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Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski says the company is in a partial hiring freeze. He told The Telegraph AI was "a threat to a lot of jobs" across the economy. As more AI productivity tools hit the market, some workers are concerned that widespread adoption of the tech could put their jobs at risk. AdvertisementSome CEOs have already bet that AI tools will boost worker productivity and lead to reduced headcount. Other companies including AT&T have even created their own AI tools to help employees with their work.
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Israel has since resumed its attacks on Hamas, and Mr. Kirby urged it to avoid civilian casualties, while crediting its forces with making efforts to do so. “He’s so naïve; I mean I just lost all confidence in this guy,” Mr. Graham said. “Secretary Austin is telling Israel things that are impossible to achieve.”Mr. Graham said his solution to the hostage impasse would be to threaten Iran, the sponsor of Hamas. “I would go to Iran and say listen, you need to tell Hamas to let these hostages go,” he said. “Qatar has said that Hamas is still at the table,” she said, referring to the Persian Gulf emirate that has served as the intermediary for the talks.
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The U.S. government is making an intense effort to persuade Israel and Hamas to resume negotiations so they can once again pause hostilities and exchange more prisoners for hostages, a White House spokesman said on Sunday. Israel has since resumed its assault on Hamas, and Mr. Kirby urged it to avoid civilian casualties, while crediting its forces with making efforts to do so. “He’s so naïve; I mean I just lost all confidence in this guy,” Mr. Graham said. “I would go to Iran and say listen, you need to tell Hamas to let these hostages go,” he said. “We should have conditions on military aid in the same way that we do for every other country.”While the White House blamed Hamas for the breakdown in hostage talks, Ms. Jayapal faulted Israel.
Persons: Israel, , John F, , Kirby, There’s, Biden, Biden’s, Lindsey Graham, Lloyd J, Austin III, Austin, ” Mr, Graham, Mr, Al Qaeda, Pramila Jayapal, Jayapal Organizations: Kirby, White House National Security Council, Press, Hamas, Republican, West Bank, CNN’s, Union, Locations: Gaza, Israel, South Carolina, CNN’s “ State, Iraq, Al, we’d, Iran, Washington, United States, Qatar, Persian, “ Israel
Keir Starmer, leader of Britain's Labour Party, speaks during the Prime Minister's Questions, at the House of Commons in London, Britain November 29, 2023. UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsLONDON, Dec 3 (Reuters) - Keir Starmer, leader of Britain's main opposition Labour Party, has praised former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a deeply unpopular figure among many Labour supporters, as he seeks to woo Conservative voters before an election expected next year. Thatcher, dubbed the "Iron Lady" by the UK press at the time, was Britain's Conservative leader from 1979 to 1990. "Every moment of meaningful change in modern British politics begins with the realisation that politics must act in service of the British people, rather than dictating to them," Starmer wrote in an article for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper. After hailing Thatcher, Starmer wrote that Labour had "changed dramatically in the last three years".
Persons: Keir Starmer, Jessica Taylor, Handout, Britain's, Margaret Thatcher, Starmer, Rishi Sunak's, Thatcher, Tony Blair, Clement Attlee, Jeremy Corbyn, Victoria Atkins, Margaret Thatcher's, Michael Holden, Bernadette Baum Organizations: Britain's Labour Party, REUTERS, Labour Party, Labour, Conservative, Sunday Telegraph, Sky News, Thomson Locations: London, Britain
Harris was delayed because she had been on the telephone with the emir of Qatar regarding the Israel-Hamas war. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesThe awkward double booking during Harris’ hastily arranged Dubai trip illustrates a set of tricky — and at times potentially contradictory — policy and political crosscurrents. The Biden administration with its diverse coalition of voters is trying to navigate these crosscurrents just as the 2024 presidential race is heating up. In Dubai, Harris said it was “our duty and our obligation” to do more to move the world away from fossil fuels and limit the increase in average global temperatures. “President Biden and his administration should show their statement in action,” said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
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Granville T. Woods was one of the most prolific Black inventors in the 19th century. Woods' inventions revolutionized transportation, but he faced many challenges as a Black inventor. One such inventor was Granville T. Woods, the most prolific Black inventor in the late 19th century. Woods, ironically, was dubbed "Black Edison" by newspapers at the time for his contributions to science. Historians ascribe Woods' decision to sell his hard-won patents to an acknowledgment that it was difficult to market Black American inventions to a largely white audience.
Persons: Granville, Woods, Thomas Edison, he'd, , Edison, George Westinghouse, Frank Sprague, Rayvon Fouché, Lewis H, Latimer, Shelby J, Davison, couldn't, Lucius Phelps, Michael C, Christopher Organizations: Service, Woods, Co, United States Patent, National Inventors Hall of Fame, Edison, Edison Company, Getty, Westinghouse, General Electric, American Engineering, of Black Studies Locations: Cincinnati , Ohio, Columbus , Ohio, Australia, African American
Below is a fact check of 102 of Trump’s false claims from the 12 speeches. But contrary to Trump’s claim, it’s not true that people had been attempting for decades to create such an initiative. Trump’s aid to farmersIn speech after speech, Trump claimed that he had given US farmers $28 billion from China. Even if the poll result is off, it’s clear that Trump’s claim that “nobody wants them” is not true. He said he was an airline pilot.”Facts First: Trump made a false claim while mocking Biden for making false claims.
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Ukraine targeted a freight train with four explosive devices, an unnamed source told CNN. It is the only major railroad connecting Russia and China for military supplies, per Russian media. "The explosion is yet another successful special operation by the SBU," the source told CNN. AdvertisementUkraine set off four explosive devices on a freight train operating on the only major railroad connecting Russia and China, CNN reported , citing an unnamed Ukrainian defense source. AdvertisementThe railway line, the source added, is the "only major railroad connection between Russia and China."
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LONDON, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Britain's government on Friday blocked an Abu Dhabi-backed group from taking ownership of the media group that owns the Telegraph newspaper while its takeover bid is scrutinised by regulators over freedom of expression concerns. The government intervened in the planned deal on Thursday when it asked regulators to examine the deal. On Friday, culture and media minister Lucy Frazer set out an enforcement order preventing any transfer of ownership of the Telegraph Media Group without her permission and also stopping any changes of its structure or senior editorial staff. As well as the right-leaning Telegraph newspaper, the group owns the Spectator magazine. They are up for sale after Lloyds Banking Group in June seized control following a long-running dispute with owners, the Barclay family.
Persons: Lucy Frazer, Barclay, Jeff Zucker, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Camilla Tominey, Tominey, William Schomberg, Nick Zieminski Organizations: Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, Ofcom, Spectator, Lloyds Banking Group, IMI, CNN, United Arab Emirates, Thomson Locations: Abu Dhabi, UAE, Gulf
A new royal book claims there is a power struggle between King Charles and Prince William. Author Omid Scobie told BI that people are too distracted by Harry and Meghan to notice. Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle wear mourning clothes at Windsor Castle. AdvertisementBuckingham Palace and Kensington Palace did not respond to requests for comment regarding Scobie's book. King Charles and Prince William at a coronation rehearsal.
Persons: King Charles and Prince William, Omid Scobie, Harry, Meghan, , It's, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Duke, Duchess, Sussex, Prince William, King Charles, Scobie, Carolyn Durand, Scobie's, Queen Elizabeth II's, Kate Middleton, Chris Jackson, Charles, William, Prince, Wales, Queen Camilla, Yoon Suk, Jack Royston, Rebecca English, Richard Fitzwilliams, Williams, Fitzwilliams, Anita Singh, you've Organizations: Service, Sunday Times, Getty Images, REUTERS, Newsweek, Daily, Daily Mail, The Telegraph Locations: California, Windsor, Buckingham, Kensington, South, Charles, Royston
If General Atlantic decided to sell its stake, a deal could now garner more interest from investors, the sources said. A deal could value the company, which assesses global oil prices and provides industry news, at north of 4 billion pounds ($5.08 billion), Reuters previously reported. Deliberations remain at an early stage and General Atlantic and Hg may decide not to proceed with a transaction, two of the people said. Argus Media, Hg and General Atlantic declined to comment. Hg bought half of General Atlantic's 50% stake in Argus in 2019, valuing the business at more than 2 billion pounds then.
Persons: Adrian Binks, Amy, Jo Crowley, Victoria Farr, Mark Porter Organizations: Argus Media, Reuters, Private, Investments, Atlantic, Atlantic's, Argus, Astorg, Thomson Locations: GIC, London, Argus, Frankfurt
Jeff Zucker’s re-entry into the global news business has hit a snag. The announcement capped a week of growing outcry in Westminster over Mr. Zucker’s use of roughly $1 billion in Emirati money to acquire the news organizations, which are hugely influential in British conservative politics. Tories lined up to denounce the proposed deal, warning that the Emiratis’ involvement could lead to undue foreign influence over The Telegraph’s coverage. The review, announced by Britain’s culture secretary, does not necessarily end Mr. Zucker’s chance of success. Since then, Conservative Party eminences have lined up to denounce his bid — often in essays published by newspapers controlled by Mr. Zucker’s rivals — and Tory members of Parliament urged regulators to consider the constraints on press freedoms in the Middle East.
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Richemont digital strategy goes back to square one
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The logo of the luxury goods company Richemont is pictured at its headquarters in Bellevue near Geneva, Switzerland, June 2, 2022. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse Acquire Licensing RightsMILAN, Nov 29 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Johann Rupert’s digital strategy may be heading back to the drawing board. But even if Rupert can extricate himself from the Farfetch situation, Richemont’s digital plans will still be unclear. In August 2022 Richemont agreed to sell a 47.5% stake in its digital platform, Yoox Net-A-Porter, to Farfetch. Shares in Richemont were up 1.5% by 1100 GMT on Nov. 29.
Persons: Denis Balibouse, Johann Rupert’s, Porter, Cartier, Rupert, Farfetch, José Neves, Richemont, Financiere Richemont, Peter Thal Larsen, Oliver Taslic Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, The Telegraph, Financiere, Telegraph, Thomson Locations: Bellevue, Geneva, Switzerland, Swiss, U.S, YNAP, New York, Richemont
How Jewish People Built the American Theater
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Let Us Tell You A Story How Jewish people built the American theater as we know it. The theater, which for many Jews was a major way of becoming American in the first place, seems unable to acknowledge that the danger that American Jews face is not just historical, and not just onstage. (Both of Adler’s parents were Yiddish theater stars — her father, Jacob Adler, was a renowned Shylock in 1903.) Embedding their own observation and experience within Stanislavsky’s, along with the best of Yiddish theater and a generous dollop of Freud, they converted the American theater to Judaism. Sara Krulwich/The New York TimesThe Jewish contribution to the creation of the American theater was built on the acknowledgment of a larger humanity alive within each of us, available to some, with natural empathy and rigorous training.
Persons: Glocca, , Lerner, Loewe, , Isidore Hochberg, Burton Lane, né Burton Levy, William Goldman, “ Killybegs, Sammy Davis Jr, Julie Andrews, Connie Francis, Rosemary Clooney, Tommy Dorsey, Davis, , Arthur Miller’s “, joyously, Jason Schmidt, Christine Jones, Miller, I’ve, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Brustein, Neil Simon’s, ” Cynthia Ozick, Sholom, Philip Roth, Simon, Leonard Bernstein, Matt Nadel, Bradley, Bernstein, “ Maestro, Shylock, William Shakespeare’s “, Venice ”, Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe’s, Farah Karim, Cooper, Bard ”, “ Merchant, Tom Stoppard’s, Sara Krulwich, Ansky’s, Stella Adler, Bessie Berger, Clifford Odets’s, Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan, Francis Joseph Bruguière, Billy Rose, Eugene Smith, Roth, Arthur Schnitzler, Juliet Stevenson, Ruth Wolff, Lorraine Hansberry’s, Sidney’s, Alex Edelman’s “, Leo Frank, Bernard B, Frank, Mandy Patinkin, James Lapine, Stephen Sondheim’s, George, Martha Swope, outspokenness, creatives, Oscar Isaac, Sidney, “ Sidney Brustein, Isaac, Stevenson, Robert Icke, Roman Catholic Cooper, Rachel Brosnahan, Maisel, Joan Rivers —, Brosnahan, Sidney Brustein’s, Alec Guinness, Fagin, “ Oliver Twist, I’m, Micaela Diamond, Ben Platt, Lucille, Alfred Uhry, Jason Robert Brown’s, Rivers, Wolff, Robert, Republic ”, isn’t, LEE Strasberg, Konstantin Stanislavsky’s, Fyodor Ivanovich, Strasberg, Israel Strassberg, Zalmon, Srulke, Joseph Stein, Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Bock’s “, Bette Midler, Jackie Hoffman, Photofest Stanislavsky, Theater’s, Isaac Butler, Stanislavsky, Harold Clurman, George Bernard Shaw, Henrik Ibsen, Clurman, Adler, Jacob Adler, Freud, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Ruthie Rivkin, Jerome Weidman, Harold Rome’s “, John Weidman, disown Strasberg, Sanford Meisner, Bobby Lewis, , Marlon Brando, James Dean, Meisner, Robert Duvall, Lewis, Meryl Streep, Clifford Odets, Jacob Garfinkle, Jules Garfield, Odets, Sam Feinschreiber, Garfield, Ralph Berger, wasn’t, John, Tovah Feldshuh, Golda Meir, William Gibson’s, Aaron Epstein, exigencies, Bessie, Feinschreiber —, loveless, William Fox, Louis B, Mayer, Jack Warner, Marjorie Morningstar ”, Morgenstern, Marjorie, Natalie Wood, Anne Frank ”, Millie Perkins, Audrey Hepburn, Susan Strasberg —, Ibsen, Sholom Aleichem, August Wilson, Daveed Diggs, Thomas Jefferson, Lin, Manuel Miranda’s “ Hamilton ”, Adrian Lester, Emanuel Lehman —, Barbra Streisand, Marmelstein, George Silk, Miller’s, Sophie Okonedo, Elizabeth Proctor, Ben Whishaw, John Proctor, Jan Versweyveld, Don’t, — Bernstein, Stoppard, Schnitzler, Jeanine Tesori, Tony Kushner’s “ Caroline, Sharon D Clarke, Adam Makké, Noah Gellman, Leo, Stoppard —, Hermine, ” Leo Frank, there’s, Matthew Broderick, Eugene Jerome, it’s, Edelman’s, Queens bigots, David Yosef Shimon ben Elazar Reuven Alexander Halevi Edelman, Woody Allen, Joshua Harmon’s, — George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Porgy, Bess ”, Barns, Alex Edelman, Paula Vogel, Harvey Fierstein, Jordan Taylor Fuller, — that’s, Wendell Pierce, Friedman, Jacobs, Hirschfeld, Gershwin, Rodgers, PAULA VOGEL, BRANDON URANOWITZ, DAVID CROMER, MICAELA DIAMOND, TONY KUSHNER, Diamond, Monica Rich Kosann, Marco Bicego, JESSE EISENBERG, MATTHEW BRODERICK, AMY HERZOG, LESLIE RODRIGUEZ KRITZER, JOEL GREY, Herzog, Michael Kors, Kritzer, Marco, HARVEY FIERSTEIN, LIEV SCHREIBER, ETHAN SLATER, IDINA MENZEL, TINA LANDAU Organizations: Broadway, Broadway’s Lyceum, , of Venice, New York Times, Defamation League, New York Public Library, Performing, Vandamm, Billy, Billy Rose Theatre Division, Performing Arts, New, Jacobs, Empire State, Nazi, Goyim Defense, The New York Public Library, Roman Catholic, New York City, Street, Moscow Art, Group, Hollywood, Disney, Everett, The New York Times, Philadelphia, Brit, Times Locations: Poland, American, kilts, E.Y, Harburg, Kilkerry, Kildare, Philadelphia, New York, Polish, Massachusetts, Vichy, Biloxi, Venice, Malta, of, , Germany, playgoers, Sweden, England, United States, Pittsburgh, Nazi, Brustein’s, Greenwich, Georgia, Gutenberg, , Atlanta, Republic, New, Konstantin Stanislavsky’s Moscow, Russian, America, Moscow, Stanislavsky’s, Clurman, Eastern Europe, Czech, Austrian, Auschwitz, Heini, Southern, Brighton, Rivers, French Republic, “ Brigadoon
On Wednesday, crowds gathered to say goodbye and catch one final look at Yang Guang and Tian Tian, who for 12 years have enraptured millions of visitors and residents of Edinburgh. “We’ve flown up for the day; we must be mad,” Lauren Darling, who recently visited the zoo, told The Telegraph. But American zoo officials and scientists said that it came down to biology, or “panda time,” since the three pandas should be going back to China because they are at an advanced age. A similar reason was cited by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. The pandas, the zoo said, arrived in Edinburgh in December 2011 as part of a 10-year arrangement between the organization’s charity and the China Wildlife Conservation Association, which allowed them to keep the pandas an extra two years because of the pandemic.
Persons: Yang Guang, Tian Tian, “ We’ve, ” Lauren Darling, It’s, Rebecca Plant Organizations: Telegraph, National Zoo, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, China Wildlife Conservation Association Locations: Edinburgh, Britain, Washington, China
A video using The Daily Telegraph’s branding, which reports a Body Worlds exhibition was cancelled in London when it was found to be using illegally acquired bodies of Ukrainian soldiers, is fake. Body Worlds exhibitions are the brainchild of German anatomists Gunther von Hagens and his wife Angelina Whalley, and they showcase real human bodies preserved through “plastination”, a preservation process invented by von Hagens in 1977. But Georgia Gomez, the director of development at Body Worlds and von Hagens Plastination, told Reuters in a Nov. 16 email that the claims made about the company were false. Body Worlds exhibitions rely exclusively on body donations to the Institute for Plastination body donation programme and they have never received any body donors from Ukraine. No Body Worlds exhibit is planned or scheduled in London or any other part of Britain and quotes in the video attributed to von Hagens are “completely bogus,” Gomez added.
Persons: anatomists Gunther von Hagens, Angelina Whalley, plastination, von Hagens, , Andy King, , Georgia Gomez, Hagens Plastination, ” Gomez, Gunther von Hagens, Read Organizations: Twitter, Facebook, The Daily Telegraph, British, Heathrow Airport, Reuters, Telegraph, Institute, Ukrainian Center, Office, Border Force, Thomson Locations: London, Ukrainian, Ukraine, Britain
America's debt problem has caused a dangerous sugar high for the economy, Jamie Dimon said. The JPMorgan chief pointed to the enormous surge of new debt taken on during the pandemic. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementThe US is practically addicted to debt – and that's put the economy in a dangerous position, according to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. The rest of the global economy is also staring at a "cocktail" of risks, Dimon added.
Persons: Jamie Dimon, , that's, Dimon Organizations: JPMorgan, Service, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, Global Investment Summit, Penn Wharton Budget Locations: London
[1/10] Cadets of Military Institute of Taras Shevchenko National University take part in a swearing-in ceremony at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine September 8, 2023. "We want Ukraine to win, but not through the efforts of the same people," she said in an interview at her home in Kyiv. Women on the home front have also had to become stronger, she added: "But at what cost did we become stronger?" Only Ukrainian men aged between 27 and 60 can be mobilised by draft officers. Ukraine, which has said it has about 1 million people under arms, has barred military-age men from going abroad.
Persons: Viacheslav, Antonina Danylevych's, Danylevych, Oleksandr, who's, they're, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Zelenskiy, Dyma Cherevychenko, Oksen Lisovyi, Ben Wallace, Zelenskiy's, David Arakhamia, Anton Hrushetskyi, We'd, Hrushetskyi, couldn't, Charlotte Bruneau, Thomas Peter, Tom Balmforth, Mike Collett, White Organizations: of Military Institute, Taras Shevchenko National University, National Museum of, REUTERS, Army, Russian, shirk, Economist, dodgers, Reuters, Education, Facebook, Telegraph, Trust, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Thomson Locations: Ukraine, Kyiv, KYIV, Ukrainian, Russian, Bakhmut, Kyiv's, United States, Russia, Romania
Farfetch founder bids to take company private - Telegraph
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A banner to celebrate the IPO of online fashion house Farfetch is displayed on the facade of the of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., September 21, 2018. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 28 (Reuters) - Online luxury retailer Farfetch's (FTCH.N) founder José Neves is looking to take the company private after a troubled New York Stock Exchange listing, the Telegraph reported on Tuesday. Shares of the company edged 20% higher following the news. Farfetch did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment. Reporting by Juveria Tabassum and Annett Mary Manoj; Editing by Maju Samuel and Shilpi MajumdarOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Brendan McDermid, José Neves, Neves, Farfetch, Juveria Tabassum, Mary Manoj, Maju Samuel, Shilpi Majumdar Organizations: New York Stock Exchange, REUTERS, Telegraph, JPMorgan, HK, Thomson Locations: New York, U.S, Swiss
AdvertisementIt's the day after Thanksgiving and Omid Scobie has been awake since 5 a.m. at his home in California. Scobie can relate to Meghan Markle's experiencesAfter a while, some British publications started referring to Scobie as Meghan and Harry's "mouthpiece" and "cheerleader," he wrote in the book. Despite having her own tormentors to deal with, Meghan reportedly called Scobie in the summer of 2018 to check if he was OK. AdvertisementRepresentatives for the royal family are yet to publicly comment on the book. Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Prince Harry said the royals have an "invisible contract" with the tabloids, where they wine and dine certain reporters in exchange for better coverage.
Persons: Omid Scobie, Scobie, , Queen Elizabeth II's, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Luke Fontana, Harry, Meghan, Meghan Markle's, It's, I've, Duchess, Doria Ragland, Sara Latham, Carolyn Durand, Duke, Duchess of, Harper Collins, King Charles, Prince William's, King Charles and Prince William, Chris Jackson, William, Rebecca English, Oprah Winfrey, you've, Anita Singh, Piers Morgan, Morgan, Queen Camilla Organizations: Service, ABC, Daily Mail, Mail, New York Times, Getty Images, REUTERS, Daily, Sun Locations: California, Harper's, London, British, Iranian, Sussex, Duchess of Sussex, Buckingham, Kensington
A Ukrainian strike on a power station in Russian-held territory in eastern Ukraine overnight cut power to towns and cities, the pro-Russian authorities there said on Sunday, less than a day after Moscow launched a record number of attack drones toward Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. The overnight attack was another sign of Kyiv’s determination to inflict damage on its adversary’s electricity infrastructure before what many in Ukraine expect will be a renewed wintertime assault by Russia on Ukraine’s power grid. Denis Pushilin, the pro-Moscow leader in the Russian-held part of the Donetsk region, said that most of the drones launched by Ukraine at the area overnight had been intercepted, but “due to the massiveness of the strikes, not everything was shot down.”“The situation is not easy,” he said on the Telegraph messaging app, adding that some towns and districts had been left without light. He did not say whether the attack had involved drones or missiles or a combination of the two.
Persons: Denis Pushilin, Organizations: Moscow Locations: Russian, Ukraine, Moscow, Ukrainian, Russia, Donetsk
LONDON, Nov 23 (Reuters) - Leading scientists urged caution over fears of another pandemic on Thursday after the World Health Organization requested more information from China on a rise of respiratory illnesses and pneumonia clusters among children. It called for more information about "undiagnosed pneumonia - China (Beijing, Liaoning)". The standard wording of the alert echoed the first-ever notice about what would become COVID-19, sent on Dec. 30 2019: "Undiagnosed pneumonia - China (Hubei)." Both the WHO and China have faced questions over transparency during the early days of COVID. In China itself, there has been a lot of recent coverage of a rise in respiratory illnesses, including among children.
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Finland has accused Russia of sending undocumented migrants across the border. It says 300 migrants have arrived at the border with the help of Russian officials. AdvertisementA vengeful Russia is attempting to stoke a migrant crisis in Finland by sending hundreds of asylum across the border on bicycles and scooters, authorities in Helsinki say. Finnish officials also said that Russia has been giving out bicycles and scooters to migrants because people are banned from walking between the Russian and Finnish border checkpoints, according to The Telegraph. Finland has an 830-mile-long border with Russia, forming the easternmost boundary of the European Union.
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After a series of financial maneuvers, RedBird IMI would assume ownership and management of The Telegraph and The Spectator. Redbird IMI said its Emirati partner would be a passive investor. Mr. Zucker declined to comment, citing the pending negotiations. Mr. Zucker does not plan to oversee day-to-day news coverage, the person said. RedBird IMI is a joint venture between RedBird Capital, a private-equity firm, and a private investment fund that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, an Emirati royal, runs.
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Goldman Sachs Japan chief to retire at year end - internal memo
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People walk in the Goldman Sachs global headquarters in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 15, 2021. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsTOKYO, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs' Japan president Masanori Mochida has decided to retire at the end of the year after more than 38 years at the investment bank, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters. The internal memo dated Sunday from Goldman (GS.N) CEO David Solomon said Mochida will become a senior director, without mentioning who would succeed his role as president. He became co-branch manager of Goldman Sachs Japan in 1999. "Masa has served as an invaluable advisor to our most important clients across Japan and beyond on countless transactions, helping them advance their strategic objectives with Goldman Sachs at their side," the memo said.
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