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I tried Gordon Ramsay's 10-minute pasta, which he makes for his family every week. Ramsay's delicious pasta was light and bright — perfect for a midweek pick-me-up. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementFrom his 15-minute tagliatelle Bolognese to his 10-minute bacon cheeseburger, Gordon Ramsay has never let me down when I need a fast recipe.
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The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles on Wednesday said it was returning an ancient bronze head to Turkey that it had purchased in 1971 from an antiquities dealer who sold other items to museums that were later found to have been looted. The museum said the decision was made “in light of new information” provided by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which asserts that the object was stolen in the 1960s from a heavily plundered Roman-era settlement in Turkey known as Bubon. Neither the museum nor investigators would describe the new information, but the office’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit has in recent years been investigating the looting of artifacts from Bubon and has pursued the return of a number of bronze objects that were held by American museums or private collectors. In one case, investigators seized a statue of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in another, a statue of the emperor Lucius Verus from the home of a philanthropist and Met trustee, Shelby White.
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Less obviously visible but equally impressive are the historical treasures, some more than 12,000 years old, that can be found underground. Unlike the Basilica, this underground chamber was completely forgotten about until less than 15 years ago. Other than locals herding their livestock through the ruins of a garrison city dating to the 6th century, few people went there. Now, the site has given up numerous treasures including rock-cut tombs, an olive processing workshop and a series of underground cisterns. Yeraltı, literally meaning underground, was originally a dungeon in the basement of a fort built by the Byzantines in the 8th century CE.
Persons: James Bond, Theodosius II, Theodosius, Derinkuyu, tufa, émigrés, Han, Rümeli Han, Sarıcazade Ragıp Pasha, Sultan Abdülhamid II’s, Sancaklar, Göbeklitepe, Yeraltı, , Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Grand Vizier Bahir Mustafa Paşa, dervish Organizations: CNN, Love, UNESCO, Şanlıurfa Archaeology Locations: Turkey, Europe, Asia, Russia, Faith, Istanbul, Constantinople, Fatih, Belgrade Forest, Valens, Dara, Mardin, Nevşehir, Cappadocia, Derinkuyu, Taksim, stairwells, Sancaklar, Büyükçekmece, Mecca, Göbeklitepe, everyone’s, Şanlıurfa, Karaköy, Yeraltı, Ottoman, Grand
So why are we now feeding Lunchables to children as part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)? We are proud of Lunchables and stand by the quality and integrity that goes into making them,” Kraft Heinz said. In Canada, for example, a country that often outperforms the US in public health measures such as vaccination rates, there is no national food program for children. Meals that adhered to a higher nutritional standard were also thrown away less, according to a study published in Childhood Obesity in 2015. A modeling study published in Public Health Nutrition in 2022 estimates a 20% tax would reduce purchases of UPFs by 24%.
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Leon Cooperman, a billionaire Columbia donor, weighed in on the crisis on the university's campus. Unlike the megadonor Robert Kraft, Cooperman said he's not pulling his donations. AdvertisementThe Wall Street titan Leon Cooperman is the latest billionaire to weigh in on student protests over Israel's war in Gaza. But unlike the megadonor Robert Kraft, Cooperman said he'd continue to give to Columbia even as he trashed student demonstrators. Kraft said he'd continue to support the school's Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, which is named after him.
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Read previewOne of my favorite hidden-gem theme parks is Silver Dollar City, nestled in the Ozark Mountains in Branson, Missouri. Both are owned by Herschend Family Entertainment, though Silver Dollar City opened first in 1960. I've visited theme parks all over the world and this now ranks as one of my favorites. There are also unique attractions at Silver Dollar City that I haven't experienced anywhere else — Grandfather's Mansion was one of my favorites. The food is fantastic and uniqueCarly CaramannaI'm a big foodie — especially at theme parks — and I was happy this park's eats lived up to the hype.
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Turkey may deploy its Russian S-400 Triumf air defenses on the Iraqi border. Turkiye newspaper reported earlier this month that Turkey's S-400s may be deployed on the border, implying it will defend against drones allegedly acquired by the PKK. Since then, there has been no indication that Turkey's S-400s have been put into operation. "However, Turkey may use the potential threat of Iran-linked militia groups or PKK as a pretext to deploy S-400s." "Such a goal was unattainable and unrealistic given the extent of Turkey's integration into the NATO defense system," Ozeren said.
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In 1987, Faris, a pilot in the Syrian Air Force, spent eight days in space with the Soviet Union’s Interkosmos spaceflight program. Faris flew with a Soviet crew to Mir space station becoming the first and only Syrian astronaut and second Arab to make it to space. Upon his return to Syria, Faris was celebrated as a national hero by tens of thousands of Syrians. Faris decided in 2012 to defect and publicly oppose the Syrian regime, putting his family and himself in life-threatening danger. In 2020, Faris was granted Turkish citizenship, as reported by the Turkish state broadcaster TRT.
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CNN —When Margaret Bensfield Sullivan envisioned the type of family who might jet off for a year to explore the world together, she had a very specific image in her head. According to Sullivan, she and her husband had never traveled with their kids before their big trip. “We loved to travel as a couple,” Sullivan explains, recalling how they visited countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Argentina and Turkey together before starting their family. They won’t remember anything.”However, Sullivan explains that a work trip to Tanzania in 2017 completely changed her perspective. ‘Following the sun’When it came to planning their route, the Sullivan family decided to “follow the sun.” Margaret Bensfield SullivanOnce they’d made up their minds, the couple spent seven or eight months “working out the logistics” and winding their lives in New York down.
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Their friendship was tested in 2017 when then President Trump supported a blockade of Qatar led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Before the Oct. 7 attack, the Saudis were in serious talks, led by the United States, to recognize Israel. 8 of 12 Israel has a major incentive to strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, for its part, would benefit from direct access to the Israeli military and technology sector. In March 2023, China brokered a breakthrough, re-establishing ties between two of the region’s heavyweights, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, brandished, Jake Sullivan, , frenemies, Israel, Netanyahu’s, Trump, Biden, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin, Prince Mohammed, Bashar al, Assad, Saddam Hussein, Jordan —, hesitantly, Abraham Organizations: of Friends, General Assembly, U.S, America, Hamas, United, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Crown, Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Red Sea, Iranian, Abraham Accords, United Arab, Palestine Liberation Organization, West Bank, Palestinian Authority, The, Trump, Biden, Israel Defense Forces, United Nations, New York, Facebook Locations: India, Persian, Israel, Europe, Iran, United States, U.S, East, China, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Turkey Syria Lebanon Afghanistan Israel Iraq Iran Pakistan Egypt India Qatar Saudi Arabia Sudan Oman, Israel Yemen Turkey Syria Lebanon Afghanistan Israel Iraq Iran Pakistan Egypt India Qatar Saudi Arabia Arabian, Sudan, Sea Oman, Israel Yemen Ethiopia Turkey Syria Lebanon Afghanistan Israel Iraq Iran Pakistan Egypt India Qatar Saudi Arabia Arabian, Sudan Oman, Israel Yemen Ethiopia, Gaza, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab, Saudi, Tehran, Iraq, Assad, Lebanon, Lebanese, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Fatah, Israeli, Turkey, America
Turkey Earthquake Trial Opens Amid Anger and Tears
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The families addressed the court one by one, sobbing as they spoke the names of relatives who had been killed when their upscale apartment complex in southern Turkey toppled over during a powerful earthquake last year. One woman, whose son had died in the collapse alongside his wife and their 3-year-old son, lashed out at the defendants — the men who had built the complex and the inspectors charged with ensuring that it was safe. “Shame on you,” said the woman, Remziye Bozdemir. More than 300 people died inside Renaissance, and many more were wounded. An investigation and forensic analysis by The New York Times found that a tragic combination of poor design and minimal oversight had left the building vulnerable, ultimately causing its 13 stories to smash into the earth.
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Apple just removed WhatsApp, Signal, and other messaging apps from its Chinese app store. But it could happen in the US, too, if a TikTok ban bill becomes law. It's from an unidentified Apple comms person, to The Wall Street Journal, explaining why Apple just took four messaging/social media apps — WhatsApp, Threads, Signal, and Telegram — out of its Chinese app store. If the TikTok bill does become law, it won't make TikTok go away overnight in the US. But if the law jumps enough hurdles to become enforceable, Apple would have to remove TikTok from its US app store, as would Google.
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Mikhail Markovskiy/ShutterstockCountry: Germany2023 Ranking: 7AdvertisementSkytrax Awards: Best Airport Staff in Europe, Best Airport in Central Europe, Best Airport Hotel in Europe (Hilton Munich Airport)7. Kazzure Gonzalez/Shutterstock.comCountry: JapanAdvertisement2023 Ranking: 9Skytrax Awards: World's Best Airport Staff, Best Airport Staff in Asia, Best Airport: 30-40 million passengers4. Sean Pavone / iStockCountry: Japan2023 Ranking: 3AdvertisementSkytrax Awards: World's Cleanest Airport, World's Best Domestic Airport, Best PRM and Accessible Facilities, Best Airport: 70+ million passengers, The Cleanest Airport in Asia3. Taylor Rains/Business InsiderCountry: Singapore2023 Ranking: 1Skytrax Awards: Best Airport in Asia, Best Airport Immigration Service, Best Airport: 50-60 million passengers, Best Airport Hotel in the World and Asia (Crowne Plaza Changi Airport)1. Thomas Pallini/Business InsiderCountry: QatarAdvertisement2023 Ranking: 2Skytrax Awards: World's Best Airport, Best Airport in the Middle East, World's Best Airport Shopping, Best Airport: 40-50 million passengers, The Cleanest Airport in the Middle East
Persons: Skytrax, , Stytrax, John F, Here's, Ozan Kose, Ko Aun Lee, Mikhail Markovskiy, Paul Souders, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Charles, Gaulle, Barry Winiker, Kazzure Gonzalez, Sean Pavone, Taylor Rains, Thomas Pallini Organizations: Doha Hamad International Airport, Newark Liberty International, Service, Singapore Changi Airport, Doha, Changi, Vancouver International Airport, Tacoma International, New, LaGuardia Airport, John, Kennedy International Airport, Istanbul Airport, Ozan, Getty Images, Best, Zurich, Airport, Best Airport Staff, Best Airport, Hilton, Dubai International Airport Dubai International Airport, Country, Tokyo, Narita, Seoul, Seoul Incheon International, International Airport, narvikk, Singapore, Best Airport Immigration Service, Asia, Crowne Plaza Changi, Doha Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar's, Qatar's Hamad International Airport, World's Locations: Doha, Qatar, Canada, Seattle, New York City, New Jersey, Houston, Istanbul, AFP, Turkey, Southern Europe, Switzerland, Europe, Munich, Germany, Central Europe, UAE, France, Western Europe, Tokyo Narita, Japan, Asia, Tokyo, Seoul Incheon, South Korea, Singapore Changi, Singapore, Qatar's Hamad
In the past year, jihadists from Tajikistan have been involved in an unusually high number of terrorist attacks or foiled plots linked to the Islamic State. Before that, Tajiks staged bloody assaults in Iran and Turkey, while several schemes in Europe said to involve Tajiks were thwarted. Hundreds of men from Tajikistan — a small, impoverished country in Central Asia controlled by an authoritarian president — have joined an affiliate of the Islamic State in Afghanistan known as the Islamic State Khorasan Province, or ISIS-K, analysts say. Poverty Fuels DiscontentTajikistan ranks among the world’s poorest countries, which drives millions of workers to seek better lives elsewhere. In a country of 10 million people, a majority of working men, estimated at more than two million, toil abroad at any given time.
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Even though he spent five years in Tajik prisons as a teenager, she said he never exhibited signs of violent extremism. “We need to understand — who is recruiting young Tajiks, why do they want to highlight us as a nation of terrorists?” said the mother, Muyassar Zargarova. Many governments and terrorism experts are asking the same question. Tajik adherents of the Islamic State — especially within its affiliate in Afghanistan known as the Islamic State Khorasan Province (I.S.K.P. ISIS-K is believed to have several thousand soldiers, with Tajiks constituting more than half, experts said.
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London CNN —Last week, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson treated a Canadian crowd to a helping of his signature bombast. Second World War-era Conservative British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, is also one of history's most famous cigar smokers. Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesDespite what Johnson may have led his audience to believe, a potential smoking ban enjoys broad popular support in the UK. New Zealand’s conservative National Party introduced a similar phased smoking ban last year, but reversed it before it went into effect to help pay for tax cuts. Smoking costs the NHS an estimated £2.5 billion ($3.1 billion) every year, equivalent to 2% of the health service’s budget.
Persons: Holly Thomas, Katie Couric, London CNN —, Boris Johnson, Winston Churchill, , It’s, Rishi Sunak, Johnson, YouGov, Conservative backbenchers, Liz Truss, they’d, it’ll, Organizations: Katie Couric Media, CNN, London CNN, Conservative Party Conference, Conservative British, Central Press, Hulton, National Health Service, Conservative, New, National Party, Cancer Research, Tory Locations: London, Quebec, Britain, America, England, Wales, Scotland
Ukraine's most significant aircraft kills in 2024 are two Russian A-50 command planes. AP PhotoThe MainstayAEW&C aircraft are aerial radar stations meant to detect and track enemy weapon systems — namely aircraft, missiles, and naval ships. An E-3 Sentry takes off at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in January 2024. Last November, the Russians threatened to destroy a French Air Force E-3 that was operating over the Black Sea in what a French military spokesman described as "a particularly aggressive radio exchange." AdvertisementLast year, the US Air Force announced that it had selected the Boeing E-7 Wedgetail as the E-3's intended replacement.
Persons: , Tupolev, William R, Park Chung, hee, Anwar Sadat, Joseph Barron, hasn't, Benjamin Brimelow Organizations: Service, Russian Aerospace Forces, Soviet Union, Machulishchy, State TV, Radio Company, AP, Western Allies, Beriev, Ilyushin, NATO, Nellis Air Force Base, US Air Force, System, Boeing, Air, Air Force, North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, Saudi, Royal Air Force, Control Force, NATO Air Base, U.S . Air Force KC, US Air Force Ukraine, Ukrainian Air Force, Allied, French Air Force, Global Affairs, Fletcher School of Law, Diplomacy, Business, Modern, Institute Locations: Russian, Ukraine, Soviet, Minsk, Belarus, Ukrainian, USSR, China, India, Turkey, Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Syrian, Nevada, American, Latin America, South Korea, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, France, Chile, NATO, Germany, Europe, Azov, Russia, Poland, Romania, Australia, West
“China calls on the international community, especially countries with influence, to play a constructive role for the peace and stability of the region,” the ministry added. The decision by Iran’s leaders to strike at Israel directly has pushed the shadow war between the two regional foes into the open. That’s why China does not condemn Iran,” said Yun Sun, director of the China program at the Washington-based Stimson Center think tank. Beijing meanwhile denounced the strike as a “barbarian act,” with protests erupting outside US diplomatic compounds across China. “For China, had US applies enough pressure on Israel, neither the Israeli attack nor the Iranian retaliation would have taken place.
Persons: Beijing’s, Antony Blinken, Wang Yi –, Saudi Arabia –, , William Figueroa, Figueroa, , Xi Jinping, China’s, Iran ”, Israel, ” Figueroa, Wang Wenbin, Wang, Yun Sun, Bill Clinton, Jiang Zemin, ” Sun, Kishida, Jaishankar, Israel Katz, Hossein Amirabdollahian Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Foreign Ministry, Washington, US State Department, Hamas, Beijing, Tehran, University of Groningen, Global Security Initiative, CNN, Chinese Foreign Ministry, Stimson, NATO, Embassy, Japan’s, Israel’s Foreign, Iranian Locations: China, Hong Kong, East, Iran, Israel, Beijing, Gaza, Tehran, Damascus, Republic, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Palestinian, Red, Tehran –, Netherlands, underinvestment, United States, Israeli, Syria, Quds, Washington, Belgrade, That’s, Yugoslavia, Asia, , India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia
There's a variety of a food available at Coachella, but many options are difficult to eat in a festival environment. Callie AhlgrimGiven how many festivalgoers there are, proper seating at Coachella is limited. Many people resort to eating meals on the ground or on the go. This can effectively rule out many of the delicious-looking options at the festival, especially if they require utensils or a steady hand.
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CNN —The subject of finally concluding America’s counter-ISIS mission in Iraq has been the plot of ongoing deliberations between Washington and Baghdad for the last three years. If the Biden administration’s approach is to wait for the perfect time to get out, then it will wait for eternity. It’s worth remembering why the United States sent troops to Iraq in the first place. The mission — eliminating ISIS’ territorial caliphate — was achieved. US troops should be pulled out of Iraq and Syria now.
Persons: Daniel R, Monday’s, Joe Biden, Mohammed Shia, DePetris, Sudani, , Biden, Nouri al, Barack Obama, , , Trump, Bashar Al, Assad, Saddam Hussein, territorially, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Israel, Iran’s Organizations: Defense, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Politico, Street, Guardian, CNN, Iraqi, ISIS, , Islamic State, Maliki, US, US Air Force, State Department, “ ISIS, Twitter Locations: The, Iraq, Washington, Baghdad, Israel, United States, Syria, Iraqi, Mosul, Syrian, Baghouz, Iran, Iranian, Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Moscow, Israeli, Tehran
World’s busiest airports: There’s a new No. 2
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CNN —Globe-trotters are on the move again in a big way, boosting the rankings of a handful of international aviation hubs on the list of the world’s busiest airports. With 104.7 million passengers in 2023, Dubai’s not nipping at its heels just yet. Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as Haneda Airport, leapt up from No. Tokyo Haneda, Japan (HND): 78.7 million passengers; up 55.1% from 20226. Los Angeles, California (LAX): 75.1 million passengers; up 13.8% from 20229.
Persons: Atlanta’s, , Luis Felipe de Oliveira, de Oliveira, Dubai’s, Kamran Jebreili, Issei Kato, Indira, ” de Oliveira Organizations: CNN — Globe, Atlanta’s Hartsfield, Jackson International, , ACI, Asia Pacific, Atlanta, Chicago, London Heathrow, Tokyo International Airport, Haneda Airport, Reuters, Indira Gandhi International, Air India, IndiGo, Boeing, Aircraft, Hartsfield, Jackson, United Arab Emirates, London, Tokyo, Chicago O’Hare Locations: Dubai, “ Dubai, East, Asia, Atlanta, United States, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Japan, Haneda, Reuters Istanbul’s, New Delhi, India, Jackson Atlanta , Georgia, United Arab, Fort Worth , Texas, DFW, London Heathrow, United Kingdom, Tokyo Haneda, Denver , Colorado, Istanbul, Turkey, Los Angeles , California, Chicago O’Hare , Illinois, ORD, Delhi
One killed, 10 injured in cable car accident in southern Turkey
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Reuters —One person was killed and 10 others were injured on Friday in the southern Turkish province of Antalya after a cable car cabin collided with a broken pole, the interior ministry said on Saturday. Twenty-four cabins were stranded in the air at 5:23 p.m. (14:23 GMT) on Friday. Sixteen hours later, more than 60 people were still stranded in the remaining nine cabins in the air, the ministry said. In a statement on social media platform X, the interior ministry said seven helicopters and more than 500 rescue workers were carrying out rescue efforts. A video released by the interior ministry showed rescue personnel tied to safety ropes climbing into cabins.
Persons: Memis Organizations: Reuters, Emergency Management Locations: Turkish, Antalya
Carissa Galloway has 10 years of experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist and is a nutrition consultant and personal trainer for Premier Protein. Prior to her career as a nutritionist, Galloway was a sideline sports reporter. How this nutritionist eats for optimal healthWhen it comes to Galloway's diet, she aims to get three types of foods in every meal: 1. Protein Protein is "hugely important for muscle growth and repair," Galloway says. "For weight management, protein foods help you feel full and satisfied," she adds.
Persons: Carissa Galloway, Galloway, chia Organizations: Protein, CNBC, U.S . Department of Agriculture, Harvard Health Publishing Locations: Galloway, U.S
I was working on my doctorate in business administration, raising my 3- and 5-year-old kids, and working part-time. Mornings were a panic as I tried to get the kids fed, dressed, and off to school with a healthy lunch. Once the kids were asleep, I had from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. to clean up the dinner dishes, make lunches, tidy the house, do laundry, and do my doctoral work. Still, I found genuine ways to connect with my kids — like a short board game or an elaborate blanket fort. Related storiesI'd sometimes forgo sleeping for a night to finish my doctoral work if they needed more time with me.
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The Burj Al Babas is an abandoned ghost town in Turkey filled with Disneyland-like castles. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementA town of castles called the Burj Al Babas in northwest Turkey was originally designed to draw foreign vacationers. Today, 587 villas sit empty, forming a ghost town, Yes Theory reported. Take a look inside.
Persons: Babas, , Al Babas Organizations: Burj, Service, The New York Times Locations: Turkey, Al Babas, Al, The
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