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Rather, look to work with institutions and individuals that are aware of the community's unique financial needs . Some 3 in 10 LGBTQ+ adults (30.8%) say they experienced discrimination when accessing financial services, according to a recent survey from the Human Rights Campaign . In many cases, parade sponsors and participants include financial institutions, from banks to real estate agencies to investment brokerages. Making that process easier is a career goal for Charles Chaffin, a financial psychologist who founded Affirming Advisor — a program designed to help financial firms better serve LGBTQ+ clientele. Vet the firmIf a financial institution is publicly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, that's certainly a good start, says Jay.
Persons: We've, Chris Jay, you've, Charles Chaffin, , Chaffin, you'll, that's, Jay Organizations: Merrill, Human, CFP, LGBT Chamber, Commerce, Realtors, CNBC Locations: Seattle
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewDemocrats are putting abortion — a topic they've historically downplayed — front and center this election. The debate is no longer just about abortion — it's become about pregnancy itself and access to life-saving medical care. AdvertisementDemocrats know the issue could be a turning point for independent voters and even some Republicans, and they're using it to their advantage. He's hoping that the issue of abortion can turn Florida blue this fall, and he's repeatedly promised to restore Roe.
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In 2018, he joined Visa as a data platform product manager. Over the next five years, Lin worked at PayPal and then Google, where he is a senior product manager. Related storiesThis is the résumé that landed Lin his roles at Meta, Visa, and PayPal, and, in 2022, a $350,000 annual pay package at Google. "Tier one is about 20 to 30 different positions that I really, really want," Lin said. Lin is now a senior product manager at Google's San Francisco office.
Persons: , Yun, Yu Lin, Lin, Yung, I'm, it's, résumé Organizations: Service, Yahoo, Business, University of Southern, Meta, Visa, PayPal, Google, Surplus Technology, Google's San Locations: Taiwan, University of Southern California, Google's San Francisco
In today's big story, we're looking at how AI could completely upend venture capitalism amid a wider shakeup for the industry . The generative AI boom was a welcome change for a venture industry looking for a new trend to back (and hopefully profit from). Some of the adjustments aren't novel to the VC industry. ACME Capital; Getty Images, Chelsea Jia Feng/BIThe VC industry might be doomed with or without AI. AdvertisementScott Stanford, a cofounder and partner at early-stage VC firm ACME Capital, told BI's Blake Dodge that half of today's VC firms will shutter in the next decade .
Persons: , VCs zentilia, Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, Insider's Ben Bergman, Ben, Long, Scott Stanford, Chelsea Jia Feng, BI's Blake Dodge, Hany Nada, Jared Siskin, Bobby Jain's, Jonathan Barton, Jain, Rebecca Zisser, OpenAI, Apple, Elif, Jeff Bezos, Robert Winnett, Will Lewis, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, Annie Smith, Grace Lett, Amanda Yen Organizations: Service, Business, ACME, Getty, ACME Capital, Stanford, BI, Madison, Conservancy, Jain, EV, Ford, European, Regulators, Anadolu Agency, Getty Images, Washington, Harvard, Leagues Locations: today's, Wall, Saudi, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Brazil, Southeast Asia, London, American, Paris, New York, Chicago
Read previewIndiana Fever point guard Caitlin Clark has changed perspectives of women's basketball and sports from her college days to the WNBA. A new study conducted by market-research firm YouGov found Clark is the most popular women's basketball player in the US and that her broad appeal with both men and women rivals that of superstar male athletes like LeBron James. AdvertisementClark is the most popular women's basketball player but trails some other women athletesClark's popularity is well ahead of other players in her league, in which the 22-year-old debuted in May. The next most popular women's basketball players are former WNBA star Candace Parker, who holds a 26% positive rating, and Clark's Fever teammate Aliyah Boston who has a 25% positive rating. "The Williams sisters, Simone Biles, they've been active in their respective sports for a while…they're really, really, really highly recognized."
Persons: , Caitlin Clark, YouGov, Clark, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Nicole Pike, Pike, Candace Parker, Simone Biles, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Williams, Caitlin, they've, they're Organizations: Service, WNBA, Business, NBA, YouGov, Clark's, Boston
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Single parents with businesses are juggling clients and deadlines with school pick-ups, endless laundry, and meal prep. The problem with batch cooking is that it's still cooking, and cooking is a time-sucker. AdvertisementI do my admin in the playgroundI spend almost 2 hours a day watching my two sons in the playground after school. But it's not like I'm sacrificing my evening social life because I don't have one as a single mother anyway.
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How to watch Australia vs. India in the USThe Australia vs. India game will live stream on Monday at 10:30 a.m. Check price at FuboHow to watch Australia vs. India in the UKThe Australia vs. India game will be available via Sky Sports in the UK. How to watch Australia vs. India in AustraliaThe Australia vs. India game will be available through Prime Video in Australia, where subscriptions start at $9.99 a month. How to watch Australia vs. India in IndiaThe Australia vs. India game will live stream free through the Disney+ Hotstar mobile app in India. How to watch Australia vs. India in South AfricaThe Australia vs. India game will live stream on DStv in South Africa.
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He shifted to work as a software engineer at Yahoo in 2011, where he first saw a product manager in action and was inspired to take up the role down the line. In 2018, he joined Visa as a data platform product manager. Over the next five years, Lin worked at PayPal and then Google, where he is a senior product manager. Related storiesThis is the résumé that landed Lin his roles at Meta, Visa, and PayPal, and, in 2022, a $350,000 annual pay package at Google. Lin is now a senior product manager at Google's San Francisco office.
Persons: , Yun, Yu Lin, Lin, Yung, I'm, it's, résumé Organizations: Service, Yahoo, Business, University of Southern, Meta, Visa, PayPal, Google, Surplus Technology, Google's San Locations: Taiwan, University of Southern California, Google's San Francisco
TubeMogul was competing for an ad tech partnership with Netflix, so Lee learned about the company's own technology and culture. Lee started working at Netflix on its digital marketing programmatic buying team in 2014, earning a salary of $110,000. "It was actually perfect timing that I got laid off," Lee says of being part of Meta's November 2022 job cuts. While she wants to continue increasing her salary, money alone isn't enough. On her TikTok, YouTube and Instagram accounts, Lee shares career and lifestyle advice based on her experiences.
Persons: Sora Lee, Lee, Mickey Todiwala, she'll, hustles, Lee didn't, she's, you've, TubeMogul, Andrew Evers, Lisa Setyon, haven't, Jackson, Tesla, doesn't, I'm, Lee isn't Organizations: CNBC, University of California, TikTok, ByteDance, Netflix, Meta, Facebook, Child, Savings, Porsche, YouTube Locations: Berkeley, South Korea, San Mateo , California, TikTok, RSUs, TubeMogul, New York, Austin , Texas, Los Angeles, Meta's, Lake Tahoe, U.S
US stocks were mostly lower on Monday, driven by a sell-off in tech stocks led by Nvidia. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementUS stocks traded mostly lower on Monday, driven by a continued sell-off in technology stocks. Nvidia led the tech sector lower, falling about 5% and down about 14% from its record high reached last week. AdvertisementFed President Mary Daly said that the US labor market is showing signs of an inflection point that could ultimately turn lower.
Persons: , Ray, Wang, Mary Daly, Daly Organizations: Nvidia, Service, Wall Street, Constellation Research, CNBC, PCE Locations: Here's
Informational interviews can be a valuable way to grow your career. "You show up, you share your story, you ask questions about their background," says Gorick Ng, Harvard career advisor and creator of the "How To Say It" flashcard series for professional communication. You can reach out to people you know directly"First degree connections are people that you already know," says Ng. Again, you're jogging people's memory of who you are (if they need it), you're being clear about why you're reaching out and who you'd like to be connected with and you're explaining why you're reaching out to them, specifically. "You're making a super targeted request that you're super serious about because you've done your homework," says Ng.
Persons: Gorick Ng, Ng, you've, It's, I'm, it's, I'd Organizations: Harvard
The launch of Jain Global has dominated industry gossip since its founder left Millennium Management, where the 53-year-old Jain was Izzy Englander's right-hand man, in late 2022. And more specifically, scalability without incremental cost," Jonathan Barton, the firm's chief operating officer, said in an interview with BI. Starting from a clean sheet of paper gave Jain Global certain advantages, said one senior banker who worked closely with the new manager as it built out its teams and systems. 3Forge, a specialty-software provider, worked with Jain Global to build the interface that connects all the systems for PMs, the risk team, and management. In five to 10 years, Jain Global hopes it won't need a sprawling business-development function because a strong talent pipeline will have developed inside the firm.
Persons: , Bobby Jain's, Jain, Izzy Englander's, It's, Morgan Stanley, Griffin's, Steve Cohen's Point72, Michael Gelband's, redemptions, Jonathan Barton, Barton, — Barton, it's, Bobby, Paul Enright, Sam Kellie, Smith, David Hochberg, Enright, Hochberg, there's, Jon Caplis, Caplis, they're Organizations: Service, Jain Global, Millennium Management, Business, UBS, Citadel, Bank of America, Meru Capital Group, Jain, Credit Suisse, Viking Global, Macquarie, Investors, Bloomberg Locations: Singapore, Balyasny, New York, Houston, London, Hong Kong, York, Lane, Meru, Asia, PivotalPath
Read previewSix months after OpenAI announced GPTs, developers are getting creative when it comes to making money with their applications. To some, the GPT Store drew comparisons to the early days of the App Store, Apple's marketplace for mobile applications that debuted in 2008 and ushered in the smart phone era and "app economy." However, multiple GPT developers walked Business Insider through how they're making money with their apps while waiting for formal monetization plans to become available. Advertisement"I think it will be good when OpenAI comes up with monetization integrated in the GPT Store," developer Vicente Silveira told Business Insider in an interview. Our bet is that the GPT Store will be the best way right now to position yourself to create."
Persons: , OpenAI, monetization, Vicente Silveira, Silveira, Karthik Ramasamy, Silveria, Ramasamy, It's, Ai Drive's, Ai, Claude —, Charly AI, they've, GPTs, it's Organizations: Service, Business, Google, LinkedIn, Big Tech, Humanizer, BI, Charly Locations: Amsterdam, GPTs, San Francisco
AdvertisementAyomikun Adekaiyero: The series does a great job of showing how this toxic masculinity among the men — particularly Aegon, Daemon, and Criston — escalates this conflict. I think he's a character that — don't get me wrong, I love Daemon — got a little bit muddied in season one. Ayomikun: Also, though I do believe both Aegon and Daemon want war for the wrong reasons, they're kind of right? Ayomikun: Criston and Aegon are really like that "It's always two dumb people telling each other exactlyyyyy" meme. Ayomikun: The fight was a truly brilliant scene, especially since we as the audience can't really tell which twin is which.
Persons: , Daemon Targaryen, Aemond, Lucerys Velaryon, Jaehaerys, Helaena, she's, Eammon Jacobs, Palmer Haasch, Ayomikun Adekaiyero, Caralynn Matassa, Theo Whitman, Palmer, Alicent, Otto, Phia, Criston, Tom Glynn, Carney, Rhaenyra, Tom, I've, Lucerys, Olivia, Rhaenys, Hugh Hammer, Ollie Upton, we've, Westeros, Hugh, Clinton Liberty, Abubakar Salim, Addam, Alyn, Corlys, it's, Poor, Ewan, It's, Daemon, She's, HBO Palmer, Jace, Baela, Ser Harwin, Bethany Antonia, Harry Collett, Hightower, Rhaenyra Rhaenyra's, Theo Whiteman, they're, Daemon —, Matt, Emma, Viserys, imbeciles, Arryk, Hand, Daeron, Erryk Organizations: Service, Aegon II, Business, Greens, Aegon, HBO, Costco Locations: Driftmark, Westeros, Westerostco, Hull, Aemond, King's, Alicent, Oldtown, Rhaenyra
The Google-owned video platform dominated streaming TV viewing for all of 2023, ahead of Netflix, by one widely cited measurement. It also only includes free YouTube, not YouTube TV, YouTube's pay TV service. With those platforms included, YouTube takes second place in monthly TV viewing, behind linear giant Disney, with an 11.5% share. In 2023, YouTube reached a deal to make NFL's Sunday Ticket games an add-on for YouTube TV subscribers. YouTube TV is a $72.99 a month bundle of TV channels.
Persons: , It's, Here's, Nielsen, isn't, it's, influencers, Gen, Zers, alums Organizations: Service, YouTube, Google, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, NFL, Business, Showtime, Starz, Procter, Procter & Gamble, Nielsen, Hollywood, Madison Ave, Read, Shorts, Warner Bros ., Deloitte, Alpha Locations: Procter &, Netflix's
The promise of a more rapid climb up the corporate ladder has made Alpine's CIT program incredibly popular. While it's too soon to know how Alpine's CIT program ranked this year, it received 750 applications for just 12 slots. AdvertisementAnderman's own non-conventional career took her from college dropout to ballet dancer to the world of international development to business school. When she interviewed for her job at Alpine, Weaver asked how she could handle the job with no prior experience. — Alpine's founder and CEO — Alpine's founder and CEOThe first attribute the company looks for is IQ, but not in the traditional kind.
Persons: , it's, Tal Lee Anderman, you've, Tal Lee Anderson, Graham Weaver, GSB, Weaver, whittle, Anderman, David Wurtzbacher, Wurtzbacher, they're, Geoff Smart Organizations: Service, Business, CIT, Harvard Business School, Stanford's, School of Business, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Tal Lee Anderson Alpine, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Alpine, Alpine's San, Citadel, Yale Law School, America Locations: Alpine's, Alpine's San Francisco, Blackstone, Anderman, Manhattan, Jackson , Mississippi, Hong Kong
Firms like Correlation Ventures, 645 Ventures, and Fly Ventures have long used data and AI to help guide investment decisions. AdvertisementEarlier this year, Sri Chandrasekar, a partner at Point72 Ventures, noticed a startup in his portfolio was having a breakout week. Related stories"If you go to any venture firm's website, you'll find that half the names are not doing anything to do with investing," Chandrasekar said. Advertisement"If you look at the large firms, they got very, very large in the last few years," said Andy McLoughlin, managing partner at Uncork Capital. Venture firms will have to remake themselves into a combination of people and A.I."
Persons: , Matt Krna, Krna, Sri, Chandrasekar, Christina Melas, Andreeseen Horowitz, Andy McLoughlin, James Currier, Currier, McLoughlin Organizations: Service, Business, Ventures, Fly Ventures, Point72 Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Bain Capital, Catalyst, Lightspeed, Uncork, Venture, Deloitte, San Locations: San Francisco, Sri Chandrasekar
Netflix wants to be Disney when it grows up
  + stars: | 2024-06-24 | by ( Lauren Edmonds | )   time to read: +6 min
The company will unveil its first Netflix House venues in 2025 at two US-based malls: King of Prussia and Galleria Dallas. "We've launched more than 50 experiences in 25 cities, and Netflix House represents the next generation of our distinctive offerings. At a 2019 conference, former Disney CEO Reed Hastings said that Netflix admired Disney. Advertisement"Think of Hollywood Studios," McCoy said, referring to the Walt Disney World theme park. Netflix House and then Netflix World?
Persons: , of Prussia, We've, Marian Lee, Joe Burbank, Reed Hastings, playbook, Steinberg, Ericka McCoy, there's, King of Prussia, McCoy, Matt Voda, Voda, it's Organizations: Service, Netflix, Galleria Dallas, Business, Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Orlando Sentinel, Tribune, Getty, Disney, Zeta Global, . Orlando Sentinel, Sears, Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Studios . Orlando Sentinel, OptiMine Locations: California, Magic, Florida, Lycoming Mall, Pennsylvania
Job seekers in today's competitive labor market are feeling whiplash compared to flush times during the Great Resignation, but new compensation data shows some roles are on the rebound. Businesses are on a hiring tear for three roles in particular — machine learning engineers, technical recruiters and office managers — so much so that they're raising the salaries they need to pay in order to attract the right talent. That's according to a new data analysis from Greenhouse, the hiring platform, and Pave, a compensation management platform. "Companies in general are just really hyper focused on, you know, profitability and how they can make their companies the most efficient," he adds. Here's how much salaries have changed for these jobs, and what that means for future hiring demand.
Persons: Jeremy Moulton Organizations: Companies
Jim Cramer's daily rapid fire looks at stocks in the news outside the CNBC Investing Club portfolio. IBM : Shares rose 3% after Goldman Sachs initiated coverage of the stock with a buy rating. "We were surprised last quarter ... how much they're helping companies adjust to the new world" around artificial intelligence, Jim Cramer said. Target : Shares rose 2.5% after the retailer said companies that use Shopify's commerce platform can apply to join its third-party marketplace known as Target Plus. Affirm Holdings : Goldman Sachs assumed coverage of the buy now, pay later company with a buy rating.
Persons: Jim Cramer's, Goldman Sachs, Jim Cramer, Cramer, chipmaker Organizations: CNBC, Club, IBM, Carrier Global, Citigroup, Target, Costco, TJX Companies, Micron, Baird, Nvidia, Apple
Lower Social Security COLA forecast for 2025Unlike most other sources of retirement income, Social Security benefits are automatically adjusted for inflation each year. As current retirees continue to feel the pinch of higher costs, slowing inflation points to a lower Social Security cost-of-living adjustment next year. The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment may be 3% in 2025, estimates Mary Johnson, an independent Social Security and Medicare analyst. In contrast, beneficiaries saw a 3.2% Social Security cost-of-living adjustment this year — resulting in an average retirement benefit increase of just over $50 per month. That followed record high Social Security cost-of-living adjustments of 8.7% in 2023 and 5.9% in 2022.
Persons: Caroline Feeney, Feeney, they're, Mary Johnson, Johnson Organizations: Istock, Getty, Prudential's, Prudential, Social Security, Security, Urban, Clerical Workers, CPI
LONDON — Populist British politician Nigel Farage doubled down on claims that the West provoked Russia's war in Ukraine despite facing backlash from Westminster in the crucial final weeks of the U.K. election campaign. Clarifying his comments Saturday, Farage said he was not and never has been "an apologist or supporter of Putin," but claimed that he "saw the war coming" and that the West has "played into Putin's hands." "As I have made clear on multiple occasions since then, if you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don't be surprised if he responds. And if you have neither the means nor the political will to face him down, poking a bear is obviously not good foreign policy." He also recalled comments made to the European Parliament in 2014 — shortly after Russia's annexation of Crimea — in which he questioned NATO's military exercises in Ukraine.
Persons: Nigel Farage, Vladimir Putin's, Putin, Farage, , NATO's Organizations: LONDON, Populist, Telegraph, Reform, NATO, European Union Locations: Populist British, Ukraine, Westminster, Crimea
Equity markets have been rallying in the past week, with the S & P 500 benchmark briefly hitting a high of 5,500 last week before losing traction. That movement has raised concerns on whether valuations are stretched, but Morgan Stanley's Andrew Slimmon has maintained his bullish stance on the stock market. "But what's important to remember is that the S & P 500 has rallied 7 of the last 8 months and is up 40% from the October lows. One merit of large-cap stocks is that they "have better earnings revisions than the small-caps," since they buy back their stocks more aggressively, he explained. Three stocks Slimmon likes right now include investment bank JPMorgan Chase , insurance company Progressive Corp and Irish building materials company CRH .
Persons: Morgan Stanley's Andrew Slimmon, I'm, CNBC's, Slimmon Organizations: Morgan Stanley Investment Management, CNBC, U.S . Federal Reserve, JPMorgan Chase, Progressive Corp
Synthesia, which says it's used by nearly half of the Fortfune 500, uses AI avatars for all kinds of purposes. Synthesia's AI video assistant can produce summaries of entire articles and documents. SynthesiaSynthesia also launched a new AI video assistant which can produce summaries of entire articles and documents. The company's competitors include AI video tools Veed, Colossyan, Elai, and HeyGen. And Chinese-owned social media app TikTok also recently debuted Symphony Assistant, a product that allows creators to make their own AI avatars.
Persons: Synthesia, hasn't, Victor Riparbelli, Riparbelli, they're, Synthesia Synthesia Organizations: Nvidia, CNBC, Microsoft, Accel Locations: London, Nigerian
Constellation Research said Nvidia stock will soar 65% to $200 per share over the next year. The research firm said it expects Nvidia stock to continue soaring for the next 18 to 24 months as it benefits from its AI dominance. These are the seven reasons Wang expects Nvidia stock to soar 65% from current levels. You're going to be locked in for quite some time and they've got quite a lead in terms of doing that." Wang isn't the only analyst on Wall Street with a $200 price target for Nvidia stock.
Persons: , Ray, Wang, Jensen Huang, It's, Larry Ellisons, scott Mcnealys, Mark Zuckerbergs, they've, Wang isn't, Rosenblatt Organizations: Constellation Research, Nvidia, Service, Constellation, CNBC, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Wall Locations: that's
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