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AdvertisementTucker Carlson's latest interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin attracted a considerable number of viewers, including some US lawmakers, with about 206 million watches recorded on X. But there's one fairly important person who didn't bother tuning into the interview at all: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In an interview with Fox News's Bret Baier that aired on Thursday, Zelenskyy told the news anchor that he didn't watch the interview conducted by the former Fox News host, in which Putin often rambled on with a revisionist version of Russian history. Zelenskyy said he got some of the main points of the episode from the media and his advisors. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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CNN —Timothy Burke, a former journalist, has been charged with 14 federal crimes over the alleged hack and leaking of a series of unflattering behind-the-scenes clips of Tucker Carlson, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday. In the grand jury indictment, Burke was charged with one count of conspiracy, six counts of accessing a protected computer without authorization, and seven counts of intercepting or disclosing wire, oral or electronic communications. In one unaired clip posted by Vice in 2022, Kanye West was seen making antisemitic remarks to Carlson. The following year, after Carlson was fired from Fox News, the progressive watchdog Media Matters posted embarrassing behind-the-scenes footage of Carlson making crude remarks while joking with staff and denigrating the Fox Nation streaming service. US conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson speaks at the Turning Point Action USA conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 15, 2023.
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CNN —When dual US-Russian citizen Ksenia Karelina boarded a flight from Istanbul to Russia in January, the last thing on her mind was that she would find herself behind bars weeks later on treason charges, her boyfriend told CNN’s Brianna Keilar Wednesday. She went on to Russia, while he returned to California - and that’s when he discovered she had been detained. Russian authorities took her cell phone then released her and she was able to see her family and contact him. Despite it all Van Heerden said he was hopeful the US would not give up on her. Ksenia Karelina's boyfriend said she had for years been a "semi-pro" ballerina.
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She grew up between Ukraine, Russia and the United States. CNN —While for most of the world the war in Ukraine has been going on for two years, for my family it’s been 10. It was after that trip that I began writing a novel called “Your Presence Is Mandatory” that spans from World War II to the war in the Donbas. The world where Russia plays the role of the big sister to Ukraine has been shattered. And so, now when people ask me where I’m from, I say I’m from Ukraine and Russia.
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New York CNN —Vladimir Putin’s information war in U.S. media paid off this weekend with a key victory halfway around the world. A CNN poll conducted last summer found that a staggering 71% of Republicans do not support additional aid to thwart Putin’s war on Ukraine. Kostiantyn Liberov/Libkos/Getty ImagesMuch of the GOP’s softening toward Russia is owed to a near-total reversal in rhetoric from right-wing media personalities and outlets, prompted in large part by Donald Trump’s ascension to power in GOP politics. While the biggest players in right-wing media once fervently championed the foreign policy doctrines of the neo-conservatives, they now follow in the footsteps of Trump and vehemently reject the views once held by the George W. Bush administration. The rhetoric has had a considerable impact on the views of the party, which is now being reflected by its elected leaders.
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If shareholders approve the merger, it would enable Trump Media to go public and Trump to own a stake worth about $4 billion. In the US, a political party’s presidential nominee has never owned a major media platform worth so much. Furthermore, the possibility of this added Truth Social muscle for Trump arrives as right-wing MAGA messaging finds more outlets at the national and grassroots levels. And, while Trump has stuck with Truth Social, X has become a haven for right-wing conspiracies of all kinds. MAGA-friendly, right-wing media is growing at the grassroots level as well.
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Jon Stewart spent much of his monologue on Monday criticizing Tucker Carlson's visit to Russia. AdvertisementJon Stewart and former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson go way back. For Professor Tucker Aloysius Mayflower Kennebunkport Backgammon Carlson III has arrived," Stewart continued as he pulled out a notebook and pen. Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for giving Jon Stewart this masterclass in journalism. At one point, Carlson told Stewart he'd thought they'd all get some laughs from having Stewart on as a guest.
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CNN —A US-Russian dual citizen has been arrested in Russia on charges of treason for allegedly collecting funds for Ukrainian organizations and openly supporting Kyiv. It also accused the woman of taking part in “public actions in support of the Kyiv regime” while in the US. The court chose a preventive measure in the form of detention for the accused,” the statement added. Moscow has detained several US citizens in recent years, some of whom have been exchanged for Russian prisoners held in Western countries. The Moscow City Court on Tuesday rejected Gershkovich’s lawyers appeal and has upheld his pretrial detention until March 30.
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Opinion | Believing Is Seeing
  + stars: | 2024-02-20 | by ( Paul Krugman | )   time to read: +1 min
What was most startling about Tucker Carlson’s recent trip to Russia wasn’t his obsequious interview with Vladimir Putin but his gushing days afterward over how wonderful a place Moscow is. Imagine, for example, that you brought people to New York and made sure that all they saw was the Upper East Side near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They’d come away with the impression that New York is a very clean, spiffy-looking city. The truth is that while parts of Moscow offer a small elite an opulent lifestyle, Russia as a whole is more than a bit ramshackle. For many Russians, life is poor, nasty, brutish and short: Life expectancy is substantially lower than in the United States, even though America’s life expectancy has fallen and lags that of other advanced countries.
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Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. “I just think it’s better to deal head-on with what’s an apparent issue to people,” Stewart said, defending himself. It was 20 minutes! I did 20 minutes of one [expletive] show! I would need mentorship!” Stewart said before rolling a clip of Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.
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Traveling from the Munich Security Conference towards Ukraine’s frontlines, the polite frustration and manicured pleas of Western leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky feel yet more desperate. Ukrainian soldiers of Brigade 71 fire artillery in the direction of Avdiivka on February 18, 2024. Latvia’s president spoke of “murder,” Germany’s defense minister of how the death showed Russia was “willing and able to provoke” the West. Tobias Schwarz/ReutersIn and of itself, the Ukrainian defeat Avdiivka does not herald a sea change in Kyiv’s fortunes. Instead they may face larger existential questions about providing a lot more help, very urgently, to stop Ukraine’s war becoming Europe’s.
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The GOP has been softening its stance on Russia ever since Trump won the 2016 election following Russian hacking of his Democratic opponents. Now the GOP's ambivalence on Russia has stalled additional aid to Ukraine at a pivotal time in the war. Things are changing just not fast enough.”Those who oppose additional Ukraine aid bristle at charges that they are doing Putin's handiwork. Even before Trump, Republican voters were signaling discontent with overseas conflicts, said Douglas Kriner, a political scientist at Cornell University. Skeptics of Ukraine aid argue the war has already decimated the Russian military and that Putin won't be able to target other European countries.
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In his courageous and too short life, Navalny became a symbol of hope for the younger generations of his compatriots. Rather than attack Navalny as a political rival, the authorities peddled a concocted image of Navalny as a petty swindler. Navalny’s death will leave a gaping hole at the center of Russia’s opposition movement, already fragmented and scattered across the globe. To Western leaders who have called on Russia to respect human rights, Navalny’s death is an open affront. A year ago, while he was serving his sentence, Navalny called for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine — and pay it compensation — with posts from his Twitter account.
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“Make no mistake: Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death. A few moments earlier, Secretary of State Antony Blinken linked Navalny’s death directly to Russia’s president. Asked whether Navalny’s death might spur Congress to act in providing more Ukraine aid, Biden was hopeful. Even so, Johnson said in a statement Friday that Putin “is likely directly responsible” for Navalny’s death. “I made it clear to him that I believe the consequences of that would be devastating for Russia,” Biden said in Geneva, where the summit was held.
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Vladimir Putin’s Russia has just become even more bleak and soulless with the reported death in an Arctic prison of Aleksei Navalny, the 47-year-old dissident who showed immense bravery and humor as he tried to bring democracy to his homeland. Navalny’s strength, resilience and courage contrast with the fecklessness of so many Americans dealing with Putin. From Donald Trump to Tucker Carlson, a remarkable number of American leaders and their mouthpieces roll over before the Russian president. “Why do Trump and his congressional enablers want to further appease this Russian tyrant?” Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, asked after the news broke of Navalny’s death. I hope Navalny’s example will fortify Americans and Europeans alike, for despite all our resources we have not shown a sliver of the strength that he did.
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Read previewFormer Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is posting videos of himself experiencing various aspects of daily life in Moscow — and a moment involving Russian shopping carts has led to him being roasted on social media. AdvertisementTucker is excited that the Russians have figured out a way to keep homeless people from taking shopping carts. Although the shopping cart locks in Carlson’s video are far more widespread in Europe, they’re also a common sight at German-owned Aldi’s US stores. AdvertisementAn Aldi shopping cart in New York City. The shopping cart at the grocery store I go to allows me to scan items as I put them in the cart while shopping," X user EgilsRobs wrote.
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Zyn nicotine pouches are popping up everywhere. Someone using a 3 mg Zyn pouch will absorb 1.59 mg of nicotine, or 3.51 mg from a 6 mg pouch, a spokesperson for Zyn told Business Insider in an email. Middle and high-school-aged kids are using nicotine pouchesZyn says its products are only for consumers 21 and older who already use nicotine. However, unlike nicotine replacement therapies such as gum, patches, and mints, nicotine pouches like Zyn have not yet been proven to be a safe way to quit smoking. A 2023 study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that around 1.5% of middle and high school students reported using nicotine pouches in the last 30 days.
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Opinion: In Navalny’s death, echoes of Stalin
  + stars: | 2024-02-16 | by ( Peter Bergen | )   time to read: +5 min
CNN —We don’t yet know the exact details of jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny’s death, reported Friday by the Russian prison service — and we may never find the precise truth. When the Wall fell, Putin was a KGB officer in Dresden in what was then East Germany. And the most dangerous thing a Russian leader can do is lose a war as the Romanovs did in World War I, which helped spark the Russian revolution in 1917. By contrast with Gorbachev, Stalin ruled with an iron fist and was critical to the Allies winning World War II. How will news of Navalny’s death be received in Russia?
Persons: Peter Bergen, , Alexey Navalny’s, Kamala Harris, Vladimir Putin, Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin, Navalny, Andrei Sakharov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Mikhail Gorbachev, ” Gorbachev, quagmire, Alexis de Tocqueville, Gorbachev’s, Gorbachev, Stalin, Tucker Carlson’s, Boris Nadezhdin Organizations: New, Arizona State University, Apple, Spotify, Trump Administration, CNN, Munich Security, Human Rights, Soviet Union, Soviet, Kremlin, Great, Literature Locations: New America, Russia, Moscow, Ukraine, Soviet, Eastern Europe, Dresden, East Germany, Afghanistan, Russian
Tucker Carlson left Moscow more than a week ago, riding high from an interview with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia that returned him to the spotlight after his abrupt cancellation by Fox News last spring. But the interview with the wartime autocrat, mocked in various corners of the political-media world for its soft touch, continues to have a long and tortured afterlife — becoming a trending topic all over again on Friday after Mr. Putin’s most vocal domestic opponent, Aleksei A. Navalny, turned up dead in a Russian prison. “This is what Putin’s Russia is, @TuckerCarlson,” Liz Cheney, the former Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, wrote on X after the news of Mr. Navalny’s death broke on Friday. “And you are Putin’s useful idiot.”Naomi Biden, President Biden’s granddaughter, also weighed in, pointing to a video that Mr. Carlson had recently posted in which he contrasted the supposed splendors of Russia under Mr. Putin’s leadership with the “filth and crime” of the United States. “Has anything aged so poorly, so quickly before?” Ms. Biden wrote on X.
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Todd Blanche, the lead attorney representing Trump in the case, said that jurors should not be asked whether they believe the 2020 election — which Trump lost to now-President Joe Biden — was "stolen." Ahead of the 2016 election, Trump sought to keep Daniels — an adult film actor whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — quiet about an affair she says she had with him. It will also be the first time a former president has ever sat for a criminal trial. Blanche asked Merchan to take a fresh look at the questions jurors should be asked. AdvertisementLast year, Trump went through a three-month civil trial in Manhattan for a case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.
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Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin was greeted with some interest on Capitol Hill. "Putin is a studied man of resolute spirit," said GOP Rep. Clay Higgins. AdvertisementWhen former Fox News host Tucker Carlson released his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, at least a few Republicans on Capitol Hill tuned in with interest. Conservative on one hand, rapidly changing on the other,” said Putin, according to Carlson’s translator. “And we have to be smarter.”AdvertisementAnd Higgins had little time for criticism of Carlson’s interview.
Persons: Tucker Carlson's, Vladimir Putin, JD Vance, Ron Johnson, Putin, Clay Higgins, , Tucker Carlson, he’s, , Higgins, “ Putin, , , Troy Nehls, Texas —, Tucker Carlson’s, Nehls, Donald Trump, , Vlad, Mike Johnson, Sen, Ron Johnson of, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s, Johnson, Tucker, ” Johnson, Carlson, Ukraine can’t — Putin, He's, Evan Gershkovich, Victoria Spartz, Anna Rose Layden, Ukraine’s, Victor Yanukovich, ” Spartz, Ohio, ” Vance, Abigail Spanberger, Putin spouted, ” “ Organizations: Capitol Hill, Service, Fox News, Republicans, Capitol, Caucus, Business, Milwaukee ”, America’s, Ukraine, Wall Street, Conservative, GOP, NATO, CIA, Victoria, Twitter, Democratic Locations: Clay Higgins of Louisiana, Texas, Chicago, Ukraine, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Kyiv, Russian, Colorado, Ukrainian, Eastern Europe, Russia, Victoria Spartz of Indiana, Rus, Kyiv Rus, Moscow, Virginia
Read previewRussian President Vladimir Putin told Russian state TV presenter Pavel Zarubin that he expected tougher questions from Tucker Carlson, seemingly trolling the former Fox News host. Putin, for his part, "didn't get complete satisfaction" from the interview, according to Politico EU's translation. Putin's chief complaint was that he expected more "sharp" questions from Carlson, a commentator who at Fox News previously defended Russia. Carlson was the first Western journalist to interview Putin since the invasion of Ukraine two years ago. An attorney for Carlson did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.
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She is a weekly opinion contributor to CNN, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post and a columnist for World Politics Review. CNN —Russian President Vladimir Putin fired off a few intriguing statements during a Wednesday television interview with loyal journalist Pavel Zarubin. Among them was his claim that he would prefer that President Joe Biden win the 2024 US presidential election. After his first summit in Geneva with Biden as president, back in 2021, Putin sounded a similar note. But on Wednesday, the Russian president was contemptuous.
Persons: Frida Ghitis, Vladimir Putin, Pavel Zarubin, Joe Biden, Fidel Castro, Al Gore, George W, Bush, Castro, Fidel, Zarubin, Putin, Biden, , ” Putin, Angela Merkel, Merkel’s, , Tucker Carlson, Carlson, Carlson “, didn’t, Donald Trump, Castro didn’t Organizations: CNN, Washington Post, Politics, Texas Gov, Russia “, KGB, Fox News, CIA, Russia, Ukraine Locations: Havana, Cuba, Russia, Geneva, Labrador, Europe, Russian, Ukraine
Among the most common email scams are phishing emails. Instead of sending out generic emails, the emails are addressed to an individual or a specific organization. Now, criminals anywhere in the world can use ChatGPT or FraudGPT to create convincing phishing and spear phishing emails. If I'm going to do 1,000 spear phishing emails or CEO fraud attacks, and I find one in 10 of them work, that could be millions of dollars," said Davies. It will take some time for companies to adjust, but for now, cybersecurity experts say generative AI is leading to a surge in very convincing financial scams.
Persons: Chase, Christopher Budd, Elon, Gayle King, Tucker Carlson, Bill Maher, Andrew Davies, Cyril Noel, Tagoe, Davies, Venmo, Wise, Netcea, Banks, Ajay Bhalla, haven't, Noel, I've, Budd Organizations: Association of Financial, eBay, CBS, Fox News, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, Mastercard Locations: Hong Kong, ComplyAdvantage
CNN —A Joe Biden presidency would be better for Russia than a Donald Trump one, Russian President Vladimir Putin told pro-Kremlin journalist Pavel Zarubin in an on-camera interview Wednesday. According to Putin, that war “could have been over a year and a half ago” if agreements during a meeting in Istanbul in March 2022 were kept. Putin didn’t specify what agreements he was referring to. I wasn’t only ready for that, I wanted that, because it would give me the opportunity to give tough answers back,” Putin said. “To be frank, I didn’t fully enjoy that interview,” he said.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Pavel Zarubin, Zuribin, Putin, Biden, ” Putin, , Tucker Carlson, Organizations: CNN, Kremlin, Russia “, NATO Locations: Russia, Russian, Ukraine, Istanbul, Minsk
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