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Read previewI recently planned a vacation with my husband to an all-inclusive resort, something I wasn't completely sold on since I've been sober for the last eight months. Courtesy Terri PetersWhile I'm sober, I don't consider myself an alcoholic or work with a support group or sponsor to maintain my sobriety. I filled my downtime at the resort with activitiesWhile at the resort, Terri Peters tried plenty of activities, including a bracelet-making class. AdvertisementMy trip only solidified my decision to be soberThe trip only solidified Terri Peters' decision to be sober. Visiting an all-inclusive resort as a non-drinker was a great experience for me — something I can't wait to do again.
Persons: , I've, We'd, Terri Peters, Vincent, it's, Coke, Amanda Kuda, Angostura, Terry Peters, sipped mocktails Organizations: Service, Business Locations: St.Vincent, Grenadines, St, Caribbean
Read previewThe last time my husband and I visited an adults-only, all-inclusive resort was over a decade ago. Here's what it was like to stay at an all-inclusive resort as a sober person, and how I navigated my husband's decision to drink alcohol while I abstained. AdvertisementThere were as many alcohol-free options at the resort as alcoholicTerri Peters found there were plenty of non-alcoholic options while on vacation at an all-inclusive resort. A pro tip for non-drinkers traveling to an all-inclusive resort? Courtesy Terri PetersTough conversations aside, my husband and I grew closer as a couple on our all-inclusive trip.
Persons: , I've, Vincent, Terri Peters, tipsy, It's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: St, Grenadines, Caribbean
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