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People are spending almost every dollar they have to keep up with rising prices and interest costs. They're cutting back wherever they can, paving the way for an economic slump, Stephanie Pomboy said. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . "They're spending every dollar they have, and then some, just to keep up with the basic necessities." This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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The US economy won't dodge a hard landing recession, according to Stephanie Pomboy. That could be followed by a "double-dip" profit recession as corporate earnings take a hit. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe US economy can't avoid a hard-landing recession, according to one top economist. She warned in a recent interview of a coming "double-dip" profit recession for US companies, which could cause earnings to nosedive and spark big problems for the economy.
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Households have been hit hard by rate hikes while Wall Street has thrived, economist Stephanie Pomboy says. Pomboy flagged a surge in consumer credit-card debt in November as proof of mounting pressure. AdvertisementAmerican households are bearing the brunt of higher interest rates, while financial firms are raking it in, according to economist Stephanie Pomboy. She cautioned in September that the Fed's rate hikes would ultimately have a "severe impact" on the economy, companies, and household credit. She also predicted that in the aftermath of the disaster, Americans would balk at racking up credit-card debt again as they did after the mid-2000s housing bubble burst.
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Economist Stephanie Pomboy has warned of the economic risks signaled by rising corporate bankruptcies in the US. First-half US corporate bankruptcies surged to the highest level since 2010, per S&P data. "It's really something, listening to johnny-come-latelys parroting my talking points on corporate bankruptcies (which none of them saw coming 6 mo's ago). If they did, they'd be calling for a fiscal & monetary response that makes 2008-9 look like peanuts," Pomboy wrote. This is not the first time Pomboy has raised concerns of looming economic and market risks in 2023.
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Higher prices and interest rates are pressuring consumers and companies, Stephanie Pomboy says. Meanwhile, businesses are suffering a "migraine" in the form of higher debt costs, the Macro Mavens founder and president said. She pointed to the pressure on consumer spending, the limited supply of labor, and striking workers raising companies' costs by driving up wages and securing settlements. Inflation surged to a 40-year high of 9.1% last summer, spurring the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates from nearly zero to north of 5.25% today — a 22-year high. Higher rates can ease upward pressure on prices by encouraging saving over spending, hiring, and investing.
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From stocks to commercial real estate, several parts of financial markets are on shaky ground. Here are the 10 wildest predictions about asset prices and the economy over the past quarter. Grantham said the prices of stocks, bonds, real estate, fine art, and other investments surged to unsustainable highs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Crypto: an 'apocalypse' is coming for digital assets"Dr. Doom" economist Nouriel Roubini isn't hopeful about the crypto industry. "I think it will spread into commercial real estate as banks become more reluctant to lend," Cooperman said.
Equity markets are likely to decline sharply within 60 days, said market guru Larry McDonald. That's because, as credit risk is rising, investors continue to focus on markets fads like AI. The Nasdaq, which has outperformed the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average this year, is ignoring this credit risk, McDonald added. A similar pattern has played out before, with stock investors failing to assess risks as early as other investors do, he said. In recent days, others have also warned of a stock market crash.
Stephanie Pomboy expects US stocks to plunge 30% and a broad economic downturn to take hold. Consumers, businesses, and real estate developers are being hit by soaring interest rates, she said. The stock market could plunge 30%, and the current pressure on banks could spread to commercial real estate, corporate credit, municipal bonds, and other markets, Pomboy said. The upshot is that consumers are struggling to afford their car loans and credit cards, and many companies and real estate developers are feeling the squeeze, she continued. Here's what he said about the outlook for stocks and house prices, and the threat of a recession.
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