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CNN —The eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka is increasingly becoming a flashpoint in the conflict, where fighting remains intense even when the front lines have barely moved for months. Russia appears to have made tactical advances in the outskirts of the embattled town as Ukraine claims it is inflicting heavy losses on assaulting troops. Here is what you need to know about the past week in Ukraine. Defensive fortifications will be bolstered along all of Ukraine’s northern territory which borders Belarus and Russia. Ukraine claims defensive actions in and around the town are inflicting heavy losses on Russian troops and equipment.
Persons: Zelensky, Volodymyr Zelensky, , , Vitalii, Jens Stoltenberg, ” Stoltenberg, chief’s, Marianna Budanova, GUR, Kyrylo Budanov, Andriy Yusov, Russia —, Organizations: CNN, Analysts, Ukrainian, Russian, Ukrainian Security Service, Russian Railway, NATO Locations: Ukrainian, Avdiivka, Russia, Ukraine, Donetsk, Kupiansk, Kharkiv, Belarus, Kherson, Russian, Dnipro, Ukraine’s, CNN Ukraine, Buryatia, Siberia, Mongolia, North Korea, China, Finland, Helsinki, Brussels, Turkey, Soviet Union
download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Advertisement"It's something we count on for the winter months," Johnson told Business Insider. Hosts like Johnson will charge as much as they need to — so it's no shock your Christmastime Airbnb costs a pretty penny. Courtesy of AirDNAAirDNA data shows the last week of the year is typically the second highest-income week for short-term rentals, surpassed only by the Fourth of July. But for Thanksgiving, it was listed for $1,500 to $1,700 per night; around Christmas, it will go for $2,000 to $2,300 a night.
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New York CNN —Egg and turkey prices are down. But a deadly bird flu is still threatening poultry flocks, turkey in particular. Turkey takes a hitThis year, turkey prices were low ahead of Thanksgiving — partially because turkey farmers expected an outbreak in the spring that didn’t really happen, boosting turkey supplies, explained Matt Busardo, poultry market reporter at Urner Barry. But the uptick of bird flu cases has hit turkey farms hard, and threatens to tighten supply in groceries this spring. In part that’s because unlike eggs, turkey isn’t a kitchen staple — meaning that higher prices could just lead people to skip that turkey sandwich after all.
Persons: ” Dennis Summers, Summers, We’re, ” Summers, Emily Metz, “ We’ve, Ryan Hojnowski, Urner Barry, skyrocket, , Hojnowski, it’s, Matt Busardo, Barry, , there’s, ” Busardo, , Kasinger, Ohio’s Summers, Christine McCracken Organizations: New, New York CNN, CNN, American Egg Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bloomberg, Getty, Rabobank, Locations: New York, United States, Iowa, Ohio, Turkey, Minnesota
It will see suspended payments repaid from 2027 to 2029 after a grace period from 2025 to 2026, the Paris Club said in a statement, noting that the deal was reached on Nov. 23. If Ethiopia does not get an IMF staff-level agreement by March 31, the official creditor committee "reserves the right to declare the suspension null and void", the Paris Club said. The Paris Club said 10 of its members were on Ethiopia's official creditor committee, which is co-chaired by France and non-Paris Club member China. Other non-Paris Club committee members are India, Kuwait, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. "We welcome the recent announcement of an interim standstill agreement with official creditors," the IMF spokesperson added.
Persons: Tellimer, Patrick Curran, Rachel Savage, Rodrigo Campos, Alex Richardson, Toby Chopra, Kirsten Donovan Organizations: International Monetary Fund, Paris Club, French Treasury, Ethiopian, IMF, Club, OCC, China, Thomson Locations: JOHANNESBURG, China, Addis Ababa, Tigray, Ethiopia, France, India, Kuwait, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
TEL AVIV—Israel’s intelligence services are preparing to kill Hamas leaders around the world when the nation’s war in the Gaza Strip winds down, setting the stage for a yearslong campaign to hunt down militants responsible for the Oct. 7 massacres, Israeli officials said. With orders from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , Israel’s top spy agencies are working on plans to hunt down Hamas leaders living in Lebanon, Turkey and Qatar, the small Gulf nation that has allowed the group to run a political office in Doha for a decade, the officials said.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Locations: TEL AVIV, Gaza, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Doha
According to three regional sources, Israel related its plans to its neighbours Egypt and Jordan, along with the United Arab Emirates, which normalised ties with Israel in 2020. He declined to offer details when asked whether those plans had been raised with international partners, including Arab states. A U.S. official, who declined to be identified, said Israel had "floated" the buffer zone idea without saying to whom. The regional sources compared the Gaza buffer zone plan to the "security zone" Israel once had in south Lebanon. "The buffer zone could make (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu's forces a target also in the zone," he said.
Persons: Ronen, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Ophir Falk, Benjamin Netanyahu, Lebanon's, it's, Mohammad Dahlan, Benjamin, Netanyahu's, Samia Nakhoul, Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Jonathan Saul, Dan Williams, Aidan Lewis, Humeyra Pamuk, Steve Holland, Edmund Blair, Daniel Flynn Organizations: REUTERS, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi, Reuters, U.S, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, Palestinian Fatah, Thomson Locations: Gaza, Gaza Israel, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, U.S, DUBAI, CAIRO, LONDON, Israel, Riyadh, Arab Turkey, Qatar, Qatari, Turkish, Palestinian, Cairo, Lebanon, PLO, Dubai, London, Jerusalem, Washington
REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsDUBAI, Dec 1 (Reuters) - The Biden administration has informed Israel that Washington will impose visa bans in the next few weeks on Israeli extremist settlers engaged in violence against Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank, a senior State Department official said. The West Bank, among the territories where Palestinians seek statehood, has experienced a surge of violence in recent months amid expanding Jewish settlements and a nearly decade-old impasse in U.S.-sponsored peacemaking. The United States has repeatedly expressed its concern over the rising violence in the West Bank, saying it must stop. "I have been emphatic with Israel’s leaders that extremist violence against Palestinians in the West Bank must stop and that those committing the violence must be held accountable. The United States is prepared to take our own steps, including issuing visa bans against extremists attacking civilians in the West Bank," Biden wrote.
Persons: Joe Biden, Eisenhower, Evelyn Hockstein, Biden, Antony Blinken, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel hurtled, Eylon Levy, Israel, Washington, Humeyra Pamuk, Howard Goller Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, West Bank, State Department, Israeli, The West Bank, United, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Israel, Washington, United States, Gaza, U.S, Israel's
Don’t get sick from salmonella this holiday season
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Martin Wiedmann: Salmonella is a microorganism that is very small. You might ingest salmonella 100 times, and 99% of the time you are fine, but then one time you get sick. Wiedmann: Raw cookie dough represents a risk for salmonella, even if you have eaten raw cookie dough in the past without getting sick. Best ways to avoid getting infected with salmonellaTo limit your chances of salmonella infection, cook raw meat and poultry properly. If a spatula touches raw meat on a grill for example, that spatula can also be a source of salmonella.
Persons: Martin Wiedmann, Martin, miodrag ignjatovic, Will, cantaloupe, ” Wiedmann, Lisa Drayer Organizations: CNN, Cornell University, New York, New York State Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, salmonella, Centers for Disease Control, CDC, , Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Agriculture Locations: Ithaca , New York, New York State, United States
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan delivers a national statement at the World Climate Action Summit during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 1, 2023. "The current situation in Gaza constitutes a war crime and a crime against humanity; those responsible must be held accountable under international law," he said. The war against the innocent people of Palestine is a war crime that must be ended now," he said in his address. The "international youth delegate" said he would try to raise awareness at the COP28 conference of the Palestinian cause. The assault sparked outrage in the Arab world, though most Western leaders have supported what they say is Israel's right to defend itself.
Persons: Tayyip Erdogan, Al Sudani, Israel, Cyril Ramaphosa, Jordan's King Abdullah, Mohammed Ursof, Antony Blinken, Blinken, Rishi Sunak, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Isaac Herzog, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Herzog, Oded Joseph, Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Abdul Latif Rashid, Gustavo Petro, Alexander Cornwell, Nadine Awadalla, Jana Choukeir, Huseyin Hayatsever, Mai Shams El, Richard Valdmanis, William Maclean Organizations: United Nations, Change, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS, Rights, Reuters, Hamas, United, U.S, State Department, Palestinian Authority, Dubai, UAE, Foreign Ministry, Reuters COP28, Thomson Locations: Dubai, United Arab, Israel, Gaza, Palestinian, Africa, Palestine, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, COP28
A new report described in more detail why the OpenAI board initially pushed out Sam Altman. Altman reportedly tried to get a board member, Helen Toner, kicked out, but it backfired. The report cited an unnamed source who said Altman tried to play board members against each other. Here's what the outlet wrote in part (emphasis added):Some members of the OpenAI board had found Altman an unnervingly slippery operator. Read here: The Inside Story of Microsoft's Partnership With OpenAI (The New Yorker)
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, Helen Toner, , Sam Altman —, Kevin Scott, Mira Murati, he'd, OpenAI, Toner Organizations: Service, Yorker, Microsoft, New York Times, Center for Security, Emerging Technology, Georgetown University, Microsoft's Locations: Turkey, New, Yorker
Hamas and other militants hand over newly released hostages as part of a deal with Israel. Photo: Stringer/Zuma PressISTANBUL—The Biden administration’s sanctions chief warned Turkish officials that the country is fueling violence across two continents by serving as a financing haven for Hamas and a trade hub for Russia’s war machine. Despite U.S. sanctions targeting Hamas financiers over the past decade, Turkey has allowed the group’s investment firms, holding companies, real-estate brokerages and a host of other businesses to operate out of Istanbul, U.S. officials say.
Persons: Stringer Organizations: Zuma Press ISTANBUL, Biden, Turkish Locations: Israel, Turkey, Istanbul, U.S
BRUSSELS — Sweden expects Turkey to approve its NATO membership "within weeks," the country's foreign affairs minister told CNBC after a months-long impasse over Stockholm's future within the alliance. Sweden sent a formal application to join NATO back in May 2022, alongside Finland. The latter became an official member in April 2023, but Sweden has been kept waiting by member nations Hungary and Turkey. During a NATO summit in July, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to let Sweden into the alliance. "I had a bilateral with my colleague the foreign minister of Turkey, Hakan Fidan, where he told me he expects the ratification to take place within weeks," Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström said Wednesday in Brussels.
Persons: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ulf Kristersson, Jens Stoltenberg, Hungary's, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Hakan Fidan, Tobias Billström, Billström Organizations: Swedish, NATO, BRUSSELS —, CNBC, Kurdistan Workers Party, Foreign Locations: Vilnius, BRUSSELS, BRUSSELS — Sweden, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Turkish, Brussels
REUTERS/Loren Elliott/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsSYDNEY, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Australia faces an increased risk of bushfires during the approaching summer, authorities warned on Thursday, with the El Nino weather pattern expected to generate hotter and drier conditions across large swathes of the country. Three years of incessant rain has increased vegetation, but the intense heatwaves common during Australia's December-February summer can quickly turn this into tinder-dry bushland, fuelling fires. Australia declared an El Nino weather pattern - which usually brings below-average rain and above-average daytime temperatures - was under way in September. The Bureau of Meteorology said it was not unusual to have wet weather during El Nino as it increases but does not guarantee drier conditions. Reporting by Renju Jose and Cordelia Hsu in Sydney; Editing by William MallardOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Loren Elliott, Murray Watt, Simon Bradshaw, Renju Jose, Cordelia Hsu, William Mallard Organizations: New South, New South Wales Rural Fire Service, REUTERS, Rights, El, Emergency, Sydney, National Council for Fire, Emergency Services, Climate Council, Meteorology, El Nino, Thomson Locations: New, New South Wales, Arcadia, Sydney, Australia, Turkey, El Nino, Australia's, El
But for workers of Lennar-backed homebuilder Veev, they were spent scrambling to determine if they would still have jobs come Monday. Speaking to the "Veev Family," he wrote: "Family will stay in touch and together forever, even if it is going to be only within our hearts." The company has about 250 employees, according to news site Calcalist. "We call it the Veev family," Haller said. On a very personal note, for me Amit Haller, Veev was my personal journey in the past 15 years, half of my professional career and about ⅓ of my entire life.
Persons: Amit Haller, Veev, Haller, doesn't, we're, homebuilder, Kleiner Perkins, Bond, Lennar, Linda Keala, Ami, Amit Organizations: Business, Dragonfly, Wall, Center, Real Estate, Technology Innovation, Employees, Dafna Locations: California, Tel Aviv, Hayward , California, Haller, Reali, @nicollsanddimes, .
Unlike most of its Western allies and some Gulf states, Turkey does not view Hamas as a terrorist group and hosts some of its members. Nelson said Turkey was connected to Hamas' past efforts to raise funds from donors, investment portfolios, charities and non-profit organisations. Even if Turkey sees Hamas as legitimate, he said the group could still violate domestic laws, though he gave no specific example of this happening. "There is sufficient opportunity for Turkey to address this problem under its own domestic legal authorities irrespective of U.S. sanctions," he said. Turkey says sanctions will not be circumvented on its soil and that nothing transiting is used in Russia's war effort.
Persons: Brian Nelson, Nelson, Tayyip Erdogan, RUSSIA Nelson, We're, Jonathan Spicer, Alex Richardson, Gareth Jones, Emelia Organizations: Treasury, Terrorism, Financial, Turkish, United Arab, Ukraine, Thomson Locations: ISTANBUL, Turkish, Turkey, Israel, Istanbul, Gaza, United States, Washington, Sudan, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, RUSSIA, Russia, Ukraine, Ankara, Moscow, Kyiv
In March, Life at Sea Cruises announced it was accepting reservations for its three-year cruise around the world. When the cruise was first announced, prices were starting at $29,999 a year/The three-year cruise was initially set to depart from Istanbul, Turkey on November 1. The company had been trying to buy AIDAaura, a 20-year-old ship, which was sold in November to another cruise company. In a statement to the news outlet, Miray Cruises owner Vedat Ugurlu said the cruise wasn't canceled but postponed until May 2024. Representatives for Life at Sea Cruises and Miray Cruises did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It's request for comment.
Persons: Vedat Ugurlu Organizations: CNBC, CNN, Sea Cruises, Miray Cruises, ABC News, Miray, Life Locations: Istanbul, Turkey, Amsterdam
By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Ibraheem Abu MustafaRAFAH, Gaza (Reuters) - About 1,000 Palestinians who were stranded outside the Gaza Strip when war broke out between Israel and Hamas have returned home during the seven-day truce, braving the prospect of renewed bombardment, a Palestinian border official said on Thursday. The war began three days later, when Hamas militants attacked southern Israel. Abu Nader flew to Egypt on Oct. 24 but could not return to Gaza as the Rafah crossing was closed. All Palestine is my home, not just Gaza or the house in al-Nasser, the whole nation is my home," he said. The truce was initially agreed for four days but has repeatedly been renewed, for 24 to 48 hours at a time.
Persons: Nidal, Abu, Abu Nader, Nasser, MOONSCAPE, Intisar Barakat, Fadi Shana, Estelle Shirbon, Gareth Jones Organizations: Hamas, Reuters, Hospitals, United Nations Locations: Abu Mustafa RAFAH, Gaza, Israel, Palestinian, Rafah, Egypt, Turkey, Nasser, Gaza City, Palestine, al, Cairo
[1/2] A worker pushes a luggage cart with belongings of Palestinians who are trying to get back into Gaza, at the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, during a temporary truce between Hamas and Israel, in Rafah, Egypt, November 30, 2023. Acquire Licensing RightsRAFAH, Gaza, Nov 30 (Reuters) - About 1,000 Palestinians who were stranded outside the Gaza Strip when war broke out between Israel and Hamas have returned home during the seven-day truce, braving the prospect of renewed bombardment, a Palestinian border official said on Thursday. The war began three days later, when Hamas militants attacked southern Israel. Abu Nader flew to Egypt on Oct. 24 but could not return to Gaza as the Rafah crossing was closed. All Palestine is my home, not just Gaza or the house in al-Nasser, the whole nation is my home," he said.
Persons: Abu Nader, Nasser, MOONSCAPE, Intisar Barakat, Fadi Shana, Estelle Shirbon, Gareth Jones Organizations: Hamas, Reuters, Hospitals, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Egypt, Israel, RAFAH, Palestinian, Turkey, Nasser, Gaza City, Palestine, al, Cairo
What to watch at COP28 on Friday?
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United Arab Emirates Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and COP28 President Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber speaks during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 30, 2023. REUTERS/Amr Alfiky Acquire Licensing RightsDUBAI, Dec 1 (Reuters) - This year's COP28 climate summit, being held in the glitzy Middle East city of Dubai, clicks into its first full day of scheduled events on Friday. Britain's King Charles III, who has spent decades working on environmental issues, is expected to address the conference. A second day of leaders' speeches is planned for Saturday. The summit's opening on Thursday featured pleas by the COP28 president, Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber, for all parties to work together toward a consensus on the future of fossil fuels.
Persons: Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Amr Alfiky, Britain's King Charles III, William Ruto, Tayyip Erdogan, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Sultan Ahmed al, Jaber, Katy Daigle, Lisa Shumaker Organizations: United Arab Emirates Minister of Industry, Advanced Technology, United Nations, Change, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS, Rights, Kenyan, Saudi, Thomson Locations: Dubai, United Arab, East
A vegan diet differs from a vegetarian diet in that it eliminates not only animal flesh but dairy, eggs or any other ingredient derived from animals. In each pair, one twin was assigned a vegan diet, while the other was assigned an omnivore diet. “I feel like a lot of people who do a vegan diet think ‘Oh great, soda is vegan. Cutting back on eating meat and animal byproducts can be done slowly, bit by bit. Harvard’s Hu agreed: “While this study showed a vegan diet may provide additional advantages compared to a healthy omnivorous diet, it does not mean that everyone should become a vegan or vegetarian.
Persons: , Christopher Gardner, Gardner, , ” Alice Lichtenstein, Frank Hu, ” Hu, ” Gardner, “ I’m, quinoa, there’s, Harvard’s Hu Organizations: CNN, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Nutrition Studies Research, Stanford, Tufts University’s Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory, Harvard, of Public Health, JAMA Locations: Palo Alto , California, Chan, Boston, Brussels, Yukon
LITTLETON, Colorado, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Over 60% of global electricity generated so far in 2023 was produced by fossil fuels, despite the ongoing aggressive roll-out of renewable energy sources in every major economy. Fossil fuels remain the primary source of global electricity despite steep gains in clean power outputBut with the energy systems of so many influential countries still so dependent on fossil fuels, there is little chance that COP28 meetings will yield the kind of bold power sector overhauls that ardent climate activists may hope for. Global electricity generation by sourceCoal's staying power as the main pillar of the global electricity generation system is at odds with widely held assumptions that coal is being phased out of power systems due to plant closures seen in Western economies in recent years. GAS ON THE UPNatural gas has the second largest share of electricity generation globally, accounting for around 22.6% of total generation so far this year. RENEWABLE REPLACEMENTSWorldwide, electricity generation from renewable sources has grown at nearly triple the pace of fossil fuels since 2019, providing a boost to supporters of the energy transition away from fossil fuels.
Persons: Gavin Maguire, Christopher Cushing Organizations: United Nations, Global, Reuters, Thomson Locations: LITTLETON , Colorado, United States, China, India, Japan, Poland, Turkey, Dubai, Europe, North America, Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, South Korea
I spent Thanksgiving on a, eight-day Carnival Cruise with my husband and 12 of our friends. We booked an eight-day Carnival Cruise over the Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate our friends Tai and Darien's wedding anniversary. My husband and I spent about $3,800 to book the tripThe cruise cost $2,050 for the two of us. AdvertisementThe ship didn't satisfy our Thanksgiving cravings, but we still had nice mealsThe ship's Thanksgiving dinner, unfortunately, didn't tickle our fancy. But it felt good to lay in bed on the cruise and watch films I hadn't seen in years.
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[1/3] US Secretary of State Antony Blinken disembarks from his airplane upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, on November 30, 2023. SAUL LOEB/Pool via REUTERS Acquire Licensing RightsTEL AVIV, Nov 30 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday said a temporary truce between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas had produced results and the United States hoped it would continue. The truce has brought the first respite to Gaza in seven weeks during which Israel bombed the territory heavily in response to the Oct. 7 rampage. "I look forward to detailed conversations with the government of Israel about the way ahead in Gaza," Blinken said. Israel has sworn to annihilate Hamas, which rules Gaza.
Persons: Antony Blinken disembarks, SAUL LOEB, Antony Blinken, Isaac Herzog, Blinken, Washington, Israel, Herzog, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid, Yoav Gallant, Benny Gantz, Mahmoud Abbas, Washington's, Humeyra Pamuk, Ali Sawafta, Howard Goller Organizations: Ben Gurion, REUTERS Acquire, Hamas, U.S, Israel, West Bank, Health, Thomson Locations: Tel Aviv, Israel, TEL AVIV, Palestinian, United States, Gaza, Jerusalem, The U.S, Ramallah
Sweden expects Hungary and Turkey to approve its NATO accession
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailSweden expects Hungary and Turkey to approve its NATO accessionSwedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom told CNBC on Wednesday that Hungary's foreign minister had promised that his country would not be the last nation to ratify Sweden's accession to NATO.
Persons: Tobias Billstrom Organizations: NATO, Swedish, CNBC Locations: Hungary, Turkey
[1/3] US Secretary of State Antony Blinken disembarks from his airplane upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, on November 30, 2023. Washington's top diplomat is also expected to discuss Israel's looming offensive into southern Gaza. Israel has sworn to annihilate Hamas, which rules Gaza. On Wednesday, 16 more hostages were released by Hamas on the final day of a two-day truce extension. Following Israel, Blinken will visit the United Arab Emirates to attend a regional meeting and attend the U.N. COP28 climate summit.
Persons: Antony Blinken disembarks, SAUL LOEB, Antony Blinken, Mahmoud Abbas, Washington's, Israel, we’ll, Blinken, Humeyra Pamuk, Ali Sawafta, Rami Ayyub, Cynthia Osterman Organizations: Ben Gurion, REUTERS Acquire, West Bank, U.S, Israel, Health, United, Thomson Locations: Tel Aviv, Israel, TEL AVIV, Gaza, The U.S, Brussels, U.S, United Arab Emirates, Ramallah
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