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Taylor Swift performs on stage during "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at Wembley Stadium on June 22, 2024 in London, England. Kevin Mazur | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty ImagesTaylor Swift fans enjoy parsing the singer-songwriter's lyrics for references to her romantic life and insights into her state of mind. The record's fifth track is titled "So Long, London." As Swift brings her blockbuster Eras Tour to London's Wembley Stadium this weekend, some Swifties therefore are wondering if they are witnessing the beginning of an extended goodbye. American pop singer Taylor Swift meets a fan while on stage during "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at Wembley Stadium on June 22, 2024 in London, England.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Kevin Mazur, Swift, London, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, valentine, Maggie Fekete, Frank Styles, Benjamin Cremel, Stella Elgood, Harry Styles, she's, Elgood, haven't, Styles, Travis Kelce, Joe Alwyn, Alwyn, ELLE, lister, Naomi May, Tom Holland Organizations: Wembley, Getty, Poets Department, London, Afp, Kansas City Chiefs, Sun, Department Locations: London, England, Wembley, American, Europe, British
“We’re constantly innovating, constantly bringing excitement to the brand, and we’re fresh, fresh daily,” said CEO Josh Charlesworth on a first-quarter earnings call in May, according to a transcript made available by FactSet. But fans had a few words for Krispy Kreme on that score. “This is where I am just confused by the decision making process,” noted one commenter under an Instagram post by “Snackolator“ about the release. Krispy Kreme has launched its own share of US-exclusive doughnuts, including its most recent collaboration with singer Dolly Parton, the Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection, announced in May. A representative for Krispy Kreme declined to comment on whether the “Friends” collaboration would be made available in the US and told CNN there was “nothing additional to share at this time.”
Persons: , Krispy Kreme, “ We’re, Josh Charlesworth, “ Snackolator, Ashley Smith, , Monica Geller’s, Courtney Cox, Ross Geller’s, David Schwimmer, Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston, Dolly Parton Organizations: CNN, Ireland, Warner Bros, FactSet Locations: New York
An airplane encounterAmy and Mike met on March 23, 2006, on an airplane about to depart Los Angeles International Airport. But then Mike apologized – half jokingly, half sincere – for ruining Amy’s flight. First in the coffee line, and later as they walked through the airport, Amy and Mike continued chatting. Mike didn’t want Amy to leave, but Amy wasn’t going to abandon a great career opportunity. Later this year, Amy and Mike hope to take their kids to Japan – an 11 hour plus flight from LAX.
Persons: Amy Osmun, she’d, Mike Gilberstadt, They’d, Amy, Mike, , , wasn’t, Mike couldn’t, dietician, She’d, sauntering, Mike —, , Mike –, Mike’s, I’d, he’d, Amy marveled, Mike didn’t, Amy wasn’t, ” He’s, Amy Gilberstadt “, Valentine, Amy Gilberstadt, ” Amy, “ I’d, I’ve, I’m, “ You’re, Barbies, ‘ I’ve, ” “, Amy’s, “ We’re, they're, Kelli Gase, they’ve Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Los Angeles International Airport, California State University, Amsterdam Schipol Airport, LAX, Scotland, TiVo, . Locations: Amsterdam’s, Scotland, Greece, Southern California, Amsterdam, California, Mike’s, Orange County, San Diego, Venice, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, United Kingdom, Alaska, Vermont
Read previewAs fast-food prices continue to soar, Americans are looking for ways to get more bang for their buck. Like fast-food prices, grocery prices soared during the pandemic. But grocery prices are now largely back to pre-pandemic levels, while inflation at limited-service restaurants still remains elevated. When fast-food prices rise at a faster rate than grocery prices, consumers notice. He attributed this to the price increases at fast-food chains.
Persons: , Chad Frye, Frye, Thomas Valentine, Jordan Sanchez, he's, Lawrence Milford's, Laxman Narasimhan, McDonald's, Danilo Gargiulo, Bernstein, John Furner, footfall —, Michael Siluk, Martin Jennings, Jennings, Brooks Ferrante, Ben Heyworth, it's Organizations: Service, Business, Walmart, Getty Locations: California, Arizona, Florida, Puerto Rican
CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
Persons: James Beard, , Serigne Mbaye, ” Mbaye, Michael Rafidi, , Paul Smith, Lula Drake Wine, Chef Masako Morishita, Beard, Deb Lindsey, Masako Morishita, Atsuko Fujimoto, Morishita, Adams Morgan, Fujimoto, Baker, Ruth Reichl, Reichl, , foodie, James Beard’s, ” Beard, Hamissi Mamba, Nadia Nijimbere, MI, Yenvy Pham, Phở, WA Chris Viaud, NH Hollis Wells Silverman, Erika Whitaker, Kelly Whitaker, Sarah Minnick, Dean Neff, Renee Touponce, David Uygur, Christine Dong, Fariyal Abdullahi, Janet Becerra, SC Ryan Fernandez, Mel, Baker Susan Bae, Jesus Brazon, Manuel Brazon, Crystal Kass, Valentine, AZ Anna Posey, Hospitality Crawford, NC Gemma, Lula Cafe, Vin, California Geoff Davis, CA Rogelio Garcia, Auro, Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya, Los Angeles , CA Tara Monsod, Billy ” Ngo, Vinnie Cimino, Cordelia, Jose Salazar, Sarkar, Hajime Sato, Sozai, MI Jenner Tomaska, Tony Conte, Jesse Ito, Matt Kern, Harley Peet, Kevin Tien, Ann Ahmed, Rob Connoley, Dan Jacobs, Dan Van Rite, Christina Nguyen, Hai, Tim Nicholson, Brandon Cunningham, Ali Sabbah, Matt Vawter, Penelope Wong, Yuan Wonton, Nick Zocco, NY Atsushi Kono, Chris Mauricio, Charlie Mitchell, Clover, NY Jeremy Salamon, Conor Dennehy, Talulla, Maria Meza, David Standridge, Jake Stevens, Cara Tobin, Honey, Avery Adams, Matia, WA Kristi Brown, WA Josh Dorcak, Gregory Gourdet, Melissa Miranda, Jamie Davis, The, Washington , NC Rod Lassiter, Parnass Savang, James London, Chubby Fish, SC Robbie Robinson, Valerie Chang, FL Hunter Evans, Jackson, MS Gabriel Hernandez, Carlos Portela, Rene Andrade, Jeff Chanchaleune, Ma Der, Steve, Steve Riley, NM Eduardo Rodriguez, Zacatlán, Texas Emmanuel Chavez, Houston , TX Christopher Cullum, Cullum’s Attaboy, San Antonio , TX Tracy Malechek, Ezekiel, Birdie’s, Misti Norris, Petra, Ana Liz Pulido, Ana Liz Taqueria Organizations: CNN, Dakar NOLA, Lyric Opera, Michelin, Beverages Program, Chefs, The Washington Post, Washington Commanders, The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, James, James Beard Foundation, Hav, Seattle , WA Nikko Cagalanan, SC, NY, Dakar, FL Kisser, Nashville , TN Oro, Caracas Bakery, AZ, Hospitality, IL, NY Woodford Food & Beverage, Beverages, SC The Morris, D.C, BEST, Social Haus, UT, New, New York State, Pacific, FL, Houston , TX Locations: United States, New Orleans, West Africa, Chicago, Portland , Oregon, Pacific, Albi, Washington, Ramallah, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal, West Virginia, Charleston , West Virginia, Columbia , South Carolina, Mission , Texas, Mystic , Connecticut, Easton , Maryland, Portland , Maine, Tokyo, Perry’s, Adams, DC, Bakery, Detroit, Seattle, WA, Greenleaf, Ansanm, Milford, Wolfeboro, NH, The Wells, Boulder, Portland, Wilmington ,, Albi , Washington, The, Lucia, Dallas , TX, Santa Fe, Marfa ,, San Antonio ,, Springs, , New York, Pancita, Seattle , WA, Kultura, Charleston, Southern Junction, Buffalo, Waitsburg, Lockhart, TX, Carmel, Dorchester, Dakar NOLA , New Orleans, LA Hayward, McMinnville, Kaya, Orlando, Nashville , TN, Nixta , Minneapolis, Shan, Bozeman, Albuquerque, Long Beach ,, Hudson, Caracas, Doral, Miami, Phoenix, Elske, IL, Son, Raleigh, NC, Dallas ,, New York, NY, Columbia, San Francisco ,, Anaheim , Anaheim, , Washington, Waxlight, Montpelier, VT, Baltimore, , New Orleans, LA, Brownsville ,, California, Burdell, Oakland, Calistoga, Los Angeles ,, San Diego ,, Kru, Sacramento, Lakes, MI, Cleveland ,, Mita’s, Cincinnati, Indienne, Clawson, Esmé, NJ, PA, Philadelphia, Fenwick, Bas Rouge, Easton, KS, MN, MO, WI, Khâluna, Minneapolis, St, Louis, EsterEv, Milwaukee, Hai Hai , Minneapolis, Omaha, UT, WY, Greenough, Salt Lake City, Rootstalk, Breckenridge, Denver, Urban, Sofreh, Brooklyn, Kono , New York, Harana, Accord, Clover Hill, RI, Cambridge, Dolores, Providence ,, Leeward, Burlington, Island, MÄS, Ashland, kann, Musang, KY, TN, The Hackney, Washington , NC, Talat, Atlanta, West Columbia, Maty’s, Elvie’s, Verde Mesa, San Juan, Saffron , New Orleans, AZ, NM, Bacanora, Oklahoma City, Henderson, Mesa, Tatemó, Houston ,, Austin ,, Mission
The Caga Tió (left) and caganers figurines (right). For the whole month of December, children leave food and water out for Caga Tió, which translates to pooping log. Then they hit the log with a stick on Christmas Eve, and Caga Tió "poops out" presents. People take this tradition very seriously, the streets of Barcelona are decorated with this pooping log, and every store has one in its window. In the same vein, caganers are another fascinating Christmas tradition in Catalonia.
Persons: Jordan Mautner, Jordi —, Caga, Freddy Mercury, SpongeBob, Joe Biden Organizations: Barcelona Locations: Barcelona, Catalonia
Read previewScrolling through the profiles on OkCupid, Anna Akbari was drawn to a man who seemed handsome, witty, and highly intelligent. He was a catfisher — a person who fakes their online identity to trick victims into thinking they are someone else. He'd sent her a forged driving license, power points from his supposed job, and even copies of papers he claimed to have written at MIT. "We didn't know who this person was or why they were doing it," Akbari told BI. "Emily was Ethan, and Ethan was Emily," Akbari wrote in the book.
Persons: , Anna Akbari, They'd, Akbari, — Ethan Schuman, MIT —, Schuman, Ethan, Gchat, — Schuman, he'd, Warren Talmarkes, I'd, didn't, Gina Dallago, She'd, Dallago, Anna, He'd, they'd, Emily Slutsky, who'd, Emily, Slutsky Organizations: Service, Columbia University, MIT, Business, New York University, BI, Skype, Grand, Valentine's, Facebook, Grand Central Publishing, Columbia Locations: Washington, DC, New York, Ireland, Irish, Akbari, New York City, Japan, Columbia, Cork
I could be on a three-month film set or a nine-month series set and then go months without a call. I started working on YouTube thumbnails and event flyers for the music industry. For example, a friend helped repair my dishwasher, so I put together "gift ideas for makers and tinkers." AdvertisementI started posting in groups and asking for gift ideas to write blog posts about. It's not money I would make on a film set, but it was something.
Persons: , Ana Julia Gomes, I've, John Wick, Jessica Jones, It's, I'm, DINK Organizations: Service, Business, Constellation, Apple, DJ, WordPress, Facebook Locations: Berlin, Cuba, Miami, New York City
We bonded over the fact that we both really, really hated our job. Our job was in the home loans team and we had the same manager. We hated it because we were expected to sell a product — home loans — to customers who couldn't necessarily afford it. Colleagues started making jokes that maybe something was going on between us. As we worked for a big bank, I at least knew Tim had cleared a police check, extensive background checks, and a credit check.
Persons: Liv Arnold, we'd, Tim, We've, they're Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Tinder
CNN —Ariff Hassan arrived at the wedding under strict instructions: “Stay away from the bridesmaid.”It was August 2018. “Listen,” said Ariff’s friend. But Ariff’s friend’s warning was ringing round his head. Because Liliya was – of course, inevitably – the bridesmaid Ariff had been warned to stay away from. Ariff Hassan and Liliya DauletaliyevaLiliya and Ariff Kazakhstan wedding celebration incorporated a number of Kazakh traditions.
Persons: CNN — Ariff Hassan, , Ariff, They’d, “ I’d, ‘ I’ve, , Ariff’s, , Liliya Dauletaliyeva, Lili, Liliya, ” Ariff, Ariff Hassan, She’d, she’d, fiancé, who’d, ” Liliya, He’d, “ I’m, , ’ ”, he’d “, ’ ” Ariff, ’ ” Liliya, – she’d, he’d, , that’s, they’re, hadn’t, Ariff shrugged, – Ariff, he’s, you’ve, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, Kazakhstan –, Kuala Lumpur –, CNN Travel, Facebook, Liliya, Malaysian, University of Oxford, Oxford Locations: Singapore, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Kazakhstan’s, Almaty, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Liliya, Kazakh, Astana, Iceland, Cappadocia, Turkey, Bangkok, London, , Angkor Wat, Cambodia
How Big Is Taylor Swift?
  + stars: | 2024-05-17 | by ( Joe Coscarelli | Courtney Cox | Fred Bierman | )   time to read: +40 min
1s ’63 ’70 10 TAYLOR SWIFT 5 ’24 ’06 10 THE BEATLES 5 ’63 ’70 10 TAYLOR SWIFT 5 ’24 ’06 10 THE BEATLES 5 ’63 ’70 10 TAYLOR SWIFT ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ (2012) 5 ’24 ’06 10 THE BEATLES 5 ’63 ’70 10 TAYLOR SWIFT ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ (2012) 5 ’24 ’06 10 THE BEATLES 5 ’63 ’70 10 TAYLOR SWIFT 5 ’24 ’06 Two bar charts: one for the Beatles, one for Taylor Swift. 30 15 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS 30 ‘Thriller’ 15 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS 30 ‘Thriller’ 15 ‘Fearless’ ‘1989’ 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS 30 15 5 Not yet certified MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS 30 15 5 Not yet certified MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS 30 30 million 15 15 million 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES 30 30 million 15 15 million 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES 30 30 million 15 15 million ‘1989’ 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES 30 30 million 15 15 million ‘1989’ ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ 5 MICHAEL JACKSON PLATINUM CERTIFICATIONS TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES A grid of 10 Michael Jackson albums covers transitions into charts depicting Michael Jackson’s and Taylor Swift’s album sales. 15 million 10 5 BRITNEY SPEARS ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES ‘... Baby One More Time’ 15 million 10 5 BRITNEY SPEARS ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES ‘1989’ 15 million 10 5 BRITNEY SPEARS ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES Two side-by-side charts depict album sales for Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. 1s ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 5 ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 5 ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 ‘Vogue’ (1990) 5 ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 ‘This Used To Be My Playground’(1992) 5 ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 5 ’82 ’12 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 ‘Music’ (2000) 5 ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 10 5 ’82 ’12 TAYLOR SWIFT 10 5 ’06 ’24 Two charts show Billboard top hits for Madonna and Swift, over the course of their respective careers. 15 million 10 5 BEYONCE ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES 15 million ‘I Am ... Sasha Fierce’ 10 5 BEYONCE ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES 15 million 10 5 BEYONCE ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES 15 million ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ 10 ‘Cowboy Carter’ 5 BEYONCE ALBUM SALES TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM SALES Two side-by-side charts depict album sales for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, respectively.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, , Swift, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Drake, Billy Joel, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Kareem, Brady, Marino, Harry Potter, TAYLOR, TAYLOR SWIFT, Swift’s, didn’t, Max Martin, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, McCartney, George Harrison, , Taylor, Jackson, MICHAEL JACKSON, , Michael Jackson’s, , “ Ben ”, , Jackson’s, Micheal Jackson, It’s, she’s, Department ”, Spears, BRITNEY SPEARS, Spears’s, Madonna, Dick Tracy ”, Evita, I’m, David O, “ Ray, Bob Dylan, John, Springsteen, Elton John Farewell, Bruce Springsteen Springsteen, Elton John’s, Bruce Springsteen’s Springsteen, Madonna’s, it’s, Beyoncé, Georg Solti, Quincy Jones, It's, Madonna didn’t, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Sinatra, — Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, Carter ’, Carter ”, Cowboy Carter, DRAKE, Kendrick Lamar, they’re, gunning, she’ll Organizations: Poets Department, MetLife, Beatles, , Marvel, Billboard, TAYLOR SWIFT, U.S, Swift, MTV, Recording Industry Association of America, Department, Vogue, Veterans Touring, Drake, Beyoncé, Beyoncé’s Locations: New Jersey, U.S, Kobe, , , pigtails, Amsterdam, Texas
I have 2 men in my life, so I wear 2 rings
  + stars: | 2024-05-17 | by ( Stacy Brooks | )   time to read: +4 min
But I also wear a white gold band on my right ring finger to celebrate my commitment to my longtime life partner. We got married a year later and exchanged wedding rings. I always tell people that if you know one person in a polyamorous relationship, you know one person in a polyamorous relationship. Stacy Brooks and her husband both wear wedding rings. We think of a wedding ring as something that symbolizes love and dedication to a relationship that you want to last for the rest of your life.
Persons: I'm, we've, He's, Stacy Brooks, didn't Organizations: Netflix
Here's everything you need to know about Lord Debling and how he influences Polin's love story on the show. Lord Debling isn't part of Julia Quinn's novelsPenelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Lord Debling (Sam Phillips) on season three of "Bridgerton." But Lord Debling doesn't appear anywhere in the novel or the book series as a whole. On 'Bridgerton,' Lord Debling courts Penelope Featherington but stops once he realizes she has feelings for Colin BridgertonLord Debling (Sam Phillips) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) on season three of "Bridgerton." When Lord Debling meets Penelope, they bond over being perceived as outsiders because of their uniqueness.
Persons: , Penelope Featherington, Colin Bridgerton, Luke Newton, Nicola Coughlan, Julia Quinn's, Lord Debling, Sam Phillips, Penelope, Debling, Netflix Colin, Bridgerton, Debling doesn't, he's, Kelly Valentine Hendry, Phillips, Sam, he'd, Whistledown, Cressida Cowper, Jessica Madsen, Debling's, Colin, Portia Featherington, Polly Walker, Cressida, doesn't, hasn't Organizations: Service, Netflix, Business Locations: wallflower
Schneider told Denberg that he should have been the one to have that conversation. "I feel like that is the first time he preyed on me," Denberg told Business Insider. "Nobody thinks it is their responsibility" to protect the people working at Nickelodeon, Denberg said. According to Denberg, Schneider would refuse to write her jokes for the segment until the last minute, forcing her to perform live without rehearsing. Denberg said she cheered up Bynes, then told Schneider that he couldn't change "the little girl's lines on the spot."
Persons: Lori Beth Denberg, Dan Schneider, Nickelodeon's, Denberg, Schneider, Drake, Josh, Jenny Kilgen, Lori Beth, it's, she's, Albie Hecht, Brian Robbins, Amanda Bynes, costars, Jeff Kravitz, Farah Alvin, Denberg's, It's, Robbins, Angelique Bates, Bates, Bynes, Dan, gaunt, Alvin, Amanda, Gioncarlo Valentine, Schneider hadn't, Schneider's, Hecht, SpongeBob, Kate Taylor, Mimi Meyer Organizations: Business, Nickelodeon, Schneider, BI, Robbins Productions, Nickelodeon's, Nickelodeon Entertainment, New York Times, Paramount, Paramount Global, Maxine Productions, Sony Pictures Locations: Orlando, Los Angeles, York
CNN —British actor Bernard Hill, best known for supporting roles in “Titanic” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, has died, his family announced on Sunday. “It is with the greatest sadness that we must announce that Bernard Hill, renowned actor known for his roles in ‘Titanic’ and ‘Lord of the Rings,’ passed away in the early hours of this morning at the age of 79,” his family said in a statement. In James Cameron’s 1997 multi-Oscar winning “Titanic”, Hill plays the ship’s Captain Edward Smith as a man haunted by his role in the tragedy and ultimately resigned to his fate. We last see him alone, still clutching the ship’s helm, before the rising water bursts in through the windows. Bernard Hill in The Return Of The King, 2003.
Persons: Bernard Hill, , , Alison, Gabriel, ” Hill, Thatcher, James Cameron’s, Hill, Edward Smith, Shutterstock, Peter Jackson’s, King of Rohan, “ Gandhi, ” “ Shirley Valentine ”, Lou Coulson, Lindsay Salt, Organizations: CNN, BBC Locations: British, New
In February, the Met revealed Ballard’s 1962 short story “The Garden of Time” as the forthcoming red carpet theme. Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho/Getty ImagesThere is little glitz and glamor in Ballard’s world — or if there is, it doesn’t last for long. David Cronenberg's adaptation of JG Ballard's "Crash" debuted at Cannes Film Festival in 1996. In 2021, American designer Thom Browne’s Spring-Summer catwalk at New York Fashion Week also imagined life behind Count Axel’s garden wall. And now with the Met Gala theme, the beautiful flower that dies as soon as it’s plucked, it connects back to fashion being ephemeral.
Persons: Manus, Andrew Bolton, JG Ballard, Count Axel, Axel, Count, Countess, Thom Browne, Victor Virgile, , you’ve, Steven Spielberg’s, David Cronenberg’s, , it’s, Ballard, David Cronenberg's, Ronald Siemoneit, Thom Browne’s, Browne, Alon Livné, Andrew Groves, Estrella de Mar, ” Groves, McQueen, Jeremy Scott, Marie, Christiane Marek, Jeremy Scott's, Jeremy Scott “, ” Scott, Scott, , Nigel Coates, Caffè, Coates, Caffè Bongo, brandished Coates, Caffe, Edward Valentine, Charli XCX, Madonna’s, Ian Curtis, Stanley Donwood, Groves Organizations: CNN, York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, West, Technology, Costume Institute, Bolton, New York, Sun, Cannes Film, Estrella de, Paris Fashion, Division, Preachers, Fourth Estate Locations: China, British, France, American, Israeli, London, Estrella, Tokyo,
CNN —Not even a beer at the movies is spared from shrinkflation, alleges a lawsuit against Cinemark. Waldrop then took the container home and measured it for himself, finding it only held 22 ounces, according to the lawsuit. Rising prices seem to have boosted that revenue: Cinemark reported concession revenue for 2023 exceeded revenue in 2019 by 3%, even though movie attendance was 25% lower. A 20-ounce drink at the Plano, Texas, Cinemark theater Waldrop visited costs $7.80 pre-tax, while a 24-ounce drink costs just $1 more, at $8.80. “The 24 oz drink should provide a deal for consumers over the 20 oz drink’s price: $0.37 per ounce vs. $0.39 per ounce,” the lawsuit said.
Persons: Shane Waldrop, Waldrop, overpaying, ” Jarrett Ellzey, Cinemark, , Pennsylvania Democratic Sen, Bob Casey, ” Ellzey, , CNN’s Bryan Mena Organizations: CNN, Cinemark, Pennsylvania Democratic, Labor Department Locations: shrinkflation, Texas, Plano , Texas
Hipgnosis Songs Fund, the British company that helped kick-start the music industry’s rush for catalog deals — acquiring tens of thousands of songs by Justin Bieber, Neil Young, Shakira and others — but has seen its share price plummet, has reached a tentative deal to sell itself to Concord, a major independent music company, for $1.4 billion. Hipgnosis, which trades on the London Stock Exchange, said on Thursday that its board had given unanimous approval. But the deal still faces what could be a significant hurdle in the form of a contractual option held by an affiliated company to buy the catalog at a set price. Robert Naylor, the chairman of Hipgnosis, said in a statement: “The acquisition represents an attractive opportunity for our shareholders to immediately realize their holding at a premium, mitigating the risks we see ahead to achieving a material improvement in the share price.”Bob Valentine, the chief executive of Concord, which has a portfolio of labels like Stax and Craft, and large holdings in music publishing, added: “We believe we can integrate Hipgnosis’ catalogs into our wider portfolio of 1.2 million songs in a way that will deliver benefits for composers, performers and all our stakeholders.”
Persons: Justin Bieber, Neil Young, Shakira, Robert Naylor, Hipgnosis, Bob Valentine Organizations: London Stock Exchange, Concord, Stax Locations: British, Concord
The Rom-Com That’s Responsible for My Marriage
  + stars: | 2024-04-16 | by ( Sam Anderson | )   time to read: +1 min
Dear 1994 Sam Anderson: Hello. It’s me, 2024 Sam Anderson – you from the future, exactly 30 years from now. To put it in terms you’ll understand: We’re trying to swing on the flippity flop, but we’re living in a harsh realm. And — the biggest miracle of all — you have a stable, loving, long-term marriage. You have just now seen it, on your first date with Sarah from math class.
Persons: Sam Anderson, Sam Anderson –, Al Yankovic, Sarah, Valentine’s Locations: .
Read previewTo all the Critters, as members of the Critical Role fandom are known, I come bearing excellent news. The cast of Critical Role has remained tight-lipped about "The Legend of The Mighty Nein," their second Amazon-backed animated series. For the uninitiated, Critical Role is a juggernaut in the tabletop roleplaying game industry. "We're heavy in development on Campaign Two's animated series right now, and it's coming along so well," Mercer told me. Advertisement"Things that we didn't get to see in the campaign, we now get to explore as part of the animated series," Mercer said.
Persons: , Matthew Mercer, Mercer, Vincent Valentine, Vox, Liam O'Brien, O'Brien, Caleb Widogast Organizations: Service, Business, London's Wembley Arena, Cerberus Assembly, CR, Amazon Prime Locations: Exandria
If you've spent time on TikTok or X in the past few months, you may have spotted a proliferation of videos and posts about two video game characters. There's Astarion from "Baldur's Gate 3," and more recently, there's Vincent Valentine, a fan-favorite character from Square Enix's "Final Fantasy VII" remake. Square Enix; Gregg DeGuire/Getty ImagesMercer's opening line in "Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth" is now a fandom legend. from within the depths of his velvet-lined coffin, longtime "Final Fantasy" fans were introduced to the super-cool, uber-goth gunslinger. "I hope viewers of the work see, too, that there's more underneath the surface of a person than the trope of this decadent, hedonistic, theatrical vampire," Newbon said.
Persons: , hasn't, you've, There's, there's Vincent Valentine, Edward Cullen sparkled, Edward, he's, there's, Alucard, Valentine, Matthew Mercer, Neil Newbon, Matt Mercer, Zelda, Vincent Valentine, Gregg DeGuire, Vincent, Mercer, I've, Vox, Scott Garfitt, who's, Astarion, Newbon Organizations: Service, Business, BAFTA, Getty Images
Why is pop culture so obsessed with nuns?
  + stars: | 2024-04-12 | by ( Leah Dolan | )   time to read: +5 min
These vestal get-ups are, in fact, the latest in a long line of subversive pop culture interpretations of the lives (and loves) of nuns. More recently, Bella Hadid walked the Coperni Fall-Winter 2022 runway wearing headgear reminiscent of a nun’s habit. The “Nunsploitation” subgenre saw the transformation of nuns from icons of piety and sacrifice into harbingers of evil and sexual obsession. In lighter fare, “Sister Act 3,” a third movie in the beloved “Sister Act” series of the 1990s starring Whoopi Goldberg is currently in development. “The juxtaposition of the nun’s habit with either blatant sexuality or the cultivation of personal identity and style is shocking and grabs people’s attention,” wrote Dr. Neal.
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The latest "Bridget Jones" sequel, "Mad About The Boy," premieres on Peacock on February 14, 2025. AdvertisementRenée Zellweger, Hugh Grant, and Emma Thompson are returning to the "Bridget Jones" franchise for a fourth film — but won't be joined by fan-favorite Colin Firth. Helen Fielding, the author of the "Bridget Jones" novels on which the movies are based, told RadioTimes in October 2022 that she was ready to adapt the third book in the series "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy." Here's what to know about the cast and plot of "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy." Spoilers ahead for "Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy" and "Bridget Jones's Baby."
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Audience ReportDid You Really Need to Be There to See the Eclipse? For much of the 20th century, Rochester, N.Y., was the “imaging capital of the world.” For three and a half minutes on Monday, it was living up to its old nickname.
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Scotland’s Hate Crime and Public Order Act came into force last week, a contentious law that expands existing legislation to include transgender identity as a protected characteristic from hate crimes. In the first week of the law’s enactment, a feminist group, “Let Women Speak,” organized a rally against the legislation in Scotland’s capital on Saturday. Another major concern for those who oppose the Hate Crime Act is the supposed lack of clarity on what type of behavior could constitute an offense under the new law. But 25-year-old Scottish trans student Lucy (who asked not to be identified by her real name due to concerns about continued online abuse), said the new law does not reassure her. Scotland’s proposed reforms would have allowed transgender people to self-identify, without the need for a medical diagnosis or certificate.
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