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As the hype surrounding artificial intelligence shows no signs of abating, one tech fund manager is set to reveal her top ways to play the AI theme. On Wednesday's Pro Talks, Pleydell-Bouverie — who co-manages Lionstrust's global tech, innovation and dividend funds — will name companies that are "selling the picks and shovels for AI" and are "already making money." Pleydell-Bouverie manages the Liontrust Global Innovation, Liontrust Global Dividend and Liontrust Global Technology funds. Over the year to the end of March, all three funds have beaten their benchmark indexes, with the Liontrust Global Technology Fund rising 51.9%, compared to the MSCI World Information Technology Index's 39.1%. Learn more from our previous Pro Talks: Should investors buy the dip in Lululemon?
Persons: Clare Pleydell, Bouverie —, Bouverie Organizations: Liontrust, Management, Big Tech, Tech, Liontrust Global Technology, Liontrust Global Technology Fund, Technology, CNBC, Nvidia Locations: London, Singapore
CNN —Train enthusiasts and history buffs alike will soon have a new Southeast Asian destination to visit, as Vietnam prepares to unveil a revamped pair of vintage steam locomotives from the 1960s. The two Revolution Express locomotives are the last working steam trains in Vietnam, dating from when the country was still a French colony, according to hospitality brand Wafaifo Optimisers, which is managing the project. In recent years, the trains have been slowly restored to working condition using original parts, and crafted by the last remaining steam engineers working for the national railway system. Wafaifo & Revolution ExpressVietnam declared its independence from France on September 2, 1945 – a claim that neither France nor the United States recognized. By 1954, Vietnam signed the Geneva Accords – splitting the country into two halves, the Communist-led north and US-supported south, and kicking off the bloody Vietnam War, which would last nearly two decades.
Persons: Wafaifo Optimisers, Wafaifo, , Michael Gebbie Organizations: CNN, Revolution, Lang Co, Indochina Rail Tourist Service, Revolution Express, Geneva Accords, Communist, UNESCO Locations: Vietnam, Da Nang, Hue, Lang, Lang Co, Indochina, Revolution Express Vietnam, France, United States, Saigon, Chi Minh City
North Korea says its latest satellite launch exploded in flight
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North Korean technicians check the Unha-3 rocket at the Sohae Satellite Launch Station in Tongchang-Ri on April 8, 2012. North Korea said its attempt to launch a new military reconnaissance satellite ended in failure on Monday when a newly developed rocket engine exploded in flight. North Korea fired the projectile on a southern path off its west coast at around 10:44 p.m. (1344 GMT), the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff said. The launch appeared to originate from Dongchang-ri, a northwestern area of the country where North Korea's main space flight centre is based, JCS said. Japan said over its J-Alert broadcasting system that North Korea appeared to have fired a missile, sending out the warning to residents in southern prefecture of Okinawa.
Persons: Yoshimasa Hayashi, Hayashi Organizations: North Korea's National Aerospace Technology Administration, South's, Chiefs, Staff, North, NHK Locations: Tongchang, North Korea, Pyongyang, North, South Korea, Japan, China, Dongchang, Korean, Korea, Okinawa
Israeli airstrikes kill at least 35 in Rafah, Gaza authorities say
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Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz said the rockets fired from Rafah "prove that the (Israel Defense Forces) must operate in every place Hamas still operates from". Reshiq restated Hamas's demands, which include: "Ending the aggression completely and permanently, in all of Gaza Strip, not only Rafah". It follows an agreement between U.S. President Joe Biden and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Friday to temporarily send aid via the Kerem Shalom crossing, bypassing the Rafah crossing that has been blocked for weeks. Aid trucks had been piling up on the Egyptian side of the border since May 7, when Israel seized the Rafah crossing in Gaza. Today, trucks at the Rafah crossing were rerouted to the Kerem Shalom crossing, which sits at the junction of Gaza, Israel and Egypt.
Persons: Eyad BABA, EYAD BABA, Eyad Baba, Ashraf Al, Sami Abu Zuhri, Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Yoav Gallant, Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel, Izzat, Reshiq, Netanyahu, Khaled Zayed of, Joe Biden, Abdel Fattah al, Ali Moustafa Organizations: West Bank, Hamas, Palestinian Authority, Getty, Afp, International Committee, Kuwaiti, Brigades, Israel Defense Forces, ., Reuters, Aid, Crescent Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Israel, AFP, Tel Al, States, Tel Aviv, Egypt, Jabaliya, Gaza Israel, Kerem Shalom, RAFAH, EGYPT, Palestinian, Kerem Abu Salem, Today
So in 2016, Badran set up her own tour company, Wander with Nada, to “show a different side of Dubai” to travelers. Her bespoke private tours are designed to suit the interests of each visitor, but her favorite itinerary is Dubai’s “old town,” a group of small neighborhoods around Dubai Creek where the city began and Badran spent her childhood. Badran leads me through the narrow alleys around the Dubai Old Souk, home to stores run by Indian-origin families. Stores in Old Dubai Souk. “Dubai is about opening your mind,” Badran says, “and embracing this diversity that makes it unique.”
Persons: Nada Badran, Badran, , , Nada, Rebecca Cairns, Al Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Talli, There’s, , it’s, ” Badran, Al Shindagha, Al, Djamel Boussaa, ” Boussaa, hasn’t, Rashid Haghaght, Al Karama, ” “ Organizations: CNN, , United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Heritage, UNESCO, Al Shindagha, Trading Locations: Florence, Dubai, The, Arabian, “ Dubai, , Rome, Athens, Edinburgh, UAE, Oman, today’s Iraq, Bani Yas, Al Shindagha, Suadna, South, West Asia, Al, Saudi Arabia, Al Fahidi, Jordan, Deira, Isfahan, Old Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Rigga, Souk, Old Dubai Souk, Jebel Ali, Iran, India, China
A sabbatical is a break from work, usually for a defined time period. Check whether your company has a sabbatical policyIf your company already has a sabbatical policy, you should follow it. Explain to your boss how the sabbatical can benefit them upon your return, especially if it's being funded. Aim highYou can request a paid sabbatical in the first instance unless your company has a contrary policy or practice. Clearly, a paid sabbatical is more attractive to the employee, but the employer may be more willing to support an unpaid sabbatical, given the cost to the company.
Persons: , Claire Brooks, you'll, it's, Emma Magnus Organizations: Service, Partners, Business Locations: Araon, England
CNN —A pilot and passenger emerged unscathed from a light plane that made a dramatic crash landing in Australia after flying perilously close to houses in suburban Sydney. “It was gliding, there was no power,” pilot Jake Swanepoel told Nine News. Ground staff dashed to assist them, but Swanepoel and his partner Karin climbed out of the aircraft unscathed. “We didn’t think we were going to make this landing strip here,” Karin told Nine News. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau told CNN that it is gathering further information about the landing before deciding whether to launch an investigation.
Persons: Jake Swanepoel, Swanepoel, Karin, ” Karin, who’s, Organizations: CNN, Cessna, Nine, Nine News, Bankstown Airport, Australian Transport Safety Bureau, . Nine Locations: Australia, Sydney, Sydney’s, , Sydney's
The DOJ secured the agreements with Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., an information technology services firm, earlier this month. The job ad said it was after "only US-born citizens [white] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, TX." Arthur Grand apologized and said that an employee added discriminatory language to the listing and published it without authorization. AdvertisementAs part of its settlement with the Justice Department, Arthur Grand will pay the US Treasury a civil penalty of $7,500 and implement comprehensive training for its staff on INA compliance. Last month, Business Insider reported on a study that showed CVs with Black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks.
Persons: , Arthur Grand, Kristen Clarke, Michele Hodge, OpenAI, Arthur Grand didn't Organizations: Service, US Department of Justice, DOJ, Arthur Grand Technologies Inc, Immigration, Business, Department, Department of Labor's, LinkedIn, Justice Department, Labor, Justice Department's Civil, Division, US Treasury, INA, Labor Department, Bloomberg Locations: Virginia, Dallas , TX
Read previewElon Musk's xAI just took a critical step in building up its war chest to take on Sam Altman's OpenAI. The AI startup said in a blog post on Sunday that it had raised $6 billion for their Series B funding round. Related stories"There will be more to announce in the coming weeks," Musk said in an X post on Monday morning. AdvertisementThe mercurial billionaire said in a subsequent X post that xAI's pre-money valuation was $18 billion. Pre-money valuation was $18B — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 27, 2024Sunday's announcement marks the first time xAI has talked about its fundraising efforts.
Persons: , Elon Musk's xAI, Sam Altman's OpenAI, Andreessen Horowitz, Musk, Elon, xAI, he'd, Altman, OpenAI Organizations: Service, Sequoia Capital, Saudi Arabia's, Business, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The New York Times, OpenAI, Microsoft, Google Locations: Saudi, Saudi Arabia's Kingdom
“Mom was saying, ‘Kolya, Kolya.’ I shouted, ‘Mom, I’m alive.’”He said he frantically scraped the dust from his face and eyes. And I was shouting, ‘Mother, mother, it’s just a dream, a horrible dream.’” Mykola had a similar nightmare days earlier, and felt it might be recurring. Hours earlier, the family had a barbecue, and Mykola senior drank one beer too many and talked passionately about enlisting. In the pitch black, his son clambered outside, the front of their comfortable family home beyond recognition, its gates torn clean away. Video Ad Feedback CNN witnesses Ukrainian soldiers being treated after blast hits dugout 02:04 - Source: CNNThey were quickly tended to.
Persons: Eastern Ukraine CNN — Mykola, Larisa, Mykola Glushko, , , , , it’s, ’ ” Mykola, Mykola, clambered, Mick Krever, CNN Mykola, gurney, Ivan Organizations: Eastern, Eastern Ukraine CNN, CNN, Russian, quicken, 93rd Locations: Eastern Ukraine, Pokrovsk, Ukraine, Workers, Moscow, Kharkiv, , Bakhmut, Russia
Rafah, Gaza and Jerusalem CNN —Dozens of people were killed on Sunday after a fire broke out following an Israeli airstrike on a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza. “Several civilians are still trapped inside the camp, which was attacked without warning,” a Palestinian man filming the fire said. Palestinians mourn over the bodies of relatives killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah, the Gaza Strip on Monday. It was among the deadliest strikes by the Israeli military on Gaza’s southernmost city since Israel began its operation there on May 7. Qatar, another key mediator, said Israel’s strike could “hinder” ongoing negotiations, and called the attack a “serious violation of international law.”Palestinians gather at the site of an Israeli strike on a camp housing internally displaced people in Rafah, Gaza on Monday.
Persons: , Jehad, ” Avichay Adraee, Yifat, Yerushalmi, , ” Israel, Staff Yassin Rabia, Khaled Nagar, peered, Abed Rahim Khatib, Mohammad Abu Al Subeh, Abu Al Subeh, “ It’s, ” Abu Nidal Al Attar, Josep Borrell, Borrell, Israel, Emmanuel Macron, Critics, Israel’s, Eyad Baba Organizations: Jerusalem CNN, CNN, Gaza Health Ministry, Hamas, Sunday, Israel Defense Forces, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, IDF, West Bank, Staff, International Court of Justice, United Nations ’, Ministry of Health, Getty, UN, ” Medical, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, ICJ Locations: Rafah, Gaza, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Israel, , rummaging, Kuwait, Nuseirat, Egypt, Qatar, AFP
This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with Noland Arbaugh, Neuralink's first human patient to receive its brain-chip implant. I wasn't scared going into the surgery to get Neuralink's implant inserted in January. I know it's a long day, but it's fun for me, so it doesn't really feel like work. I didn't know what I was doing for a few months and didn't feel like I was being very productive. AdvertisementSince getting Neuralink's implant inserted in January, the quality of my life has improved significantly.
Persons: Noland Arbaugh, It's, I've, that's Organizations: Service, Bluetooth Locations: Maryland
CNN —Twelve people were injured after a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin was hit with turbulence on Sunday. According to a statement from Dublin Airport, six passengers and six crew members were injured in the incident, eight of which were taken to hospital following assessment. The Qatar Airways flight QR017 experienced turbulence while flying over Turkey, the statement said. It is not yet known what kind of turbulence the Qatar Airways plane experienced. An earlier version also misstated the number of the Qatar Airways flight that experienced turbulence.
Persons: , Paul Williams, ” Williams Organizations: CNN, Qatar Airways, Dublin Airport, Singapore Airlines, University of Reading Locations: Doha, Dublin, Turkey, London, Singapore, United Kingdom
CNN —Tropical Cyclone Remal made landfall in Bangladesh on Sunday, bringing torrential rain and heavy winds as it continues to move inland across eastern India, toppling trees, turning roads into rivers and causing large-scale damage. Cyclone Remal made landfall in Bangladesh on May 26, 2024. Locals stand near the sea as Cyclone Remal made landfall in Bangladesh on May 26, 2024. Tropical Cyclone Remal has been churning across the Bay of Bengal since late last week prompting authorities to prepare ahead of its arrival. People are riding on a scooter as rains hit Kolkata, India ahead of Cyclone Remal's landfall on May 26, 2024.
Persons: Remal, K M Asad, , Md Liakath Ali, Ali, Sudipta Das, Narendra Modi, , ” Modi Organizations: CNN, Indian Meteorological Department, CNN Weather, Bangladesh Meteorological Department, BRAC, Coast Guard, Cyclone, Indian, Sunday, Cyclones, Shenzhen Institute of Meteorological, Chinese University of Hong Locations: Bangladesh, India, West Bengal, Bengal, Mongla, Payra, Myanmar, Cox’s Bazar, Kolkata, West, North America, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Asia, Western, Central India
Shop at Walmart What we like Check mark icon A check mark. Local dimming for excellent contrast controlCheck mark icon A check mark. Shop at Mattress FirmFor a full breakdown of mattress deals, check out our guide to the best Memorial Day mattress sales. Shop at Amazon What we like Check mark icon A check mark. Shop at Amazon Shop at Kohl's What we like Check mark icon A check mark.
Persons: we've, you'll, you've, fryer, Braun, Fryer, Ninja's, Ninja, Crisp, Pick, It’s, Max, Casper, Pillow, Topper, Allbirds Organizations: Business, Apple, Day, Samsung, Walmart, Samsung TV, Amazon Sony, Amazon Samsung, Amazon, DreamCloud Sealy, Amazon ., Shop, Ninja, Sony, JBL Bluetooth, Amazon Beats, Amazon Apple, JBL, Haven, Elm, Flyers Locations: Brooklyn, France, Chewy
Josef Newgarden completed a daring pass to the outside of Pato O’Ward on the final lap to win the rain-delayed Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. As Newgarden and O’Ward sped down the frontstretch taking the white flag, O’Ward completed a slingshot pass of Newgarden, who then attempted his own slingshot pass as they raced into Turn 3. Josef Newgarden and Pato O’Ward battled to the end in the 108th running of the #Indy500. AdvertisementAnd Newgarden certainly earned the win Sunday, completing a bold pass that will go down in racing lore. The race had 48 lead changes, which is the fourth-most in Indianapolis 500 history (out of 108 races).
Persons: Josef Newgarden, Pato O’Ward, Newgarden, Hélio Castroneves, O’Ward, Scott Dixon, Alexander Rossi, Alex Palou, 0QqbcbnfYl, “ Pato, Pato, , Arrow McLaren, Wilbur Shaw, Mauri Rose, Bill Vukovich, Al Unser Sr, Kyle Larson, Ryan Hunter, Reay, Larson, Borg, — Jordan Bianchi, Indy, Newgarden’s elation, Jeff Gluck, Justin Casterline Organizations: Borg, Warner, INDYCAR, NBC, Indianapolis, Castroneves, NASCAR, Team Penske, Penske, Indy, Drivers Locations: Mexican, O’Ward, Charlotte, Indianapolis
How a global seafood giant broke Red Lobster
  + stars: | 2024-05-25 | by ( Nathaniel Meyersohn | )   time to read: +15 min
Former Red Lobster employees say that while the pandemic, inflation and rent costs impacted Red Lobster, Thai Union’s ineptitude was the pivotal factor in Red Lobster’s decline. Kenny criticized Red Lobster employees at meetings and made derogatory comments about them, according to former Red Lobster leaders who worked closely with Kenny. Red Lobster’s annual customer count has dropped by 30% since 2019, Red Lobster said in its bankruptcy filing. Red Lobster employees say they were pressured by Thai Union representatives to buy more seafood from Thai Union. Thai Union representatives also began sitting in on meetings between Red Lobster and seafood suppliers, said one of the former Red Lobster employees who witnessed these conversations.
Persons: , Ludovic Garnier, Jorge Silva, Red Lobster’s, , Les Foreman, Red, Thiraphong Chansiri, Angel, Feng shui, Chansiri, Amanda Mustard, Paul Kenny, Kenny, , Kenny’s, Bill Darden, General Mills, Darden, Kelli Valade, Valade, Trin, Tapanya, Kevin Lamarque, Barry Fulghum, Lobster, Leah Millis Organizations: New, New York CNN, Thai Union Group, Red, Lobster, Thai Union, CNN, Red Lobster, John West Foods, longtime, Reuters, Thai, West Coast, Lobster’s, Bloomberg, Getty, Minor, Thai Union —, Union, Darden, Gate, Golden, Capital, Facebook, Thai Union . Thai Union, ” Thai Union Locations: New York, Thai, Thailand, Thai Union, United States, Orlando, Australian, Dallas, America, United, Texas, Spring , Maryland
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Police Scotland told CNN it had received no reports regarding fans’ behavior towards Boyle. Paul Devlin/SNS Group/Getty Images“It was a historic problem born of the Catholic-Protestant divide in Scottish society, especially in the West of Scotland. And it became greatly manifest in football,” Scottish sports journalist Graham Spiers told CNN. Historically chants have included anti-Catholic religious bigotry, or vocal support for paramilitary groups like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Celtic and Rangers fans at the start of the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on September 10, 2016 in Glasgow.
Persons: Martin Boyle, Boyle, ” David Scott, , , Hibernian's Martin Boyle, John Souttar, Paul Devlin, Graham Spiers, It’s, ” Spiers, Spiers, Mark Scott, Scott, Jason Campbell, Mouth’s Scott, , , , ” Scott, Celtic’s, King William III, William of Orange, Frank McAvennie, Chris Woods, Terry Butcher, Chris Cole, don’t, ” Joseph Webster, ” Webster, Jeanette Findlay, ” “, Findlay, Steve Welsh, “ I’ve, I’m Organizations: CNN, Hibernian FC, Scottish, Rangers FC, Northern, ” Hibernian FC, Hibs, Police Scotland, Rangers, Hibernian, Easter, SNS, Scotland, Catholic, – Celtic FC, Irish Republican Army, Ulster Volunteer Force, UVF, “ Rangers, Catholic Hibernian, Midlothian FC, Loyalist, Celtic, Scottish Premier League, Ibrox, ” Authorities, Football, Communications, Crown, Fiscal, Scottish Government, University of Cambridge, ” CNN, Scottish Football Association, CNN Sport, Celtic Park, ” Celtic Locations: Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland’s, Scotland, Scottish, West, Glasgow, , Findlay
Here’s why we eat popcorn at the movies
  + stars: | 2024-05-25 | by ( Alicia Wallace | )   time to read: +11 min
But the perfect (and very profitable) pairing of today wasn’t always the case: For many years, movie theaters wanted nothing to do with the snack. People watch movies in a newly reopened AMC River East theater on Aug. 20, 2020, in Chicago. Popular movies often bring collectible cups and popcorn buckets, or, in industry-speak, Collectible Concession Vehicles (CCVs). The cinema business will continue to evolve, but one thing will remain constant, said Gil of Queen’s University. “Theaters will stop playing movies before they will actually stop selling popcorn.”
Persons: , Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, ” Paul Dergarabedian, Andrew F, ” Smith, Cracker Jack, , Smith, ’ ” Smith, hawkers, Peter Stackpole, John Aitkin, John Sr, Aitkin, Alicia Wallace, CNN It’s, Loren Williams, Alicia Reese, Ricard Gil, Jason Wambsgans, Gil, Wedbush’s Reese, Red Robin, ” Nels Storm, Garfield ”, Cory Ryan, Heather Morgan, Alamo’s, ” Andrew Sherburne, Christian Meoli, Camilla Meoli, ” Gil Organizations: Minneapolis CNN, CNN, AMC, Exposition, Bettmann, Riverview, , Riverview Theater, Wedbush, Queen’s University, Chicago Tribune, Tribune, Service, Waffle, AMC Theatres ’, Walmart, Kroger, Alamo, University of Iowa’s, Cinemas Locations: Minneapolis, America, New England, South America, Philadelphia, Texas, South Minneapolis, Riverview, “ Kingdom, Canada, Chicago, Brooklyn , New York, Iowa City , Iowa, Seattle, Emerald, California
European Union flags fly outside the European Commission building in Brussels, Belgium, on April 12. They add: “It was precisely to avert such a grim world order that our grandparents, witnesses of the horrors of World War II, created Europe. The calls come in the same week that three European countries – Ireland, Spain and Norway - announced plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state. Although Norway is not an EU member, the plans do have the potential to exert greater pressure on the countries’ western allies to take a tougher stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. But the move is not a coordinated European effort and the bloc has long struggled to speak with one voice.
Persons: Kenzo Tribouillard, , Organizations: European Commission, Getty, European, EU Locations: Brussels, Belgium, AFP, Gaza, Israel, Europe, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Palestinian
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The CVS pharmacy logo is displayed on a sign above a CVS Health Corp. store in Las Vegas, Nevada on Feb. 7, 2024. Pharmacy staff at two CVS retail stores in Rhode Island voted to join a new national pharmacy union on Friday, signaling growing momentum in a movement to help thousands of U.S. pharmacy workers address what they allege are unsafe working conditions. It comes a month after a CVS Omnicare pharmacy in Las Vegas — which is not customer facing — became the first location to join the union, known as The Pharmacy Guild. "These are the first brick-and-mortar classic CVS model" stores to join the union, Shane Jerominski, a community pharmacist and co-founder of The Pharmacy Guild, told CNBC. Many employees said the Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated those issues, with new duties such as vaccinations and testing stretching pharmacy staff even thinner.
Persons: , Shane Jerominski, Jerominski Organizations: CVS Health Corp, Pharmacy, Westerly, CVS, CNBC, Walgreens, National Labor Relations, IAM Healthcare, Rite Aid Locations: Las Vegas , Nevada, Rhode, Wakefield, Las Vegas, U.S
Fisker cuts deeper with new wave of summer layoffs
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Grace Kay | )   time to read: +1 min
Fisker initiated another round of layoffs on Wednesday, multiple sources told Business Insider. The company has gone through a series of cuts and warned it might go out of business. AdvertisementEmbattled EV startup Fisker kicked off another round of layoffs on Wednesday, four sources with knowledge of the issue told Business Insider. Fisker has made multiple cuts to its workforce over the last few months. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Fisker, Henrik Fisker, , Henrik Organizations: Business, Service
At 2:45 p.m. on a sunny Wednesday in a plaza near the Flatiron Building, a crowd of a few dozen was watching, and appearing in, New York City’s most infamous new reality show. On a round video screen, encased in a porthole-like structure behind a railing, they could see a livestream of onlookers across the Atlantic, in the center of Dublin. “They can see you just like you see them!” a staff member minding the exhibit told the crowd. From the Irish side, people displayed images of swastikas and of the 2001 World Trade Center attack. The transgressions went viral, not the sort of global connection and sharing that the organizers were hoping for.
Persons: minding Organizations: Trade Locations: New York, Dublin,
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