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For some, plans for where to fly, drive and stay to hopefully catch a glimpse of the last total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States until 2044 have been in place for months or even years. The total solar eclipse’s path of totality — where the moon completely blocks the face of the sun — stretches across portions of 13 US states as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. A view from a plane during an eclipse flight from the Russian city of Murmansk to observe a solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, above the Norwegian Sea. Airbnb reports a 1000% surge in searches for stays along the entire path of totality over the solar eclipse weekend for check-ins on April 7, 2024. Austin and the surrounding Hill Country area and Indianapolis are among the most booked destinations across all of North America on Airbnb for the solar eclipse weekend, Thorn said.
Persons: Mark Littmann, ” “, ” Littmann, , ” Judette Louis of, TikTok ”, Louis, , there’s, Littmann, “ You’ve, Steven Robicsek, Steven Robicsek Steven Robicsek, Robicsek, “ It’s, haven’t, Robyn Beck, Katy Nastro, ” Nastro, Sergei Karpukhin, Ben Kaufman, JSX, ” Kaufman, St . Louis, Jeff Roberson, Haven, Thorn, Madison Graça, Graça, ” Graça Organizations: CNN, North, Eclipse, Getty, Houston, Austin, Little, Evansville, Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas Love Field Airport, Flight Museum, AP, Airbnb, Diego, Madison Locations: United States, Canada, Mexico, ” Judette Louis of Tampa , Florida, Cleveland , Ohio, Tampa, Cleveland, Sandy Run , South Carolina, Gainesville , Florida, Waco , Texas, Florida, La Pine , Oregon, AFP, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Russian, Murmansk, Norwegian, Kerrville , Texas, San Antonio, Austin, St ., Richardson , Texas, Springs , Arkansas, Bloomington , Indiana, Indianapolis, North America, Texas, San Diego, Hico , Texas, Oregon
We spoke with a handful of Europeans who are embracing American life about what brought and ties them to the United States. “I was always a career hunter, super career-focused,” says Herrmann, who eventually started his own tourism marketing business in the United States, Herrmann Global. “You have to have a certain level of cynicism and criticism because that’s what makes you smart.”She says she gets very upset when she sees Europeans “pooh-poohing” the United States. That said, she does find the “constant quest to be better, more efficient and more relevant” in the United States exhausting at times. She says living in the United States has afforded her the privilege to get to know and befriend people of many different ethnicities.
Persons: adieu, who’ve, they’ll, expats, ’ Florian Herrmann, , , Herrmann, ’ ”, , I’m, Gabriele Sappok, she’s, Sappok, Andreas, Gabriele Sappok “, it’s, ” Sappok, “ didn’t, Laurence Noguier, Jason W, Noguier, ” Noguier, Lawless, Clodagh Lawless, didn’t, she’ll, Lorna MacDonald, Lorna MacDonald Lorna MacDonald, MacDonald, she’d, Augustine, It's, Terry Ward Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Herrmann Global, Dubai Locations: United States, France, decamped, Italy, Portugal, Europe, Munich, Germany, California, Wyoming, America, German, Lander , Wyoming, , New York City, Stuttgart, Washington , DC, Chicago, ” France, Dearborn, Galway, Ireland, American, Florida, Penzance, England, Australia, Singer Island , Florida, Augustine , Florida, St, ” Florida, Tampa
CNN —Royal Caribbean is suspending cruise ship ports of call in Labadee, on the northern coast of Haiti, as violence escalates in the Caribbean country. Our Global Security and Intel Team is closely monitoring the evolving situation in Haiti, and in an abundance of caution, we are temporarily making adjustments to sailings visiting Labadee,” Royal Caribbean said in a statement to CNN. Royal Caribbean’s port is located on a peninsula in northern Haiti and is accessibly only to Royal Caribbean Group guests and employees. The site, which has private security, includes a day-use resort with five beaches, a zip line and other recreation. The cruise line has been operating in Labadee since the 1980s.
Persons: , Terry Ward Organizations: CNN, Royal, Global Security, Intel Team, Royal Caribbean Group Locations: Royal Caribbean, Labadee, Haiti, Caribbean, Port, Royal
CNN —There is nothing subtle about the world’s largest cruise ship. The commotion brought traffic to a halt along the causeway to Miami Beach that parallels the cruise ship channel. Icon of the Seas’ list of superlatives and firsts is longFinding time to fit in everything onboard Icon of the Seas promises to keep passengers busy. A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said Icon of the Seas is 24% more energy efficient than required for ships designed today. Royal Caribbean International is clearly pitching Icon of the Seas to a market that goes beyond cruising.
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Here are some of the best islands in Europe for getting away from almost everyone:Schiermonnikoog, the NetherlandsThe Netherlands is better known for canals, dikes and tropical Dutch Caribbean Islands like Bonaire and Curaçao than the sandspun isles along the country’s North Sea coast. Flores Island, Azores, PortugalWaterfalls trickle down an imposing rock face on the island Flores in the Azores. aroxopt/Adobe StockOne of the most remote islands in an already remote archipelago, Flores Island in the westernmost stretches of the Azores is a nature lover’s dream. To say there’s room to stretch out and breathe on these Baltic Sea islands is an understatement. The best islands in Europe for getting away from almost everyoneHavsVidden offers a secluded escape on northern Fasta Åland with villas with their own saunas overlooking the rocky shoreline.
Persons: Annemarieke Romeijn, , Eyrún, Gabriela Silva, Flores, Rocha dos Bordões, Santa Cruz das Flores, Randi Skaug, , Torunn Tronsvang, Richard Kellett, Luis Fonseca, iStockphoto, São João Baptista, Berlengas, Arlindo Serrao, Mola mola, Francesco Curione, Lent, Skyros, revelry, – it’s, Drake, Åland Organizations: CNN, Adobe, Heimaey, puffin, Norway Visitors, Intrepid, UNESCO, Visitors Locations: Europe, Ibiza, Netherlands, Caribbean, Bonaire, Curaçao, West Frisian, Wadden, Schier, Lauwersoog, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, Heimaey, Westman, Hotel Ranga, gannet, fulmar, Flores Island, Azores, Portugal, Flores, Santa Cruz, Naustholmen, Norway, Bodø, Northern Norway, Norwegian, Lofoten, , Tiree, Scotland, Hawaii, Scottish, Oban, Glasgow, Loganair, Berlengas, Peniche, São, Grande, Alicudi, Sicily, Italy, Taormina, Skyros, Greece, Mykonos, Rathlin, Northern Ireland, Ballycastle, Åland, Finland, Bothnia, Sweden
Level up your next walk by focusing on this one thing
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Breath work can help initiate the body’s parasympathetic response, which helps us to relax by calming down awareness during stressful situations. Incorporating breath work with a walking routine can increase the function of your breathing muscles so they won’t get tired as quickly. There’s no definitive statement of why (nasal breathing) is good,” he said. And don’t forget that other types of breath work beyond walking have health benefits, too. “There are no real side effects or downsides to breath work.
Persons: Michael Fredericson, ” Fredericson, Fredericson, , , Patrick McKeown, ” McKeown, McKeown, Daniel H, Craighead, it’s, ” Craighead, you’re, ” Terry Ward Organizations: CNN’s, CNN, Stanford University, codirector, Stanford Center, Longevity, , Oxygen, Aging Laboratory, University of Colorado Locations: , Japan, University of Colorado Boulder, Florida, Tampa
The ‘Pick-me’ girl, explained
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“They were talking about a fellow student, and how she was so annoying because she’s a total ‘pick-me girl,’” the Florida mother of two said. Who are the ‘pick-me’ girls? Social media memes mock pick-me girls with lines like “‘I’ll have pizza, not like my friends who only eat salad,’ and ‘I like baking cookies. “Having people throw it on TikTok as a meme makes the situation that much worse, for girls being accused of being pick-me girls,” she said. “If you do like sports or sitting around with the guys and drinking beer, it puts you in this double bind where being yourself makes you a pick-me girl,” she said.
Persons: Amy, , , , Regine Galanti, it’s, ” Galanti, “ Nobody, , I’m, Galanti, we’ve, Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, Ellen Pompeo’s, Patrick Dempsey’s, hashtag, “ They’re, Bayu Prihandito, Prihandito Organizations: CNN, Teens, ABC, Women’s Media Center, Social Locations: Florida, Long Island , New York,
Path of the ‘ring of fire’ eclipseBehold the beauty of an annular solar eclipse. For many, the event is being seen as a sort of warm-up for the 2024 total solar eclipse, which professor Mark Littmann calls “the gold standard” of eclipse viewing. It gives you a kind of an omen of what a total eclipse would look like.”Viewing an annular eclipse is far from routine: The next one won’t happen over the contiguous United States until 2046. Corpus Christi, TexasCorpus Christi residents and visitors will among the last to witness the annular eclipse on the US mainland. Santa Fe National Park, PanamaSanta Fe National Park in Panama will also enjoy the spectacular event.
Persons: Mark Littmann, , ” Littman, Debra Ross, ” Ross, Richard Tresch Fienberg, Bryce, ” Clark, Dave Clark, Del, Campspot, Yogi Bear’s, Clark, Christi, Chichén, Matthias Kestel Organizations: CNN, University of Tennessee, North, Eclipse, Task Force, , CNN Travel, Utah, Capitol, Navajo Tribal, Boulder Mail, NASA, NOAA, Roswell Public Library, Grande Recreation, Alamo Beer Company, Omni, Corpus Christi, Christi, UNESCO, Santa Fe, Panama Santa Fe Locations: United States, Oregon , New Mexico, Texas, Antonio , Texas, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, Oregon, Central, South America, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Arizona, New Mexico , Utah, Colorado, Boulder, Bryce, annularity, Albuquerque, Roswell , New Mexico, New Mexico, Roswell, Grande, Antonio, San Antonio, Jose, Del Rio, Kerrville, Guadalupe, Bandera, Garner, Corpus Christi , Texas, Christi, Corpus Christi, Mexico, Corpus, North Padre, Uzmal, Mérida, Edzná, Campeche, of Mexico, Santa, Panama Santa, Santa Fe
Beige flags: Why they can doom your dating profile
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That these traits are neither here nor there only makes beige flags all the more confusing. She first heard of beige flags on X (formerly known as Twitter) in the context of “fannish discussions about what BTS members’ beige flags are, and beige flags for other K-pop bands,” she said. Beige flags and your dating profileFor Blaine Anderson, who runs a coaching website for heterosexual men called Dating By Blaine, strategizing with clients to eliminate beige flags from their conversations and dating profiles is essential to help them stand out in an enormous pool of suitors, particularly online. One of the most common beige flags on anyone’s dating profile is the line “I love to travel,” she said. Dig beyond labeling it a beige flagA little grace surrounding beige flags can go a long way.
Persons: who’s, , Jennifer McGillan, , Alyssa Mairanz, ” Mairanz, Mairanz, Blaine Anderson, Blaine, ” Anderson, “ It’s, Sharin Shafer, it’s, Clarissa Silva, Silva, ” Silva, Shafer, ” Shafer, Terry Ward Organizations: CNN, New, Adobe, The Agency Locations: TikTok, Starkville , Mississippi, New York City, Venice, London, Florida
Why you should be traveling to Europe in fall, not summer
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And now it’s fall, when the continent really comes into its own as the leaves – and visitor numbers – start to drop. A recent report from luxury travel network Virtuoso named Paris, London and Florence as the most booked cities for fall travel. “Fall is one of the best times to visit Europe because of the vast variety of interests [the season] can cater to,” says Mina Agnos, president of luxury travel company Travelive. If you’re ready for a different take on Europe this fall, we’ve got ideas. Fall also means it’s harvest time in Rebland – an area southwest of Baden-Baden famous for its Riesling.
Persons: , Mina Agnos, foodies, Brian Young, we’ve, Sérgio Duarte, Octant, Val, Culinarium Urtijei, Christopher Hill, Holger Leue, it’s, Jack Ezon, Samantha Pearson, Notte Bianca, Valery Bareta, Belle, Caracalla Organizations: CNN, EMEA, G, Gran Canaria, UNESCO, ADLER, Mallorca Locations: Europe, Paris, London, Florence, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Sicily, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Tenerife, Ibiza, Mallorca, Gran, Alentejo, Douro, Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy, Northern Italy, South, Ortisei, Romania, Brasov, Baia Mare, Saxon, Moșna, Mallorcan, Pollença, Palma . Thessaloniki, Thermaic, Santorini, Greece’s, Balkans, Mount Olympus, Thessaloniki, Malta Malta, Malta, Gozo, Comino, Valletta, Madeira, Morocco, Terrabona, Funchal, Savoy, Baden, Germany Baden, Black, Friedrichsbad
Why American families are leaving the US for Europe
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Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Finally, Pennsylvanian Alan Andrew and his Belgian husband, Vincent Proost, bought a rundown farmhouse in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Young hearts run freeThere comes a day in all our lives when we’ve taken our final vacation, whether we realize it at the time or not. From next year, it won’t even be free to travel to Europe. The new ETIAS visa waiver program will allow entry into EU countries for fees starting at $7.70.
Persons: who’ve, Dawkins, Nadine, Kim, , Alan Andrew, Vincent Proost, we’ve, Terry Ward, you’re, We’ve, It’s, CNN Riiya Shukla, Arabia ”, , Organizations: CNN, Labor, Pearl, Auckland, Auckland Airport Locations: United States, Texas, Latronico, North Carolina, Umbria, Belgian, Alentejo, Portugal, Florida, Canada, Italy, Europe, Asia, Bhutan, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Tokyo, Kong’s, New Zealand, Norway, Arabia, Antalya, Instagram
We were in Churchill, a town of roughly 900 people nicknamed the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” in Canada’s Manitoba province. A male polar bear rests during a Tundra Buggy ride into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in August. People have to learn to co-exist with polar bears in Churchill, where some of them stay waiting for sea ice to refreeze. Hudson Bay polar bears are among the most vulnerable on Earth because of loss of sea ice, with their numbers in sharp decline. They arrive as soon as the sea ice breaks up to feast on small fish called capelin that spawn here.
Persons: we’re, I’d, Nico, Ursula, Jim Baldwin, Baldwin, Alex Cupeiro, , Terry Ward, you’re, Terry Ward I’d, we’d, Barba, can’t, Jennifer Diment, “ Churchill, Ward, Chantal Maclean, , ” Maclean, ” Nico, Chantal, he’d, John Gunter, Fronters, velcroed, Indiana Jones, Joe, he’d maxed, Sandra Cook, Churchill Organizations: CNN, Polar Bears, Churchill Wildlife Management, Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Frontier North, Zodiac, Helicopters, Bear Holding, , Churchill Locations: Churchill, Canada’s Manitoba, Florida, Hudson Bay, Hudson, Tampa, Winnipeg, Churchill’s, Svalbard, Norway, Stockholm, Oslo, Toronto, Denver, Vancouver, Washington, Ithaca, SS Ithaca
Pizza party: 14 versions of the world’s favorite food
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The solution was to fry the pizza dough, with ricotta and pork fat tucked inside, for a puffier and more substantial effect. With several locations in Miami, Rey Pizza offers Cuban pizza varieties that include chorizo, picadillo (ground beef) and platano (plantain). New York slice pizzaNew Yorkers just fold their slices to eat on the move. “New York slice pizza uses a low-moisture and low-fat mozzarella that’s dry, almost more of a provolone,” Verde says. He recommends trying authentic New York slice pizza at Amore Pizzeria in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens (for a whole pie, try the Italo-Americano New York style pepperoni pizza at Coco Pazzeria).
Persons: Fabio Errante, , , ” Errante, , Nino Coniglio, ” Coniglio, Enzo Algarme, ” Algarme, , Henry Cunningham, Gabriele Bonci, Cunningham, Stefano Politi Markovina, Tatyana Serraino, that’s, Lisa Cherkasky, it’s, Errante, . Wood, Allen Brown, Derek Gaughan, Pala, ” Gaughan, Louis, Steve Dolinsky, there’s, Dolinsky, Lou Malnati’s, crème, Khachapuri, Maggie Rossetti, iStockphoto, Ciro Verde, Coco Pazzeria, Pazzeria, Coniglio, you’re Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, Food, Netflix, Washington Post, Uno, Pizza, Americano Locations: Naples, Italy, Italian, Brooklyn, New York City, Neapolitan, Virginia, Rome, Rome’s, Prati, Rome's Trastevere, Errante, Olive, Sicily, United States, Palermo, Detroit, Michigan, Trumbull, Columbus, New Haven, New Haven , Connecticut, Chicago, Cuban, Miami, Gouda, France’s Alsace, Germany, Catalonia, Spain, Balearic, Istanbul, Yerevan, Berlin, Hamburg, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, York, Astoria , Queens, ” Verde, Flushing, Queens, Yorker
“Last-minute flight prices, especially international ones, are expensive,” says Katy Nastro of (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) about airfares from North American to Europe. “Their best value comes when cash prices are high, and there’s no time more expensive than last-minute summer travel,” Nastro says. CNN Travel talked to travel agents, experts and expert travelers, too, for their tips on saving money on European travels this unprecedented summer. “Most travelers going to Europe have a few destinations in mind, “ says Henley Vazquez, co-founder of luxury travel advisor group Fora. These places he calls “the Chicagos of Europe” include Marseille in France, Hamburg in Germany and Liverpool in England.
Persons: CNN —, , Katy Nastro, you’ll, Nastro, you’ve, ” Nastro, Hevelyn Villar Silva, Hevelyn Villar, , Colleen McDaniel, Henley Vazquez, Fora, ” Eurail, Eurail, Ethan Williams, Austria’s, Georgia Bird, Rome Ciampino, Rome Fiumicino, snagging, Ignacio Eguren, ” Eguren, Eguren,, aren’t, Rick Steves, ” Steves, Steves, Organizations: CNN, Cruise, Magnifica, MSC Cruises, MSC Magnifica, Caribbean’s Symphony, Palma de Mallorca, Milan Central Station, Getty, Czech Railways, Saint, Alamy, , Smart, Library, Rembrandt, Best, Premier Faubourg, CNN Travel, Liverpool, Scala, Scala Santa Holy, Scotsman Locations: Europe, North American, , Tampa , Florida, Genoa, Valencia, Spain, Pisa, Portofino, Italy, France, Palma de, Athens, Svalbard, Bergen, Norway, , Germany, Czech, Czech Republic, Rome, Saint Martin, Paris, mauritius, Checkin Cantabria, Cantabria, Paris ’, Copenhagen, you’ll, Oslo, Marseille, Hamburg, England, Scala Santa
Who are zillennials?
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Along the blurry edge at the cusp of the two generations, between Gen Y and Z, is where zillennials live. Zillennials straddle the generations of millennials, who are considered digital pioneers, and Gen Z, who are considered digital natives who never knew life before screens. While zillennials often feel they don’t fit in with either Gen Z or millennials, Dorsey said the middle zone they occupy has its own advantages. His firm’s research has shown Gen Z to be more connected to social causes than millennials, with zillennials similarly more interested than millennials when it comes to social issues. From a young age, zillennials have learned the effects of climate change, said Carr.
And while famous rice dishes such as sushi, fried rice and paella are among the most prominent in the global spotlight, there are so many more rice recipes out there to put on your radar – and seek out on your travels. Wali wa kukaanga, KenyaWali wa kukaanga is Kenya’s answer to fried rice, and translates to just that in Swahili. So it’s no surprise that the Polynesian island country’s most popular rice dish, alaisa fa’apopo, has ties to the coconut, too. Thai fried rice (Khao Pad), ThailandThai fried rice uses the layering of flavors that's characteristic of the country's cuisine. ArenaCreative/Adobe StockWhen it comes to fried rice, the Chinese version tends to steal the spotlight.
CNN: What do you think might surprise young readers to learn about glaciers in the book? Sanchez: To keep it relevant to young readers, I keep bringing the focus back to the animals that depend on glaciers. CNN: What are some of the tools your book gives young readers to take action to save the glaciers? CNN: What’s the most important message you hope young readers will take away from your book? They really need to be active, and there are so many things they can do.
World’s best spicy foods: 20 dishes to try
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When it comes to the world’s best spicy dishes, we have some of the world’s hottest peppers to thank, along with incredible layers of flavor and a long, spice-loving human history. Peppers – a headliner for heat – are rated on the Scoville Heat Units scale, which measures capsaicin and other active components of chile peppers. And it’s the perky red pepper of the same name that brings the spiciness to this complex, layered and delicious dish. “The peperoncino (red chile pepper) is what makes this sauce ‘angry’ (arrabbiata) or spicy,” Chris MacLean of Italy-based Open Tuesday Wines said via email. FomaA/Adobe StockThe fiery Ethiopian spice blend called berbere – aromatic with chile peppers, basil, cardamom, garlic and ginger – is instrumental to the flavor chorus that’s doro wat, Ethiopia’s much-loved spicy chicken stew.
Persons: , Saurav Dutt, “ Ginger, chiles, ” Hunter, Dutt, Nigeria Ata, Kwoklyn Wan, , It’s, pattarasiri, Piri, piri, it’s, Mao’s, Mao Zedong’s, shao rou, Cook, Suzie Lee, Brent Hofacker, Mark Harvey, podcaster, Ayam, betutu, Todd Taulman, serrano, jalapeño, Phaal Curry, Penne all’arrabbiata, , Chris MacLean of, MacLean, ’ ”, marati, Doro wat, doro, you’re, Mapo, vindaloo, Julian Gonzalez, ” Gonzalez Organizations: CNN, Adobe, chiles, BBC, , Buffalo Wild Wings, Wines, Sawmill Locations: Sichuan, Nigeria, West, China, British, Chongqing, Thailand, Isaan, Laos, Mozambique, Angola, Portuguese, Piri, chiles, Namibia, South Africa, Beijing, Jamaica, Spanish Town, Montego Bay, Boston Bay, Ayam betutu, Indonesia, Bali, Lombok, Buffalo, United States, American, Alaska, Maine, Buffalo , New York, cayenne, Worcestershire, Mexico, Mexican, Sinaloa, Bangkok, rendang, Malaysia, West Sumatra, Indonesia’s, Brunei, Philippines, South Korea, Birmingham, England, Bangladesh, Bangladeshi, Italy, Chris MacLean of Italy, Rome’s Lazio, India, South India, India’s, Tamil, Ethiopia, Goa, United Kingdom, Mafé, Senegal Senegalese, Mali, Gambia, Albuquerque , New Mexico, In Texas
North Jutland, DenmarkSouthern Europe swells with crowds during summer, and it can also get hot to the point of extremely uncomfortable in July and August. Temperatures in Seville and other spots in southern Spain recently exceeded the 110˚ Fahrenheit mark (43.3 Celsius). MontenegroLeave Croatia’s jam-packed Dubrovnik to the hordes of “Game of Thrones” hangers-on and make for less-trampled spots in neighboring Montenegro instead. It’s just 40 minutes from the popular beaches of Taormina, which are flooded with “White Lotus” fans this summer. There are beaches all around the peninsula, but if you only hit two, Mylopotamos and Fakistra on the Aegean side are the can’t-miss spots.
Persons: , Tania Swasbrook, Swasbrook, it’s, Jack Ezon, he’s, , ” Ezon, you’ve, Mads Østergaard, Moritz, St, Du, Marianne Fabre, Lanvin, Vin de Bonté, ” Fabre, Arlindo Serrão, Serrão, ” Serrão, Dolev Azaria, Azaria, Portonovi, Spain Spain’s Costa, Spain Spain’s Costa de la Luz, Manni Coe of, TOMA, ” Coe, El Rompido, Italy Lipari, Diego Fiore, Dario Ferrante, Absolute, Ferrante, ” Ferrante, Andreas Heide, Barba, Alan Mandic, ” Mandic, Andria Mitsakos, Mitsakos Organizations: CNN, Allianz Partners, Vgari, CNN Travel, Croatia, Michelin, Tri, Villa, , SAS, France International, gravitate, Cannes, Lodging, Le, Adobe, Alentejo ‘, , New, UNESCO, Costa de la, Spain Spain’s Costa de la, del Sol, Albanian Locations: Europe, Tuscany, Slovenia, Croatia, Kotor, Montenegro, Italy, France, Pantelleria, Paros, Spain, Portugal, North Jutland, Denmark Southern Europe, Seville, Denmark, Cold Hawaii, , Jutland, Aalborg, Denmark’s, , Newark, United States, Moritz, Switzerland, St, Engadin, Badrutt’s, Swiss, Nice, Montpellier, l’Espiguette, L’Oyat Plage, Alentejo, Lisbon, Algarve, Comporta, Dubrovnik, “ Montenegro, New York City, Como, Costa de, Costa de la Luz, Spain Spain’s Costa de, Barcelona, del, Manni Coe of Andalusia, Tarifa, El, Cadiz, Huelva, Mazagón, Aeolian, Sicily, Amalfi, Caribbean, Salina, Filicudi, Mount Etna, It’s, Taormina, Senja, Norway, Svalbard, Lofoten, Northern Norway, Zadar, Split, Hvar, Silba, Pelion, Greece, Mykonos, Albania, Ksamil . Albania's, Balkan
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