the Vietnam War, more than 58,000 Americans lost their lives in a long, protracted fight alongside South Vietnam against the communist government of North Vietnam. With crucial military aid from the West, analysts believe Ukraine could achieve something similar, grinding down Russian morale and potentially forcing Russia to readdress the costs and benefits of the invasion.
Persons: , there's, Vladimir Putin, Max Bergmann, Eliot A, Cohen, Arleigh, Burke, Seth Jones, Bergmann Organizations: Service, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Eurasia Program, CSIS, Getty, South, North Vietnamese Army, West, NATO Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Western, Vietnam, Europe, Saigon, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Afghanistan, French, Algeria
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden plans to welcome Kenyan President William Ruto to the White House in May, hosting a state visit after reneging on his promise to visit Africa last year. Biden hosted a state dinner celebrating close ally Australia in October, which followed the president's skipping a stop in that country earlier in 2023 to focus on debt limit talks in Washington. But those festivities last fall were toned down some given Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas. Biden said in December 2022 that he would visit sub-Saharan Africa the following year, which would have made him the first U.S. president to travel there in a decade. Biden pulled off last-minute trips to Israel and Vietnam, as well as a secretive journey to Ukraine.
Persons: Joe Biden, William Ruto, reneging, Karine Jean, Pierre, ” Jean, , Rutto’s, Rachel Ruto, Biden, Kamala Harris, he'd Organizations: WASHINGTON, Kenyan, White House, White, Hamas, Africa, Summit Locations: Africa, Kenya, Haiti, U.S, Washington, Australia, Saharan Africa, Israel, Vietnam, Ukraine, Dubai, November's, Russia, East Palestine , Ohio, Norfolk Southern
Opinion: How America became immune to scandal
  + stars: | 2024-02-15 | by ( Julian Zelizer | )   time to read: +8 min
Editor’s note: CNN’s six-part series “United States of Scandal With Jake Tapper” will premiere at 9 p.m. ET/PT February 18. As president, Trump experienced more moments that would traditionally be defined as a scandal than almost any other high official in recent memory, arguably surpassing his notorious predecessor, Richard Nixon. In an era when most Americans are more concerned about the political party of their children’s future spouse than their religion, this calculation is dominant. One study even found that legislators often raise more money after a scandal, especially if the issue received media coverage. For all these reasons, scandal in 2024 isn’t your grandfather’s scandal.
Persons: Jake Tapper ”, Julian Zelizer, Webster, doesn’t, Donald Trump, Trump, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Trump’s, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Pink Floyd, George Santos, Santos, Taylor Swift, Bill Clinton, Sen, Robert Menendez Organizations: CNN, Princeton University, The New York Times, America, Trump, Capitol, Republicans, GOP, Republican Party, Democratic Party, New York Republicans, Rep, Republican, Democrat, Robert Menendez of New Locations: United States, Merriam, Florida, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Vietnam, shrug, midstream, yesteryear, Robert Menendez of, Robert Menendez of New Jersey
Motorbikes — the preferred mode of transport in Vietnam — are piling up in impound lots in Ho Chi Minh City as it becomes more cost effective for some owners to abandon them than to pay the fines to get them back. The city, Vietnam’s financial center, has gotten more aggressive in targeting drunken driving in recent years by raising fines and confiscating vehicles. Those fines are now often higher than the value of the vehicles, which many drivers are not reclaiming, officials say. Now the police are wondering what to do with them.
Locations: Vietnam, Chi Minh
How Nescafé came to dominate the instant coffee market
  + stars: | 2024-02-14 | by ( Shawn Baldwin | )   time to read: +1 min
Soluble coffee accounts for about a quarter of the beverage consumed globally, according to Brazilian Instant Coffee Industry Association, and that number is rising. "People often think that people have stopped drinking instant coffee because we have so much specialty coffee in abundance today," said coffee expert Jake Leonti at food and beverage consulting firm F+B Therapy. Known for its affordability and convenience, instant coffee is known as the black sheep of the coffee world. And yet 6,100 cups of Nescafé instant coffee are consumed every second, according to the company, Swiss-based food giant Nestlé's largest coffee brand. Worldwide one in seven cups of coffee consumed is a Nescafé.
Persons: Jake Leonti Organizations: National Coffee Association, Overseas, Instant Coffee Industry Association, CNBC Locations: Swiss, Vietnam, Brazil
Xia documented their Lunar New Year's dinner that they hosted with their sibling and a few close friends. Ramona Jingru WangWang said Lunar New Year is important to her because it allows her to connect with family and friends through a shared cultural experience. "It's a television performance program that every Chinese family watches at the same time," she said. AdvertisementLee documented her time at the home of her uncle, Szuning Lee, in Chinatown for the Lunar New Year. Sam Lee"We didn't celebrate Christmas, so this was our Christmas," Szuning said, recalling his childhood memories of Lunar New Year.
Persons: , Caroline Xia Xia, Xia, Leslie, Caroline Xia, Caroline Xia Ramona Jingru Wang Wang, Wang, Ramona Jingru Wang Wang, Meiting, Ramona Jingru Wang, Ramona Jingru Wang Sam Lee Lee, Lee, Szuning Lee, we've, Sam Lee, Szuning Organizations: Service, Business, East Asian, TV Locations: East, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Queens , New York, New York City, Hainan, Chinese American, Chinatown, Mulberry, New York
Gold takes pause in light trading; eyes on Fed in data-packed week
  + stars: | 2024-02-12 | by ( )   time to read: +2 min
Gold bars arranged at the Korea Gold Exchange store in Seoul, South Korea, on Oct. 13, 2023. Gold prices steadied in a tight range on Monday in holiday-thinned trading, as investors awaited remarks from a slew of U.S. Federal Reserve officials in a data-packed week. "Positioning is neutral, and if the data deteriorates softening the dollar and deepening U.S. rate cut bets, then gold will shine again. COMEX gold speculators raised their net long position by 10,616 contracts to 82,591 in the week ended Feb. 6, data showed on Friday. Traders have all but ruled out a rate cut at the Fed's next meeting in March, according to LSEG's Interest Rate Probability app, IRPR.
Persons: Kyle Rodda, Jerome Powell Organizations: Korea Gold Exchange, . Federal Reserve, Traders Locations: Seoul, South Korea, China , Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia
Trump is giving every impression that his second term would be even more aberrant than his first, as he vows to use presidential power to exact retribution against his enemies. While a Biden vs. Trump race would be a rematch of 2020, it would not necessarily be the same. In Trump, voters can pick an ex-president facing 91 criminal charges who has been found liable for fraud, sexual battery and defamation in court. It also offered a potential roadmap to the substance and character of his possible second term. Why the 2020 election lineup may be locked inThe renewed focus on Biden’s age is likely to open another round of speculation about whether he could be replaced on the Democratic ticket.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Biden, Trump, he’s, Vladimir Putin, Nikki Haley’s, crave, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, , “ Donald Trump’s, Putin, ” Biden, Trump’s, , Florida GOP Sen, Marco Rubio, “ Donald Trump, ” Rubio, Charles Michel, Russia, Tucker Carlson, Manuel Balce Ceneta, Michael, He’s, Michael Haley, Nikki Haley, Arizona Sen, John McCain, Robert Hur’s, parry, Mandel Ngan, gaffes —, , Ro Khanna, Jake Tapper, Biden’s missteps, Haley, Nancy Pelosi, he’d, Dean Phillips, Kamala Harris, Harris Organizations: CNN, Oval, Biden, Trump, NATO, White, Florida GOP, Foreign Relations, Union, European Council, GOP, ABC, Getty, ” Democratic, Democratic, Democratic Party Locations: South Carolina, Russia, NATO, Europe, miscalculations, Moscow, Ukraine, Poland, Baltic States, Florida, “ State, Russian, Conway , South Carolina, Africa, Arizona, Vietnam, Egypt, Mexico, AFP, California, reunifying
Oil starts week lower after Israel says 'concluded' Gaza strikes
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Oil prices fell in early Asian trade on Monday after Israel said it had "concluded" a series of strikes in southern Gaza, slightly easing concerns about supply from the Middle East. Geo-political risks including a feared broadening of the Israel-Palestinian conflict across the region and potential oil supply disruption in the Middle East pushed prices up by about 6% last week. The Israeli military said on Monday it had conducted a "series of strikes" on southern Gaza that have now "concluded," days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a ceasefire proposal from Hamas. While supply concerns in the Middle East remained relatively heightened, news from the U.S. eased some worries. Mainland China's financial markets are closed for the Lunar New Year holiday and will resume trade on Monday, Feb 19.
Persons: Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu Organizations: Brent, U.S, West Texas, Federal Reserve Locations: Gaza, Israel, U.S, Asia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia
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