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Swift recently brought her music back to the platform after UMG pulled it in January due to an ongoing fight between the music publisher UMG and TikTok. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Swift was initially on board with UMG's move. "Universal can't claim they're winning a fight Taylor doesn't want a part of," Bill Werde, the director of Syracuse University's music business program, told the Journal. UMG, TikTok, and a representative for Swift didn't respond to requests for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.
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Taylor Swift brings her music back to TikTok, undermining a UMG attempt to keep off the platform. Her move is celebrated by fans and highlights the influence she holds in the music industry. It gives her control of where her work is available, unlike other UMG artists, whose music is still off TikTok. Related storiesThe move is another example of the power Swift holds by owning her music. In 2014, Swift pulled her music off streaming giant Spotify over concerns of their "freemium" business model.
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Taylor Swift is back on TikTok despite a feud between the app and her label Universal Music Group. Swift's reemergence shows that even the world's biggest stars need TikTok to promote their work. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . UMG artists can still post videos on TikTok, but they can't use their own tracks, making it harder to push a new album. Related storiesSwift's return to TikTok shows that even the industry's biggest stars still need to use the app to help a new album take off.
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Advertisement"I always remember early label conversations when we'd run TikTok campaigns," Ramzi Najdawi, cofounder at the music-marketing firm ATG, told BI. In 2024, most artists now need to get directly involved in creating social content in some form, said 10 music marketers who spoke to BI about their strategies. AdvertisementTo make influencer campaigns work better, music marketers ask artists to post original content first, creating organic interest in a song that creators can then push forward with additional videos. "Influencer campaigns don't really work in the way that people think they do," Prophet Media's founder Steph Rinzler told BI. Many marketers are now seeking out an artist's fans, rather than random influencers, to make videos for song campaigns.
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TikTok is losing access to Universal Music Group's songs, including from artists like Taylor Swift. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementTikTok, the platform best known as "the app where people dance around to music," is losing a lot of music and is going to lose more. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Read previewTaylor Swift fans are a dedicated group, but complaints about the pop star's merch have some calling for a boycott in recent months. However, some fans on social media are calling out what they described as the poor quality of her merch and delayed shipping times. Instead of blaming Swift for the merch, many fans are looking at her record label Universal Music Group for the delays and poor quality. Another Redditor posted expectation vs. reality photos of a $40 "1989" tote bag ordered online. Others online called out the "poor quality" of the tote bag and said that it's nothing new for Swift's merch site.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. The move was an about-face for the president, whose administration had spent years calling it a national security risk. AdvertisementIt’s been deep in a public spat over music licensing with one of its most important partners, Universal Music Group. Some users have said it’s ruining the app by promoting shopping over the funny skits and dancing videos that first made TikTok popular. For leaders at ByteDance, who often have the final say over product decisions at TikTok, copying ideas from Douyin to TikTok is part of their playbook.
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But for music marketers tasked with helping artists and new releases go viral on social media, the show must go on. Others are encouraging creators and performers to use unofficial, user-uploaded versions of UMG artists' songs in TikTok videos. Other marketers have similarly shifted promotional efforts from TikTok to reels for UMG songs. Still, even without UMG artists' songs, TikTok remains a critical part of the song-marketing playbook, music marketers told BI. Some marketers are asking creators to swap in these unofficial tracks into muted videos to promote the UMG artists, several of the music marketers said.
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In the days since Universal Music Group pulled its music off TikTok, countless videos on the platform have suddenly been muted. And many independent artists are realizing this might be their moment to shine. AdvertisementNow, many indie music artists are jumping on the opportunity to maximize their exposure. As Emily Zeck, an indie country musician with 2.5 million TikTok followers, wrote on a recent video caption, "It's our time to shine baby." The song has over 20 million streams on Spotify and has been reused in 1.1 million TikTok videos.
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If you open TikTok today, you might well be greeted with creators dancing to royalty-free music instead of your favorite tunes from artists like Taylor Swift or Bad Bunny. The move has resulted in a whole archive of "muted" TikTok videos, and even the UMG artists themselves aren't safe. Some TikTok creators are already responding to UMG's move by filming themselves dancing to songs in the public domain. I'm glad they are far in the past because I look awkward mouthing and dancing to no music," Romano said. "I would say 75% of my videos would contain UMG music," Romano said.
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"Midnights" by Taylor Swift"Midnights" was released on October 21, 2022. 1 for six weeksTaylor Swift's 10th studio album (not including rerecords) is nothing short of a sensation. "Midnights" sold over 1 million copies in its debut week, the first album to achieve the feat since Swift's own "Reputation." After experimenting with folk and indie-rock during the pandemic, "Midnights" marked Swift's return to radio-primed pop. Since its release in late 2022, Swift's fame and reach have expanded to unprecedented levels.
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Taylor Swift performs onstage at Lumen Field in Seattle on July 22, 2023. Music by artists including Taylor Swift and Drake was no longer available on TikTok when CNBC checked on Thursday morning. A licensing agreement between UMG and TikTok, which is owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, expired on Wednesday. UMG alleged TikTok proposed paying its artists and songwriters "at a rate that is a fraction of the rate that similarly situated major social platforms pay." The music label also alleged TikTok is allowing its platform to be "flooded with AI-generated recordings."
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As of early Thursday, a vast roster of popular songs were disappearing from the social media platform's library. The complete removal of UMG-licensed music will likely take a few days — but chances are, avid TikTokers are already seeing the effects. Artists will also not be able to post the audio of their UMG-licensed songs on TikTok. “It is sad and disappointing that Universal Music Group has put their own greed above the interests of their artists and songwriters,” TikTok said. Mall stressed the overall consequences of pulling music from social media platforms like TikTok — particularly for younger developing artists.
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Universal Music Group, which represents artists including Taylor Swift, Drake, Adele, Bad Bunny and Billie Eilish, says that it will no longer allow its music on TikTok now that a licensing deal between the two parties has expired. The licensing agreement between UMG and TikTok is expired as of Wednesday. Political Cartoons View All 253 Images“Ultimately TikTok is trying to build a music-based business, without paying fair value for the music,” UMG said. “Clearly, Universal’s self-serving actions are not in the best interests of artists, songwriters and fans,” TikTok said. Yet Universal Music also called new technology a potential threat to artists and said that TikTok is developing tools to enable, promote and encourage AI music creation.
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Universal Music Group said it could not reach a deal with TikTok to license its music. The label says TikTok pays a "fraction of the rate" that other platforms do for licensing. The current contract between UMG and TikTok expires Wednesday, per the letter. 2", Ice Spice's "In Ha Mood," and Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" are a part of the label's catalog. "TikTok has been able to reach 'artist-first' agreements with every other label and publisher," TikTok told Business Insider.
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A music licensing agreement between UMG and TikTok, which is owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, expired on Wednesday, and new terms have not been agreed. This means that UMG could pull its music catalog from TikTok. Universal Music Group said on Wednesday that it will cease licensing its music to TikTok and accused the short-form video giant of bullying and intimidation in its contract negotiations. UMG also said that TikTok "makes little effort to deal with the vast amounts of content on its platform that infringe" artists' music. By selectively removing the music of certain of our developing artists, while keeping on the platform our audience-driving global stars."
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Music licensing talks are heating up between TikTok and Universal Music Group as negotiations have left the conference room and entered the public sphere. "Their core mission is to generate as much money as they can from their recordings for their shareholders," David Herlihy, a copyright lawyer and music industry professor at Northeastern University, told BI. The company is in the process of launching a dedicated streaming app, TikTok Music, and has worked closely with artists on influencer listening parties, livestreams, and in-person events. But TikTok, as a global social giant, is an important product for music artists and labels. This is why the music industry is seeking to capture more value."
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Nov 22 (Reuters) - Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx was accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed in New York City on Wednesday that alleges he groped a woman at a rooftop bar and restaurant in Manhattan in August 2015. Foxx's representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages. The actor is best known for his Academy Award-winning portrayal of singer Ray Charles in the 2004 film "Ray." Music industry veteran Jimmy Iovine was likewise sued on Wednesday by an woman claiming he sexually abused her. In the Iovine complaint filed in New York state court in Manhattan, a woman identified only as "Jane Doe" said she was sexually abused, forcibly touched and subject to sexual harassment and retaliation in August 2007.
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Jimmy Iovine accepts the Ahmet Ertegun Award on stage at the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Los Angeles, California, U.S., November 5, 2022. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 22 (Reuters) - Music industry veteran Jimmy Iovine was sued on Wednesday by an woman who claims she was sexually abused. A spokesperson for Iovine said they were "quite shocked and baffled" by the alleged claim. No one has ever made a claim like this against Jimmy Iovine, nor have we been contacted or made aware of any complaint by anyone, including this unknown plaintiff prior to now,” the spokesperson said. The onetime recoding engineer co-founded Interscope Records, a music label associated with West Coast hip hop that is now part of Universal Music Group(UMG.AS).
Persons: Jimmy Iovine, Ahmet Ertegun, Mario Anzuoni, Jane Doe, Iovine, Douglas Wigdor, Dr, Dre, Russell Brand, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Sean, Diddy, Combs, Axl Rose, Sheila Kennedy, Dawn Chmielewski, Daniel Wallis Organizations: Roll Hall, REUTERS, U.S, Interscope Records, West Coast, Universal Music, Beats Electronics, Apple, Thomson Locations: Los Angeles , California, U.S, New York, Manhattan, West, Los Angeles
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsLOS ANGELES, Nov 17 (Reuters) - Three music publishers are asking a federal court judge to issue a preliminary injunction that would prevent artificial intelligence company Anthropic from reproducing or distributing their copyrighted song lyrics. The three publishers filed a suit against Anthropic on Oct. 18, which accused the San Francisco company of "systematic and widespread" infringement of their copyrighted song lyrics. The publishers allege Anthropic "profits richly" from its infringement of their repertoires of copyrighted works, achieving a valuation of $5 billion while paying "nothing" to publishers or their songwriters. "Anthropic must not be allowed to flout copyright law," the publishers said in a court document supporting its request for a preliminary injunction. "If the court waits until this litigation ends to address what is already clear -- that Anthropic is improperly using publishers' copyrighted works -- then the damage will be done."
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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 2 (Reuters) - The last Beatles song featuring the voice of late member John Lennon and developed using artificial intelligence will be released on Thursday at 1400 GMT alongside the band's first track, record label Universal Music said. Called "Now and Then", the song - billed as the last Beatles song - will be released in a double A-side single which pairs the track with the band's 1962 debut UK single "Love Me Do", Universal Music Group (UMG.AS) said in a statement. The Beatles' YouTube channel premiered late on Wednesday the short film "Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song" ahead of the release of the track. loadingDirected by Oliver Murray, the 12-minute clip features exclusive footage and commentary from members of the band, Lennon's son Sean Ono Lennon and filmmaker Peter Jackson, who directed the 2021 documentary series "The Beatles: Get Back". The song also features parts recorded by surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr as well as the late George Harrison.
Persons: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Ed Sullivan, Mario Anzuoni, John Lennon, Oliver Murray, Lennon's, Sean Ono Lennon, Peter Jackson, Jackson, Lennon, George Harrison, Alessandro Parodi, Gareth Jones Organizations: REUTERS, Universal Music, YouTube, Thomson Locations: Los Angeles
[1/2] Universal Music Group logo is seen displayed in this illustration taken, May 3, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsOct 26 (Reuters) - Cultural phenomenon Taylor Swift helped fuel revenue at Universal Music Group (UMG.AS) in the third quarter, the world's largest record label said on Thursday. Universal Music and a number of its artists also partnered with YouTube on a Music AI Incubator, to explore how to use the technology to enhance artist creativity. EBITDA for the quarter fell 11.3% to 478 million euros, reflecting the impact of non-cash share-based compensation expenses of 103 million euros during the quarter. Revenue from music publishing rose 17.5% to 491 million euros, while merchandise sales increased 20.1% to 227 million euros.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, Taylor Swift, Swift, Lucian Grainge, Grainge, we're, Morgan Wallen, Olivia Rodrigo, King, Prince, Dawn Chmielewski, Chizu Nomiyama, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: Universal, REUTERS, Universal Music, YouTube, Revenue, Thomson Locations: Los Angeles
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsLONDON, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Fans of the Beatles might just twist and shout in joy. A new Beatles song will be released next week, featuring the voice of late member John Lennon and developed using artificial intelligence, record company Universal Music Group (UMG.AS) said on Thursday. Called "Now and Then," the song - billed as the last Beatles song - also features parts recorded by surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr as well as the late George Harrison. The idea to revive the tune followed Peter Jackson's 2021 documentary series "The Beatles: Get Back," which had managed to isolate instruments and vocals using AI. The same technology was applied to "Now and Then," which was then completed by McCartney and Starr, Universal said.
Persons: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Ed Sullivan, Mario Anzuoni, John Lennon, George Harrison, McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, Lennon's, Yoko Ono, Peter Jackson's, Starr, Universal, John, Sachin Ravikumar, Matthew Lewis Organizations: REUTERS, Beatles, Universal Music, Thomson Locations: Los Angeles, New York City, London
Janick favors taking a gradual approach with artists, focusing on three-year, five-year and 10-year plans. “Signing Billie when she was 14, there was the conversation of, ‘She’s 14 years old. We have to take our time,’ ” Janick says. Billie Eilish, 15, peforming as part of a UMG showcase. Photo: Omar Vega/Invision for UMG/AP
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REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration Acquire Licensing RightsCompanies Anthropic FollowAlphabet Inc Inc Follow Show more companiesOct 18 (Reuters) - Music publishers Universal Music (UMG.AS), ABKCO and Concord Publishing sued artificial intelligence company Anthropic in Tennessee federal court on Wednesday, accusing it of misusing an "innumerable" amount of copyrighted song lyrics to train its chatbot Claude. The music publishers' lawsuit appears to be the first case over song lyrics and the first against Anthropic, which has drawn financial backing from Google (GOOGL.O), Amazon (AMZN.O) and former cryptocurrency billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried. The lawsuit accused Anthropic of infringing the publishers' copyrights by copying their lyrics without permission as part of the "massive amounts of text" that it scrapes from the internet to train Claude to respond to human prompts. For example, the lawsuit said that Claude will provide relevant lyrics from Don McLean's "American Pie" when asked to write a song about the death of rock pioneer Buddy Holly. The publishers asked the court for money damages and an order to stop the alleged infringement.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, Claude, Anthropic, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Matt Oppenheim, Sam Bankman, Don McLean's, Buddy Holly, Blake Brittain, David Bario, Bill Berkrot Organizations: REUTERS, Universal Music, Concord Publishing, Beach, Microsoft, Anthropic, Google, Thomson Locations: ABKCO, Tennessee, rightsholders, Washington
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