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Photographer Ramesh Shukla moved to Dubai in 1965. Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid watching a camel race in Sharjah, 1968. The next day, he returned to the racetrack and presented the photo to Sheikh Zayed, asking for his blessing — and it changed everything. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late emir of Abu Dhabi, signing the agreement to form the UAE’ on December 2, 1971. Ramesh ShuklaShukla's photos of the UAE's founding fathers (top) and Sheikh Zayed signing (bottom) are featured on the 50 dirham note.
Persons: CNN — “, ” Ramesh Shukla, Shukla, Ramesh Shukla, , , Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Rashid, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Neel Shukla, Ramesh’s, , Tara, Neel, Ramesh, Ajman —, Ras, Khaimah, Neel —, ‘ Papa, ’ ” Organizations: CNN, United Arab Emirates, Ramesh, Emirates, United, UAE ’, Dubai Culture Locations: India, Dubai, Bombay, Mumbai, UAE, Sharjah, States, British, Arabian, Abu Dhabi, , Umm Al, United Arab, Ras Al, Emirates
Opinion | Israel Is Silencing Internal Critics
  + stars: | 2023-11-02 | by ( Michael Sfard | )   time to read: +10 min
Freedom of political expression in Israel with regard to the Israeli-Arab conflict, especially with regard to Israeli policy toward Palestinians, has always been precarious, especially for the Palestinian citizens of Israel. It shouldn’t be surprising: In societies that contain widespread nationalistic tendencies, as is sadly the case in Israel, war and national tragedies create the perfect environment for witch hunts and the accelerated branding of critics and minorities as enemies from within. The suppression of speech and targeting of critics of Israel’s policy toward the conflict has always had a strategic goal. Crushing dissent and eliminating the political force of Palestinian citizens of Israel are crucial conditions that must be met to achieve that goal. Michael Sfard is an Israeli human rights lawyer and the author of “The Wall and the Gate: Israel, Palestine and the Legal Battle for Human Rights.”
Persons: Nurit Peled, Jean, Paul Sartre, , Ms, Elhanan, Sakharov, , , Itamar Ben, Benjamin Netanyahu, Castigating, they’ve, Israel Frey, Frey, Michael Sfard Organizations: Legal Center, Arab, Rights, Academia, Equality, Education, Israel Police, Twitter, police, Human Rights Locations: Jerusalem, French, Israel, Gaza, Haifa, Umm, Jordan, Palestine
On June 12 of that year, Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers; soon after, Israelis murdered a Palestinian teenager. The horrific exchange escalated into a larger conflict; ultimately some 70 Israelis and 2,250 Palestinians were killed over seven weeks. I wrote that some members of my team had been tallying the number of soldiers killed and discussing whether this operation was worth the losses. In the years since, Hamas has only grown stronger, despite our sacrifices and despite the death and destruction we had wrought on Gaza. My friend not only fought against Hamas during his final moments to protect his friends and family; he also fought against Hamas during years of activism against the occupation.
Persons: postapocalyptic, There’s, Nasr, , , Israel, Ami Ayalon, Shin Organizations: 993rd Nahal Brigade, Hamas, West Bank, Beit, Air Force Locations: Gaza, Palestinian, Umm al, Israel, Burrah, Beit Hanoun, Al
Arab towns in Israel strike in protest at funding freeze
  + stars: | 2023-08-21 | by ( )   time to read: +2 min
JERUSALEM, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Arab local councils in Israel held a strike on Monday in protest at the finance minister's freeze earlier this month on hundreds of millions of shekels to their municipalities, a decision that has prompted accusations of racism. That the finance minister was casting Arabs as thieves and criminals was "ridiculous" and "false", the mayor of the Arab city of Umm al-Fahm, Samir Mahameed, told Israeli Army Radio. The ultra-nationalist Smotrich's move drew accusations of racism from Arab and Jewish lawmakers, including opposition leader Yair Lapid, as well as Arab mayors. Israeli Interior Minister Moshe Arbel urged Smotrich to release the funds and voiced support for the municipal strike. Videos circulating on social media showed police pushing some of the demonstrators, including Arab lawmaker Ayman Odeh.
Persons: Bezalel Smotrich, Benjamin Netanyahu's, Samir Mahameed, Netanyahu, Smotrich, Yair Lapid, Moshe Arbel, Ayman Odeh, Henriette Chacar, Maayan, Mark Heinrich Our Organizations: Finance, Israeli Army Radio, Police, Thomson Locations: Israel, Umm
In 1946, at 16, she gave birth to Walid, Mr. Abu Shakra’s elder brother. As fighting raged in 1948 between Arab armies, Palestinian irregulars and Zionist forces, Mariam and her family fled to a Palestinian farming village, Umm al-Fahem. Today, that village has become a working-class city that sprawls across the hills a few miles west of the Jezreel Valley. His art inspired other family members to follow in his footsteps. His younger brother Said embraced video art — his installation with his mother sharing fading memories is one of the centerpieces of the Ein Harod retrospective.
Persons: Walid, Abu Shakra’s, Mariam, Said, Ein Locations: Umm, Jezreel, Walid, Tel Aviv, Hadera, Umm al
Saudi Press Agency/Handout via REUTERSDUBAI, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) is working with Lazard (LAZ.N) on funding options and a potential initial public offering of Masar, a $27 billion mega project in the holy city of Mecca, two sources with direct knowledge told Reuters. The PIF, Lazard and Masar did not respond to a Reuters query for comment. Bloomberg first reported Lazard was advising the sovereign wealth fund on NEOM. Masar is a 1.2 million square metre urban development project in the western part of Mecca. Reporting by Hadeel Al Sayegh;Editing by Elaine HardcastleOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
An ancient Christian monastery possibly dating as far back as the years before Islam spread across the Arabian Peninsula has been discovered on an island off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, officials announced Thursday. The monastery on Siniyah Island, part of the sand-dune sheikhdom of Umm al-Quwain, sheds new light on the history of early Christianity along the shores of the Persian Gulf. On one, to the island’s northeast, archaeologists discovered the monastery. Viewed from above, the monastery on Siniyah Island’s floor plan suggests early Christian worshippers prayed within a single-aisle church at the monastery. Power said that development spurred the archaeological work that discovered the monastery.
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