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Welcome to the age of geriatric millionaires
  + stars: | 2024-06-15 | by ( Juliana Kaplan | )   time to read: +8 min
While it makes sense that time is often a crucial ingredient to accruing savings and assets, the average age of millionaires in the US has been rising faster than the average age of the overall population over the last three decades. How millionaires are changingSince 1992, the average age of the country's millionaires has been going up. That means that younger millionaires aren't joining their ranks fast enough to keep the average age steady. Millionaires are overrepresented beginning around age 50, but track pretty cleanly with the cohort in their 40's. What does it mean to have so many older millionaires?
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Rentokil offers a complete range of pest control services, from rodents to flying and crawling insects, to other forms of wildlife management. Trian, managed by Nelson Peltz, takes very few positions, but is very active in its positions. Rentokil Initial is a United Kingdom-based global provider of pest control, hygiene and well-being services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. However, when it has engaged with UK companies, the firm has consistently been able to create shareholder value. Shifting the listing to the U.S. is the low-hanging fruit of value creation and potentially divesting the European business could create additional value.
Persons: It's, Trian, Nelson Peltz, Peltz, Rentokil, Janus Henderson, Ferguson, Ecolab, Rio, Pearson, Ken Squire Organizations: Rentokil's, Unilever, Ferguson, New York Stock Exchange, Rollins, Janus, 13D Locations: United Kingdom, North America, Europe, Saharan Africa, France, U.S, Pentair, London, Rio Tinto, New York
Huang Xueqin, an independent journalist, was found guilty by the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court Friday for “inciting subversion of state power,” supporters said. “There are so few people prosecuted because there are only so few victims who report,” she told CNN in a 2018 interview. In the months following their detention, more than 70 friends and supporters of Huang and Wang were summoned by the police for questioning, according to supporters. A close friend of Huang previously told CNN the journalist had suffered significant weight loss in detention and stopped menstruating for months. I have no sense of belonging anymore,” the friend told CNN last year ahead of the closed-door trial.
Persons: Huang Xueqin, , Wang Jianbin, Huang, Wang, , ” Huang, Huang’s, menstruating, it’s Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Communist, Guangzhou, Labor, CNN, University of Sussex, Amnesty International, Communist Party Locations: Hong Kong, China, Guangzhou, United Kingdom
CNN —Taylor Swift knows that all good things must come to an end – and that includes her Eras Tour. In an emotional speech during the 100th show of her record-breaking tour on Thursday night, the megastar confirmed that her current musical voyage would come to an end this year. The Eras Tour, which began in Glendale, Arizona on March 18, has been extended several times since it was first announced. Just – so like, when I’m not on the stage, I’m dreaming about being back on the stage with you guys,” she continued. The Eras Tour has had a staggering impact on tourism, recently causing a spike in air travel across Europe.
Persons: CNN — Taylor Swift, , , Swift, I’ve, ” Swift, I’m Organizations: CNN, United Airlines, British Geological Society, British, Barclays Locations: Liverpool, England, Glendale , Arizona, United States, South America, Asia, Australia, North America, Vancouver, Canada, Europe, United, Milan, Munich, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
London CNN —King Charles III was in his element this week as he celebrated a very special moment for his foundation at St. James’s Palace in London. On Tuesday, the 75-year-old monarch attended the inaugural awards of his King’s Foundation, so we thought, why not take our Royal News readers along with us? Now, to rewind for just a moment – King Charles set up the charity back in 1990 when he was still the Prince of Wales. King’s Foundation chief executive Kristina Murrin told CNN that the charity is underpinned by the monarch’s philosophy of working in concert with nature to “build sustainable thriving communities.”King Charles III presents the Harmony Award to Ban Ki-moon, left, the former United Nations secretary-general, at the King's Foundation awards. King Charles III smells a wool sample at the King's Foundation awards.
Persons: London CNN — King Charles III, James’s, King Charles, Prince of Wales, Kristina Murrin, ” King Charles III, Ban, Kirsty Wigglesworth, ” Murrin, Rod Stewart, Penny Lancaster, David Beckham, Sienna Miller, Edward Enninful, Naomi Campbell, Raymond Blanc, King Charles III, we’ve, , Charles, King, Alan Titchmarsh, , Isabelle Pennington, I’d, Beckham, “ we’ll, Murrin Organizations: CNN’s Royal, London CNN, Foundation, Royal News, King’s Foundation, CNN, United Nations, King's Foundation, Dumfries House, King Charles III Harmony, UN, Pipers, National Piping Centre, Rock Choir, King’s, England, Royal Locations: London, St, United Kingdom, Korean, James’s, Edmead, Caribbean, Germany, Iceland
Australia is the only other country besides the US to dominate the “impossibly unaffordable” list, led by Sydney and the southern cities of Melbourne in Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia. But it also blames soaring house prices on land use policies, including “urban containment,” a kind of planning designed to stop urban sprawl. “Toronto and Vancouver show that the cost of taming expansion is unacceptably high: inflated house prices, higher rents and, for increasing numbers of people, poverty,” Cox wrote. The report was compiled by researchers from the Center for Demographics and Policy at Chapman University in California and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an independent public policy think tank in Canada. Top 10 “impossibly unaffordable” cities
Persons: it’s, William West, Tyrone Siu, Wendell Cox, Valier, ” Cox, , St Louis Organizations: CNN, Getty, Hong, Victoria Harbour, Frontier Centre, Public Policy, Canada, Canadian, New, St, Chapman University in Locations: United States, , West Coast, Hawaii, California, San Jose , Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu, Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide, South Australia, Maribyrnong, AFP, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Toronto, Valier Macon, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Edmonton, Calgary, Canada, Blackpool, Lancashire, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Perth, Brisbane, Chapman University in California
3 risks to global economic growth
  + stars: | 2024-06-13 | by ( Krystal Hur | )   time to read: +7 min
The World Bank on Tuesday raised its 2024 outlook for global economic growth to hold steady at 2.6%, an increase from its previous projection of 2.4% growth. “Four years after the upheavals caused by the pandemic, conflicts, inflation, and monetary tightening, it appears that global economic growth is steadying,” Indermit Gill, the World Bank’s chief economist, said in a release accompanying the report. Prospects for the world’s poorest economies are even more worrisome.”Here are three risks the World Bank sees. The World Bank said that spillover risk from the Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Hamas war could curb global growth by pushing up oil prices and shipping costs. Trade tensions are already brewing between some of the world’s biggest global economic engines.
Persons: ” Indermit Gill, Jerome Powell, , Ayhan Kose, Danielle Wiener, Bronner, Joe Erlinger, aren’t, TikTok, John S, James L, Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s, Biden Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, Bank, World Bank, European Central Bank and Bank of Canada, US Federal Reserve, European Commission, EU, Bureau of Labor Statistics, McDonald’s, Pew Research Center, Knight Foundation, TikTok Locations: New York, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, India, Mexico, United States, France, United Kingdom, China, Beijing
Jeff Bezos's space colonies would look like cylindersAn artist's concept of an O'Neill space colony, which could theoretically emulate Earth-like living conditions in space. O'Neill space colonies would be large enough to host entire cities, 10,000-foot-tall mountains, and millions of people. AdvertisementBezos isn't suggesting that people will be living in O'Neill space colonies by the end of the century. AdvertisementSaving Earth would be far easier than building Bezos' space colonies, he told BI. Even if we never make it to space colonies, the work of researchers studying extraterrestrial colonization could benefit us here on Earth.
Persons: , Jeff Bezos, podcaster Lex Fridman, Bezos, Fridman, astrobiologists —, Jeff Bezos's, O'Neill, Gerard K, Anthony Longman, Longman, Rebeca Gonçalves, Adam Watkins, we've, Watkins, you've, We've, Martin Rees, Gonçalves, Rees Organizations: Service, Business, Elon, SpaceX, European Space Agency, NASA, University of Nottingham, United, Royal Locations: Antonio , TX, O'Neill
Beirut, Lebanon CNN —The fate of the 120 remaining hostages in Gaza is crucial to any deal to end the protracted and bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas. But a senior Hamas official has told CNN that “no one has an idea” how many of them are alive, and that any deal to release them must include guarantees of a permanent ceasefire and the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. People walk among debris, aftermath of Israeli strikes at the area, where Israeli hostages were rescued on Saturday, in Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, on Sunday, June 9. Hamas' Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar attends a meeting with members of Palestinian groups in Gaza City on April 13, 2022. Israel believes that more than 70 hostages of the more than 100 who are still held in Gaza to be alive.
Persons: Osama Hamdan, Yahya Sinwar, Antony Blinken, Sinwar, Hamdan, Joe Biden, Blinken, ” Blinken, Abed Khaled, , Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu “, Jack Guez, ” Sinwar, Ali Jadallah, Netanyahu, , Organizations: Lebanon CNN, Hamas, CNN, NBC, , Wednesday, United Nations Security, Reuters, White, Israel Defense Forces, European Union, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Israel, Wall, IDF Locations: Beirut, Lebanon, Gaza, Israel, Lebanese, Doha, Israeli, Jerusalem, AFP, United Kingdom, Hamas, Gaza City, American
Rarely has the yearly gathering of the world’s leading economies been so overshadowed by the political vulnerabilities of nearly all its members. She emerged as the only European G7 leader bolstered by last week’s European Parliament elections. “I am proud that Italy will present itself to the G7, to Europe with the strongest government of all. The leaders of France and Germany are contending with very different sets of political circumstances. Whether it is Trump at the G7 table next year or Biden is among the great unknowable questions hanging over the gathering.
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Mariupol, a port city on the Sea of Azov, was encircled and captured by Russian forces at the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This included the establishment of ad hoc distribution points for food, water and other basic necessities. They were attacking food distribution points.”There were numerous opportunities for Russian forces to alleviate civilian suffering, he said, but they failed to do so. Ukrainian authorities and some international officials have previously accused Russia of robbing the country of grain and other commodities in areas it occupied. Accusations that Russia is using food as a weapon of war have been mounting ever since the first reports emerged in the spring of 2022 of grain being stolen by Russian troops.
Persons: , Nikolai Osychenko, , Osychenko, Mariupol, Alexei Alexandrov, , Yousuf Syed Khan, Cross, ” Khan, Pavel Klimov, Khan, Vladimir Putin Organizations: CNN, Mobile, Team, Global, International Criminal Court, ICC, EU Commission, Russia’s Ministry of Defense, Mariupol City, Global Rights, International Committee, United Nations, Reuters, Russian Locations: Russia, Mariupol, Ukrainian, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Azov, Russian, Ukraine, Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast, Mariupol City, , Moscow, Syria, Aleppo City
LONDON — U.K. economic growth ground to a halt in April, according to flash figures published on Wednesday, stalling the muted rebound from last year's recession mere weeks ahead of a national election. Economists polled by Reuters had expected growth to flatten, after the economy expanded by 0.4% in March. The picture was slightly brighter on a longer timeframe, with gross domestic product up 0.7% in the three months to April. Construction output declined 1.4% in its third straight fall, while production output was down 0.9%. Lindsay James, investment strategist at Quilter Investors, attributed the April slowdown to recent gloomy weather.
Persons: Lindsay James, James Organizations: LONDON, Reuters, Quilter Investors Locations: Rotherhithe, London, United Kingdom
On Thursday, it expects to welcome Taylor Swift fans heading to Anfield for the first of the superstar’s three “Eras Tour” concerts in Liverpool. Banners outside St George's Hall in Liverpool saying "Liverpool loves Taylor," seen in May 2024. Taylor Swift performs at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium on June 7, 2024, in Edinburgh, UK. A fan poses at an art installation representing Taylor Swift's "Lover" album era, in Liverpool in June 2024. People walk past an art installation representing Taylor Swift's album "The Tortured Poets Department" in Liverpool in June 2024.
Persons: Sandon, Taylor Swift, Ceri Smith, It’s, , Swift, Smith, Liverpool, Taylor, Phil Noble, Harry Doyle, Gareth Cattermole, Natalia Lechmanova, , ” Taylor, deconstruct Taylor, Taylor Swift's, Peter Byrne, , Doyle, “ She’s, Frankie Goes, Kevin McManus, they’ve, ” McManus Organizations: London CNN, Anfield, Liverpool Football Club, CNN, Reuters, Amion Consulting, Liverpool City Council, Liverpool …, Liverpool ONE, Mastercard, Institute, Fans, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, , Wembley, Liverpool, University of Liverpool, Cavern, National Museums Liverpool, Beatles, UNESCO, Music, Department Locations: Anfield, Liverpool, Sandon, George's, United Kingdom, English, United States, Edinburgh, London, Taylor
Pa Images | Getty ImagesLONDON — British technology executives and entrepreneurs want the next government to focus on promoting skills around the development and use of artificial intelligence and growth-oriented fiscal measures. Upskilling in an AI ageOne thing U.K. tech executives are pushing for is fostering innovation in artificial intelligence and cultivating citizens' grasp on AI-centric skills — across multiple generations. Last month, dozens of business executives, entrepreneurs, and investors signed an open letter stating their support for Labour in the upcoming election. Leon Neal | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesSignatories included several influential names in the world of U.K. tech: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Founders Forum co-founder Jonathan Goodwin, and Atom Bank CEO Mark Mullen. Tech bosses CNBC spoke with found themselves unable to point to specific policies and plans from either of the main political parties.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Sir Keir Starmer, Keir Starmer, Zahra, Salesforce, Einstein, Astro, Matthew Houlihan, Rachel Reeves, Angela Rayner, Leon Neal, Jimmy Wales, Jonathan Goodwin, Mark Mullen, Sunak, Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt, Danny Lawson, Rishi Khosla, Khosla Organizations: Conservatives, Labour Party, LONDON, it's, Labour, CNBC, Innovation, Cisco, coy, Centre, Getty, Founders Forum, Atom Bank, BAE Systems, Tech Locations: Downing, Salesforce's, Europe, Purfleet, United Kingdom, Ukraine, British, Barrow, Furness, England
“Based on rough estimates, it’s about 150,000 metric tons of water ice, the equivalent of 60 Olympic swimming pools,” he said. The volcanoes are near the Mars equator, the warmest area of the planet, which makes a water discovery particularly intriguing, Valantinas said. “Mars is a desert planet, but there’s water ice in the polar caps, and there’s water ice in the midlatitudes. Now we also have water frost in the equatorial regions, and equatorial regions are quite dry in general. “If the frost on these volcanoes is confirmed to be water (and not carbon dioxide), it would be surprising,” he said.
Persons: Adomas Valantinas, , Ceraunius, Valantinas, CaSSIS, ” Valantinas, , Mars, John Bridges, ” Bridges, Taylor Perron, Cecil, Ida Green, Perron Organizations: CNN, Olympus, NASA, JPL, Brown University, University of Bern, Nature Geoscience, University of Bern’s, European Space Agency, Orbiter, ESA Mars Express, Stereo, Mars, ESA, University of Leicester, Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Locations: , Mauna Loa, Hawaii, Switzerland, Ascraeus, Russian, CaSSIS, United Kingdom
That information was later linked to hospital and mortality records on the development of cardiovascular risk factors. Ultraprocessed foods made from plants increased the risk of cardiovascular disease by 5% while increasing the risk of early death by 13%, the study found. “Plant-based meat alternatives make up only 0.5% of all the plant-based ultraprocessed foods included in this paper,” Scarborough said in a statement. Over half of the plant-based ultraprocessed foods studied in the paper were packaged breads, pastries, buns, cakes and cookies. Many ultraprocessed foods are plant-based, but that does not make them healthy, experts say.
Persons: Duane Mellor, ” Mellor, , Renata Levy, University of São Paulo, Fernanda Rauber, ” Rauber, Peter Scarborough, ” Scarborough, Tom Sanders Organizations: CNN, Aston Medical School, Nutrition, Health, University of São, Nupens, University of Oxford, , King’s College London Locations: Birmingham, United Kingdom, Brazil, Europe, England, Scotland, Wales
Seoul, South Korea CNN —A Dutch warship was harassed by Chinese military aircraft in the East China Sea on Friday, the Netherlands said, becoming the latest country to accuse Beijing’s forces of initiating potentially unsafe encounters in international waters. PSMX partner nations include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, according to the US State Department. This handout picture shows the Dutch frigate Tromp approached in the East China Sea by a Chinese fighter jet. “As a warning, the Chinese military took necessary measures at the scene. Hours later, a Chinese military spokesman accused the United States of “creating division and provoking confrontation” in the region.
Persons: South Korea CNN —, Beijing’s, HNLMS Tromp, , , Tromp, China’s People’s, Richard Marles, Lin Jian, Maj, Rob Millen, Lloyd Austin, Washington, Austin, Jing Jianfeng Organizations: South Korea CNN, Dutch Defense Ministry, CNN, United Nations, Pacific Security Maritime Exchange, European Union, UN Security Council, US State Department, Netherlands Ministry of Defence, South Korean Navy, China’s People’s Liberation Army, South China, Australian Defense, Foreign, Canadian, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, US, NATO, Joint Staff Department, Military Commission Locations: Seoul, South Korea, East, Netherlands, North Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Chinese, East China, Busan, South, Hobart, China, South China, Ottawa, Pacific, Singapore, Asia, Ukraine
Everybody, including Costco, is chasing Amazon, which accounts for 45% of all U.S. e-commerce sales, according to JPMorgan in a research note Monday. While unlikely to compete at the level of Amazon or Walmart online in the near future, Costco could carve out a lucrative e-commerce lane with its loyal, value-orientated customers. Engaged members want to spend more online at Costco "given the value/quality and cash back," the analysts added. Costco has an "incredible opportunity to better target customers and leverage its rich database of perfect data and is still in its early innings" of e-commerce, JPMorgan said. Adding to the e-commerce story, JPMorgan cited the Costco Logistics network, which has amped up "e-commerce fulfillment of bulky items."
Persons: Jim Cramer, Morgan Stanley, Gary Millerchip, Instacart, Jim Cramer's, Jim, John Keeble Organizations: Costco, JPMorgan, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Kroger, Costco Logistics, Logistics, CNBC, Lakeside, Getty Locations: Grays, United Kingdom
London CNN —Two 12-year-old boys have been found guilty of killing a man in a machete attack in the United Kingdom last November, police said Monday. The boys, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, murdered 19-year-old Shawn Seesahai in a park in Wolverhampton, central England, West Midlands Police said in a statement. Seesahai, who was from Anguilla, had only lived in the UK for about six months, the statement said. A witness told the court that one defendant used the machete on Seesahai’s legs while the other punched and stamped on his head, PA said. The boys are expected to be sentenced in July, PA reported.
Persons: Shawn Seesahai, Seesahai, , Seesahai’s, Organizations: London CNN —, West Midlands Police, , ” Nottingham Crown Locations: United Kingdom, Wolverhampton, England, Anguilla, ” Nottingham,
Global stocks, as measured by the MSCI World Index, are up nearly 10% year-to-date. "I see election risks as one of — if not the biggest — risks to markets in the second half of the year." Why international stocks will best the USInvestors should hedge against the potential downsides of populism and geopolitical conflicts by owning a diverse basket of international stocks, Kleintop said. If that pattern holds, foreign firms will take the baton from US equities, which have mostly led global markets since the financial crisis. Advertisement"I wouldn't say that you would want to abandon US equities, or even abandon some of those high-flying tech or AI-related stocks," Kleintop said.
Persons: , Jeffrey Kleintop, Charles Schwab's, Kleintop, that's, Donald Trump, it's, isn't, Tesla, we've, He'd Organizations: Service, Business, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, International Locations: Europe, United Kingdom, globalism, India, Mexico, Asia, Russia, Ukraine
Read previewTwo cargo ships traveling off Yemen's southern port city of Aden caught fire after being hit by projectiles suspected to have been fired by Houthi rebels, UK maritime agencies reported. Suspicion for the attack fell on Yemen's Houthi rebels, who have not claimed responsibility for the latest attack but have been targeting shipping in the area for several months with missiles and drones. AdvertisementThe British security firm Ambrey later said a cargo vessel from Antigua and Barbuda had been hit by a missile 83 nautical miles southeast of Aden. "The master reports that the vessel was hit by an unknown projectile on the aft section, which resulted in a fire. On Monday, the Houthi rebels said they had fired a new solid-fuel missile called the "Palestine" at the southern Israeli city of Eilat on Monday.
Persons: , Houthi, Sundayit, Yemen's, Ambrey, UKMTO, we're, Stéphane Dujarric Organizations: Service, United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, UK's Royal Navy, Business, Reuters, Command, Reuters Houthis, Shipping, US Navy, UN, Unicef, Food, Unesco, Bloomberg Locations: Aden, UKMTO, Antigua, Barbuda, Yemen, Israel, Gaza, Africa, Palestine, Eilat, Monday, New York
A national cricket team that most Americans didn’t even know they had beat one of the sport’s global powers Pakistan, for whom the game is a national obsession. “There is this pivot from global north to global south,” said Chadwick. The first ever international fixture was between the United States and Canada in 1844 in New York. The World Cup is being carried in the US on Willow TV, a streaming service that is also available on cable systems for an extra fee. The global game, soccer, has several times hubristically tried to conquer the US and it’s taken years to reach its current level with strong pro leagues the MLS and the NWSL.
Persons: didn’t, , Monank Patel, Corey Anderson, “ It’s, , Peter Della Penna, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Simon Chadwick, “ You’ve, You’ve, It’s, Virat Kohli, Germain, LIV, Modi, Chadwick, Donald Bradman, Michael Jordan, Pakistan –, Saurabh, Milind Kumar, hubristically, it’s, Della Penna, you’re, ” Della Penna Organizations: CNN, team, Cricket, Pakistan, USA Cricket, New Zealand, Indian, , Indian Premier League, Major League Cricket, IPL, US, America, United Arab Emirates, Manchester City, Paris Saint, Formula One, Hindu, FIFA, Beijing, Bowlers, Down, England, Elite US, Willow, MLS, England’s Premier League, Manchester United, Arsenal, tailgates, Women’s National, TV, South Locations: Pakistan, United States, Caribbean, Texas, American, America, Long, , New York, India, Australia, Nassau County, Ahmedabad, Gulf, United Kingdom, Europe, East, South Asia, British, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zealand, England, North Carolina, Manchester, Qatar, Paris, Germain . Middle, Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles, There’s, Canada, New York, Sri Lankan, California, New Delhi, China, Belgium, Commonwealth
First of all, their main job was to get false information to Adolf Hitler — rather than to steal Nazi secrets. And, secondly, some of these spies didn’t actually exist — they were completely made-up creations of British intelligence. But World War II would see a dramatic expansion of the offensive use of counterspies — not simply to prevent the enemy from knowing things but to actively deceive the enemy by planting disinformation. I also met the man who came up with the D-Day deception, Roger Fleetwood Hesketh, who was a trained architect. He told me that for the D-Day deception, codenamed Fortitude South, he had drawn on different talents.
Persons: Tim Naftali, Adolf Hitler —, didn’t, Counterespionage, , Juan Pujol García, Garbo, Greta Garbo, ” —, Juan Pujol Garcia, Keith Waldegrave, ANL, , George Patton, Hitler, ” Hitler, Roger Fleetwood Hesketh, Alan Turing, counterspies, Anthony Blunt, Kim Philby, , Oleg Gordievsky, counterespionage, Robert Hanssen, Aldrich Ames, Hanssen, Ames, Mikhail Gorbachev Organizations: CNN, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Tim Naftali New York University, Allied, Nazi, Army, Pas des Calais, Facebook, Strategic Services, German Wehrmacht, US National Archives, British, Soviets, US, Soviet Union, USSR Locations: France, Pas des, Pas des Calais —, Belgium, British, Berlin, Spanish, United Kingdom, Britain, Buckingham, Calais, Normandy, Tokyo, German, England, Liverpool, Europe, counterespionage, USSR, London, Washington, America, Soviet, Soviet Union
Hiking family discovers rare T. rex fossil
  + stars: | 2024-06-07 | by ( Jacopo Prisco | )   time to read: +7 min
Now, the museum has unveiled what it calls “Teen Rex,” a rare juvenile T. rex skeleton, one of only a handful in existence. We had cameras rolling while it was happening.”The dinosaur-discovering family returns to the site in July 2023 for the excavation, including (clockwise from upper left) Sam Fisher, Emalynn Fisher, Danielle Fisher, Liam Fisher, Kaiden Madsen and Jessin Fisher. A lower jaw of the T. rex skeleton is uncovered during the 11-day excavation. Courtesy Denver Museum of Nature and Science“That’s been a fiercely fought out debate, the Nanotyrannus versus Tyrannosaurus Rex,” Lyson said. “Tyrannosaurus isn’t common and juvenile dinosaurs are incredibly rare, so young T. rex are the rarest of the rare,” he said.
Persons: Liam Fisher, Sam Fisher, Jessin, Liam, Kaiden Madsen, hollered, Kaiden, ” Liam, “ Dad, , Fisher, Tyler Lyson, “ Teen Rex, , Lyson, , Emalynn Fisher, Danielle Fisher, Jessin Fisher, Hawk, Rex, That’s, Tyrannosaurus Rex, ” Lyson, It’s, Nick Longrich, Nanotyrannus, Longrich, I’ll Organizations: CNN, Denver Museum of Nature, Denver Museum of Nature &, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, University of Bath Locations: North Dakota, Denver, United Kingdom
The Conversation —Dry scalp? Flaky or dry scalp is an extremely common condition, but in severe cases it certainly doesn’t feel trivial. Scabs may be unsightly, or itchy, but they’re performing the job they’re supposed to — keeping out bugs and allowing wounds to heal. Fresh, healthy earwax tends to be yellow to honey-brown in color, whereas older, thicker earwax becomes darker brown, sometimes even black. Blood, sweat and tears — and wax, skin and mucus — can cause many commonplace issues.
Persons: it’s, there’s, You’d, Baumgardt Organizations: CNN, of Physiology, University of Bristol Locations: United Kingdom
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