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Now, four years later, it has grown into a successful business, earning me around $27,000 a month in passive income at age 30. Even though I make a decent amount of money in passive income, I remain frugal. Here are five things I refuse to spend my money on:1. DON'T MISS: The ultimate guide to earning passive income online3. Now, I set aside funds each month so that when an item breaks, I have money saved up to repair or replace it.
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CNN —Badly behaved bachelor and bachelorette partygoers could soon face heavy fines if they overstep the mark in a Spanish resort town. The authorities in the town of Platja d’Aro, on Spain’s Costa Brava and around 60 miles northeast of Barcelona, have introduced fines for anyone daring to go out in public in costumes depicting genitalia or carrying sex dolls. Platja d’Aro has a population of 12,500, but on summer weekends it can draw in around 150,000 visitors a day. The town council this week approved the new fines and said it would hire more police to enforce them. Police will issue a penalty, but alleged offenders could appeal and would not have to pay on the spot, the city hall spokesman said.
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U.S. consumers and businesses alike have turned cautious on spending this year because of elevated inflation and interest rates, according to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. That's a sharp slowdown from the nearly 10% growth rate seen in May 2023, he said. Referring to consumers and businesses, Moynihan said: "Both of our customer bases that have a lot to do with how the American economy runs are saying, 'You know what? The same is true for small- and medium-sized businesses, the Bank of America CEO said. Moynihan and other bank CEOs have a birds-eye view of the economy, given their coast-to-coast coverage of households and companies.
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The Toussaint Louverture International Airport, which has reopened after being closed for nearly three months due to gang violence, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on May 20. Montis and the Lloyds barricaded themselves inside their residence on the compound, but it was not enough, Lloyd told CNN. US Ambassador to Haiti Dennis Hankins walks after Haiti’s transitional council ceremony, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti on April 25, 2024. The situation on the ground in Port-au-Prince remains anarchic,” he warned. But Thursday morning, the bodies of Davy and Natalie Lloyd finally began their long journey home.
Persons: Davy, Natalie Lloyd, Haiti Dennis Hankins, , Toussaint, Ralph Tedy Erol, Jude Montis –, Davy Lloyd’s, David Lloyd, Lloyd, Eric Burlison, Sen, Josh Hawley, ” Burlison, we’ve, ” Natalie Lloyd’s, Naomi Baker, Ben Baker, Stacy Librandi Bourne, Vitel’homme, , Baryé, ” Innocent, Judes Montis, Odelyn Joseph, Gary Desrosiers, Eunide Majeur Montis, Jude Montis, Cassidy Anderson, , Natalie, Champ de Mars, Hawley, Biden, “ Natalie, CNN’s AnneClaire Stapleton, Hande Atay Alam, Natalie Barr, Nikki Carvajal Organizations: CNN, Prince, US, Kansas City, US State Department, Reuters, Local carrier Sunrise, Lloyds, White, Missions, Missouri US, US National Security, State Department, US Embassy, , AP, HERO, Haiti’s National Police, Baker’s, General Hospital, Champ Locations: Haiti, American, Port, Miami, Kansas, United States, Prince, Haiti’s, Caribbean, Eric Burlison , Missouri, Missouri
I moved to Los Angeles about five years ago from San Francisco, and I previously lived in New York City and Chicago. LA lacks great parks compared to other cities like San Francisco and New York City. It doesn't feel urban the way cities like NYC or SF do — I don't feel an urban buzz or excitement. I don't feel any sense of communityI don't feel a strong sense of community in LA. Because it's such a driving culture, I don't interact with people as much as I do in other cities I've lived in.
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Read previewNew Mexico's basic income pilot set out to fill a gap in America's financial safety net: many immigrants aren't able to access help. New Mexico's program is among the first basic income programs to operate at the state level and to specifically serve immigrant households. AdvertisementThe pilot's success has also provided momentum for future basic income programs in the region. With basic income, participants saw improved employment and education outcomesThe New Mexico pilot served mixed-status households in 13 counties across the state. AdvertisementHave you benefitted from a guaranteed basic income program?
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CNN —In recent weeks, an increasingly familiar list of Republicans has dominated the not-very-subtle competition to become Donald Trump’s running mate. Trump himself has added to the air of inevitability by floating these names in interviews and appearances over and over. Many around the campaign believe the lack of secrecy surrounding the open audition raises the possibility Trump ultimately picks someone off the public’s radar. A source confirmed Trump floated Cotton’s name during a recent private dinner, surprising some of his guests. Earlier this year, Hagerty was spotted at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach with the former president.
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The bombs used in the Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in a camp for displaced people near Rafah on Sunday were made in the United States, according to weapons experts and visual evidence reviewed by The New York Times. U.S. officials have been encouraging the Israeli military for months to increase the use of GBU-39 bombs in Gaza because they are generally more precise and better suited to urban environments than larger bombs, including U.S.-made 2,000-pound bombs that Israel routinely uses. “This is the smallest munition that our jets can use.”In response to questions from The Times, the Israeli military declined to specify the munition used. Image A fire raging after an Israeli strike on a camp for displaced people northwest of Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday night. Credit... Reuters“The Israelis have said they used 37-pound bombs,” John Kirby, a White House spokesman said at a briefing on Tuesday.
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This signal could be good news for the stock market
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Some analysts think that means good news for stocks in the second half of the year. While [gross domestic product] and the labor market seem to be slowing, earnings are accelerating,” wrote the Bank of America analysts. That means an improving manufacturing cycle but slowing services can lead to a divergence between market performance and economic performance. “We’ve witnessed records repeatedly break in both stock and housing markets over the past year.”In addition to unrelentingly high home prices, the housing market is also grappling with a chronic lack of homes on the market and elevated mortgage rates. Put together, it has resulted in a tough housing market, especially first-time buyers.
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That’s not too surprising coming from Nicholls, whose 2009 novel “One Day” explored many of the same themes. It was the most enjoyable writing experience I’ve had for a long time. While hiking the coast-to-coast walk in England, author David Nicholls encountered some torrentially rainy days. I wanted the book to be partly about the comedy of miscommunication — the things we don’t say or the things we say and regret. You say you wanted the book to be in part about miscommunications and what ifs.
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But the business experience in the retail health clinic space has largely disappointed. Walmart and the problem of volume vs. priceIn 2019, Walmart announced a bold initiative to open 4,000 in-store health clinics by 2029. "Primary health care is a low margin business," said Arielle Trzcinski, a principal analyst covering health care at research firm. "Compared to what they see in traditional retail, health care is a fundamentally different business," Trzcinski said, citing the challenges of navigating insurance companies and administrative burdens that health care brings. In-store health clinics can be profitable and viable, and retailers are experimenting with piecemeal approaches tailored to the local market.
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During recent military drills with Cambodia, China’s military showed off a robot dog with an automatic rifle mounted on its back, essentially turning man’s best (electronic) friend into a killing machine. The latter part of the video also shows an automatic rifle mounted under a six-rotor aerial drone, illustrating what the video says is China’s “variety of intelligent unmanned equipment.”Military use of robot dogs – and of course small aerial drones – is nothing new. And the dogs have been popping up on China’s heavily regulated social media for at least a year. According to the state-run Global Times, the presence of the robotic dogs at exercises with foreign militaries indicates an advanced stage of development. “Usually, a new equipment will not be brought into a joint exercise with another country, so the robot dogs must have reached a certain level of technical maturity,” Global Times quoted an unnamed expert as saying.
Persons: Chen Wei Organizations: CNN, US Air Force, Management, Commerce Ministry, People’s Liberation Army, Times, Global Times Locations: Cambodia, China, Lao, Malaysian, Thai, Ukraine
Instead, it's drawing a feed of blistering, high-pressure, vaporized water from a century-old loop of steam pipes that runs beneath the city's streets. Like dozens of cities, New York has a loop of steam pipes under its streets that could help reverse the urban doom loop. Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesIn July, Vicinity is installing what will be the nation's first zero-carbon urban steam loop. AdvertisementThe most convincing evidence that steam loops make economic sense comes from who's getting into the district-energy game. Meaning: Can we use steam loops to fix the urban doom loop before the climate doom loop dooms us all?
Persons: I've, Nobody, Francisco, Kevin Hagerty, Lindsey Nicholson, Blake Ellis, Burns, McDonnell, Tim Danz, it's, Danz, Hagerty, Decarbonizing, COVID, Costa Samaras, They'll, Adam Rogers Organizations: California, Vicinity Energy, Getty, Cal, Antin Infrastructure Partners, KKR, Scott Institute for Energy, Innovation, Carnegie Mellon, Business Locations: Francisco, California, New York City, Boston, Washington, New York, England, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Portland, Milwaukee
US home prices hit another record high in March
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Washington CNN —US home prices reached a record high in March, reflecting the housing market’s persistent affordability crisis. The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller US National Home Price Index, a measure of home prices across the country, jumped 6.5% in March from a year earlier to a record high. It is the sixth time the index has reached a new record high over the past year. Persistent challenges, but some slight improvementsHousing affordability, which factors in incomes, home prices and mortgage rates, remains in the doldrums. Annual home price growth is down from a record high of 20.8% in March 2022, but it has picked up steam in the past several months.
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When South Africans vote Wednesday, an unhappy combination of rampant corruption, soaring joblessness, crippling power cuts and feeble economic growth will likely be top of mind. Black South Africans, who make up 81% of the population, are at the sharp end of this dire situation. ‘Elite enrichment’Under apartheid — and colonial rule before that — Black South Africans were violently oppressed and denied many basic human rights. Millions of South Africans still live in such informal settlements. “The poster child of this is the electricity sector.”For much of last year, South Africans were without power for at least some portion of the day.
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So in 2016, Badran set up her own tour company, Wander with Nada, to “show a different side of Dubai” to travelers. Her bespoke private tours are designed to suit the interests of each visitor, but her favorite itinerary is Dubai’s “old town,” a group of small neighborhoods around Dubai Creek where the city began and Badran spent her childhood. Badran leads me through the narrow alleys around the Dubai Old Souk, home to stores run by Indian-origin families. Stores in Old Dubai Souk. “Dubai is about opening your mind,” Badran says, “and embracing this diversity that makes it unique.”
Persons: Nada Badran, Badran, , , Nada, Rebecca Cairns, Al Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Talli, There’s, , it’s, ” Badran, Al Shindagha, Al, Djamel Boussaa, ” Boussaa, hasn’t, Rashid Haghaght, Al Karama, ” “ Organizations: CNN, , United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Heritage, UNESCO, Al Shindagha, Trading Locations: Florence, Dubai, The, Arabian, “ Dubai, , Rome, Athens, Edinburgh, UAE, Oman, today’s Iraq, Bani Yas, Al Shindagha, Suadna, South, West Asia, Al, Saudi Arabia, Al Fahidi, Jordan, Deira, Isfahan, Old Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Rigga, Souk, Old Dubai Souk, Jebel Ali, Iran, India, China
CNN —Genetically engineered mosquitoes have been released in the tiny East African country of Djibouti to combat a surge in malaria infections caused by an invasive vector. Unlike most malaria-transmitting mosquitoes in Africa that breed in rural areas, Anopheles Stephensi thrives in urban environments, intensifying the public health challenge for predominantly urban Djibouti. “This mosquito poses a huge threat to our fight against malaria,” said Grey Frandsen, CEO of US-owned biotechnology firm Oxitec, which developed the gene-modified mosquitoes released in Djibouti. ‘Using mosquitoes to fight mosquitoes’Dubbed a method that “uses mosquitoes to fight mosquitoes”, Oxitec’s genetic technology targets female mosquitoes, which are predominantly responsible for malaria transmission. Although the rollout of genetically modified mosquitoes in Djibouti is only the second in Africa, the idea is drawing more interest on the continent.
Persons: Anopheles, Stephensi, , Grey Frandsen, “ Anopheles, Ahmed Robleh Abdilleh, Oxitec, ” Abdilleh, Frandsen, Melinda Gates, , Yoweri Museveni Organizations: CNN, WHO, Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organization Locations: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Horn of Africa, Africa, , Brazil, Burkina Faso
The high-rise apartments — some with panoramic views of Singapore’s tropical cityscape — are airy, light-filled and spacious enough to comfortably raise a family. They are also public housing units, and for decades, were emphatically affordable, giving Singapore an enviable rate of homeownership. Now, however, at least a few of the apartments are being sold at a price that would have been unthinkable not long ago: more than $1 million. “I’m sad to see that — because public housing must equal affordability,” said Liu Thai Ker, the urban planner who gets much of the credit for creating the country’s widely lauded approach to housing its citizens.
Persons: , Liu Thai Ker Locations: Singapore
Who are Haiti’s gangs? Complicating the situation is a torrent of smuggled guns and ammunition arming Haiti’s gangs, despite an arms embargo on the island. In October last year, the Multinational Security Support Mission (MSS) was finally greenlit by the United Nations’ powerful Security Council. More equipment, including armored vehicles and radios, is expected to arrive in Haiti for the MSS over the coming days and weeks. “We believe only the Haitian police can provide long term security for Haiti.
Persons: puncturing, Joe Biden, William Ruto, ” Ruto, , Viv Ansamn, Jovenel Moise, Antony Blinken, Al, Bill O’Neill, Ariel Henry, Ayub Abdikadir, Ruto, El Salvador, Felix Ulloa, , SPNH17, Nou Pap, Organizations: CNN, Kenyan, Haitian, Haiti’s National Police, Relations, Multinational Security, Multinational, United Nations, Security, police, UN, Presidential Council, Kenya’s Citizen, Canada, El, Salvadoran, , NPD, Haitian National Police Locations: Haiti, Haitian, Port, Washington, Kenya, Al Shabaab, Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Chad, Jamaica, United States, France, Spain, Canada, Toussaint Louverture, El Salvador
Can crows count much like toddlers do? The research was inspired by toddlers learning to count, said lead study author Diana Liao, a neurobiologist and senior researcher at the Tübingen lab. “They understand abstract numbers … and then plan ahead as they match their behavior to match that number,” Williams said. The study by Liao and her colleagues isn’t even the first to consider whether crows can count. The crows’ counting abilities “seem to exceed the demands which survival makes for such abilities,” he wrote.
Persons: , Heather Williams, ” Williams, Diana Liao, Liao, caws Liao, peck, ” Liao, We’re, B.F, Skinner, Kevin McGowan, McGowan wasn’t, McGowan, they’re, Andreas Nieder, isn’t, Nicholas Thompson, Irene Pepperberg, Pepperberg, Alex, Thompson Organizations: CNN, University of, Williams College, Cornell, of Ornithology, University of Tübingen, Boston University, Tübingen Locations: Germany, Massachusetts, Ithaca , New York
Designed and engineered in collaboration with the Italian race car manufacturer Dallara, it’s low and wide with an enormous rear wing and a large vertical rudder. For the commission, which marks the 20th BMW Art Car, Mehretu chose to adapt one of her most famous works: The painting “Everywhen,” which is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The first woman to take on a BMW Art Car was South African artist Esther Mahlangu, who in 1991 painted a 525i sedan. In 1996, Holzer covered a BMW Le Mans race car in the words “Protect Me From What I Want,” among other provocative phrases. Esther Mahlangu's 'Art Car' featured the bold colors and geometric patterns used in the traditional arts and crafts of the Southern Ndebele people.
Persons: Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer, Robert Rauschenberg, Julie Mehretu, Mehretu, ” Mehretu, André, Alexander Calder, Hervé Poulain, Poulain, Calder, Roy Lichtenstein, Warhol, Esther Mahlangu, Holzer, Esther Mahlangu's, Enes, Goldman Sachs, , Marian Goodman, I've, ” Julian Kroehl, BMW Mehretu, Madeleine Grynsztejn, , Julie, ” Grynsztejn Organizations: CNN, BMW, Pompidou Center, Le, Dallara, Museum of Modern Art, BMW “, CSL, BMW Le, Daytona, Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, MacArthur, US Department of State, of, Pritzker, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Locations: Ethiopian American, Paris, New York City, American, African, Southern, Manhattan, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, United States, New York
Urban Outfitters — The clothing retailer slid 4.6% despite posting a fiscal first-quarter beat, after trading higher before Tuesday's opening bell. Urban Outfitters reported adjusted earnings of 69 cents per share, higher than the 52 cents per share analysts polled by LSEG had expected. First Solar — Shares surged more than 18% in midday trading. Other alt energy stocks also surged, in part owing to enthusiasm that AI will lift power demand. Bloom Energy surged 18%; Sunnova Energy added 14%; and Enphase Energy , Fluence Energy and Sunrun were all up 10%.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, LSEG, , Alex Harring, Lisa Kailai Han, Jeff Greenberg Organizations: Goldman, Urban Outfitters, Garmin, Bank of America, , Toll, Citi, Tesla, Elon, Bloomberg, UBS, Bloom Energy, Sunnova Energy, Enphase Energy, Fluence Energy, Sonoma, Universal, Getty Locations: Massachusetts, Europe, FactSet, Miami Beach , Florida
Target — Target's shares tumbled more than 7% after first-quarter earnings missed estimates, driven by a year-over-year sales decline of about 3% as consumers bought fewer discretionary items. Shopify — The retail software stock rose 2.6% following a Goldman Sachs upgrade to buy from neutral. Urban Outfitters — The clothing retailer added 1.8% after beating Wall Street estimates for fiscal first-quarter results. PDD — PDD Holdings, the Chinese parent of discount retailer Temu, gained 7.6% after reporting a 131% increase in first-quarter revenue. Analysts surveyed by LSEG were looking for $4.14 per share on $2.53 billion of revenue.
Persons: , Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Alex Harring, Jesse Pound, Sarah Min Organizations: Outfitters, Wall, Urban, PDD Holdings, Toll, Citi, Wall Street Journal
The Notting Hill of the 1990s was still socially heterodox and shabby chic, a neighborhood where a group of 30-something professionals could plausibly have ended up. Even in the late 1990s, such access to disposable income marked the characters in “Notting Hill” out as privileged. Yet, in the 1990s, Notting Hill, long a center of Caribbean immigrant culture and the site of the annual Notting Hill Carnival, underwent a rapid process of gentrification. Between 1995 and 1999, Notting Hill house prices rose by 75%. The colorful terraced houses of Notting Hill, which these days sell for millions of pounds.
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Jim Cramer's daily rapid fire looks at stocks in the news outside the CNBC Investing Club portfolio. Target : Shares were dropping 7% after the retailer on Wednesday reported a soft quarter and missed on earnings for the first time since November 2022. "It just wasn't as strong as the other guys," Jim Cramer said Wednesday. " Williams-Sonoma : The company behind Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm delivered a huge quarter earnings beat on inline revenue. It's really a terrific situation," Cramer said.
Persons: Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Sun Choe, Cramer, Anthro, Williams, Elm Organizations: CNBC, Club, Target, Walmart, Wall Street Journal, Toll, Urban, Urban Outfitters Locations: Sonoma, Williams Sonoma
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