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CNN —Donald Trump got his 78th birthday present a day early — a handshake from his longtime bitter critic, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, encapsulating the Republican Party’s complete submission to its presumptive presidential nominee. They were provoked by the president.” He said Trump was morally and practically responsible for the assault on his beloved Capitol. “There’s tremendous unity in the Republican Party,” the ex-president said. Vance, was asked how some senior Republicans who had condemned Trump after January 6 could meet and applaud him now. “I think it’s a good thing and the Republican Party is in a good place.”Vance is not wrong.
Persons: Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, encapsulating, Republican Party’s, Mike Pence, Keen, Florida GOP Sen, Marco Rubio, Trump, Texas Sen, Ted Cruz, McConnell, Doug Mills, Elaine Chao, , clasped McConnell’s, Nikki Haley, , Evelyn Hockstein, Ohio Sen J.D, Vance, ” Vance, Utah Sen, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Paul Ryan, Trump’s deportment, Biden, Joe Biden —, , Donald Trump’s, It’s, Vladimir Putin, we’re, ” Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Putin, Joe Biden, Antonio Masiello, John Bolton, ” Bolton, Bianna Golodryga, Ronald Reagan, doesn’t Organizations: CNN, Republican, Capitol, Republicans, trouncing Democrats, Florida GOP, The New York Times, Kentucky, Trump, South Carolina Gov, Republican Party, National Republican Senatorial, Reuters, Former Wyoming, Fox News, Lawmakers, GOP, Domenico, Borgo, Former Trump, Zelensky, CNN International Locations: Florida, Texas, adulation, America, Washington, Utah, Italy, Ukraine, Fasano
On doing 10 auditions for 'Sixteen Candles' and casting John Cusack himselfJohn Cusack, Hall, and Darren Harris in "Sixteen Candles." Is it true that you were the one who cast John Cusack for the role of Bryce, one of Ted's geek friends? I remember John was doing post-production on "Sixteen Candles," and he wanted to show it to me. This is six or eight months later because he did "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club," and "Weird Science" consecutively. On Christopher Nolan's on-set uniform and developing a 'Succession'-like TV series with Robert Downey Jr.(L-R) Roberty Downey Jr. and Anthony Michael Hall.
Persons: Anthony Michael Hall, Chase, John Candy, John Hughes, Hall, Bill Gates, Christopher Nolan's, Michael Myers, Jessica Alba's, Stanley Kubrick's, Robert Downey Jr, John Candy Anthony Michael Hall, I'm, Eugene Levy, Michael, Uncle Buck, John Cusack, Darren Harris, Ted, Jackie Burch, John, Bryce, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Ilan Mitchell, Smith, Hughes, Ferris, Chateau Marmont, Mike Tyson, , I'd, Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands, Matthew Modine, Davis, Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick's, Kubrick, that's, Chaplin, Winona Ryder, Fox, Jim, Tim Burton's, Tim, Walt Disney, Roberty Downey, Eric Charbonneau, WireImage, Christopher Nolan, Burton, Nolan, it's, Downey, It's, he's, You've, I've Organizations: Business, Netflix, Warner Bros, Hall, Columbia Locations: Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Polish, New York, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Tampa
CNN —Senate Republicans voted Thursday to block a bill put forward by Democrats that would guarantee access to in vitro fertilization nationwide. They want to get rid of IVF, they’re afraid to say it.”Biden attacked Senate Republicans after the vote. “And just last week, Senate Republicans blocked nationwide protections for birth control. Last week, Senate Republicans voted to block a Democrat-led bill that would guarantee access to contraception. Cruz and Britt attempted to pass their IVF legislation on the Senate floor Wednesday through a unanimous consent request, but Democrats blocked the effort.
Persons: Republican Sen, John Cornyn of, Roe, Wade, Chuck Schumer, MAGA, Dobbs, ” Schumer, CNN’s Erin Burnett, ” Biden, , Democratic Sens, Patty Murray, Tammy Duckworth of, Cory Booker of, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins of, Katie Britt, Alabama, Ted Cruz of, Joni Ernst of, Cruz, Britt, Murray, CNN’s Kaanita Iyer, Sam Fossum, Morgan Rimmer Organizations: CNN, Democrat, Republican, Republicans, Democratic, Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Southern Baptist, Joni Ernst of Iowa, GOP Locations: John Cornyn of Texas, Washington, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Ted Cruz of Texas
Still, back in the US, he recognized the argument that low-paid workers in the service industry have traditionally relied on tips to earn a living wage. Ozeki never ordered food for deliveryBut he said that recent increases in the minimum wage have changed the landscape — at least in certain states. AdvertisementIn California, for example, the minimum wage for fast-food workers rose by law this year from $16 to $20 an hour. "The current minimum wage at a fast food place is higher than my starting salary 15 years ago," Ozeki said. Have you seen your tips dip recently as a service industry worker?
Persons: , Ken, Ted Rossman, Rossman, Organizations: Service, Business, Franciscan Locations: Japan, California
"But at places like sit-down restaurants, hair salons, barber shops or getting food delivered, tipping is customary." Just 67% of adults in Bankrate's survey say they always tip at restaurants. "So if you're not tipping in those scenarios, you're really taking money out of the server's pocket." When it comes to those who cut your hair and deliver your food, you should just about always tip, etiquette experts say. In other words, if you asked for a service and out-and-out didn't receive it, you're OK reducing or withholding a tip, etiquette pros say.
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Former President Donald Trump will address some of the world's most powerful corporate leaders on Thursday, albeit with some notable absences. So here's what we know: Out of the 17 corporate spokespeople who replied to CNBC, four said their CEOs planned to attend: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan and Edison International CEO Pedro Pizarro. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, for instance, will reportedly be at the G7 summit in Italy. Representatives for Woods and Bastian did not reply to questions about why their chief executives won't be attending the meeting. Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry and Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun will also not be there, spokespeople told CNBC Thursday.
Persons: Donald Trump, Bank of America Brian Moynihan, Joe Biden's, Jeff Zients, , Jamie Dimon, Jane Fraser ,, Brian Moynihan, Pedro Pizarro, Trump, Steve Schwarzman, Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, Sara Armbruster, Darren Woods, Ed Bastian, Morgan Stanley, Ted Pick, James Gorman, Lynn Good, Solomon, Larry Fink, Satya Nadella, Woods, Bastian, Fink, Nadella, Lachlan Murdoch, Corie Barry, Dave Calhoun, spokespeople Organizations: Bank of America, White, Business, CNBC, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Jane Fraser , Bank of America, Edison International, Trump, Blackstone Group, ExxonMobil, Delta Air, Duke Energy, BlackRock, Microsoft, Fox Corp Locations: Washington , DC, Trump, Italy, Washington
Fourteen Amtrak executives received more than $200,000 each in incentive bonuses last year despite the service’s poor recent financial performance and struggles with its capital improvement projects, according to documents obtained by The New York Times. In 2023, Amtrak paid out more than $5 million in short- and long-term incentive bonuses to its executives even as the passenger rail service posted $1.7 billion in losses, according to records obtained from Senator Ted Cruz’s office. “It’s inexplicable that a dozen-plus Amtrak executives collected six-figure bonuses on the taxpayer’s dime.”Amtrak says the executive bonuses are necessary to attract and retain talent and rail expertise. Its incentive bonus program for 2021 came under intense scrutiny after The New York Times reported that the company had paid about $2.3 million in bonuses when the rail service reported its lowest revenue and biggest losses in more than a decade. On Wednesday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a hearing to discuss two bills to increase transparency and accountability around the Amtrak bonus payouts.
Persons: Ted Cruz’s, Mr, Cruz, Organizations: Amtrak, The New York Times, D.C, New York Times, House Transportation, Infrastructure Locations: Boston, Washington
Read previewThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Nandita Gupta, an accessibility product manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. I'm an accessibility product manager at Microsoft. Since December 2021, I've worked as an accessibility product manager for Accessibility Insights, a suite of products that helps developers code with accessibility in mind. There came a moment in my manufacturing job when I asked myself, "What am I doing? Taking the Microsoft job doubled my earnings from my last job — my annual income was around $75,000 in manufacturing, and the move to Microsoft brought my total compensation to over $170,000.
Persons: , Nandita Gupta, I've, MasterClass, Lauryn Haas Organizations: Service, Microsoft, Business, Google, Zoo Atlanta, TED, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, TEDx Georgia Tech Locations: Redmond , Washington,
But Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, criticized the House measure as a “divisive partisan bill” and said he is trying to reach a deal with Republicans to move bipartisan sanctions legislation. “Defending Israel from this flawed and biased prosecution deserves the same united support we share for the entire US-Israel relationship,” he said. “Political maneuvering by Republicans have made a bipartisan bill more difficult, but I have continued talks with those Republicans who are genuinely interested in a bipartisan path forward.”Cardin met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday afternoon. “If we’re going to get to the finish line, we’re going to need a bipartisan bill,” he said. We work well together.”Risch posted of X that he looks forward to the ICC legislation being on the agenda of the committee’s next meeting.
Persons: Republican Sen, Jim Risch’s, Suzanne Wrasse, Risch, Democratic Sen, Ben Cardin, , Israel, ” Cardin, Chuck Schumer, Cardin, Joe Biden, “ Sen, I’ve, ” Risch Organizations: CNN, Republican, Senate Foreign Relations, International Criminal Court, Hamas, Punchbowl News, ICC, Senate, Republicans, Democratic, Foreign Relations, Locations: Israel, Idaho, Ben Cardin of Maryland
Kodiak protein-packed oatmealIt was nice that the Kodiak oatmeal had protein but we didn't love the flavor. Ted BergKodiak is a bit of an outlier among the oatmeals I tested in that it includes added pea protein, whey protein, and milk protein. Each serving of oatmeal has 12 grams of protein, about three times more than the other varieties I tried. It also featured the largest and least ground-up oats and required the shortest cooking time — as little as 30 seconds in the microwave. This was undoubtedly our least favorite of the oatmeals we tried, but I could see it being a decent option for someone who wants extra protein in the morning.
Persons: Ted Berg Kodiak Locations: Kodiak
CNN —Rudy Giuliani was processed in Phoenix on Monday, weeks after pleading not guilty in Arizona to charges of allegedly conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. Giuliani was served on May 17 in Palm Beach, Florida, at his 80th birthday bash held by a GOP operative. Arizona prosecutors spent weeks trying to track down the former New York City mayor and eventually found him based on his podcasts. A grand jury in Arizona handed up indictments last month charging over a dozen Trump allies, including the fake electors and several individuals connected to his campaign, over their efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss. Goodman added that Giuliani “will be fully vindicated.”The Arizona indictment is just the latest legal woe for Giuliani stemming from his time as Trump’s attorney after the 2020 presidential election.
Persons: CNN — Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s, Giuliani, President Trump, , Ted Goodman, Goodman, Veronica Stracqualursi, Zachary Cohen Organizations: CNN, GOP, New, New York City, Trump, Washington, Giuliani, Dominion Locations: Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County, Palm Beach , Florida, New York, Georgia
Read previewThe Democratic National Committee is spending nearly $2 million in additional targeted state investments to boost down-ballot candidates and fund critical voter registration efforts ahead of November. In South Dakota, national Democrats are investing $70,000 in a critical voter registration program to boost turnout among Native Americans. The DNC is also investing additional money for state parties in Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Washington State. AdvertisementSome of the key down-ballot races the national party will target with the funding are the Maryland Senate contest between Democrat Angela Alsobrooks and former GOP Gov. In Texas, the national party will spend an additional $45,000 on organizing efforts to boost voter registration before the fall.
Persons: , Joe Biden, Jaime Harrison, Donald Trump, Harrison, Angela Alsobrooks, Larry Hogan, Gabe Vasquez, Yvette Herrell, Colin Allred's, Ted Cruz, The Trump Organizations: Service, Democratic National Committee, Business, Republicans, DNC, Indiana Democrats, Washington State, Maryland Senate, GOP Gov, New, Congressional, Democratic, GOP, Republican National Committee, RNC Locations: Indiana, South Dakota, Colorado , Kansas , Maryland, Minnesota , Nebraska, New Mexico , Texas , Utah, Maryland, New Mexico, In Texas, Texas, Manhattan, Montana and Ohio
Many Americans are not willing to leave a tip all the time, and they're becoming less likely to do so. The 2024 survey of US adults conducted from April 29 to May 1 found that 67% percent of those who go to sit-down restaurants always give tips to servers. Thirty-five percent of adults said "tipping culture has gotten out of control," per the Bankrate post. Still, the survey found 78% of Gen Xers and 86% of baby boomers who go to sit-down restaurants always give a tip. AdvertisementAnd younger Americans are less likely to tip at sit-down restaurants.
Persons: Bankrate, Ted Rossman, it's, Xers, culture's, Gen Xers, Gen Zers, millennials, Rossman, that's Organizations: Service, Business, Pew Research Center
I was writing a novel about Mr. Kaczynski. I grew up in Missoula, about 80 miles from the Unabomber’s shack in the Montana wilderness and was 11 at the time of his capture. I didn’t know who the Unabomber was or what he had done, but I could tell it was important — and dark. So much so that my home state was suddenly the center of national attention. Western Montana in the 1990s was not a place that made the national news, save for an occasional environmental disaster and the annual Testicle Festival — a days-long debauch of fried steer genitals that attracted seedier press.
Persons: Ted Kaczynski, Kaczynski, I’d Locations: Butner, N.C, Missoula, Montana, Western Montana
A Spirit Airlines aircraft undergoes operations in preparation for departure at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas, on Feb. 12, 2024. Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie said Friday that the budget airline isn't considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and is "encouraged" by its plan after a failed takeover by JetBlue Airways . Earlier this year, a federal judge blocked JetBlue's planned takeover of Spirit on antitrust grounds, raising concerns on Wall Street about the money-losing airline's ability to address its debt. "We are proudly executing to our plan as we've exited the merger agreement with JetBlue and are encouraged by the initial results of our stand-alone plan," Christie said at an annual shareholder meeting on Friday. S&P Global Ratings on Wednesday downgraded Spirit, raising questions about its ability to refinance.
Persons: Ted Christie, Spirit, we've, Christie Organizations: Spirit Airlines, Austin, Bergstrom International Airport, JetBlue Airways, Pratt & Whitney, Airbus, JetBlue, Hertz Locations: Austin , Texas, Thursday's
"So if you're not tipping in those scenarios, you're really taking money out of the server's pocket." Still, etiquette experts say there are situations where you may feel pressured to tip but are by no means required to. To be clear, the etiquette experts aren't saying to avoid tipping at the counter — merely that it's at your discretion. "It's a nice gesture to offer a tip to a worker who goes above and beyond the service," Swann says. "From an etiquette standpoint, we still tip the servers who are bringing us our food," he says.
Persons: It's, Ted Rossman, There's, Thomas Farley, Mister Manners, Elaine Swann, Swann, they've, Farley Organizations: Newark Airport, Swann School of Protocol . Service Locations: Bankrate, Denver
My family tried and ranked eight frozen meals from Costco to see which ones were the tastiest. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementLike a large portion of shoppers who buy frozen food, a retail sector that's seen significant growth over the past year, I prioritize cheap, convenient meals for my family. The freezer section at Costco always offers a broad variety of frozen meals, but buying anything in bulk-sized portions can be risky if you have no idea what to expect from the food. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Kirkland, Organizations: Costco, Service, Business
Read previewApple has made a big brand-partnerships hire who will work across its Apple TV+ entertainment business, a sign that it's serious about becoming a bigger advertising company. Lewinsky's role at Apple is expected to resemble that of Mahta Eghbali, who led copromotions for Apple TV+ films, TV, and sports and who left the company in 2023. Industry sources who work in branded entertainment said Apple TV+ has been stepping up efforts to use brands to promote its entertainment. Apple TV+ doesn't have an ad tier, but it's made a handful of hires from the TV business that have fueled speculation that it plans to introduce one, despite its long-held stance on customer privacy. Apple TV+ also recently hired a marketing vet, Tony Trujillo, to run marketing partnerships.
Persons: , Mike Lewinsky, Eghbali, Lewinsky, Monica Lewinsky, Barbie, merch, Ted Lasso, It's, Lauren Anderson, Magno Herran, it's, Ricky Strauss, Chris Van Amburg, JP Richards, Tony Trujillo Organizations: Service, Apple, Endeavor, InBev, DP, Marriott International, Visa, Business, Creative Artists Agency, Entertainment Media Ventures, Nike, Tandem, Amazon MGM, Netflix, Lacoste Locations: 160over90
Read previewThe Senate failed on Wednesday to advance a bill designed to protect access to contraceptives nationwide. Just two Republican senators — Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska — voted with Democrats to advance the bill. Advertisement"Do people really think that even a significant minority of the Republican conference is against access to contraception?" AdvertisementBut still — if Republicans aren't against contraception, why won't they just vote for the bill? Glenn Youngkin of Virginia vetoed a bill to protect access to contraception, arguing that it violated principles of religious freedom.
Persons: , — Susan Collins of, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska —, Chuck Schumer, Republican Sen, Thom Tillis, — Schumer, it's, Tillis, Griswold, Roe, Wade, Clarence Thomas, They've, James Lankford, Lankford, Sen, Rick Scott of, Glenn Youngkin, John Barrasso of, John Barrasso of Wyoming Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee John Boozman, Arkansas Ted Budd of, Carolina Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia Bill Cassidy, Louisiana John Cornyn, Texas Tom Cotton, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of North Dakota Mike Crapo, Idaho Ted Cruz of, Idaho Ted Cruz of Texas Steve Daines, Montana Joni Ernst, Iowa Deb Fischer, Nebraska Chuck Grassley, Josh Hawley, Missouri John Hoeven of, Missouri John Hoeven of North Dakota Cindy Hyde, Smith, Mississippi Ron Johnson, Wisconsin James Lankford, Oklahoma Mike Lee, Utah Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming Roger Marshall of Kansas Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Markwayne Mullin, Oklahoma Rand Paul of Kentucky Pete Ricketts, Nebraska Jim Risch, Idaho Mike Rounds, South Dakota Marco Rubio, Eric Schmitt, Missouri Rick Scott, Florida Tim Scott of, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of South Dakota Thoms Tillis, North Carolina Tommy Tuberville, Alabama Roger Wicker, Mississippi Todd Young, Mike Braun, Indiana Katie Britt, Alabama Lindsey Graham of, Alabama Lindsey Graham of South Carolina Bill Hagerty, Tennessee John Kennedy, Louisiana Jerry Moran of, Louisiana Jerry Moran of Kansas Mitt Romney, Utah Dan Sullivan, Alaska JD Vance, Ted Budd Organizations: Service, Nine Republicans, Democratic, Republican, Business, Republicans, GOP, Oklahoma Republican, Democrats, Republican Gov, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of North, Nebraska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of South Dakota, North, Alabama Lindsey Graham of South Locations: — Susan Collins of Maine, Alaska, North Carolina, . Connecticut, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Rick Scott of Florida, Virginia, John Barrasso of Wyoming, Arkansas, West, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Idaho, Idaho Ted Cruz of Texas, Montana, Missouri, Missouri John Hoeven of North Dakota, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Florida, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina, Florida Tim Scott of South Carolina John Thune of South, Alabama, Indiana, Alabama Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana Jerry Moran of Kansas, Ohio
CNN —Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to block a bill put forward by Democrats that would guarantee access to contraception nationwide, as Democrats seek to highlight the issue in the run up to November’s elections. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins crossed over to vote with Democrats in favor of advancing the bill. Katie Britt and Ted Cruz introduced a bill called the IVF Protection Act in May, and Republican Sen. Joni Ernst has put forward a separate bill to promote access to contraception. “We will have an alternative that will make very clear that Republicans are for contraception,” Senate GOP Whip John Thune said. Ahead of the vote on the Democrat-led bill, Ernst attempted to pass her alternative contraception bill by unanimous consent, but the request was blocked by Democrats.
Persons: Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Schumer, It’s, GOP Sen, John Cornyn, , Roe, Wade, , , Chuck Schumer, , , Illinois Democratic Sen, Tammy Duckworth, Katie Britt, Ted Cruz, Republican Sen, Joni Ernst, John Thune, Ernst, Democratic Sen, Patty Murray, Britt, Murray, Democratic Sens, Ed Markey, Mazie Hirono, Duckworth, CNN’s Brenda Goodman Organizations: CNN, Republicans, GOP, , Democratic, state’s, Illinois Democratic, Republican, Democrat, US Food and Drug Administration, Health, Education, Labor, Women’s Freedoms Locations: Texas, Alabama, implanting
Washington CNN —Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared defiant Tuesday as he spent hours fielding questions from lawmakers on a range of topics, occasionally sparring with Republican House members seeking to use his testimony to attack the Justice Department. “These repeated attacks on the Justice Department are unprecedented, and they are unfounded,” he told lawmakers. “I will not be intimidated, and the Justice Department will not be intimidated. “It is not the fault of the Department of Justice that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with criminals,” Lieu said. “Trump brought that upon himself.”Lieu also noted that President Biden’s son Hunter is being prosecuted “in federal court right now” by Garland’s Justice Department.
Persons: General Merrick Garland, Garland, Donald Trump, Hunter Biden, Garland’s, Joe Biden’s, Robert Hur, ” Garland, lobbed, , , Biden, Trump, Jack Smith’s, Jim Jordan, Jack Smith, Smith, Jordan, Hunter Biden’s, Ben Cline, Cline, Ted Lieu, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Elliott Broidy –, ” Lieu, “ Trump, Biden’s, Hunter Organizations: Washington CNN, Republican, Justice Department, GOP, Department, DOJ, CNN, Manhattan District, Republicans, Trump, Manhattan District Attorney, Justice, Ohio Republican, White House, Democratic, Department of Justice, Garland’s Justice Department Locations: New York, York, Washington ,, Florida, Delaware, Trump
Read previewThe Meta AI chatbot is more willing to share what data it was trained on than Meta is. It expanded Meta AI in April as a chat and image generator function across all its apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp. Meta AI told Business Insider that it was trained on large datasets of transcriptions from YouTube videos. Meta AI initially said its training data included a third-party dataset of 3.7 million transcribed YouTube videos. In responding to further queries about its YouTube training data, Meta AI said its training data included another, larger dataset of transcriptions from 6 million YouTube videos also compiled by a third party.
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CNN —Fans of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce curious about where the couple’s relationship is headed can thank Jason Sudeikis for trying to get them closer to some answers. (L-R) Jason Sudeikis, Robert Smigel, Patrick Mahomes, George Wendt, and Travis Kelce perform onstage during 2024 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend on Saturday. That’s what four tickets cost to her concert anyway.”“She just got to Kansas City, boys. Kelce responded to Sudeikis’ interrogation with an embarrassed smile and an awkward chuckle, as he seemingly waited for it all to be over. Swift and Kelce began dating last summer and the singer is often spotted cheering on the athlete at his games.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Jason Sudeikis, Kelce, Sudeikis, Robert Smigel, George Wendt, Big, Patrick Mahomes, Kyle Rivas, Smigel, Wendt, , Taylor, Jesus, ” Kelce, “ Travis, Ted Lasso ”, ” Sudeikis, “ Taylor, Harrison Butker, Swift Organizations: CNN —, NFL, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Locations: Kansas City , Missouri, Kansas
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani departs the U.S. District Courthouse after he was ordered to pay $148 million in his defamation case in Washington, U.S., December 15, 2023. The D.C. Bar's Board on Professional Responsibility on Friday recommended that Rudy Giuliani be barred from practicing law in the nation's capital. This report follows one from last year in which a disciplinary board for the D.C. Bar also recommended disbarment for Giuliani. Now, the case heads to the D.C. Court of Appeals, which will decide whether Giuliani, who formerly served as the mayor of New York City, will be disbarred. Giuliani has already had his law license suspended in New York, where a New York court ruled that he made "demonstrably false and misleading statements" following the 2020 presidential election.
Persons: Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Bar, disbarment, Giuliani, Ted Goodman, President Trump, Goodman, Jenna Ellis Organizations: New York, U.S, Bar's, Giuliani, of Appeals, NBC News, Trump, Bar Association Locations: Washington , U.S, Pennsylvania, New York City, American, New York, Colorado
In May 2019, a top official in the U.S. Department of Agriculture got a call on his cellphone from Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey. The conversation was brief, the senator was curt, and the message was clear: “Stop interfering with my constituent.”Ted A. McKinney, then the under secretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs, testified about the exchange on Friday during the third week of Mr. Menendez’s bribery trial in Federal District Court in Manhattan. It was the first time that jurors had heard directly from a witness who attributed conduct to the senator that is central to the government’s claim in an indictment that alleges a sprawling bribery conspiracy: that Mr. Menendez was willing to flex his political muscle to win favorable treatment for allies.
Persons: Robert Menendez, curt, ” Ted A, McKinney, Menendez Organizations: U.S . Department of Agriculture, Robert Menendez of New, Federal, Court Locations: Robert Menendez of, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Manhattan
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