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How FaceTime Calls With Mom Became a TV Hit
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Jesus Jiménez | )   time to read: 1 min
At 87, Pat Seftel has a thought to share about almost everything. On Tinder: “If you want to meet somebody for a real relationship, that’s not the way to do it.”On artificial intelligence: “It could get out of control.”On climate change: “This is destroying our planet.”For more than 10 years, Ms. Seftel has shared those opinions, and others, on “CBS Sunday Morning,” appearing in semiregular segments that have become popular with viewers, who look forward to her life advice and seasoned perspective on the modern world. In the segments, Ms. Seftel usually appears from her home in Sarasota, Fla., in conversation via FaceTime with her son, Josh Seftel, a documentary film director who lives in Brooklyn. The two catch up briefly, and then he poses a question, such as how she felt about quarantine, which he asked during the height of the pandemic.
Persons: Pat Seftel, that’s, Seftel, Josh Seftel Organizations: CBS Locations: Sarasota , Fla, Brooklyn
But, since then, the apps seemed to have changed the way dating worked. Celibacy and a different approach to dating are, to me, the only answers to the kind of dehumanizing behavior the apps today provoke. AdvertisementThe author stopped using dating apps and only dates men she already knows. Dating apps throw people together with none of the social glue that binds us in our IRL trusted networks. Some people might call this style of dating "friends with benefits," but I don't.
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We bonded over the fact that we both really, really hated our job. Our job was in the home loans team and we had the same manager. We hated it because we were expected to sell a product — home loans — to customers who couldn't necessarily afford it. Colleagues started making jokes that maybe something was going on between us. As we worked for a big bank, I at least knew Tim had cleared a police check, extensive background checks, and a credit check.
Persons: Liv Arnold, we'd, Tim, We've, they're Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Tinder
In 2016, I was offered a role as a director of product design at a New York tech startup called UpTop. How I got a job at a New York tech startupI studied business law at college in Ukraine but decided I wanted to follow my passion and become a designer. I worked at three other companies in Ukraine before moving to the US, doing UX and product design. In the US, I feel that big companies are developing original ideas and patents, while in Ukraine, the biggest tech companies provide consultancy services. As a product design director at UpTop, I could choose which features to research and test and decide how a certain feature would be implemented.
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Zayn Malik recently revealed that he tried (and failed) to meet romantic prospects on Tinder. They're like, 'What are you using Zayn Malik's pictures for?'" download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementIf you've been swiping on Tinder in rural Pennsylvania and you reported another user for posing as Zayn Malik, you may have missed your chance at dating the real pop star. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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TubiHow Tubi found a Gen-Z audienceTubi, which was acquired by Fox in 2020 for $440 million, didn't deliberately aim at Gen Z when it started in 2014. Because Gen Z spends so much time on social media, they're used to entertainment being free. "Gen Z is orienting themselves around shared interests, subculture interests. The plan is to turn fans into promotors, recognizing that Gen Z is heavily influenced by their friends' recommendations; the initiative is in beta. My thesis is not that people are going to cancel their Netflix subscriptions and go running to Tubi," Parlapiano said.
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AdvertisementThe victims of a romance scammer who defrauded women he met on Tinder out of over $100,000 have spoken out about being targeted. Peter Gray, 35, from Yorkshire, UK, found his victims on Tinder and won their trust, BBC News reported. Romance scams have boomed since the onset of the pandemic, with Americans losing over $1.3 billion to the practice in 2022, up 164% from 2019, Business Insider previously reported. In the UK, over £92 million (about $115 million) was lost to romance scams in the same year, according to data from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. AdvertisementGray used information from driving licenses to scam Tinder dates"It was shocking," a sister of one of Gray's victims told BBC News.
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Max is the first AI contestant on "The Circle" — he's literally a chatbot. Max is pretty boring, but having an AI in the game turned it into a robot witch hunt. But bringing an AI player into the mix reflects some of the future online trials we're likely to face — and some that are already happening. Netflix"The Circle's" AI player is Max, a chatbot masquerading as a 26-year-old veterinary intern from Wisconsin who describes himself as an "animal whisperer with a knack for making bad pottery, no cap." AdvertisementMaybe the funniest part about Max is that they gave him his own apartment, complete with throw pillows of his human face.
Persons: Max, , Asimov, Lauren doesn't, He's, Griffin James, who's, Pippa, Steffi, Stephanie, Hill, OpenAI, Alistair Barr, Katie Notopoulos, I'm, Myles Organizations: Service, Netflix, Washington Post Locations: British, Wisconsin
The faces that hold social currency on social media — with fox-lift brows and buccal fat removed — are increasingly bleeding into real life. AdvertisementEven before the remote-work boom, writers noticed social media was shaping the way people looked. The shift from surgical procedures to minimally invasive injections has also made cosmetic work safer and more available to average people. "The gap between the identity we present on social media and the self we see in the mirror is growing," Widdows told me. As more people get cosmetic work done, the rest of us lose touch with what's normal.
Persons: it's, Z, It's, Heather Widdows, else's, Snapchat, Anne, Mette Hermans, Widdows, Gen Zers, Hermans, you've, we've Organizations: American Academy of, New Yorker, University of Warwick, American Psychological Association, Boston University School of Medicine, City University of London, Tilburg University Locations: Instagram, United States, Netherlands
NRG has run up about 40% this year, and is sitting within 2% of the average price target from analysts. This is especially notable given that the average analyst target has risen nearly 75% over the past six months. Match Group also made the list, with the average analyst earnings per share estimate falling more than 16% over the last three months. The average analyst price target for Match has fallen by almost 18% over the past six months given that sell-off. But that average price target still implies upside of around 40%, per FactSet, which underscores the magnitude of its recent slide.
Persons: Gordon, Haskett's Don Bilson, Bilson, FactSet Organizations: CNBC Pro, NRG Energy, NRG Locations: Texas
Elon Musk had a strange way of phrasing a job offer to a former Twitter exec. Beykpour said Musk asked if he wanted to "swipe right" and "hang out and work on the product." During one of their conversations, Musk asked if Beykpour would be interested in continuing to work on product at Twitter. Musk asked Beykpour to "swipe right on whether you want to be here," the Periscope cofounder said. He used the swipe right, swipe left Tinder metaphor and I thought that was kind of hilarious coming from him," Beykpour said.
Persons: Elon Musk, Kayvon Beykpour, Musk's, Beykpour, Musk, , Parag Agrawal, Elon Musk's, Getty, Noam Galai Beykpour, Walter Isaacson, Isaacson, Elon, I'm, I've Organizations: Twitter, Service Locations: Elon
Romance scams typically targeting baby boomers and older generations are becoming increasingly popular on dating apps and websites, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Just last year, the FBI's Internet Crime Report estimated that Americans lost more than $650 million to romance scams. Bernard Kim, CEO of Match Group, spoke with CBS News on the growing threat of online romance scams carried out by people overseas. Match Group — which owns and Tinder — is the largest online dating company in the United States. Match Group did not immediately return a request for comment from Business Insider.
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He quickly found the Wellington dating pool to be full of people he vaguely knew – friends of friends or old college acquaintances. The whole thing was quite surreal, made only more so by the fact that Samantha had now met Toby’s parents before she’d actually met Toby in person. When Samantha returned to London, Toby was in a bad way. “But we were spending 24/7 together.”Samantha says the decision was obvious “pretty much as soon as we met in real life.”In time, Toby met Samantha’s family. Telling the story on stageSamantha first told the story of how she met Toby on stage in 2018.
Persons: Samantha Hannah, Samantha, , , ” Samantha, she’d, absentmindedly, I’d, ’ ”, wasn’t, Samantha swiped, Toby, , ” Toby, Toby Hunter, he’d, Samantha’s, – Samantha, Wellington, “ Sammy, ” she’d, – he’d, they’d, he’s, Samantha Hannah Toby, Sammy, I’m, Toby’s, “ We’d, ’ Toby, Samantha Hannah Samantha, Toby hadn’t, ’ ” Samantha, Samantha –, London, Madame Tussauds, Samanta’s, Time, Samantha didn’t, who’d, that’s, didn’t, ” –, Mount, “ We’re, Samantha Hannah Today, she’s, It’s, Toby –, it’s, doesn’t, We’ve, we’ve, Toby aren’t, “ I’ll, Toby hasn’t, “ We’ve, Toby wasn’t Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Facebook, Marlborough, Civilian, New Zealand, MTV, London, Design Museum, Wellington Opera House, Edinburgh Fringe, Scottish, Comedy Locations: Australia, New Zealand, Perth, Scotland, Zealand, Wellington, Gisborne , New Zealand, Napier, London, Bali, Wellington , New Zealand, NZ, Glenorchy , New Zealand, New, , Budapest, Hungary, Heathrow, Toby’s, , Edinburgh
Analyst Laura Champine also lowered her price target to $80 from $85, implying a 6% increase for the stock. "New York City office is one of the few REIT subsectors seeing improved demand," the analyst wrote. The bank double-upgraded the e-commerce platform to overweight from underweight and hiked its price target to $62 from $35. Feather added that eBay stock is currently trading at a discount versus peers, with Etsy trading around 35% higher. "JetBlue's DNA aligns with our broader preference for loyalty, premium, and international exposure ... albeit with less vigor than the Big 3," the analyst wrote.
Persons: TD Cowen, Morgan Stanley, Needham, Laura Martin, Andy, Martin, — Jesse Pound, Laura Champine, Champine, — Lisa Kailai Han, Tesla, Emmanuel Rosner, Elon Musk, Rosner, Fred Imbert, John Kim, Kim, SLG, KeyBanc, Eric Heath, Heath, Nathan Feather, Feather, James West's, West, Jamie Baker, Baker, Lisa Kailai Han, Matthew Ramsay, Ramsay Organizations: CNBC, Nvidia, Amazon, Wholesale, BJ's Wholesale, Deutsche Bank, Tesla, Reuters, BMO Capital Markets, Green Realty, New York City, SL Green Realty, SL Green, SL, KeyBanc, eBay, EBAY, GE, ISI, GE Vernova, General Electric, JPMorgan, JetBlue JPMorgan, JetBlue, Jetblue, Technology, NVIDIA, Match Group Locations: China, Manhattan, York City, Wednesday's, York
Somewhere between Clubhouse and X (formerly Twitter), Airchat's feed of audio snippets transcribed by the app has sparked conversation. Already, the invite-only app has a channel dedicated to the creator economy titled "Creators" — including industry figures like Eric Wei (CEO of Karat), Lia Haberman (influencer marketing expert), and Brett Dashevsky (host of Creator Economy NYC events). Dashevsky, a self-described "avid Twitter user," said that Airchat is already displacing his average Twitter screen time. It wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone in tech or social media to see Meta double down on Threads' audio tools. But she added that she could see Meta brainstorming ways to promote Threads' audio tools, which could become a concern for Airchat.
Persons: Naval Ravikant, Brian Norgard, Airchat, Washington Post's Taylor Lorenz, George Santos, Eric Wei, Lia Haberman, Brett Dashevsky, Haberman, it's, Diana, Umana, Meghana Dhar, Meta, Dashevsky, I've Organizations: Naval, CPO, Business, Tech, Republican, Apple, Big Tech Locations: VCs, Washington
Bridget Jones may be neurotic, absurd and mired in patriarchy, but she’s a hell of a lot more fun than any black coffee-glugging, Marx-bothering Sally Rooney heroine. The third film, 2016’s “Bridget Jones’s Baby” (which followed the 2004 sequel, “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”) was enjoyable enough, but it left me feeling as though I’d filled my plate one too many times at a delicious but overstuffed buffet. (It is also a truth universally acknowledged that a piece of writing mentioning Bridget Jones or any Jane Austen adaptation must contain the phrase “it is a truth universally acknowledged,” so that’s out of the way). Bridget Jones changed that. The most disappointing thing about Bridget Jones was always the reaction to her, especially Renée Zellweger’s portrayal.
Persons: Holly Thomas, Katie Couric, Bridget Jones’s, , Bridget Jones, Marx, Sally Rooney, Holly Thomas Holly Thomas, Bridget —, “ Bridget Jones, Jane Austen, Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Bridget, Daniel Cleaver, Leo Woodall, I’m, it’s, Bridget grapples, Mark Darcy, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant’s, Darcy, Cleaver, It’s, we’d, — Bertie Wooster, Adrian Mole, Harry Paget Flashman, William Boot —, Bennet, , Helen Fielding, isn’t, cussing Organizations: Katie Couric Media, CNN, Twitter Locations: London
Now, over 15 years after "The Millionaire Matchmaker" first premiered, Stanger is back on reality TV with "Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker," an unscripted CW series where she's teamed up with former "Bachelor" star Nick Viall to help singles find love. I feel like that's a little bit controversial…Then don't date. Do ultrawealthy people all look for the same thing in a partner when they're dating with the intention to marry? Evans Vestal Ward/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty ImagesWhat are some of the biggest mistakes you see ultrawealthy people make when they're dating? "Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m.
Persons: , Patti Stanger, Stanger, she's, Nick Viall, Sydney Sweeney, Margot Robbie, Kim Kardashian, Congrats, — he's, I've, Marisa Peer, She's, Vicki Gunvalson, Vicki, Steve, It's, Reza Farahan, You've, I'm, Paul Giamatti, it's, there's, he's, they're, Emily Ratajkowski —, I'd, It's Margot Robbie, Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Gutman, they'll, Evans Vestal Ward, you've, quirkiness, haven't, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon Organizations: Service, Club, Business, CW, Getty, they're Locations: Olive, New York, New Jersey, LA
This is “Modern Love.” Today, I’m talking to the most famous couples therapist in the world, Esther Perel. esther perelOK. “What Sleeping with Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity” by Karin Jones. [MUSIC PLAYING] “I’m not sure it’s possible to justify my liaison with married men, but what I learned from having them warrants discussion. anna martinWhen we come back, I talk to Esther about the harsh criticism this essay got and why Esther thinks Karin Jones deserves more credit. esther perelThe homewrecker is always a woman because the woman is the one who says yes, and therefore, if the woman hadn’t said yes, then he wouldn’t be able to do it.
Persons: anna martin, ” I’m Anna Martin, I’m, Esther Perel, , ” Esther, esther perel, anna martin Oh, Esther, I’d, it’s, you’ve, anna martin You’re, esther perel Yes, It’s, Karin Jones, ” esther perel, you’re, Karin Jones’s “, We’re, anna martin Wow, ” “, anna martin Esther, Karin, anna martin Oof, “ I’m, messaged, , couldn’t, we’ve, they’re, esther perel Ha, I’ve, anna martin Right, hadn’t, wouldn’t, anna martin Huh, there’s, doesn’t, anna martin So, anna martin We’ve, esther perel Hi, Anna Organizations: The New York Times, of Affairs Locations: , Belgium, Flemish, Spanish, London, United States
However, virtual dating can't replace the chemistry and spark of an in-person meeting. Carlotta Cattelani, the UK country manager at the dating app Fruitz, told BI that meeting virtually makes dates more accessible. AdvertisementA virtual date is a less formal chance to see if your match is searching for the same things you are, Cattelani said. She warns that speaking virtually cannot entirely replace meeting someone in person, so FaceTime dates should be used sparingly. It's easier to be "catfished" on social media, she said, because virtual dates cannot replace the chemistry, body language, and eye contact you might experience in real life.
Persons: Gen Zers, , Z, Tina Wilson, Zers, Wilson, takeout, they're, Eunice, They're, you've, I've, Baker, I'm, Carlotta Cattelani, Cattelani, it's, Sebastian Garrido, Carrie Berk, Berk Organizations: Service, Business, BI Locations: Toronto
Tinder and Hinge operator Match Group added two new directors and signed an agreement with Elliott Management, months after the activist investor was reported to have taken a stake in the company, Match announced Monday. The appointments come after a "constructive" dialogue with Elliott that resulted in an information-sharing agreement, Match said in a release. Such agreements allow activist investors to have insight into the company's finances and operations, above and beyond what everyday investors have. Elliott is one of the most prolific activist investors in the space. The Wall Street Journal reported in January that the activist had an economic interest of around $1 billion.
Persons: Laura Jones, Zillow, Spencer Rascoff, Elliott, Marc Steinberg Organizations: Elliott Management, Instacart, Match, Street
Similar posts suggesting dating apps as a way to find jobs are not uncommon on Chinese social media. "By using dating apps, we can reach more people," Liang said. But with dating apps, you hang out with strangers for a couple of hours and they can already provide you with tons of their personal information." "I cannot believe people would even go on dating apps to find jobs," read one comment on Weibo, China's equivalent of X. Tinder users in China "are already very selective because the vast majority of users were pursuing degrees overseas," Zeng said.
Persons: Liang, Geng, Tinder, Romy Liu, Liu, Zoey Zeng, Zeng Organizations: NBC News Locations: Huaibei, East China's Anhui, China, Weibo, Hangzhou, Paris, France
“The golden age of dating apps is over,” a friend told me at a bar on Super Bowl Sunday. As we waited for our drinks, she and another friend swiped through Bumble and Hinge, hunting for new faces and likes. Across the bar were two young men: phones out, apps open, clearly doing the exact same thing. What’s lamentable here isn’t only that dating apps have become the de facto medium through which single people meet. Or maybe the apps have functionally, intentionally gotten worse, as have our romantic prospects.
Persons: , swiped, What’s, Cory Doctorow Organizations: Super Locations: U.S
Chinese young people are using Tinder to find jobs amid high unemployment. US users are also turning to dating apps like Grindr for career networking. Related stories"By using dating apps, we can reach more people," Shanghai student Jade Liang told NBC News. AdvertisementTinder is also not keen on prospective job applicants using the app to find a job and, in fact, it's against the app's community guidelines. It's not just Chinese users who have turned to dating apps to find jobs or advance their careers.
Persons: , Jade Liang, Romy Liu, Liu, Tinder, It's, Grindr Organizations: NBC, Service, of Labor, NBC News, Business Locations: China, Covid, Shanghai
I deleted all dating apps, which had crept onto my phone like an oil spillage. Grindr started to rule my lifeGrindr is more of a hook-up app than a dating app. I grew up for years feeling isolated and excluded from the standard dating life my straight peers freely enjoyed. AdvertisementI recently finished reading "The Velvet Rage" by psychologist Alan Downs, which theorizes that gay men seek validation to compensate for the shame they felt growing up in a straight man's world. AdvertisementTill then, the distinctive bright orange grid and borderline iconic "brrrrup" notification sound have been silenced for a more old-fashioned dating life.
Persons: , Grindr, they'd ostracize, Gay, would've, I'm, — hookups, Alan Downs, there've, I've, haven't, Gary Nunn Organizations: Service, Business
As online dating became as easy as swiping a finger across your phone screen, the companies who own apps like Tinder and Bumble became Wall Street darlings. But about a decade later, those platforms are now struggling to live up to expectations, and investors have grown frustrated and eager for something new. Match Group and Bumble — which make up nearly the entire industry by market share — have lost more than $40 billion in market value since 2021. Even in an age when the apps are a staple on people’s smartphones, the two companies are laying off workers and reporting lackluster revenue growth. Both companies have recently brought on leaders who have vowed to experiment with new features, hoping to capture the growth investors crave.
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