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Talking politics at work: If you must, tread carefully
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Jeanne Sahadi | )   time to read: +6 min
Sometimes someone with strong views can be unnerved by a person who thinks nothing is ever a big deal, and vice-versa. Either way, the question is: How can we keep our conversations about any of these lightening rod issues from derailing our ability to work well together? For employers: Stress civility and set guardrailsRegardless of any one hot-button issue, it seems like US culture has become less civil over time. And many polarizing conversations are happening at work in ways they weren’t years ago, according to SHRM, the leading human resources membership association. … Recognize that while his opinion may be contrary to yours, what is the goal of being at work?
Persons: New York CNN —, Donald Trump’s, ’ ”, Christy Pruitt, Haynes, Pruitt, Oliver Brecht, Cindy O’Peka, It’s, ” Pruitt, “ Compartmentalize, , , , ” Brecht, it’s, O’Peka Organizations: New, New York CNN, NeuroLeadership Institute, Consulting Locations: New York, Gaza
Bhutan's governing philosophy of "Gross National Happiness" has been heralded the world over for balancing economic growth with the well-being of its citizens. But recent discussions of "Gross National Happiness 2.0" by its newly elected Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay suggest that change on some level is underway as the country struggles with an economic crisis that's left it — as Tobgay has said— "teetering on the brink of collapse." But with youth unemployment rates of nearly 30% and about one in eight people living in poverty, has Bhutan reached a point where its quest for national happiness must change? Seen from the successes of the social progress area, we have failed economically." But seen from the successes of the social progress area, we have failed economically."
Persons: Tshering Tobgay, Tobgay, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, we've, We've Organizations: CNBC Locations: Bhutan, Asia
He woke as if Elon Musk himself had grabbed him by the shoulders. Mr. Musk spent $44 billion of mostly other people’s money to buy Twitter, rebrand it to X and guarantee that he could continue to irritate people on a global scale. For Mr. Rangel, what was figurative for others had become literal: When a tycoon stomps, the earth shakes. Mr. Musk’s company SpaceX had launched a new iteration of its Starship rocket about 25 miles away. But Mr. Rangel still couldn’t go back to sleep.
Persons: Noel Rangel, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Donald Trump —, , Jeff Bezos, Musk, Rangel, stomps, couldn’t Organizations: Twitter, SpaceX Locations: Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville , Texas, West Texas
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailNew York State Sen. Andrew Gounardes on recently introduced internet child safety billsNew York State Sen. Andrew Gounardes, D-26, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the legislator's fight for online safety, the issues with some of the social media algorithms at hand, and more.
Persons: New York State Sen, Andrew Gounardes, York State Sen Organizations: New York State, York State
Elon Musk Ramps Up Anti-Biden Posts on X
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Kate Conger | Ryan Mac | )   time to read: +1 min
Last month, Elon Musk posted on X that President Biden “obviously barely knows what’s going on.”“He is just a tragic front for a far left political machine,” Mr. Musk wrote. It was the 29th time this year that he had posted about the president on X, formerly known as Twitter, which Mr. Musk bought in 2022. Mr. Musk has steadily ramped up his criticism of Mr. Biden as the campaign season heats up before the November presidential election. In all, Mr. Musk had posted nearly 40 times about Mr. Biden this year, compared with about 30 times for all of last year. And Mr. Musk exerts outsize influence over the political discourse on X, where he regularly posts to his 184 million followers.
Persons: Elon Musk, Biden “, Mr, Musk, Biden, Donald J, Trump Organizations: Mr, New York Times, Republican
CNN —Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has spoken about the controversial comments Harrison Butker made at a commencement speech earlier this month, saying he does not agree with “just about any” of Butker’s views but did “cherish” him as a teammate. I think Pat [Mahomes] said it best where he is every bit of a great person and a great teammate,” Kelce said on the latest episode of the “New Heights” podcast he hosts with his brother, Jason. When it comes down to his views and what he said at Saint Benedict’s commencement speech, those are his. “And make no mistake about it, a lot of the things he said in his commencement speech are not things that I align myself with. But, he’s giving a commencement speech at a Catholic university, and, shocker, it ended up being a very religious and Catholic speech.
Persons: Travis Kelce, Harrison Butker, , Butker, Mahomes, ” Kelce, Jason, “ He’s, That’s, Jason Kelce, “ There’s, that’s, , Arne Dedert Organizations: CNN, Kansas City Chiefs, Benedictine College, Saint, Catholic, Chiefs, Getty, Cleveland Heights Locations: Atchison , Kansas, Cleveland
CNN —A married couple from the US who were serving as missionaries in Haiti were killed there on Thursday, family members said. Davy and Natalie Lloyd “were attacked by gangs this evening and were both killed,” Natalie Lloyd’s father, Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, said in a Facebook post. The gang then took our trucks and loaded everything up they wanted and left.”American missionaries Davy and Natalie Lloyd were killed in Haiti on Thursday, May 23, family members said. Missions in HaitiThree hours later, Missions in Haiti posted that Davy and Natalie “were shot and killed by the gang about 9 o’clock this evening. The Facebook feed of Missions in Haiti has told the story of the increasing dire conditions in the country this year.
Persons: CNN —, Davy, Natalie Lloyd “, ” Natalie Lloyd’s, Ben Baker, , Davy Lloyd’s, Natalie, “ Davy, Natalie Lloyd, Natalie “, , Lloyd, ” Baker, Mike Parson, Biden, William Ruto Thursday, we’re, CNN’s Donald Judd Organizations: CNN, Lloyds, Missions, Inc, ” Missouri Republican Gov, ” CNN, Haitian, US State Department, UN Security, Multinational Security, Kenyan, Facebook Locations: Haiti, Missouri, , U.S, Haitian, United States
The first-of-its-kind law is poised to reshape how firms and other organizations in Europe use AI for everything from health care decisions to policing. For Meta’s (META) AI chief, Yann LeCun, “the big question” about the new law is “should research and development in AI be regulated?”“There are clauses in the EU AI act and various other places that do regulate research and development. I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he told CNN’s Anna Stewart at the Paris event. LeCun, widely known as one of the “godfathers of AI,” disagrees with concerns that AI could soon surpass human intelligence. “We need to make sure that innovation continues to happen and that the innovation doesn’t just come outside Europe.
Persons: Yann LeCun, , CNN’s Anna Stewart, , Werner Vogels, Stewart, Vogels, “ Let’s Organizations: London CNN, Meta, CNN, EU, overregulating Locations: Paris, Europe, EU, underinvesting
London CNN —Bruce Springsteen became the first international songwriter to be awarded a fellowship of the Ivors Academy in its 80-year history – but he had to put up with some ribbing from one of his most famous peers first. At the Ivor Novello Awards ceremony at Grosvenor House in London Thursday night, Springsteen was inducted into the fellowship by Paul McCartney, who was the academy’s first-ever fellow. “He’s known as the American working man, you know?” a clip of the ceremony posted to social media showed McCartney saying. “There is no one more fitting than Bruce Springsteen to be the first international songwriter inducted into our Fellowship,” Tom Gray, chair of the academy, said in a press release. “I’m gonna sound really weird up here because I sang in the rain, all night last night,” he said in a speech.
Persons: London CNN — Bruce Springsteen, Ivor Novello, Springsteen, Paul McCartney, couldn’t, Bob Dylan …, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, he’d, , McCartney, he’s, , Bruce Springsteen, ” Tom Gray, Bruce, ” Springsteen, , Rolling Stone, Lana Del Rey, KT Organizations: London CNN, Ivors Academy, Ivor, Grosvenor House, BBC, United Kingdom’s, KT Tunstall Locations: London, American, Skepta, Raye
Across almost two weeks of controversy over the commencement speech that Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker gave at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan., one of the most useful pieces of commentary came from Kevin Tierney, writing in Catholic World Report. Tierney neither defended nor attacked Butker’s sweeping condemnation of modern secular culture and lukewarm forms of Catholic faith. Instead he identified the kicker’s worldview as part of a distinctive tendency that Tierney calls “DIY traditionalism” — a form of Catholic piety that offers a “radical emphasis on personal accountability, is inherently populist, and has little direct connection to Church authorities.”A little context: Butker is a Latin Mass Catholic as well as Travis Kelce’s teammate. Benedictine College is a conservative Catholic college that featured prominently in a recent Associated Press report on the rightward turn in American Catholic piety and practice. Butker also delivered a sweeping condemnation of the church’s bishops, whom he cast as weak-kneed bureaucrats and denounced especially for suspending Masses and disappearing from the lives of the faithful during the pandemic.
Persons: Harrison Butker, Kevin Tierney, Tierney, Butker’s, Travis Kelce’s, , Butker, , isn’t, haven’t Organizations: Kansas City Chiefs, Benedictine College, Catholic, Benedictine, Associated Press Locations: Atchison, Kan
Morgan Spurlock, Oscar-winning documentarian, dead at 53
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Tom Page | )   time to read: +3 min
CNN —Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker and former CNN series host whose McDonald’s documentary “Super Size Me” was nominated for an Academy Award, died of cancer complications Thursday, according to his family. Spurlock, who was 53, died in New York, surrounded by family and friends, his brother said in a statement. “It was a sad day, as we said goodbye to my brother Morgan,” Craig Spurlock said. For several years, Spurlock served as host of a popular CNN Original series, “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man.”Born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the future filmmaker was raised in Beckley, where he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. His film “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken” was released in 2019.
Persons: CNN — Morgan Spurlock, , Spurlock, Morgan, ” Craig Spurlock, “ Morgan, ” Spurlock’s, Osama bin Laden, Homer Simpson, “ Morgan Spurlock, Osama Bin Laden, “ I’ve Organizations: CNN, Woodrow Wilson High School, New York University, Sundance Film, Writers Guild of America, Hulu Locations: New York, McDonald’s, Parkersburg , West Virginia, Beckley, York
A popular lender backed by venture capital firms is struggling financially, sending shock waves through the small clothing and home furnishing companies that count on its financing. The lender, Ampla, spent years courting small direct-to-consumer brands with low rates and a pitch that it understood their needs. In recent weeks, its top executives have been searching for a buyer, two people familiar with the firm’s finances said. Ampla has also tightened or frozen clients’ lines of credit and told many customers to find other lenders, leaving them in the lurch, according to half a dozen former and current clients. Its troubles appear to be part of a broader reckoning for direct-to-consumer businesses, some of which are no longer growing as rapidly as they once were or are struggling financially.
Persons: Ampla Organizations: Investors Locations: New York
CNN —Filipino American Chelsea Manalo became the first Black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Philippines on Wednesday. Chelsea Manalo will be representing the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico in September. Over 100 countries will be represented at Miss Universe 2024. The Miss Universe organization has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, as the parent company of the Miss USA organization. Both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA resigned from their roles earlier this May, amid allegations of mismanagement, a toxic work environment, and conditions that impacted their mental health.
Persons: Chelsea Manalo, , , Manalo, Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Pia Wurtzbach, Steve Harvey, Catriona Gray Organizations: CNN, Chelsea, Miss, Philippines, Miss Universe Philippines, SM, Asia Arena, Miss Universe, TV, YouTube, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Locations: Filipino, African American, Bulacan, Manila, Asia, Pasay, Philippines, Mexico, TV Philippines, Miss USA
The Big Number: $48.75
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( J. Edward Moreno | )   time to read: 1 min
But just as quickly as the price shot up, it plunged. GameStop shares closed at $18.32 on Thursday, down more than 60 percent from their peak. In just a little over a week, much of the billions of dollars in market value that the company had gained was lost. GameStop’s wild ride can be traced to Keith Gill, the trader known as “Roaring Kitty,” who returned to social media on May 12 after a nearly three-year hiatus.
Persons: Keith Gill, Organizations: GameStop
The International Court of Justice displayed on a smartphone, with the flag of Israel visible in the background in Brussels, Belgium, on May 20, 2024. Nurphoto | Nurphoto | Getty ImagesThe U.N.'s top court, the International Court of Justice, on Friday ordered Israel to cease its military offensive in Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, citing concerns over the safety of Palestinian civilians. The court further found that evacuation and other measures undertaken by Israel in Rafah were not sufficient. watch nowEarlier this month, Israel advanced its military campaign into Rafah, where more than 1 million of displaced Palestinian people have sought shelter. "And not only in Rafah governorate, what is happening in Jabalia and other governorates of the Gaza Strip is no less criminal and dangerous than what is happening in Rafah."
Persons: Israel, Nawaf Salam, Bezalel Smotrich, Nabil Abu Rudeineh Organizations: Court, Nurphoto, International Court of Justice, United, CNBC, Israel's, Hamas, Court of, Palestinian, Palestinian Authority, Reuters Locations: Israel, Brussels, Belgium, Rafah, Gaza, United Nations, South Africa, Jabalia
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailYouTube's Safier brothers on social media stardom and spreading positivity onlineNick Safier and Gabe Safier, YouTube influencers, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss how the idea to launch a social media page came to be, when they decided to make their videos a regular occurrence, and more.
Persons: YouTube's, Nick Safier, Gabe Safier Organizations: YouTube
Kabosu, a Shiba Inu whose “much wow” face helped launch one of the defining memes of the last decade and inspired the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, died on Friday. She was 18 years old. She “crossed the rainbow bridge” on Friday, her owner Atsuko Sato said on social media, adding that she died without suffering, and as Ms. Sato was petting her. She died at home in Sakura, a city east of Tokyo, Ms. Sato said in an email on Friday. Ms. Sato began posting photos of Kabosu enjoying her life and playing at home on her blog.
Persons: Shiba, Dogecoin, , Atsuko Sato, Sato, , Kabosu Locations: Sakura, Tokyo
But on social media, users have shared a wide range of screenshots showing the AI tool sharing controversial responses. Here are some examples of what went wrong with AI Overviews, according to screenshots shared by users. When asked how many Muslim presidents the U.S. has had, AI Overviews responded, "The United States has had one Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama." Attribution can also be a problem for AI Overviews, especially when it comes to attributing inaccurate information to medical professionals or scientists. The news follows Google's high-profile rollout of Gemini's image-generation tool in February, and a pause that same month after comparable issues.
Persons: It's, Barack Hussein Obama, it's, WebMD, they'd, Gemini, Demis Hassabis, Pichai Organizations: Google, Microsoft, UC Berkeley, U.S . Justice Department Locations: United States, German, British, France, ChatGPT
CNN —Carrie Bradshaw, the lead character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the 1998-2004 TV series “Sex and the City,” has always been more of a fashion daredevil than a fashion darling. Parker spotted in one of her character's more outlandish looks while filming for the new season of "And Just Like That." “Definitely too much,” read one critique under @everyoutfitonsatc’s post of Jessica Parker in the latter look. So has Bradshaw’s style really changed, or have we? It seems like a ripe topic for the character’s newspaper column, and one Jessica Parker has thoughts on too.
Persons: Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker, , Bradshaw’s, Carrie, could’ve, Bradshaw, Betsy Johnson, Simone Rocha, Ossie Clark, Parker, Jason Howard, Bauer, Griffin, Jessica Parker, florals, Ralph Lauren, Patricia Field, ’ wardrobes, , Molly Rogers, Danny Santiago Organizations: CNN, City, HBO, Max, Warner Bros ., Guardian, Vogue Locations: New York City, Irish, YSL
Global retail media ad spending is expected to more than double from $114.18 billion in 2023 to $233.89 billion in 2027, according to eMarketer. Retail media is expected to represent a larger percentage of digital advertising spending, which has begun to eclipse traditional media spending, growing from 18.9% of that segment in 2023 to 25.7% in 2027, according to eMarketer. "What we hear from brands most directly is they no longer wake up with a recipe to buy X amount of TV, X amount of social, X amount of digital. GSTV screens reach 115 million viewers per month across 49 states. "It's the new TV for mass reach advertising," said Mark Boidman, head of media and entertainment investment banking at Solomon Partners.
Persons: Sean McCaffrey, McCaffrey, Mark Boidman Organizations: Television, Facebook, Walmart, Kroger, WPP, Global, Brands, Solomon Partners Locations: eMarketer, It's
Read previewRussia has moved some combat forces from Africa to help support its latest offensive efforts in northeastern Ukraine, according to a new Western intelligence assessment. The Russian defense ministry created the Africa Corps last year as a way to expand its footprint on the continent and also in the Middle East. Photo by Kostiantyn Liberov/Libkos/Getty ImagesRussia's defense ministry "almost certainly redeployed detachments from the Africa Corps to the Ukrainian border during April 2024 in preparation for this offensive," the defense ministry said. Other Africa Corps detachments are believed to have deployed to Syria, Libya, Burkina Faso, and Niger, the UK said. French Army via APThe recent deployment of certain Africa Corps units to the Kharkiv region appears to underscore Russia's commitment to its new offensive.
Persons: , Wagner, Kostiantyn Liberov, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy Organizations: Service, Africa Corps, Business, Nazi, French Army, AP, Libkos, Staff of, Armed Forces, Facebook Locations: Russia, Africa, Ukraine, Moscow, Vovchansk, Ukraine's Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukrainian, Syria, Libya, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. "What I found somewhat remarkable was that there wasn't some odd or unusual thing that she did or didn't do," he told Business Insider. AdvertisementExtending lifespan is big business right now, exemplified in the multimillion-dollar regimens and cutting-edge technology touted by youth-obsessed entrepreneurs like Bryan Johnson. "It kind of reinforced my thinking that there isn't one magical thing to do or not do," he said. "The things I identified in her and other patients that live long and live well is maintaining purpose, adding things or doing new things in their life."
Persons: , Pearl Berg, Jeremy Lorber, Berg, Bryan Johnson, it's, " Lorber, Robert, Lorber Organizations: Service, Gerontology Research, Business Locations: Cedars, Sinai, Los Angeles
America has a new favorite brand: Nvidia, the computer chip company that's helping power an artificial intelligence revolution. The result is a measurement "of the reputations of companies most on the minds of Americans," Axios wrote on Wednesday. Both Nvidia and second-place 3M — a multi-industry conglomerate based in Maplewood, Minnesota — were the only two companies on the list to score an "excellent" reputation. Other consumer brands from last year's top five — Costco, Trader Joe's and Chick-fil-A — rank 11th, 13th and 21st, respectively. 3 on last year's list, didn't qualify as one of the country's most-visible companies this year.
Persons: Axios Harris, Axios, Harris, Jensen Huang, Huang, Joe's, John Deere Organizations: Nvidia, Fidelity, Sony Adidas, Honda Motor Company Patagonia Apple Samsung, Google, Forbes, Maplewood , Minnesota —, Costco, Trump Organization, Spirit Airlines, Meta, Fox Corporation Locations: America, Maplewood , Minnesota, Patagonia
PARIS, France — X CEO Linda Yaccarino on Friday hit out at Australia after a face off with online safety regulators. It comes after the Elon Musk-owned social media platform X last week won a reprieve in Australia as a court refused to extend a temporary order blocking videos of a Sydney church stabbing. In a talk onstage at the VivaTech conference in Paris, Yaccarino accused Australia of overreach over the dispute. "The good news is that the people prevailed," Yaccarino, the former global advertising chief at CNBC parent company NBCUniversal, said. "We're happy to be that beacon of light and that place for truth."
Persons: Linda Yaccarino, Elon, Yaccarino Organizations: Elon Musk, eSafety, CNBC Locations: PARIS, France, Australia, Sydney, Paris, overreach
CNN —Bella Hadid stepped out in a red keffiyeh-inspired dress at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, in a nod to her Palestinian heritage. Bella Hadid is seen during the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Hadid’s dress is from the archives of Michael and Hushi, a New York-based brand founded by Michael Sears and Hushidar Mortezaie. Some on social media were quick to point out that Hadid’s dress was not technically a Palestinian keffiyeh, with the colors more closely resembling those used in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Hopefully we can all learn to stand in unity and love against genocide,” he wrote on Instagram.
Persons: CNN — Bella Hadid, Mohamed Hadid, Michael, Hushi, , Bella Hadid, Jacopo Raule, Hadid, Michael Sears, Hushidar, Carrie Bradshaw Organizations: CNN, Cannes, Cannes Film, Mortezaie, Google, City Locations: Palestinian, American, , Palestine, Gaza, Bella, New York, Jordan, Saudi Arabia
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