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First off, driving instead of flying saved us a lot of moneyMy family added a road-trip component to our trip. Daryl AustinWe saved money by driving to Disney instead of flying. AdvertisementLastly, we saved money by cutting back on character-dining experiences and sharing most of our mealsOur family split meals at Disneyland when we could. In hindsight, this means we could've saved some serious money on tickets and food costs by cutting out our last two days at Disney. Otherwise, my wife and I will be dreading the next Disney vacation nearly as much as our kids will be eagerly anticipating it.
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Nintendo on Tuesday reported quarterly profit that beat market estimates and said it sold more units of its flagship Switch console than it had forecast. Here's how Nintendo did in its fiscal fourth quarter versus LSEG estimates:Revenue: 277.1 billion Japanese yen ($1.8 billion) versus 280.6 billion yen expected. Net profit: 82.6 billion yen versus 57.2 billion yen expected. Earlier this year, Nintendo hiked its forecast for sales of its flagship Switch console to 15.5 million units in its fiscal year ended March. The company said it expects to sell 13.5 million Switch consoles in the fiscal year ended March 2025.
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Avelo Airlines continues to expand its fleet and routes, adding 10 new destinations on May 1. As Avelo strives for its third profitable quarter, the CEO says the airline is focused on itself. AdvertisementWhen low-cost newcomer Avelo Airlines launched its first flight three years ago, it had just three Boeing 737 Next-Generation jetliners and served 11 West Coast destinations. Business Insider spoke to Avelo CEO Andrew Levy about what makes the growing airline different from other low-costs and what customers can expect on board its planes. Avelo Airlines' route map.
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Read previewWhen I reflect on my teenage years, I remember the peer pressure, the pimples, and the sting of social awkwardness. Now, as a parent to a teenage girl, I often worry she feels the same way. I wonder if she feels like we can't connect and that I couldn't possibly relate to what she's going through. Before the trip, I asked my daughter what she thinks is appropriate phone usage while on a family vacation and we set guidelines together. It helped us better connect as mother and daughter.
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CNN —A tram collision at Universal Studios Hollywood in California left more than a dozen people with minor injuries Saturday night, authorities said. Fifteen people were taken to local hospitals with injuries, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said. “There was a tram incident at the theme park tonight that resulted in multiple minor injuries, confirmed by the LA County Fire Dept,” a Universal Studios Hollywood spokesperson told CNN in a statement. The theme park did not provide further details on what caused the issue with the tram. Universal Studios Hollywood operates trams for its popular studio tour, which takes visitors to various filming locations on the backlot, as well as 3-D experiences.
Organizations: CNN, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s, Los Angeles County Fire Department, LA, Fire, Locations: California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles
Do you have any tips for visiting Universal Studios? I love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. Solarisys/ShutterstockA lot of people think that because Universal Studios is Disney's "competition," they can't ask park employees about it. When I worked at Coronado Springs Resort, I often asked guests about their days when I saw them return to the hotel with Universal Studios bags. As a big "Harry Potter" fan, I enjoy talking about those parks as much as Disney.
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Louis Gossett Jr., the first Black man to win a supporting actor Oscar and an Emmy winner for his role in the seminal TV miniseries "Roots," has died. Gossett became the third Black Oscar nominee in the supporting actor category in 1983. "More than anything, it was a huge affirmation of my position as a Black actor," he wrote in his 2010 memoir, "An Actor and a Gentleman." "I knew too little to be nervous," Gossett wrote. Gossett went to Hollywood for the first time in 1961 to make the film version of "A Raisin in the Sun."
Persons: Louis Gossett Jr, Oscar, Gossett's, Neal L, Gossett, Nelson Mandela, Louis Gossett, Ben Vereen, LeVar Burton, John Amos, Richard Gere, Debra Winger, David Susskind, Ed Sullivan, Red Buttons, Merv Griffin, Jack Paar, Steve Allen, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Landau, Steve McQueen, Frank Silvera, Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee, Diana Sands, Billy Daniels, Sammy Davis Jr, Melvyn Douglas, Anne Baxter, Patrick O'Neal, Royce Corniche, Richard Pryor, Sharon Tate's, Charles Manson's, Louis Cameron Gossett, Louis Sr, Sadat, Dave Karger's, Satchel Paige, Josephine Baker, Oscar didn't, Satie, Robert Gossett, Hattie Glascoe, Christina Mangosing, Cyndi James, Reese Organizations: HOLLYWOOD, TCM, Associated Press, Oscar, Globe, Broadway, New York University, Hollywood, Beverly Hills Hotel, Universal Studios, Eracism Foundation, Rockford, Mamas, White Locations: CA, Hollywood , California, Santa Monica , California, Malibu, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills, Coney, Brooklyn , New York, Malibu .
Miami Beach announced it's "breaking up" with spring break tourism. But data shows that Miami Beach wasn't among the three trending destinations this March anyway. Young revelers typically flock to Miami Beach in March for weeklong vacations. But Miami Beach wasn't at the top of tourists' minds this year anyway, according to travel company Booking Holdings. Jeff Greenberg/Getty ImagesBased on Booking Holdings' data, Miami Beach peaked at No.
Persons: Orlando snagged, , Young, George Rose, Joe Burbank, John F, Gary Hershorn, Jeff Greenberg Organizations: Miami Beach, Miami Beach wasn't, Service, Booking Holdings, Las Vegas, New York City, , Vegas, Walt Disney, Orlando Sentinel, Tribune, Getty Images Orlando, Disney, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, York City, Liberty, Beach, Holdings, Miami Locations: Las Vegas , New York City, City, Miami, Orlando, New York, New York City Las Vegas, Nevada, Florida, Las Vegas, American, Cocoa Beach . New York City, Myrtle Beach, Cancún, Mexico
CNN —Two decades ago, the photographer David LaChapelle staged apocalyptic scenes for the pages of “Vogue Italia” — images that proved so controversial that they nearly became his final editorial shoot. The Vogue Italia editorial was photographed before Hurricane Katrina, but published shortly after the natural disaster. “Some people thought that they (the photographs) were exploitive of Katrina,” LaChapelle said; among the glamorized ruins and designer shoes showcased, one image in particular featured models handing off sandbags. Now, though, “The House at the End of the World,” has become an important touchstone in LaChapelle’s portfolio. The end of the world will not be glamorous, but the urgency of his work has come to pass.
Persons: David LaChapelle, Heather Marks, she’s, Viktor, Rolf duvet, LaChapelle, , ” LaChapelle, Hurricane, , , Jesus, he’s, Travis Scott, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, Vogue, Universal Studios Locations: Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Florida’s, Louisiana, Gulf, Maui, New York
New York CNN —Cutting in front of someone who’s been waiting patiently in line used to be unethical, bad manners, taboo. Dating app Tinder offers a new $499-a-month membership with a “skip the line” feature that prioritizes a dater’s profile. Snowbird and other ski resorts, in a controversial change, allow visitors who pay extra to access expedited ski lifts. Paying for privilegesPaying to skip the line is part of a booming industry of advantages — if you can afford them. There have always been VIPs and perks for wealthier customers: orchestra seats at theaters, boxes at stadiums and first class seats on airlines.
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TOKYO (AP) — Nintendo reported healthy sales and profits on the back of the hit “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” game, prompting the Japanese video game maker to raise its full fiscal year forecasts. Kyoto-based Nintendo Co. said Tuesday that demand for what it called the first completely new Super Mario game in the series remained strong. More than 10.7 million units of the latest Super Mario game have been sold around the world since it went on sale in October, according to Nintendo. Nintendo, which did not break down quarterly numbers, expects a full year profit of 440 billion yen ($3 billion), up from an earlier projection for a 420 billion yen ($2.8 billion) profit. The Super Nintendo World park is set to open next year in Florida.
Persons: Mario, , “ Mario, Kong, Peach, ___ Yuri Kageyama Organizations: TOKYO, — Nintendo, Nintendo Co, Nintendo, U.S, Universal Studios Locations: Kyoto, Japan, Florida
I'm a theme-park journalist who's been visiting Universal Orlando since it opened in 1990. As an annual passholder, I visit often and love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. AdvertisementThe Hogsmeade section of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Orlando in 2010. Admittedly, I'm not a "Harry Potter" superfan, but as a theme-park regular, I appreciate the level of detailing that went into creating the Wizarding World. Here are my favorite things to do, see, and eat in the Wizarding World — and what I usually skip.
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With its history of natural disasters, Japan is one of the countries best prepared for emergencies. Japan now has some of the strictest building codes of any country in the world, The New York Times reported after the 2011 earthquake. Japan installs resilient infrastructureMuch like its buildings, Japan has the experience and the money to fortify its infrastructure against earthquakes. During that 2011 disaster, rapid response teams were able to quickly repair roads to help move supplies and assistance to affected areas. According to the World Bank, historical knowledge may have helped save lives during Japan's 2011 tsunami.
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Still, legacy media companies including Disney, Paramount Global, Warner Bros. Since the "Great Netflix Correction" of 2022, there isn't a unifying growth narrative for media and entertainment companies. Disney, Paramount Global and NBCUniversal have all pegged 2025 as their flagship streaming services' first full year of profitability. Beyond financial metrics, several executives privately acknowledged morale has become an increasing concern at legacy media companies. One executive noted he's increasingly hearing from peers that running media and entertainment companies just isn't as fun as it was five or 10 years ago.
Persons: Corey Martin, Granderson Des Rochers, Martin, Jerome Powell, Liu Jie, Shari Redstone, David A, CNBC Shari Redstone, Biden, Sinclair, Lina Khan, Joe Biden, Khan, There's, John Harrison, Brian Roberts, Drew Angerer, Donald Trump, Trump, David Zaslav, Michael M, Disney, Nelson Peltz, Jay Rasulo, Bob Iger, he's, LightShed's Rich Greenfield Organizations: Universal Studios, Warner Bros . Discovery, Disney, Paramount Global, Comcast, Granderson, U.S, Federal, Washington , D.C, Xinhua News Agency, Getty, Treasury, Federal Reserve, Allen, Co . Media, Technology Conference, Grogan, CNBC, Trump, Nexstar, Gray Television, Federal Trade, Verizon, Mobile, NBCUniversal, CBS, NBC, EY, Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, Trump's Department, Justice, Time Warner, Republican, Democratic, Netflix, Cable, Warner Bros, New York Times, Santiago, Getty Images Media, Management, Paramount Locations: Washington ,, United States, Sun Valley , Idaho, Tegna, Europe, U.S, EY Americas, New York City
Jennifer Jason Leigh knows how to make an entrance. Juno Temple as Dorothy "Dot" Lyon and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lorraine Lyon in "Fargo" season five. Phoebe Cates and Jennifer Jason Leigh in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." On the enjoyable experience of getting punched by Kurt RussellKurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh in "The Hateful Eight." On losing out on Catwoman — and the other role that got awayJennifer Jason Leigh as Sadie Flood in "Georgia."
Persons: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Lorraine Lyon, Leigh, she's, Daisy Domergue, Quentin Tarantino's, Hedy Carlson, Sadie Flood, Noah Hawley's, Dot, Juno Temple, Dorothy, Lyon, Michelle Faye, Temple, Phoebe Cates, Julia Roberts, Stacy, Kurt Russell Kurt Russell, Kurt Russell, Kurt, I'd, Catwoman —, Miramax You've, Tim Burton, Michelle Pfeiffer, I've, there's, There'd Organizations: Business, Juno, Lorraine, TWC, Miramax, Miami, Hulu Locations: Minnesota, Hollywood, Georgia, Fargo, Dot, Ridgemont
Our Disney World and Universal Orlando trip for a family of five cost about $7,000 for six nights. AdvertisementIn July, our family of five checked a Disney World and Universal Studios trip off our bucket list. AdvertisementWe'd book a family suite at a Disney resort againOur kids enjoyed the pools at Disney's All-Star Music Resort. AdvertisementAt about $7,000, our Disney and Universal trip cost more than double what we've spent on other vacations. We won't be annual Disney World trekkers anytime soon, but we'll probably be back.
Persons: , Mandy Bray, could've, We'd, I'd, Harry Potter, Bourne, we've Organizations: Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disney, Service, Universal Studios, Transportation, Universal Express, Universal, Universal Studios Orlando, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios Locations: Indianapolis, Orlando, Florida, Epcot, National
Before she was directing Disney's 100-year anniversary tribute, Fawn Veerasunthorn had been rejected by the studio several times over. While Veerasunthorn was in college, Disney closed the Florida animation studio where her mentor had worked. In 2011, about a decade after she started chasing Disney in earnest, she finally landed a job with the iconic film studio. Veerasunthorn began working on "Wish" in 2020 and co-directed the feature alongside Chris Buck, who's been with the company since 1978. She always considered drawing her hobby and studied computer science in high school before planning to go the medical route professionally.
Persons: Fawn Veerasunthorn, Veerasunthorn, Paitoon Ratanasirintrawoot, Ratanasirintrawoot, Dr, Seuss, Raya, Chris Buck, who's, Arthur C, Brooks Organizations: The New York Times, Columbus College of Art & Design, Times, Disney, Pixar, Universal, Universal Studios, CNBC, Summit, Hollywood Locations: Thailand, Bangkok, U.S, Ohio, Florida, California
They moved into a bigger home, bought annual passes to Disney World, and enjoyed the warmer weather. I was born and raised in New York City but always knew I'd eventually move to Florida. I spent a lot of time vacationing there as a kid and my wife and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon. Plus, my wife and I wanted to start a family there because the cost of living in New York City was too high. Here's what it's like to work, play, and raise kids with Disney World in your backyard.
Persons: Mark Kaley, , who's, I'd, We've, It's, I've Organizations: Disney, Service, Disney World, Universal Studios, Phillips Center, Performing Arts, Orlando City SC, Orlando Science Center, Otter Public Relations Locations: Orlando, Florida, New York, New York City, Epcot, SeaWorld, Winter, Dora
I stayed at the cheapest hotels onsite at Disney World and Universal Orlando earlier this year. That's what I thought until one trip to a Universal Orlando value hotel. While Disney World is home to princesses, Star Wars characters, Marvel superheroes, and Pixar cartoons, Universal Orlando boasts Harry Potter, Minions, and Transformers. Abigail Nilsson/Getty ImagesWhere Universal may have Disney beat: value hotel roomsI've stayed at Disney World's value resorts on multiple occasions throughout my life. I love staying at Disney World's value resorts overall, but based on this experience, I think Universal Orlando offers better rooms.
Persons: , I've, you'll, Marvel, Harry Potter, Abigail Nilsson, Amanda Krause, I'm Organizations: Disney World, Universal Orlando, Universal, Service, Disney, Sports, Hollywood Studios, Magic, Universal Studios, Wars, Pixar, Star Resorts Locations: Orlando , Florida, Universal Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT
The trip included three domestic flights over five days on Frontier Airlines: Philadelphia to Orlando, Orlando to Atlanta, and Atlanta back to Philadelphia. The total cost for four people on three flights was an affordable $939.75, including a $99.99 “Discount Den” membership on Frontier. We were given a QR code at the Philadelphia airport to file for a refund, which we did for all three flights. Since Frontier does not operate in India, the credit and vouchers are useless. Yet it turns out the email was trying to inform you that a refund was coming.
Persons: Hari, Jennifer de la Cruz Organizations: Universal Studios, Frontier Airlines, Frontier, Universal, Transportation Locations: India, United States, Orlando, Fla, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Hari, Bangalore
Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Zelda, and Avi Arad, chairman of Arad Productions Inc., who has been a producer on a number of hit Marvel movies, will produce the Zelda film. Nintendo said Wednesday it plans to develop a live-action film of The Legend of Zelda, one of its most popular characters, as the gaming giant looks to replicate the success it had with the Mario movie. Investors had feared that sales of the more than six-year old Nintendo Switch console had peaked. Nintendo will be hoping for similar success with the Zelda movie. Nintendo will co-finance the Zelda film with Sony Pictures.
Persons: Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, Zelda, Avi Arad, Wes Ball Organizations: Nintendo, Mario Bros, Universal Studios, Arad Productions Inc, Investors, Sony Pictures, Comcast, CNBC Locations: Japan, NBCUniversal
TOKYO (AP) — Nintendo is developing a live-action film based on its hit video game “The Legend of Zelda,” the Japanese company behind the Super Mario franchise said Wednesday. It’s being co-produced by Nintendo and Arad Productions Inc., which is behind the live-action Spider-Man films and headed by Avi Arad. Its animation film “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” released earlier this year, has raked in more than $1.3 billion and drew nearly 170 million people worldwide. Political Cartoons View All 1237 ImagesThe planned release date of the Zelda movie was not announced. Nintendo officials said the success of the Super Mario film has translated into bigger sales for its Switch machines, as well as for game software with Super Mario themes.
Persons: Zelda, , Wes Ball, It’s, Avi Arad, Mario, Shuntaro Furukawa, Shigeru Miyamoto, , Miyamoto, Donkey Kong, ___ Yuri Kageyama Organizations: TOKYO, Nintendo, Super Mario, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Arad Productions Inc, Mario Bros, Universal Studios Locations: American, Kyoto, U.S, Hollywood, Orlando, Japan
Six Flags and Cedar Fair are merging
  + stars: | 2023-11-02 | by ( Jordan Valinsky | )   time to read: +2 min
New York CNN —Amusement parks Six Flags and Cedar Fair are merging in an $8 billion deal that creates a theme park powerhouse across North America. Six Flags and Cedar Fair operate in different parts of the North America, so a combined company could help them better manage seasonal dips in park attendance. In addition Cedar Point, its flagship theme park in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Fair owns Knott’s Berry Farm in California, Schlitterbahn water park in Texas and Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario. Cedar Fair said the combined company will allow management to ramp up investments in the parks, which should help boost demand. Cedar Fair (FUN) shareholders will get one share of stock of the newly combined company for each share owned, and Six Flags (SIX) shareholders will receive 0.58 shares for every share currently owned.
Persons: It’s Organizations: New, New York CNN, Amusement, Fair, Cedar Fair, Six, Comcast, Universal Studios, Disney, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Flags Locations: New York, North America, Canada, Mexico, Sandusky , Ohio, California, Texas, Ontario, SeaWorld, Florida
Citadel's Ken Griffin treated roughly 1,200 staffers and family members to a visit to Tokyo Disneyland. The event, honoring Citadel's 30th anniversary and Citadel Securities' 20th, also included a Maroon 5 concert. Griffin, worth $35.4 billion, treated staff to a Disney World trip and Coldplay concert last year. AdvertisementAdvertisementHedge fund boss Ken Griffin paid for more than 1,000 Citadel and Citadel Securities employees and family members to go to Disney in Tokyo last week in honor of the companies' recent anniversaries. The roughly 1,200 attendees, including about 300 children, received tickets to Walt Disney World Tokyo, including Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, and saw musical performances by Maroon 5 and Calvin Harris, the company told Insider.
Persons: Citadel's Ken Griffin, Citadel's, Griffin, , Ken Griffin, Maroon, Calvin Harris, We've, Coldplay Organizations: Citadel Securities, Disney, Coldplay, Service, Citadel, Walt Disney World, Bloomberg, Disney World, Universal Studios Locations: Tokyo, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Canada, Europe, Asia
Comcast topped both revenue and profit estimates in the third quarter, but the largest U.S. internet provider lost high-speed broadband customers and NBCUniversal advertising revenue slumped. NBCUniversal's flagship streaming service Peacock added 4 million subscribers and revenue increased 64% to $830 million, stemming the subscription service's quarterly loss to $565 million. Revenue rose 0.9% compared to the prior year period. U.S. broadband revenue rose 3.8% to $6.4 billion even as subscribers fell due to higher rates. Wireless revenue rose 16% to $917 million in the quarter on a net addition of 294,000 customers.
Persons: Peacock, Read Organizations: NINTENDO, Universal Studios Hollywood, Comcast, LSEG, Sky, Sky . Revenue, Super Nintendo, U.S Locations: Universal City , California, Sky .
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