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Opinion | America Isn’t Leading the World
  + stars: | 2024-06-11 | by ( Stephen Wertheim | )   time to read: +2 min
After four years of Donald Trump, Joe Biden was supposed to restore the United States to a position of global leadership. Yet there is more to global leadership than backing friends and beating back foes. After decades of dubious warmaking, the United States would become the global good guy again, uniting the world to resist the Kremlin’s blatant affront to law and order. The United States now must contend with an aggrieved and unpredictable nuclear peer in Moscow. The United States is not outmatched, exactly.
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In the days after Oct. 7, Mr. Biden had the opportunity to shape Israel’s response by publicly defining what kind of actions the United States would, and would not, support. A carrot-and-stick approach could have either improved Israel’s actions or distanced the United States from a costly failure. Mr. Biden recently said “there’s no going back” to the prewar status quo. To have any odds of success, the United States will have to threaten to reduce military assistance and political support and act accordingly. Don’t count on Mr. Biden to change.
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Sometimes the stories we tell to win the war help us lose the peace. The story we are telling ourselves today about the war in Ukraine runs its own risk. Without question, Russia is committing horrific, inexcusable aggression against Ukraine, and imperialist attitudes in Moscow run deep. Folding Ukraine into the alliance won’t end that impulse, even with U.S. backing and the nuclear guarantee it brings. Ukraine’s best path to peace is to be well armed and supported outside NATO.
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