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AdvertisementAyomikun Adekaiyero: The series does a great job of showing how this toxic masculinity among the men — particularly Aegon, Daemon, and Criston — escalates this conflict. I think he's a character that — don't get me wrong, I love Daemon — got a little bit muddied in season one. Ayomikun: Also, though I do believe both Aegon and Daemon want war for the wrong reasons, they're kind of right? Ayomikun: Criston and Aegon are really like that "It's always two dumb people telling each other exactlyyyyy" meme. Ayomikun: The fight was a truly brilliant scene, especially since we as the audience can't really tell which twin is which.
Persons: , Daemon Targaryen, Aemond, Lucerys Velaryon, Jaehaerys, Helaena, she's, Eammon Jacobs, Palmer Haasch, Ayomikun Adekaiyero, Caralynn Matassa, Theo Whitman, Palmer, Alicent, Otto, Phia, Criston, Tom Glynn, Carney, Rhaenyra, Tom, I've, Lucerys, Olivia, Rhaenys, Hugh Hammer, Ollie Upton, we've, Westeros, Hugh, Clinton Liberty, Abubakar Salim, Addam, Alyn, Corlys, it's, Poor, Ewan, It's, Daemon, She's, HBO Palmer, Jace, Baela, Ser Harwin, Bethany Antonia, Harry Collett, Hightower, Rhaenyra Rhaenyra's, Theo Whiteman, they're, Daemon —, Matt, Emma, Viserys, imbeciles, Arryk, Hand, Daeron, Erryk Organizations: Service, Aegon II, Business, Greens, Aegon, HBO, Costco Locations: Driftmark, Westeros, Westerostco, Hull, Aemond, King's, Alicent, Oldtown, Rhaenyra
AdvertisementIn a joint interview, the two discuss what it was like making "Firebrand," from working with Law's decaying-body perfume to the movie's unexpectedly "hilarious" sex scenes. Jude Law and Alicia Vikander in "Firebrand." Jude: I use it quite a lot because, as Alicia said, it's a really good way of... You've got to step into these characters every day. There are a lot of frankly kind of gross sex scenes that really drive home just the unbalanced, fraught nature of Henry and Katherine's relationship. Jude Law and Alicia Vikander in "Firebrand."
Persons: Jude Law, Count Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin, Joe Wright's, Anna Karenina, Alicia Vikander, , Oscar, Kitty, Karim Aïnouz's, King Henry VIII's, Katherine Parr, Parr, Anne Boleyn, she's, Karim, Law, Katherine, Larry Horricks Jude, Alicia, Jude, I'd, Joe Wright, it's, You've, Henry, that's, Larry Horricks, I've, would've, there's, Everyone's, Vikander, Ripley, Irma Vep, you'll, Raff, Monica Schipper, John Nacion, WireImage Jude, Glen Powell, It's Organizations: Business, Law, Netflix Locations: South Africa
TubeMogul was competing for an ad tech partnership with Netflix, so Lee learned about the company's own technology and culture. Lee started working at Netflix on its digital marketing programmatic buying team in 2014, earning a salary of $110,000. "It was actually perfect timing that I got laid off," Lee says of being part of Meta's November 2022 job cuts. While she wants to continue increasing her salary, money alone isn't enough. On her TikTok, YouTube and Instagram accounts, Lee shares career and lifestyle advice based on her experiences.
Persons: Sora Lee, Lee, Mickey Todiwala, she'll, hustles, Lee didn't, she's, you've, TubeMogul, Andrew Evers, Lisa Setyon, haven't, Jackson, Tesla, doesn't, I'm, Lee isn't Organizations: CNBC, University of California, TikTok, ByteDance, Netflix, Meta, Facebook, Child, Savings, Porsche, YouTube Locations: Berkeley, South Korea, San Mateo , California, TikTok, RSUs, TubeMogul, New York, Austin , Texas, Los Angeles, Meta's, Lake Tahoe, U.S
Trump first asked the audience if they had ever heard of Dana White, the head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). From there, Trump boasted that he had told White: “Why don’t you set up a migrant league of fighters and have your regular league of fighters. Obviously, Trump’s point in his migrant UFC proposal was that despite the toughness of the professional UFC fighters, the migrants coming to America are actually stronger, tougher and more dangerous. That moment came when Trump told the audience that the UFC president didn’t like the migrant fight league idea, adding, “But actually, it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had.”Trump is telling the truth there: Musing about a migrant fighting league is vile — but it’s not his worst idea. Trump proposing a dehumanizing physical battle between migrants who would then fight the UFC champions — which conjures up Roman gladiator matches — is simply more evidence of Trump’s depravity.
Persons: Dean Obeidallah, Donald Trump’s, I’ve, , Trump, Dana White, White, ” Trump, Jesus Christ, Matthew, , Adolf Hitler, Mein, didn’t, it’s, Facebook There’s, Donald Trump, , It’s Organizations: CNN, Dean Obeidallah CNN, of, UFC, Twitter, Facebook, Washington, Capitol Locations: United States, America
CNN —Only a fraction of the violence that raged across Dagestan on Sunday is visible at the moment, and it is already horrific. But it is particularly bad in Dagestan, where protests broke out in the earlier months of the war, as their sons had been disproportionately mobilized. Putin came to power in 1999 graphically pledging to wipe out “in the toilet” the extremists apparently behind apartment bombings in Moscow. But it is still the same problem Putin faced when he sneaked into Beslan in 2004. A raging sore for the Kremlin, and a reminder of both how Putin came to power and his limits on it.
Persons: Putin, Shamil Basayev, Vladimir Putin, , Lenin, jihadists, ISIS’s Organizations: CNN, Hall, Kremlin, National Antiterrorism, Antiterrorism, Police, ISIS Locations: Dagestan, Moscow, North Caucasus, Moscow’s Crocus, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Chechen, Chechnya’s, Beslan, Ingushetia, Boston, Makhachkala, South, Central Asia
CNN —A mixed martial arts fighter and relatives of a regional official were among the gunmen who carried out attacks on places of worship in Russia’s Dagestan on Sunday, according to local authorities. Russian state news agency TASS, quoting law enforcement agencies, reported Monday that five of the attackers who targeted the cities of Derbent and Makhachkala on Sunday had been identified. Some of the attackers were from the Sergokalinsky district, which lies between the two cities, and were related to the head of the district, TASS reported. Former mixed martial arts fighter Gadzhimurad Kagirov – a cousin of the head of the Sergokalinsky district Magomed Omarov – was among those who attacked sites in Derbent, according to TASS. A son and a nephew of Omarov were also among the attackers, TASS reported.
Persons: Gadzhimurad, , Omarov, Sergei Melikov, Melikov, Organizations: CNN, Gunmen, TASS, United Locations: Russia’s Dagestan, Derbent, Makhachkala, Sergokalinsky, Dagestan, Russian, United Russia
Someone finally mentioned Daeron Targaryen "House of the Dragon." Daeron is Alicent and Viserys' youngest son, sent as a ward to Oldtown — the seat of House Hightower. AdvertisementWarning: Spoilers ahead for "House of the Dragon" season two, episode two and for the book "Fire and Blood." On this week's "House of the Dragon," Alicent and Otto Hightower finally remember that there's one more Targaryen/Hightower child floating around in Westeros. In both "Fire and Blood" and "House of the Dragon," Daeron was sent off as a ward to Oldtown, the seat of House Hightower.
Persons: Viserys, Oldtown, Hightower, , Alicent, Otto Hightower, Daeron, Otto, Tyrell Organizations: Service, Alicent, Aegon, Business Locations: Westeros, Oldtown
Mine started at the core of an Orthodox South Indian Christian family in Nigeria, West Africa, where I was born and raised. Being gay can be perceived as very shameful and devastating to an Indian family — regardless of how incredibly accomplished you might be. Silently, even today, most Indian parents would be thrilled if their kids became doctors —it’s estimated that India is the biggest source country for doctors in the US. This would give me a much better chance of getting into a good medical school. She was finishing her last year of medical school.
Persons: Saju Mathew, X, CNN —, Saju Mathew Don Stallings, Mine, — it’s, Dr, Mathew, “ she’s, , don’t, fiancée, He's Organizations: CNN, Grady Hospital, Orthodox South Indian, Netflix, Morehouse School of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, , Twitter, Facebook Locations: Atlanta, Nigeria, West Africa, India, Kabba, Africa
Setting sail on a fun-packed cruise ship where everything was pre-planned was the perfect solution. Related storiesI booked a five-night Key West and Bahamas cruise through Celebrity, leaving from Miami. Our cruise experience wasn't greatBoarding our cruise ship, the Celebrity Summit, went smoothly, and we went right to our stateroom, which appeared as advertised. AdvertisementWe enjoyed another beautiful day at South Beach, sinking our toes in white sand beaches and exploring the outdoor Lincoln Road Mall. Though our cruise experience was probably an outlier, I won't chance it again.
Persons: , I'd, Estiatorio Milos, Easter, couldn't Organizations: Service, Business, Miami Beach Locations: Bahamas, Miami, South Beach, Key, Bimini, Nassau, South
CNN —A 4-year-old boy who went missing at a lake in Fresno County, California, on Thursday has been found safe after surviving nearly 24 hours alone in the woods, the sheriff’s office said. “We’re fortunate this morning that as these searchers were calling out for the boy, he called back,” Fresno County Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Pursell told KFSN. The boy is very, very fortunate to be with his family,” Pursell told CNN affiliate KABC. Fresno County Sheriff’s OfficeThe family reported their son was missing from their campsite at the Rancheria Campground in Huntington Lake around 11 a.m. Thursday. There were more than 50 deputies and volunteers who combined to participate in this search,” the sheriff’s office said.
Persons: Christian Ramirez, , Brandon Pursell, KFSN, Christian, ” Pursell, Pursell, “ Huntington, That’s Organizations: CNN, Team, KFSN, KABC, Rescue Team, Fresno County Sheriff’s, Air Support, Forest Service, California Department of Fish, Wildlife Locations: Fresno County , California, Tulare, Fresno County, , Huntington Lake
AdvertisementFor example, earlier this year, I paid about $100 to snag aisle seats on Finnair flights between New York and Helsinki. I want the freedom to move about the cabin wheneverThe reason I'll pay extra for the aisle seat is two-fold. I opted for a center-section aisle seat on an Air India flight in January, paying an extra $50 for it. The aisle seat lets me stretch an arm or leg out when needed, giving me just enough wiggle room. I paid for my aisle seat for a reason, so I'm within my right to say no.
Persons: , I've, Taylor Rains, I'm Organizations: Service, Delta Air Lines, All Nippon Airways, Atlantic Airways, Spirit Airlines, Business, Air India, Norse Atlantic Airways, Air, British Airways, Ryanair Locations: New York, Helsinki, Air India
The movie got disastrous reviews, and the elder Smith has discussed how "After Earth" strained his relationship with his son. "'After Earth' was an abysmal box office and critical failure," Smith wrote in his 2021 memoir, "Will." Fans and the press were absolutely vicious; they said and printed things about Jaden that I refuse to repeat. "He felt misled, and he lost his trust in my leadership," Smith wrote. He ultimately decided against it, but it sucks to feel like you've hurt your kids," he added.
Persons: Kitai, Cypher, Smith, Will, Jaden, I'd Organizations: Sony
Both lay entangled in the Turkish net, sandwiched between a view of reality in front of them and the sound of insanity from Portugal’s fans behind them. So keen must Ronaldo have been to actually watch a Portugal goal being scored, he squared to Fernandes when in on goal for the third. Another, a fully-grown man, almost grappled the Portugal striker with his arm tightly around his neck, which Ronaldo then removed. Tim SpiersTurkey bring the noise, Ronaldo feels its forceWith 25,000 Turkey fans in Signal Iduna Park’s south stand — usually Borussia Dortmund’s Yellow Wall, today deep red — decibels became a construct. But here, in the shape of Portugal’s Ronaldo, there was a focal point to their anger, as well as their support.
Persons: Bernardo Silva’s, Samet Akaydin, Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Spiers, Jacob Whitehead, Altay Bayindir, Bernardo, Joao Cancelo, Ronaldo, Akaydin, Bayindir, Zeki Celik, Dean Mouhtaropoulos, Kose, Kenzo Tribouillard, Jacob Whitehead Portugal, you’re Ronaldo, Nuno Mendes ’, Friso, Ronny, Fernandes, Rico Brouwer, Goncalo Ramos, hobbled, Ronaldo selfie, Roberto Martinez, Martinez, Cancelo, Joao Palhinha, Pepe, imperious, Mendes, Rafael Leao, Tim Spiers Turkey, Portugal’s Ronaldo, Ronaldo’s, , howls Organizations: Premier League for Manchester United, Getty Images, Getty, European, YouTube, UEFA, Turkey, Borussia Locations: Portugal, Turkey, Dortmund, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, AFP, Scotland, Albania, Slovenia, Georgia, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen
A Swiss court convicted four members of the UK's richest family of exploiting staff at their Geneva villa. The family was given sentences ranging from four to four-and-a-half years. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA Swiss court has convicted four members of the UK's richest family of exploiting staff at their Geneva mansion. They were given sentences ranging from four to four-and-a-half years, the report said.
Persons: , Prakash Hinduja, Kamal, Ajay, Namrata Organizations: Service, BBC, Business Locations: Geneva
On May 19, Euless Police Department officers responded to a call at an apartment complex pool regarding a disturbance between two women. Witnesses told officers “a woman who was very intoxicated had tried to drown a child and argued with the child’s mother,” police said in a news release. The woman, identified as Elizabeth Wolf, 42, was approached by officers as she tried to leave and placed under arrest for public intoxication. The victim’s mother told police Wolf was questioning where she was from and if the two children playing at the pool were hers, the release said. The mother began helping her son when Wolf grabbed her 3-year-old daughter and forced her underwater,” the news release said.
Persons: Witnesses, , , Elizabeth Wolf, Wolf, CNN Wolf, ” Captain Brenda Alvarado, Shaimaa Zayan, Salman Bhojani Organizations: CNN, Islamic Relations, Euless Police, Euless Police Department, Texas Locations: Texas, American, Palestine, Tarrant County, , Euless
Once in the custody of DCFS, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. After a month in the custody of the state, my maternal aunt, Elizabeth, was granted guardianship when I was 12 years old. Isabella Ambrosio's adopted mom Elizabeth, left, and mom, right. And I realized then that all I'd needed was for her to acknowledge that my mom was still my mom and that she could never be replaced. Calling Cary and Elizabeth "Mom" and "Dad" felt quite natural afterward.
Persons: DCFS, Elizabeth, Isabella Ambrosio's, Isabella Ambrosio I, John, Cary, Tim, we'd, didn't, Cary —, I'd, Isabella Ambrosio, Elizabeth ., Isabella Ambrosio She, I'm, hasn't Organizations: Service, Department of Children, Family Services Locations: Ireland, Illinois, Tennessee
Insider Today: Making junk food healthier
  + stars: | 2024-06-22 | by ( Joi-Marie Mckenzie | )   time to read: +6 min
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Kylie Kelce and her husband, y'know, the former Philadelphia Eagles power player Jason Kelce, are outnumbered at home. Now, he's on a mission to develop new recipes for ultra-processed meals in the hopes they'll be healthier. Combine two steps with these 10 face moisturizers with SPF — and skip burned lips with a good SPF lip balm. More of this week's top reads:The Insider Today team: Joi-Marie McKenzie, editor in chief of life, in New York.
Persons: , Kylie Kelce, y'know, Jason Kelce, Ronnie Chua, Skip, Noah K, Murray, Michael Conroy, Jose A, Bacete, Tyler Le, Caitlin Clark, Clark, she's, Eminem, Darren Robb, Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, Chelsea Jia Feng, Kevin Hall, Hall wasn't, they're, Abanti Chowdhury, Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun, Max docuseries, Swift, Braun, Rebecca Zisser, Joi, Marie McKenzie, Jordan Parker Erb, Dan DeFrancesco, Lisa Ryan, Grace Lett, Amanda Yen Organizations: Service, Philadelphia Eagles, Business, Mount, Getty, BBC Locations: Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Venice, Mount Fuji, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Paris, Montreal, Idaho, Maryland, Iowa, BBC America, New York, New York City, Chicago
CNN —Extensive flooding has stranded about 1.8 million people in northeast Bangladesh, following weeks of heavy rains that have submerged homes and devastated farmland, according to state media and humanitarian agencies. There is concern for those trapped by floodwaters who now face food shortages and a lack of clean water, according to local media. A mother holds her son in front of her house in floodwater on June 20, 2024 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Salahuddin Paulash/Drik/Getty ImagesDensely populated and low-lying Bangladesh is prone to seasonal rains, flooding and cyclones. People move their belongings through a flooded street in Sylhet, Bangladesh, on June 20, 2024.
Persons: Bangladesh Sangbad, Sunamganj, ” Sheldon Yett, Salahuddin Paulash, , Sultana Begum, ” Hasan Sarwar, Syed Mahamudur Rahman Organizations: CNN, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha, Water Development, Villagers, United Nations, Children’s Fund, UNICEF, UNICEF Representative, World Bank, Remal, Bangladesh’s Ministry of Disaster Management, Bangladesh Water Development Locations: Bangladesh, Sylhet, India, floodwater, Asia, Myanmar, Cox’s Bazar, Assam
Three weeks later, he celebrated his 11th birthday with his new camp friends, away from home and without family. Friends and family gathered in our home as we sang Happy Birthday and indulged in his first birthday cake. I waited anxiously, wanting to know if he'd had a special day because he'd never turn 11 again. AdvertisementWith a little creative planning, I make his birthday special, even though I'm not there. I have my work cut out for me, but I hope to make each camp birthday stand out from the last.
Persons: I'd, he'd, I've, I'm Organizations: Service Locations: sleepaway
An airplane encounterAmy and Mike met on March 23, 2006, on an airplane about to depart Los Angeles International Airport. But then Mike apologized – half jokingly, half sincere – for ruining Amy’s flight. First in the coffee line, and later as they walked through the airport, Amy and Mike continued chatting. Mike didn’t want Amy to leave, but Amy wasn’t going to abandon a great career opportunity. Later this year, Amy and Mike hope to take their kids to Japan – an 11 hour plus flight from LAX.
Persons: Amy Osmun, she’d, Mike Gilberstadt, They’d, Amy, Mike, , , wasn’t, Mike couldn’t, dietician, She’d, sauntering, Mike —, , Mike –, Mike’s, I’d, he’d, Amy marveled, Mike didn’t, Amy wasn’t, ” He’s, Amy Gilberstadt “, Valentine, Amy Gilberstadt, ” Amy, “ I’d, I’ve, I’m, “ You’re, Barbies, ‘ I’ve, ” “, Amy’s, “ We’re, they're, Kelli Gase, they’ve Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Los Angeles International Airport, California State University, Amsterdam Schipol Airport, LAX, Scotland, TiVo, . Locations: Amsterdam’s, Scotland, Greece, Southern California, Amsterdam, California, Mike’s, Orange County, San Diego, Venice, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, United Kingdom, Alaska, Vermont
Banking regulators on Friday disclosed that they found weaknesses in the resolution plans of four of the eight largest American lenders. The Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said that the so-called living wills — plans for unwinding huge institutions in the event of distress or failure — of Citigroup , JPMorgan Chase , Goldman Sachs and Bank of America filed in 2023 were inadequate. Regulators found fault with the way each of the banks planned to unwind their massive derivatives portfolios. The living wills are a key regulatory exercise mandated in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. "We are fully committed to addressing the issues identified by our regulators," New York-based Citigroup said in a statement.
Persons: Jane Fraser, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, credibly, we've Organizations: Citigroup, Banking, Housing, Urban Affairs Committee, Nations Largest Banks, Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Regulators, Wall, Goldman, Bank of, FDIC, Citi Locations: New York
Ledgers of the failed fintech middleman Synapse show that nearly all the deposits held for customers of the banking app Yotta went missing weeks ago, according to one of the lenders involved. A network of eight banks held $109 million in deposits for Yotta customers as of April 11, Evolve Bank & Trust said in a bankruptcy court letter filed late Thursday. About one month later, the ledger showed just $1.4 million in Yotta funds held at one of the banks, Evolve said. Yotta CEO and co-founder Adam Moelis said in response to this article that Synapse has said in court filings that Evolve held nearly all Yotta customers deposits. "According to the Synapse trial balance report provided on May 17, there are $112 million of customer funds held at Evolve," Moelis said.
Persons: Adam Moelis, Moelis Organizations: Evolve Bank, Trust, Evolve, Synapse, Federal Reserve, Fed Locations: Memphis , Tennessee
Editor’s Note: CNN’s Royal News is a weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on the royal family, what they are up to in public and what’s happening behind palace walls. CNN —Prince William’s family marked his 42nd birthday on Friday by posting a fun photo of him jumping off a sand dune, holding hands with his children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Cx,” said the accompanying caption, written by Catherine, Princess of Wales, who also took the photo while in Norfolk last month. The Prince and Princess of Wales have made it a tradition to release photos on landmark family occasions, like birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and wedding anniversaries. For Father’s Day on Sunday, the family released another photo of William and his children, also taken by Kate at a beach.
Persons: William’s, – Prince George , Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, , , Catherine , Princess of Wales, William, George, Prince, Princess, Father’s, Kate, King Charles Organizations: CNN Locations: Norfolk, Wales, Kensington
Willie Mays' son, Michael Mays, addresses the crowd aside baseball greats Ken Griffey Jr., left, and Barry Bonds, right. Approximately 60 Negro League players were in attendance – marking the largest official gathering of the league’s players in nearly 30 years, according to the MLB. A line of Negro League luminaries processed onto Rickwood Field before the game as “When the Saints Go Marching In” swelled through the stadium. Greason, who served as a mentor to teenaged Mays, told Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal that Negro League players took to the field despite racism and segregation. “The overwhelming consensus is that Willie Mays is the greatest all-around player who has ever played,” veteran sportscaster Bob Costas told CNN.
Persons: Willie Mays, Mays, , Willie, , of Famer Reggie Jackson, wouldn’t, Michael Mays, I’ve, he’s, Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, Vasha Hunt, Jon Batiste, Bill Greason, Eugene Scruggs, Pedro Sierra, Henry Collins, Lively, Brittney Spencer, Willie Jones, C.S, Armstrong, “ Todays, Masyn Winn, Ken Rosenthal, , Babe Ruth, Bob Costas, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Breed, CNN’s Ray Sanchez, Wayne Sterling, Kevin Dotson Organizations: CNN, Major League Baseball, Birmingham Black Barons, Negro Leagues, MLB, San Francisco Giants, St, Louis Cardinals, of Famer, Fox, Negro League, Saints, Batiste, Birmingham Barons, St Louis Cardinals, Cardinals, Giants, Neagro League, ” Cardinals, Fox Sports, Major League, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Mets, The Giants, San Francisco Mayor Locations: Birmingham, America, “ Birmingham, New York, San Francisco, Birmingham , Alabama, Rickwood
Masayoshi Son, chairman and chief executive officer of SoftBank Group Corp., speaks during the company's annual general meeting in Tokyo, Japan, on Friday, June 20, 2024. Son sketched out ambitions to help create AI thousands of times smarter than any human, making his most grandiose pronouncements since the Japanese conglomerate began taking steps to shore up its finances following a series of ill-timed startup bets. Artificial intelligence that is 10,000 times smarter than humans will be here in 10 years, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son said on Friday, in a rare public appearance during which he questioned his own purpose in life. The CEO first talked about another term — artificial general intelligence, or AGI — which broadly refers to AI that is smarter than humans. Son said this tech is likely to be one to 10 times smarter than humans and will arrive in the next three-to-five years, earlier than he had anticipated.
Persons: Son, Masayoshi Son Organizations: SoftBank Group Corp, ASI Locations: Tokyo, Japan
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