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Read previewCarthago delenda est — mean anything to you? In a series of photos showing the Meta founder celebrating his 40th birthday, Zuckerberg had a striking black shirt with a Latin phrase on it. Advertisement"Carthago delenda est" means — very emphatically — Carthage must be destroyed. As well as being a throwback to Roman history, it's a throwback to Zuckerberg's own history. So it seems appropriate that a throwback — if obscure — Latin phrase should be at the center of it.
Persons: , Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Kwan Wei Kevin Tan, Cato the Elder, Cato, It's, Caesar, Aurelia, Maxima Organizations: Service, Senate, Business, Google, Facebook, Harvard Locations: Carthage, Tunisia, Rome, Hannibal, Carthage's
CNN —Around 47 children vanish every day in Europe, according to new research by cross-border journalism collective Lost in Europe showing more than 50,000 child migrants went missing after arrival over the past three years. The research builds on findings released in 2021 that revealed at least 18,000 child migrants disappeared upon arrival in Europe in the three years from January 2018 to December 2020. Out of 31 contacted countries, Lost in Europe received 20 responses, with seven lacking required data and 11 not responding — representing an improvement from 12 responses overall in 2021. Other significant countries of origin include Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco, according to the data collected by Lost in Europe. Lost in Europe is a not-for-profit cross-border journalism project investigating the disappearance of child migrants in Europe.
Persons: Aagje Ieven, Ieven, , , Maja Hitij, Patricia Durr, Adam Berry Organizations: CNN, Ghent University, United Nations, Lost, ECPAT, Austrian Ministry of, European Union, Migration Network Locations: Europe, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Ghent, Eisenhuttenstadt, Afghanistan, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, , Moria, Mytilene, Greece
CNN —A couple of African paradise islands have been on the radar of avid world travelers for some time. Shellfish Bay on the island’s windward side shelters one of East Africa’s most spectacular beaches, a crescent of white sand framed by 100-meter dunes. Bazaruto Island Resort, the island’s top digs, can arrange scuba diving and snorkeling, sailing on traditional dhow boats, guided 4x4 wildlife safaris, sandboarding on the dunes and other outdoor activities. Lamu’s best beaches are on the island’s windward side, around a 30–40-minute walk via Shela village. — and an ancient stone nilometer for measuring the river’s water level — reflect the island’s importance during pharaonic times.
Persons: São Filipe, Denis, Ponta, Ariadne Van Zandbergen, Dar es Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian Airways, oneworld, Getty, UNESCO, Heritage, Cabo Verde Airlines, Overseas, Paris Orly, Animalia Museum, Egypt, Vogue, Reserve, Dar es Salam Locations: Mauritius, Seychelles, Canary, Africa, Madagascar, Addis Ababa, Bazaruto, Mozambique, East, sandboarding, Johannesburg, Vilanculos, Lamu, Kenya, Manda, Malindi, Nairobi, JamboJet, Fogo, Cape Verde, Cabo Verde, West Africa, Pico, Verde’s, Praia, Overseas Territory, Réunion, French Caribbean, L’Hermitage, Saint, Paris, Antananarivo, Elephantine, Egypt, Aswan, Bissagos, Guinea, Bissau, Bubaque, Pemba, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Tanga, Dar, FlightLink
Going for a run can get a bit more difficult when it lasts for a year and is complicated by robbery, illness and men with machetes. Russ Cook, a 27-year-old Englishman, completed his south-to-north run across the continent of Africa on Sunday in Cape Angela, Tunisia. He had set off from Cape Agulhas, South Africa, on April 22, 2023. After his start in South Africa, he mostly skirted the west side of the country, sticking fairly close to the ocean. He said he chose the West African route primarily for safety reasons, although he nonetheless ran into dangerous situations.
Persons: Russ Cook Locations: Africa, Cape Angela, Tunisia, Cape Agulhas, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Algeria, West
CNN —After setting off from South Africa just under a year ago, Russ Cook finally reached the Tunisian coast on Sunday to bring his epic odyssey to an end. Supported by a loyal skeleton crew throughout the run, Cook has amassed a huge social media following and has raised over $965,000 for a number of charities. Starting at the most southerly point in South Africa, Cook ran all the way to Tunisia. The ‘why’ behind the runBefore setting off, Cook had aimed to have the mission finished by Christmas, targeting running 360 marathons in 240 days. “When I’m an old man, sitting in my rocking chair, with 18 grandchildren running around, I’ll have a few stories to knock back.
Persons: Russ Cook, , Cook, – Cook, Guus Van Veen Cook, hasn’t, ’ ”, , Organizations: CNN, YouTube, CNN Sport, Christmas, Africa Locations: South Africa, Tunisian, Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Istanbul, London
And it should be a wake-up call for the US Army, which could find itself in the same situation, according to a US Army intelligence officer. With the potential for large-scale ground operations against well-armed Chinese or Russian forces, it's a topic that the US military cannot afford to neglect. The Ukrainian retreat suffered from poor coordination between the 110th Mechanized Brigade that had been defending the city, and the newly arrived 3rd Assault Brigade that was supposed to cover the 110th's withdrawal. The other lesson of Avdiivka is ensuring adequate support for a retreat, especially for the covering force that screens the withdrawal of the rest of the army. AdvertisementTo their credit, and despite a lack of ammunition, Ukrainian commanders were able to provide some fire support for the retreat.
Persons: It's, Ryan Forte, , Forte, Corbis, Avdiivka wasn't, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, US Army, Business, Modern, Institute, 3rd Assault Brigade, Zenit, US, Union Army, Army, Marine Corps, 110th Mechanized Brigade, Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: Ukraine, Avdiivka, West, Donetsk, Russian, Russia, Moscow, Tunisia, Bull, Korean, America, Korea, Ukrainian, Forbes
This is a story about one of modern life’s least consequential but most acutely annoying experiences: getting a sufficient number of capers out of those dollhouse-size jars they’re sold in. Capers are expensive, so producers sell them in smaller jars to make each unit more affordable. Why such narrow jars? Skinny jars just look nicer, Mezzetta says. As one Redditor said: “I’ve never been in a situation where I don’t decide to just use the entire tiny jar for what I’m making.”
Persons: they’re, God, capers, It’s, purveyors, Goya, Russell Zwanka, ” Zwanka, , Rebecca Wright, Jeff Mezzetta, they’re tippy, , Mezzetta, Zwanka, chef’s, ” Duane Stanford, Bull, Brian Noone, Redditor, “ I’ve Organizations: New, New York CNN, Western Michigan University, CNN, Beverage, Redditors Locations: New York, New York City, California, Labrador, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Adelaide, South Australia, Malta
EU to Bolster Egypt Ties With Billions in Funding
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The agreement is designed to enhance cooperation in areas including renewable energy, trade, and security while delivering grants, loans and other funding over the next three years to support Egypt's faltering economy. War in Israel and Gaza View All 222 ImagesInflation has been running close to record highs and many Egyptians say they struggle to get by. Of that, funding from the European Union is expected to total $5-6 billion, Finance Minister Mohamed Maait told Asharq Business. Egyptian officials say Egypt deserves recognition for hosting an estimated nine million foreign residents and largely shutting off irregular migration from its north coast since 2016. CROSSINGS VIA LIBYABut there has been a surge in Egyptians trying to cross to Europe via Libya, and the European Union is already providing funding aimed at reducing those flows.
Persons: Ursula von der, Mohamed Maait, Abdel Fattah al, Egypt's, Patrick Werr, Philip Blenkinsop, Renee Maltezou, Aidan Lewis, Nick Zieminski Organizations: IMF, Diplomats, Cypriot, European, Asharq Business, Rights Watch Locations: CAIRO, Egypt, Cairo, Israel, Gaza, Sudan, Qatar, United States, European Union, LIBYA, Europe, Libya, Crete, Gavdos, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tunisia, Mauritania, U.S
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council is expected to vote Tuesday on an Arab-backed resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, which the United States announced it will veto. Algeria, the Arab representative on the council, put the draft resolution in a final form that can be voted on. Council diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly, said the vote will take place Tuesday morning. “For that reason, the United States does not support action on this draft resolution. The Security Council has adopted two resolutions on Gaza, with the U.S., Israel’s closest ally, abstaining on both.
Persons: Israel, , Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, , Tunisia’s U.N, Tarek Ladeb, U.N, Netanyahu, Israel hasn’t, Israel’s Organizations: UNITED NATIONS, . Security, The Associated Press, Qatar, United Nations, Gaza Health Ministry, Arab, Security, U.S Locations: Gaza, United States, Algeria, Israel, Gaza . U.S, Egypt, Qatar, Rafah
Opinion What Sourdough Taught Me, in the Pandemic and BeyondInside one tablespoon of active sourdough starter, the fermented culture made of flour and water used for thousands of years to leaven bread, there are billions of microorganisms. How to create a sourdough starter Repeat until bubbling with life. Add flour, water and salt. Add flour, water and salt. To avoid this exponential growth, a portion of sourdough starter is traditionally discarded at every feeding, which means there’s plenty to go around.
Persons: , , Seamus Blackley, . Kan, they’ve, , Caesar, cura, Jesus, John, we’ve, Thomas White, Gazans, Alice Spearman, Germany Chiara G, Netherlands Anna Celda Czechia Veronika Moravcikova, Allie Wist, we’re Organizations: U.S, International New York, Penn, Ala . Iowa Miss, Okla . Texas Colo, Okla . Texas Colo . Puerto Rico Wyo, Utah Idaho Mexico Ariz, Great, Netherlands France Belgium Denmark, Poland Latvia Slovenia, Poland Latvia Slovenia Italy Croatia, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware D.C, Maine Virginia, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Wisconsin Illinois, Alabama Iowa Mississippi Minnesota Florida Arkansas, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado Puerto Rico Wyoming, Portugal Spain, Supermarkets, United Nations, BBC, Alice Spearman Canada Locations: Barthelme, Conn, R.I . N.J, N.H . Vt, Md, Del, D.C, Maine Va, W.Va . Ohio N.C, Mich, Ind, S.C . Ky, Tenn, Wis, Ill, Ala . Iowa, Minn, Fla, Canada, Okla . Texas, Okla . Texas Colo . Puerto Rico, Mont, N.M, Utah Idaho Mexico, Ore, Calif, Iceland, Portugal Spain, Netherlands France Belgium, Netherlands France Belgium Denmark Luxembourg Sweden Germany Brazil Switzerland, Poland Latvia, Poland Latvia Slovenia Italy, Poland Latvia Slovenia Italy Croatia Hungary Bulgaria Greece Hawaii, Argentina, China Bhutan India South Africa, Malaysia Singapore, Australia, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware, Maine, Maine Virginia West Virginia, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Wisconsin, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Wisconsin Illinois Georgia, Alabama Iowa Mississippi Minnesota, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado Puerto Rico, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado Puerto Rico Wyoming Montana New Mexico, Utah Idaho Mexico Arizona Nevada Washington Oregon California Iceland, Portugal, Portugal Spain France The Netherlands Belgium Denmark Luxembourg Sweden Germany Brazil Switzerland, China Bhutan India, Africa, Uruk, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, Germany, Netherlands
The project, dubbed Metamorphosis, focuses on transforming what otherwise might be discarded into something of value to society: rotten wood into fine instruments, inmates into craftsmen, all under the principle of rehabilitation. Two inmates were granted leave to see the concert featuring 14 prison-made stringed instruments playing a program that included works by Bach and Vivaldi. Other inmates, like Nikolae, who joined Lamponi at La Scala, are permitted more latitude. His own rocky journey to a new country has given him an understanding of the desperation that drove migrants onto unseaworthy boats. Originally, the boats were being transformed into crucifixes and nativity scenes, but the inmates who were already trained luthiers thought: why not instruments?
Persons: Bach, Vivaldi, Giuseppe Sala, , , Claudio Lamponi, Nikolae, Lamponi, Nikolae —, ’ ’, ” Lamponi, Andrea Volonghi, ’ ’ Volonghi, Mario Brunello, Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori Organizations: MILAN, Orchestra of, Scala, La Scala, rosaries, Opera, Spirit and Arts Foundation, Orchestra Locations: Italy’s, La, Rome, Tunisia, Cremona, Milan
CNN —Former Panama striker Luis ‘Matador’ Tejada, who helped the national team qualify for its first ever World Cup in 2018, has died at the age of 41, the Panamanian Football Federation (FEPAFUT) announced on Sunday. Local media reported that Tejada, whose 43 international goals makes him Panama’s all-time leading goal scorer, collapsed while playing in a local recreational league. CNN Sport has reached out to the Panamanian national police for comment. Panama finished a point and two places ahead of the US men’s team, which failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 32 years. Panama troubled Tunisia in the team’s opening group match in Russia, but the north African side came from a goal behind to win 2-1.
Persons: Luis ‘ Matador ’ Tejada, Tejada, FEPAFUT, Blas Pérez, ” Tejada Organizations: CNN, Panama, Panamanian Football Federation, Local, CNN Sport, Panamanian, police, CONCACAF, US Locations: Panama, Panamanian, Tunisia, Russia, England, Belgium
Italy's Meloni Opens Africa Summit, Promises New Partnership
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The summit, being held in Italy's ornate Senate, will last all day, with Italian ministers due to outline an array of initiatives, from energy and infrastructure to health and education, that Meloni says will be mutually beneficial. "We believe it is possible to envision and write a new chapter in the history of our relationship, a cooperation among equals, far from any predatory imposition or charitable stance towards Africa," Meloni said in an opening speech. Eni, Italy's largest importer of natural gas, has already countered lower Russian supplies by shipping increased volumes from Africa, where it has had a presence for decades. The company has said Algeria, Egypt and Libya will be Italy's main gas suppliers for the next few years. Most had departed from North African countries such as Tunisia and Libya, many fleeing poverty and conflict in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.
Persons: Crispian Balmer, Angelo Amante ROME, Giorgia Meloni, Meloni, Enrico Mattei, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Mattei, Alex Richardson Organizations: Italian, Eni, European Union, European, Energy, EU Locations: Rome, Africa, Italy, China, Russia, Gulf, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya, Republic of Congo, Somalia, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Europe, North, Saharan Africa
Over the last nine months, Russ Cook has run almost 7,500 miles across 13 different countries and is currently in Senegal with his small support crew. But despite all his efforts, which have involved running more than a marathon a day on average, Cook took to social media Tuesday to announce that his epic journey was facing a diplomatic impasse. Cook had planned to finish his odyssey at the most northerly tip of Africa in Tunisia, but must access Algeria through the Mauritania border first. “If we don’t get them, then it’s game over for Project Africa,” Cook said on X, formerly known as Twitter. Starting at the most southerly point in South Africa, Cook is running all the way to Tunisia.
Persons: Russ Cook, Cook, ” Cook, , Alexander Stafford, UK’s, Harry Gallimore, Organizations: CNN, Project Africa, Parliamentary Group, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development, ” CNN Locations: Africa, Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Algerian, South Africa
In Tunisia, Mohamed cracks and scrapes at snails to make authentic Tyrian purple dye. Farther south in Uganda, Akello pounds and grinds nuts by hand to make silky, luxurious East African shea butter. Across Africa, small businesses and artisans are making some of the world's most expensive products. Our first stop is Fez, Morocco, where clay bars have been molded and transformed into colorful, handmade Zellige tiles for centuries.
Persons: Mohamed, shea Organizations: East Locations: Tunisia, Uganda, Africa, Fez, Morocco
Arms Race: What Travelers Can Expect in 2024 At the start of what promises to be a very busy year, we look ahead at what you’re likely to encounter. With 2023 in the rearview mirror, we look ahead at what travelers will face in 2024. At United Airlines, for example, smarter software can offer rebooking options and issue food and lodging vouchers when a flight is canceled, rather than just rebooking a flight. United Airlines has suspended its flights indefinitely, said Josh Freed, a United spokesman. This year, travelers are expected to choose faraway places and board small ships, according to Virtuoso, the consortium of luxury travel agencies.
Persons: Chanelle, Hayley Berg, ” Ms, Berg, , Robert W, Mann Jr, , Chad Burt, Oren Etzioni, Gilbert Ott, Hopper, Greg Forbes, Delta’s, Neville Pattinson, Mr, Pattinson, biometrics, Laura Lindsay, Joshua Smith, Smith, Laurel Brunvoll, Michael Zeiler, Airbnb, We’ve, Jamie Lane, , ’ ”, Jan Freitag, “ We’ve, David Whiteside, Brian Kelly, Guy, Leigh Rowan, “ There’s, Kelly, Rowan, ” Mr, James Thornton, Sharm el Sheikh, Khaled Ibrahim, Harry Rubenstein, Rubenstein, Eyal Carlin, Josh Freed, Jack Ezon, Tom Marchant, Beth McGroarty Organizations: World Tourism Organization, International Air Transport Association, Analysts, Express Global, , airfare, University of Washington, United Airlines, Transportation, Administration, Salt Lake, International Airport, Denver International Airport, Delta Air Lines, U.S . Customs, Border Protection, La Guardia Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, biometrics, Thales, Air, American Airlines, Global, , , MidX Studios, LivSmart Studios, Hilton, Hyatt Studios, Accor Hotels, Boston University, Visa, Mastercard, Walmart, Target, Savanti, Chase, Intrepid Travel, Amisol Travel, East Travel Alliance, United, Consumers, Ki’ama, Wellness, Global Wellness Institute Locations: United States,, Salt, North America, London, Rome, Tokyo, Cancún, Las Vegas, Cayman Islands, Polynesia, Europe, Norway, Denmark, Air Canada, Bergen, Flam, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Malta, Slovenia, Maryland, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Egypt, India, Mexico ; Cape Girardeau, Mo, Niagara Falls, N.Y . Texas, Burnet, Sulphur Springs, New York, Vienna, Marriott, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Oman —, Tunisia, Northern Africa, Sharm, Cairo, Amisol Travel Egypt, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramle, Kimberley, Western Australia, Mitre, Patagonia, Ki’ama Bahamas, Bahamas, South Africa, Hudson, Tuxedo Park, N.Y, Malibu , Calif, Mexico
BARI, Italy (AP) — The year has gotten off to a slow start for a rescue ship that typically plies the Mediterranean Sea looking for migrants and refugees in distress. Italian maritime authorities now routinely assign privately operated rescue ships to ports in central and northern Italy, hundreds of miles and several days of navigation away from where they find boats in trouble. Political Cartoons View All 253 ImagesTo date, 13 or 14 charity-run rescue ships have been impounded for various violations. But she said the presence of charity-run ships in the Mediterranean must be limited and strictly regulated. Charity ships rescue only around 8% of the asylum-seekers who reach Italy, down from a peak of 41% in 2017.
Persons: Premier Giorgia Meloni, Alessandro Porro, ” Mary Finn, ” Sara Kelany, , Meloni, Enrico Mattei, haven't, Edi Rama Organizations: SOS Mediterranee, Premier, Authorities, SOS, Meloni’s Brothers, International Organization for Migration, ENI, Constitutional, Edi Locations: BARI, Italy, Europe, North Africa, Bari, Italian, Lampedusa, Africa, Tunisia, Albania, Balkan
Namibia stuns Tunisia to secure first ever AFCON victory
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CNN —Namibia produced a historic upset to beat Tunisia 1-0 on Tuesday and record its first ever Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) victory. Appearing in its fourth AFCON, Namibia had failed to win any of its previous nine finals matches, losing seven and drawing two. Tunisia, the 2004 AFCON champion, is the No. 2 seed Mali, with anything less than a victory likely plunging its qualification into doubt, while a buoyant Namibia faces South Africa. Wednesday’s Group E matches between Morocco and Tanzania and DR Congo and Zambia are the final two opening round fixtures to take place.
Persons: Deon Hotto, Mo Salah, Fadel Senna Organizations: CNN, Tunisia, Africa, of Nations, Ghana, Mozambique, Getty, Wednesday’s, DR Locations: Namibia, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Sunday, Egypt, Algeria, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali, South Africa, AFP, Morocco, Tanzania, DR Congo, Zambia
BEIJING (Reuters) - China Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the war in Gaza continues to escalate and China is calling for a larger-scale, more authoritative and effective international peace conference and a concrete timetable to implement a two-state solution. Wang made the comments to reporters after talks with the Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry in Cairo, sharing his views on the Israel-Hamas war, according to a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry late on Sunday. Wang, China's top diplomat, is currently travelling through Egypt, Tunisia, Togo and the Ivory Coast until Thursday. Wang said the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip has been completely destroyed, with millions struggling to survive. He said China has decided to provide a third tranche of emergency humanitarian assistance.
Persons: Wang Yi, Wang, Sameh Shoukry, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Bernard Orr, Sonali Paul, Michael Perry Organizations: China Foreign, Egyptian Foreign, League of, Xinhua, West Bank Locations: BEIJING, Gaza, China, Cairo, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Togo, Ivory Coast, League of Arab, East Jerusalem
The Santa Claus rally is in trouble. With one day left in the trade, the S & P 500 is down 0.1% in the past six days. Fortunately, a negative Santa Claus rally period doesn't happen very often, only 12 times since 1969 — less than 25% of the time. "That is 16 out of 16 years, which includes years with recessions, like 2020," Clifton notes. The outperformance is notable: The S & P tends to be stronger by 1.3% on average.
Persons: Santa Claus, Jeff Hirsch, Tom McClellan, Hirsch, Dan Clifton, Clifton, Biden, Jason Trennert, Strategas, There's Organizations: Santa, Treasury, Bloomberg Locations: Santa, Santa Claus, U.S, Strategas, Mexico, India, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia
Kuwait rings up small bill in tower merger
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A three-way partnership deal will enable Qatar’s Ooredoo (ORDS.QA) to offload capital-intensive infrastructure but only by offering Kuwait’s Zain (ZAIN.KW) favourable deal terms. Ooredoo and Zain are creating a regional powerhouse with an estimated enterprise value of $2.2 billion to be managed by Zain-backed TASC Towers Holding. The $8.9 billion Ooredoo and $6.9 billion Zain will own 49.3% each, with the rest going to TASC. But Zain is paying an average price of $73,000 per tower, 9.5% less than the average price per tower in previous deals, according to JPMorgan analysts. The Kuwaiti group will also call the shots as the founders of Dubai’s TASC Towers Holding – which Zain controls with an 83.47% stake – will manage the new entity.
Persons: Qatar’s, Kuwait’s Zain, Zain, Ooredoo, Dubai’s, Pamela Barbaglia, Neiman Marcus, Francesco Guerrera, Oliver Taslic Organizations: Reuters, TASC, Bloomberg, JPMorgan, X, Saks, Thomson Locations: Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Hong Kong
Supermodel Naomi Campbell holds time in her hand in a backstage image from the 2024 Pirelli calendar photoshoot. The 50th edition of the prestigious calendar is photographed by Ghanaian Prince Gyasi, the first Black photographer to receive the commission. Alessandro Scotti Gyasi directs actor Angela Bassett for the 2024 Pirelli calendar. Alessandro Scotti Gyasi (back to camera) frames his subjects, including artist Amoako Boafo (center). Alessandro Scotti Film director Jeymes Samuel receives an eye test and some direction from Gyasi during the Pirelli calendar photoshoot.
Persons: Prince Gyasi, Idris Elba, Angela Bassett, Pirelli, Naomi Campbell, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Ghana’s Asante, Marcel Desailly, Amanda Gorman, Margot Lee Shetterly, Gyasi, “ I’m, It’s, ’ ”, , Dali, , Ghanaian Prince Gyasi, Alessandro Scotti Idris Elba, Gysai, Alessandro Scotti Gyasi, Bassett, Oscar, Alessandro Scotti, Amoako Boafo, Desailly, Nana Osei Tutu II, Asante, Jeymes Samuel, Alessandro Scotti Angela Bassett, Alessandro Scotti Pirelli, wasn’t, ” Gyasi Organizations: CNN, Pirelli, Puma, Balmain, GQ, Alessandro Scotti Idris Elba braves, Alessandro Scotti Former France Locations: Elba, France, Ghanaian, Accra, Ghana, West Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Botswana, Seychelles, Gyasi
REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsTUNIS, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Abir Moussi, a prominent opponent of Tunisian President Kais Saied, went on a hunger strike in prison on Tuesday to protest what her lawyers said was a violation of her rights to freedom and political activity. Her lawyers said in a statement that Moussi would be on hunger strike for 16 days, coinciding with a campaign to highlight violence against women in Tunisia. Police this year have detained more than 20 leading political figures, accusing some of plotting against state security. In recent months, the PDL has organised protests against Saied. Moussi accuses Saied of ruling outside the law.
Persons: Moussi, Zoubeir, Kais Saied, Saied, Zine El Abidine ben Ali, Tarek Amara, Grant McCool Organizations: Tunisia's Free Destourian Party, REUTERS, Rights, Free Constitutional Party, PDL, Police, Saied, Thomson Locations: Tunis, Tunisia, Rights TUNIS
The naive pair — unknowns whom Garrone found and cast in Senegal — witness mass death in the Sahara, scams and torture beyond their expectations. Italian Premier Georgia Meloni has called migration the biggest challenge of her first year in office. The film shows the two cousins Seydou and Moussa leaving their home without alerting their parents or knowing what to expect. The film's subject is familiar to those who follow migration news in Europe and North Africa. Garrone said he relied heavily on migrants in Rabat and Casablanca who worked on the film as extras.
Persons: Matteo Garrone, Seydou, Moussa, Garrone, Pope Francis, Georgia Meloni, , Mamadou Kouassi, ” Kouassi, hasn't, who've, Organizations: United Nations, Georgia, Associated Press, West, Libyan Locations: MARRAKECH, Morocco, Italian, Europe, Marrakech, Dakar, Niger, Libya, Italy, Senegal, Albania, Tunisia, Ivorian, Caserta, Libyan, North Africa, Casablanca, Erfoud, Rabat
Russia, whose officials haven't commented on the corridor, warned this summer that ships heading to Ukraine's Black Sea ports would be assumed to be carrying weapons. Despite such attacks, Ukraine has exported over 5.6 million metric tons of grain and other products through the new corridor, U.S. “That corridor worked in an unpredictable way for us,” said Mykola Horbachov, president of the Ukrainian Grain Association. Before the invasion, the exporter paid $50 per metric ton to ship grain through the Black Sea. To ease that hurdle, an insurance program launched this month to provide affordable coverage to shippers carrying food from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports.
Persons: Roman Andreikiv, , Munro Anderson, Lloyd’s, Ukraine’s, haven't, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine Bridget Brink, Taras Kachka, it’s, Kelly Goughary, , Oleksandr Kubrakov, it's, Mykola Horbachov, ” Horbachov, Osmachko, Anderson, ” Osmachko, Marsh McLennan, Zelenskyy, Mykola Solskyi, ___ Bonnell Organizations: , Agroprosperis, Liberian, Gro Intelligence, Farmers, Ukrainian Grain Association, Ukrainian Locations: KYIV, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, East, Asia, Egypt, Spain, China, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, Kyiv, U.S, Sumy, Ukrainian, Europe, Lloyd’s, Nigeria, London, russia, ukraine
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