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Jeff Bezos's space colonies would look like cylindersAn artist's concept of an O'Neill space colony, which could theoretically emulate Earth-like living conditions in space. O'Neill space colonies would be large enough to host entire cities, 10,000-foot-tall mountains, and millions of people. AdvertisementBezos isn't suggesting that people will be living in O'Neill space colonies by the end of the century. AdvertisementSaving Earth would be far easier than building Bezos' space colonies, he told BI. Even if we never make it to space colonies, the work of researchers studying extraterrestrial colonization could benefit us here on Earth.
Persons: , Jeff Bezos, podcaster Lex Fridman, Bezos, Fridman, astrobiologists —, Jeff Bezos's, O'Neill, Gerard K, Anthony Longman, Longman, Rebeca Gonçalves, Adam Watkins, we've, Watkins, you've, We've, Martin Rees, Gonçalves, Rees Organizations: Service, Business, Elon, SpaceX, European Space Agency, NASA, University of Nottingham, United, Royal Locations: Antonio , TX, O'Neill
CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
Persons: James Beard, , Serigne Mbaye, ” Mbaye, Michael Rafidi, , Paul Smith, Lula Drake Wine, Chef Masako Morishita, Beard, Deb Lindsey, Masako Morishita, Atsuko Fujimoto, Morishita, Adams Morgan, Fujimoto, Baker, Ruth Reichl, Reichl, , foodie, James Beard’s, ” Beard, Hamissi Mamba, Nadia Nijimbere, MI, Yenvy Pham, Phở, WA Chris Viaud, NH Hollis Wells Silverman, Erika Whitaker, Kelly Whitaker, Sarah Minnick, Dean Neff, Renee Touponce, David Uygur, Christine Dong, Fariyal Abdullahi, Janet Becerra, SC Ryan Fernandez, Mel, Baker Susan Bae, Jesus Brazon, Manuel Brazon, Crystal Kass, Valentine, AZ Anna Posey, Hospitality Crawford, NC Gemma, Lula Cafe, Vin, California Geoff Davis, CA Rogelio Garcia, Auro, Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya, Los Angeles , CA Tara Monsod, Billy ” Ngo, Vinnie Cimino, Cordelia, Jose Salazar, Sarkar, Hajime Sato, Sozai, MI Jenner Tomaska, Tony Conte, Jesse Ito, Matt Kern, Harley Peet, Kevin Tien, Ann Ahmed, Rob Connoley, Dan Jacobs, Dan Van Rite, Christina Nguyen, Hai, Tim Nicholson, Brandon Cunningham, Ali Sabbah, Matt Vawter, Penelope Wong, Yuan Wonton, Nick Zocco, NY Atsushi Kono, Chris Mauricio, Charlie Mitchell, Clover, NY Jeremy Salamon, Conor Dennehy, Talulla, Maria Meza, David Standridge, Jake Stevens, Cara Tobin, Honey, Avery Adams, Matia, WA Kristi Brown, WA Josh Dorcak, Gregory Gourdet, Melissa Miranda, Jamie Davis, The, Washington , NC Rod Lassiter, Parnass Savang, James London, Chubby Fish, SC Robbie Robinson, Valerie Chang, FL Hunter Evans, Jackson, MS Gabriel Hernandez, Carlos Portela, Rene Andrade, Jeff Chanchaleune, Ma Der, Steve, Steve Riley, NM Eduardo Rodriguez, Zacatlán, Texas Emmanuel Chavez, Houston , TX Christopher Cullum, Cullum’s Attaboy, San Antonio , TX Tracy Malechek, Ezekiel, Birdie’s, Misti Norris, Petra, Ana Liz Pulido, Ana Liz Taqueria Organizations: CNN, Dakar NOLA, Lyric Opera, Michelin, Beverages Program, Chefs, The Washington Post, Washington Commanders, The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, James, James Beard Foundation, Hav, Seattle , WA Nikko Cagalanan, SC, NY, Dakar, FL Kisser, Nashville , TN Oro, Caracas Bakery, AZ, Hospitality, IL, NY Woodford Food & Beverage, Beverages, SC The Morris, D.C, BEST, Social Haus, UT, New, New York State, Pacific, FL, Houston , TX Locations: United States, New Orleans, West Africa, Chicago, Portland , Oregon, Pacific, Albi, Washington, Ramallah, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal, West Virginia, Charleston , West Virginia, Columbia , South Carolina, Mission , Texas, Mystic , Connecticut, Easton , Maryland, Portland , Maine, Tokyo, Perry’s, Adams, DC, Bakery, Detroit, Seattle, WA, Greenleaf, Ansanm, Milford, Wolfeboro, NH, The Wells, Boulder, Portland, Wilmington ,, Albi , Washington, The, Lucia, Dallas , TX, Santa Fe, Marfa ,, San Antonio ,, Springs, , New York, Pancita, Seattle , WA, Kultura, Charleston, Southern Junction, Buffalo, Waitsburg, Lockhart, TX, Carmel, Dorchester, Dakar NOLA , New Orleans, LA Hayward, McMinnville, Kaya, Orlando, Nashville , TN, Nixta , Minneapolis, Shan, Bozeman, Albuquerque, Long Beach ,, Hudson, Caracas, Doral, Miami, Phoenix, Elske, IL, Son, Raleigh, NC, Dallas ,, New York, NY, Columbia, San Francisco ,, Anaheim , Anaheim, , Washington, Waxlight, Montpelier, VT, Baltimore, , New Orleans, LA, Brownsville ,, California, Burdell, Oakland, Calistoga, Los Angeles ,, San Diego ,, Kru, Sacramento, Lakes, MI, Cleveland ,, Mita’s, Cincinnati, Indienne, Clawson, Esmé, NJ, PA, Philadelphia, Fenwick, Bas Rouge, Easton, KS, MN, MO, WI, Khâluna, Minneapolis, St, Louis, EsterEv, Milwaukee, Hai Hai , Minneapolis, Omaha, UT, WY, Greenough, Salt Lake City, Rootstalk, Breckenridge, Denver, Urban, Sofreh, Brooklyn, Kono , New York, Harana, Accord, Clover Hill, RI, Cambridge, Dolores, Providence ,, Leeward, Burlington, Island, MÄS, Ashland, kann, Musang, KY, TN, The Hackney, Washington , NC, Talat, Atlanta, West Columbia, Maty’s, Elvie’s, Verde Mesa, San Juan, Saffron , New Orleans, AZ, NM, Bacanora, Oklahoma City, Henderson, Mesa, Tatemó, Houston ,, Austin ,, Mission
We've got you covered if you're looking for how to get tickets to Childish Gambino's 2024 tour. Childish Gambino 2024 North American tour scheduleChildish Gambino's world tour kicks off on August 11, 2024, and will end on February 11, 2025. How to buy tickets for Childish Gambino's 2024 concert tourYou can buy original tickets to see Childish Gambino's 2024 tour on Ticketmaster. Compared to similar touring acts, prices for tickets to Childish Gambino's 2024 concerts are fairly reasonable. There are already 27 international dates scheduled for Childish Gambino's 2024 tour.
Persons: Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, Mrs Smith, King, Glover, Bando Stone, Childish Gambino's, We've, Childish, StubHub, Willow Organizations: Business, FL, UT, AZ, IL, Ticketmaster, StubHub, North Locations: Atlanta, Oklahoma City , Oklahoma, Perth, Australia, North America, Europe, New Zealand, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Columbus, Detroit, MI, Toronto, ON, Canada, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Uncasville, Brooklyn, NY, Washington, Raleigh, NC, Nashville, TN, Tampa, New Orleans, LA, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, Vancouver, BC, Portland, Seattle, WA, Calgary, AB, Edmonton, Paul, Chicago, Lyon, France, Milan, Italy, Cologne, Germany, Hamburg, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Prague, Czech Republic, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Manchester, England, Glasgow, Scotland, London, Birmingham, Dublin, Ireland, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles ,, Oceania
Tickets for "This Is Me... Live" are now on sale, and we've put together a guide on how to buy Jennifer Lopez tickets at the best prices. Jennifer Lopez 2024 tour scheduleJennifer Lopez's 2024 tour will kick off on June 26 in Orlando, Florida. How to buy tickets for Jennifer Lopez's 2024 concert tourYou can purchase original tickets to Jennifer Lopez's tour on Ticketmaster. Jennifer Lopez tickets are also available through resale websites like StubHub and Vivid Seats, which offer more variety in pricing. How much are Jennifer Lopez tickets?
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The DOJ secured the agreements with Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., an information technology services firm, earlier this month. The job ad said it was after "only US-born citizens [white] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, TX." Arthur Grand apologized and said that an employee added discriminatory language to the listing and published it without authorization. AdvertisementAs part of its settlement with the Justice Department, Arthur Grand will pay the US Treasury a civil penalty of $7,500 and implement comprehensive training for its staff on INA compliance. Last month, Business Insider reported on a study that showed CVs with Black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks.
Persons: , Arthur Grand, Kristen Clarke, Michele Hodge, OpenAI, Arthur Grand didn't Organizations: Service, US Department of Justice, DOJ, Arthur Grand Technologies Inc, Immigration, Business, Department, Department of Labor's, LinkedIn, Justice Department, Labor, Justice Department's Civil, Division, US Treasury, INA, Labor Department, Bloomberg Locations: Virginia, Dallas , TX
The annual Texas Republican Convention started Thursday in San Antonio, and culminated with George's election as party chair. Verizon , Comcast and Union Pacific sponsored the 2020 Texas Republican convention, according to The Texas Tribune. Pepsi and Chevron were sponsors of the 2022 Texas Republican convention, but they are not backing this year's event. The fight over corporate money also bubbled up in the election that George won on Friday, to lead the state party. This team "wears that as a badge of honor," he said, before the new chair of the state party was elected.
Persons: Greg Abbott, Donald J, Trump, Abraham George, George, Matt Mackowiak, Mackowiak, Griffin Perry, Rick Perry, Perry Organizations: Texas, Weslaco Department of Public Safety, Republican Party of Texas, America, RPT, Texas Republican, Fortune, Verizon, Comcast, Union Pacific, The Texas Tribune, Pepsi, Chevron, Veteran, GOP, Republican, Texas Gov, CNBC Locations: Mexico, Weslaco , TX, Texas, San Antonio
CNN —Fresh off winning his first major at the PGA Championship, American golfer Xander Schauffele told CNN that world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler was a good person and shouldn’t be facing criminal charges. I know he’s a good dude and there is no mal intent meant by him,” Schauffele told CNN Sport’s Don Riddell on Tuesday. Scheffler (left) and Schauffele wait to putt at this year's Masters Tournament. Scheffler is back on PGA Tour as he tees off Thursday at the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, TX
Persons: Fresh, Xander Schauffele, Scottie Scheffler, Scheffler, Schauffele’s, “ Scottie, ” Schauffele, CNN Sport’s Don Riddell, , Scottie, Tannen MauryUPI, Bryan, Gillis, abrasions, , Steven Romines, Romines, ” Romines, ” Scheffler, Charles Schwab Organizations: CNN, PGA Championship, Louisville Metro Police, Valhalla Golf Club, PGA, Colonial Country Club Locations: American, Louisville , Kentucky, Fort Worth , TX
We've got you covered if you're looking for how to score tickets to Tate McRae's 2024 Think Later World Tour. Tate McRae 2024 tour scheduleWith over 20 concerts already down, Tate McRae still has more than 40 shows left in her 2024 world tour. How to buy tickets for Tate McRae's 2024 concert tourYou can buy original tickets to Tate McRae's Think Later World Tour on Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Tate McRae tickets are also available to purchase through verified resale ticket vendors such as StubHub and Vivid Seats. The opening act for Tate McRae's 2024 tour dates in Asia has not been announced yet.
Persons: Tate McRae, McRae, She'll, We've, Irving, Rogers, Tate, Presley, she'll Organizations: Business, Tate, Boston, New, Ticketmaster, North Locations: Dublin, Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, Wellington , New Zealand, U.S, Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Calgary, AB, Canada, Woodinville, WA, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Austin, Houston, Cincinnati, Toronto, ON, Sterling Heights, MI, Maryland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, Boston, Uncasville, Washington, Philadelphia, Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, Holmdel, NJ, New York City, NY, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Quezon City, Philippines, Perth, Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland , New Zealand
Learn moreShakira's 2024 World Tour kicks off this fall, and tickets are still available to see the Grammy-winning singer live in concert. Shakira's 2024 tour scheduleThe schedule for Shakira's 2024 tour begins on November 2 with back-to-back shows in Palm Desert, California. How to buy tickets for Shakira's 2024 concert tourYou can buy original tickets to see Shakira's 2024 Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour on Ticketmaster. Tickets to Shakira's 2024 concert dates can also be purchased through verified resale ticket vendors such as StubHub and Vivid Seats. With so few dates on her 2024 world tour, tickets to see Shakira in concert are relatively expensive.
Persons: Shakira, El, We've, Shakira hasn't, it's Organizations: Business, Coachella, El Dorado, FL, Ticketmaster, Shakira's Locations: North America, Palm Desert , California, United States, Canada, Detroit , Michigan, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami, Charlotte, NC, Washington, Toronto, ON, York City, NY, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, MI, Detroit , MI, Desert , CA, Los Angeles , CA, Toronto , Ontario, Quebec
Read previewA House Oversight Committee was disrupted on Thursday evening when Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exchanged barbs that led to nearly an hour of disorder. The pair traded jibes until Ocasio-Cortez told Greene, "Oh, girl, baby girl, don't even play." AdvertisementOh girl, baby, girl... don't even play!' Chairman Comer suspended the hearing while they decided whether to strike Greene's words. AOC and Greene have a long history of animosityIn 2021, Greene attacked Ocasio-Cortez with a slew of offensive remarks.
Persons: , Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Merrick Garland, Joe Biden's, Robert Hur, Greene, Judge Juan Merchan, Donald, Jasmine Crockett, MAGA, Joe Biden, Jemal Countess, New York Democrat Ocasio, James Comer, Comer, Crockett, Marjorie Taylor Greene Bill Clark, MTG, Ocasio, H6rXG66GJk Organizations: Service, Business, Georgia Republican Rep, Texas Democratic, U.S . Rep, New York Democrat, Getty, Greene, CNN Locations: Alexandria, New York, Ocasio, Cortez, American, America
Learn moreCountry star Morgan Wallen is continuing his tour throughout 2024, and tickets to his upcoming concert dates are getting snatched up quickly. We've got you covered if you're looking for ways to buy tickets to Morgan Wallen's 2024 concert tour. Morgan Wallen 2024 tour scheduleMorgan Wallen has 28 concert dates still remaining on his 2024 world tour. Compared to similar acts currently touring, Morgan Wallen tickets are relatively expensive. Of course, ticket prices for Morgan Wallen's 2024 tour vary depending on date, location, and demand for each show.
Persons: Morgan Wallen, Morgan, Morgan Wallen's, Post Malone, We've, Wallen, Bailey Zimmerman, Jelly Roll, Jon Pardi, Lainey Wilson, Parker McCollum, Nate Smith, Bryan Martin, Lauren Watkins, Larry Fleet, Koe Wetzel, Ella Langley, Ireland Ella Langley, Koe, Arlington , TX Parker McCollum Organizations: Business, Panama City Beach, SC, Ticketmaster, Glasgow, Gulf, Vivid, Fleet, Koe Wetzel, East Rutherford , NJ Morgan Locations: North America, Europe, Dublin, Ireland, East Rutherford, NJ, Ridgedale, Panama City, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Minneapolis, Denver, London, England, Tampa, Charlotte, NC, Arlington, TX, Kansas City, Vegas, Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Glasgow, Scotland, Charlotte , NC, Ridgedale ,, Gulf Coast, Minneapolis ,, Kansas City ,, Las Vegas, Arlington , TX, East Rutherford , NJ, Virginia Beach ,, Arlington ,, East Rutherford ,, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
ESPN and League One Volleyball have reached a multi-year media rights deal, starting with the league's inaugural professional volleyball season, LOVB announced Thursday. ESPN will air 10 LOVB Pro matches across its linear networks and 18 matches on ESPN+ as part of the first season, which begins in January. LOVB operates 47 youth volleyball clubs in 22 states across the U.S. with more than 1,200 youth teams. Spaulding told CNBC in an interview the introduction of a professional league makes the business a "true youth-to-pro ecosystem." LOVB Pro matches will also be available on ESPN platforms in select countries and territories such as Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Persons: LOVB, Daniel Margulis, ESPN's, It's, LOVB's, Rosie Spaulding, Spaulding Organizations: ESPN, League, Disney, Fox Corp, Warner Bros, CNBC Locations: Austin , TX, Atlanta, Austin , Texas, Houston, Madison , Wisconsin, Omaha , Nebraska, Salt Lake City, American, Canada, Caribbean, Latin America, Saharan Africa, Australia, New Zealand
Hans Zimmer Live 2024 is the sixth official touring production in which the famous composer performs live onstage. We've got you covered if you're looking for how to get tickets to Hans Zimmer Live 2024. Hans Zimmer 2024 tour scheduleHans Zimmer has 17 shows confirmed for the North American portion of his 2024 tour, taking him across just as many cities in the United States and Canada. Standard tickets for Hans Zimmer Live on verified resale sites are generally comparable to or less expensive than original ticket prices. Three international dates for Hans Zimmer Live 2024's North American leg are also confirmed.
Persons: Hans Zimmer, he's, King, Christopher Nolan's, Denis Velleneuve's, Zimmer, We've, Hans Zimmer's, Zimmer's Organizations: Business, United, Pirates, Ticketmaster, North, Zimmer's, Odessa Orchestra & Friends, Choir Locations: United States, American, Caribbean, North America, Canada, Duluth , Georgia, Vancouver , British Columbia, York City, Duluth, Hollywood, Raleigh, NC, NY, Baltimore, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, ON, Minneapolis, Chicago, Fort Worth , TX, Denver, Vegas, Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC, North American, Zimmer's Raleigh, Las Vegas, Dubai, Dortmund, Germany, British Columbia
Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan think steel producer Ternium can strengthen its presence in South America resulting in big upside for the stock. JPMorgan has an outperform rating on Ternium stock, with a $54 per share price target which equates to nearly 33% upside from Monday's $40.31 close. Goldman Sachs, meanwhile, is buy rated on Ternium with a $51 per share price target, or about 27% upside moving forward. TX YTD mountain Ternium stock. The firm's $47 per share price target amounts to nearly 17% upside moving forward.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, Goldman, Morgan Stanley Organizations: JPMorgan, U.S Locations: South America, America, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico
No deaths or serious injuries have been reported, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo told CNN, adding 153 pets have also been rescued during the deluge. Forecast calls for rain Sunday into MondayMost of the weekend’s rain fell over western and central Texas, but there’s a significant chance of heavier rain in the greater Houston area Sunday. An additional 1 to 3 inches of rainfall possible by Monday morning, according to the Houston National Weather Service office. Rainfall today will continue to exacerbate existing river flooding,” warned the Houston weather service office. The weather service listed some of the rainfall totals it collected:Groveton, TX- 23.56”Huntsville, TX- 21.76”Splendora, TX- 21.01”Willis, TX- 20.75”Livingston, TX- 18.42”There is relief on the horizon, however.
Persons: Lina Hidalgo, It’s, ” Hidalgo, “ We’re, Brent Taylor, CNN’s Amara Walker, , ” Taylor, “ There’s, , I’m, , Willis, Hurricane Harvey, Jason Fochtman, ” Emmitt Eldridge, ” Sherri Pegoda, Walker, Greg Abbott Organizations: CNN, Houston Office, Emergency Management, Houston Police, Houston Fire, Houston Public Works Department, Houston National Weather Service, Houston, Panhandle, West Lake Houston, Houston Chronicle, Texas, Gov Locations: South Texas, Harris County , Texas, Houston, Harris, City, Texas, , TX, Huntsville , TX, TX, Willis , TX, Livingston , TX, Gulf, East Texas, Hurricane, Lake Houston, West Lake, Kingwood, Atascocita, Kingwood , Texas, San Jacinto, Walker County, Polk County, Montgomery counties
Known for his hit songs like "I Remember Everything," "Something in the Orange," and "Heading South," Zach Bryan's 2024 tour celebrates his self-titled album that debuted in 2023. We've got you covered if you're looking to buy tickets to Zach Bryan's 2024 Quittin Time Tour. Zach Bryan 2024 tour scheduleZach Bryan has only just begun his tour, with more than 60 shows remaining throughout 2024. How to buy tickets for Zach Bryan's 2024 concert tourYou can buy standard original tickets to Zach Bryan's 2024 tour through Ticketmaster and AXS. Prices for tickets to Zach Bryan's 2024 tour vary depending on date, location, and demand.
Persons: Zach Bryan, Zach Bryan's, We've, Bryan, Zach Bryan's Atlanta, Jason Isbell, Sheryl Crow, Sierra Ferrell, Matt Maeson, Levi Turner, Here's, MN Sheryl Crow, Sierra, Louis ,, Zach Bryan hasn't Organizations: Business, Vivid, SC, Springs, Las, Kansas City, KY, UT, Ticketmaster, FL, Sierra Ferrell, TN Locations: Brooklyn, Bryan's, Tulsa , Oklahoma, Canada, Brooklyn , New York, Omaha, Louis, Greenville, Knoxville, TN, Oklahoma, Oakland, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit, MI, Columbus, Nashville, Orlando, Orleans, LA, Houston, Antonio, Greensboro, NC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Arlington, TX, Kansas, Minneapolis, Forks, Louisville, Edmonton, Vancouver, BC, Tacoma, WA, Portland, Sacramento, Glendale, AZ, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, NY, Columbus , Ohio, Arlington , TX, Philadelphia ,, MN, Antonio ,, Greensboro , NC, Kansas City ,, Tacoma , WA, Sacramento , CA, Columbus ,, Edmonton , Alberta, Vancouver , British Columbia
Learn moreChris Stapleton's hit tour runs through the rest of 2024 and early 2025, but tickets are selling out fast. The All-American Road Show has been ongoing since 2017 and serves as Chris Stapleton's first solo headlining tour. We've got you covered if you're looking for how to get tickets to Chris Stapleton's All-American Road Show concert tour in 2024. According to Chris Stapleton's website, Single Barrel VIP tickets start at $379, and Small Batch VIP tickets begin at $169. Who is opening for Chris Stapleton's tour?
Persons: Chris Stapleton's, Chris Stapleton, We've, Ames, Bristow, Gilford, George Strait, Grace Potter, Nikki Lane, Marcus King, Allen Stone, Tedeschi, Marty Stuart, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, TN Marcus King, AR Tedeschi, Arlington , TX Marty Stuart, England Miranda Lambert, Houston , TX Willie Nelson, Seattle , WA Sheryl Crow, WA Chris Stapleton Organizations: Business, FL, UT, IL, Ticketmaster, Houston, Las Vegas, Big Town, Family, Jacksonville , FL, Palm Beach , FL, SD, Stone, WA Locations: Las Vegas, Auckland , New Zealand, Indianapolis, Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, Rapid City, Sioux, Cuyahoga Falls, Charlotte, NC, Lexington, KY, Camden, NJ, East Rutherford, Kansas City, Ridgedale, Arlington, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, Darien, NY, Burgettstown, Detroit, MI, Toledo, Columbus, Chicago, Nampa, Ridgefield, WA, Seattle, Gilford , New Hampshire, Nashville, TN, Birmingham, Little, Houston, Manchester, England, Glasgow, Scotland, London, Vegas, Melbourne, Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, New Zealand, Ridgedale , Missouri, Jacksonville ,, Ames, East Rutherford , NJ, Detroit , MI, Chicago , IL, Palm Beach ,, Palm Beach , FL, Los Angeles , CA, Gilford, NH, Houston ,, Camden , NJ, Bristow , VA, Darien , NY, Toledo ,, Columbus ,, Ridgefield , WA, Kansas City ,, Arlington , TX, Dublin, Ireland, Houston , TX, Seattle , WA
Thankfully, there are still a few avenues for how to get Billy Joel tickets for his 2024 concert tour and remaining MSG shows. We've got you covered if you're looking for how to buy tickets to Billy Joel's 2024 concert tour. Here's our breakdown of the "Billy Joel in Concert" 2024 tour schedule, purchasing details, and original and resale ticket prices. Billy Joel 2024 tour scheduleBilly Joel's 2024 concert tour is well underway, with only a few more chances to see him play at Madison Square Garden before his residency concludes. How to buy tickets for Billy Joel's 2024 concert tourYou can currently buy standard original tickets for Billy Joel's 2024 concerts through Ticketmaster.
Persons: Billy Joel, We've, Billy Joel's, Joel, you'll, Sting's, Sting, Billy Joel hasn't, Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart, Louis, Chris Isaak Organizations: Business, New, Madison, Garden, year's, Ticketmaster, MSG, Sting, Cardiff Locations: Madison, New York City, United States, Las Vegas , Nevada, Vienna, Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, St, Louis, Inglewood, San Antonio, Las Vegas, York City, NY, Seattle, WA, Cardiff, Wales, CA, Antonio, Denver ,, Cardiff , Wales
Learn moreSince breaking out on TikTok in 2020, Noah Kahan has become one of the most sought-after musicians. Whether you've been a longtime fan or you've recently discovered Kahan's music, you're probably one of the many people seeking tickets to Noah Kahan's 2024 tour. How to buy tickets for Noah Kahan's 2024 concert tourOriginal standard tickets for several – but not all – of Noah Kahan's tour dates have sold out through Ticketmaster. How much are Noah Kahan tickets? For the most part, Noah Kahan resale tickets on StubHub tend to go for around $200 to $500.
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CNN —A New Orleans restaurant featuring a modern Senegalese tasting menu and an Ethiopia-born chef who studied psychology before turning to a culinary career are among the restaurants and chefs named as finalists for the coveted James Beard Awards. The finalists for the Restaurant and Chef Awards were announced Wednesday in Washington, DC. In the Emerging Chef category, Fariyal Abdullahi, executive chef at Hav & Mar in New York, is among the five finalists. Masako Morishita moved to Washington, DC to be a cheerleader for the Washington Commanders. Fariyal Abdullahi, executive chef at Hav & Mar in New York, is among the five finalists in the Emerging Chef category.
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Whether you're a Messi enthusiast or a longtime Inter Miami fan, we've compiled everything you need to know about how to buy Inter Miami tickets to see Messi live. We've got you covered if you're looking for tickets to Inter Miami games in 2024, where you'll maybe get a chance to see Messi play. How to buy Inter Miami ticketsOriginal standard tickets to Inter Miami games are sold through Ticketmaster. How much are Inter Miami tickets? On StubHub, resale ticket prices to Inter Miami games are typically a little cheaper than the original standard tickets.
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If you're looking for 2024 Knicks tickets, we've got all the details. New York Knicks 2024 scheduleOf the 10 Knicks games left this season, four are at home, and six are away. How to buy New York Knicks ticketsYou can purchase original tickets to individual Knicks games on Ticketmaster. Prices for original standard tickets to Knicks games vary on date and location (home games tend to be higher than away games). New York Knicks season ticketsWhile the season is almost over, you might be wondering about Knicks season tickets for next year.
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Before House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., can exhale, he will have to face the House Republican hardliners of the Freedom Caucus. Johnson is already in hot water with the Freedom Caucus for his concessions to pass the budget bill and avert a government shutdown. "I think Speaker Johnson — I've been public about this — made a mistake," said Roy. Compromising with Democrats was one of the central grievances that led to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's ouster from his post. With the budget finally agreed upon, the Ukraine funding decision will be more challenging for Johnson to dodge.
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CNN —Invited to speak at a roundtable discussion with a handful of US Senators on Capitol Hill Tuesday, former football coach Nick Saban spoke about how the current landscape of college athletics contributed to his decision to retire from the University of Alabama after the 2023 season. “All the things that I believed in for all these years, 50 years of coaching, no longer exist in college athletics,” Saban said at the roundtable, a video of which was posted online by Sen. Ted Cruz (TX). “I’m for student athletes being able to share in some of this revenue. Second, committ to work with their peer institutions in this subdivision to create rules that may differ from the rules in place for the rest of Division I. At the conclusion of the roundtable, Saban again expressed his worry for the future of college sports.
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Here are Monday's biggest calls on Wall Street: Morgan Stanley reiterates Nvidia as overweight Morgan Stanley said the stock is a top idea after coming out of the company's recent TMT conference. " Morgan Stanley downgrades Hyatt to equal weight from overweight Morgan Stanley said in its downgrade of the stock that risk/reward is more balanced. Morgan Stanley reiterates Eli Lilly as overweight Morgan Stanley said the next catalyst for Eli Lilly is the results from the company's sleep apnea trial. Morgan Stanley initiates Phinia as overweight Morgan Stanley initiated the auto components and supplier company and says it's a "key beneficiary of the EV reset." Morgan Stanley reiterates Meta as overweight Morgan Stanley said it's standing by shares of Meta.
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