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Retirees are moving to warmer cities in Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee, many for lower living costs. Mesa, Arizona had the highest net movement of retirees, according to a SmartAsset analysis. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago saw a significant net loss of retirees in 2022. AdvertisementRetirees are flocking to cities in Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee — and fleeing New York and California. Out of 182 cities SmartAsset analyzed, every city in the top 10 for net movement of Americans aged 60 and older was in the South.
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Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill on Tuesday to allow teachers and other school staff members to carry concealed handguns on school campuses. The measure, if it goes into law, would require those carrying guns to undergo training and have the approval of school officials, but parents and most other school employees would not be notified. The bill is one of the most significant pieces of public safety legislation to advance in Tennessee after a shooting just over a year ago at a private Christian school in Nashville left three students and three staff members dead. The attack galvanized parents at the school and many others in Tennessee — including the state’s Republican governor — to demand action that could prevent similar violence. “It is really hard, even as a new mom, to stand here and have to be composed on a piece of legislation that I know puts my son’s life at risk,” she added.
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Fans think there's a divide in the Cyrus family following Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus' separation. AdvertisementMiley Cyrus didn't thank her dad, Billy Ray, in her acceptance speech at the 2024 Grammys, seemingly fueling rumors that there's a rift in the Cyrus family. Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Tish Cyrus at the Nickelodeon Annual Kids' Choice Award in 2010. Tish Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, and Miley Cyrus at the the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Representatives for Miley, Tish, Billy Ray, Noah, Braison, Trace, and Brandi Cyrus did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
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Utah became the latest state to regulate bathroom access for transgender people after Republican Gov. Opponents noted not all states allow people to change their birth certificates and that many trans people don’t want to have surgery. West Virginia’s Legislature is considering a transgender bathroom bill for students this year. “Nobody I know cares if a transgender woman comes into their bathroom, uses it for its intended purpose and walks out,” Birkeland said. Equality Utah, a nonprofit organization that advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, advocated for the amendment but still opposed the bill.
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Over the past 30 years, Nashville, Tennessee — a city known for country music — has seen a flood of transplants moving from higher-cost cities. For new residents, "everybody has a different story," said Jeff Hite, chief economic development officer of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2022, the Nashville metropolitan area grew by about 35,624 people, or roughly 98 new residents per day, according to Census data compiled by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's Research Center. Since 1990, the population has grown 81%, with more than two— million residents in the Nashville metropolitan area in 2022. Attracted to a "central location," some 43% of downtown residents moved from out of state, survey data from the Nashville Downtown Partnership shows.
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Across the country — including in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee — scientists are tracking turkeys, hoping to learn why they are in decline and what might fix it. Even in states like Pennsylvania, where turkey numbers are relatively stable, state officials are studying their numbers and watching for lessons from other places. Many suspect a reduction in the types of habitat conducive to turkey nesting might be driving the losses. There is general agreement that there is not just one reason, and that the specifics might vary from place to place. “There’s a lot of different things, and there are a lot of different factors.”
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AdvertisementAdvertisementThe conflict between Israel and Hamas has only been raging for 10 days, but Republicans are already preemptively declaring that they oppose accepting Palestinian refugees. "No Gaza refugees in the United States," Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wrote on Twitter on Monday. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona claimed on Twitter that Democrats are pushing to "take in a million Palestinian refugees," calling the notion "absurd." AdvertisementAdvertisementDemocrats writ large have not discussed the prospect of accepting refugees from Palestine, aside from some progressive lawmakers. Some Republicans have argued not just that the US doesn't have the capacity for more refugees, but that the Palestinian refugees themselves are undesirable.
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When her husband, a UPS truck driver, nearly died from heatstroke, Theresa Klenk stepped in to help workers negotiate for air conditioning in all UPS trucks. At the time, she said, no UPS drivers wanted to speak up about the increasingly brutal conditions for fear of being reprimanded. According to UPS, drivers stop on average every three minutes — barely enough time for air-conditioning to make a dent. This year’s record heat caused dozens of deaths, filled some hospitals to pandemic levels and prompted government warnings about avoiding extended exposure to heat. It was a bittersweet victory for Jim and Theresa Klenk.
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My friends and I aren't sure how the climate crisis will affect our retirement, only that it will. Another friend replied, "Well, the good thing about climate change is that it gives me a reason to move." The climate crisis will also affect homeowner's insurance. It's hard to know where to retireAs for where to settle down in my retirement, the climate crisis throws in another wrench. While a lot remains unknown about the effects of climate change, I've resolved to stick to a retirement savings plan.
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Just as important will be persuading people like Mr. Marohn that electric cars, renewable energy and electric heaters and stoves are practical, economical and exciting. Many, conservatives in particular, chafe at the prospect of the government forcing them to buy electric cars or ditch their natural gas appliances, polls show. By The New York TimesA clean energy future will require painstaking and individually tailored persuasion campaigns. “Even if some of them deny the science of climate change, they can’t deny good-paying jobs,” he said. “I just want to change the perception that electric cars are not as good as big, noisy muscle cars,” Mr. Lawson said.
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By the age of 44, Mr. Hoskins was diagnosed with his own case of the most severe form of black lung. Last year we cared for over 500 former coal miners with the most severe form of black lung, a record for the clinic’s 32-year history. By the end of the last century, thanks, in part, to federal safety standards, severe black lung had nearly been eliminated. But with changes in technology and conditions in coal mines in central Appalachia, cases of severe black lung disease are back to the highest level in decades after the last major study, in 2018. As of that year, more than one-fifth of experienced Appalachian miners have black lung.
Persons: Denver Hoskins, Hoskins, Barbara Kingsolver’s Organizations: Cincinnati Reds, Division, Stone Mountain Health Services, Centers for Disease Control Locations: Kentucky, St, Charles, Va, Lee County, Appalachia —, Virginia , Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Appalachia
Here are the meanings of the least-found words that were used in (mostly) recent Times articles. It created a temporary toll of 5,000 Saudi riyal (about $1,330) for those driving across the border during the tournament. — Can Elon Musk Make the Math Work on Owning Twitter? (Oct. 30, 2022)4. dotard — one whose faculties are declining, especially as a result of age:North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb and launched intercontinental ballistic missiles. — Here’s What Happens as the Era of Mass Incarceration Winds Down (March 31, 2023)The list of the week’s easiest words:
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An autopsy report released on Thursday confirmed that Tyre Nichols died as a result of blunt force injuries to his head after a group of Memphis police officers brutally kicked and bludgeoned him. Shelby County medical examiners formally declared his death on Jan. 10 a homicide, describing severe injuries to Mr. Nichols’s head and neck as well as bruises and cuts all over his body. The report also found that on the day of the beating, Jan. 7, Mr. Nichols had a blood alcohol concentration of .049 percent — well below the legal limit for driving in Tennessee — despite insinuations from the police that he had been pulled over for driving while intoxicated. The formal assessment of what killed Mr. Nichols, about four months after a routine traffic stop turned violent, comes as prosecutors are continuing to investigate the beating. The brutality of the attack captured on body camera and surveillance footage, fueled a national outcry and drew scathing criticism over how frequently law enforcement in Memphis used excessive force and intimidation tactics.
Jeffrey Epstein's death in a federal jail was seen as a shocking Justice Department failure. But more than three years later, the office still hasn't released its report into the circumstances of Epstein's death. "We all took it by surprise," Mark Epstein told Insider. Barr tasked the Justice Department's inspector general, Michael Horowitz, and the FBI with investigating "​​the circumstances of Mr. Epstein's death." Mark Epstein told Insider that he spoke to his brother about once a month in the years before his death.
There are more homes for sale than last year in many cities across the country as the market cools. More properties on the market typically means less competition and an easier time scoring home. But a silver lining to the housing cooldown has emerged: homebuyers have more properties to choose from in many cities across the country. It's not because builders have constructed a slew of new homes or that more owners are listing their properties for sale. calculated the US cities where there are significantly more homes on the market than last year.
A JetBlue flight landing at a Massachusetts airport had a "close call" with a private jet, the FAA said. The JetBlue pilot had to take "evasive action" to avoid the private jet on the runway on Monday. "The pilot of the JetBlue aircraft took evasive action and initiated a climb-out as the Learjet crossed the intersection," said the FAA. Two weeks ago, FAA acting administrator Billy Nolen issued a "safety call to action" following recent near-catastrophic "close calls" on runways and other plane incidents. And in February, a landing FedEx plane in Texas had to pull up at the last minute to avoid landing on a Southwest flight that was headed to Cancun.
Taxes are lowerPeople leaving states like California or New York often cite high income and property taxes as key motivations for their departure. (It's not all cheap: some new Floridians have been surprised by rising property taxes.) Like Florida, Tennessee has no income tax, as well as a property tax rate well below the national average. According to financial information and advice company SmartAsset, Tennessee's median annual property tax paid is $1,317, which is about half the national average. "One of the reasons why they're considering Tennessee is because of the affordability in terms of taxes," Foster said.
See Insider's picks for the best CD rates »1. The interest rate caught my eyeCDs are supposed to offer better rewards for your savings. In previous years, I never really considered using one since the interest rates always seemed so low. Other online banks are offering higher CD rates right now too, so I definitely shopped around. Our CD money will come in handy whenever we do buy a home again and need extra money to cover various costs.
MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, fueled by newly released body camera footage showing the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols by police officers, demanded justice, accountability and police reform Saturday afternoon. “We’re used to having issues with police in this city.”Body camera footage of Nichols being savagely beaten by Memphis officers on Jan. 7 was released Friday night, igniting protests across the U.S. For Memphis demonstrator Joshua Lewis, 18, he said he wasn’t surprised by the actions of the officers who were caught on camera beating Nichols. “It angered me to see the video of Tyre but this is normal (in Memphis) and I feel that it’s time for a change. “The corruption of the Memphis police and the death of Tyre Nichols, we’re just tired altogether.
Some residents told Insider they hunkered down all of Saturday expecting the worst. "It could have been me," he told Insider, asking only to be identified by his first name in fear of his job. Demonstrators protest in Memphis on Jan. 28, 2023 following the release of video showing the deadly encounter between Tyre Nichols and police. Demonstrators protest in Memphis on Jan. 28, 2023 following the release of video showing the deadly encounter between Tyre Nichols and police. Demonstrators protest in Memphis on Jan. 28, 2023 following the release of video showing the deadly encounter between Tyre Nichols and police.
Authorities released footage Friday evening showing the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols on January 7. MEMPHIS, Tennessee — The Memphis Police Department released footage Friday evening showing the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols, with Memphis and other major US cities bracing for protests and civil unrest. "You guys are really doing a lot right now," Nichols is heard saying to the officers at the start of the video. And an attorney representing Nichols' family said the officers beat Nichols like "a human piñata." The five police officers seen in the footage were fired from the Memphis Police Department and later charged with second-degree murder.
State legislators across the country proposed a record number of bills targeting LGBTQ rights last year, but less than 1 in 10 have become law, a report published Thursday by the Human Rights Campaign found. The LGBTQ advocacy group’s 2022 State Equality Index, an annual review of state legislation and policies that affects the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, found that state lawmakers introduced 315 bills that HRC described as “anti-equality.” Of those, just 29 became law. “I know they don’t see that, but these are not winning issues.”This year’s State Equality Index also found that state lawmakers introduced 156 “pro-equality” bills, of which 23, or just under 15%, became law. Seventeen states bar Medicaid from covering certain transgender medical care. In just the first few weeks of the year, state lawmakers have introduced nearly 150 such bills, with the majority continuing to target LGBTQ youth, according to an NBC News analysis.
Health officials in Tennessee say they will reject federal funding for groups that provide services to residents living with HIV. He is concerned that Tennessee health officials are setting a dangerous precedent. Millet said that the CDC provides Tennessee as much as $10 million in HIV funding. "We have not received any official notification from the Tennessee Department of Health withdrawing from CDC's HIV prevention funding," the CDC said. Follow NBC HEALTH on Twitter & Facebook.
But abortion-rights advocates say legal exceptions do nothing but make abortion bans appear more reasonable than they really are. One shows states with abortion bans with exceptions for rape or incest and the other shows states without those exceptions. One shows states with abortion bans with exceptions for fatal birth defects and the other shows states without those exceptions. One shows states with abortion bans with exceptions for patients with severe health risks and the other shows states without those exceptions. One shows states with abortion bans with exceptions for the life of the patient and the other shows states without those exceptions.
Package theft is a staple of the e-commerce age, and is more common in some states than others. And even if they had logged the theft with police, the crime of package theft is filed and charged differently depending on the location. Oklahoma — Package theft can be charged as a felony if the perpetrator is convicted of three instances within 60 days. There isn't much of a correlation between the states cracking down on package theft and the places that experience it. Only one of the top 10 metro areas experiencing the most package theft is in a state where porch piracy is a felony.
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