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Local officials said a massive landslide struck a village in Papua New Guinea's highlands, with many feared dead. An emergency convoy was delivering food, water and other provisions Saturday to stunned survivors of a landslide that devastated a remote village in the mountains of Papua New Guinea and was feared to have buried scores of people, officials said. Aktoprak conceded that if the number of buried houses estimated by local authorities was correct, the death toll could be higher. "The United States stands with Papua New Guinea — our close partner and friend — today and always," Biden added. Albanese posted on the social media platform X: "All Australians grieve for our brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea after the terrible landslide."
Persons: Serhan Aktoprak, Aktoprak, James Marape, Andrew Ruing, Ruing, Joe Biden, Anthony Albanese, Biden, , Albanese Organizations: International Organization, Papua New Guinea, Australian Broadcasting Corp, U.S, Australian Locations: Maip Mulitaka, Papua, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea, Enga, South Pacific, Port Moresby, Papua New, Wabag, Porgera, Australia, United States, China
Other Australians stranded have had to go scrounge coconuts to eat,” he said. Maxwell Winchester and his wife, an Australian couple stranded in New Caledonia after the unrest broke out. But Winchester said he and other tourists have no sense of when it might be their turn. People line up at a store for supplies in New Caledonia, with larger supermarkets nearby burned and looted during the riots on the French territory. And among the stranded tourists, frustration is growing over what they say is a lack of assistance or clear instructions from their governments.
Persons: Maxwell Winchester, it’s, We’ve, , Emmanuel Macron, , “ We’re, Winchester, Macron, Prisca Thevenot, Theo Rouby, we’re, Organizations: CNN, , New Zealand, Facebook, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealanders, Olympic, Paris Olympic Games, ” CNN, Getty Locations: South, New Caledonia, Victoria, Australian, ” Australia, New, Brisbane, Australia’s, , Brisbane , New Caledonia, Paris, France, , Winchester, Noumea , New Caledonia, AFP, French
CNN —French President Emmanuel Macron is on his way to New Caledonia, a government official has said, after a week of deadly unrest in the Pacific archipelago. Macron was leaving Paris on Tuesday night and will “set up a mission” in the French territory, government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot told a press conference, without giving further details. He will be accompanied by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu, and Overseas Minister Marie Guévenoux, Darmanin told the National Assembly. Darmanin also told the French legislature the number of police and gendarmes in New Caledonia would soon reach 3,000. Lying in the South Pacific with Australia, Fiji and Vanuatu for neighbors, New Caledonia is a semiautonomous French territory — one of a dozen scattered throughout the Pacific, Caribbean and Indian Ocean.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Prisca Thevenot, Gérald Darmanin, Sébastien Lecornu, Marie Guévenoux, Darmanin, Paris –, Macron’s, Thevenot, Gabriel Attal Organizations: CNN, Paris, Interior, Defense, Overseas, National Assembly, France’s National Assembly, , New Locations: New Caledonia, Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Pacific, Fiji, Vanuatu, , New Caledonia, Pacific, Caribbean, Indian, Colonial France, White
President Emmanuel Macron of France is making a surprise trip to New Caledonia, a French territory in the South Pacific that has been gripped by deadly unrest for more than a week, to hold talks with pro-independence leaders. Six people have died and hundreds have been injured since demonstrations by the Indigenous Kanak people turned violent early last week. Some local leaders expressed doubts that Mr. Macron, who is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, could defuse the tensions. Many in the Kanak community have accused Mr. Macron and France of reneging on an agreement that had put New Caledonia on a possible path to independence. Mr. Macron has refused calls to withdraw the amendment.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Jimmy Naouna Organizations: South Pacific Locations: France, New Caledonia, South, Indigenous, reneging
A chocolate factory and a soda bottling plant set on fire. As protests against French control boiled over this week in New Caledonia, the South Pacific archipelago experienced some of its most intense violence since a civil war decades ago. “I’m in a state of shock, I can’t move,” Lizzie Carboni, a writer who lives in Noumea, the capital, said by phone as the fourth night of protests began on Thursday. It built a penal colony and over time shipped in more foreigners to mine New Caledonia’s vast nickel reserves. That eventually made the Indigenous Kanaks a minority in their own land.
Persons: Molotov, , Lizzie Carboni, Carboni Organizations: Pacific, Locations: New Caledonia, Noumea, ” France, Australia
AdvertisementSo who is Larry Page and how did he get to where he is today? AdvertisementPage and Sergey Brin create GoogleGoogle co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met as students at Stanford. Google's parent company, Alphabet, has developed self-driving cars through Waymo, the company formerly known as the Google Self-Driving Car project. Page's personal lifeGoogle cofounder Larry Page and his wife, the scientist Lucinda Southworth C Flanigan/FilmMagicThroughout it all, Page has kept information about his personal life closely guarded. Life after GoogleGoogle cofounder Larry Page bought Cayo Norte, an island in Puerto Rico.
Persons: , Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Page, Sundar Pichai, Gloria, Carl Page —, Larry, what's, Nikola Tesla, he's, Brin's, BackRub, Brin, Eric Schmidt, Schmidt, Andy Rubin's, he'd, Andrew Kelly, Sergey, Lucinda Southworth C, Lucinda Southworth, Richard Branson, Page's, Carl Victor Page, Carl Page, He's, Hugh Langley Organizations: Service, Google, Business, Michigan State University . Education, Getty, Michigan State University, The, Montessori, Google Google, Stanford, Associated Press, University of Michigan, Labs, Reuters Page, Virgin Group, Investments, Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, Zee Aero, Pacific, Virgin Island, Atomic Locations: Michigan, Waymo, Toronto, Stanford, Caribbean, Palo Alto, Cayo Norte, Puerto Rico, Koop, Tavarua, Fiji
France’s military has mobilized and flown in “four additional squadrons to restore order,” according to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. Macron will chair a defense and national security council on Wednesday, focusing on the violence, the presidential palace said. Others were equipped with larger rifles, firing bullets,” the French High commissioner to New Caledonia Louis Le Franc said. Theo Rouby/AFP/Getty ImagesFrench gendarme officers guard the entrance of the Vallee-du-Tir district, in Noumea, New Caledonia on May 14, 2024. FLNKS issued its own statement Wednesday both condemning the vote at the National Assembly and calling for an end to the violence.
Persons: Paris –, Gerald Darmanin, Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Charles Wea, Louis Mapou, New Caledonia Louis Le Franc, Franc, RNZ, Theo Rouby, unfreeze, Gabriel Attal, , ” Attal, FLNKS, “ FLNKS Organizations: CNN, New, New Caledonian, New Caledonia Louis, Radio New, Getty, Colonial, Noumea Accord, National Assembly, French, Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Locations: New Caledonia, Noumea, South Pacific, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, , New Caledonia, Pacific, Caribbean, Indian, France, Paris, China, United States, Radio New Zealand, Noumea , New Caledonia, AFP, Tir, White, Covid, Kanak
The authorities in New Caledonia, a semiautonomous French territory in the South Pacific, put a curfew in place on Tuesday and banned all public gatherings after protests against a proposed constitutional change turned violent overnight. France’s High Commission of the Republic in New Caledonia announced on Tuesday that a “massive mobilization” of security and defense forces has been sent to quell the protests. In addition, a curfew was imposed in the capital, Noumea, for Tuesday night, and all public gatherings were banned along with the sale of alcohol and the transportation of weapons, the High Commission said. The latest protests started on Monday, before a scheduled Tuesday vote in the French Parliament on a change to New Caledonia’s Constitution that would expand French citizens’ eligibility to vote in provincial elections. Some pro-independence activists in the territory fear the amendment would water down their movement.
Organizations: High Commission Locations: New Caledonia, South, France’s, Republic, Noumea
Two ships arrived in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific in March of last year. One was a familiar sight: a massive cruise ship, bringing hundreds of tourists to the pristine shores of this nation of 15,000 people. To Mr. Brown, the cruise ship represented his country’s troubling dependence on tourism. He described the other vessel, owned by an international mining company, as a harbinger of incredible wealth. The Cook Islands is at the vanguard of a quest to mine the ocean floor for minerals used in electric car batteries.
Persons: Mark Brown, Brown Organizations: South Pacific Locations: Cook, South
Tayfun Coskun | Anadolu Agency | Getty ImagesThe trilateral defense and security pact between the Australia, U.K., and U.S. — commonly referred to as AUKUS — is not going to trigger a nuclear arms race in the Indo-Pacific region, said the U.S. China responded at that time, warning of the danger of an arms race as well as nuclear proliferation. watch now"It's very important that countries understand that this is not to create a race — to create any kind of arms' races. Nuclear-powered submarines are allowed under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and Australia is not going to become a nuclear weapons state," she added. China's responseChina reiterated its warning that Western powers in the AUKUS security pact are provoking division and risking nuclear proliferation in the South Pacific in its latest remarks.
Persons: Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Anthony Albanese, Tayfun, Bonnie Denise Jenkins, Jenkins, Wang Wenbin, presser Organizations: Naval Base Point, Anadolu Agency, Getty, U.S, for Arms Control, International Security, International Atomic Energy Agency, South Pacific, Pacific Nuclear, Foreign Locations: Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego , California, China, South
We're pretty sure Kerry was executed there exactly two months later, in October 1978. So we had a memorial for Kerry, and then a few months later, John took his life. Rob Hamill rowing. Rob Hamill with Phil Stubbs, his teammate in the inaugural Atlantic rowing race in 1997. We got married about six months later, in 2001.
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Airlines capitalize on this trend with "stopover" programs, some even offering free hotels and food. Airlines have jumped on this growing trend with built-in "stopover" programs, which can come with free or discounted hotels, excursions, transportation, and food at the layover destination. Essentially, you can't intentionally book a longer layover to quality for the free stopover hotel. Massimo Insabato/Archivio Massimo Insabato/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty ImagesSingapore Airlines' stopover program is available via the multi-city tool, similar to other carriers, where travelers can add hotels, transfers, and activities. Urbanandsport/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesTurkish Airlines' stopover program gives economy travelers a one-night free hotel stay and business flyers a two-night free stay if the period between their connecting flights in Istanbul exceeds 20 hours.
Persons: , Robert Smith, Markus Mainka, Liang Xu, Nicolas Economou, Thomas Mukoya, Suparat, Finnair, Shutterstock Icelandair, Marcio Rodrigo Machado, Bauer, Griffin, Alexi Rosenfeld, CHARLY TRIBALLEAU, Massimo Insabato, It's, Matheus Organizations: Service, Airlines, Travelers, An Air Canada Boeing, Getty Images Air, Air France, KLM Air France, KLM, Air, China Southern Airlines, China Southern Airlines Airbus, Getty Images China Southern Airlines, Copa Airlines AP Copa Airlines, Copa, Emirates, Emirates Airbus, Getty Images Emirates, Dubai Connect, Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopian Airlines, Reuters Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Etihad Airways Airbus, Etihad Airways, Fiji Airways Fiji Airways, Shutterstock Fiji Airways, Iberia Airbus, Japan, Japan Airlines Boeing, Japan Airlines, Latam Airlines Boeing, Latam Airlines, Hotels, An Oman Air, Getty Images Oman Air, Qantas, Getty, JAL, Oneworld, Qatar Airways, Qatar Airways Boeing, Getty Images Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Jordanian Airlines Boeing, Getty Images Royal Jordanian Airlines, Air Lines, Swiss International Air Lines Airbus, Getty Images Swiss, Singapore Airlines, Airbus, Getty Images Singapore Airlines, Portugal, TAP Air Portugal Airbus, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines Airbus, Getty Images Turkish Airlines Locations: Getty Images Air Canada, Canada, Air France, Xinhua, Panama, Panama City, Emirates, Dubai, UAE, Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Helsinki, Iberia, Iberia Airbus Iberia, Madrid, Icelandair, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, São Paulo, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Recife, Manaus, Curitiba, Belem, Oman, Muscat, layover, Bangkok, San Francisco, AFP, Switzerland, Singapore, Lisbon, Porto, Portuguese, Azores, Madeira, Istanbul
CNN —Coral reefs around the world are experiencing a mass bleaching event as the climate crisis drives record-breaking ocean heat, two scientific bodies announced Monday — with some experts warning this could become the worst bleaching period in recorded history. If ocean temperatures don’t return to normal, bleaching can lead to mass coral death, threatening the species and food chains that rely on them with collapse. Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a climate scientist specializing in coral reefs based at the University of Queensland in Australia, predicted this mass bleaching event months ago. In February, scientists at the Coral Reef Watch program at NOAA added three new alert levels to the coral bleaching alert maps, to enable scientists to assess the new scale of underwater warming. Bex Wright/CNNIn mid-February, CNN witnessed extensive coral bleaching on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest coral reef system – on five different reefs spanning the northern and southern areas.
Persons: ” Derek Manzello, Ove Hoegh, , Guldberg, , Lillian Suwanrumpha, Niña, El, Manzello, ” Manzello, Lady Elliot, Bex Wright, Selina Stead, ” Stead, David Ritter Organizations: CNN, Atlantic, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, Reef, Reef Watch, Pacific, University of Queensland, NOAA, Getty, Niña, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Park Authority, AIMS, UN, Greenpeace Locations: Pacific, Florida, Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Persian Gulf, Indonesia, Africa, Seychelles, Raja Ampat, Indonesia's West Papua, AFP, El, Lady, Greenpeace Australia
“I don’t have many years left, [so] you hop to it,” Grandma Joy, now 94, tells CNN Travel via Zoom. @grandmajoysroadtrip“We’re in each other’s pockets all the time,” says Grandma Joy. “I tried to learn to enjoy his kind of music,” says Grandma Joy, who has three other grandchildren. Willing spirit"I'm in good shape for an old woman," says Grandma Joy. Life is very short.”As for Grandma Joy, she’s enjoying making up for lost time, and now has several stamps in her first ever passport.
Persons: Grandma Joy ” Ryan, Brad Ryan, , Grandma Joy, Grandma, Ryan’s, Ryan, , @grandmajoysroadtrip, ” Ryan, I’ll, Keen, Old, Brad, Grandma Joy’s, wasn’t, ziplining, they’ve, “ We’ve, ” We’ve, that’s, he’s, they’re, she’s, I’ve, “ I’ve, “ They’ve, , Organizations: CNN, Parks, National Parks, Banff National, Mara, Reserve, Travel, , and, Elias, of, South Pacific, Asia ” Locations: Hawaii, Canada, North America, Africa, Kenya, South America, Ecuador, Galapagos, Chile, , Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Florida, Smoky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Yellowstone, Alaska, New, West Virginia, Wrangell St, of American Samoa, South, Ohio, Australia, Asia, India, Borneo, Europe, Antarctica, Duncan Falls , Ohio
Morgan Owen was married to her ex-husband when she walked into the gym one day and saw Axe. My ex-husband and I were married for a while, and for a number of years, I still couldn't pin down my unhappiness. It really wasn't until I was 29 that I started to become more and more sure of myself. AdvertisementMorgan and Axe knew they wanted to be together not long after they started dating. But then, just half an hour later, Axe asked if they could see me.
Persons: Morgan Owen, , Axel, It's Morgan, I'd, Morgan, Axe, Ashleigh Haase, We've, There's Organizations: Service, Pacific Locations: Melbourne, Australia, Hawthorn
Yet again, the royal family could face some difficult questions about what they chose to reveal to the public, and when. Kin Cheung/Pool/AFP/Getty Images Kate Middleton, seen here at age 3, was born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, England. Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Kate and Prince William pose for photographers during an event to mark their engagement in 2010. Hannah McKay/Reuters From left, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, wave to a crowd outside Windsor Castle ahead of the Queen's funeral in 2022. Yui Mok/WPA Pool/Getty Images Kate attends the National Service of Remembrance at The Cenotaph in London in November 2023.
Persons: Catherine , Princess, Wales, , Kate, “ KATE, Prince William, Kate –, Queen Camilla, King Charles III’s, Catherine , Princess of, Kelly Holmes, Kelly Holmes Trust —, Kin Cheung, Kate Middleton, Middleton, Pippa, Michael, Clarence House, Stephen Lock, Shutterstock Prince William, Richard Heathcote, William, Princess Diana, Ben Stansall, Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, Kirsty Wigglesworth, John Stillwell, Charles Dharapak, Queen Elizabeth II, Stefan Wermuth, Elizabeth II, Arthur Edwards, Harry Potter, Chris Jackson, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Dominic Lipinski, Prince Louis, Charlotte, Aaron Chown, Oli Scarff, Queen, Hannah McKay, Meghan, Duchess of, Emilio Morenatti, Paul Grover, King Charles III, Yui Mok, Reuters Kate, Turlough Mor, Seamus, Karwai Tang, Choo Kyung, Max Mumby, Henry Nicholls, David Cliff, Diana, of, Rishi Sunak, , Princess, Princess of Wales, CNN Kate, Easter, Prince William –, Gupta, George, Louis, Prince, Kate’s Organizations: London CNN, Times, Sun, Kelly Holmes Trust, Getty, University of St, English rugby, Nations, Italy, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Queen, Mary's, Trench, Culture Yard, Royal Air Force, Reuters, Hall, Horse Guards, Irish Guards, National Service of, Images Police, London Clinic, Getty Images, Press Association, Britain, Mary’s, British, CNN, CNN’s Royal Locations: British, Catherine , Princess of Wales, Bath, England, Reading, Jerash, Jordan, Blenheim, Oxfordshire, Andrews, Scotland, AFP, Westminster, London, Buckingham, South Pacific, Tuvalu, St, St . Austell, Kingston , Jamaica, Caribbean, Duchess of Sussex, Windsor, South Korea, Kensington, Wales, Lindo, London’s St, of Wales, Princess
Existing drugs could potentially be repurposed for longevity, a leading researcher says. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . But for now, he says, there are some cheap old drugs available that may help make people feel new again. AdvertisementResearching potential anti-aging drugs that are already approved to treat other conditions has some clear benefits over other interventions. Researchers suspect that the same blood sugar-regulating benefits of these drugs can also help stave off many age-related diseases.
Persons: , Nir Barzilai, Barzilai, Metformin Francis Dean, Corbis Organizations: Service, Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, US Food and Drug Administration, Getty Locations: Singapore, South
Key Takeaways From Super Tuesday
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Super Tuesday confirmed what Americans already knew: Barring a dramatic event, it's a two-person race now, with a November rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Here are some takeaways:Both Trump and Biden Lost Support to Protest Voters. In Minnesota, the "uncommitted" got 19% of the vote, attributed to unhappiness over Biden's policy toward the Gaza war. Trump, meanwhile, lost Vermont to the now-departed-from-the-race Nikki Haley and lost sizable chunks of the GOP primary electorate to the former South Carolina governor. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff had two Democratic colleagues, Rep. Katie Porter and Rep. Barbara Lee, vying with him for the top two lines.
Persons: it's, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, Biden, Nikki Haley, Haley, Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, Barbara Lee, Schiff, Steve Garvey, Garvey, , Jason Palmer –, Palmer, pollsters Organizations: Biden, Democratic National Convention, GOP, South, Democrat, Democratic, Republican, Major League Baseball, Trump Locations: Minnesota, Gaza, Vermont, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alaska , Alabama, California, Samoa, U.S, American Samoa, Baltimore, South
I dreamed of overwater bungalows in places like the Maldives but dreaded the long flight there. And I believed the best place to create that experience would be in an overwater bungalow — the epitome of a luxury tropical vacation. Levente Bodo/Getty ImagesThere's a reason overwater bungalows aren't as popular in the CaribbeanOverwater bungalow resorts are more than 55 years old. And Ra'iātea's calm waters made it the ideal place for an overwater bungalow, Kelley said. My first overwater bungalow stay reminded me I don't need to hop on an all-day flight to experience the accommodation.
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Australia's National Rugby League could help stop China from gaining more influence in the South Pacific. AdvertisementThe US appears to be courting an unlikely ally to help stop China from building its political and economic influence in the Pacific: Australia's National Rugby League. The Australian Financial Review reported that the White House will support those plans, which policymakers believe could help counter China's efforts to assert itself in the South Pacific. The South Pacific has emerged as a key battleground between Beijing and Washington in recent years. It's popular in Australia, New Zealand, northern England, France, and across the Pacific Islands and has slightly different rules to rugby union.
Persons: Joe Biden, , Peter V'landys, Biden, Kamala Harris, Spencer Leniu, Ezra Mam Organizations: Australia's National Rugby League, Service, Financial, Biden, NRL, Sydney Morning Herald, Kiribati . Rugby, The Sydney Roosters, Brisbane Broncos, Roosters, Broncos Locations: China, South, Papua New Guinea, New South Wales, Queensland, United States, Australia, Washington , DC, Beijing, Washington, Solomon, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, New Zealand, England, France, Las Vegas
God's Man in Washington
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Trump's departure from the White House hasn't stopped him from using the old administration's star power to fuel Capitol Ministries' growth. But regardless of what happens this coming November, Capitol Ministries is quickly becoming the face of American GOP-style evangelicalism around the world. Other than Ralph's wife, Danielle, and a few members of Capitol Ministries' administrative staff, the room was almost entirely men. Rick Perry spoke to Drollinger at Capitol Ministries' global summit in Washington, DC. And yet, on the question of whether and why to support Israel, Drollinger was indeed looking to Revelation for answers.
Persons: Cheyne, , He'd, Christ, Rick Perry, Cheriss, Trump, Mike Johnson —, Ralph Drollinger, Drollinger, Alex Acosta, Perry, Acosta, Mike Pompeo, Betsy DeVos, Sonny Perdue, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, hasn't, Danielle, you've, Donald Trump, Capitol Ministries doesn't, Samson, Matthew, didn't, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Rick, I'm, Ralph Drollinger's, Daniel Ortega, Ralph, he'd, Washington —, Ortega, Douglas Coe, Maria Butina, Joe Biden, forbearance, Bruce Westerman, Bruce Westerman of, Glenn, Thompson, George Washington, Fame, Mike Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, Johnson, Washington, Moses, I've, Westerman, I'd, Netanyahu, God, that's, he's, we're, That's, Israel, King David, wilder, MAGA, David Barton, WallBuilders, doesn't, George W, Bush, Donald Trump's, Mattathias Schwartz Organizations: Hill Club, Business, Israel, Mmm, Christ, Capitol Ministries, Capitol Hill, Capitol Ministries Bible, Trump Cabinet, BI, GOP, Capitol, White, Capitol Ministries ', Trump, NBA, of Energy, Trump's, American GOP, Pacific, BI Drollinger, Capitol Hill Club, Washington Hilton, Senate, Training, Liberty, Gettysburg, Capitol Ministry, NPR, United States Congress, Washington Bible, Republican, Democratic, Times, Wall Street Journal, Brown University Locations: Washington , DC, Arkansas, Hebrew, Israel, Gaza, Egypt, United States, Texas, Washington, Seoul, Kathmandu, Iowa, Rwanda, Ukraine, Washington ,, Drollinger, Nicaragua, California, Nicaraguan, Bruce Westerman of Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,
The state of Alaska — which covers 665,384 square miles (426 million acres) — is home to five of the 15 least-visited national parks for 2023. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, Alaska - 78,305 recreation visitsAmerica’s largest national park, Wrangell-St. Elias encompasses 13.2 million acres — or about the size of Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park and Switzerland combined, the Park Service says. Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida - 84,285 recreation visitsThis island park in Florida is among 20 National Park Service sites that broke visitation records in 2023. Channel Islands National Park, California - 328,746 recreation visitsStretching over five islands and the surrounding ocean, Channel Islands National Park offer opportunities to hike, snorkel, kayak, birdwatch and more. While Pinnacles may rank among the 15 least-visited national parks, it gets very busy on weekends, holidays and throughout the spring, according to a notice on the park’s website.
Persons: Alaska’s Gates, , ” Peter Christian, fa’asamoa, Gates, , Katmai, Brooks Camp, Elias, Lumir, Nabesna, McCarthy Organizations: CNN, &, CNN Travel, of, Park Service, National Parks, & Preserve, South Pacific, Hawaiian Airlines, Lake Clark, National Park Service, Getty, Isle Royale, NPS, Wolves, Elias, Park & Preserve, Yosemite National, Voyageurs National, Voyageurs National Park, ” Voyageurs, Voyageurs, Service, Channel Locations: Alaska’s, Fairbanks, Alaska, of American Samoa, South, Samoa, Smoky, Wild Rivers, American Samoa, Honolulu, , Alaska, Isle, Lake Superior, Isle Royale, Park , Michigan, Brooks, , Washington, Wrangell, St, Elias, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Switzerland, , Florida, Florida, Key, Fort Jefferson, , Nevada, Minnesota, Voyageurs National Park , Minnesota, Canada, Guadalupe, Park , Texas, Texas, Salt, , South Carolina, South Carolina, Congaree, There’s, Santa Cruz, , California, Southern California
Google cofounder Sergey Brin is facing a wrongful-death lawsuit stemming from a plane crash last year that killed two crew members en route to a private island in the South Pacific. The lawsuit also alleges that Brin intentionally delayed the recovery process. The suit identifies Brin, Google, and Bayshore Global Management — Brin's family office — as the "owner/operators" of the aircraft. While the lawsuit does mention various recovery efforts conducted by Brin's team, it alleges frequent and drawn-out delays. Olarte Maclean alleges that Brin's representatives cited weather conditions at the crash site and their interactions with the USCG as excuses.
Persons: Sergey Brin, Brin, Lance Maclean, Dean Rushfeldt, Olarte Maclean, Steven C, Marks, Larry Page Organizations: South Pacific, Business, Coast Guard, Los Angeles Times, Google, Bayshore Global Management, Bayshore, LA Times, Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, Brin's, Seafly LLC, Southern Cross Aviation, BI Locations: South, California, Hawaii, Santa Rosa , California, Fiji, Honolulu, Fiji's Mamanuca
The Two-Decade Fight for Two Letters on the Internet
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The South Pacific island of Niue is one the most remote places in the world. The advent of the internet promised, in a small way, to make Niue and its 2,000 or so residents more connected to the rest of the world. In the late 1990s, an American businessman offered to hook up the island to the internet. All he wanted in exchange was the right to control the .nu suffix that Niue was assigned for its web addresses. “Nu” means now in Swedish, Danish and Dutch, and thousands of Scandinavians registered websites with that suffix, creating a steady business for Niue’s business partner, Bill Semich.
Persons: Bill Semich Locations: Niue, Tonga, American Samoa, American, Tuvalu, Pacific
A total solar eclipse will pass over North America on April 8. After this, you'll have to wait until 2044 for the next total solar eclipse visible from the contiguous US. The April solar eclipse will start over the South Pacific Ocean and move to pass over Mexico, the US, and Canada. After this, the next solar eclipse visible from the contiguous US won't happen again until 2044, NASA says. AdvertisementWherever you're planning on viewing the eclipse, whether on a Delta flight or anywhere else, be sure to wear protective viewing glasses.
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