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There, a recent article belittled an international warrant to arrest Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, for war crimes. It repeated, word for word, an article that had appeared a day before under a different byline on the website for RT, Russia’s global television network. RT, which the U.S. State Department describes as a key player in the Kremlin’s disinformation and propaganda apparatus, has been blocked in the European Union, Canada and other countries since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Sites like Man Stuff News, however, have helped RT sidestep the restrictions and continue reaching European and American audiences, according to a new report. Many of the articles were then further disseminated through social media.
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I work for a House Democrat who has endorsed Biden's plan for a negotiated, two-sided cease-fire — but that's absolutely not far enough. AdvertisementWhen it's constituents saying this, I understand: They don't understand exactly how congressional offices work, they don't know how Congress functions. We have seen an unprecedented influx of constituent sentiment in support of a cease-fire, and in some lawmakers' offices, that sentiment is not being listened to at the most senior level. You don't know who's going to step in and replace you in that job. You don't know if they're going to hire someone who just does not believe in the humanity of the Palestinian people.
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The Supreme Court sided with the National Rifle Association on Thursday, saying it could pursue a First Amendment claim against a New York state official who had encouraged companies to stop doing business with it after the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Fla.Justice Sonia Sotomayor, writing for a unanimous court, found that the N.R.A. had plausibly claimed a violation of the First Amendment, sending the case back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York, for further proceedings. The N.R.A., in asking the Supreme Court to hear the case, cited what it described as the enormous regulatory power of the state official, Maria T. Vullo, a former superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services. A court decision siding with Ms. Vullo, the group warned, would open the door to government officials making similar pleas about hot-button issues like abortion and the environment. Ms. Vullo, in court filings, has pushed back again the N.R.A.’s allegations that she undermined the First Amendment.
Persons: Sonia Sotomayor, Maria T, Vullo Organizations: National Rifle Association, U.S ., Appeals, Second Circuit, New York State Department of Financial Services Locations: New York, Parkland, Fla
The Toussaint Louverture International Airport, which has reopened after being closed for nearly three months due to gang violence, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on May 20. Montis and the Lloyds barricaded themselves inside their residence on the compound, but it was not enough, Lloyd told CNN. US Ambassador to Haiti Dennis Hankins walks after Haiti’s transitional council ceremony, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti on April 25, 2024. The situation on the ground in Port-au-Prince remains anarchic,” he warned. But Thursday morning, the bodies of Davy and Natalie Lloyd finally began their long journey home.
Persons: Davy, Natalie Lloyd, Haiti Dennis Hankins, , Toussaint, Ralph Tedy Erol, Jude Montis –, Davy Lloyd’s, David Lloyd, Lloyd, Eric Burlison, Sen, Josh Hawley, ” Burlison, we’ve, ” Natalie Lloyd’s, Naomi Baker, Ben Baker, Stacy Librandi Bourne, Vitel’homme, , Baryé, ” Innocent, Judes Montis, Odelyn Joseph, Gary Desrosiers, Eunide Majeur Montis, Jude Montis, Cassidy Anderson, , Natalie, Champ de Mars, Hawley, Biden, “ Natalie, CNN’s AnneClaire Stapleton, Hande Atay Alam, Natalie Barr, Nikki Carvajal Organizations: CNN, Prince, US, Kansas City, US State Department, Reuters, Local carrier Sunrise, Lloyds, White, Missions, Missouri US, US National Security, State Department, US Embassy, , AP, HERO, Haiti’s National Police, Baker’s, General Hospital, Champ Locations: Haiti, American, Port, Miami, Kansas, United States, Prince, Haiti’s, Caribbean, Eric Burlison , Missouri, Missouri
U.S. officials said on Tuesday that the Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in southern Gaza was a tragedy but that it did not violate President Biden’s red line for withholding weapons shipments to Israel. The United States is by far the biggest supplier of weapons to Israel, which raises questions about American responsibility as the death toll mounts. She did not answer a follow-up question about whether the strike crossed a red line for Mr. Biden. A State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, said the United States was watching Israel’s investigation of the incident closely. Israel’s retaliatory offensive has killed more than 36,000 people, many of them women and children, according to health officials in Gaza.
Persons: John F, Kirby, , they’re, Biden, Israel, ” Mr, , Mr, Kamala Harris, Benjamin Netanyahu, Matthew Miller, Miller, , Daniel Hagari, Khan Younis, Khaled Elgindy, Elgindy, ” Erica L, Green, Michael Crowley Organizations: Mr, European Union, United, CNN, United Nations, State Department, Middle East Institute Locations: Rafah, Gaza, Israel, United States, United Nations, Egypt, China, , Hamas, Washington, New York
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAhead of Israel's assault on Rafah, President Joe Biden issued several stark warnings to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A $1 billion arms dealThe statement suggests Biden will continue to move forward with a $1 billion weapons package to Israel. As BI previously reported, the weapons deal could be seen as an attempt to heal Biden's relationship with Netanyahu and to halt accusations that the US is emboldening Iran. For instance, Biden previously withheld a shipment of bombs before announcing that the planned weapons deal would go ahead.
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The bombs used in the Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in a camp for displaced people near Rafah on Sunday were made in the United States, according to weapons experts and visual evidence reviewed by The New York Times. U.S. officials have been encouraging the Israeli military for months to increase the use of GBU-39 bombs in Gaza because they are generally more precise and better suited to urban environments than larger bombs, including U.S.-made 2,000-pound bombs that Israel routinely uses. “This is the smallest munition that our jets can use.”In response to questions from The Times, the Israeli military declined to specify the munition used. Image A fire raging after an Israeli strike on a camp for displaced people northwest of Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday night. Credit... Reuters“The Israelis have said they used 37-pound bombs,” John Kirby, a White House spokesman said at a briefing on Tuesday.
Persons: Trevor Ball, Ball, Alam Sadeq, Woodward, Alam, Salam, Biden, , Daniel Hagari, Admiral Hagari, ” John Kirby, Larry Lewis, Mr, Lewis, , Wes J, Bryant, , ” Mr, ” Neil Collier, Eric Schmitt, Aaron Boxerman, Ainara Tiefenthäler, Shawn Paik Organizations: The New York Times, The Times, U.S . Army, U.S, Credit, New York Times, Kuwaiti Al, Israel, Reuters, Pentagon, State Department, American Air Force, Times Locations: Rafah, United States, U.S, Israel, Palestinian, Colorado, Kuwaiti, Gaza
Ghada Redwan, a 48-year-old pharmacist in Houston, has been trying to get her parents out of Gaza for months. Their bags, packed and ready to go, have been sitting by their door in Rafah, the city where Israel is now conducting a military offensive. But Ms. Redwan has hit roadblocks at every turn. “You feel like there’s nothing you can do,” Ms. Redwan said in an interview. “You live comfortably, you have money, you’re a U.S. citizen and your parents are suffering and there’s nothing you can do for them.
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It just happened,” Kirby told reporters at the White House. Over the weekend, Israel launched an airstrike on a displacement camp in the southern Gaza city, killing dozens and sparking global outrage. Biden has not commented publicly on either development but has been kept appraised of actions inside Israel over the weekend, Kirby said. French President Emmanuel Macron said he was “outraged” by the strikes and called on operations in Rafah to stop. Kirby suggested the US would look to Israel’s assessment of the incident as it gauges a path forward.
Persons: Joe Biden, John Kirby, ” Kirby, , Biden, Kirby, Israel, Kamala Harris, Emmanuel Macron, , Daniel Hagari, Matthew Miller Organizations: Washington CNN, White, National Security, CNN, Israel Defense Forces, United, Locations: Israel, Rafah, Gaza, Europe, Palestinian, United States
The law has drawn stiff rebukes from the United States and Europe. The State Department has announced visa restrictions on officials behind the foreign-agent law and Congress has threatened further sanctions. The clash over the foreign-agent law in a small country nestled in the Caucasus Mountains has been largely overshadowed by Russia’s war on Ukraine. Georgia, in fact, was the first neighboring country invaded by Russia post-Soviet Union, in 2008, to block its westward drift. Now the ruling party, Georgian Dream, seems to share Russia’s goal, though it has generally avoided openly siding with Russia.
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CNN —House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers arrived in Taiwan on Sunday following the election of the island’s new president and after days of Chinese military drills. The US will continue to stand by our steadfast partner and work to maintain the status quo across the Taiwan Strait. US officials condemned the drills, with the State Department urging the Chinese to “act with restraint.”Two years ago, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island, marking the first time a US House speaker had traveled to Taiwan in 25 years. Her visit was met with days of large-scale military drills and warnings of a “severe impact” on US-China relations from the Chinese government. In April 2023, then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy similarly defied threats from China, presenting a united front with then-President Tsai Ing-wen in a California meeting.
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CNN —A top Mexican cartel member known as ‘El Nini,’ who was one of America’s most-wanted criminals for his alleged role in the fentanyl trade, has been extradited to the United States. Biden has previously described El Nini as one of America’s most-wanted criminals. The US State Department offered a reward of up to $3 million for information leading to his arrest and he was detained in Mexico in November of last year. The State Department also said Pérez Salas was responsible for the security apparatus of Los Chapitos, a faction of the Sinaloa cartel. “I am grateful to our Mexican government counterparts for their extraordinary efforts in apprehending and extraditing El Nini,” US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s office said in a statement.
Persons: El, , Joe Biden, El Nini –, Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas –, ” “ El Nini, ” Biden, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas “, , Biden, El Nini, Pérez Salas, Oscar Noé Medina González, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar, Joaquín, Guzmán, , extraditing El, General Merrick Garland’s, ” CNN’s Evan Perez, Zoe Sottile Organizations: CNN, Saturday, United, US Department of Justice, US State Department, State Department, The State Department, Department Locations: United States, Mexico, Sinaloa
CNN —A married couple from the US who were serving as missionaries in Haiti were killed there on Thursday, family members said. Davy and Natalie Lloyd “were attacked by gangs this evening and were both killed,” Natalie Lloyd’s father, Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, said in a Facebook post. The gang then took our trucks and loaded everything up they wanted and left.”American missionaries Davy and Natalie Lloyd were killed in Haiti on Thursday, May 23, family members said. Missions in HaitiThree hours later, Missions in Haiti posted that Davy and Natalie “were shot and killed by the gang about 9 o’clock this evening. The Facebook feed of Missions in Haiti has told the story of the increasing dire conditions in the country this year.
Persons: CNN —, Davy, Natalie Lloyd “, ” Natalie Lloyd’s, Ben Baker, , Davy Lloyd’s, Natalie, “ Davy, Natalie Lloyd, Natalie “, , Lloyd, ” Baker, Mike Parson, Biden, William Ruto Thursday, we’re, CNN’s Donald Judd Organizations: CNN, Lloyds, Missions, Inc, ” Missouri Republican Gov, ” CNN, Haitian, US State Department, UN Security, Multinational Security, Kenyan, Facebook Locations: Haiti, Missouri, , U.S, Haitian, United States
Yet he is locked up by the say-so of the United States government,” she added. His supporters believe he’s been caught up in geopolitics during a time of strained relations between the United States and China and have accused authorities of using him to send a message to former military personnel. A spokesperson for the Australian attorney general said the government doesn’t comment on extradition matters. Under Australia’s Extradition Act, Duggan is entitled to appeal directly to the attorney general as to why he shouldn’t be sent to the US. There is no set time period for the attorney general to make a decision, but by law it should be made as soon as practicable.
Persons: Daniel Duggan, Daniel Reiss, Duggan, Mark Dreyfus, Duggan’s, Saffrine, , Dan Duggan, ” “, ” Saffrine Duggan, Bianca De Marchi, , ” Duggan, TFASA, he’s, Reiss, shouldn’t Organizations: Australia CNN, US Marines, United, Downing Centre Local Court, US State Department, of Defense Trade, Test Flying Academy of South, CNN, TFASA Locations: Brisbane, Australia, United States, New South Wales, China, Sydney, Test Flying Academy of South Africa, South Africa
This satellite image shows Buthidaung, Myanmar, on January 17, 2024. © 2024 Maxar Technologies This satellite image shows Buthidaung, Myanmar, on May 18, 2024. This satellite image shows a damaged bridge in Buthidaung, Myanmar, on May 18, 2024. Warnings of further atrocitiesAn immediate concern is a humanitarian crisis in Rakhine state, with newly displaced residents unable to access food or clean water. The Myanmar military has blocked all access,” said Nay San Lwin.
Persons: Farooq, , Young, Volker Türk, Kyaw, , Buthidaung –, , John Quinley, Khaing, Lwin, Rohingya, Pan, Matthew Miller Organizations: CNN, Arakan Army, AA, Resource Management, Free Rohingya Coalition, International Court of Justice, Council, Myanmar, UN Human Rights Council, National Unity Government, Free Rohingya Coalition –, Maxar Technologies, , ” CNN, Bangladesh, Labs, Medecins, Rakhine . State Department, Unity Government Locations: Myanmar’s, Myanmar, Rakhine, Arakan, Bangladesh, Buthidaung, Lwin, Indonesia, San Lwin, Rakhine State
The Benjamin Netanyahu-led country on Tuesday took the outrageous step of seizing a camera and other video equipment used by The Associated Press to broadcast a live feed of Gaza — a decision the country only reversed amid severe backlash from free press advocates and following a White House request. And on Tuesday, it used that same law to target the AP, ostensibly confiscating its equipment because it provided its video feed to Al Jazeera, one of its thousands of global clients. A screenshot taken from AP video showing a general view of northern Gaza as seen from Southern Israel, before it was seized by Israeli officials on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. While Israel bowed to pressure on Tuesday and returned the AP’s equipment, the government notably offered no public apology to the renowned wire service. As the AP noted after its equipment was returned Tuesday, the underlying issues are still unresolved.
Persons: New York CNN —, Benjamin Netanyahu, Adrienne Watson, Watson, , Israel, Shlomo Karhi, Al Jazeera, Organizations: New York CNN, The Associated Press, White, State Department, Government, Israel, National Security, AP, Qatari, Al, AP Israel, Israel’s Locations: New York, New York CNN — Israel, Gaza, Israel, Al Jazeera, Southern Israel
Since the first American shipments of sophisticated weapons to Ukraine, President Biden has never wavered on one prohibition: President Volodymyr Zelensky had to agree to never fire them into Russian territory, insisting that would violate Mr. Biden’s mandate to “avoid World War III.”But the consensus around that policy is fraying. Propelled by the State Department, there is now a vigorous debate inside the administration over relaxing the ban to allow the Ukrainians to hit missile and artillery launch sites just over the border in Russia — targets that Mr. Zelensky says have enabled Moscow’s recent territorial gains. The proposal, pressed by Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken after a sobering visit to Kyiv last week, is still in the formative stages, and it is not clear how many of his colleagues among Mr. Biden’s inner circle have signed on. It has not yet been formally presented to the president, who has traditionally been the most cautious, officials said. The State Department spokesman, Matthew A. Miller, declined to comment on the internal deliberations over Ukraine policy, including Mr. Blinken’s report after his return from Kyiv.
Persons: Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zelensky, Antony J, Matthew A, Miller, Blinken’s Organizations: State Department, The State Department Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Kyiv
The decision by Microsoft to link executive compensation to successful cybersecurity performance is another is prompting discussions at other firms. One change the tech giant is making in response: linking executive compensation more closely to cybersecurity. In recent years, many Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, have added bonus pay tied to ESG metrics. The conversations about cybersecurity-linked executive pay have started taking place at other companies since Microsoft made its move, according to Aalap Shah, managing director at executive compensation consultant Pearl Meyer. Madnick's research shows that gaps in corporate culture are often culprits in high-profile hacks, not just the Microsoft example.
Persons: Brad Smith, Charlie Bell, Aalap Shah, Pearl Meyer, It's, I've, Shah, , Stuart Madnick, Madnick, Ryan Kalember, unavoidability, Jen, Kalember, ransomware, Mike Doonan, Doonan Organizations: Microsoft, U.S, Hill, Google, U.S . Department of Homeland, Initiative, Microsoft Security, Team, Companies, Fortune, Apple, MIT, Infrastructure Security Agency, CNBC, Technology, State Department Locations: China, Russia, cybersecurity, U.S
One familiar name stood out to US officials: the new acting foreign minister, Ali Bagheri Kani. Just last week in Oman, Kani was part of a delegation of senior Iranian officials that met indirectly with US officials, current and former officials said. In the wake of the death of so many of his top officials, US officials believe that Khamenei will work to ensure that replacements adhere to his hardline worldview. “It’s difficult to see there will be any major changes in the way Iran behaves on the world stage,” a senior administration official said. In talks with Iranian officials in Oman last week, US officials once again laid out for their counterparts the consequences of Iran’s destabilizing actions, behavior and policies, according to the senior administration official and a US official.
Persons: Ali Bagheri Kani, Kani, Biden, Ebrahim Raisi, Ali Khamenei, Raisi, Jonathan Panikoff, ” Khamenei, Khamenei, , Panikoff, , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Vahid, , Matt Miller Organizations: CNN, US, Supreme, Experts, Tehran ”, State Department Locations: Iran, United States, Oman, Gaza, Washington, Tehran, Israel, Kani
Menendez and Hana – as well as the other co-defendant, New Jersey real estate developer Fred Daibes – have pleaded not guilty. Moldovan said Nadine Menendez was “upset and offended” that Hana had a lawyer formalize the loan with a promissory note. Moldovan testified that he rarely did anything without Hana’s approval. Nadine Menendez never signed the IS EG job agreement, according to Moldovan. On cross-examination, the senator’s attorney, Avi Weitzman, asked Moldovan if Nadine Menendez ever mentioned she was dating the senator, to which he testified she did not.
Persons: CNN — Sen, Bob Menendez’s, New Jersey Democrat’s, Menendez, , Wael Hana, Menendez’s, Hana, Fred Daibes, Hana –, Fred Daibes –, Nadine, John Moldovan, Nadine Menendez, , Avi Weitzman, Daibes, CNN’s Gregory Krieg Organizations: CNN, New, FBI, State Department, EG, Moldovan, Strategic International Business Consultants Locations: New Jersey, New York, Egyptian American, Qatar
CNN —US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he wants to work with Congress on legislation to penalize the International Criminal Court after it applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The court’s chief prosecutor Karim Khan also issued warrants for senior Hamas officials, including its leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. The Biden administration came out forcefully against Khan on Monday for his decision to apply for the warrants against top Israel officials on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has faced questions about its condemnation of the ICC’s actions while saying it continues to support the court’s investigation into Russian war crimes during its invasion of Ukraine. The Trump administration previously sanctioned ICC officials by executive order in 2020 over its investigation of possible war crimes by US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, sanctions that the Biden administration lifted the next year.
Persons: Antony Blinken, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, , ” Blinken, Biden, Karim Khan, Yahya Sinwar, Blinken, Republican Sen, James Risch, , Sen, Lindsey Graham, Khan, Mike Johnson, ” Johnson, Lloyd Austin, Matthew Miller, “ We’ll, ” Miller, Trump Organizations: CNN, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations, Republican, ICC, Israel, American Heritage, Republicans, , White House, , Ukraine Defense Contact, . State Department Locations: Netherlands, Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Afghanistan
Things are so bad that even tech workers, who make some of the highest salaries of any profession, are feeling the crunch. Entry-level tech workers made an average of $75,262 in 2023, and could only afford 2.1% of studio and one-bedroom rental apartments in the city, StreetEasy found. "If these tech employees can't afford housing, then who can?" But even as New York City has created 800,000 new jobs in the last 10 years, it's only built 200,000 new homes. The average tech worker makes 52% more per year than the average worker in New York City, the StreetEasy report noted.
Persons: StreetEasy, Julie Samuels, Samuels, , Kenny Lee, Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul, Hochul, Adams Organizations: Service, Apple, Business, Tech, New York City, New York State Department of Labor, York City, New York, Yorkers Locations: New York, Manhattan, York City, San Francisco, New York City, StreetEasy, Yorker, York
YouTube YouTube TikTok TikTok TikTok TikTok YouTube Visual Investigations How a Haitian Gang Is Trying to Turn Itself Into a Militia Dozens of 5 Segonn members dance in a music video. It’s typically carried by militaries and hasn’t been seen being used before by the 5 Segonn gang. It’s typically carried by militaries and hasn’t been seen being used before by the 5 Segonn gang. A group of 5 Segonn gang members dressed in tactical gear. TikTok TikTok TikTok TikTok YouTube YouTube YouTube TikTok TikTok On social media, Izo often posts videos of himself dancing and drinking.
Persons: hasn’t, Jovenel Moïse, Ariel Henry, Johnson André, TikTok, Izo, They’ve, Gustavo Petro, Moïse’s, Dimitri Hérard, Hérard, Izo’s Organizations: YouTube YouTube, Kenyan, The New York Times, Gang, PORT, PRINCE, Prince Bay Gang, Prince, Global, Transnational, Rights, Human Rights Defence Network, Human Rights, Integrated, YouTube, of, Los Angeles Crips, Toyota, Haitian National Police, Haitian Army, Times, Associated, The Justice Department, State Department, Facebook Locations: Belgian, Haiti, Port, Dominican Republic, Prince Bay HAITI, PRINCE HAITI, U.S, America, Dieu, Izo’s, United States, Colombia, Haitian, South, Central America, Brazil, Latin America, Europe, Izo, Western
In the eyes of the Biden administration, Ebrahim Raisi was a brutal tyrant, a sworn enemy and a threat to world peace. But within hours of confirmation that Mr. Raisi, who had served for three years as Iran’s president, was killed in a weekend helicopter crash, the U.S. State Department announced its “official condolences” for his sudden death. A terse statement, issued on Monday under the name of a State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, betrayed no grief for the Iranian leader, who frequently railed at the United States and is believed to have at least condoned attacks on American troops by Iranian-backed proxy forces in Iraq and Syria. The statement drew swift outrage from vocal critics of Iran’s government, who argued variously that the United States should say nothing at all or harshly condemn Mr. Raisi, something Mr. Miller proceeded to do later, when questioned by reporters at a daily briefing.
Persons: Biden, Ebrahim Raisi, Raisi, , Matthew Miller, Miller Organizations: U.S . State Department, State Department Locations: United States, Iranian, Iraq, Syria
Read previewIn January 2025, Donald Trump may be sworn into office as the 47th President of the United States. Another Trump term, on the other hand, would likely entail a radical reversal from not just the previous four years, but even from Trump's first term in office. While not exhaustive, here's just some of what to expect in a second Trump administration. Miller told The New York Times that a second Trump administration would build "vast holding facilities that would function as staging centers" on "open land in Texas near the border." According to Bloomberg, Trump wants to extend those cuts in a second term.
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