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"That's an extraordinary power, and Putin did it effectively, making sure it wound up in the news." AdvertisementThe display of power by the Russian state, while jarring, is not out of the norm for Putin's regime, which has been accused of assassinations abroad for decades. Both Navalny's and the pilot's deaths fit Putin's playbook to a T, exemplifying the lengths to which the Russian regime will go to maintain the illusion of total power, Schmidt said. AdvertisementFor years, Navalny represented the most formidable threat to Putin's regime, criticizing corruption in the Russian state and organizing powerful anti-Kremlin protests. AdvertisementNavalny's death shows Putin is easily threatenedThe two experts said Navalny's death, rather than simply displaying Putin's power, actually highlighted his weakness.
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Bridgit Mendler's path from Disney Channel star to space startup CEO started with — quite literally — an accident. The 31-year-old is the CEO and co-founder of Northwood Space, a company based in El Segundo, California that aims to mass-produce ground stations — otherwise known as the antennae that communicate with space satellites. "While everybody else was making their sourdough starters [during the Covid-19 pandemic], we were building antennas out of random crap we could find at Home Depot ... and receiving data from [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] satellites," Mendler told CNBC on Monday while announcing her startup. "I'm studying anthropology," Mendler told ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 2015. While at Harvard, she served as co-president of the Harvard Space Law Society, according to her LinkedIn profile.
Persons: , Charlie, Mendler, ABC's, Jimmy Kimmel, Griffin, Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel's Organizations: Disney Channel, Northwood, National Oceanic, Administration, CNBC, University of Southern, USC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Media Lab, Harvard Law School, Harvard, Harvard Space Law Society, Founders, Humba Ventures, Elon, SpaceX, Technologies, Northrop Grumman Locations: El Segundo , California, University of Southern California, Northwood
The 'Forgotten Middle' group might face difficulties affording necessary housing and care. AdvertisementA crisis is ballooning for middle Americans of retirement age. ”They focused on the potentially bleak financial futures of what they term the "Forgotten Middle." AdvertisementThat “Forgotten Middle” group is only expected to get bigger and more diverse. A University of Southern California and Columbia University analysis found that homeownership rates for lower-income “Forgotten Middle” Americans have fallen by 31% from 1994 to 2018.
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Former Disney star Bridgit Mendler is now the CEO and cofounder of a space satellite startup, to the surprise of some of her fans. Mendler is best known for playing Teddy Duncan in all four seasons of the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie," but has recently moved away from performing. On Monday, CNBC exclusively reported that Mendler is launching the startup Northwood Space with business partner Shaurya Luthra and her husband, Griffin Cleverly. Northwood Space aims to mass-produce ground stations and antennas that connect to satellites, making them more accessible for space companies, CNBC reported. In 2017, Mendler started working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab.
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Read previewAt 81 years old, President Joe Biden is facing criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike that he's too old to be president again. Many draw parallels between Biden and the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who refused to step down from her lifetime appointment to the court while President Barack Obama was in office. The current Supreme Court is comprised of 6 conservative justices and 3 liberals, though Chief Justice John Roberts is often considered a swing vote. Bill Clinton's choice for Supreme Court vacancy, on Capitol Hill, June 15, 1993. Supreme Court justices are appointed, not elected, and the confirmation of Obama's nomination of Garland was blocked by Republicans in the Senate in the wake of Antonin Scalia's death in 2016.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewRussian President Vladimir Putin delivered a strange performance fueled by Russian propaganda and imperialist posturing in his interview with right-wing media host Tucker Carlson last week. The two-hour interview revealed little new information about the war in Ukraine — beyond that it is likely to continue — but did manage to highlight Putin's increasing delusion, according to two Russia historians. AdvertisementThe Russian president parroted in great, slogging detail many of the erroneous talking points he's used over the years to bolster his belief that Ukraine ought to be under Russian control. "Instead, he showed that it wasn't Russian insecurity, but Putin's personal imperialism, that motivated the war," English said.
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Biden's age and memory have been a frequent target for his opponents — largely Republicans — who argue that the 81-year-old is not fit for a second term in office. AdvertisementA recent NBC News poll found that 76% of voters, including Democrats, had major or moderate concerns about Biden's age. The special counsel report and the subsequent media gaffes the president made in his Thursday press conference to defend his mental acuity don't help. The special counsel report does raise some important questions about 2024. Advertisement"This is obviously a serious charge for anyone who wants to be president," Dusso said, referring to concerns about Biden's age.
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The consulting firm offers a variety of services for mostly residential projects, including architectural and interior design. In 2023, Juntero worked with about 60 clients and brought in $414,000 in revenue — all while Okwulehie maintained her full-time job at Port Authority. Last year, Okwulehie earned a roughly $126,000 salary from Port Authority and paid herself $37,500 from Juntero. Zach Green | CNBC Make ItIn 2017, she took on the role of architect at Port Authority, working her way up to senior architect in 2022. "I still see myself working at Port Authority full-time," she says.
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KFF Health News —The Covid-19 pandemic would be a wake-up call for America, advocates for the elderly predicted: incontrovertible proof that the nation wasn’t doing enough to care for vulnerable older adults. Around 900,000 older adults have died of Covid-19 to date, accounting for 3 of every 4 Americans who have perished in the pandemic. Many seniors at high risk aren’t getting antiviral therapies for Covid, and most older adults in nursing homes aren’t getting updated vaccines. The pandemic made things worsePrejudice against older adults is nothing new, but “it feels more intense, more hostile” now than previously, said Karl Pillemer, 69, a professor of psychology and gerontology at Cornell University. But as a society, we don’t value older adults or the people who care for them,” said Robert Kramer, 74, co-founder and strategic adviser at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care.
Persons: , , Alice Bonner, I’m, Karl Pillemer, , , ’ ”, Andrew Achenbaum, Achenbaum, Covid, Edwin Walker, Robert Kramer, Kramer, John Rowe, Anne Montgomery, Allen Power, ” Power, it’s “, ” Pillemer Organizations: Health, America, CDC, Institute for Healthcare, gerontology, Cornell University, Texas Medical Center, Aging, Department of Health, Human Services, National Investment Center, Seniors Housing & Care, , Columbia University’s Mailman, of Public Health, National Committee, Preserve Social Security, Schlegel, University of Waterloo Research Institute, National Academy of Medicine’s, Healthy, University of Southern, Cornell, Kaiser Health, KFF Locations: Houston, Canada, University of Southern California
For the founders behind the IRL social startup 222, it's all about the "magic of the backyard." The 222 team then organizes a multi-stage meetup, which includes a restaurant as well as another venue like a museum or a bar. At its events, 222 wants attendees to feel comfortable and leave "judgment at the door," said Hashemi, 222 's COO. "A lot more people are coming around to this idea of in real-life social," Hashemi said. Kazemian, Hashemi, and Roshannai, meanwhile, want to help swing the pendulum back to IRL — back to real relationships.
Persons: Keyan Kazemian, Danial Hashemi, Arman Roshannai, — Kazemian, Hashemi, Roshannai, Kazemian, , Catalyst, Arash Ferdowsi, Cory, Catalyst's Niko Bonatsos, Sydney Bradley Organizations: Business, Scrum Ventures, Dropbox, University of Southern, YC, Tech, IRL Locations: Los Angeles, California, New York, New York City, University of Southern California, SoHo , New York
“China is one of the fastest-aging countries in the world and is one of the most important countries in the area of Alzheimer’s disease for Eisai,” a company spokesperson said. “The potential growth for Leqembi in China is huge.”Eli Lilly, which is developing a similar treatment called donanemab, told Reuters it has filed for approval in China. The Indianapolis-based company is now testing its drug in a 1,500-person trial with volunteers in China, Taiwan, South Korea and the EU, a spokesperson said. Leqembi, which works by removing a toxic protein called beta amyloid from the brain, is the first Alzheimer's treatment proven to alter the course of the fatal, brain-wasting disease. Once on treatment, suitable patients undergo a series of MRI scans to monitor for potentially fatal swelling and bleeding in the brain.
Persons: Julie Steenhuysen, Andrew Silver CHICAGO, ” Eli Lilly, Biogen, Liu Zhou, Eisai, , Hidemaru Yamaguchi, Soeren Mattke, Mattke, Andrew Silver, Caroline Humer, Bill Berkrot Organizations: Reuters, EU, Leqembi, Guangdong Medical University, ” Citi, Psychiatry, Siemens Healthineers, University of Southern, University of Southern California Brain Health Locations: SHANGHAI, China, , Leqembi, The Indianapolis, Taiwan, South Korea, Eisai, United States, Japan, Europe, U.S, University of Southern California, Chicago, Shanghai
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Extreme heat and wildfire smoke are independently harmful to the human body, but together their impact on cardiovascular and respiratory systems is more dangerous and affects some communities more than others. A study published Friday in the journal Science Advances said climate change is increasing the frequency of both hazards, particularly in California. The authors found that the combined harm of extreme heat and inhalation of wildfire smoke increased hospitalizations and disproportionately impacted low-income communities and Latino, Black, Asian and other racially marginalized residents. Homes and work places with air conditioning and neighborhoods with tree canopy cover are better protected from extreme heat, and some buildings filter smoke from wildfires and insulate heat more efficiently. “For a variety of reason, they tend to feel climate change much worse than other non-underserved communities, and I think it's really important to highlight this social injustice aspect of climate change,” said the emergency physician and fellow at the Harvard T.H.
Persons: , Tarik Benmarhnia, Benmarhnia, Christopher T, Minson, it’s, Catharina Giudice Organizations: ANGELES, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, UC San Diego, University of Oregon, Environmental Protection Agency, University of Southern, Harvard, of Public Health, National Weather Service, Associated Press, Walton Family Foundation, AP Locations: California, San Diego, United States, Oregon, Washington, Canada, British Columbia, Central Valley, Central, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Chan
Think about that for a second.”Second, Haley is almost certainly right: tariffs can be a regressive tax, borne largely, if not exclusively, by ordinary American workers. The moderate, non-partisan Tax Foundation found that the existing Trump tariffs will bring in a mere $74 billion in revenues over ten years, while costing jobs, lowering growth and depressing American wages. Haley is right. Who is likely to benefit most from any future Trump tax cuts? Haley is right; Trump wins.
Persons: Edward J, McCaffery, Robert C, Donald Trump’s, Nikki Haley, Haley, Trump, Adam Smith, Harris, Smoot, Hawley, Hood, Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan Organizations: CNN, Packard, University of Southern, McCaffery, Jobs, South Carolina Republican, Foundation, Tax Foundation, Biden, Trump, Tax, Walmart, Republican, Trump University Locations: University of Southern California, Washington, China
Throughout her career, the South Carolina-born daughter of Indian immigrants has generally called out acts of individual prejudice and the people responsible. But Haley, now a Republican presidential candidate, has avoided denouncing society or groups of people as racist. Haley, who was Trump's U.N. ambassador, has described facing prejudice in her upbringing in rural Bamberg. “My parents never wanted us to think we lived in a racist country,” Haley told reporters recently. When asked by reporters whether Trump's criticisms of her are racist, Haley has instead portrayed him as “desperate to stop our momentum," using any means necessary to attack his opponents.
Persons: Nikki Haley, Haley, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump's, , Emanuel, , ” Haley, Trump, Trump's U.N, Hajar, “ Nikki Haley, ” Yazdiha, “ She’s, Terry Holyfield, Haley’s, Holyfield, ” Holyfield, Sen, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Scott, Ramaswamy, Haley “ Nimbra ”, Nimarata Nikki Randhawa, “ Nikki, Trump's, Barack Obama, we’ve, Jake Tapper, ” Tapper, Holly Ramer, Noreen Nasir, ___ Meg Kinnard, Matt Brown Organizations: COLUMBIA, Washington Post, Republican, GOP, Methodist Episcopal Church, Southern, University of Southern, Confederate, , Trump, CNN, Associated Press Locations: South Carolina, Columbia, Charleston, Washington, United States, Bamberg, University of Southern California, North Charleston, U.S, Iowa, Mexico, New Hampshire, America, India, Indian, Hollis , New Hampshire, New York
The budding love story featuring music superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce took an unexpected turn into the world of political conspiracy theories this week after the team advanced to the Super Bowl. Pop culture and politics have long been entwined. “Pop culture people identify with this stuff, they pay attention to it. It’s attention and identity,” Joel Penney, an associate professor at Montclair State University whose research includes the intersection of politics and pop culture, said. “That question of, does this stuff work in pop culture?
Persons: Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Swift, Joe Biden, Vivek Ramaswamy, Laura Loomer, Alison Steinberg, Kelce, ” Joel Penney, Donald Trump's, Penney, Biden, “ Young, , Henry Jenkins, they’re, Phil Bredesen, Jim Cooper, Marsha Blackburn, Blackburn, Kamala Harris, ” Kelce, Bill Clinton, Johnny Cash, Mary Tyler Moore, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, ” Penney Organizations: Kansas City Chiefs, Super, Chiefs, Republican, America News Network, Montclair State University, University of Southern, Tennessee’s Democratic, Democratic House, U.S . Rep, V, Centers for Disease Control, Pfizer, MTV, White Locations: Las Vegas, U.S, University of Southern California, America, Arkansas
Pandemic school closures upended U.S. education. Many students lost significant ground, and the federal government invested billions to help them recover. Students Are Making a ‘Surprising’ Rebound From Pandemic Closures. The students most at risk are those in poor districts, whose test scores fell further during the pandemic. The analysis did not include Asian students, who represent 5 percent of public school students.
Persons: , , Sean F, Reardon, Thomas J, Kane, Erin Fahle, Douglas O, , Karyn Lewis, Ann Owens, Charlene Williams, Raymond Hart, Mark Sullivan, Bob Miller, Alberto M, Carvalho, ’ ”, Betsi Foster, Sullivan, Pascal Mubenga, Maria Ceja, Maria Ceja’s, Rosalina Rivera, Adam Perez, Margaret, George W, Bush, “ We’re, Eric Hanushek, Marguerite Roza Organizations: Stanford, Harvard, Educational, Dartmouth, , Opportunity, Stanford University, Center for Education Policy Research, Harvard University, University of Southern, Schools, Oregon Department of Education, N.J ., N.J . Utah Pa, Ill, U.S, of, Great City Schools, The New York Times, Birmingham, Delano Union, Hoover Institution, Georgetown University — Locations: United States, Durham, N.C, Birmingham, Ala, Delano, Calif, University of Southern California, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Wis, N.J, N.J . Utah, S.D . Ind . Ohio Va . Conn, Mississippi, Tenn, Miss, Kan, R.I . Ky, Mich, . Ark . Oregon, ., Forsyth, Atlanta, Rochester, Detroit, Lake Oswego, Ore, Portland, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, California, Weakley County, Nevada
Instead of descending into her loss in the song, Rodrigo stands atop of her anger, reclaiming her agency in the process. The single “vampire” is up for record and song of the year, as well as best pop solo performance. “GUTS” could take home album of the year or maybe best pop vocal album, and finally, her track “ballad of a homeschooled girl” is up for best rock song. “I love the Grammys so much!” Rodrigo told The Associated Press at the film academy's Governors Awards in Los Angeles earlier this month. “I think I read a lot more this year, and that definitely informed the writing process of 'GUTS,'" she says.
Persons: Olivia Rodrigo, , Rodrigo, ” Rodrigo, , — Kennedy, Joan Didion, Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen’s Organizations: ANGELES, Associated Press, University of Southern Locations: Los Angeles, University of Southern California
A war game stimulated a conflict between Taiwan and China if Donald Trump became president in 2025. AdvertisementWhat would happen if tensions escalated between Taiwan and China in 2025 during a potential second Trump administration? One war game simulation suggested the conflict would be swift — and ended with a troubling omen for Taiwan. "Taiwan was toast," Alexander C. Huang, an international relations director for Taiwan's KMT political party, told The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof. In interviews, Trump has repeatedly refused to explicitly say if he would come to Taiwan's defense if China invaded.
Persons: Donald Trump, Taiwan couldn't, , Trump, Alexander C, Huang, Nicholas Kristof, Kristof, Donald Trump's, Stanley Rosen, Rosen Organizations: Taiwan, Service, KMT, New York Times, The, Strategic, International Studies, Trump, University of Southern, China Institute Locations: Taiwan, China, America, Washington, DC, Japan, University of Southern California's US, Hong Kong
Last year, my daughter and I took several trips to tour nine colleges. AdvertisementAfter viewing nine colleges together, I watched as my daughter came out of her shell. AdvertisementThe trips to colleges brought my daughter and me closer togetherAt each school, I bought a hat and my daughter bought a sweatshirt or T-shirt. Throughout it all, we found ourselves, already a tight father-daughter duo, getting closer because of the experience. Searching for a college can be nerve-racking, but we realized it could also be a fun bonding experience.
Persons: , we'd, She'd, We'd Organizations: Service, University of Washington, University of Southern, USC, Claremont Colleges, University of California, UC San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Santa Locations: West Coast, Seattle, West, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Santa Monica, Santa Ana, California
Read previewThe parents of a Mississippi high school football player are suing his school district after he died when coaches made him sprint in extreme heat conditions. AdvertisementAthletes under 30 can also be at risk of cardiac arrest during intense competition. Also in August, a top high school basketball player died in Pinson, Alabama, after going into cardiac arrest during a school workout. And a high school football player in Scottsdale, Arizona was sidelined in September after going into cardiac arrest during a workout . Another USC player, Vince Iwuchukwu, went into sudden cardiac arrest during a practice in July 2022, according to CNN .
Persons: , Trey Laster, Laster, Ben Crump, vomited, Crump, Michael Strecker, LeBron James's, Bronny James, James, Vince Iwuchukwu, Keyontae Johnson Organizations: Service, Business, Rankin County School District, Rankin County School, British, of Sports Medicine, New Hampshire Public Radio, University of Southern, USC, CNN, NCAA Men's Division, Oklahoma City Thunder, University of Florida Locations: Mississippi, Rankin, Maine, New, Pinson , Alabama, Scottsdale , Arizona, University of Southern California
This skill is also known as active listening, and it requires more than just sitting in silence while someone speaks. "Active listening is when someone can listen to you at length, truly taking in what you're saying, and not interrupt," Maenpaa says. "Active listeners respond with questions because they are genuinely curious about what you're saying. Some people are "naturally gifted with [active listening skills] from an early age, and often receive feedback like, 'You're so easy to talk to!' or 'I feel like I'm the only person in the room when we talk,'" says Maenpaa.
Persons: Jenny Maenpaa, Maenpaa, Amanda O'Bryan Organizations: CNBC, University of Southern Locations: New York, University of Southern California
Read previewYouTube vlogger Olivia Jade Giannulli appeared to make reference her parents' incarceration in her latest video, comparing her kitchen to a prison. Olivia Jade, as she is known professionally, is the daughter of "Full House" actor Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, who were both implicated in the college admissions scandal in 2020. In a January 16 vlog , Olivia Jade shared a clip of herself making breakfast in her kitchen and said she had ordered wallpaper for the room in the hope of transforming its appearance. In 2021, BI reported that Olivia Jade was rebuilding her social media presence , working with brands and posting regularly on YouTube once again. AdvertisementOlivia Jade Giannulli did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.
Persons: , Olivia Jade Giannulli, Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli, Olivia Jade's, Isabella, Loughlin, Giannulli Organizations: Service, Business, University of Southern, Olivia Jade's YouTube, YouTube Locations: University of Southern California
Read previewFormer President Donald Trump winning the White House in 2024 would create a "nightmare" for China, especially with president-elect William Lai Ching-te at Taiwan's helm, an analyst on China said. Advertisement"Beijing's real nightmare scenario is not necessarily watching Lai Ching-te winning the presidency of Taiwan, but it's the combination of Lai Ching-te and perhaps Donald Trump coming back into the White House," Daniels said. "He was a transactional president," Rosen said. Trump followed up by suggesting that the US may one day abandon its agreement to the "one China policy," Beijing's red-line stance that Taiwan is part of China. Cross-strait tensions soared, but just two months later, Trump called Xi and agreed that the US would uphold the "one China policy."
Persons: , Donald Trump, William Lai Ching, Lai, it's Trump, Rorry Daniels, Lai Ching, Daniels, Trump, Mike Pompeo, Pompeo, Xi Jinping's, Stanley Rosen, It's, Rosen, Tsai Ing, Wen, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley Organizations: Service, White House, Business, Democratic Progressive Party, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Lai's, Asia Society, Center for, Nikkei, Taiwan, University of Southern, China Institute, Xi, GOP, Iowa Republican Locations: China, Taiwan's, Beijing, Taiwan, Center for China, Nikkei Asia, University of Southern California's US, Hong Kong, Taipei, Iowa
“One study showed that individuals who play video games for longer times are at higher risk of developing hearing loss or tinnitus.”Tinnitus refers to an internal sensation of a ringing, buzzing or roaring sound in one or both ears. That’s why the study’s authors wondered what the relationship with hearing loss and tinnitus might be — especially since many games also have loud sudden sounds such as gunshots or engines revving. “This can result in temporary hearing loss or ringing in the ears,” she added. But hearing damage is permanent, and exposure to high-intensity sounds when young could make kids more vulnerable to developing age-related hearing loss later, so the authors have urged the importance of prevention. “Key warning signs of hearing loss include experiencing tinnitus, difficulties hearing high-pitched sounds or difficulties following conversations,” Dillard said.
Persons: , Dr, Lauren Dillard, De, Swanepoel wasn’t, Dillard, ” Dillard, Janet Choi, Choi wasn’t, ” Swanepoel, Swanepoel, , “ It’s Organizations: CNN, BMJ Public, University of Pretoria, WHO, University of Colorado School of Medicine, , World Health Organization, International Telecommunication Union, US Centers for Disease Control, University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine Locations: South Africa
primary and what the general election might look like after the primary. Frank Bruni: Mike, Kristen, happy Iowa caucuses. I’m sitting here at my kitchen table in a parka and earmuffs, in honor of the freezing temperatures that caucusgoers are expected to brave. Kristen Soltis Anderson: I doubt that the events of the last few days have done much. This is still Trump’s caucus to lose.
Persons: Frank Bruni, Mike Murphy, John McCain, , Kristen Soltis Anderson, Mike, Kristen, I’m, Donald Trump’s, Chris Christie’s, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis Organizations: Center, University of Southern, Republican Locations: University of Southern California, Iowa
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