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Read previewUkrainian parliamentary officials are pushing the Biden administration to remove restrictions on Kyiv striking targets in Russian territory with its arsenal of US weapons, Politico reported. Ukraine knew for weeks that Russia was massing troops at the border, with intelligence officials saying in early May that Moscow was gathering some 50,000 to 70,000 personnel there. Speaking to Politico, Ustinova said the Russians had become "smart now because they know there is a restriction for Ukrainians to shoot at the Russian territory." Ukraine has been attacking targets beyond the border — more recently on Russia's oil facilities — but only with its own drones. The policy has been criticized as a means of effectively shielding Russia from significant Ukrainian counterattack.
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Her comments come after Ukraine was reported to have had foreign-provided weapons stolen last year. The stolen weapons included a grenade launcher and a machine gun, and were taken by Russians who had joined a volunteer battalion, per the outlet. The Pentagon report, dated October 6, 2022, said the theft occurred in June 2022, per CNN. AdvertisementAdvertisementThis Pentagon report didn't explicitly say that the stolen weapons were American. These plots were eventually foiled or disrupted by Ukraine's intelligence services, and the equipment was recovered, the Pentagon report said, per CNN.
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Ukraine lags far behind Russia in its use and production of artillery shells, according to CNN. Russia fired 60,000 shells a day earlier this year, while Ukraine now fires about 7,000, per CNN. The Ukrainian military wants to fire more than 10,000 rounds a day, according to CNN, which would still remain far below Russia's artillery efforts. AdvertisementAdvertisementAs of July, the US had committed to sending more than two million artillery rounds to Ukraine, while the EU has approved plans to send a quarter of a million rounds. However, it remains unclear how fast European weapon manufacturers can catch up with Russia's production rates.
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Away from the front, Ukraine’s war has become a numbers game: who can acquire, make and resupply more tanks, bullets, and, most of all, artillery shells. All in all, Kyiv needs some 1.5 million artillery shells annually, according to the CEO of one of Europe’s largest arms manufacturers, Rheinmetall. By July, the US had supplied more than two million artillery rounds to Ukraine since the 2022 invasion, the Pentagon said. But in February 2023, Europe-wide production of artillery ammunition had a maximum capacity of 300,000 shells annually, Estonian defense officials estimated. The best-case scenario of an increase to making 2.1 million shells annually is still years away from being realized.
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