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Wu-Tang Clan first announced in March 2014 that it would produce one copy of “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” to be sold to the highest bidder. The album came in a hand-carved box with a leather-bound book of parchment paper containing lyrics and its backstory. The Wu-Tang Clan originated as a group of rappers from Staten Island, New York in the 1990s. In 2015, notorious “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli bagged the album for about $2 million – making it the world’s most expensive music album ever sold at the time. In 2021, the US Justice Department then sold the album without disclosing the buyer.
Persons: CNN —, , Wu, Jarrod Rawlins, , ” Rawlins, Tang, ” Wu, Robert “ RZA ” Diggs, Forbes, RZA, Tang Clan, Bob Berg, Pharma Bro ” Martin Shkreli, Shkreli, Jon Lynn, PleasrDAO Organizations: CNN, Museum, Mona, Tang Clan, Pharma, America ”, Turing Pharmaceuticals, US Justice Department, DoJ, New Art Digital, New York Times Locations: Tang, Tasmania, Staten Island , New York, Shkreli, America
Virgin Voyages faces backlash after a free cruise winner said she has to pay $8,000 in flight costs. The cruise line's Australia voyages were canceled due to tensions in the Red Sea. Brand experts say Virgin should cover flight costs or offer different prizes to maintain trust. AdvertisementVirgin Voyages is dealing with a PR nightmare after a woman who won a free cruise said she'd have to pay $8,000 in flights to claim her prize. The adults-only cruise line, owned by Richard Branson's Virgin Group, is known for giving away free prizes to promote its various international sailings across Australia, Europe, and the Caribbean.
Persons: , Richard Branson's, Morgan Organizations: Brand, Service, Richard Branson's Virgin Group, Caribbean ., Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, Business Locations: Australia, Red, Europe, Caribbean, Australian, Melbourne, Tasmania
Read previewAn Australian woman who won a Virgin Voyages cruise said she and her partner would have to pay a combined $8,000 for flights due to a change in the ship's itinerary. In a video shared to Virgin Voyages' Instagram account in November, a flight attendant FaceTimed with Virgin founder Richard Branson to announce the prize. Advertisement"I am pleased to gift each adult on board a free Virgin Voyages cruise," Branson said. Balkrushna Potdar, a marketing lecturer at the University of Tasmania, told ABC that Morgan's story could potentially damage Virgin Voyages' brand. In September 2023, Virgin Voyages announced it had secured $550 million in funding managed by the Private Equity Group of Ares Management.
Persons: , Morgan, Richard Branson, Branson, Chris Putnam, Balkrushna, Potdar, Scarlet Lady, Ares Management Organizations: Service, Virgin, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, Business, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Voyages, Independent, Overseas, Miami, Virgin's PR, BI, Voyages, Virgin Australia Group, University of Tasmania, Private Equity Group, Ares Locations: Melbourne, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand, Brisbane, Red, Quay, Sydney, Europe, Caribbean, San Juan, Tortola, Basseterre, St, John's, Fort, de, France, Castries, Kingstown, Hobart, Ireland, Scotland, Portsmouth, England
This is the opening scene from “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, which first screened at Cannes Film Festival 30 years ago this month. In the film, Tick (Hugo Weaving) and Bernadette (Terence Stamp) help Adam (Guy Pearce) realize his dream of climbing King Canyon in full drag. “I think that’s definitely one of the most iconic looks,” drag artist and costumer Philmah Bocks told CNN. Bocks has been designing costumes for 30 years, having broken into the drag scene around the same time “Priscilla” was hitting screens. The film’s legacy can also be seen in Australia’s drag scene today and, since 2021, has been broadcast to new audiences via contestants on “Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under”.
Persons: CNN —, Belrose, Hugo Weaving, Mitzi Del, Priscilla , Queen, , Tim Chappel, I’d, Elliott, Bernadette Bassenger, Terence Stamp, Adam Whitley, Felicia Jollygoodfellow, Guy Pearce, Priscilla, Queen, Bernadette, Adam, Chappel, ” Chappel, Susan Barber, Priscilla ”, Lizzy Gardiner, Oscar, Mitzi Del Bra, , Gloria Gaynor’s “, costumer Philmah Bocks, Bocks, Tim Chappel's, Priscilla ’, they’ve, couldn’t, I’ve, “ Priscilla ”, she’s, London’s, Katy Perry, they’re, Katy Perry’s, ” Bocks, Felicia Jollygoodfellow's, ” Stephan Elliott Organizations: CNN, Cannes Film, Miss Teen USA, Sydney, Cannes, Chappel, First Nations, Royce Locations: CNN — Sydney, Silicon, Sydney, Australia, Tasmania
CNN —A former US Marine pilot fighting extradition from Australia on US charges of training Chinese military pilots to land on aircraft carriers, unknowingly worked with a Chinese hacker, his lawyer said. The lawyer’s filing supports Reuters reporting linking Duggan to convicted Chinese defense hacker Su Bin. The case will be heard in a Sydney court this month, two years after his arrest in rural Australia at a time when Britain was warning its former military pilots not to work for China. Su Bin, arrested in Canada in 2014, pleaded guilty in 2016 to theft of US military aircraft designs by hacking major US defense contractors. Duggan asked Su Bin to help source Chinese aircraft parts for his Top Gun tourist flight business in Australia, Collaery wrote.
Persons: CNN —, Daniel Duggan, Duggan, Su Bin, Bernard Collaery, Mark Dreyfus, Collaery, Su Bin “, , AVIC, , Mr Duggan Organizations: CNN, US Marine, Reuters, Gun, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, US, AVIC, ASIO, US Navy Criminal Investigation Service, United Locations: Australia, Australian, Beijing, Sydney, Britain, China, Canada, United States, Australia’s Tasmania, backdated
Rory and Casey Jones built a villa in Bali for 2.287 billion Indonesian rupiah, or about $143,000. AdvertisementFor Rory Jones and his wife Casey, building a house in Bali seemed like a good idea — even though they had never been to Indonesia. The couple, from Tasmania, Australia, dreamed of retiring early, so they spent a lot of time investing in the stock market. Rory and Casey Jones built a villa in Bali. That said, the couple has plans to build more investment properties in Bali in the future.
Persons: Rory, Casey Jones, , Rory Jones, Casey, Jones, " Jones, videographer, aren't, Propertia Organizations: Service, Global Consulting, Facebook Locations: Bali, Indonesia, Tasmania, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Portugal, Southeast Asia, Bingin, Uluwatu
The website helps facilitate accommodation exchanges between 150,000 users in 145 countries. Then HomeExchange sent me an offer, and I said to my husband, "Shall we give it a go?" The way it works is you subscribe to the website, make a profile, and list your home. We've stayed in places in Australia that are totally off the grid in conservation areas that don't have electricity. I think we've saved well over £100,000 using HomeExchange.
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CNN —Around Australia, travelers are stranded and trying to get home after low-cost airline Bonza unexpectedly announced it has “temporarily suspended services.”The airline, Australia’s newest, had a fleet of six planes, all painted a bright purple color and given Aussie-inspired names like Sheila and Matilda. Catherine King, Australia’s transportation minister, told reporters Tuesday that she had spoken with representatives from Bonza and urged them to keep passengers fully informed. Qantas, Australia’s largest air carrier, services only six of the 36 routes that Bonza has been flying. “We will immediately support any passengers stranded mid-journey by offering complimentary seats on Virgin Australia-operated flights to the airport nearest to their final planned Bonza destination,” the airline wrote on X (formerly Twitter). Currently, the company’s website is still online, but it’s not possible to book flights and all travel dates appear blacked out.
Persons: Bonza, Sheila, Matilda, Tim Jordan, , Catherine King, , ” King, ” Bonza Organizations: CNN, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia Locations: Australia, Bonza, Launceston, Tasmania, Gladstone, Queensland
The country’s e-safety commissioner ordered social media giants to take it down. Australia wants X to remove the video completely, not just hide it from Australian users who could circumvent a local ban by using virtual private networks. With her message to Musk, Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie posted an image of herself in army fatigues taken at a Veteran Mentors' Junior Leadership camp in January. President David Adler told CNN he hadn’t been asked to take it down, either by X or Australia’s e-safety commissioner. In a statement Wednesday, Australia’s eSafety commissioner said the takedown request wasn’t designed to stifle discussion about the church attack.
Persons: Elon Musk, that’s, X, , Anthony Albanese, Jacqui Lambie, , hadn’t, , fatigues, AJA, David Adler, Adler, AJA hasn’t, Krissy Barrett, Reece Kershaw, Marcus Hoyne, Bishop, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, Joanne Gray, Grzegorz Wajda, Gray, Musk, Musk’s, Australia’s, Lambie’s Organizations: Australia CNN, Christian Church, Australian, Leadership, Australian Jewish Association, CNN, ” CNN, Joint Counter, Counter, New South Wales Police Seven, Australian Federal Police, AFP, Australia’s Security Intelligence Organisation, National Press Club, Musk, Court, Bishop Mar, Good Shepherd, University of Sydney, European Jewish Association, X Corp Locations: Brisbane, Australia, Sydney, Tasmania, United States, New, Australia’s, Krakow, Poland
One species – P. viator – would have weighed up to 170 kilograms (375 pounds), making it around twice as heavy as the largest male red kangaroos living today. Flinders UniversityThe largest specimens would have stood more than 2 meters (6.6 feet) tall, Kerr told CNN on Monday. By around 40,000 years ago Protemnodon had become extinct on mainland Australia, despite the differences between the various species. This extinction, however, did not affect similar animals such as wallaroos and grey kangaroos, for reasons scientists do not fully understand. “There is a species of Protemnodon present in the formation we’ll be digging at, Protemnodon otibandus, and I’m hoping for a complete skull of this very interesting species,” he said.
Persons: Isaac Kerr, South Australia Aaron Camens, viator, Kerr, , , , Thylacoleo, mamkurra, ” Kerr, Protemnodon, Protemnodon otibandus Organizations: CNN —, Flinders University, Volunteers, CNN Locations: South Australia, Lake Callabonna, Australia, Callabonna, Tasmania, New Guinea, Papua New Guinea
CNN —Five people have been killed in a mass stabbing at a busy shopping center in Sydney, Australian police said. Police were called to Westfield Bondi Junction on Saturday afternoon local time following reports of multiple people stabbed. Videos shared on social media show shoppers running from multiple exits of the shopping center, while police helicopters can be heard overhead. “The baby got stabbed and the mum got stabbed.”“We were holding the baby and trying to compress the baby. At least four people were killed and one injured in a mass shooting in Darwin, northern Australia in 2019.
Persons: Anthony Cooke, , Cooke, Anthony Albenese, Tragically, Organizations: CNN, Police, New, New South Wales Police’s, NSW Ambulance, News Sydney Locations: Sydney, Westfield, New South, Bondi, Australia, Darwin, Arthur, Tasmania
CNN —A museum in Australia is being forced to allow men into art exhibit originally conceived for women only, after a tribunal ruled it “discriminatory,” following a complaint by a disgruntled man who was denied entry. During proceedings, Kaechele told the tribunal that denying men entry to the mysterious room is indeed part of the art — giving them a taste of the discrimination and exclusion many women have experienced through history. “Because the requirement is that it will have to open to men, and that’s not happening,” she said. After Tuesday’s ruling, MONA’s official spokesperson told CNN that the institution was “deeply disappointed” by the tribunal’s decision. It was beautiful, the room, the art installation, the meaning of it all.”
Persons: MONA, Kirsha Kaechele, , ” Jason Lau, Lau, , Kaechele, , Jesse Hunniford, ” Kaechele, Charlotte Vignau Kaechele, Tuesday’s Organizations: CNN, Tasmania’s, of, Tasmanian Civil, KK Locations: Australia, New South Wales, Lau’s
He really wanted kids but said it was fine if I didn't, as he loved me and just wanted to be with me. I thought having a family with him would be amazing. I don't think we would have planned far ahead enough to do a trip like that before having kids. I don't regret having kids youngI really enjoy being a mom. I didn't want to get to a point in my career where I was doing really well and then take a big break.
Persons: , Megan Pagel, Michael, DINK —, Pagel, Covid, it's, I'm, DINK, I'd, I've Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Tasmania, Australia
Australian farmers rip out millions of vines amid wine glut
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About two-thirds of Australia’s wine grapes are grown in irrigated inland areas such as Griffith, its landscape shaped by vine-growing techniques brought by Italian migrants arriving around the 1950s. That would destroy more than 20 million vines across 12,000 hectares (30,000 acres), Reuters calculations based on Wine Australia data show, or about 8% of Australia’s total area under vine. “If half the vines in Australia were ripped out, it still might not solve the oversupply,” said a wine maker in Western Australia. When China blocked imports during a political dispute in 2020, Australia lost its biggest wine export market by value. And unlike Europe, it offers farmers no financial aid to help them destroy vines and excess wine.
Persons: , , James Cremasco, Griffith, TWE.AX, Carlyle Group’s, Andrew Calabria, Cremasco, Jeremy Cass, Tim Mableson, Bill Calabria, Andrew’s, There’ll Organizations: CNN, Accolade, Wine, Riverina Winegrape Growers, Growers, KPMG Locations: Australia, China, Griffith, Calabria, Riverina, Wine Australia, Western Australia, Chile, France, United States, Bordeaux, Europe, Tasmania, Yarra, Victoria
An Australian woman won a Swedish competition for the "World's Ugliest Lawn." AdvertisementNot everyone would consider it a compliment, but an Australian woman is thrilled after an international panel gave her the "World's Ugliest Lawn" award. As a prize, the Swedish competition awarded Kathleen Murray of Tasmania with a "Proud owner of The World's Ugliest Lawn" t-shirt. The press release noted that all contestants had "a lot of ugliness to be proud of" in their dry yards. For that, the planet, and its dwindling stockpiles of life-giving liquid, thanks you, Kathleen," the press release said.
Persons: Kathleen Murray, , , Kathleen Murray of, Kathleen Murray's, Kathleen, Murray, bandicoots Organizations: Service, Washington Locations: Australian, Swedish, Gotland, Ireland , New Zealand, Australia, Kathleen Murray of Tasmania
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewThe newly-crowned Queen Mary of Denmark has been a public figure since she married Prince Frederik in 2004. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. It's typical for Mary to wear formal attire, such as the white belted gown and sash she wore to her husband's accession to the throne as King Frederik X on Sunday. These photos show how Mary's style has evolved since joining the Danish royal family.
Persons: , Queen Mary of, Prince Frederik, Mary, King Frederik X, didn't, Mary Donaldson, Frederick Organizations: Service, Business, Financial Times, Danish Locations: Queen Mary of Denmark, Tasmania, Australia, Sydney
CNN —For many in Denmark, Queen Margrethe II is the only monarch they’ve ever known. But on Sunday, a new era will get underway when she hands over to her son, Crown Prince Frederik. This means that she will be able to perform duties as head of state when both King Frederik or Crown Prince Christian are not able, such as if they were overseas. King Frederik X will rule alongside his Australian-born and hugely popular wife, Queen Mary – which will undoubtedly delight her proud admirers back home. “The story of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is one Australians have followed closely and hold dear to their hearts,” he said in a statement on Saturday.
Persons: Queen Margrethe II, they’ve, Crown Prince Frederik, King Charles III’s, of, Martin Sylvest Andersen, Frederik, Mary, Christian, Frederik VIII’s Palace, Margrethe, Kongens, Jørgen’s, King Frederik X, Queen Mary, King Frederik, Prince Christian, Frederik’s, Prince Joachim, Princess Benedikte, Mette Frederiksen, Frederik VIII, X, Christiansborg, Sixtus, Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau Scanpix, Trine Villemann, Jens Otto Krag, Margrethe II, , Birgitte Borup, Berlingske, , Danes, King Eric III, Borup, Queen Mary –, Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, Justin Tynan, King, Queen of, Anthony Albanese, Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary of, MADS CLAUS RASMUSSEN, Isabella, Vincent, Josephine, Mary’s, she’s Organizations: CNN, Guard, Squadron, State, Danish Royal House, Danish, Getty, , Danes, British Locations: Denmark, Danish, Europe, Christiansborg, Copenhagen, of Denmark, Greenland, Faroe, Amalienborg, Frederiksgade, d’Angleterre, Holmens, Holmen, AFP, Sydney, Hobart , Tasmania, Darling Harbour, Queen of Denmark, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Tasmania, Australia
Brisbane, Australia CNN —The fairy tale rise of an Australian sales executive to the upper ranks of European royalty is set to be completed Sunday when Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark becomes the country’s Queen Consort. Margrethe’s eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, will become King, while his wife, Crown Princess Mary, will become the first Australian to become Queen, a development that has delighted her supporters back home. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Australian born Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth Donaldson married in May 2004. I will hand over the throne to my son Crown Prince Frederik,” Margrethe said. Danish Crown Princess Mary photographed during the Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 18 on January 30, 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Persons: Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of, Consort, Queen Margrethe II, It’s, hasn’t, King Eric III, Margrethe’s, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, it’s, King, Mary, Prince Frederik of Denmark, Princess Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, Bjarke, Jeremy Rockliff, Princess Mary, , King Frederik, ” Rockliff, Prince Christian, , , Queen of, Prince Frederik, ” Margrethe, ” Kristian Ring, Hansen Holt, Juliet Rieden, Margrethe, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Margrethe, Reiden, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, didn’t, Rieden, Frederik, she’d, Christian Vierig, She’s, she’s, Prince Frederik’s, Genoveva Casanova, Casanova, , Britain’s King Charles III, ” Reiden Organizations: Australia CNN, Crown, Royal House, Getty Images Tasmanian, CNN, Ukraine, ABC, Australian, Monarchs, Copenhagen Cathedral, Mary Foundation, Lecturas, Royal, of State, CNN’s Royal Locations: Brisbane, Australia, Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark, Tasmania, Denmark, Sydney, Danish, Copenhagen, Hobart, AFP, Gaza, Queen of Denmark, Scottish, British, Houston , Texas, Europe, Mexican, Spanish, Christiansborg Palace, Mary
LAUNCESTON, Australia, Dec 4 (Reuters) - The two main spot prices for iron ore diverged last week, with Singapore-traded contracts gaining but China's domestic futures posting a decline. The exchange said on Nov. 30 that it will continue to strengthen its supervision of iron ore futures to maintain what it termed the safe and stable operation of the market. But despite the travails of the property sector, China's iron ore imports have been relatively robust so far in 2023. In the same week last year iron ore stockpiles were 137.5 million metric tons and were 155.4 million in the same week on 2021. History suggests that the authorities can cool iron ore prices, but only for a relatively short period, especially if the market conditions are supportive for stronger prices.
Persons: Sonali Paul Organizations: Singapore Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, National Development, Reform, it's, Reuters, Thomson Locations: LAUNCESTON, Australia, Singapore, Beijing, Dalian
What the group did agree was total production curbs of 2.2 million bpd from eight members, a figure that includes an extension of the existing voluntary Saudi and Russian cuts of 1.3 million bpd. This is up 1.86 million bpd from the figure of 40.10 million bpd for 2022, according to Kpler. China's crude imports were 11.36 million bpd in the first 10 months of the year, up 1.21 million bpd from the level for 2022 as a whole. India saw arrivals of 4.62 million bpd in the first 10 months of the year, according to LSEG data, up 462,000 bpd on the 4.14 million bpd for 2022. Asia's crude imports in the first 10 months of the year were 26.93 million bpd, according to LSEG data, up 1.34 million bpd on the 25.59 million bpd recorded for the whole of 2022.
Persons: It's, Stephen Coates Organizations: Organization of, Petroleum, Brent, OPEC, International Energy Agency, world's, Reuters, Thomson Locations: LAUNCESTON, Australia, OPEC, Russia, Saudi, United States, Brazil, Guyana, Asia, China, India
Warning: This article contains disturbing descriptions about the practices of colonial settlers in Tasmania and violence against Tasmanian Aboriginal peoples. “In all, Allport shipped five Tasmanian Aboriginal skeletons to Europe, proudly identifying himself as the most prolific trader in Tasmanian bodily remains,” according to the study. The colonial government allowed settlers to murder Tasmanian Aboriginal people without punishment and, in 1830, even established a bounty for the capture of Indigenous humans and Tasmanian tigers, or thylacines. Some Aboriginal Tasmanian people did survive colonial persecution, Ashby added, though at brutal costs. Their descendants make up today’s Tasmanian Aboriginal community, Ashby said.
Persons: Jack Ashby, Morton Allport, Allport, Ashby, It’s, ” Ashby, Mortan Allport, , incentivized Allport, William Lanne, William Crowther, Crowther, Truganini, thylacines, “ We’re, Rebecca Kilner, ” Kilner Organizations: Tasmanian Aboriginal, CNN, Cambridge University’s Museum of Zoology, Tasmanian, Allport Library, Museum of Fine Arts, State, of, Royal Society of Tasmania, Royal Society, British Museum, University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, University of Cambridge Grappling Locations: Tasmania, United Kingdom, Europe, Belgium, of Tasmania, Great Britain, London, Bass, , Brussels, Tasmanian, Cambridge
A woman picks a gold earring at a jewellery shop in the old quarters of Delhi, India, May 24, 2023. While India's gold demand has been solid so far in 2023, matching strength in the domestic economy, it appears that some momentum may be coming out of the market. The high price of gold for consumers in China may further crimp demand in the fourth quarter, after the World Gold Council reported a decline in third. The recent price rally is likely to trim demand growth in India in the current quarter. But countering the positive drivers are signs that high prices are undermining demand growth in the key markets of China and India.
Persons: Anushree, they're, Hong Kong, Sonali Paul Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, U.S . Federal Reserve, Hong, Hong Kong Census, Statistics Department, Gold, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Delhi, India, Rights LAUNCESTON, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Hong, Central
China's imports are being driven by increased arrivals from Indonesia, the world's largest exporter of thermal coal, with Kpler estimating 18.03 million metric tons will arrive this month. This is up from imports from Indonesia of 16.70 million metric tons in October, according to Kpler data. Imports from Indonesia are expected to decline to 10.92 million metric tons in November from 12.19 million in October. Thermal coal arrivals from Australia are forecast to be 1.11 million metric tons in November, up slightly from the 1.02 million in October. Overall, its possible that China's increased appetite for imported thermal coal ahead of the northern winter is crowding out some demand in India, which tends to be a more price-sensitive buyer.
Persons: Stephen Coates Organizations: Argus, CHINA, Atlantic, Indonesian, Reuters, Thomson Locations: LAUNCESTON, Australia, Indonesia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Canberra, South Africa, Asia, Europe
A flexible tube for CO2 is pictured at a a pilot project for carbon capture and storage (CCS). REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke Acquire Licensing RightsNov 23 - Carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) is touted by proponents of fossil fuel production and consumption as the technology that will keep oil and gas in the global energy mix. The IEA produced some sobering numbers in its report, The Oil and Gas Industry in Net Zero Transitions. While the IEA said more than $3 billion was invested in CCUS projects in 2022, only 5% of the ventures have reached final investment decisions, representing only 10 million metric tons of carbon capture and 20 million of storage. There is little doubt that the oil and gas industry will learn from experience and get better at doing CCUS.
Persons: Hannibal Hanschke, CCUS, Muralikumar Organizations: REUTERS, International Energy Agency, IEA, and Gas Industry, Chevron, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Chevron's, Western Australia
These planes land on rugged, unpaved runways mostly made of blue ice and compacted snow. PrivatAir's Boeing 737 and Smartwings' Boeing 737 MAXA Smartwings 737 MAX on Antarctica in January 2022. It was the first time the jet type landed on one of the continent's blue ice runways. Another Loftleider 757 is set to ferry Antarctic Ice Marathon runners to Union Glacier this December. Loftleider Icelandic Airlines' and Titan Airways Boeing 767Titan Airways' Boeing 767 on Antarctica.
Persons: , George Hubert Wilkins, Glenn Jacobson, PrivatAir, NPI, Tim Hewette, Troll, Fang, Patrick Woodhead Organizations: Atlantic Airways, Boeing, Service, Lockheed Vega, Airbus, Australian Antarctic, Australian, Skytraders, Australian Antarctic Program, McMurdo, AAP, Norwegian Polar Institute, Swiss, NPI, Boeing's, Airlines, Titan Airways, Antarctic Logistics, Expeditions, Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions, Antarctic Ice, Russian Antarctic, Titan Airways Boeing, Norse Atlantic Airways, Emirates, White Desert Locations: Antarctica, Skytraders, Christchurch , New Zealand, Hobart, Australia's, Tasmania, Cape Town , South Africa, Czech, Chile, Russian, NPI, Norway, Cape Town, Russia's
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