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My family recently returned from a vacation with my mom, and to say things didn't quite go as planned would be an understatement. After three nights at Gardaland, we would head back to Arezzo for another two nights before heading back home. The kids (our 5-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son) were behaving beautifully and my mom, husband, and I were enjoying the historical sights. We managed to have fun on our less-than-traditional vacation, even with the unplanned hospital stay and worrying about my husband. My mom was a big help emotionally since we were all concerned about my husband and keeping the kids happy.
Persons: Arezzo, that's, Caroline Chirichella's, Caroline Chirichella, Daddy Organizations: Service Locations: Arezzo, Tuscany, Gardaland
CNN —Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa — one of the most famous paintings in the world — is shrouded in mystery; from questions around the figures identity, to her puzzling, enigmatic expression. Now, at least one of the artwork’s secrets has been revealed, according to a geologist based in Italy. Ann Pizzorusso, who is both a geologist and an art historian specializing in Leonardo and the Renaissance era, believes she has deduced the location of the Mona Lisa using her geological expertise. “Because when the glacier moved it scoured out certain pieces of land.”Pizzorusso believes Lake Como, the glacial lake dating back around 10,000 years, is in the background of the Mona Lisa. “We don’t know who (Mona Lisa) is, some believe she was a rich Tuscan merchant’s wife,” she said, referring to a popular historical theory that proposes the figure was based on Italian noblewoman Lisa Gherardini.
Persons: CNN — Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa —, Ann Pizzorusso, Leonardo, Mona Lisa, Pizzorusso, , , VCG Wilson, Mona, there’s, ” Pizzorusso, titoslack, “ Botticelli, Michelangelo, Lisa Gherardini, Said, “ I’m Organizations: CNN, Italy —, Como Locations: Italy, Lecco, Lake Como, Windsor , London, Bobbio, Arezzo, Tuscany
For a food that begins with just flour, water or sometimes eggs, there are infinite variations of pasta. So what happens when you convene a panel of five Italian cuisine experts and ask them to determine the 25 most essential pasta dishes throughout Italy? The final picks appear below in unranked alphabetical order, along with the ideal wine to drink with each pasta dish, as recommended by the chosen restaurants and reviewed by Davies’s husband, the sommelier Marco Lami. This list is the latest in our T 25 series, which highlights significant achievements in the worlds of design, literature, fashion, architecture and food. We chose pasta because it’s the food most associated with Italy, and because it’s the subject of T’s new Travel issue.
Persons: , Davide Palluda, Stefano Secchi, Emiko Davies, Karima Moyer, Roberta Corradin, I’d, Davies’s, Marco Lami, It’s, you’ll, della Neve, dei Fiori, Massimo Bottura’s, Maria Luigia, ” Secchi, Secchi Organizations: della Locations: Italy, Piedmont, York, Tuscany, Umbria, Florence, Sicily, Boston, Paris, Mexico City, Marche, Modena, Emilia, Romagna
Wine touring in the Old WorldFrance Of France's 11 wine regions, Bordeaux, Burgundy (or Bourgogne) and Champagne are the most eminent. The United States California is renowned for wine tasting, though almost every state in the continental U.S. has a wine region or wine tourism area. Visitors can drive between vineyards, bike the Napa Valley Wine Trail, or book a ride on the vintage Napa Valley Wine Train. Barossa is one of the older wine regions in Australia, with some 200 cellar doors within two hours of Adelaide. South Africa South Africa may be considered a new world wine region, but Constantia, a top destination for wine tasting, is centuries old.
Persons: meunier, Chateau Angelus, Viniv Bordeaux, Georges Gobet, Montagne, Kim Kulish, Margaret River, Wine, Joey Estate, River, Groot Organizations: Michelin, Viniv, Afp, Getty, UNESCO, Heritage, Montagne de Reims, Travelers, United, Wine, Sonoma, Australia Wine, Bloomberg Locations: Europe, United States, Australia, South Africa, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Bourgogne, Vin, Chateau, Saint Emilion, France, Champagne, Italy Tuscany, Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Greve, Alba, Piedmont, United States California, Napa Valley, Napa, Texas, Washington , Oregon, Virginia, New York, Yarra, Victoria, Barossa, Adelaide, Perth, Yarra Valley, Melbourne, South Africa South Africa, Constantia, Groot Constantia, South, Cape Town
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. I want to do all the things I don't have time forI can't wait to take long walks with my dog every day, not just on weekends. I can't wait to fix all the broken things in my apartment. And I can't wait to travel without counting vacation days. I'm a couple of years shy of 65, so I know I'm lucky to have the savings and secure housing that allow me to give up the day job now.
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CNN —In Alice Rohrwacher’s latest movie, the gently hypnotic “La Chimera,” a rakish Josh O’Connor navigates the Italian countryside with a dowsing rod in hand, searching for ancient treasure. “My job is very close to what an archaeologist does: giving meaning to things that happened in the past.”A still from "La Chimera," which was shot on three types of film stock. To approach “La Chimera” with dense history and sharp facts threatens to tear at its ethereal qualities — a hallmark of Rohrwacher’s filmmaking. Isabella Rossellini as Senora Flora in "La Chimera." “La Chimera” is released in UK cinemas on May 10 and is available to stream in the US.
Persons: Alice Rohrwacher’s, Josh O’Connor, Arthur, , there’s, O’Connor, , Rohrwacher, I’ve, ” Rohrwacher, , Curzon, tombaroli, O’Connor’s Arthur, he’s, Eurydice, Isabella Rossellini, Flora, Alice, , ’ ”, Rossellini, Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, ” “, Josh O'Connor, Virgil, Senora Flora, Ad, Federico, Fellini, Paolo, Pasolini, “ Paisan ”, ” “ Alice, it’s Organizations: CNN, , Carabinieri, UNESCO Locations: Etruria, Tuscany, New York State, British, Italy, Rome, Open, Italian
How Not to Be a Selfish Gardener - The New York Times
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The idea of the garden as a place of sinister seclusion has found its way to the world of high fashion. In Ballard’s characteristically bleak tale, a desperate mob advances on an elegant garden, where Count Axel and his wife live out a civilized, secluded existence. The selfish gardener of the 21st century creates idyllic vistas that rely on fertilizers and pesticides that poison the wider ecosystem or demand water in a time of drought. In her gripping memoir of the Second World War, “War in Val d’Orcia,” she describes a similar tide of desperate humanity approaching her garden gate. Unlike Ballard’s Count Axel, she didn’t seek to repel them, retiring to the library to dust her statues.
Persons: J.G ., Count Axel, Anna Wintour, Iris Origo, Val d’Orcia, Christopher Lloyd, Fergus Garrett, Garrett Organizations: Vogue Locations: J.G . Ballard, La Foce, Tuscany, Val, England
In the fall, I'm going on a trip with some of my girlfriends from college. Really, really good. I don't have 7 million euros to buy five properties across Europe. AdvertisementWould I move to more suburban New Jersey so I could buy a house? I would not make the calculus to move — whether that's another city, or another state, or a suburb — to buy a house.
Persons: , Amy Beihl, I've, they're, I'm, There's, Homeownership Organizations: Service, Business, Colgate University, Mallorca Locations: York, New York, Mallorca, Spain, Italy, France, Tuscany, England, Stockholm, Europe, Swedish, I'm, New York City, New Jersey, that's, America
CNN —From the “Walkie Talkie” skyscraper in London, to the Carrasco International Airport in Uruguay, New York-based firm Rafael Viñoly Architects’ portfolio consists of hundreds of projects spanning five continents. The latest addition, announced in January, will be a new international terminal at the Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci in Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. Rafael Viñoly Architects“In the summer, when you need to cool the interior of the space, you do heat exchange into that mass of earth,” he says. According to Viñoly, there are provisions in the design to produce a winery under the roof, though this is not confirmed. But he questions whether too much emphasis has been placed on the look of the vineyard, rather than its sustainable benefits.
Persons: Rafael Viñoly, Amerigo Vespucci, Román Viñoly, Viñoly, , , Filippo Weber, Weber Organizations: CNN, Carrasco International Airport, Rafael Viñoly Architects, Climate Network, Weber Architects Locations: London, Uruguay , New York, Florence, Italian, Tuscany
Get Ready for the Great Trump Diaspora
  + stars: | 2024-03-06 | by ( Paul Starobin | )   time to read: +10 min
The Atlantic devoted an entire issue to the authoritarian horrors in store for America "If Trump Wins." AdvertisementA second Trump presidency, Speer said, could serve as a "catalyst" that further fuels the growing diaspora of Americans living in exile. Since 2015, Democrats Abroad, the foreign-based arm of the DNC, has nearly tripled its membership. Since 2015, Democrats Abroad, the foreign-based arm of the Democratic National Committee, has nearly tripled its membership, which now numbers in the hundreds of thousands. My wife and I are both Trump decriers, although we didn't begin our Italy property search to find a refuge from MAGA-infused America.
Persons: specter, Donald Trump —, Trump, Gallup, George W, Bush's, Barack Obama's, Doris Speer, Speer, , Roe, Wade —, Martha McDevitt, Pugh, Emily, Francophiles, Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin —, Nicole Kidman's, MAGA, batty, it's, John Galey, Paul Starobin Organizations: Washington Post, Trump, America, Association of Americans Resident Overseas, dodgers, DNC, Democratic National Committee, Leggett, Italy Facebook, Côte, IRS, Citizens Abroad, Los Angeles Times, New Books Network Locations: Umbria, Italy, Montana, Tuscany, Texas, Tennessee, America, Canada, Washington, Paris, United States, Iraq, Europe, Vietnam, Sedona , Arizona, Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Golden, California, MAGA
Well, cycling fans, we have a real treat for you today as we've tracked down several free Strade Bianche live stream viewing options for both the women's and men's races, with multiple language options supported. You'll find all the channel links below, along with a guide on how to watch a free Strade Bianche live stream from anywhere. as well as these events:How to watch Strade Bianche for free from anywhereA VPN is the best way to get around geo-restrictions if you're not in one of the countries listed above, with access to a free Strade Bianch live stream today. Better yet, you can save up to 49% and get an extra three months for free today. Install it on the device you're using to watch the Strade Bianche live stream.
Persons: you'll, You'll, ExpressVPN, Strade Organizations: Business, de France, Tour de France, SBS, RAI Locations: Tuscany, Australia, Italy
More Americans are moving to Tuscany, a part of Italy known for medieval walled cities and wine. Some locals say it's keeping their economy alive, but others are starting to grumble. The influx of Americans, locals said, can be at once a booster of fortunes and an irritating imposition. "A lot of locals say that a place like Montepulciano cannot handle all those tourists because it's a small city," said Tudor, the jeweler. Americans, Ercolani said, "spend money and they appreciate the quality of the food and the wine that we have."
Persons: , Leanne Davis, Davis, Jon Chewning, Chewning, It's, Georgette Jupe, Knight Frank, Florence ., they're, we've, Frances Mayer's, it's, Michele Capecchi, Capecchi, Erin Lewis, Lewis, Danilo Romolini, Luca Tudor, AJ Tuscany, Tudor, who's, Sam D'Avanzo, dell'Anfiteatro, Frank Bienewald, they've, lockdowns, Jupe, Bendetta, Cantina Ercolani, Ercolani Organizations: Service, Business, Associated Press, US Department of State, Italian National Institute of Statistics,, Christie's, Estate, Locals, International School of Florence Locations: Tuscany, Italy, California, Romano, Sacramento, Montepulciano, Florence, Boccheggiano, Lucca, Siena, American, Europe, Rome, Venice, Chiusi, Austin , Texas, Houston , Texas, Italian, Switzerland, Albanian
If you've ever dreamed of giving up the grind and retiring in Italy, apparently it's as good as it sounds. On the agenda today:This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. In fact, this is a topic my colleagues at Business Insider cover extensively all year long. But understanding and improving your VO2 Max, a measure of how much oxygen you use during exercise, could be the key to unlocking a longer life. AdvertisementA higher VO2 max can give you a better chance at a longer life.
Persons: , we've, Alyssa Powell, They're, Christopher Malcolm, Getty, Klaus Vedfelt, Abanti Chowdhury, Max, Marc Piasecki, Tyler Le, Stellan, Skarsgård, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Jia Feng, Devin Shaffer, Neiman Marcus, Le, Napoleon, Ridley, Joaquin Phoenix, Joi, Marie McKenzie, Jordan Parker Erb, Dan DeFrancesco, Lisa Ryan Organizations: Service, Business, Getty, Universal, Miramax, Warner Bros, BI, Netflix, Apple TV, Apple, Hulu, Paramount Locations: Italy, Texas, Tuscany, America, United States, New York
Two climate activists on Tuesday targeted Botticelli’s masterpiece “The Birth of Venus” hanging at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, attaching images of recent flood damage in the Tuscany region on the protective glass. Authorities immediately cleared the room and the two protesters were brought by carabinieri for questioning. Under a new law, the protesters risk up to six months of jail time. The protest materials were easily removed from the glass without leaving a trace, and the room where the painting hangs was reopened within 15 minutes. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Persons: Venus Organizations: Associated Press Locations: Tuscany
“I loved London,” Cristina tells CNN Travel today. Matt’s family was staying at Claridge’s, the historic, swanky five star hotel in Mayfair. Matt’s parents knew he was going on a spontaneous date. “And then they would never forward the mail.”Cristina’s idea of writing to Matt’s parents’ address was a good one. After years of working and living in Italy, Matt’s fluent in Italian.
Persons: she’d, Cristina Farina, Cristina, , “ Let’s, they’d, , ” Cristina, Trafalgar Square’s, William Shakespeare’s “ Romeo, Juliet, London Here's Cristina, Matt, Matt Reinecke, Cristina gestured, he’d, Cristina couldn’t, Here's Matt, Cristina he’d, , ’ ”, welling, you’ll, wouldn’t, Weeks, Claridge’s, Matt hadn’t, Read, Matt’s, Matt wasn’t, Florence Matt, Matt reckons they’d, ” Matt, Cristina’s, Davide, Francesca, Cristina Farina Matt, they’re, ” Here's Matt, Ludovica Barone, They’ve, Organizations: CNN, Florence, Heathrow Airport, CNN Travel, Bond, Cristina’s Locations: London, Trafalgar, California, Claridge’s, Mayfair, Hyde, Italy, Europe, , Florence, Greece, San Francisco, Francisco, San Francisco’s, Prato , Tuscany, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Milan, Turin, Tuscany, American, , Italian
Farmers say they are not being paid enough, are choked by taxes and green rules and face unfair competition from abroad. French farmers have already won several concessions, including the government dropping plans to gradually reduce subsidies on agricultural diesel. On Wednesday, European Commissioners proposed limiting agricultural imports from Ukraine and greater flexibility on rules on fallow land in a bid to quell protests. In Italy, farmers have blocked traffic with hundreds of tractors near motorway access points near Milan, in Tuscany and elsewhere in recent days. While a deal looks possible on fallow land, the question of talks on a major trade deal with the Mercosur group is more contentious.
Persons: Marco Trujillo, Philip Blenkinsop PARIS, Adelin Desmecht, Gerald Darmanin, Bruno, Coldiretti, Le Maire, Abdul Saboor, Jean, Stephane Brosse, Gus Trompiz, Dominique Vidalon, Benoit van Overstraeten, Geert de Clercq, Charlotte van, Phil Blenikinsop, Alvise Arminelli, Ingrid Melander, Ros Russell Organizations: EU, South, Farmers, Mercosur, French Finance, European Commission, South American, Charlotte van Campenhout Locations: BRUSSELS, Europe, Brussels, Belgian, France, Paris, Belgium, Zeebrugge, Ukraine, Mercosur, Italy, Milan, Tuscany, Bordeaux, Amsterdam
"That's when you get the good s---," said a Davos attendee who is regularly selected to join the exclusive backroom of the Annual Davos Wine Forum Tasting. Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards JPMorgan took over the Kirchner Museum for its annual drinks event. Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards The attire of the Davos set is decidedly not chic. Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards The color of your conference badge determined access to World Economic Forum events. Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards Skiing and snowboarding post panels and broadcasting was another favorite pastime of some Davos goers.
Persons: bankrolled, Vladimir Putin's, Putin, George Soros, Bill Browder, Anthony Scaramucci, Anthony, Scaramucci, queued, Latour, Donald Trump, , Mark Milley, Matt Damon, Richard Branson, Andrea Bocelli, Chris Coons, Paul Ryan, bartenders, Champagne Perrier, Chateau Latour, L'Eglise, Burgundy Olivier Bernstein Bonnes, Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue, Tenuta, Casanova di Neri, Stephen King, Browder, Doug Emhoff, Gary Cohn, Ian Bremmer, Sir Martin Sorrell, Sting, Bill Gates, Sam Altman, Marc Benioff, Ray Dalio, Emhoff, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Brian Moynihan, IBM's Gary Cohn, Jack Hidary, Sir Richard Moore, Barry Colson, Davos goer, Moritz, Eve, CNBCers, Emmanuel Macron, John Kerry, Joe Short, roundtables, Wyclef Jean, Diane von Fürstenberg, George Osborne, David Rhodes, Osborne, Politico's Suzanne Lynch, Princess Beatrice, David Blaine, Milley —, Tij, CNBC Tij Organizations: Economic, CNBC, Congress Center, Russian, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Moonshot Investor Network, Putin, Hermitage Capital, SkyBridge, White House Communications, Chiefs, Bordeaux Smith Haut, Platz, Politico, IBM, AB InBev, White, Trump, Eurasia Group, Capital, Microsoft, Wall Street, Billionaire Microsoft, Light, Infosys, Bloomberg House, JPMorgan, Kirchner Museum, Financial, Hotel, CNBC CNBC, Bank of America, New, Davos, U.S . Climate, Accenture, Golf Club Davos, Palantir, Chancellor, Sky News's, Sting, Workers, Swiss Army, Army, Gliding Locations: Davos, Switzerland, Soviet, Ukraine, Moscow, Hungarian, Hermitage, Providence, Europe, Davos's, Bordeaux, Bordeaux Smith Haut Lafitte, Bello, Santa Cruz, Napa Valley Tuscany, Schatzalp, Scalettastrasse, Emirates, Halifax, Canada, Salt Lake City, U.S, Palantir, Swiss
Love them or loathe them, giant cruise ships are among the most remarkable success stories of the mass tourism age. Rechristened the Mardi Gras, the first Carnival cruise ship sailed out of Miami that March. Cruise ships like the Icon of the Seas will spend the majority of their trip at sea. Eight years later, cruise ships such as the Diamond Princess became early incubators for COVID-19. Cruise Market Watch forecasts there will be 360 cruise ships in service at the end of this year, comprising less than 1% of the global commercial fleet.
Persons: Ted Arison, Arison, Pieter De Boer, Costa, Diamond, Aaron Saunders, We've, Sue Bryant, Z, sass, Emma Le Teace, YouTuber, David Foster Wallace, Harper's, Sarah Knorr, Bryan Comer, Karla Hart, Hart, Saunders, it's, Henry Wismayer Organizations: Port, Passengers, Mardi Gras, Mardi, Gras, Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Costa Concordia, Cruise Lines International Association, Broadway, CivicScience, Royal, Virgin, Business, Transport & Environment, Getty, International Council, Global Cruise, Global Cruise Activist Network, Cruise Market, Royal Caribbean International, New York Times, National Geographic, Financial Times Locations: Port of Miami, Caribbean, Miami, The Port, Tuscany, Italy, Royal Caribbean, TikTok, Panama, Bahamas, Brussels, Netherlands, Douarnenez, Venice, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Amsterdam, Juneau , Alaska, Skagway , Alaska, CocoCay, London
New beginningChuck Stevens and Ben Di Rienzo bought a home in the town of Vinchiaturo Molise in southern Italy’s Molise, known as the ‘forgotten region.' “For the first couple of months, it felt like we were on vacation,” says Di Rienzo. “Just learning about real Italian life living. “The chefs in the area here really put their heart and soul into things,” says Di Rienzo. “The expectation of getting your house renovated within six months to a year, that’s not going to happen,” says Di Rienzo.
Persons: Charles “ Chuck ” H, Stevens, Berardino, Ben ” Di Rienzo, who’ve, ” Stevens, Di Rienzo, Chuck Stevens, Ben Di Rienzo, Ben DiRienzo, Covid, they’d “, , , Di Rienzo’s, “ Ben, ’ ”, ’ ” Di Rienzo, , ” Di, they’d, they'd, Max, “ We’ve, They’ve, they’ve, , he’s “, Rienzo, Ben DiRienzo “, that’s, It’s, I’m Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, , US, Locations: Manhattan, New Jersey, “ New York, Italy, Vinchiaturo Molise, Italy’s Molise, Europe, United States, , Italian, Molise, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, America, New York
A deputy culture minister in Italy is under investigation, accused of laundering stolen goods, in particular a Baroque painting that had been reported stolen from a castle in Piedmont, Italy, a decade ago. The deputy minister, Vittorio Sgarbi, who is an art historian and critic, as well as a media personality, has said he is innocent. The tale of the investigation began in 2013, when, according to police documents, a painting was reported stolen from the castle, which had been a restaurant for a time. Eight years later, in 2021, Mr. Sgarbi featured a painting called “The Capture of St. Peter,” attributed to the 17-century artist Rutilio Manetti, from his own collection, in an exhibit that he curated in Lucca, Tuscany. Mr. Sgarbi, though under investigation, has not been charged with a crime.
Persons: Vittorio Sgarbi, Sgarbi, Peter, , Rutilio Manetti Locations: Italy, Piedmont, Lucca, Tuscany, Macerata
The Wine Heiresses Apparent
  + stars: | 2024-01-18 | by ( Eric Asimov | )   time to read: +1 min
She was far more interested in making wine herself, so she earned a degree in winemaking and found jobs with wineries elsewhere in Tuscany. But she felt drawn to Radda-in-Chianti, where some of the most ethereal Chianti Classicos are from. They made wine but sold it in bulk to merchants who bottled it. Having proven herself at winemaking, she took over the family vineyards to make the wine for Istine, her new Chianti Classico label. Today, they are critically acclaimed around the world, and she has begun to bottle single-vineyard wines from each of the family’s plots.
Persons: Angela Fronti Locations: Chianti, Radda, Tuscany
Newlyweds spent their first night in hospital after the floor of their wedding venue collapsed. AdvertisementA bride and groom spent their wedding day in the hospital after a section of a historic venue in Tuscany collapsed on Saturday night. AdvertisementAccording to the local health authority, they were discharged a few hours later. According to a news release by Tuscany's local health authority, 39 people needed medical treatment. AdvertisementThe owners of the venue told local publication Report Pistoia that they don't understand how the collapse happened, describing it as a "tragic and unpredictable event."
Persons: , Paolo Mugnaini, Valeria Ybarra, Corriere, Mugnaini, obstetricians, Il Messaggero Organizations: Service, della Locations: Tuscany, American, Pistoia, Italy
‘Lift’ Review: Thin as Thieves
  + stars: | 2024-01-11 | by ( Robert Daniels | )   time to read: +1 min
Kevin Hart plays Cyrus, a master thief, in the undercooked heist flick, “Lift,” directed by F. Gary Gray. Beyond the windfall Jorgensen will get from shorting water utility stocks, it’s unclear what he gains from this elaborate ruse. An Interpol agent, Abby (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), enlists Cyrus to steal the passenger plane carrying the gold bars before any damage can be done. Although Abby and Cyrus are old flames, the film doesn’t pick up any romantic steam, either, thanks to what passes for banter. “I was looking at the questions that weren’t being asked,” Cyrus tells Abby.
Persons: Kevin Hart, Cyrus, , Gary Gray, Daniel Kunka, Lars Jorgensen, Jean Reno, Jorgensen, Abby, Gugu, , weren’t, ” Cyrus Organizations: Interpol Locations: Tuscany, Venice
“I just had a passion for Italy,” Aileen tells CNN Travel. Italian dreamTom and Aileen White purchased a home in the Italian village of Exilles back in 2017. “They met us the next day and we bought the house on a handshake,” explains Aileen, who runs a real estate consultancy. The couple say they faced some minor issues during the sale process, particularly with regards to opening an Italian bank account, but were able to overcome this hurdle with the help of an Italy-based attorney. ‘Magical place’The couple say that they've been embraced "like family" by the local community in Exilles.
Persons: Aileen, Tom Winter, who’ve, , ” Aileen, Tom, Aileen White, , they've, , Winters, they’ve, Torre Piccolo, Li Americani, “ Everyone’s, it’s, ” “, Exilles, “ We’ve, they’re, “ Don’t, he’s Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, realtors, Gran Bosco, Torre Piccolo Locations: Italy, Boulder , Colorado, Susa, Piedmont, Italian, Exilles, Turin, , , Provence, Tuscany, Spain
I usually have three books going at a time: one in Italian to improve my fluency, a novel in English and a nonfiction work in English. Another two shelves are for books in Italian. Are there any classics that you only recently read for the first time? “La Divina Commedia.” I had only read portions of the “Inferno” in English, but my Italian finally got to the level that I could tackle the “Commedia” in the original. For such a timeless poem, it is deeply rooted in the personal dramas and “pop culture” of 13th-century Tuscany.
Persons: , Maurizio de Giovanni, , Nana Kwame Adjei, Piers Brendon, Montaigne, Sarah Bakewell Organizations: Italian Locations: Tuscany
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