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Salvage crews continue to work on removing debris from the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse after it was struck by the container ship Dali, now docked at Seagirt Marine Terminal in Baltimore. (Jerry Jackson/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)The main passageway into the Baltimore port was fully restored after the March 26 collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which left six people dead and obstructed maritime traffic into the harbor. The bridge toppled in late March, after the cargo ship Dali crashed into the infrastructure, choking a major shipping artery into the U.S.' busiest auto port. The Port of Baltimore processed a record 1.1 million containers and $80.8 billion in foreign cargo value last year, according to state data. USACE will maintain this critical waterway as we have for the last 107 years," said Col. Estee Pinchasin, Baltimore District commander, in a statement.
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Saltwater will soon rush into the Mississippi River, which hit its lowest flow rate since 1988. AdvertisementAdvertisementFor the second year in a row, the Mississippi River water level is at an extreme low. AdvertisementAdvertisementThat's because a low flow rate could allow saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico to push into the river and pollute the source of drinking water for thousands. AdvertisementAdvertisementUSACE officials beyond Louisiana are also working to mitigate the effects of low water levels and low flow rates. Ultimately, rain — and a lot of it — is what the Mississippi River will need to reach its average water level and flow rate again, Roe and Dell'Orco both agreed.
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This threatens both the country's international supply chain and national drinking water access. AdvertisementAdvertisementA long stretch of drought in the Midwest has caused the Mississippi River to drop to abnormally low levels. Kevin Dietsch/Staff/Getty ImagesProblem two: Louisiana's drinking water is at stakeAn estimated 18 million people get their drinking water from the Mississippi. For example, it's contaminated the drinking water of roughly 23,515 residents in Plaquemines Parish where residents are advised to only drink bottled water. These aren't permanent solutions, but they buy local communities precious time to prepare to find alternate drinking water sources, Roe added.
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The US Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging the Mississippi River 24/7 since July. USACE maintains a nine-foot-deep channel down the Mississippi River, so that ships and barges can travel freely. A barge tows cargo down the Mississippi River, in Vicksburg, Mississippi during a historic drought. The National Weather Service predicts the likely removal of drought in much of the Mississippi River basin in February. The National Weather Service's outlook forecasts a likelihood of no drought in most of the Mississippi River basin into spring.
Drought has driven the Mississippi River to historic low levels, choking US agricultural exports. The Mississippi River basin produces about 92% of US agricultural exports, including 60% of US grain exports, which travel down the river to the Gulf to ship across the world. Coal is in high demand right now, Calhoun said, and the low water levels present a challenge to ship it out of the country. He said higher food prices at the grocery store are just the first way consumers will start feeling the impact of low water levels. A barge tow passes under the Mississippi River bridges in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on October 11, 2022.
The Mississippi River is at record low levels, stranding barges and allowing sea water to move in with no end in sight. The US Army Corps of Engineers is emergency dredging to keep the channel open to supply barges. Barges, stranded by low water, sit at the Port of Rosedale along the Mississippi River on October 20, 2022 in Rosedale, Mississippi. USACE is racing to build a 1,500-foot-wide, 35-foot-tall underwater levee to prevent saltwater from creeping further up the river, where it could contaminate drinking water. An underwater sill is constructed near the mouth of the Mississippi River to block seawater pushing up river, on October 18, 2022.
The Mississippi River is receding to historic lows amid drought across the Midwest. A barge tow floats past the exposed banks of the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, Louisiana, on October 11, 2022. Drought is drying the Mississippi River to record lowsA passenger paddle wheeler passes between the river bridges in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on October 11, 2022. Rogelio V. Solis/AP PhotoJust a few months ago, the Mississippi River basin was flooding. In early October, low water levels revealed the old sunken ship along the banks of the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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