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Typical spiders — and most creatures — tend to find the noise and wind disturbance from nearby busy roads to be too stressful, but the Jorō spider doesn’t seem to mind much, according to a new study published in Arthropoda on February 13. University of Georgia ecology students and study coauthors Kade Stewart, Caitlin Phelan and Alexa Schultz handle a Jorō spider. What to do when you come across a Jorō spiderAs the nonnative Jorō spider continues to spread in the region, the spiders pose a threat to native species that are beneficial to the environment. While conducting the study, the researchers found evidence of the Jorō spiders coexisting with native spiders, Davis said. And the Jorō spiders eat species that are good and bad for the environment, including the infamous lantern fly, he added.
Persons: , Andy Davis, Kade Stewart, Caitlin Phelan, Alexa Schultz, Davis, Floyd Shockley, Shockley, ” Shockley, , They’re, they’re Organizations: CNN, University of Georgia’s Odum, of Ecology, University of Georgia, Entomology, Smithsonian National Museum of Locations: United States, Arthropoda, Washington ,
Read previewIn 2024, cringe is in: people are in love, and they don't care who knows it. It goes without saying that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are embracing cringe on an unparalleled scale. They're blowing kisses on the jumbotron and running into each other's arms in front of millions of Super Bowl spectators. It can also be comforting to feel like you're following social norms and doing what society expects of you. "If we are with someone, they're going to have flaws, they're going to annoy us.
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The Fontainebleau has become one of the hottest Las Vegas hotels since it opened in December. Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Brady were all at the hotel during Super Bowl weekend. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementEven in a city packed with flashy competition, the new Fontainebleau Las Vegas managed to attract the biggest stars during Super Bowl weekend. Beyoncé and Jay-Z dined at Mother Wolf — one of the resort's 36 restaurants — while Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Brady partied at Poodle Room, its exclusive members-only club.
Persons: Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Brady, Fleur de Lis, , Z, Wolf —, Mark Wahlberg, Lana Del Rey, Papi, Taylor Swift Organizations: Super, Service, Fontainebleau Las Vegas, Kansas City Chiefs, Business Locations: Fontainebleau
“While some Ukraine-related orders are starting to come through, restocking and the impact of ongoing defense spending increases will be evident further down the line,” he noted. ‘Era of insecurity’Continued US military support for Ukraine on the scale of the past two years is looking increasingly unlikely. But the pressure on Western governments to beef up their military coffers will outlast the Ukraine war, analysts say, and it started to rise even before Moscow sent its troops marching toward Kyiv two years ago. The febrile global environment has helped lift the shares of Renk, a newly-listed German maker of military tank gearboxes, including those donated by Berlin to Ukraine. And this appeal is unlikely to fade soon, given growing defense spending by governments.
Persons: Lockheed Martin, That’s, Jens Stoltenberg, ” Trevor Taylor, Russia wouldn’t, Micael Johansson, Johansson, , Charles Woodburn, , House Republicans —, Donald Trump, Moscow, Oli Scarff, Trump, Joe Biden, Houthi, It’s, Susanne Wiegand, Myles Walton, Sweden’s, Organizations: London CNN, Russia, Kyiv, BAE Systems, Thales, Rheinmetall, Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, Royal United Services Institute, CNN, Saab, Ukraine, House Republicans, Republican, Kiel Institute, European Union, Getty, International Institute, Strategic, Renk, Reuters, New, Wolfe Research, Sweden’s Saab Locations: Ukraine, Moscow, United States, Canada, Russia, London, Europe, Swedish, Poland, Kyiv, Congress, German, European, Newcastle, Tyne, England, AFP, Beijing, Taiwan, China, Israel, Red, Berlin, Frankfurt, Gaza, New York
“Christians, they can’t afford to sit on the sidelines in this fight,” Mr. Trump said. During his third run for office, Mr. Trump has often cast himself as a staunch defender of the Christian right. Mr. Trump has often appeared uncomfortable or unwilling to discuss abortion at length on the campaign trail. Evangelical voters have remained loyal to Mr. Trump. During his speech, Mr. Trump referred to the singers as “the J6 hostages,” a term he has repeatedly used to describe those serving sentences in connection with the Jan. 6 attack.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, , ” Mr, , , Roe, Wade, — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett —, Biden, Ron DeSantis, Taylor Baucom, Banner ” Organizations: National Religious Broadcasters, Mr, Gov, Republican, New York Times, Department, Trump —, Evangelical, Trump, Trump . Credit, The New York Times, J6 Locations: Nashville, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Trump .
Images of women testing their bodies’ endurance have been swirling about the universe lately. For “The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988,” De Keersmaeker is joined by the young Russian-born pianist Pavel Kolesnikov. On paper, De Keersmaeker’s version of “Goldberg Variations” is a solo. This “Goldberg” is stark and simple, painting a choreographic picture full of shadows and light that mercifully loosens up over time. So does De Keersmaeker, a respected experimentalist based in Brussels, who has turned to Bach several times over the course of her career.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Madonna, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, ” De Keersmaeker, Pavel Kolesnikov, “ Goldberg, Goldberg, Bach Locations: Russian, Brussels
The devil's in the details, but local economies have a friend in Taylor Swift. Her tour undoubtedly helped the local economies she visited, according to a new report out from Japanese investment bank Nomura. From that, the consumer price index for the Illinois city increased 0.5 percentage points from the singer's visit alone. Internationally, small economies such as Singapore and Sweden could see the biggest macro boosts from her tour, according to Toh. Swift's tour is set to conclude near the end of 2024.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Nomura, Si Ying Toh, Toh Organizations: Federal Reserve, Wall, Nomura, Disney, CNBC PRO Locations: American, Chicago, U.S, Illinois, Japan, Singapore, Sweden
London CNN —Taylor Swift might be saying “So Long, London” in her much-anticipated upcoming album but one of the city’s top museums is offering the dream job for any Swiftie. On Thursday, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) released a job listing for a Taylor Swift superfan to advise its expert curators and explain her importance to the history of art and design, in which the museum specializes. Swapping distinctive friendship bracelets, often featuring the names of Swift songs and albums or the names of the fans themselves, has become one of the rituals associated with attending an “Eras” tour concert. And friendship bracelets play a starring role in the origin story of her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce. The V&A is one of London's most famous museums.
Persons: London CNN — Taylor Swift, London ”, Taylor Swift, Swift, , Travis Kelce, Homer Sykes, Gorpcore, Toby, Tristram Hunt Organizations: London CNN, Albert Museum, CNN, NFL Locations: London, Victoria
Read previewA museum in London is recruiting Taylor Swift superfans to become paid official advisors on the pop star. The V&A Museum will pay a set rate per session to hardcore Swifties who can provide their expertise on Swift's fan culture and memorabilia. According to the V&A's job description, successful candidates will collaborate with its curatorial experts and will get to go behind the scenes at the museum to review relevant items from its existing collection. Information gathered from their sessions may be used to develop future programming at the museum, the job description said. The superfan roles will help position the museum as "cultural trendspotters on what to collect next," the job description said.
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Hiring managers have all kinds of pet peeves when it comes to the job interview. When preparing for an interview, you'll want to be ready for the kinds of questions they'll ask about your own professional history as well. 'Literally just paste in the job description'ChatGPT can use a job description to generate the kinds of questions a hiring manager or prospective employer would ask in an interview. "And then literally just paste in the job description." "I'd be looking for ChatGPT to provide anywhere from seven to 10 questions," says Taylor, "to help provide a well-rounded slate."
Persons: you'll, Simon Taylor, Taylor Organizations: Disney
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Data from civilian devices — like a photo or video of a soldier's position — could be equally dangerous and reveal important information to the enemy. Throughout the Ukraine war, civilians have regularly recorded and relayed enemy troop movements. Individuals tasked with portraying civilians took photos and videos of soldiers' locations and their equipment in a recent drill. The imagery was then uploaded to a fake social media site called Fakebook, and troops role-playing as the enemy used the data to stage attacks, the Post reported.
Persons: , Viktor Fridshon, Curtis Taylor, Taylor, Insider's Sinéad Baker Organizations: Service, Business, Washington Post, Army, Getty Images Army, Post Locations: Russia, Ukraine, China, California, Soledar, Donetsk Oblast, Baltic
Reddit disclosed 2023 revenue growth of 20% and said its core business relies on online advertising sales when it filed to go public on Thursday. "This is an AI play," Herb Greenberg, Editor of "Herb Greenberg | On the Street" on Substack, explained on CNBC's Last Call Thursday. "If you go through the prospectus, the first thing you see is the talk that they're using this to train large language models -- and that's true," Greenberg said. Reddit cut a $60 million deal with Google on Thursday for the tech giant to train its AI models on the social network's data. "They talk about the revenue they're going to get from that from licensing that data," Greenberg said.
Persons: Reddit, Herb Greenberg, Greenberg Organizations: Google
February full moon peaks this weekend
  + stars: | 2024-02-23 | by ( Taylor Nicioli | Ashley Strickland | )   time to read: +7 min
CNN —February’s full moon, known as the snow moon, is set to peak on Saturday, shining bright around the world in the night sky. It’ll just be a little bit smaller than your average full moon that you look up at.”The full moon phase occurs when the moon, Earth and the sun are in alignment, in that order. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun, completely blocking the sun’s face. A total solar eclipse won’t be visible across the contiguous United States again until August 2044. A lunar eclipse, which causes the moon to look dark or dimmed, occurs when the sun, Earth and moon align so that the moon passes into Earth’s shadow.
Persons: CNN —, “ It’s, , Rachel Klima, , ” Klima, Klima, “ We’re, Buck, Lyrids, Capricornids Organizations: CNN, Farmers, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics, American Meteor Society, Taurids Locations: United States, Laurel , Maryland, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, North, East Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, Earth’s, Asia
CNN —Lionel Messi produced a memorable piece of skill during Inter Miami’s 2-0 victory against Real Salt Lake on Wednesday, the opening game of the MLS season. In possession on the edge of the Real Salt Lake box, Messi looked to get a shot away while injured opponent Andrew Brody lay on the ground in front of him. And he showed some speed too,” Miami coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino said of the 2022 World Cup winner’s performance, according to ESPN. The star-studded side started to deliver on those expectations in Wednesday’s curtain-raiser to the new season, with Messi at the heart of Miami’s best moments. Messi’s first full season in the US has seen a huge ticket demand for Miami’s games, and Wednesday was no exception.
Persons: Lionel Messi, Messi, Andrew Brody, Ballon, , Gerardo “ Tata ” Martino, ” Messi, Miami’s, Luis Suárez, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, Robert Taylor, Zac MacMath, Suárez, Diego Gómez, MacMath, Diego Gómez's, Megan Briggs, Justen, Julian Gressel, Messi’s, Gómez, Busquets ’, Drake Callender Organizations: CNN, Inter, Real, Real Salt Lake, MLS, Miami, ESPN, , Chase, Barcelona, Messi, Salt Lake, Inter Miami, Martino’s Inter Miami, Leagues, Salt Lake’s, LA Locations: Real Salt, Salt, Miami, Real Salt Lake, Carson , California
Read previewTaylor Swift fans are a dedicated group, but complaints about the pop star's merch have some calling for a boycott in recent months. However, some fans on social media are calling out what they described as the poor quality of her merch and delayed shipping times. Instead of blaming Swift for the merch, many fans are looking at her record label Universal Music Group for the delays and poor quality. Another Redditor posted expectation vs. reality photos of a $40 "1989" tote bag ordered online. Others online called out the "poor quality" of the tote bag and said that it's nothing new for Swift's merch site.
Persons: , Taylor Swift, Swifties, Pollstar, Swift, Redditor, subreddit, hadn't, Swift's, I'm, taylors, TeJDBDyfBj — Riley 🤍🖤 Organizations: Service, Business, Universal Music Group, tote
In 1999, an up-and-coming software engineer in Switzerland was preparing for a conference in France when he learned that the Swiss computer scientist Niklaus Wirth, a pioneer in the field, was also attending and would be on the same flight. The engineer, Kent Beck, had never met Dr. Wirth. But, he recalled in an interview, upon arriving at the airport he told the gate agent: “My colleague Professor Wirth and I are flying together. Among other feats in computer history, Dr. Wirth had created Pascal, an influential programming language in the early days of personal computing. “It was out of character for me to be that bold,” Mr. Beck said of his duplicity, “but I would have regretted it the rest of my life.”
Persons: Niklaus Wirth, Kent Beck, Wirth, , Professor Wirth, Mr, Beck, Taylor Swift, Pascal, Locations: Switzerland, France, Swiss
CNBC's Jim Cramer said Thursday he believes Jensen Huang — the co-founder and CEO of leading artificial intelligence chipmaker Nvidia — is a bigger visionary than billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, whose panoply of companies includes Tesla , rocket maker SpaceX and brain-tech startup Neuralink. Cramer's Charitable Trust, the portfolio used by the CNBC Investing Club, has long been invested in Nvidia. Cramer has espoused the brilliance of Huang for years and even re-named his dog Nvidia. Ahead of earnings this time, Cramer equated Huang to popstar Taylor Swift , saying their success is unparalleled in their respective fields. And Musk is creating, singlehandedly, a way to be able to deliver things," Cramer continued.
Persons: CNBC's Jim Cramer, Jensen Huang —, Nvidia —, Elon Musk, Jensen, Cramer, Huang, Leonardo da Vinci, popstar Taylor Swift, Musk, Barnum Organizations: Nvidia, SpaceX, Trust, CNBC, Microsoft, Apple, Cramer's Trust, Ringling Bros, Barnum, Bailey Locations: Santa Clara , California
Melissa Abell will do anything for her family, including making the kinds of financial sacrifices that most people would not consider. To help save for it, she is cutting a range of costs, including reducing bills, eliminating meals out and forgoing certain entertainment. Despite her efforts, Ms. Abell is worried that price tag may increase. The move is drawing ire and panic from pet owners with plans to relocate, particularly to and from Britain and the United States. The increase, which could triple or even quadruple costs for some travelers, may force some pet owners to choose between paying higher prices to relocate their pets or leaving them behind.
Persons: Melissa Abell, Abell Organizations: IAG Cargo Locations: Louisville, Ky, London, Britain, United States
CNN —China is sending two giant pandas to the San Diego Zoo – the first time it has granted new panda loans to the United States in two decades. His comments came shortly after the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC sent its three pandas back to China – marking the end of more than 50 years of Chinese pandas being housed at the zoo. The National Zoo was the first US zoo to showcase pandas, and the end of its program had left Zoo Atlanta as the only other US zoo to feature pandas. San Diego Zoo returned its last two pandas to China in 2019, after its loan agreement ended. According to Xinhua, discussions are ongoing for “a new round of cooperation” with the National Zoo and a zoo in Austria.
Persons: Xi Jinping, ” Xi, Xi, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington , DC, Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, China Wildlife Conservation Association, Xinhua, Washington, Smithsonian, National Zoo, World Wildlife Fund Locations: China, United States, Washington ,, San, Europe, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Qatar, Xinhua, Austria
For years, the Duke professor Dan Ariely was at the top of his game. Three professors behind the blog Data Colada reported evidence of fake data in a 2012 paper Ariely coauthored on honesty pledges. "When people do take a risk and they succeed, everybody enjoys it," Ariely told BI. In 2010, Ariely told NPR that two dentists examining the same teeth for cavities would agree only 50% of the time, citing research from Delta Dental. While the board originally said it would "unanimously stand in support of President Gay," Gay stepped down in early January in response to the backlash.
Persons: Dan Ariely, Dan Ariely's, Jesse L, Martin, Ariely, Duke, sniffed, they'd, James B, , they're, Francesca Gino, Ariely's, Marc Tessier Lavigne, Claudine Gay, Prince Andrew ., he's, Brad Swain, He's, Gordon Pennycook, Sean Gallup, Nick Brown, who's, Michael Sanders, who'd, Sanders, Gino, Aimee Drolet Rossi, Rossi, she'd, Amir, wasn't, hasn't, I've, haven't, isn't, would've, Claudine Gay's, Andrew Lichtenstein, Bill Ackman, Gay, Harvard, doesn't, Gay should've, Brown, Cornell Watson, who've, wouldn't Organizations: Google, NBC, UCLA, Duke, Business, Harvard Business, TED, Irrational, Cornell, Getty, Burda, King's College London, New York Times, NPR, Delta Dental, Higher Education, Hartford, Ariely, Harvard, University, Universities, BI, Colorado's, King's College Locations: Buckingham Palace, British, Hartford, Gaza, Montana
Listen and follow The DailyApple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon MusicOver the past few weeks, a growing sense of alarm across Europe over the future of the continent’s security has turned into outright panic. As Russia advances on the battlefield in Ukraine, the U.S. Congress has refused to pass billions of dollars in new funding for Ukraine’s war effort and Donald Trump has warned European leaders that if they do not pay what he considers their fair share toward NATO, he would not protect them from Russian aggression. Steven Erlanger, the chief diplomatic correspondent for The Times, discusses Europe’s plans to defend itself against Russia without the help of the United States.
Persons: Donald Trump, Steven Erlanger Organizations: Spotify, U.S . Congress, NATO, The Times Locations: Europe, Russia, Ukraine, United States
The picture, “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (30),” is a 2015 work by the Filipino-American artist Paul Pfeiffer. He discovered the original image, a 1967 photograph by famed basketball photographer Walter Iooss Jr., on the NBA’s online archive. In fact, the “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” series also started out with five other studio-shot portraits of Monroe. “Everything I think about in terms of film celebrities, is even more apt if we think of it in relation to athletes,” said Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer relates the fleeting relationship between stardom and anonymity to the age of influencers and social media stars in particular.
Persons: Converse Chuck Taylor, Paul Pfeiffer, Walter Iooss Jr, Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Wilt Chamberlain, Russell, Iooss Jr, , “ Paul Pfeiffer, Paula Cooper, Pfeiffer, , “ They’re, ” Pfeiffer, , Marilyn Monroe, George Barris, — Monroe, Marilyn —, Zak Kelley, Monroe, Norma Jean, Pfieffer Organizations: CNN, NBA, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia, NBA Eastern, Boston Garden, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hunter College, Parsons School of Design, Contemporary, Madison Locations: American, Pfeiffer’s reimagining, Los Angeles, New York, Chelsea, Santa Monica, Pfeiffer's
CNN —A 16-year-old student died following a fight at an Oklahoma high school – and as an investigation into the cause of death continues, advocates point to a heightened and hostile climate against the LGBTQ+ community. Nex Benedict, whose family says identified as nonbinary, died February 8, one day after they told their family they and a transgender student were involved in a fight with others at Owasso High School. It is not clear if or how the fight contributed to Nex’s death. An Owasso school resource officer went to Bailey Medical Center, where Nex was examined, and interviewed both Nex and their parent about the incident. Nex’s death comes after advocates have strongly criticized Oklahoma officials for actions perceived as targeting LGBTQ+ residents.
Persons: Nex Benedict, Nex, , Sue Benedict, Benedict, ” “, ‘ You’ve, don’t, ’ ” Benedict, “ Nex, ” Benedict, , I’m, Kevin Stitt, Ryan Walters, ” Walters, CNN’s Whitney Wild, Taylor Romine, Caroll Alvarado Organizations: CNN, Owasso High School . Police, Police, Independent, High School West, Bailey Medical, Owasso Fire, KOKI, Oklahoma, Gov, Public Schools, Lambda Legal, ACLU Locations: Oklahoma, Owasso, , Nex
Just a few years ago, a crop of venture-backed health insurance startups embarked on planting a flag in the crowded but lucrative health plan business for seniors. Bright Health, which has exited the insurance business entirely as of this year, sold its Medicare Advantage plans in December. However, there are signs that the Medicare Advantage business isn’t as much of a goldmine as it used to be. It takes an enormous amount of capital to grow big in the insurance business, Fidel said. Its Medicare Advantage membership totals about 4 million.
Persons: haven’t, Stephens, underscoring, Oscar Health, Clover, Cowen, Gary Taylor, didn’t, Scott Fidel, it’s, they’ll, Fidel, UnitedHealthcare Organizations: Alignment Healthcare, Medicare, Business, Bright, Oscar, Services, Humana, CVS Health, Aetna, CVS Locations: California, New Jersey
"No Time To Die" director Sam Mendes is working on four biopics about The Beatles. Here's everything we know about The Beatles movies. Advertisement“No Time To Die” director Sam Mendes is working on four biopics about The Beatles. We all support the Sam Mendes movie project. peace and love.😎🎶🌈✌️🌟❤️☮️ — #RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic) February 20, 2024Nobody has been cast yet, but The Beatles movies should be released in 2027The Beatles photographed in 1966.
Persons: Sam Mendes, , Mendes, who's, Oscar, , , Tim Rothman, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Bettmann, Aaron Taylor, Johnson, Lennon, Thomas Brodie, Sangster, McCartney, Jed Cullen, Dave Benett, Pippa Harris, Starr, Sean Lennon, Olivia Harrison, John Lennon's, George Harrison's, Harris, , Sam, 😎🎶, Bea, Liv Organizations: Service, Sony, Heathrow Airport, Apple Corps Ltd, Beatles Locations: British, California, Soho, London
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